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  1. Give’m HELL, DERRICK! War Eagle!
  2. This is typical of the posters on this site.
  3. You get it!!! I some times wonder if our fans actually watch the games. How about the play where Cam dove and clearly had the first down, only to be marked short and caused us to have to go for it on 4th down(Darvin Adams’ catch on the AU sideline).
  4. You must be young. It’s been going on for a long time. There are reasons that we didn’t play bammer for many years and officiating is one of them. What makes it worse today is that there’s replay and they still get it wrong. This tells me that some of the B.S. officiating is on purpose. How does a team go an entire season without an offensive holding call?
  5. And probably won’t next time...
  6. I stayed until the end. I must say that a lot of our female fans thought it was July. They were 1/2 they may have needed to be warmed up by halftime.
  7. Joey quit, so good luck, Joey! I prefer we go 10-2 and beat THUGA and bammer.
  8. Not for our fans...let’s complain early and often.
  9. If you weren’t at the game, there is/was no way to know of all of the THUG behavior by the mutts. It started before the game by jumping up and down on our logo. The THUGA lineman, especially the center, was continuously diving at our knees.(after what Hines Ward did to Jimmy Brumbaugh, I don’t care how many times we hit them late, etc.) . 2 of their DBs approached our huddle, during a timeout, on our sideline that instigated the ERIC Smith penalty for the throat slash. They’re a dirty program that cries about everything!
  10. “Go crazy” in heaven Rod and Paula! War Eagle!
  11. With Barrett changing his number to 12, but staying at RB, I’m assuming that we will have to make sure that he’s not on the field at the same time as Stove???
  12. And that makes it even better! To have to go on the road to play your biggest rivals is a huge disadvantage to Auburn. From my view point, this is a great move for AUBURN!
  13. Calvin Ashley obviously felt that he wasn’t good enough to play or he would have stayed and WON a starting job. Roc Thomas was given every opportunity to play and was injured and/or didn’t get the job done. That goes for most every player that has been mentioned in this thread.
  14. The ignore feature works well for weeding out the idiots! The only time that you will see their posts are when they are quoted or if you’re not logged in. It makes this board a little more tolerable.