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  1. imaolgatiger

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    You're only willing to put in a dollar?
  2. Chip wasn’t Gus’s “choice”. Chip was someone that Gus was allowed to hire. Gus wanted Kendall B..
  3. imaolgatiger

    Asa Martin

    And you know that he's not playing due to a fumble from a few weeks ago?
  4. imaolgatiger

    Gus on CBS

  5. imaolgatiger

    What if we Win out

    Reminds me of Tubberville and his preseason reasoning for starting slow.
  6. imaolgatiger

    What if we Win out

    I would LOVE it! Give'm HELL, GUS!
  7. imaolgatiger

    No watching again until 2020

    Bye! Make it 2050! I will never not support my alma mater.
  8. imaolgatiger

    Things I Think I Saw: AU vs Tennessee

    Malik Miller should be getting the playing time that our single numbered RB is getting. I liked what I saw from him yesterday. Malik and Worm should be the first two RBs on the field.
  9. imaolgatiger

    Which Freshman you got?

  10. imaolgatiger

    Staff Changes

    I would prefer to see improvement on his side of the ball BEFORE the end of the season! If not, he is part of the overall problem and I will be fine with him leaving.
  11. imaolgatiger

    Staff Changes

    Clean house with all of them! Don't piece meal a new staff.
  12. imaolgatiger

    My thoughts

    He/she comes on here creating a new thread, claiming to be a coach(as if that gives them more validity than anyone else on here) and wants to remain anonymous. I simply asked what sport? I was interested in their back ground and how their experience validates their opinion. Why claim to be a coach if you can't say which sport? They could be a voice coach for all that we know. Why not post in any of the other 50 threads wanting to fire Gus?
  13. imaolgatiger

    3rd Down Defense

    My question is why is Steele getting a pass? "His" defense has been horrible the last couple of weeks. Everyone wants to blame Gus for the offense(and he is responsible for the ENTIRE team), but Steele's defense hasn't been much better. We have been bad across the board.
  14. imaolgatiger

    My thoughts

    I'm thinking pocket pool.