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  1. Looks as if this was exactly what was happening? What do you think now?
  2. We Steele(pardon the pun) need to know the answer of who was involved if true!
  3. I don’t disagree, but if this has been in the works for a few years, then that should be a concern for every Auburn fan and any coach that we may hire?
  4. I’m not defending the ultimate move, because it was time for a change. But if this is how they went about it and wouldn’t allow Gus to hire who he wanted, then this isn’t about the Auburn family, but the Auburn mafia.
  5. Did Gus hire Steele as his choice or was he forced? There was talk when we replaced Lashley that the PTB would only allow certain hires?
  6. I believe that we are primed to make a run for the trophy over the next 2 years! We aren’t consistent, but haven’t been thru out the history of our program. We have some very good, young players.
  7. Great post! It doesn’t fit the agenda for some! We are fighting an upfield battle with probably the most corrupt regimesL in NZAA history and their little brother to our East. Every team needs a few breaks and we haven’t had many lately! We get what we earn!
  8. I was the game and will never watch a replay!
  9. I was at this game and we were kicking their AZZ! It was overcast and cool, but when the clouds cleared and the sun came out we wilted! This is the game that supposedly Chiz had Malzahn to cut back the offense and stop using the hurry up to help the defense. It’s my opinion that this was the game that broke the Chiz/Gus coaching relationship and caused Gus to take a pay cut to go to Ark State.
  10. I wondered all season if Bo needs glasses. Especially when he rolled out. Multiple times he had receivers wide open in front of him and he would throw the ball away.
  11. A lot of the posters on this board had us winning 6 or less and are complaining that we only won 9. So did Gus do a better job than expected? I believe that their forecast proves that a lot of them don’t really know crap about football?
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