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  1. Selective freedoms from some of you is rich!
  2. This is great news! War Eagle, Austin and Nick!!!
  3. Some of you need to get your blankie and go to your safe space!
  4. Tank needs some stickem! He would have had less carries vs MSU if it was up to this recliner coach. He has put the ball on the ground way too much this year! He seems to be a fumble waiting to happen.
  5. Talk smack and then whiff on tackles and get burned on touchdown passes is not a good look!
  6. Yes, the refs sucked! The conspiracy is that the call was made in bammerham and not on the field. Watch the Missouri game and you will see the exact same play and no targeting??? Missouri caused the QB to fumble and scored on the play.
  7. It’s obvious that you don’t believe in freedom, Go show your papers to eat and don’t worry about CBH’s business, as it’s none of yours! This was the US, but it seems to be turning into communist China. You are willing to give up your freedom, but some of us aren’t.
  8. Present! In BR to bring back the W!
  9. Corn is a victim! Some of the posters on this board are victims! Hopefully everyone feels better with this acknowledgment!
  10. We have had multiple 3rd down plays where the receiver ran the route short of the first down marker…
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