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  1. Auburn's next Head Coach

    And Bolt is one of Dyes boys. And yes I do believe that our issues are throughout our football program( Jay Jacobs, Tim Jackson, etc.) and that there are a lot of input/demands from people that don't know jack shat about football.
  2. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I wonder if their are other influences within our program that is forcing Gus into some of these decisions. If I remember correctly, Wayne Bolt was shoved up GC's and Ted Roof's rectum. From what I heard TR would put in a game plan and then Bolt would change it on Wednesday(or late in the week). Gus is getting the blame, but sadlyit could be that he is a puppet of the real behind the scenes disaster. There's no logical reason for him to get away from what made him successful. No hurry up, imaginative plays, etc.
  3. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Jimmy held the gun and Tubs drove the car...I get it. When it first went down, I was completely on Tubs side. Since watching him in action after leaving Auburn, my opinion of him is no longer the same. I wish him well in retirement and don't want him back at Auburn.
  4. My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    I'm currently in ICU recovering from my burns and smoke inhalation. I did a couple of shots and passed out at the end of the game. You could have done a walk thru before you torched it. I will have scars, but I'm hoping that I regain my sight to see a brighter future for my University. Unless we beat both THUGA and bammer, I can't imagine a reason for not making a change.
  5. Auburn's next Head Coach

    It wasn't directed at you, but at the Tubs idea. I see it suggested often and it's one of the worst ideas being floated from my perspective. Most seem to have a short memory of the hand ringing that went on during his "duck hunting" trips followed by increases in his contract and the fact that he wouldn't make staff adjustments.
  6. Auburn's next Head Coach

    We want the guy that would hold us hostage for a raise every year as our AD? This would be more GARBAGE than what we are getting! He quit on Texas Tech and mailed it in in Cincy. I respect what he did here as a coach, but he was just as much of the problem as was our BOT and AD when he was here. I'm glad the at he is gone and don't want him back in any capacity at Auburn. He will be out for the only thing that he has ever been for and that's himself! Most everything that people complain about with Gus is exactly what Tubs was. He was dedicated to his BBQ gang and not Auburn University. Although he would upset some teams that we didn't seem to have a chance against, he would embarrass us with losses to teams that had no business being in the game with us. HELL NO to Tubs back in our Athletic Dept..
  7. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    And none of the negative people can do a damn thing about what they are continually complaining about.
  8. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    Does anyone else think that Fields looks like Craig's dad on Friday?
  9. Worth Replacing Gus?

    We didn't have a line of proven coaches lined up to take the job when we hired Chiz or Gus. What makes anyone believe it will be different the next time? Look at what bammer went thru post Stallings, Tenner C since Fulmer, Florida since Urban. THUGA could find themselves in the same situation. Not saying that Gus is Beamer(and I can't stand HIM!) but look at his career and early record. In today's NZAA, you have the turds and ohio state(maybe Clemson) at the top of the food chain. Most everyone else is very close to equality. This is a product of 85 scholarships and a different set of rules that the NZAA applies to certain teams. Let's face it, we have a group of big money donors that call the shots and they aren't always accurate. That won't change post JJ or Gus.
  10. Offensive line play

    If you don't beat the man in front of you, play calling is irrelevant! I believe this gets lost too often with our pissing, moaning and fair weather fan base. That doesn't mean that we don't have some head scratching play calls.
  11. Byron Cowart

    War Eagle, Byron! I wish you the best, you man! Good luck with your future!
  12. Sean White arrested

    No and if you did, seek help!
  13. Roll call Mizzou

    Me and another Auburn grad will be there...