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  1. 2017 Fall Camp - Wed, Aug 16

    Yukon Cornelius
  2. 2018 4* WR Matthew Hill commits to AU!!!!

    War Eagle, Mr. Hill! I can't wait to see you playing in Jordan Hare!
  3. Byron Cowart

    We cheat, RG is a terrible coach, posters with insider info are wrong, etc. is all that "AUI know everything and Auburn sucks" can post. He must be a miserable fan, if he isn't actually a troll.
  4. In 2012 did you watch every game until the end?

    I was at the Clempsum, Vandy, and THUGA(went to a few other games as well) games and stayed until the very end. What sucked the most to me was how we started the Clempsum game and then enduring the outcome of that game and the rest of the season.
  5. I can't wait to see this young man in Jordan Hare! Be safe traveling Shivers family and know that AUBURN is home!
  6. Other than Bo Jackson, who is AU's No. 1 RB?

    FULLWOOD! But I loved to watch Kenny Irons and James Bostic's styles of running with what seemed like pure anger and determination. I also would have loved to have seen what Brooks and Cribbs could have done with a better team around them. Tre Mason is probably the most underrated of our great backs.
  7. Running Backs

    KMart looks completely lost trying to catch the ball down field. He wasn't close to catching the wheel route in A Day and he also had a very similar looking play last year?(Was it the MSU,THUGA or the bammer game) I hope he works on catching the ball running away from the line of scrimmage in the off season.
  8. Spotlight on Shifts and Motions

    Good stuff, Stat! I don't see how anyone can think that the Borges hire isn't a homerun. Al was able to use all of our weapons in 2004 and 2005. This should be a fun offense to watch.
  9. Kyle Davis

  10. 2018 3* OG/C Jalil Irvin commits to AU!!!

    War Damn Eagle, Mr. Irvin!
  11. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    They're not the same person?(sarcasm)
  12. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    Tell me again which THUGA and turd games that he has actually played in and/or has been healthy? Would you say it's hard to win a game if you aren't playing or you're injured?
  13. Anyone remember this game???

    I was there....we almost let them come back.
  14. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    What year did Kiehl Frazier start as QB for Auburn? Which coaching staff moved him to safety? Who should have started in front of JJ in 2015?
  15. All Things Sean White (Merged)

    How did you FIFY? Your opinion is irrelevant!