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  1. With Barrett changing his number to 12, but staying at RB, I’m assuming that we will have to make sure that he’s not on the field at the same time as Stove???
  2. And that makes it even better! To have to go on the road to play your biggest rivals is a huge disadvantage to Auburn. From my view point, this is a great move for AUBURN!
  3. Calvin Ashley obviously felt that he wasn’t good enough to play or he would have stayed and WON a starting job. Roc Thomas was given every opportunity to play and was injured and/or didn’t get the job done. That goes for most every player that has been mentioned in this thread.
  4. The ignore feature works well for weeding out the idiots! The only time that you will see their posts are when they are quoted or if you’re not logged in. It makes this board a little more tolerable.
  5. I’m on! I refuse to wish for a single loss for my Tigers! I have had on a full face racing helmet for a couple of years, as the ride has been bumpy. I added a HANS device after the LSU game this year. I’m off if it doesn’t smooth out.
  6. And behind at least 2 freshman....I was more impressed with what little I saw from Harold Joiner than from what I saw from Asa. I hate that he is leaving and wish him well.
  7. Good luck! He was about 5th on the depth chart.
  8. I read a few times where certain players that weren’t playing had attitude issues. If parents were involved, then that’s seems to suggest that the info was even more likely. If we had a coach that was also running his mouth to the media, then they should have been fired immediately! Did said snake coach sabotage a certain issue? But since most on this board know more about the team, I’m sure that all will forgive the snake and blame someone that fits their agenda!
  9. This! It's the same complaints everyday in most every thread. We get it that some of you aren't going to watch until Gus is gone. See you when he leaves!
  10. LOL...this board is full of posts based on “feelings” and made up facts..KB is from SC
  11. It's obvious that our fanbase is the crazy mob and will burn down our own house. That's the said thing about this situation. I expected our PTB to botch most everything that they touch, but I have never seen a fanbase that will eat their own like our fans.
  12. Josh Moon threw a penny on the ground and it caused a bunch of clowns to dance! That's entertainment!
  13. Of course the "Kick 6". My first Iron Bowl as a student, the "Reverse to Tillman". We were trying to call a timeout because Lawyer wasn't supposed to be in to run it and the ball was snapped anyway. I was also at the "Ed Scissom fumble" and the "Go Crazy Cadillac". All great memories.