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  1. I was at this game and we were kicking their AZZ! It was overcast and cool, but when the clouds cleared and the sun came out we wilted! This is the game that supposedly Chiz had Malzahn to cut back the offense and stop using the hurry up to help the defense. It’s my opinion that this was the game that broke the Chiz/Gus coaching relationship and caused Gus to take a pay cut to go to Ark State.
  2. I wondered all season if Bo needs glasses. Especially when he rolled out. Multiple times he had receivers wide open in front of him and he would throw the ball away.
  3. A lot of the posters on this board had us winning 6 or less and are complaining that we only won 9. So did Gus do a better job than expected? I believe that their forecast proves that a lot of them don’t really know crap about football?
  4. Multiple insiders have said the same, but it seems a lot of our fans that knows everything doesn’t want to know this. Apparently it doesn’t fit their agenda. Also we’ve been told many times by these same insiders that “the way Kodi handled moving to receiver” isn’t this great heroic deed that most want to believe.
  5. Where do you get that Kodi is good at either coaching or recruiting? I know it’s only your opinion, but how did you arrive at that conclusion?
  6. Some can’t comprehend, so it makes them feel better to continue to talk about it.
  7. Why do you like the THUGA POS coach?
  8. This is typical of the posters on this site.
  9. You get it!!! I some times wonder if our fans actually watch the games. How about the play where Cam dove and clearly had the first down, only to be marked short and caused us to have to go for it on 4th down(Darvin Adams’ catch on the AU sideline).
  10. You must be young. It’s been going on for a long time. There are reasons that we didn’t play bammer for many years and officiating is one of them. What makes it worse today is that there’s replay and they still get it wrong. This tells me that some of the B.S. officiating is on purpose. How does a team go an entire season without an offensive holding call?
  11. I stayed until the end. I must say that a lot of our female fans thought it was July. They were 1/2 they may have needed to be warmed up by halftime.