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  1. This kid is the real deal! I was told he is wanted as Safety/Nickel. Prob play CB/nickel if he can't add weight, safety if he can add 20lbs +...
  2. U don know how good his completion percentage was right? Nick only missed u wide open.
  3. So sorry to hear, E. Prayers with your family.
  4. I'd say more were wrong about Willis.
  5. Lol I just went found on rant, it's paraphrased differently though.. It was 2 separate posts I used from two different forums. That's why I said picked up from posts. Edit: U know what, if I can find the same info on 3 different sites, then it should be here, our people deserve the same info at min 3 other places have.
  6. JS may only get 1 year as starter due to MW taking his job.
  7. Here are few things I've picked up from people there on posts. Woody went 0-4 with an INT Defense looked good had several sacks Stidham had several good throws down the field and didn't make a bad decision. He is clearly the best qb. His favorite target is Hastings JF3 had 2 TD catch's ???Jeremiah Denson looked good.Cowart looked good.Miller had a td run Willis had 4 drive's, resulting in 3 TD (2 Pass).
  8. Willis or Miller? I was unsure if he was talking RB or QB lol
  9. Sooo proud of our conference. Let's continue to shut up the haters
  10. Also didn't we play Xavier & Purdue ?
  11. Man we almost put 4 in the 16! ...SEC is down my @$$. Our conference sucks is all I've heard... I'm not a huge SEC guy in football but I'm pulling for our conference in BB. Ark playing UNC even close showed me our conference is tough.
  12. He created himself on NCAA and beat out Marshall for the starting job.
  13. He is gonna be a good, our young talent is off the chart at CB, I expect him to slide to safety.
  14. Plus he spent spring break working with his QB coach.
  15. Willis = Vick 2.0