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  1. It seems most think James moves in to LG and Braden moves out to RT. Which means new starters at LT and RG. Who really knows.
  2. He was listed as top LB target by SEC country. They had a list of Top guys at few positions. All others seemed dead on.
  3. Naw... We offer everyone else first and then go after the #1 target on the board...
  4. Maybe so, I would like to do some welding at the plant. I'm a welder, also schooled in electrical maintenance. To be honest I would care if they hired me to just do lawn maintenance lol. It would be very close to home & I could continue my college.
  5. Our plant here just sold for 12millon to a Chattanooga company and will begin construction. I'm talking about Bellfonte. That's something you should look into.
  6. Wow, didn't you work with TVA or something with power plants?
  7. #11, PR #10, Punter #9, Nickel #8, RT #7, TE #6, Field CB #5, LG #4, LT #3, DT #2, Buck LB/DE #1, QB
  8. Plus we get Brodarious Hamm. So really we will have 4 new guys on team. OLine is not a problem as long as Gus is HC or even when he was OC. He knows the importance of great OLine play.
  9. Cole you still working in my area? Didn't know if you were still in Chatt ?
  10. Moultrie, GA (Colquitt County) Ht 6-2 Wt 210 247 Profile Offers include AU, UGA, Clemson, & Florida High target on staff's board per AU 247 Teammate of AU signee John Samuel Shenker High School coach is Rush Propst who has a good relationship with AU OC Chip Lindsey
  11. Any chance Suddes could move up into a new role if we get a 10th assistant? And replace him with someone new?
  12. Like this kid, very very Ben Tate like... He could play at 230lbs IMO.
  13. What's with the hate on his height... Dyer was barely 5'9" in heels... And weighed around 200... I know he was listed I think and 5'9" 205 but no way. He was 5'8" at most and about 190-195 at most when he was a FR.
  14. As long as we keep pulling those GA boys, Gabe Wright, Mon Adams, Derrick Brown & now Big Cat. Those are just a few. We must continue this to compete in the SEC.
  15. Naw... That would be silly. Why not just fly to Lubbock?