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  1. ^this.. JJ made this situation, not Gus.
  2. Yeah it's odd Lindsey hasn't gotten his Raise yet...
  3. We have Bo unless we screw it up.
  4. Cool, I work in Madison.
  5. I now live in new hope lol.
  6. Come on guys we need 150 pages before the OC is Announced this weekend.
  7. But I'm from Scottsboro. Lol
  8. Well he has taken a bottom feeder HS and turned them into a power after 1 year. He is a great QB coach imo, it shows with his Son.
  9. Haha, no I'm actually from North Jackson so Scottsboro is the rival school but I do attend games for both. He is an excellent coach though.
  10. Patrick Nix
  11. Wish we could just have an OC discussion thread...
  12. Gus cancelled his Visit with Iggy yesterday due to the OC search. Iggy seems to believe the search ends soon. Also he is now a 4*. Burns getting a good one.
  13. Phillip Rivers was a very avg QB until NM worked with him and he blew up. Baker Mayfield was improved, he had Josh Rosen playing very well also. Plus he had Stidham coming to ATM over us untill Sumlin trumped him wanting Mond... This is still very possible a smoke screen anyway.
  14. His resume isn't that bad and he has really evolved his Offense over the years. I do believe he could run Gus O with success and NM can at least Develop a QB. Not the guy I want but much better than Rhett imo.
  15. How was ATM offense compared to ours this season?