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  1. I know for a fact, several AU fans were at the Masters. That takes several away also
  2. ASU oline looked bad
  3. CGB will only improve on Trob and Crime dogs start... Those there Thorpe winners, what position did they play?
  4. Formor walk on LB Atkinson??? Lol
  5. OLine cant be that horrible, can they? James wasn't horrible at Tackle, I know we have 5 guards starting but James at least showed promise at Tackle & if we get a GT or Smith/Ashley maybe can over the other spot. Which leaves one Guard spot unknown. Maybe it's just a gel issue.
  6. Was it?
  7. None of that was pay or from Rant. Also the stidham bit was a little April fool lol. Got em
  8. Stidham threw 3 int today, heard he looked bad.
  9. Yes he is. Might have even been an MCL also, can't remember. I still think if he add 20-25lbs he would be a force as a FB.
  10. Maybe he was showing them his ring lol
  11. Anyone watch today? Bentley is getting better.
  12. Not sure what's up with Malik Miller, looks as if Tolbert is #3RB behind Bubba & KJ. I wonder if he will work info a FB/role.
  13. Tre' Williams, who intercepted Jarrett Stidham and ran it all the way back for a score. Williams and fellow linebacker Darrell Williams stood out during the scrimmage, according to running back Kam Martin. "They made some big plays," Martin said. "Tre' Williams made an interception. He tipped the ball and took it to the crib. Darrell Williams, he brings the thump when he comes." Safety Nick Ruffin said the defense also forced a fumble, though Martin disputed that claim, adding that "nobody fumbled the ball or anything." The offense also focused on third-down execution after struggling at times in that department during last week's scrimmage.
  14. Great AU man right there, I think he finally got that nasty dawg washed off and he absolutely loves AU.
  15. The guy can coach! Can't wait to watch our DB this fall. Haters gonna hate but he is the real deal as a coach.