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  1. celebrating stidham

    He was real late on most throws also. Seen a few passes that are INTs in SEC. The out pattern to Hastings should be thrown on the break but he holds the ball so long, staring down the WR he was lucky it was against Mercer. I'm very unimpressed, I'm ready for ZoneRead and Willis. I promise you the same O we ran in 13 would work wonders with KP, Kam, Willis, and Stove.
  2. Clemson & Mercer

    Handling? Lmao. The stats sent even close. U call that handling? But it's time to get it together and score TD's.
  3. Bad loss for AU but...

    Also James is a joke. He is at best a 2nd string Tackle and maybe a starting Guard. He was recruited as a Center/Guard at Texas for a reason. If we swap him and Braden we might be a little bit better.
  4. Bad loss for AU but...

    I saw 6+ times a WR was open or coming open and he wouldn't throw it. Why is he not seeing the field? It wasn't all WR not getting open.
  5. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    Those plays looked like Gus plays.
  6. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    Now I'll tell ya who does look good is Barkley for Penn St. They playing good.
  7. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    I still remember the last time Mizzou had a good Defense....
  8. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    21-0 with 14:50 left in 1st Q.
  9. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    AU will rush for 300 on Mizzou
  10. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    Texas down 30-14
  11. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    This game is a joke. TD Mizzou
  12. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    Maybe we should replace Arkansas with Mizzou st
  13. CFB Whiparound 9/2/17

    35-34 Mizzou st lmao
  14. Auburn vs. Georgia Southern score prediction

    AU - 56 GSU - 14 Just too much talent on one side.
  15. Miami vs Bethune Cookman

    Sooo, is it early jitters or will CMR be on hot seat after the season? 3-3 score