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  1. This is the most blatant disregard of officiating I think I've seen yet this year. I understand a missed holding call or 2 but I've seen 4 non calls that Ray Charles could see.
  2. It really shows he is a good coach to do what he has already done at KU. I expect Les to receive a good job offer after this season... Michigan wolverines ?
  3. Who tells them to hop anyway? Do they hop on play action?
  4. The biggest problem is the SEC has become a 60/40 pass vs run ratio, with many teams at an even higher ratio of passing vs rushing. Our LB are absolute monsters vs the run but with the league changing, I'm afraid we will see more and more of those coverage mismatches. The 4/3 defense is already fading out, today's game is almost all Nickel and Dime packages, With Dime becoming even more prominent, do to the 4 and 5 WR sets.
  5. Great experience for these back up Defenseman
  6. Well at least we broke the record lmao