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  1. Just a very uninspired effort in all areas. Poor play calling, lifeless defense, schoolyard offense and a game plan no better than what Vandy or Kentucky would have. Either change the leadership or be resigned to mediocrity interrupted by occasional embarrassment (like today).
  2. In all fairness, chat rooms such as this are not accurate gauges of fan support. The comments are disproportionately posted by fans who are mad, frustrated, and disappointed. That’s just the nature of the site. However, whether Gus is criticized or complimented on this site makes ZERO difference in how the team performs on Saturdays. The team is poorly prepared and the the performances are mediocre at best. I can cheer all week long but that will not make Bo Nix a composed QB or turn below average linemen into SEC quality athletes. It’s time.to move on.
  3. Bo throws to Seth because he knows he inaccurate downfield throws will be complete only if the receiver out-wrestles the defender. Experience is a detriment for AU QBs.
  4. Let’s go with Pegues at QB. If nothing else, he will show more self control.
  5. Bad offense + bad defense = very poor showing. No field goals in the last 8:40. Good teams are destroying us. Need some answers soon.
  6. Minnesota QB has no pressure on him. I really expected more from the D line today.
  7. So tired of trying to trick the opponent. Auburn’s players are superior to Minnesota’s. Just line up and take it to them.
  8. We beat Alabama and go to a New Years Day bowl, and most of the posts in this thread are dogging the bowl, the opponent and our coach. The bowl and opponent are consistent with most of the projections, and this is a selection process that is outside of AU’s control. As for Gus, you’d best start supporting him because he is going to be our coach for the foreseeable future. This is not sunshine pumping - just reality. The only thing that the rest of us have any control over is our attitudes. Buy a couple of tickets, go to Tampa for New Years Day, and cheer on AU to beat UM.
  9. 41-14 Tigers. Two turnover TDS by the defense put A&M offense in a hole where Davidson, Coe and Brown have a field day in the Aggie backfield. War Eagle.
  10. If this were a baseball team, AU would either hit a homerun (3 point shot) or strike out. Meanwhile, UK is batting around every inning.
  11. Brown is out of control when he drives to the basketball. Let the bigs get the ball inside the arc.
  12. Great analysis - terrible news. We need new coaching perspectives on both sides of the ball.
  13. Anyone want a mulligan on these score predictions?
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