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  1. If this were a baseball team, AU would either hit a homerun (3 point shot) or strike out. Meanwhile, UK is batting around every inning.
  2. Brown is out of control when he drives to the basketball. Let the bigs get the ball inside the arc.
  3. Great analysis - terrible news. We need new coaching perspectives on both sides of the ball.
  4. Anyone want a mulligan on these score predictions?
  5. Orlando bumper sticker: “Honk if you’ve sacked J. Stidham”
  6. If the UCF QB was accurate this game would be over.
  7. How can a team be so good in some games so so incompetent in others? I think it is something called preparation.
  8. Mike Fuller also deserves a nod. Fearless punt returner and almost never let a punt hit the ground.
  9. 1rebound by Bowers. Won't win many with that.
  10. Sure felt like basketball's version of our Jax State f-ball game.
  11. Yes - sunshine and 70 degrees makes it impossible to make a catch.