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  1. Hooverwareagle

    2019 5* LB Nakobe Dean (UGA)

    bammer all the way
  2. Hooverwareagle

    Propst in the SEC

    He would whip Gus' butt within 2 minutes of the first game when Gus tells him to run up the gut on first down!!
  3. Hooverwareagle

    6-6 next year

    Does anyone think that Gus is taking a team to Baton Rouge and winning? What a joke. Does anyone think that Gus is beating bammer and the dawgs next year? Long season with zero HOPE during the off season. Bryant and Freeze would have given us a glimmer of hope. Zero now. I can't think Leath and Harbert could have handled this worse if they tried. Leath needs to be tied to Gus. When Gus is fired, Leath goes with him. The good news is we will have lots of free Saturdays next fall.
  4. Hooverwareagle

    2018 All-SEC Team - D Davis & D Brown

    No real difference in talent levels???? UGA has 7 on 1st/2nd Team and bammer has 8 on 1st/2nd Team. We have 2 on 1st/2nd Team. The talent difference and physical development difference is real. We get farther behind each year. Deshaun deserves this so much. He has worked and played his rear end off. Congrats!!!!
  5. Hooverwareagle

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    Stidham is gone one way or the other. He either gets drafted or he is a grad transfer. No way he is going to play another year is this mess Gus calls an offense. Hindsight, he made a bad decision to play for Gus. He is an air raid QB. Not sure how good he is, but he needs to be playing in that type offense. I guess Gus and Chip promised him we would pass the ball a lot if he came on board. They didn't tell him that 90% of the passes would be bubble screens.
  6. Hooverwareagle

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs Georgia....

    After the Washington game, Steele said the poor coverage was technique that would get corrected. Looks like they told them to grab every receiver they cover. I have never seen DBs wrap their arms around the receivers over and over. Tells me our DBs cannot stay with the receivers and must grab. Like several areas of the team, recruiting is really catching up to us in the secondary, OL and RB. Our DBs must be the least physical group in the SEC. UGA safeties will knock your head off. We come up and try to grab you. But yet, there are those that say our DB coach is one of the best and our OL coach is one of the best in regard to teaching so is it a lack of talent? Our guys don't seem to get better. Is Derrick Brown or Marlon better now than they were as freshmen? I guess Tega has improved. Just don't see the continued improvement and coaching. Brown should have been a 1st round talent same with Braden Smith (OL) last year. Those type physically should easily have been developed into 1st round draft choices and don't think the negative recruiting has not been killing us.
  7. Hooverwareagle

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    I would be very worried about Pickens. Word on the street around Hoover is that bammer and LSU have his ear and he is listening. They are negative recruiting our passing attack and we are giving them all the ammo they need. But with things where they are, everything is up in the air. If we have a new coach, how will that coach and staff be perceived by the recruits. If we keep Gus and Chip, I think it will be tough recruiting WRs and QBs. Long way until Feb.
  8. Hooverwareagle


    Disappointing is not strong enough. We have a QB and receivers to finally have a passing attack. We talked last year of our simplistic passing tree (bubble screen to Davis or bomb to Slaughter). We knew in the off season Gus & Co would spend the time to develop a passing attack. Didn't we hear how we were going to throw to the TE this year? More throws to NCM? All a joke. Even with subpar OL and subpar RBs we are going to focus on our running attack. I knew better the think that Gus would change his spots.
  9. Hooverwareagle


    I'm disappointed in the coaches starting at the top.
  10. Hooverwareagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    I think Stidham can be good when he can get into a rhythm. He is struggling dropping back and trying to find the open receiver. I'm not a coach for sure. But I see an OL and RBs that are not going to be able to consistently move the chains.
  11. Hooverwareagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    All which should have been realized and done during spring and fall camp! Beating a dead horse to death, why does it take us 3-4 games to find our best OL???????
  12. Hooverwareagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    I think you have to be able to run the ball to win championships. That said, we are not going to line up and run the ball effectively against LSU, UGA or bammer. Maybe not against MSU. We don't have the talent at OL and RB. We have let that go for a few years and it has caught up to us. To score we are going to have to throw the ball. Might as well line Stidham up in the gun and start slinging the ball. I don't like our chances against the big dogs without a strong running game, but for now our best option is to throw the ball. Our talent and playmakers are at WR so we have to get the ball in their hands early and often.
  13. Hooverwareagle

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    Gus is thinking where's the nearest Waffle House. Body language not good!
  14. Hooverwareagle

    Check THIS out- Wiley's latest practice photo.

    Can we get Bruce's S&C Coach working with our football team??
  15. Hooverwareagle

    2018 Maui Invitational

    Zion Williamson is as good as his hype. His highlights from last nights game were sick. He can jump out of the gym. The other freshman guard is impressive as well. There's a reason Duke, NC, Kentucky are always a player in the Tournament.