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  1. Hooverwareagle


    Disappointing is not strong enough. We have a QB and receivers to finally have a passing attack. We talked last year of our simplistic passing tree (bubble screen to Davis or bomb to Slaughter). We knew in the off season Gus & Co would spend the time to develop a passing attack. Didn't we hear how we were going to throw to the TE this year? More throws to NCM? All a joke. Even with subpar OL and subpar RBs we are going to focus on our running attack. I knew better the think that Gus would change his spots.
  2. Hooverwareagle


    I'm disappointed in the coaches starting at the top.
  3. Hooverwareagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    I think Stidham can be good when he can get into a rhythm. He is struggling dropping back and trying to find the open receiver. I'm not a coach for sure. But I see an OL and RBs that are not going to be able to consistently move the chains.
  4. Hooverwareagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    All which should have been realized and done during spring and fall camp! Beating a dead horse to death, why does it take us 3-4 games to find our best OL???????
  5. Hooverwareagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    I think you have to be able to run the ball to win championships. That said, we are not going to line up and run the ball effectively against LSU, UGA or bammer. Maybe not against MSU. We don't have the talent at OL and RB. We have let that go for a few years and it has caught up to us. To score we are going to have to throw the ball. Might as well line Stidham up in the gun and start slinging the ball. I don't like our chances against the big dogs without a strong running game, but for now our best option is to throw the ball. Our talent and playmakers are at WR so we have to get the ball in their hands early and often.
  6. Hooverwareagle

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    Gus is thinking where's the nearest Waffle House. Body language not good!
  7. Hooverwareagle

    Check THIS out- Wiley's latest practice photo.

    Can we get Bruce's S&C Coach working with our football team??
  8. Hooverwareagle

    Men vs Xavier first round of 2018 Maui Invitational

    Zion Williamson is as good as his hype. His highlights from last nights game were sick. He can jump out of the gym. The other freshman guard is impressive as well. There's a reason Duke, NC, Kentucky are always a player in the Tournament.
  9. Hooverwareagle

    2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs (Mich St.)

    Not trying to be a negative troll. Maybe a different OL coach at Auburn still doesn't get Dobbs. I think most are concerned about our OT recruiting in general. It looks like we have struck out on our top 5 OT prospects. I don't know the coaches top list of OLs, but I have to think Morris, Dobbs, kid from Alabaster and Webb would all be in the top 5 or 6. We will not get any of them. I understand the argument that JBG has only been here for a few months. So do we have any 2020 or 2021 top OTs leaning our way? Do the insiders here see a turn around where we are making real progress on OT recruiting?
  10. Hooverwareagle

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    I think bammer, Clemson, and AU all feel good about him so we should all not feel good about him. I think this one goes to the wire before he makes a business decision.
  11. Hooverwareagle

    2018 4* DE Andres Fox

    For kids we really want, and I assume Fox is one of those, no one should be recruiting them harder than us. Hard to believe based on looking at our defensive recruiting list that Fox is not high on our list. We certainly need a good year on the field, but a lot of the top recruits will be gone by then.
  12. Hooverwareagle

    2018 4* CB Jalyn Armour-Davis (Bama)

    I doubt you will ever get the real story on why Kodi is no longer covering the Mobile area. Mobile is a critical area because of the talent that comes out of Mobile. It was hinted in prior threads about Kodi not following through on commitments that were made to recruits. Don't know what that means and if it had anything to do with losing out on St Paul DE recruit last year? But Mobile is such a strong hold for bammer that we had to have one of our best recruiters there and Twill fits that need. I think Kodi has a long way to go to being a good recruiter. He may develop into one, but you don't change your personality.
  13. Hooverwareagle

    Neyland Stadium Renovations

    If you are going to piece mill it, you have a master plan and each project fits in the master plan toward the overall JHS upgrade. Has there been a master plan rolled out with a vision of the overall JHS upgrade? The north and south end zones need to be enclosed in some manner. The north end zone could have an upper deck added to form a horseshoe when the additional capacity is needed.
  14. He's got a world of potential. Needs to loose about 15-20 lbs but if we can install an offense that can get him the ball consistently, he should be a 15 points/12 rebounds per game kind of player next year. And he needs to work on his FT shooting. He brings the ball all the way over the top of his head before shooting.
  15. I took my kids to a game in December and no good seats available. Fortunately, a nice couple gave us a couple of decent tickets and then we bought another at the gate. You walk in and half the reserved seats are empty! We sat on second row in someone's empty seats. I think we have a large majority of boosters that buy season tickets but do not go to the game. How about selling your tickets if you are not going to go to the games?