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  1. Hooverwareagle

    2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs (Mich St.)

    Not trying to be a negative troll. Maybe a different OL coach at Auburn still doesn't get Dobbs. I think most are concerned about our OT recruiting in general. It looks like we have struck out on our top 5 OT prospects. I don't know the coaches top list of OLs, but I have to think Morris, Dobbs, kid from Alabaster and Webb would all be in the top 5 or 6. We will not get any of them. I understand the argument that JBG has only been here for a few months. So do we have any 2020 or 2021 top OTs leaning our way? Do the insiders here see a turn around where we are making real progress on OT recruiting?
  2. Hooverwareagle

    2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    I think bammer, Clemson, and AU all feel good about him so we should all not feel good about him. I think this one goes to the wire before he makes a business decision.
  3. Hooverwareagle

    2018 4* DE Andres Fox

    For kids we really want, and I assume Fox is one of those, no one should be recruiting them harder than us. Hard to believe based on looking at our defensive recruiting list that Fox is not high on our list. We certainly need a good year on the field, but a lot of the top recruits will be gone by then.
  4. Hooverwareagle

    2018 4* CB Jalyn Armour-Davis (Bama)

    I doubt you will ever get the real story on why Kodi is no longer covering the Mobile area. Mobile is a critical area because of the talent that comes out of Mobile. It was hinted in prior threads about Kodi not following through on commitments that were made to recruits. Don't know what that means and if it had anything to do with losing out on St Paul DE recruit last year? But Mobile is such a strong hold for bammer that we had to have one of our best recruiters there and Twill fits that need. I think Kodi has a long way to go to being a good recruiter. He may develop into one, but you don't change your personality.
  5. Hooverwareagle

    Neyland Stadium Renovations

    If you are going to piece mill it, you have a master plan and each project fits in the master plan toward the overall JHS upgrade. Has there been a master plan rolled out with a vision of the overall JHS upgrade? The north and south end zones need to be enclosed in some manner. The north end zone could have an upper deck added to form a horseshoe when the additional capacity is needed.
  6. He's got a world of potential. Needs to loose about 15-20 lbs but if we can install an offense that can get him the ball consistently, he should be a 15 points/12 rebounds per game kind of player next year. And he needs to work on his FT shooting. He brings the ball all the way over the top of his head before shooting.
  7. I took my kids to a game in December and no good seats available. Fortunately, a nice couple gave us a couple of decent tickets and then we bought another at the gate. You walk in and half the reserved seats are empty! We sat on second row in someone's empty seats. I think we have a large majority of boosters that buy season tickets but do not go to the game. How about selling your tickets if you are not going to go to the games?
  8. Hooverwareagle

    Post game

    On the last 3 pointer to win by Mizzou, if you watched the replay, there was a back door cut wide open for the layout that McLemore was backing down to defend so he was late getting out to cover the 3 point shot. Our defense is lousy so don't put this on McLemore's shoulders. We all love the Rifleman, but would anyone make him in charge of defense???
  9. Hooverwareagle

    Men's Postseason chatter thread (Merged)

    I am torn about the CBI tournament. On one hand, this team doesn't deserve a post season tournament. They haven't EARNED that reward. On the other hand, it's tough to go through the off season with such a bad taste in your mouth. For some, that would be motivation, but probably not for this team. I'm glad that CBP is an optimist, because this group of players would suck the fun and optimism out of most coaches. I know Harper is getting criticized, but he has to be a smarter player that what he shows. They are going to foul you so driving up the court with your arm raised and extended is stupid. Protect the ball with your body not your extended arm! He does not play like a PG, more like a 2 that wants his 3 point shots like the rest of the gang. This team (and I use that term loosely) has a thousand miles to go in the off season. I think CBP and his assistants have to take their share of the blame for looks like a poorly prepared and coached team. Hard to understand but we do have too many "I want my shot" types on this team. That may be helped in the off season.
  10. Hooverwareagle

    My basketball thoughts

    I hate to say it, but this deep into the season we still have freshman that want to be the hero instead of making a drive or pass for a better shot. So many questions on the last play. Why not show a sense of urgency and call time out at the 12 second mark instead of 7 seconds?? Why not have our best driver (TD or Ronnie) take it to the hoop with Wiley there to rebound or drop off the pass? But as we have all year, we rather jack up the 3 to be the hero. I know CBP has said he has been soft on this group and you can understand they are freshman, but he's got to get some tough love and get away from the quick 3 especially with a lead toward the end of the game. I have seen coaches require 3-4 passes before a shot can be taken. That's contrary to CBP style, but these kids don't seem to have the court awareness to be totally turned loose.
  11. Hooverwareagle

    Auburn In The 2017 Senior Bowl

    I thought Montravius showed his quickness and helped himself. Hard to get a full sense of the game. I tuned into the Senior Bowl and instead watched the OJ Howard propaganda machine. I know I am bias, but am I the only one that thought the coverage was over the top for OJ Howard? They talked about him the majority of the first half and then interviewed him on the side line. I know I am paranoid, but would Phil Savage press the network coverage to focus on Howard? Maybe it was just me.
  12. Hooverwareagle

    2017 5* OT Calvin Ashley Signs with AU (Updated)

    You have to love the unfounded rumors during recruiting. Two weeks ago the word was his family loved Maryland and had been accepted in the community and that was playing a big factor in the potential flip.
  13. Hooverwareagle

    Carl Lawson Not Eligible for Senior Bowl

    But yet DJ Fluker was eligible to play because he had graduated. Are you kidding me?!? I would love to see his college transcript. I think the professors at bammer would pass a rock if saban told them to. I can hear saban calling them telling them Fluker needed to pass 35 hours this semester to be eligible for the Senior Bowl and them responding with a loud "Yes sir boss".
  14. Hooverwareagle

    Kentucky - Preview

    The way we are currently playing defense, I see a 95 - 65 type game. I just don't see the horses or the confidence to keep it close. We don't move our feet so I see Kentucky driving at will against us. We will be jacking up the 3's so our only hope is to be on fire from 3 point land to keep it close.
  15. Hooverwareagle

    Carl Lawson Not Eligible for Senior Bowl

    If that's a bammer player in the same situation, I imagine they would bend or change the rule.