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  1. It seems to me that if he made half time adjustments you would see them in the 3rd qtr. If it takes seeing them in the 4th qtr then it seems like he's making 3rd qtr adjustments to the other team's half time adjustments. Very rarely, have I seen Gus make changes that were reflected in the 3d qtr success against a quality team. I definitely don't see him as a chess player as they always seem to be able to anticipate what the opponent is doing. Gus seems to have to react...
  2. I agree with this. If I were any of these coaches and we win big next year, I would place the success on the QB and spin it to they will be right back the next year. For the nega-cruitin to quit, we are going to have to win back to back season. Nega-cruitin will always be around to some degree but these guys like to make themselves look good just by highlighting others faults. Smart didn't do anything his first year to talk smack but he will continue until we shut him up on the field. Let's just hope we win and Mr. Hill is smart enough to see through the lip service.
  3. Not to derail the derail but this JG kid seems like he's all AU at this point. Looking forward to seeing how he does this year.
  4. There was also discussion about his ball security. Maybe why they haven't moved him.
  5. I certainly hope JS is all that and a bag of chips. However, until I see him perform under SEC pressure, I'm not buying in to the hype. I can see where a HS scout team keeps him physically active and maybe helps some mentally in reading the Defenses but no way am I buying that a HS defenses is going to hone his skills and prepare him for SEC D's. They aren't doing the shifting and moving that an SEC Defense is doing. I think he's got a lot of potential but like many others here, I need to see performance. As for CGM's comments, this is his 5th year with a team loaded with talent that he recruited, he needs to put up or pack up.
  6. This is the problem most have. There was no reason AU shouldn't have been able to get a solid back up in for when the 1 injury pone QB went down (yes this is crying over spilled milk). Taking on a project late in the recruiting cycle was not an attempt to fix, it was a hail marry. We should have a solid backup regardless of who wins #1 when Nov rolls around. However, here's hoping CL gets the reigns and can adjust to what the defenses give him.
  7. A toxic relationship can't bode well for him but it does shine a new light on Gus NOT being a yes man if he got who he wanted even if Lindsey was not on BOT's list. While I do not care for his coaching style, I do respect the man for making decisions and standing by them.
  8. I for one hope AU never stoops to that level.
  9. If the kid comes to AU, if he's a take, he will have the chance to punch UGA in the mouth for the next 4 years.
  10. You're right. I did misunderstand and I agree. If the PTB has someone then hire them and don't worry about Gus. If they don't trust him then agree again, fire him but don't set him for further failure as he has failed enough. However, if they do force him to hire their man then it's on them not him.
  11. Figured as much. I don't follow any of the pay sites as I look to guys like you for info. However it seems like more info has been on and in other articles that have been discussed here ahead of time. Could be in just haven't noticed before.
  12. Personally I'd rather see Gus get who he wants regardless of who it is? If he fails he has no one to blame but himself. If the PTB influences or chooses the OC then IMO failure is not on Gus.
  13. Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of articles that seem to reflect a lot of opinions/info from this site?
  14. Agree and then hold a press conference and publicly name said members meddling.