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  1. 2018 3* CB Roger McCreary

    Seems to be...
  2. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    That's has to be it because UGA fans never get down on a coach, not even the ones that have multiple 10 win seasons.
  3. Malzahn wants to be loved/paid

    He' got a contract. How about he live up to it and stop this BS every year of extension and raise. Consistently perform and earn your money. If a long term contract isn't good enough for him maybe they should put him on a performance based where he' evaluated every year. You guys want to call people with higher expectations whinners but you're doing the same thing in his favor. Ignore button might be your friend this time of year.
  4. Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    This has been a fun season minus a few bumps. Room for improvement but fun to watch. War Eagle!
  5. Don' buy this for one min. Kid is running for his life. 2d half not great but running for his life.
  6. Couldn't agree more.
  7. There's only 2 things I'll pin on the coaching staff: 1. This team doesn' look ready; 2. KJ is hurt and he's still in there. Other than that our guys just are not executing.
  8. A Few Notes From Inside the Stadium Today

    Very cool!! Love that our team and coaches take time for fans.
  9. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    What he deserves is what he signed for. That' the same problem with the entitled mentality with some of these recruits. Evidently commitment doesn't mean anything regardless of word or written contract. Call me old fashion but winning a couple games doesn't justify deserving more. And just because UF paid way too much for Mullen doesn' raise the bar. It just means they are as stupid as some of the buy outs AU has set up in the past.
  10. Playoff nightmare scenario

    The committee also set a presidence last year that the conference champ is not a sure in. Last year PSU's loss was a blow out. This OSU 's loss was bad. Really interested how they view this because it doesn' seem to be consistent.
  11. Getting this off my chest

    I'm thinking this entire thread could be summed up with a 'chest thump emoji.'
  12. So who wants to keep him now?

    What is the purpose of the current contract and the bonuses/incentives that he has now. Those bonuses and incentives are built in for those extra games. At what point is he expected to do his job for what he and AU agreeded that he would do it for. The only way I could see giving Gus an extension is for recruiting. A raise, no, he's doing his job. If he puts together a couple years of consistent performance then so be it.
  13. So who wants to keep him now?

    I'm of the opinion that if he can win out, keep him for another year but he should NOT get an extension or pay raise only the bonuses that are currently outlined in his current contract. If he maintains performance against SEC teams next year, then AU should look into giving him an extension. To this point, he is doing his job no need to give him an extension every year.
  14. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    I'd say thus all depends on the staff's ability to keep the team focused after a big win. Keep them focused and rest the starters after a good lead this week and pop the top on the next can of WOOP A$$!