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  1. AU04ever

    What Gus Malzahn said about the 2nd day

    So K-Mart goes from being too small against Clemson's D to being a 20 carry a game back in one off season? Oh k...
  2. AU04ever

    Alabama or Georgia?

    Does it really matter to bama? If UGA wins, bama will claim a NC as KS used to coach there.
  3. AU04ever

    Marquis McClain

    I don' remember him playing D in HS. I watched several games. Unless he has changed his tendencies, there' a reason he's not on the field more. In HS, if the ball was not coming to him, he took that play off. He' been out of HS for 2 years and I don' watch practices so I don' know how he's doing there. A lot of talk about why he's not seeing PT. All I'm saying is there MAY be a legit reason.
  4. AU04ever

    Demographic Curiosity

    I grew up in Century FL. Grad in '90. Left in the USAF in 91 and landed in Crestview 22 years later.
  5. AU04ever

    Demographic Curiosity

    45 Make Crestview, FL 2001-2004
  6. AU04ever

    Are we headed in the right direction?

    Agree 100% There are a lot of things about saban that I don't like but his drive for perfection in execution is what sets him apart as a coach. There are a lot of other things that set him apart as...well...never mind.
  7. AU04ever

    Peach Bowl Game Report Card

    I think the Bowl performance can be summed up by this quote from CGM when asked about the early signing period... What did Auburn's Gus Malzahn learn from 1st early signing period? "We're trying to recruit as we're preparing for the SEC Championship Game, and, of course, then trying to finish that up. It was different. It was challenging. Then, of course, once we got into Bowl prep and all that, early on, we were really focused on our young guys developing, and we did a little bit on Central Florida." Maybe I'm reading a little more into this but the performance screamed out agreement with this.
  8. AU04ever

    Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    Lion, of all people, I'm not, nor have I been a Gus fan since last year's Clemson game; I dont believe this loss is on Guss's shoulders completely. AU got out played and UCF wanted this game more. However, can you or anyone explain to me where adjustments were made in the 2d half or at ANY point in this game to account for pressure or anything else? I am seriously asking because I want to give Gus every benefit of the doubt as a HC.
  9. AU04ever

    Official Postgame thread

    I agree with the first two statements.
  10. I believable all TDs are reviewable and thus review the potential outbounds.
  11. I' sorry but this is BS. This is an excuse to cover laziness. AU is getting their A$$3$ handed to them. Is the school getting $$ for the team to play? They should have prepared like it was the playoffs. One of these teams did.
  12. The second half has never been about adjustments just sustainment.
  13. AU04ever

    Joey Gatewood article

    "Joey isn’t going to Auburn to be the next Cam Newton, Joey is going to Auburn to be the first Joey Gatewood." Favorite part.
  14. AU04ever

    2018 4* TE Luke Ford

    And like has been pointed out UGA was breaking in a freshman QB. Gus has not used a TE in the traditioal capacity as other teams. CK may want to and just didn' have anyone he felt confident in, don't know. However, until these kids get to see a TE be a big part of the O they will continue to go where the Os offer more opportunity.