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  1. I wasn't at the game but my father and grandfather were. I remember the play you are talking about. Fullwood's legs never stopped moving, but they blew the whistle anyway.
  2. I was at that one as well. It was on a Thursday night and the stands were not even close to being full. Rudi ran wild, Gilyard knocked the guy from Wyoming's helmet off (would be targeting now), and it was the first time they ever flew one of the eagles in the stadium in the pregame.
  3. I was at that one too. One of my favorite all time AU games. Ben Leard snuck it in OT for the win.
  4. 1988 Auburn vs. Tennessee. I had just turned 8. AU won 38-6. Carlos Cheatham knocked out Reggie Cobb and Ace Wright had a huge day. Needless to say, I was hooked!!
  5. I agree. I enjoyed the place a lot more than I ever thought I would. I agree with you on Central Park. It is a beautiful place and I only saw a very tiny part. I could never live there though. I was never more glad to smell the cow poo when I got home early this morning. 😂😂😂
  6. I have spent the last few days in NYC. My wife and I took a trip, without kids, for our 15th anniversary. It’s our first time in the Big Apple. I have been shocked at the number of “War Eagles” I have had the privilege of sharing while here. It truly shows that Auburn people can connect anywhere! Flying back home to North Alabama tonight. It definitely has made me appreciate my little country corner of the world even more. WDE!
  7. He is going off tonight. 5 catches 154 yds. 2 TD before halftime.
  8. I could definitely get with the orange facemasks without the number shadowing though. I think that is a sweet look!
  9. Now.......let's start believing that we will beat UGA. Tired of losing to them!!
  10. Everything they did on that play was within the rules. They have to allow them to sub as many times as the offense. Once in this instance. Kudos to Gus for lining up the punter to his own sideline so that they had to alert them from the box and then they had to try to run their defense back on the field. Brilliant if you ask me!
  11. One thing I can say about Gus is that he doesn’t go crying in public about “unfair” rules when he loses. Saban does it just about every time.
  12. And.... the goal of the play wasn’t to trick them into having 12 on the field. It was to keep Waddle, who was a stud yesterday if anyone was hiding under a rock, from being able to touch the ball. It just so happened that they caught them in a bad situation and got the penalty. The rule states that the defense has the right to sub as many times as the offense does. They allowed them to do just that.
  13. The funny thing is that Saban wrote all of these substitution rules because of the HUNH and it still didn’t go his way!!!
  14. I reminded some banner friends last night that the Carlson’s parents were Bama grads if memory serves me correctly. They didn’t offer Daniel so they both ended up at AU. Karma!!!