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  1. Rhett comments on his departure

    I have some connections close to Chip in the high school coaching ranks. Word is he has said if he had it to do over he would never work under an offensive minded HC that is so paranoid about turning loose of the reigns.
  2. Ron Stallworth

    I remember he had 4 sacks in the 88 Iron Bowl including one for a safety. The announcers that day were talking about how he wore a size 20 shoe and a size 8 helmet!
  3. Congratulations Asa Martin, Mr Football

    Got an opportunity to attend the banquet yesterday. If you ever get the opportunity to attend do so. It is a fantastic event for the top players in the state. I was very impressed.
  4. Next OL Coach?

    Didn’t Trickett coach the OL under Buster Brown Bowden in the 90s?
  5. Next OL Coach?

    Which direction do they go now? Needs to be a quick hire. Stacy Searels? Currently OL Coach at The U. Any good NFL guys out of a job currently?
  6. #48 for bammer

    Buuuut....Sabear doesn't recruit people with low character.
  7. Tim Horton

    Agree. The outside zone also gets defenses to over run quite often setting up some great cutback lanes.
  8. Tim Horton

    I will say that one thing they don’t do is run the outside zone. They tinkered with it a couple of years ago with Jovon Robinson, but they much prefer to get the ball outside with the buck sweep (gap blocking) and the jet sweep.
  9. Tim Horton

    Not quite sure why folks think AU went to a zone blocking scheme this year. Zone blocking has been a part of Malzahn’s offense since he got to Auburn as OC. They are just like anyone else and are a mixture of zone blocking and gap blocking schemes. The inside zone at AU is nothing new.
  10. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Why did I expect anything different
  11. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    So, where are the underneath routes against the blitz that we saw last week?
  12. The Trenches

    About the 3-4 vs 4-3: I coach OL for a high school program. Our run game is very similar to what AU does. I think it is easier to block a 4 man front than it is a 3 man front. I know that may sound funny, but there is so much less deception to a 4 man front as far as where they can go, how they adjust to certain formations, etc. Double teams are easier to work against a 4 man also. To me, if you go to a 4 man front you better be able to say “come on big boy you can’t block me.” Easier to do against Kentucky and Ga Tech. AU isn’t either of those two.
  13. The Trenches

    Today is going to be about what goes on up front. I went back to the first game and just watched the fronts on both sides. Our DL was SOOOOOOO dominant in that game. I just don’t see that changing and you know CRG is going to have that bunch ready to dominate again. Also, the OL was very dominant in the last game and got incredible push while playing a little short handed. Folks, it may not matter who plays RB although I believe Kerryon plays and plays well. This team is different. War Eagle! Go get that title men!
  14. Tre Williams=War Daddy!!!

    I agree. How many guys would play in today’s age with pain at “8 out of 10?”
  15. Tre Williams=War Daddy!!!