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  1. WarEagle1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    I certainly hope they play their best all year cause it hasn’t happened yet
  2. WarEagle1982

    Chip Lindsey

    I work with a guy who is an old college friend of Chip’s and talks to him probably once a week. He told a group of us back during the off-season after the disappointing end to last season that Chip said he would never take another job under a coach who is offensive minded because he could not stand the constant meddling and not being allowed to fully implement his system. So... I think there is definitely some fire under all the smoke.
  3. WarEagle1982


    War Eagle!! Seriously considered going down for the game. It is 2 hours closer to me than Auburn is. Ultimately decided against it. Didn’t want to listen to all the turds in their arrogance. Regardless of feelings about coaching I am going to try to keep my focus on the players who have given their all for the Tigers. They are the ones that matter most and most of them have a different perspective on the game than many fans do. I hope the best for all of them and that they play their best. War Eagle and it is always great to be an Auburn Tiger! If you offered me a million bucks to wear crimson for a day I would just have to stay poor!
  4. WarEagle1982

    Buck Fama

    When I go to the local WalMart and see all of the necks in there wearing their turd gear I am thankful I don’t wear their colors. Saw one today wearing a 13 hat. Started to tell him it was outdated but I’m certain he probably couldn’t read anyway.
  5. WarEagle1982

    Buck Fama

    I am a school teacher and a coach. I actually have former players that I coached playing at both schools. I have a greater appreciation than many for what goes into the profession of coaching. I do have a huge respect for what Saban is doing. I don’t think we will see it replicated again. That being said when I wear Auburn gear to school I always have the “moochers” that start yapping. I always find it amusing to show them how much more I know about Alabama football than they do. I actually had one this year that could not tell me that Tua is Bama’s starting QB and had no clue who Bear Bryant was! Learned behavior. They just keep reproducing!
  6. WarEagle1982

    Football Things I'm Thankful For

    I am thankful for that September day in 1988 when my late grandfather took me to my first AU game (Auburn 38-6 over Tennessee) and punched the final nail in being hooked for life.
  7. WarEagle1982

    Malzahn Presser 11-20-18

    No, he will play a bunch of meaningless snaps just like Asa Martin has.
  8. WarEagle1982

    Iron Bowl Score Prediction

    I believe this one will be very similar to the game there two years ago. AU will keep it close for a half by playing solid defense and making a play or two on some gimmicks. Special teams might make a play or two also. In the end the good guys just don’t have enough bullets left and Bama will pull away in the 2nd half. 34-10 Bama as bad as I hate to say it. Only team I have seen that I think might can play with the turds is Clemson.
  9. WarEagle1982


    Go ahead and throw in a little Gabe Gross, Kiehl Frazier, and Woody Barrett while you’re at it! 😂😂😂
  10. WarEagle1982

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    My favorite Iron Bowl I have attended was without a doubt the 2010 Camback. 2017 is close because I got to take my 8 year old son to his first Iron Bowl and what a great one to go to! I also hold 1993 up there because I still vividly remember where I was huddled in the corner next to a radio hearing Jim paint that beautiful picture of a fine day on the plains!
  11. WarEagle1982

    Secondary school

    Alma mater: University of North Alabama (great winning tradition-3 straight national titles from 93-95). I also have several kids I have coached in High School who have played there or play there now. Also is only a 15 minute drive from home. Secondary D1 school(s): Anyone who is playing SPUAT. LOL! Michigan has always been a fav as has Penn State (actually coached at a school that had identical uniforms as Penn State). Also have always kind of liked the Gators.
  12. My 6 year old daughter was reading a book to me tonight and we came across this picture. I had to share!
  13. WarEagle1982

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Once again, red zone offense stinks. Way too predictable and with the exception of 2013 has been that has been that way for Malzahn’s entire tenure.
  14. WarEagle1982

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Problem is that ESPN doesn’t have a view from both sides of the field like CBS does. My question is why does the official, who the QB’s back is to and clearly can’t see the ball because he is on the same side as the review angle, signal TD?
  15. WarEagle1982

    Southern Miss Game Report Card