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  1. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    I always loved watching Stacy Danley run the ball. He was at his best in the 87-89 Iron Bowls. I have a ton of respect for him when he got knocked cold by Spencer Hammond in the 88 Iron Bowl and came back in later with a couple of huge runs on the only TD drive of the game. He also owned the 4th qtr against Bama in 89.
  2. Best AU Tight End ever?

    Andy Fuller was pretty good in both categories as well. He had some huge catches in the passing game (94 Florida game and 95 Bama game). I guess I probably know more about him though because I was rather young when West was playing. Most of my knowledge of him was from his NFL playing days.
  3. Best AU Tight End ever?

    These 5 have my vote (not sure what order I would put them in though): Philip Lutzenkirchen Walter Reeves Fred Baxter Andy Fuller Ed West I believe Baxter and West were the two with the longest NFL longevity.
  4. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    I would have to say Frank Sanders. He meant so much to those 93 and 94 teams. Lawyer Tillman is a close 2nd. Everyone remembers the reverse against Bama in 86, but how many remember the big deep ball he caught against Bama in 87 on the only touchdown drive of the game (AU won 10-0) and the big deep ball he caught against Bama in 88 on the only touchdown drive of the game (AU won 15-10)? I do have to say that I grew up watching some really solid, but not so heralded AU receivers: Freddy Weygand, Greg Taylor, Alexander Wright, Herbert Casey, Shane Wasden, etc. I will always remember in the first AU game I ever attended (vs. Tennessee in 1988) that Ace Wright caught a crossing route from Slack and went like 70 with it for a TD. Tigers won 38-6. Great memories!
  5. Best Special Teams Player Ever

    Stats wise our best returner ever may be Thomas Bailey. He was definitely very consistent over his career. Tim Carter was also really good back there. I will never forget listening to Jim Fyffe's call of his big KOR against LSU in 2000 while I was cleaning up the meat department at SAM's Club for the night! It flipped what had become a very tight game.
  6. Auburn vs. Florida 1993

    I know they weren't the long-term NFL type guys, but if you look at the numbers and especially big play potential that has to be one of the top 5 secondaries in SEC history. They also played as a unit better than any AU secondary I can remember.
  7. Auburn vs. Florida 1993

    I know that a ton of attention is always given to the win over Florida in the Swamp in 1994, but I think the win over the Gators in 93 may have been as much of a feat or possibly more. I vividly remember sitting by the radio listening to Florida drive to, the way it appeared, go up 17-0 and most likely put the game away early. THEN...Calvin Jackson steps in front of a Wuerffel pass and takes it 95 yards and the game was on! I remember sitting with excitement as Stan White drove them, piece by piece, for the game winning FG that was knocked home by Scott Etheridge. It was that day that I truly knew that the 93 team was extremely special and could beat anybody. War Eagle!
  8. Auburn vs. Alabama 1993

    Even though Coach Dye was out and stumpy was in the 1993 team may be my favorite AU team ever. What they were able to accomplish was absolutely incredible. I truly believe they could have found a way to beat just about any team in America that year. I'll never forget listening to them on the radio that year. Probably was the best job of calling games that Jim Fyffe ever did because it was like you were there. I can still remember the spot I was sitting in listening to the Bama game that year like it was yesterday. Very exciting and great memories!
  9. ***Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Oklahoma - Game Thread***

    Totally outclassed by Bob Stoops who is a middle of the road football coach
  10. ***Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Oklahoma - Game Thread***

    And Jay Jacobs will come out tomorrow and explain how Gus is the guy and he isn't going anywhere.
  11. ***Sugar Bowl: Auburn vs. Oklahoma - Game Thread***

    If anyone still thinks this is what's best for Auburn football I question their sanity.
  12. Message to Coach Herb Hand

    I will say that I thought they should have committed to the run more in the Iron Bowl. I know that was a tall task, but that was their only shot.
  13. Message to Coach Herb Hand

    I would suggest recruiting more linemen from top 6A and 7A programs in Alabama. I coached at the 6A level before 7A was created and having worked closely with pass protection as a RBs coach. I can tell you that the top D Coordinators at those levels are difficult to prepare against because they are so good at disguising things and being creative. Linemen in this state will be prepared IF they played in some of those programs.
  14. Everybody had Enough?

    Juck Facobs!
  15. Auburn FB games with horrible officiating

    If I am not mistaken it was the 96 LSU game (the fire game) in which AU had a receiver (may have been Tyrone Goodson) that caught a ball in the end zone, but was called out of bounds. The ESPN camera crew showed on live t.v. his footprint in the grass showing clearly that he had a foot in bounds. That same year, in the 4 overtime UGA game I believe AU sacked Mike Bobo on the drive that tied the game. UGA had no timeouts left, but the officials inexplicably stopped the clock giving UGA time for one more play and they tied the game.