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  1. Mark my word: Clemson repeats Mark my word: Trevor Lawrence wins the Heisman Mark my word: UGA wins the conference Mark my word: 8-4 record for the Tigers
  2. Anyone remember this? How long did it last?
  3. Definitely miss the Supper Club. The shot bus out back was the bomb!!
  4. 68 degrees in NW Alabama this morning. Tomorrow is the beginning of year number 18 having the privilege of coaching high school football. The smell of fresh cut grass and sweaty boys. Nothing like it. It’s almost here!!!
  5. Love, love, love this!!! That era is when my love of Auburn football was cemented. My grandfather took me to my first game in 1988 right after my 8th birthday. They played Tennessee and bludgeoned them 38-6. I still believe that had that team not lost the heartbreaker at LSU they would have played, and beaten, Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl for the title. As for Reggie Slack I will never forget that he was like a hero to me as an 8 and 9 year old. When we were playing on the playground at school or I was playing alone in the yard at home I was Reggie Slack 😂😂. I even had a number 17 jersey. He was the epitome of an Auburn man. I don’t know that any AU QB threw a better deep ball or a better sideline comeback route. He was also absolutely brilliant in the 89 Iron Bowl. Last thing: could you imagine what that offense (especially 88 when Tillman and Reeves were still there) would have been like if they had come along during the spread em out 4 wide or 3 wide with a TE era? Interesting thought.
  6. I just finished up watching the 1987 Iron Bowl on YouTube. I was 7 years old when that game was played and still remember the thrill of an Iron Bowl shutout. First of all, Stacy Danley was one of the toughest human beings I have ever seen and his impact in that game as a Freshman was unbelievable. Also, what ever happened to the AU band playing “Louie, Louie” at the end of victories? That was always a sweet sound and fun to sing along with!
  7. That backside drag/crossing route on a roll out pass is almost always open. It’s like people forget about it, including the QB many times unfortunately.
  8. Normally don’t do this but this is the most unevenly called game I have seen in a while as far as foul calls. Calipari looking like Saban getting calls.
  9. One reason he wasn't as big as Pickens in rankings was that he played at a smaller school before transferring to HT his senior year and then blew up on a lot of people's radars.
  10. I would give it a B. I think they recruited well at several positions. Getting a legacy guy like Bo Nix to commit and sign was important especially after what happened with Rashaan Evans a few years back. I will say that Patrick Nix's experience at AU was a much different one than that of Alan Evans so that helped a ton. I hope Gus will give him the legitimate shot to win the job if he is the best guy. I think they recruited well on defense and set themselves up to continue being a solid defensive unit. I won't say dominant because they were not that this past year. The thing that stings, and I know I am beating a dead horse here, is the lack of OL signees. I think the guys that are coming in are going to be really good players, but quantity is a concern. The worst part is watching TurdTown bring in more elite OL talent (which BTW their O Line was the biggest reason behind Tua's success this past season), watching UGA pull the best O Lineman in the state to Athens, and watching, of all places, Tennessee pull in an elite O Line class. That is a huge area of concern, and something has to change.
  11. I had actually thought about the Bucks, specifically Jibunor. He actually had more of an OLB's size (215 lbs.)
  12. True. Maybe I should have said there just aren't a lot of LBs on the recruiting board and it looks to be a major position of need just like the OL is.