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  1. The Big 12 is about to be an afterthought. Throw some money at Gundy
  2. Getting hammered at home by a team that should have lost to Purdue. #JABA
  3. 62 degrees upon awakening this morning in Killen, AL!
  4. This was truly a dominant ground game. Mason was unbelievable as to how many yards he gained after contact. He always fell forward for an extra yard or two. If they would have handed it to him 5-10 more times in Pasadena I think the result would have been different. Prosch was a huge key to the success (look at the difference in 2014 after he graduated). In the Iron Bowl in 13 he absolutely beat up C.J. Moseley (an All-American and successful NFL linebacker).
  5. I absolutely loved these two guys. This was the first Auburn team I ever saw in person at the age of 8. They were good enough to win it all. Stacy Danley was one of the toughest players Auburn ever had. Two different times he got knocked out cold(88 Iron Bowl and 90 Hall of Fame Bowl) only to return to the game to play an important part in victory. He also was a Bama killer. From 87-89 he gained close to 400 yards on the Tide in those 3 games combined.
  6. Food for thought. Imagine the 1979 team being coached by someone like, I don’t know, Pat Dye instead of Barfield. The team had 5 All-Sec First Team players on it. They weren’t just talented on offense either. The defense had some studs on it as well. Freddy Smith’s name comes to mind. Too much talent on that team to lose to a mediocre Tennessee team as well as Wake Forest.
  7. Yes. I read an article about that. I read some others where Bowden was interviewed and basically, because he wasn’t interested in being a cog in the power structure there, he lost favor with the PTB. Most of those he mentioned are still involved now.
  8. Sounds eerily similar, doesn’t it?
  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a rumor of an affair that popped up during the Bowden fiasco back in 98?
  10. I told a friend, when I found out who the new president would be, that I felt like it would eventually lead to Greene being shown the door and the Good Ole Boys being back in control.
  11. Starting to sound like a witch hunt to me and I smell Great Southern Wood burning for the fire.
  12. Love Newbern’s! I went to high school with the owners’ sons and they all still work there. It’s certainly a family business. The catfish is to die for!
  13. Ah, Dale’s. Took my Senior Prom Date there the first time I ever ate there.
  14. No doubt! Best defense in AU history
  15. Does anyone remember when he got bit by that German Shepard during the 2007 Iron Bowl?
  16. It just happened again on the 1st Down play on Bama’s current drive
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