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  1. Was very close to voting for him initially. I stopped reading his bio at "reliable violent offense." I'm in, full bore. WDE!
  2. I almost went with... On his way to and from seeing his wife and kids. ...or maybe... For most men being on the road a lot means spending time away from their wife and kids. Rush is the rare individual that requires it. But yours is better. WDE!
  3. I suppose I would be fine with anyone on that list, but I don't see any of them as being the perfect candidate, so I voted 'other.' Almost voted Sanders. Almost voted Grimes. I don't know, after seeing some of the seismic HC moves last year, I'm hopeful we can effing nail this one. We're due. WDE!
  4. I like to snatch up a couple of his analysts. WDE!
  5. Did anyone else read the phrase, "the son of former Auburn cornerback Ryan Williams," do some math, and then suddenly feel older than they did this morning? WDE!
  6. Lucky numbers on the reverse side are interesting. 10 - Calzada 18 - Pritchett 29 - Hall 32 - Steiner 44 - Jackson 50 - Harris WDE!
  7. Got this last night..... ...not exactly a ray of sunshine. WDE!
  8. Others can weigh in on by-the-book rules and duties of compliance officials. These days I think a staff can essentially draw their own ethical lines and do whatever they don't get caught doing. Several years ago Wes Neighbors said on his radio show he visited a uat practice and there were 20-plus coaches on the field---not on the sidelines watching/evaluating, actively running position drills, etc. He laughed it off, but said that was a big reason uat was so dominant and other programs wouldn't catch up until they also started thumbing their nose at the rules regarding staff and roster management. Seemed to be more of a commentary on the NCAA than anything else. WDE!
  9. Knock, knock. Who's there? The chicken that just crossed the road. WDE!
  10. Ever so humbly, I'll do my part... Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to your house. WDE!
  11. I can do outrageous..... One word, two hyphens.....coach-by-committee. We pay four different quasi-retired HCs $2M to prepare for and call three games each. I have a feeling the post season wouldn't be an issue. Similar idea aimed at the PTB.....six letters, all caps.....STFUHC. We post a sign-up sheet in a swanky suite in Jordan-Hare. Boosters pledge $2M each to coach one game. Two games, $4M, and so on. You win, you keep half of your pledge. You lose, you STFU. WDE!
  12. Ray might be able to convince Ed Reed to coach DBs. I'm not sure where or what, but ER is in the coaching ranks. I think he was Chief of Staff at Miami. WDE!
  13. I doubt we're willing to offer enough to wrangle him free from MSU, but Mel Tucker's buyout is manageable. It's $95M if they fire him, $2M if he resigns. He's got a great resume with a good mix of college and NFL experience. Five years in the SEC working for dink and Smart, another five or so in the Big 10. And he knows how to work the portal. WDE!
  14. No idea if this is accurate, but I read he wanted access to our compliance files. Specific inquiries, as if he was looking for something he could use as leverage over certain boosters. Given that he was still employed by one of our biggest rivals, and being courted behind the scenes by the other, our athletic department considered it too much of a risk and refused. Even Dye, who had been promoting him pretty hard, cooled on the idea. Take it for what it's worth, which at this point is little more than a compelling story. WDE!
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