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  1. I don't know which is sweeter, him getting his way on a rule change after losing to AU, or him losing to AU after getting his way on a rule change. Late in the 2004 LSU game we tied it at 9 with about a minute left. Vaughn missed the point after (it's weird how much of his legacy involves the plethora of failed attempts against them), but one of their guys jumped then flipped over a lineman into the backfield. Flag, retry, ballgame. The irony is dink was on the rules committee that made that specific change during the previous offseason. WDE!
  2. That works! I didn't remember Benson being that quick. Always thought of him as being more of a blunt instrument. I guess I'm confusing him with someone else. WDE! Edit: While trying to figure out who I was confusing with Benson I read he passed away late last year. RIP
  3. Don't get me wrong about Jacobs, he was a uniquely-gifted athlete and after some sustained, quality coaching became a really good player, I just think Irons was a more complete back. It's hard to gauge Davis at RB given the position switch, but he was an exceptional return specialist and was a good enough RB to hang around NFL practice squads for a long time. Lester was squarely behind Irons, then Tate, but he still had a statistically solid career. I'm only saying I think having Irons and Lester and Davis on the same same roster tips the scale toward 2004. Again, it's irrelevant since Irons was ineligible in '04 and both Lester and Davis redshirted. Regarding LJ Johnson, I really like his film. (His SO highlight tape is awesome too.) Great balance, great instincts. He reminds me of Larry Johnson, the PSU/Chiefs back. Fingers crossed. WDE!
  4. If we're talking about talent on the roster---and I realize this is all academic---I would give the nod to the 2004 RB roster over 2003. We lost Brandons Jacobs and Johnson after '03, but Kenny Irons transferred to AU in '04. Very different skill sets, and obviously he was ineligible in '04, but I think a healthy Irons was a better back than Jacobs. I don't remember there being much of a drop off from Johnson to Slaughter at FB. Also, Brad Lester and Tristan Davis were freshmen in '04. Lester had a pretty good college career, and while Davis was primarily a safety at AU he was a good enough RB to hang around NFL rosters for four or five years. WDE!
  5. Interesting. His unit finished dead last, but GT's OL coach Brent Key would be one of my first calls. WDE!
  6. I have info. Lots, actually. Nothing regarding your question. WDE!
  7. The not breaking the lineup part is accurate, I don't know if he is related to Bo. I thought he was from Utah or somewhere out west. WDE!
  8. Makes you wonder if the UF, LSU and UGA games would have gone the other way if Slayton and Stidham had stuck around for another year. Or 2018 with KJ and Pettway. C'est le futbol. WDE!
  9. What about Notre Dame OC Chip Long? He and Brian Kelly have a co-coordinator relationship that sounds similar to what Malzahn had with Lashlee. HC considers situational strategy and OC makes specific calls based on personnel matchups. I wonder if he could coexist with CGM. Long was Mike Norvell's OC at Memphis before Dillingham, and he specializes in TE/HBs. Currently he's in the top ten on 247's recruiter ranking. He's an Alabama native and played at UNA, which could help recruit the northwest part of the state. WDE!
  10. Herb-Burns...sounds like aubiefifty's kind of coach. WDE!
  11. ??? First I've heard about it. WDE!
  12. I'd like to review a list of these moves. Not saying it hasn't happened, I just want to consider the context of these decisions. WDE!