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  1. I believe that was the article I read---"trigger point to prevent transfer" seems very familiar. And for the most part I agree about the indications he's in good standing. Fingers crossed, I suppose. WDE!
  2. I recall reading about it a couple of years ago right about the time Sankey took over. For the most part the article I read seemed to focus on folks with a history of physical violence (sexual assault, domestic battery, etc.) but also seemed to bar athletes that had been reprimanded by their university for non-violent transgressions. Basically, you couldn't transfer to escape a suspension. I remember thinking it sounded like a rule, due to it's lack of specificity, would one day benefit you-know-who and shaft everyone else. If I get a chance this evening I'll see if I can find something. WDE!
  3. Any insight on his status had he stayed at FSU? As I understand it, there is an SEC rule that would prohibit him from transferring into the conference if he was disciplined by another school. WDE!
  4. Of course not. They're unabashed turds, and they have have terrible opinions on pop culture as well. WDE!
  5. Bham radio guys seem to think it's likely. WDE!
  6. Vitamin P cures all. WDE!
  7. The OLB/DE classifications muddy the waters on this issue, but I can think of more than two AU guys playing LB in the NFL now, and at least one on the bubble. Dansby, Ford and Bynes have established themselves. Lemonier and Bates have bounced around a bit. McKinzey had a leg or hip injury or something and was waived by the Bucs last season. Don't know what his prospects are going forward. WDE!
  8. Oh I straight up guarantee no one wearing red will visit with him a few of Januarys from now. Not in my house, anyway. He detests uat and dink, so I think we're good there. WDE!
  9. Well, I know a lot of dealerships have a used car lot too, so I took a cursory look just to see what they had. Also consider, a dealership might have a few cars going through the pre-owned certification process that don't appear on an inventory list and won't be available until that department manager is willing to let them go. That could basically reserve a vehicle for the right customer. Anyone can tell a motivated salesman what they're looking for and they'll do their best to track it down. Might even get some options or rims or something to sweeten the deal. Regarding my personal involvement with such things, I'm happy to report I'm currently nurturing a relationship with a potential prospect. His mom travels a lot for work and he stays with us when she's out of town. Technically, I met him before he started playing varsity sports, and it wasn't through sports, so I think we're golden. He's a really good athlete already, and if he gets as big as his older brother (who is an OLB/DE at a small college out west), he's going to be a monster safety. Really smart kid, too. WDE!
  10. As of today Capital Chevrolet in Montgomery has four pre-owned Chargers and three pre-owned Challengers in their inventory. A booster buys a new car, trades it in to the dealership, then the student-athlete gets a heads up on a killer deal. WDE!
  11. I'm not lobbying for KG, per se. But I do believe he would be the most entertaining coach we've had in my lifetime. Way more fun to watch than Trooper and the towel. I think his personality and experience in pro wrestling would trump that jackhole at uat that jumps around holding the belt. WDE!
  12. Other than Dameyune, who do you have in mind? Since other programs will undoubtedly have the same idea, and many of them follow through, how much should we be willing to pay? And if we get outbid by... let's say uat, Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame and USC, would it have the same pop if he was the sixth best recruiter money can buy? I don't disagree, by the way, it just seems like a headache trying to establish what potentially makes someone a good recruiter and what they would be worth. WDE!
  13. I've seen this floated before. Looking at his bio, I see Greene had one of his best seasons his first year with Carolina in '96. He left for another one-year stint in SF, but came right back to the Panthers and had another outstanding season in '98. He retired after that. Player/coach relationships can be complex, sure. And I remember them getting into a dust-up on the sideline over bad calls/blown assignments, but HC Capers---who Greene later worked for in Green Bay---sided with Steele and suspended Greene. Was what happened something that can't be forgiven after nearly twenty years? WDE!
  14. Quoted this because it was the first response to mention a new coordinator, but really it's is open question for the board..... Which would be the better move, a new TE coach or a new ST coach? WDE!
  15. I'm interested to read what (almost) everyone thinks about this opportunity. I'm especially curious about what our resident referees and coaches think our greatest need will be. A lot of folks seem to think, unless there's a need elsewhere, the trend will be to hire a dedicated Special Teams coach. I would have been fine with an OC and a QB coach, but since CCL is both we'll hire for a another spot. Fountain has done a good job as ST coach, but our TE production has been relatively poor. A lot of that is due to circumstances out of CSF's control, but I still wonder if letting him focus on ST and adding a top-flight TE/H-back or TE/OT coach (similar to what Cristobal does) might impact the most number of offensive players. Or maybe it's a better plan to add another defensive coach. Get someone to help the tweeners that overlap Garner and Williams, or maybe help out with DBs. Brown's rep is as a teacher, but it seems there are some questions about how effective recruiter he'll be. I'm not on board with all the "he can't recruit because looks like a goober" mess.....but he does favor George Lindsey. Thoughts? WDE!