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  1. 2018 4* WR Seth Williams

    Sometimes those shots can be too good to be true. Friend of mine said he was in his old farm truck coming back from a tree stand. When he stopped to unlatch a gate he noticed a nice looking buck just standing there. He said he considers himself a sportsman and a responsible hunter and it crossed his mind this wasn't fair.....but it had been a bad season. Passenger window was down so he calmly picked up his pistol and took aim. Unfortunately for him he was more concerned with the ethical dilemma than what happens when you fire a large bullet from inside a metal box. He said he's absolutely convinced that while his head was spinning and his ears ringing the deer snatched his keys and tossed them into the bed of fire ants. WDE!
  2. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    I'm sure we've had a player get pinched for the same offense since then, but for some strange reason every time I hear the word plagiarism or the name Jeff Burger that's what I think of. I recall seeing Dye on a commemorative DVD telling that story. He said when they told him JB got caught for plagiarism his initial response was, "Well, what kind of disease is that?!" WDE!
  3. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    Jeff Burger thought so. WDE!
  4. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    Has anyone mentioned Tony Richardson yet? Awesome teacher/teammate. He and Reid McMillan were quite a pair. The hit TR put on Bostic in the '93 Iron Bowl was textbook, except for the part where he took his helmet off before contact. If my superfan memory is worth anything, I believe Richardson played in the NFL well into his late 60's. WDE!
  5. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    Herbert "The Weapon" Casey and Daryl "Lectron" Williams are on my all-time nickname team. Shan Morris had a game-sealing INT in an Iron Bowl when I was a kid. I think it was him...and the IB...and it sealed the game..... Shane Wasden...Trey Gainous...Before I started to fill out I dreamed of being a WR like those two. Gary Walker, Mike Pelton and Alonzo Etheridge (I think) were huge parts of the '93 defense. GW always made me think of Bald Bull on Mike Tyson's Punch Out. Fred Smith and Calvin Jackson were awesome. I had absolute confidence in Will herring and Rob Pate. I don't think I'll ever lose appreciation for Rudy Johnson. Our running game was DREADFUL the season before and he reestablished Auburn as RBU. The long touchdown run was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Vatican City...the Grand Canyon...Mount Rushmore in the early light...and Rudy dragging tacklers into the end zone. Seems like there was a walk-on LB on that team that had a huge hustle play in the Wyoming redzone...Alex Lincoln??? There's a pretty cool Sports Science segment with professional MMA fighters trying to strip the ball from Rudy. I'm really close friends with one of Billy Wilson's granddaughters. He was a huge OT back in the late 50's/early 60' drafted and played in the NFL for a bit. He was probably in his 80's and I thought he was going to crush my hand when he shook it. He was one of those urban legend type athletes in his day. WDE!
  6. 2018 4* RB James Cook

    I'm having a hard time getting a read on their feelings for uga...... WDE!
  7. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    C'mon, superfan, his name is Jason Statham. WDE!
  8. I wouldn't necessarily call him elite, but Herring was pretty dang good. If memory serves, he was all-SEC at DB, and holds (or held) the AU record for games started. WDE!
  9. Scrimmage 4/1/17

    I believe that was the article I read---"trigger point to prevent transfer" seems very familiar. And for the most part I agree about the indications he's in good standing. Fingers crossed, I suppose. WDE!
  10. Scrimmage 4/1/17

    I recall reading about it a couple of years ago right about the time Sankey took over. For the most part the article I read seemed to focus on folks with a history of physical violence (sexual assault, domestic battery, etc.) but also seemed to bar athletes that had been reprimanded by their university for non-violent transgressions. Basically, you couldn't transfer to escape a suspension. I remember thinking it sounded like a rule, due to it's lack of specificity, would one day benefit you-know-who and shaft everyone else. If I get a chance this evening I'll see if I can find something. WDE!
  11. Scrimmage 4/1/17

    Any insight on his status had he stayed at FSU? As I understand it, there is an SEC rule that would prohibit him from transferring into the conference if he was disciplined by another school. WDE!
  12. Dameyune Craig fired

    Of course not. They're unabashed turds, and they have have terrible opinions on pop culture as well. WDE!
  13. Dameyune Craig fired

    Bham radio guys seem to think it's likely. WDE!
  14. 2017 4* DE Ryan Johnson

    Vitamin P cures all. WDE!
  15. 2017 4* LB Markail Benton (Bama 6/10/16)

    The OLB/DE classifications muddy the waters on this issue, but I can think of more than two AU guys playing LB in the NFL now, and at least one on the bubble. Dansby, Ford and Bynes have established themselves. Lemonier and Bates have bounced around a bit. McKinzey had a leg or hip injury or something and was waived by the Bucs last season. Don't know what his prospects are going forward. WDE!