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  1. I did preface the suggestion with "I know it's a huge reach to do so, and I'm not suggesting it's remotely feasible..." WDE!
  2. A few things: The suggested salary was $4 million for a three year contract, not $4 million for each of the three years, or simply $1.33M/year. I'll go back and make an edit for clarity. Also, suggested position is for more than just WR coach. I'm asking how much is too much to hire the absolute best in the business. I don't think CBN is THE best, I used him because a lot of people are already familiar with his resume. WDE!
  3. Assuming the coach checked all the boxes, what's the upper threshold for a WR coach's salary? A lot of folks were all in on Billy Napier being the HC, so I'll use him as an example. I know it's a huge reach to do so, and I'm not suggesting it's remotely feasible, but how would people react if we inked Napier at something like $4M for a three year contract to be our WR coach, Associate HC, and recruiting coordinator? That would come close to doubling his base salary. It's an arms race, after all. WDE!
  4. Moorehead's Eagles bio has been deactivated, but while I was on the page I noticed there are a few guys on the Philly staff I'd love to have at AU if the positions hadn't already been filled. Jeff Stoutland, Jim Schwartz, Duce Staley, Tim Hauck, Marty Mornhigweg. WDE!
  5. There's no telling what the schedule will look like, which makes it harder to predict the ebb and flow of the season. The smoked cabbage I ate yesterday tells me it could be ugly. Once my gut settles down I might be more optimistic. Ole Miss and MSU look like teams that could pop off on any given Saturday and give teams fits. Getting them early before the defense can get right could be problematic. Same for Arkansas, even if they aren't as explosive on offense, and I expect everyone from the HC to the program vendors will be very motivated to play us in their building. Those might
  6. I read where Kiffin said he could be a top-five pick as a 3-technique DT. If he stays on offense I'd like to see him tighten up and play at a sleek 280 or so. It'll be interesting to see what the new S&C regimen does to his body over the next few years.
  7. In fairness, coordinators do more than call plays. There are plenty of duties Sunday through Friday to occupy two coaches, which is why we see so many run-game coordinators paired with pass-game coordinators on each side of the ball. Among other benefits, it allows a coordinator to focus on a smaller set of position coaches. WDE!
  8. Ed Reed is the COS at Miami. I don't know if he was the first. WDE!
  9. Worse things could happen. When I googled their names my internal monologue went something like: (With an enhanced drawl) Clay-see Crow-shay? What the hell kind of name is that? 'Cles en main' is French for "keys-in-hand".....so, 'a small key,' and 'crocheted'.....does his name literally translate as 'a small, knitted key'.....French dudes have some strange names.....I'll bet even his buddies Fabrice and Rene and gave him grief fooorrrrrr.....Oh, (voice deepens) Hello. (voice deepens more, and develops accent) Bonsoir, ma cherie. How you doin'?" WDE!
  10. I'm not sure where they're from originally, but Uscher (USCe) and Alley (Clemson) have relatively strong ties to the Southeast. They might even have accents. Not my cut of chaw, so I'll leave it up to other posters to rate them. Clesi Crochet is a solid nine, cusp ten. A qualified and effective professional, no doubt, but a dime nonetheless. WDE!
  11. Speaking only for myself, I'd have to know what kind of grease. Bacon grease, she's got a shot, because she might have extra bacon. And if she claims to play the piano better than that other no-bacon-having B, who am I to question a woman with extra bacon. But then, if she made bacon and didn't bring any extra, she could be dressed-down, somewhat desperate Alicia Keys and I'd have to give her the Heisman stiff arm for being a fatty-meat-tease. However, if she said she did have bacon, but it was back at her place, I would probably have to go check. Have more to this scenario but my
  12. QB: Dameyune Craig (WR, TA&M) - Primary strengths: Strong to elite recruiter. SEC/AU experience. Recruiting ties in FL, AL, LA and TX. Basically recruit and babysit QBs when Harsin has other things to do. RC/RB: Frank Wilson (HC, McNeese St) - Primary strengths: Elite recruiter. Coaching resume. Fifteen years as college coach, ten in SEC, where he coached RB, WR, and ST. Experience as HC, AHC and RC. WR: Brian Hartline (WR, Ohio St) - Primary strengths: Elite recruiter. NFL experience. Limited coaching experience (four years), but it's all been with Kevin Wilson at
  13. Marcello does not have Auburn's best interest at heart, in fact I believe the opposite. Believe him if you like, I don't. WDE!
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