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  1. What if it is Dabo, and Venables comes on as DC? I know it's a stretch within a stretch, but OU might have serious buyer's remorse and agree to a mutually beneficial arrangement to get rid of him. WDE!
  2. I'll go with Tony D'Amato, HC of the Sharks in Any Given Sunday. But there's a decent chance it actually is "Coach Cotton" from The Blind Side. WDE!
  3. Three names no one is talking about? Just for fun? Mario Cristobal Chris Petersen John Harbaugh WDE!
  4. If they fire him he's entitled to the remainder of his contract. If he leaves he owes MSU $2M. Unless something has changed since February. WDE!
  5. For what it's worth, he's got twelve or so players from Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee, so he has at least modest experience in our immediate footprint. And I didn't include the handful of guys from Kentucky (or the punter from Australia). WDE!
  6. For gits and shiggles I looked at CMR's three years at Baylor to get a better read on this '0-11 versus ranked teams' business. 2017 losses: #3 OU by 8, #14 OSU by 43, #23 UWV by 2, and #10 TCU by 23 2018 losses to: #6 OU by 33, #9 Texas by 6, #14 UWV by 44, and #23 ISU by 14 2019 losses to: #10 OU by 3, #6 OU by 7 (OT) in the B12 CG, and #5 UGA by 12 in the Sugar Bowl For your consideration. WDE!
  7. I'm pretty high on Jeff Grimes at this point, but I'm still fascinated by the ceiling Sanders presents if things were to click. Obviously his HC resume leaves a lot to be desired, but his "related work experience" is second to none. College football (polls and recruiting) is still a bit of a popularity contest. That said, I read the title, but I've been mentioning Tucker since he took the job at Colorado. Mel Tucker (HC Michigan State): He's has coached for dink (several times) and Smart. He also worked for Jim Tressel at OSU. NFL experience, college HC experience, knows how to work the portal. It's also worth mentioning his buyout is VERY coach-friendly. Coaches I haven't seen mentioned this time around: (Not actually hoping for these guys, but they're somewhat plausible.) Mike Macdonald (DC Baltimore): He grew up in Georgia (went to UGA) and spent seven years working his way up through the defensive coaching staff for the Ravens. Was very highly regarded by the organization and was brought back this year as DC. He was Michigan's DC last year when they went 12-2, finally beat OSU, and made the playoffs. Might be nice to reunite him with Josh Gattis, the '21 Michigan OC. He's young (35) and has a reputation for developing DBs and LBs. Kevin Wilson (OC/TE Ohio State): His coaching resume goes back to the mid-80's, but over the last twenty years he's been a WILDLY successful OC at Oklahoma and Ohio State. He was HC at Indiana for a few years, and did well considering, but was fired being too much of a hardass. His WR coach Brian Hartline is an elite coach and recruiter. Further down the list: Mike Locksley (HC Maryland): He's probably exactly where he wants (needs) to be, and as a UMD alum I hope he sticks around, but he's turning around the listless Terps. Injuries have derailed a few seasons, but when they're healthy they can be fun to watch. Spent time in uat's coach rehabilitation camp and seems to have figured a few things out. DeMeco Ryans (DC San Fransisco): He's from Alabama, played at uat under Joe Kines (Shula). Nine years as an NFL player, four as an assistant, in his second year as DC. He's interviewed for HC jobs already and appears to be on the short list for near-future openings. I imagine he could identify and recruit defensive talent regionally. Ken Dorsey (OC Buffalo Bills): I don't know that he's even interviewed for NFL HC jobs, but he's been Josh Allen's QB coach since 2019, so he can develop good into great. And he hates poor clock management. WDE!
  8. Was very close to voting for him initially. I stopped reading his bio at "reliable violent offense." I'm in, full bore. WDE!
  9. I almost went with... On his way to and from seeing his wife and kids. ...or maybe... For most men being on the road a lot means spending time away from their wife and kids. Rush is the rare individual that requires it. But yours is better. WDE!
  10. I suppose I would be fine with anyone on that list, but I don't see any of them as being the perfect candidate, so I voted 'other.' Almost voted Sanders. Almost voted Grimes. I don't know, after seeing some of the seismic HC moves last year, I'm hopeful we can effing nail this one. We're due. WDE!
  11. I like to snatch up a couple of his analysts. WDE!
  12. Did anyone else read the phrase, "the son of former Auburn cornerback Ryan Williams," do some math, and then suddenly feel older than they did this morning? WDE!
  13. Lucky numbers on the reverse side are interesting. 10 - Calzada 18 - Pritchett 29 - Hall 32 - Steiner 44 - Jackson 50 - Harris WDE!
  14. Got this last night..... ...not exactly a ray of sunshine. WDE!
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