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  1. next Head Coach

    Also consider he was fired during the season from two of his previous three HC jobs, and would have likely have been fired from the third had he stuck around for longer than one season. WDE!
  2. next Head Coach

    -Maybe your dork isn't so dumb after all. -Got me through high school. WDE!
  3. new head coach next year?

    You're ignoring the context and/or intentionally misrepresenting what's being written. I used four sentences to suggest I'm not happy with just beating LSU and UGA. The sentence you seem to fixate on asserted there is "more satisfaction" to finish 11-1 than 9-3, but if it doesn't include a division title, it's still not getting the job done. What more do I want? I want to go undefeated and win championships. If you don't, and you're content with never finishing better than 2nd in the division, that's your prerogative. Simply stated, I'm not satisfied with being runner-up, regardless of the record. To reach the attainable goals we have and (I assume) the team has set for themselves, AU has to beat uat. Not only because they're our rival, but because they're the ascendant program. As it relates to the discussion at hand, I remain unconvinced young coaches like Frost or Campbell or guys that have faced uat and gotten their asses handed to them (Venables, Fisher, Petersen) are going to get us over the hump. I think the latter three have a better shot than CGM, but I haven't seen too much to inspire unwavering faith. In the 2016 Iron Bowl we scored 12 points and had 182 yards of total offense (116 passing, 66 rushing). Pretty bad, right? In the first round of the playoffs, with arguably the best team he's ever had, Petersen's 2016 Huskies scored 7 points and had 194 total yards (150 passing, 44 rushing). Fewer points and 12 more yards doesn't do it for me. In two games against uat Clemson's defense gave up an average of 424.5 total yards, 38 points and got no turnovers. Last year we gave up 501 yards, 30 points and got two turnovers against the same offense. WDE!
  4. new head coach next year?

    No, the consternation is about not consistently winning championships, which is absolutely within reach. Rivalry aside, to do so we have to beat uat in addition to LSU and UGA and everyone else. Would fans be content if we consistently finished 11-1 or 10-2 but never finished better than 2nd in the SECW? I wouldn't be. To me there's only marginally more satisfaction in not getting done at 11-1 and not getting done at 9-3. CKS has UGA trending to be the next uat. If he gets them there should we concede that game as well? CGM has been competitive against LSU. He's 2-3 and the point totals over the last five games is 124-127. If we could erase one play from this year's game he's favored in both tallies. UGA has had our number for a while now. Between the time CGM became a college coach and the HC at Auburn we're 1-6 and that lone win was with Gus as OC. If you trace my posts back in this thread you'll realize I'm not arguing he hasn't regressed (or that he should or shouldn't be fired), just that he has done it before and has the potential to do it again. The turnaround wasn't that long ago, we still have holdovers from that squad. WDE!
  5. new head coach next year?

    I believe for some time now people have been making irrational statements about CGM. I can only assume in the absence of reasonable, convincing arguments these statements are driven by pathos rather than logos. I also "pause in thinking" he can ever get his mojo back. But there is a chasm between openly wondering if he can get AU back to a championship level and exclaiming he should be fired because he never has and/or never will. Also, I disagree with the assertion there is no shared blame. Defense and special teams both had major eff ups against LSU. WDE!
  6. new head coach next year?

    You and I both know it's personal. WDE!
  7. new head coach next year?

    Two national championship appearances, a Heisman and arguably the greatest season to season turnaround in college football history are nothing? I'm not a CGM guy, but I do give him credit for all three of those, among other things. The point about the Rooneys is that they believe if they like a guy enough to hire him they let him coach his way out of the doldrums. It doesn't always pay off in the short term, but they do it anyway because of the long game. They did the same thing with Chuck Noll. People revere Noll for his legendary run of four Super Bowls, but that stretch of eight good seasons was on the front end. He was in Pittsburg for twenty-three years and only made the playoffs twelve times. In the twelve seasons after the last Super Bowl they only made the playoffs four times and had five losing seasons. That amount of patience was and still is unheard of at a major franchise/program. And you know what franchise has the most Super Bowl appearances and wins? The Steelers. On the other end of the spectrum, since the Browns reformed in 1996 the owners have replaced the head coach about every two to three years and they have yet to make the playoffs. For the record, I think we made a mistake in hiring CGM in the first place. I also remain unconvinced a new coach like Scott Frost or Matt Campbell or Jimbo Fisher or even Chris Petersen is going roll up on the SEC and immediately dethrone dink, which is what the consternation is really about. I'm as involved as just about anyone in throwing out names of prospective coaches, but to be forthright, I think we're chasing the dragon with this move. WDE!
  8. new head coach next year?

    Of course it's not the same thing. I'm comparing one of the most stable, successful, well-respected sports franchises in history to the Auburn athletic department. But it is a fair example of how that thinking is incorrect. Your statement about doin' and gettin' indicates the Rooneys (or any leadership) made a mistake by waiting on an embattled coach to turn the franchise around. Rather than follow the long-standing trend of firing coaches after a stretch of mediocrity or an epic collapse, they let their guy coach his way out of it. They did that twice with Cowher, a guy with a decade-long rep for not being able to win big games. He's revered as a coach, but it took him 14 seasons to win a Super Bowl. WDE!
  9. new head coach next year?

    I don't think that's necessarily true. There are retreads at every level that have rebounded from worse. Belechick and Carroll were punchlines before landing in New England and USC. After a pretty good start to his career, Bill Cowher had the Steelers on a decidedly downward trend. In the middle of his tenure he had a six year stretch where they misses the playoffs four times and had three losing seasons. WDE!
  10. next Head Coach

    What would our record be right now had Stidham been lost for the year in game one? We might be winless with a true freshman or a walk-on at the helm. WDE!
  11. next Head Coach

    With all the vacancies (HC and their coordinators) on the horizon I believe he'll be working in the SEC next year. HC at Auburn is most probable, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him as HC at Ole Miss or Arkansas; neither program, particularly Ole Miss, can be overly choosy right now. I think UT and UF would want a bigger splash for HC, but I could see him as a coordinator for a defensive minded coach, especially if that coach didn't have much experience in the SEC. Could also see him replacing Mazzone at TAM, and since they as an institution have no concept of sportsmanship I could see uat hiring CGM as an analyst. WDE!
  12. next Head Coach

    Oh, I agree. I assumed the article was a prelude to such an announcement so he could begin his farewell tour. The author indicated it's unclear if CBA is retiring or being fired, which got my wheels turning. I lived in Baltimore for a long time, so I know him more as a coach for the Steelers. I remember him being at uat, but I didn't know he coached at Miss St, or that he is (technically) one of Bear's boys. WDE!
  13. next Head Coach

    I would also be interested in talking to Kevin Wilson. He's got a pretty nice resume. WDE!
  14. next Head Coach

    What do you all think about Bruce Arians? 15 years as a college coach, 9 seasons as an assistant the SEC West, 6 seasons as a head coach for a non-P5 school. 25 seasons in the NFL, five as HC with 0.652 win percentage. Two Super Bowls as assistant, one as OC. Two-time NFL HC coach of the year. Was an OC and HC in both college and NFL. Also has experience coaching every offensive position other than OL. Notable names on coaching tree include Bear Bryant, Jackie Sherrill, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Mora, Butch Davis, Bill Cowher, Mike Tomlin, Chuck Pagano, Ken Whisenhunt and Dick Lebeau. Coached Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisburger and Carson Palmer. Holds QB career rushing TDs at Virginia Tech (more than Michael Vick, Marcus Vick, Tyrod Taylor, et al). Somewhat beloved by Auburn fans for his late-game play calling in the 97 Iron Bowl. (Late in the 4th uat had the lead and the ball. They were bleeding the clock, preparing to punt and play defense to preserve the win. He called a screen pass to the FB, which was executed well enough, but Martavious Houston made a great play and caused a fumble. A few plays later Jaret Holmes kicked the game winner.) 247Sports is reporting he will likely available next year. WDE!
  15. next Head Coach

    Is the draw for Frost to Nebraska truly that much greater than Venables to Kansas State (or any other coach to their alma mater)? As I understand it CBV and Snyder are close. There doesn't seem to be any reservations about him leaving for KSU when 78-year-old Bill Snyder decides to re-retire, which frankly could happen at any time. And while it doesn't mean everything, Frost did choose Stanford over home state Nebraska. Again, that was a long time ago, and he choose to play for Bill Walsh, but at that time in his life he was willing to skip out on the Huskers (and an offense perfectly suited for his skill set) for a better gig. WDE!