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  1. Probably, but Schwartz's football speed is also impressive. WDE!
  2. I at least hope that guy's friends give him grief about that spot. Like they go to give him a beer and misjudge his hand by a few feet. There was another asinine spot where the official set the ball, then checked the marker behind him, moved the ball, checked again, and then moved it again. WDE!
  3. Unless this ITAT poster is a priest or an attorney I think we all see the obvious next step here. If they won't at least provide enough details so others can do the sleuthing, I'm having a hard time getting worked up over old news. But I do appreciate all efforts to pressure them onto a level playing field. WDE!
  4. Shon Coleman (3rd, 2016) and Braden Smith (2nd, 2018) were pretty close. WDE!
  5. I guess East Carolina is probably the closest D1 school, maybe UVA. Duke/UNC/NCST wouldn't be too much farther. Maryland would be fairly close too, which would be my preference. If memory serves, Chesapeake is way, way over on the coast, so he's a couple of hours away from any big schools. Maybe I'm misremembering..... WDE!
  6. Yet his hindsight is somehow worse than 50/50. ($1 to Dye.) WDE!
  7. I might be more pleased to read about what Jimmy Brumbaugh is up to. Always liked him. WDE!
  8. I might be way off, but here's my take on the situation...bear with me..... The first domino to fall was Patrick Suddes leaving for GT. Geoff Collins hiring Suddes away from Auburn makes sense. He brought his OC to GT, so they'll spent the next few seasons transitioning from an option-heavy offense to the spread they ran at Temple. To efficiently and effectively manage the roster and transition from one to the other, Collins needed a General Manager who is familiar with a spread offense that has a lot of option concepts. That guy also needs to be familiar with GT's traditional recruiting base, and if Collins could find someone he already knows and trusts, even better. Patrick Suddes, who is an Atlanta native, meets all those requirements. He's not an Auburn guy or a Malzahn guy, so he has no real loyalty to either. And he'll have at least two or three years or job security during the rebuild. Closer to home, I can't imagine we don't have an interim Assistant AD/Director of Football Operations during the month leading up to NSD. No clue who it is, but a guy like Tim Horton who has been recruiting coordinator at two SEC schools could probably bung the dike until a permanent replacement is hired, perhaps even take the job officially. Regarding CTH's old job, I haven't crunched the numbers or anything, but it seems most assistants stick around until after NSD before leaving for new opportunities. Some of those guys get bonuses if they stick around, and part of that could be denying interest in other jobs. As many have observed, we have a solid replacement already on staff in Porter, and Burns has coached RBs before. I wonder if we're waiting until after NSD to make a move, and keeping our options open by not shuffling Porter and Burns before the hire. Could be the same thing is happening with Horton. WDE!
  9. Frankly, I'm more confused about it after reading the bios on the official AD site. I thought we used the position to sweeten the deal when we hired Porter. Horton has the title, even though his full bio says he was only Recruiting Coordinator from '15-'16. None of the other coaches have anything about being the RC at all. Since it appears something is amiss, I assumed the error was that CTH had stopped being the guy. Question for the board: Who has been the Recruiting Coordinator since 2016? WDE!
  10. In addition to being the RB coach, Horton has also been the Recruiting Coordinator for a few seasons, and as I understand it he's also been pretty involved in the offensive game planning. We don't yet know if he was demoted to an off-field role or promoted to de facto General Manager to replace Suddes. His replacement could be Porter or Burns (CLP seems like an obvious fit), or we might hire somebody else. Lots of moving parts I expect will settle in not long after NSD. WDE!
  11. What the hell did a high school coach in Arkansas have to do with Jetgate? How did he influence the decisions to keep promoting Jay Jacobs? What did he have to do with the SACS accreditation scandal? When did Gus Malzahn organize our GOBN? I blame CGM for the things he can control. Auburn has much, much deeper problems that have been recurring for decades. And until someone like dink comes in and forces EVERYONE either in line or out the door those problems will persist. WDE!
  12. I could be wrong, but I think if we could see the top of his head there would be something flying over it. WDE!
  13. I don't disagree with any of that, but he hasn't been left to his own devices, so I'm not on board with blaming him for everything that goes wrong. I fault CGM for a lot of what's going on, and it is indeed a shame all the other mess throughout his tenure has muddied the waters regarding whether he is or isn't a viable HC for Auburn. But CGM's shortcomings didn't create this entire situation and they don't absolve the folks that have been perpetrating shenanigans at Auburn since before CGM was a high school coordinator. Our problems aren't going to go away with Malzahn because he's not the only source of the problems. WDE!
  14. Are you absolving the other "villains" in this tale of wrong-doing? CGM has made plenty of mistakes, but it's rather absurd to suggest he's the only one to blame. WDE!
  15. I thought of another one. Tuberville signed LeGarrette Blount out of high school, but he didn't have the grades. Think it was some time around the Ben Tate era. Maybe a more structured environment could have helped him through those tough few college years. WDE!
  16. Might not top my list if I actually thought about it, but it's the first one that came to mind. National Signing Day 2014: Deshaun Watson to Auburn rather than Sean White. Maybe this Clemson program doesn't happen without him. Maybe he could have kept the '13-'14 momentum going a little better than White and Johnson. If we're talking about uses for a time machine, I would send the bagman back a year to convince Kerryon, Pettway, Davis and Holland not to go pro. Would have been nice to have a stud running game, a lockdown corner and an elite edge rusher around this year. WDE!
  17. What are the rules about recruiting a prospect mentioned in an improper benefits investigation? If the NCAA starts an actual inquiry at TAM, and part of it involves Harris, would the Aggies be allowed to maintain communication and eventually sign him? WDE!
  18. I know that part is 100% true. There was a huge donation to build/upgrade a county-operated athletic facility Dematha shares with other schools. DeMatha isn't hurting for loose cash, and this was something they couldn't afford. There's also a huge indoor track/field, an aquatic center, an academic resource building, a gymnastics center and a really nice fitness center. It wasn't all uat booster money, though. People have speculated there was a concerted effort from a few of those schools to shop players. Prince George's County is so corrupt, nothing would surprise me. About the same time the FBI raided the county commissioner's house and arrested him and his wife for being the masterminds behind a multi-million dollar pay-for-play scheme. They caught him trying to flush a $100K check down the toilet. She had like $50K in cash stuffed in her bra. WDE! Edit: I just looked it up. She got caught with $79,600 cash in her bra.
  19. I spent about six years in College Park and Riverdale Park, Maryland, which is literally a parking lot away from DeMatha, where CK went to school. Most of my work involved teaming with municipal and county agencies on design projects. Since this is pretty much all hearsay, I can't claim it's absolutely the real story, but this is what I heard from people that know pieces of how that went down. On one particular project, a volunteer, who happened to be a teacher at DeMatha (he claimed to be CK's favorite teacher), noticed my AU hat and we had a few conversations about the football culture at Maryland versus the SEC. While discussing CK, he talked about what kind of kid he was, and that he was confident Auburn would get his signature. I figured he was simply telling me what I wanted to hear, so I kind of didn't believe him. Point being, according to this guy, CK had already made up his mind about Auburn and knew better than to make it public. A few months later on another project, I worked with a guy from the county planning commission who happened to be a huge LSU fan. By that point all sorts of stories were circulating about how uat flipped him, one of the big ones being that a uat booster donated a ton of money for a new stadium in order to get CK. He told me the anonymous donor was Chris Samuels. He hated dink and uat, and said he wanted to turn them in to the NCAA but never did anything because he didn't want to risk losing the facility. CK wasn't going to school around there (or LSU), so why bother. Fast forward again, the same county guy told me he then believed uat had committed a major violation, possibly even fraud, because the deal to donate the money for the facility was definitely between uat boosters and the folks in DeMatha's athletic department, not MNCPPC. He also said the head football coach at DeMatha, who had been there for decades, raised hades when he found out they were shopping players. He resigned and took an unpaid position at a rival school when uat threatened to cut CK's brother and DeMatha sided with the turds. WDE!
  20. I'll take that as a recommendation. WDE!
  21. Same here, but with Civ V. I've never played Skyrim. Looks cool, I just haven't gotten around to it. WDE!
  22. I read somewhere it might end up on Steam, which would be effing awesome. It wouldn't matter what was in the game, as long as it's bug free. Steam allows users to create/upload edits (mods) to change the actual game, the characters, the gameplay, everything. I've played around with making my own maps for Civilization V (it's kind of like Risk, but you have to manage all aspects of your country, not just the military), but I have hundreds of mods other folks created. If they had a football game and you want to play with interplanetary conferences, Star Wars versus Star Trek characters or something, create the mod (or wait until someone else does). Uniform or stadium changes? Gruesome injuries? Course hazards? 128-team playoff? Zombie apocalypse? Whatever you want. Discovering Steam was a total paradigm shift for me. WDE!
  23. What don't you like about the recruiting part? WDE!
  24. They say there's a little bit of God in all of us, even if we don't recognize Him. Well, I hope He likes chimichangas, because that's what He's getting. WDE!