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  1. Makes you wonder if the UF, LSU and UGA games would have gone the other way if Slayton and Stidham had stuck around for another year. Or 2018 with KJ and Pettway. C'est le futbol. WDE!
  2. What about Notre Dame OC Chip Long? He and Brian Kelly have a co-coordinator relationship that sounds similar to what Malzahn had with Lashlee. HC considers situational strategy and OC makes specific calls based on personnel matchups. I wonder if he could coexist with CGM. Long was Mike Norvell's OC at Memphis before Dillingham, and he specializes in TE/HBs. Currently he's in the top ten on 247's recruiter ranking. He's an Alabama native and played at UNA, which could help recruit the northwest part of the state. WDE!
  3. Herb-Burns...sounds like aubiefifty's kind of coach. WDE!
  4. ??? First I've heard about it. WDE!
  5. I'd like to review a list of these moves. Not saying it hasn't happened, I just want to consider the context of these decisions. WDE!
  6. I was kind of hoping we would hire him to fill a vacancy. WDE!
  7. The state, maybe, but that doesn't define the recruiting area. I think Arkansas can recruit Texas and probably Louisiana easier than Ole Miss. For the record, I hope they all strike out. I wish Derek Dooley could take all three jobs. Alas, I'm left with hoping Missouri promotes Derek Dooley, Arkansas removes the interim title on Lunney, and Ole Miss hires the actor that played Freeze in The Blind Side. WDE!
  8. I'm comfortable with glaring hole, but I would describe it as a lightless vortex of gloom and despair. WDE!
  9. My initial reaction was, yes, absolutely. But after some thought I would put Arkansas way ahead of the other two. Their facilities are much better, and they have Jerry Jones writing checks. Attractive recruiting base too. Petrino was doing scary things before the midnight rider incident. WDE!
  10. Given the situation, I would be okay with just about anyone not named J.B. or Herb. Luke would be acceptable. Addazio is now unemployed, he did well at UF way back when. But my first call might be to Brent Key at Georgia Tech. It would probably take additional compensation to get him away from his alma mater, but I think he's a really good coach/recruiter. Three years at uat, ten at UCF, and now Atlanta. Probably has some great connections in our traditional recruiting area. WDE!
  11. CRR definitely has a reputation for being an a-hole, but Ole Miss probably needs someone with an edge if they want to stay out of the cellar. And I'm not sure they can do much better at this point. I don't know, maybe Ole Miss is a better job than I'm giving them credit for. WDE!
  12. If a team happened to find themselves in the market for an OL coach and an OC they could do a lot worse than Addazio and Bajakian. Both have SEC experience, and Bajakian coached in the NFL for a spell. WDE!
  13. They won't, but they should just promote Rich Rodriguez. He and Plumlee could be very good for each other. WDE! Edit: If they don't, maybe we should.
  14. If I remember correctly, that's how we ultimately beat his LSU team in 2004. We missed a point after late in the game but got a second chance after a penalty. One of their guys jumped over the line, which was something dink lobbied for when on the rules committee. Penalty, re-kick good. WDE!
  15. Rules...exceptions..... WDE!
  16. Bob Stoops' early Oklahoma teams were great defensively. If memory serves, they faded after two or three years and had a steady and decided decline. His last several teams were dreadful defensively, given his reputation. They fared pretty well on offense during most of his run. WDE!
  17. For me, it would depend absolutely on the nature of the loss. WDE!
  18. I'm curious about your methodology. Unless my math is wrong, CGM's offenses have average ~24/ppg versus top 10 teams. Twenty-four games, 575 points scored. Not that he hasn't been abysmal in those games: seventeen away or at a neutral site (3-14), seven at home (4-3). WDE!
  19. What makes Joe Brady such an attractive hire to run Auburn's offense? Sincere question, because I don't see it. WDE!
  20. Terry Bowden kept both coordinators (Wayne Hall, Tommy Bowden) when he was hired at Auburn. Joe Whitt was also retained. Fisher and Allison were Terry guys, not sure about Hines. I don't remember any of the other assistants. WDE!
  21. I was just pointing out the borrowed passage incorrectly stated CMC was a first-time HC. Since it was part of their argument, I thought it was worth mentioning. But since we're talking about it... Given the difficult circumstances, yes, his time at FIU looks like solid work. No disrespect to CMC or those players, but I personally don't find 27-47 in the Sun Belt to be all that impressive. For comparison, Jim Leavitt didn't inherit anything but a mascot at South Florida, and his record after six seasons was 44-22. He had winning records in ten of thirteen seasons, and left with a 95-57 overall record. That's not to argue for CJL to be hired by Auburn. Although he does have a nice resume, and he's currently at FSU so he's likely available. WDE!
  22. For what it's worth, Oregon is Cristobal's second stint as HC. He had an unimpressive run at FIU. WDE!