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  1. oracle79

    Arky DB’s suspended

    Hey, if you can't win on the field, you might as well win off the field.
  2. oracle79

    Bowl Game Projection [update]

    Sounds about right for a Gus team and explains 1 - 4. It's not the end of the world.
  3. oracle79

    Liberty Game Report Card

    I think 30 yards or more, and 15 yards or more if I remember correctly.
  4. oracle79

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    Ain't nobody balling out with this O-line next year. Stidham is actually in a great position for the draft. He won't go early so shouldn't be on a bad team. He'll have time to sit and learn how to be a QB similar to the way Aaron Rogers did behind Favre. This season may actually turn out to be a blessing for him. That is assuming he actually wants to play QB in the NFL. Not sure if he has that fire deep down considering how well set up he is in life in general.
  5. oracle79

    Bowl Game Projection [update]

    Purdue. Tech would have over 400 yards passing against us at least.
  6. oracle79


    AuburnAlabamaFloridaGeorgiaKentuckyLSUMississippi StateSouth CarolinaMissouriTexas A&MOle Miss 45
  7. oracle79

    Finding success in the details

    That was the moment I knew he was in over his head. Stop that play and we retain momentum and increase our lead at the half and Gus has his MBCSNC. But, he got caught with his pants down to foreshadow things to come.
  8. oracle79

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    If he's back, I agree 100%. Sink or swim with no scapegoats or excuses. All the credit or All the blame.
  9. oracle79

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Tubs was 85 - 40 here. People like him because he was personable and made Alabama fear the thumb. He did get complacent though.
  10. oracle79

    Georgia Game Report Card

    Leath needs to have the front seat on the rail running Gus out of town. He is already stained by being responsible for Gus' extension.
  11. oracle79

    Stats from the last 3 games in Athens...

    You couldn't even make a movie about that. The producer would reject the script as too unbelievable/fantastical.
  12. oracle79

    Saban Riff Raff

    7 billion people on the planet and what, maybe 25 have won a Super Bowl? Nah, not special. Bout the same as walking on the moon. Edit: I was wrong. 31 have won super bowl and only 12 walked on the moon.
  13. I understand his point. But instead of bitching about it, I was smart enough to put him on ignore. Now if all of you would stop quoting him or add that feature to the ignore function where you can't see ignored people even when they are quoted, I'd be ecstatic. Gus will get the Les Miles special next year.