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  1. TMZ reported 13 yr. old daughter was on with him. Sad.
  2. Heard opposite. No wife and kids on there. Still early though.
  3. No idea, but I bet it's less than 75%. Did they mention who his agent is? Whoever our next hire is, they should stipulate his agent be ABJS.
  4. Doesn't matter. He's a great recruiter, and smart enough to figure out to hire smarter people than he is to be his assistant coaches. Brady/Burrow was the difference this year, but they will always be talented.
  5. Man if I had a nickel for every year I heard that, I'd have a quarter.
  6. And it would be good practice for Greene. For you know...
  7. I'll take seeing a prepared, competitive team that finishes an entire game with no moments of incompetence to frustrate all.
  8. He was that OC in the Tulsa division and before the substitution delay rule change. He didn't have to face top level D Coordinators with an army of off the field assistants breaking down film/tendacies/substitution packages, etc. in the Tulsa League. That's why he could take average guys there and have 1000 yard receivers and rushers.
  9. Unfortunately, a "complete" QB in Gus' offense is not the same as a "complete" QB in a competently designed balanced offense with sophisticated passing schemes, reads, and passing route options and adjustments on the fly during the game.
  10. This will be interesting. I've always thought he was a good analytical coach. Now we'll see if he can lead a program.