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  1. Didn't the football genius' at PFF say we would have the 5th best OL in the nation this year? That sounds pretty 'Awesome" Maybe I hallucinated that, but it seems real in my mind.
  2. Agree with you a lot, but are you kidding? 5th year senior QB at Michigan under Bo Schembechler. Grew up under dad Jack Harbaugh who coached about 40 plus years. 14 years as an NFL QB and selected to Pro Bowl in 1995. Granted he didn't go the traditional coaches route, but don't think he hasn't been exposed to EXCELLENT coaching in his experience as a player. Improved University of San Diego and won 11 games back to back in his last two years. Improved the win total at Stanford each year to win 12 in his last season there. He's won 10 games in 3 of his 4 seasons at Michigan. Granted if he doesn't beat OSU soon, he may not last, but don't compare his resume with Gus or Dabo. You don't have to be an assistant under a great coach to get knowledge from great coaches you played for or grew up under.
  3. Don't like to hear that. Did y'all play against him?
  4. For Gus' offense, I actually like Gatewood better than Stidham. Not sure how friendly it will be to Bo. Offensive line is the key this year. And, how well Gus does taking back over the play calling. 5 wins, a national title, nor anything in between would shock me with Gus and Auburn.
  5. Not sure what you're arguing here. Stidham has ten times the QB talent that Bryant has as far as throwing/passing the football. Bryant would be much more successful in Gus' offense because he's ten times the runner that Stidham is. Bryant made the best choice he could if his goal is to play QB in the NFL. Will he be drafted? No idea, but I guarantee you he wouldn't have been drafted at QB if he came here. I don't think he'll ever start a game at QB in the NFL, but he's maximizing his odds to do so by going to Missouri vs. coming to Auburn. Dabo isn't a QB whisperer either, but he used the dudes he recruited to the best of their abilities and played the most talented player from Boyd, Watson, Bryant, to Lawrence. Gus got the most out of Nick and Cam (but Cam would have been good under Coach Buttermaker or Coach Klein). Gus actually improved Marshal's passing stats by a fraction in his 2nd year at the expense of offensive production, but hey, he proved his point that he could coach an athletic defensive back to improve his passing stats by calling more passing plays. But, like I said, I'm not sure what you're arguing here.
  6. I know it's a foreign concept around here, but some coaches actually adjust what they do, to maximize the skill set of the QB they have. Stidham would have been drafted higher if he had left after 2017. Easy choice for Bryant. He won't put up Lock numbers but he will improve his skills (and draft position) instead of regressing (and hurting his draft stock).
  7. Why don't we just hire Sexton to negotiate all our big contracts?
  8. Easy now. There are a few exceptions, but some off the charts 7th graders do take courses for high school credit. It's much more common for 8th graders taking things like Algebra 1 and Spanish 1 for high school credit. That created a problem in Texas for a couple of years with standardized testing and federal testing requirements. You would not believe the number of tedious nonsense rules and requirements in some of the course work and testing. Think it's simple? Give it a shot and pretend you have a kid in high school: How about just applying for government aid (which many states require you to complete to get state aid or aid from the college)? Go fill out the Now where do you do that? And when is the deadline? (Hint: it's different for some colleges and it's not after you graduate high school) OR One is free (i.e. that is Free Application For Federal Student Aid) One will charge you a fee to fill out the free application. Parents do this all the time no matter how many times you emphasize it.
  9. Depends on the school. I can only speak for Texas, but each high school has to update their courses yearly on the NCAA portal, to ensure those courses are actually accepted by the NCAA as credit. NCAA has changed their requirements from time to time, and I think the last time was around 2016. I knew a lot more about it than most counselors, because I was also previously a coach before getting the counseling degree and moving on. Retired now, so haven't kept up with it, but most kids that are average or better students in Texas would have no issue qualifying if they are doing the average diploma plan in Texas. If a school has lower diploma requirement plans in place and the kid is a marginal student, it would be easy to miss out on a course or two early in high school and then have a problem later on. And, it's getting more complicated. (One of the reasons I retired - counselors were becoming more paper pushers and requirement/compliance monitors/reporters and doing very little counseling of actual students - add in standardized state test admin, ACT/SAT, special ed/504, and AP testing/dual credit college liaison, and anywhere from 500 or more students per counselor, and at some point the student/parent has to take some responsibility for their success....rant OFF)
  10. The definition of irony.
  11. Thank you Kawhi for not signing with the Lakers. Now maybe the NBA will be competitive again.
  12. I view a good University President like I do a good sports official. If they're doing their job correctly, you don't notice them or even realize they are there. If they start to become noticed, something is wrong.
  13. Bleacher Report is always hiring right?
  14. Stalemates on the O-line aren't going to cut it. Got to get some movement or the defense wins, especially in the run game. He's been here what, 10 years? Hopefully the light turns on this year.