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  1. Doh! Missed it. Was just looking for DE.
  2. 247 didn't list Bryant as DE and I forgot about Manning. That makes me feel a little better.
  3. Fortunately the people that have influence also seem to feel this way from what I've seen reported on the board. And it's not the 10 wins or else. It's an average of 8 wins a year ain't gonna cut it. Win 9 at least or more, and quit losing to Georgia and Alabama in the same year, and then come back and try to be better next year.
  4. I would like to see him get through a year without an ankle injury.
  5. Truesdell and Jackson? Am I missing something or possibly have dementia?
  6. 11-2 so I guess we did live up to the hype, but man that was a tough team to watch play. They were the culmination of Tub's "play sound defense, play good special teams, eat the clock, take advantage of the other team's mistakes" philosophy. Ugly losses and ugly wins. We didn't score an offensive TD vs Florida and still won the game. I went to the Cotton Bowl (and froze) and just remember thinking the whole game, "wow we're going to win and I have no clue how it happened."
  7. O-line and D-line will tell the tale this year.
  8. Hooo-boy... Hope LionheartKC doesn't read this.
  9. Looking forward to seeing fewer meerkat stares to the sideline and seeing actual QB audibles at the LOS. And less situational substituting and maybe up tempo from the offense keeping the defense in a bad personnel situation.
  10. Hope you guys are right. DC scares the crap out of me for FSU. If Coach CL outduels DC for Fields, he deserves recruiter of the year.
  11. 3:26 mark for the Daniels' play.
  12. I'm not sure why anyone who is a fan of or associated with Auburn would ever go on the Pondscum show. If I were doing contracts at Auburn, that would be one of the stipulations. No Pondscum appearance during contract length (and forever if that is possible). Nothing good can ever come of it.
  13. It was sorted out by injury last year. Who's sorting it this year?
  14. You be the judge: Auburn NFL rushing leaders Bammer NFL rushing leaders Take away Shaun Alexander and Bammer is crap in NFL.
  15. You're kidding right? Top Ten Bammer RB's in NFL