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  1. Produce or hit the road. Glad to see we aren't messing around and settling for mediocrity. Unusual move, but I like it.
  2. He's earned his shot. If he isn't the answer, then time to check out the freshman. Bo is a great guy, but he isn't accurate, and that's the first thing you have to have as a QB. It's not really coachable, you have it or you don't, kind of like coordination.
  3. Backup LB's need more reps anyway. Good time for this.
  4. I'd like to see a receiver catch an uncatchable pass.
  5. University of Auburn! He's a lock.
  6. Feasible to rip out the benches and install actually comfortable backed seats with more room and reduce to say 75K?
  7. Probably not the worst call ever, but it was extremely bad. Compounded by the fact that you called a timeout before the play. Plus you may have the best RB in college football. Plus you have a mobile QB who isn't known for his accuracy or touch, and you call...."hey let's fade it to the inside receiver, that always works". They had to have planned for this situation and had to have a better play picked out. It's just mystifying.
  8. Report him if you follow him. Doesn't twitter cancel accounts for "misinformation"? 😂
  9. to Dotson...lol, I forgive the TE plays, because they probably didn't know it was legal for them to catch the ball.
  10. First game in 8 years that I haven't been mad as hell after a loss. Disappointed sure. If PSU wins the B1G then I'll be even happier. If they get 3 or 4 losses, I'll be a little more disappointed. Culture/atttitude looked great. Need better game planning and more preparation for special situations.
  11. Shouldn't have wasted a timeout. You need to have a pre-determined play ready to go, so the defense doesn't have to get organized.
  12. First play of 2nd half, straight up Gus. Timeout before 4th down, and blown fade to the INSIDE receiver to short side of field, straight up Gus. Other than that, didn't see any Gus thank God. Positives, I don't recall the defense giving up any big plays, and held them to under 100 yards rushing.
  13. You beat me to it. This will be the biggest factor IMO, because Harsin won't turtle shell at any point in the game.
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