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  1. Arkansas has an immediate opening I heard.
  2. REC plot to keep Gus in place.
  3. Gonna throw this out for everyone's take...maybe stupid, I don't know. Garner is the associate head coach currently. IF, they were to get rid of Gus before the season is over, why not move him to HC? Leave Steele as DC and look for a new DL coach. Move out some offensive coaches and bring in Kendall Briles as OC. I doubt anyone on staff knows how Auburn works better than Garner and he's worked at several major SEC programs. Now long term, maybe not but short term I'd be ok to see how he does. Assuming a move sooner rather than later, and if Garner would even have the desire for it. (And assuming, they don't already have someone waiting in the wings to hire.) Now tell me why this is crazy.
  4. Hard pass on Bieniemy. I want nothing to do with anyone associated with Bill McCartney. Look up hypocrite in the dictionary and you'll see McCartney's picture. And Bieneiemy has a history.
  5. Take a shot every time he says Tua's name and you'll be comatose before the end of the 1st quarter.
  6. This. ^^^^^^^^ Please, please, don't let anything that might be in the works get screwed up by info coming out before something is done. I have no doubt that some involved will try and leak info to bolster their cause, and I know it's hard not to report when that's your job, but if something is in the works, I don't want the desire to be the first to report to screw it up. I'd love to know what's going on if anything of course, but if it results in a better outcome for Auburn football, I don't mind being in the dark until it actually happens.
  7. I guess the Opiod crises is real.
  8. Boobee ran well on regular plays. Wildcat was scouted and stuffed big time. A couple of plays Boobee thought he was Fran Tarkenton and tried to outrun everyone and got dropped for a couple of epic losses which I'm sure hurt his average. DJ ran well and consistent, but nothing spectacular. Shivers got his one shot up he gut and then back to the sideline. Joiner is on the sideline for 50 plus game minutes then has his number called on 4th down for a flat/arrow route and gets handcuffed on the throw. Just a depressing offensive cluster show.
  9. Yep, it's not about where you play as much as it is who you play. Nix is definitely a competitor and I know he is only a freshman, but from what I've seen so far, I'd say he is a bigger more athletic version of Sean White with a stronger, less accurate arm. Maybe he looks different with a different coach. Hopefully we'll find out. He's only going to get worse under Gus.
  10. oracle79


    Yeah, you can see it in the interviews right before halftime. He's barely listening to questions, and looking around like a fugitive on the run expecting a sniper bullet at any moment.
  11. Game wasn't remotely close. We moved the ball when Georgia went to soft zone. Last drive they clamped back down with man coverage. What a waste of an all time defense.
  12. Saban will die in his office or on the field. He's scared he will die if he stops coaching. Given the money he has, the doctors, pharmaceuticals, stem cells, blood transfusions, etc. could keep him alive and functioning a lot longer than you would think. He ain't going anywhere anytime soon, but if that gives you hope, so be it. Edit: Paterno has 409 wins and Bear 323. At around 11 wins a year, he'd need about 8 to break Bear's mark and around 15 to beat Paterno.
  13. Always nice to read some good fiction/fantasy before bedtime. Thanks Josh Vitale.