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  1. Yeah, we are kind'a thin at the TE spot. Definitely not a position of strength on offense.
  2. Auburn 37 Mercer 0 Offense stalls in red zone a few times and settles for FG's. Defense has something to prove and they do.
  3. God be with you T.J. You're gonna need him with this fanbase. Stay strong.
  4. IMO they should have never hired a dude that hid in a closet from Lawrence Phillips because he was dating his ex girlfriend. BUT, they did give him 5 years to prove himself. And yes, Nebraska fans are the best in college football.
  5. Question: Why do you guys follow Auburn Football?
  6. Since Tiger on Wheels aka @Auburnforever(i think), you have claimed the top spot for the dumbest poster on this forum. I congratulate you as that is a hard title to attain.
  7. This. If we do hire Tim Jackson, I'll be reevaluating my fandom.
  8. I wonder how many different articles these guys can write using the same few quotes that we've seen multiple times. I'll give them credit for creativity and determination. It's admirable.
  9. Weren't they trying Joko Willis out at Edge? Is he back at LB'er now? Just curious if anyone knows for sure.
  10. If they're only dropping balls thrown by Ashford, that is indicative of a problem itself. I like the package option; forces defenses to waste time prepping for different plays, and he could be advantageous in the redzone or on 3rd/4th down short yardage plays with RPO's.
  11. And supposedly Wright is back on O-line, so that would seem to indicate something is up. Maybe Council is a better center than he is a guard?
  12. Trottman wouldn't recognize a spiral if he saw one.
  13. Heck, I'll be happy if they don't allow penetration on running plays and don't have any busted assignments on passing plays. But, yeah they should be better this year. How much is the key.
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