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  1. As long as it isn't a backwards pass, I'm good. Wait, how big were JJ's hands? 😅
  2. They look big enough on his grip of the football. They look small at the end of his massive arms and chest.
  3. How is this a big change? Maybe I'm missing something, but we only have 3 spots open for this cycle, right? And if filled, we can't use them next year to sign 28 high school guys, right? Now the difference is it allows you to burn even more slots from next year's class with transfer guys who most likely won't have 4/5 years on the team, right? Now if a team was contending, and really needed to add some immediate help, I could see the benefit of it. But, if you want it done right, as opposed to "right now" why would you mortgage your future to look slightly better immediately? I hope we don't g
  4. I'm thinking more along the lines of having a player's picture in the Apple store to download as you background on the I-phone. Maybe burn the players likeness on the boards of Yella wood. Get creative.
  5. Is he close to being vested in Alabama's retirement system yet?
  6. Thanks for posting this. With a breakdown of who's leaving and who's coming in, it doesn't look nearly as bad as just looking at the transfer portal. Coaches are going to have to be smart with their recruiting and roster management now. Walkons are a good solution for depth. More than likely the bottom of your roster isn't going to contribute much in meaningful games anyway, so having those walkons there for practice depth is crucial. And who knows, you might find a Kevin Greene once a decade or so.
  7. Anyone have Height/Weight and eligibility left? Ignore. Found info in portal thread. Looks to be a grad transfer? 1 Year only left?
  8. Or, once a ton of players enter the portal and can't find a spot and their old team won't take them back, they'll figure out they need to have a spot lined up before they enter the portal. Smart teams will compensate by hiring a full-time roster management person to figure out who's staying/leaving and what's available and balance it all against the 85/25 rule. Or the NCAA can do something and make it worse.
  9. He's binge watching "Big Bang Theory" episodes to hone his sarcasm detection skills.
  10. No one said there would be home work. Just kidding, that's a great article. Looking at one chart that is consistent with what we all suspected/knew. And I'm only comparing two schools (I wonder which ones?) Just makes me feel even better about our football coaching hire. One school did more with less, and the other school did less with more (in fact on the negative side of the probability).
  11. Only the ones believing in one of Auburn's "miracle" seasons because of a coaching change, or stars aligning, or it coincides with when they started school, had a kid, etc. No one who saw last season or the overall trend/direction of the program thinks next year will be special in a good way. This is a rebuild in all areas: talent, coaching, philosophy, attitude, mentality, culture, system, process, planning, and any other thing/word you can think of or want to insert. It's gonna get bad before it gets better, and for the future of the program, that is a good thing.
  12. The first thing that came to my mind was that the whole report would be more believable if it was quoting Jordan Rodgers and he was predicting Bo would finish #1 on the Bachelorette.
  13. And if I remember from reading that article about Harsin identifying QB talent that wound up in the draft, I don't think he give's a rat's rear what the star rankings say; they will make their own evaluations and bring in the talent they need, that can be developed, and that fit in with his philosophy and culture. Not gonna be about how many 4 and 5 stars did we sign, although I'm sure we'll still get our fair share. This staff's ability to recruit and develop will be reflected in the draft and that's when we'll know if they can or can't recruit.
  14. Thanks for posting. It seems to be subscription only though. Very telling, but not surprising. We've all seen the non-chalantness of players on the sidelines, and I know some (including me) have felt we were very soft and undisciplined for a few years now. Glad Harsin is setting a tone and holding players accountable. I'm sure it is a huge shock to the system for a lot of players. The OL guy, I think Will Adams, mentioned this in that interview he did.
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