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  1. Yep. One title isn't that hard. Repeating is hard.
  2. Damn. So KJ is on drugs?
  3. Well yeah. Pretty much every play with Cam at QB was essentially wildcat (not really formation wise, but you know what I mean). But, he could run power, inside zone, outside zone, and throw. But, that's once a generation.
  4. I'd be ecstatic if Auburn never ran the wildcat formation again. I think it's a formation born of desperation and lack of confidence in your regular offense. Now maybe if you break it out once a year for that time when you got to have a 2 point conversion and you've seen a major flaw in the other team's defense and it's going to work for sure, then maybe do that. But as a staple of your red zone offense? Nah.
  5. If they can successfully incorporate read/choice routes into the offense, and the QB and receiver are on the same page, this offense will be unstoppable. Having said that, the play above and any similar, will need EXCELLENT pass protection to succeed.
  6. Stidham does throw a very catchable deep ball. Again, this year there are no excuses.
  7. Why in the hell would he follow a guy that didn't know how to use his skills in the first place? Masochist?
  8. This all the way. They tried it last year and was a complete fail. Learn from your mistakes. If it ain't broke, quit jacking with it until you break it!
  9. I don't know, you may be right. Dude has a lot of talent though. Someone could get a steal here, or he could be the next Rolando McClain.
  10. Don't forget in 1978 we had William Andrews, James Brooks, Joe Cribbs, and Charlie Trotman and didn't run the wishbone. Still bothers me today.
  11. Yep. And that will truly tell the tale of GM's tenure or lack thereof at Auburn.
  12. Maybe, maybe not. Saban is getting old, and he is extremely overconfident to the point of condescension. That leaves a crack in the armor. Now he may or may not devolve into Woody Hayes/Bear Bryant/TomLandry/JoePaterno/BobbyBowden incoherence in his later years and stay longer than he should. IF that is the case, I think we should take the foot off the gas and let him linger as long as the fools across the state support him and his legacy while everyone else can see he's got a foot in the grave and is incompetent and more of a figure head. But, if he doesn't lose it, then we should beat it out of him when we can.
  13. I think everyone's first choice would be the only female college football coach though....Amanda Huginkis?
  14. Interesting approach.
  15. So you're telling me the NFL doesn't just take UAT's word that he never failed a drug test? What does the NFL test for by the way? Is it just PED's or does it also include recreational drugs? Ruben (like Julio) has always been jacked up (some dudes just are, like Bo/Herschel/Dupree), so I would expect his test to be more positive towards the recreational drugs vs. PED's.