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  1. Exactly. If you're going to get in a street fight (i.e. college basketball recruiting), then you better hire a street fighter (BP). Or you can be satisfied winning a conference title every 25 or so years.
  2. If he already benches over 300 and can run a legit 4.45, give him a scholly.
  3. I was there. In my opinion, they threw a pass to Greg Richardson just across midfield and it looked like to me that he crawled on his knees to the sidelines and the Refs stopped the clock to give Bama enough time for Van Tiffen to kick the winning field goal. Seemed like BS, so I don't even think the Bammers put much stock in that win.
  4. I was 11 and crying like a baby until those blocked punts. I still think it's a Bammer conspiracy that you can't find that game on tape, DVD, or digital anywhere. If anyone does know how to obtain a video of it, I'd love to know.
  5. C'mon Man! A KEY CONTRIBUTOR at Auburn, who's set Auburn AGILITY RECORDS, and has ATHLETICISM OFF THE CHARTS? How do you keep that dude out of the combine? NFL scouts must be drooling over him!
  6. This. And I hope it's transparently obvious from spring ball and fall practice to the fans, the media, the players, and the coaching staff.
  7. Well, I for one can't wait to see him show out at the NFL combine in 2020.
  8. Don't remember hearing that. Any substantiated source for that?
  9. As far as next year goes, missing on this guy is bigger than missing on Pickens.
  10. I'm hopeful that Gus has finally realized if he keeps Gussing like he's always Gussed, that he is going to Gus himself into Gussing somewhere else after next year.
  11. I like that attitude. Just shut up and do your job. Don't tell me what you're going to do; show me.
  12. Would be even better if there was a pocket and it had room to step up inside. That didn't exist last year.
  13. Question: What would be the benefit to the SEC to adding another week to beat each other up vs. having the autonomy to adjust your schedule as you see fit to benefit your football team because you already have 8 tough conference games?