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  1. If we named the new football only facility after Sexton, would he cut us a deal on the buyout?
  2. Huh? Why recruit guys that aren't good enough to play?
  3. 100% true, but it begs the question: why waste that scholarship in the first place? Especially after looking at our O-line recruiting.
  4. You just summed up his entire head coaching career at Auburn in 4 sentences.
  5. I fired him after the first offensive series last night. You don't come out against a top rival and start with 2 frickin' false start penalties. Saved myself 3+ hours of pain. I'll be back when he is gone. What's the difference between a pessimistic Auburn fan and and optimistic Auburn fan? Pessimistic Auburn Fan: "Things can't get any worse!" Optimistic Auburn Fan: "Things can always get worse!" Let's go Bruce!
  6. I remember they called the 1958 LSU defense the Chinese Bandits. I would call Steele's first half defense Chinese Water Torture.
  7. Hey now, slow down. Let's not get carried away yet.
  8. That may be the origination of the term oxymoron.
  9. What if the eagle wore a mask?
  10. Why would you watch that garbage?
  11. That's a lot of O-lineman which is good with the Covid. Hopefully, a few of them can play.
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