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  1. Is @passthebiscuits MIA? Haven't seen a post from him in a couple of weeks.
  2. They are all way too nice. We are missing the nastiness streak from previous good O-lines.
  3. Like I read somewhere, they'll just have the frat/sorority pledges hold their phones until the game is
  4. Auburn Georgia Mississippi State Tennessee Alabama Ole Miss Arkansas Florida Texas A&M LSU Missouri 43
  5. Just curious. How is that negative or disparaging? It's a real thing, but of course it's on a scale and a range. Think Sheldon of Big Bang Theory. Definitely Asperger's, and that's not an insult. You seem to have a lot of triggers or trigger words, but I'm not in your shoes either.
  6. FIFY. Nebraska was never great at recruiting. They recruited California and Florida for skill players and local boys for the trenches. Generally they had 5th year seniors on the offensive line who had lived in the weight room for 4 years with Boyd Epley Frost will get them good again, but not the way they were at their height. And, the bandwagon was premature, it'll take him some time.
  7. As I've said before, GOOD is the ENEMY of GREAT.
  8. This times 1000. Also, - I want to see every healthy RB get at least one series as the primary back. - I want to see Gatewood for at least a quarter running the entire offense including throwing the ball.
  9. I promise I was just clicking through and saw him talking with some other sports guy about SEC...noticed the scroll across the bottom. Once the callers start, no way I can take it.
  10. I get what you were doing, but I'm mainly concerned with results at Auburn, and it's hard to compare different coaches at different schools in different situations and in different eras. That's a good question. Say we beat Clemson and finish the season 10-2. KJ gets a month to heal and we make the playoffs based on beating Clemson, Alabama and Georgia but don't go to the SEC championship game (like Alabama beats us in a different tie break scenario). Food for thought.
  11. If you're gonna include Arkansas St. in his head coaching record, why not include his high school record as well. In 6 years at Auburn he is 53 and 27 for 66% winning record. 28 - 20 in SEC for 58%. 2 and 4 in Bowl Games for 33%. One year at Auburn with less than 4 losses. Guess it all depends on how you look at it.
  12. Have the offender miss the same amount of gametime as the victim. That crap would stop quickly. Watching highlights of Youngstown St? Saw the same scroll on the SEC network during Finebaum.