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  1. I'm fine with you keeping connections hidden. I mainly just wanted to know if you were going off media (who I think know nothing) or if you had some insiders giving you info or if you had seen things first hand. Thanks for the clarification and appreciate the info. Sounds good for next year.
  2. Genuinely curious. Have you seen any evidence at practice in person on which to base your predictions? When you say you are hearing, is this from media reports and message boards, or do you have connections to people that are actually seeing things in person and filling you in on it?
  3. Or TE/HB. If he isn't going to contribute at QB, try to find a place to use his size and athleticism.
  4. Yeah I already know what you'd call it.
  5. Appreciate the interpretation. And yeah, a Senator that doesn't know when the good ole boy network is in full swing wouldn't be a Senator in the first place.
  6. Had to be deep or JF3 would have fumbled during the long run right? Almost forgot, couldn't be shake and bake, because JF3 only has straight line speed and no vision or moves.
  7. By that, do you mean a balanced offense incorporating a variety of runs, passes to all eligible positions, and run/pass options on alternating downs, utilizing the strengths of their players and attacking the weaknesses of the opponents defense? Ironic huh?
  8. Speculate based on your source. An Iowa State senator, an Alabama State senator, an Iowa United States Senator (fed), or an Alabama United States Senator (fed)? I'm just curious as to which dude in a glass house is trying to throw stones here.
  9. Thank God, maybe Chip is changing things for the better. Agree this time - no way you can afford to lose you only basket of eggs. Please CGM just shut up and quit trying to prolong the charade of a QB battle. We know who it will be, and we know you prolong the illusion as long as you think is feasible.
  10. If you took a poll, which job do you think the vast majority of people would be most concerned about (or think is the most important)? I missed this in my haphazard reading of articles reporting on the hire. Could you elaborate on it? [Which senator (and any senator making fun of a good ole boy network is ludicrous at best), and to what good old boy network was he referring?]
  11. But, behind in what, is the real question here.
  12. CGM should coach his coaches, and off field analysts, etc. Positional coaches should coach the players.
  13. Physically probably. Production wise and utilized properly, not even worth discussing.
  14. The bigger question is, how bad does your QB development have to be for Les Miles to successfully (meaning recruits chose him over GM) make fun of it?
  15. You need talent, but in college it really comes down to production in whatever system you're playing in. College doesn't have the time for coaching/practice to allow maximization of talent. Getting the right kids, in the right situations, in the right environment can do wonders. We'll only know how productive this class is at the end of the season. But, potential is there.