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  1. If they're only dropping balls thrown by Ashford, that is indicative of a problem itself. I like the package option; forces defenses to waste time prepping for different plays, and he could be advantageous in the redzone or on 3rd/4th down short yardage plays with RPO's.
  2. And supposedly Wright is back on O-line, so that would seem to indicate something is up. Maybe Council is a better center than he is a guard?
  3. Trottman wouldn't recognize a spiral if he saw one.
  4. Heck, I'll be happy if they don't allow penetration on running plays and don't have any busted assignments on passing plays. But, yeah they should be better this year. How much is the key.
  5. I'm not a uniform historian/connoisseur or anything, but I would accept the mesh jerseys of Pat Sullivan and the 70's. 😁
  6. Woah, what's up with all this extending the arms away from the body and catching it with your hands while looking it in? Where'd that come from?
  7. Say T.J. is a QB on Bammer roster. Do the Tuscaloosa police or the University of Alabama police pull him over? That's rhetorical. 🙈🙉🙊 Cam above btw.
  8. I'm sure they have. We wore dumba$$ orange jerseys against Georgia one year. But back to my original question, "To what end?"
  9. Sorry, but to what end? When I watch a college football game it's easy to recognize USC, Michigan, Ohio St., Penn St. Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc. I think ours are recognizable as well because of tradition. I wouldn't be against a subtle almost unnoticeable improvement, but that's a slippery slope to ending up with some gay a$$ crap like Oregon and Maryland.
  10. Just a guess, but I expect us to rotate more bodies and hopefully be fresher in the 4th quarter to put teams away and finish games.
  11. No offense, but that is getting as old as Bird's 50/50 answer. Just trying to keep you looking good man.
  12. So if I'm reading this right, he had a combination of drops/inaccurate passes that totaled 18? What am I missing?
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