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  1. Heck, I'll be happy if they don't allow penetration on running plays and don't have any busted assignments on passing plays. But, yeah they should be better this year. How much is the key.
  2. I'm not a uniform historian/connoisseur or anything, but I would accept the mesh jerseys of Pat Sullivan and the 70's. 😁
  3. Woah, what's up with all this extending the arms away from the body and catching it with your hands while looking it in? Where'd that come from?
  4. Say T.J. is a QB on Bammer roster. Do the Tuscaloosa police or the University of Alabama police pull him over? That's rhetorical. 🙈🙉🙊 Cam above btw.
  5. I'm sure they have. We wore dumba$$ orange jerseys against Georgia one year. But back to my original question, "To what end?"
  6. Sorry, but to what end? When I watch a college football game it's easy to recognize USC, Michigan, Ohio St., Penn St. Alabama, Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc. I think ours are recognizable as well because of tradition. I wouldn't be against a subtle almost unnoticeable improvement, but that's a slippery slope to ending up with some gay a$$ crap like Oregon and Maryland.
  7. Just a guess, but I expect us to rotate more bodies and hopefully be fresher in the 4th quarter to put teams away and finish games.
  8. No offense, but that is getting as old as Bird's 50/50 answer. Just trying to keep you looking good man.
  9. So if I'm reading this right, he had a combination of drops/inaccurate passes that totaled 18? What am I missing?
  10. When your defense gives up 10 points a game, your team could win with Mikey at QB. What a DA!
  11. Watched halfway. No way Harsin takes him if he is a good evaluater of QB talent.
  12. Can't be overstated enough. Also, too many FAB routes under he who shall not be named. If we can get every receiver on the field going 100% every play, it will be like increasing the strength of the sun by 1%. The pessimists need to step up their game because I'm getting way too excited about the upcoming season.
  13. Trivia question that I'm too lazy to google. Which was the last National Champion NCAA D1 team that did not have it's QB drafted into the NFL? (See what I did there?)
  14. This is why I love Auburn. Thanks for posting that!
  15. Good job Mikey. You do not disappoint with your always negative take on anything Auburn/Harsin related (Hilliard is the exception that proves the rule). Now I need some more reality checking to slow this positive momentum roll. Step up @GunsmithAU, @passthebiscuits, etc.
  16. I'm not sure how Kiesau will do here, but I'm guessing it will be more Harsin than Keys, and they work well together. And, IMO Bobo was a joke of an OC, but Harsin knew him from his time at CSU and respected him to some degree and knew he need SEC experience on the staff, so gave him a chance. Probably his worst hire with the exception of Mason IMO. This is just my take on Mason - he built a reputation as a DC guru for slowing down Chip Kelly's offense at Oregon while he was at Stanford. I think his football acumen was vastly overrated, although I'm sure he was a player's coach, good man, and related well to the players at Vanderbilt. Just wasn't a good fit here, and I will be closely watching how OSU's defense does this upcoming year. I could be dead wrong, but I'll bet they fall off a cliff from the previous year. Bad fit hire by Harsin at the least (I base most of that on how Mason left and then resurrected with OSU). Eason was a big loss and I'm not sure why. Daymeune Craig badmouthed us the same way after leaving to FSU and he was a great recruiter. Eason was a great recruiter, and went home to Clemson. Not sure if he just didn't like it here with Harsin or if he wanted to go back home to Clemson. Well see in the year's to come though. Addendum James Franklin as Vanderbilt HC 3 Yrs Vanderbilt 39 24 15 0 .615 8.32 2.71 2-1 Derek Mason as Vanderbilt HC Vanderbilt: 27–55 10–46 *Fired after 8 games.
  17. No argument. 100% wrong. It's 10 times easier to get to the top than it is to stay at the top. Possibly. I'm sure getting recruits to sign on at Boise was totally different than the SEC. But, he came here with COVID and no contact (including visiting HS coaches in state), no NIL, and his 2 biggest money boys working against him because they were BUTTHURT about the choice of HC. Hopefully, he is figuring that out and can get it corrected. No argument, but he did produce against the giants when it counted. Either way, Harsin will either win and recruit how he needs to or he won't. I hope we give him at least 3 years to see how it goes, unless this year is a total disaster both on the field and off the field with recruiting. I hope he succeeds, but if he doesn't and we decide to go a different direction I hope the new president puts a foot up the Cowboy's and Big Business man's ass and punts them as far away from the next coaching search as possible. Drain the damn swamp.
  18. IMO Auburn can do it the Dabo way, but we're not gonna' do it the Saban, Kirby, or Day way (meaning we aren't gonna finish in the top 4 every year in recruiting). When Dabo was competing for the title he had 1) a great QB 2) playmakers and/or home run hitters at WR and RB, and 3) most importantly a dominant Defensive Line. Get that and you can live with high 3 and low 4 stars every where else. And Auburn should be capable of recruiting at that level.
  19. It's hard to emphasize the importance of this, unless you've experienced it. When you're winning and rolling along, everybody gets along and things are great. Once you hit some adversity, things can deteriorate quickly. Almost becomes every man for himself, finger pointing, blaming, screw this I'm gonna' do it my way. And we saw that last year during the 0-5 finish. Supposedly every is aligned, on the same page, and has circled the wagons. That can make a difference. And since you asked for positive, I'm not going to talk about the QB positon or the LG position, but whoever starts there will definitely shape my optimism for this upcoming season.
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