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  1. So we're going to continue with the square peg round hole offense?
  2. This is interesting... This could mean that Gus is actually playing games sending Nix out with the 1st team during the viewing periods of last week's practices. Very interesting and I wouldn't put it past Gus, especially with so much on the line for him this season. He will probably try to use everything at his disposal to gain any advantage he can. If true, then it's going to be hard to trust any info coming out of scrimmages and practices from here on out since the media won't be viewing any more of them live. And, although it's frustrating, I'm fine with that if it gives us a better chance to beat Oregon.
  3. What is the issue? Kim, Horton, Driscoll? The left side with Tega and Harrell seems to be solid right?
  4. Just for discussion. Are there any jersey # requirements for offensive lineman? Could the center be eligible to catch a pass if he is the last person on his side of the line of scrimmage (super unbalanced with say 5 lineman to his left and a receiver split out on the line? Example of crazy formations below:
  5. Just a general observation on coaching overall. X's and O's are about 10% of coaching skill (a necessary but not sufficient skill). X's and O's are like math or inorganic chemistry; everyone knows what everyone else knows - there are few innovations left and even fewer innovators. The biggest part of coaching is relating to the players, being able to motivate them, and being able to teach them what they need to know and do to fulfill or exceed their potential as a football player. Instilling in them a desire to be the best and improve and learn everyday and never quit no matter the circumstances. As a head coach, it gets more complex because you are dealing with all facets of the team, from practice organization, game planning, program philosophy, boosters, parents, media, and all the other crap. Gus is gonna handle the offensive practice, game plan, philosophy, play calling, etc. The assistant coaches should be working on fundamentals and whatever else Gus wants from each offensive position/group. Sounds like Dilly can handle that role. This is Gus' rodeo and he'll ride (for the brand) or get bucked off on his own merits this year.
  6. When they say fullback do they mean HB? Or are we shifting to a new 2 back set this year?
  7. Something that gains more than 3 yards.
  8. Powwww You beat me to it. That sums up the way to think about it (i.e. insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome).
  9. Numbers 6 through 10 are a ridiculous joke. Shows what the coaches/SID's poll is worth. I like where we are starting. Now earn it.
  10. To clarify: Are you saying Joey turned 17 in April of his senior year, or was 17 during his senior year and turned 18 in April of his senior year. So, they're both 19 but Bo is about two months older?
  11. Is it just me? Schwarz showed last year that he could run a route and also catch the ball. Now can anyone explain to me why arguably the fastest player in the ENTIRE nation is NOT our deep threat?
  12. Thanks @ellitor. You're right: I transposed the 2015 numbers for retained and left. So adding 7 to my 46 gives your 53...doh!
  13. Anyone know how old Gatewood is? Roster lists his birthday as April but doesn't give a year. 19 vs 20 doesn't seem like much, but it is huge at that age.
  14. I didn't see a total for the years @ellitor did the calculations on, so I did it to see for myself. From 2013 to 2016 we enrolled 95 players. 46 finished or are still with the team and 49 have moved on. That's a retention rate of 48.4%. Double check me if you want, but that is pretty bad I would think.
  15. You hearing something or just a general statement?
  16. How do we NOT partner with Apple and Tim Cook to integrate something like this? Put Apple's name in there somewhere and use them as a money sponsor and support like Under Armor. Hopefully our AD is a visionary and big thinker because we are fast getting left behind in football facilities.
  17. Anyone know the percentage that enrolled and finished their college career at Auburn? Just curious because I know it seems like we had a lot of transfers and "personal issues".
  18. Yeah, I'm surprised Bradshaw is still functioning at the level he is. He took a lot of abuse over his playing career.
  19. Any idea where Horton wound up on that list?
  20. Off topic, but this is how it used to be. 1:11 mark. Couldn't get the video to start there for some reason.
  21. That's his only chance (along with no O-line injuries, and assuming we have a QB that can run his offense).
  22. I'm assuming Troxell won't be back this season from injury. Is Kim the defacto center, or is Brahms still in the mix? Any chance of a GT at tackle for depth?
  23. Trust protocol...that literally made me laugh out loud. I hope that's not an issue for him this year, because he's going to have to trust the QB or he's going to handicap the offense.
  24. Play hardball and lawyer up and tie it up in court for years. NCAA is a toothless, worthless organization. We need to treat them as such.