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  1. Agree on defense, especially the line. But, I will truly be shocked if we put out an O-line worse than this one. Even if Gus manages to get through this year, he has to get a real O-line coach.
  2. Couple of things. That is the WEAKEST reply to any argument, i.e. "you think you can do better?" I got a question for you. Would you have hired Tater Tot, Ears, 5-19, or the genius? I would not have hired a single one of those guys because they are all mediocre at best and had never shown anything above mediocre. Yet they all had at least one wildly successful season where? Auburn yeah. I'd rather go 4-8 a few time as long as I know the admin is searching for excellence than go 8-4 and be satisfied with mediocrity. Lets all start rowing the boat in the same direction.
  3. Hey, I rode the bus home after all away football games. I know what you're doing back there.
  4. SOS is really not set in stone until the end of the year when everything has played out. Playing a top 10 team in September is much different than playing one in December.
  5. He could hand out Werther's original caramel hard candies and tell them stories of how football used to be.
  6. What's the point of the signals and all the poster faces on the sideline? Does Gus yell the play in to the QB? If he didn't have a plan to deal with the noise, then I don't know what to say.
  7. If the defense isn't holding and the ball isn't in the air, what would the call be?
  8. I don't see that happening under the current tenure. However, LSU and Bama may provide a demonstration of your principles that resonate loud enough with the appropriate people to bring about a change here also.
  9. Phillip Marshal after too many bourbons or whatever that toad drinks.
  10. Georgia Kentucky LSU Missouri Mississippi State Alabama Vanderbilt Oklahoma Penn State 50
  11. Let the season play out. Still lots of possibilities for the team. They'll be plenty of drama later. That's a guess on my part, no inside info.
  12. Just instigating an early start for next year. Did you mean sophomore or redshirt sophomore?
  13. @austudent23 (appears to have been deleted), @passthebiscuits, and now @JMR (not even mentioning player parents) What a board! (smh) Hopefully @WarDamnEagleWDE doesn't stop posting.
  14. You pretty much listed what I would have, except for my Gus induced apathy towards Auburn football at this point. Keep fighting the good fight.
  15. Tennessee is still in a class by themselves compared to the programs you listed. Even Nebraska. I could dissect each school, but there is no point. People have made up their minds on this topic and it'll have to play out and the AD, BoT, and PTB will hopefully make the correct choice for Auburn football.
  16. LOL...I know, but didn't realize it until I had already posted. Witness is much funnier anyway.
  17. Hey man, I can walk you through the ignore feature. It's awesome and I highly recommend it for a lot of the $$$clowns on this site.
  18. No doubt. Everybody wants to win 10+ games every year. Like Louis Gossett Jr. said in the movie, "My grandmother wants to fly jets!" It's not possible everywhere. With the right person leading, I believe it is at Auburn with our resources, tradition, fan base, recruiting area, and support. And even if it's not, I'd rather try for that than accept mediocrity out of a fear of failure.
  19. I suspect if you add 2 more cupcakes to their schedule, they would have had more 9 and 10 win seasons. Try looking at average loses per season. How did we end up with that after 7 years of the same guy running the program?
  20. Yep. Used to have insightful well-written articles. Today it is garbage like most publications. Not sad to see them fade away.
  21. No worries, we'll sub in Miller for passing downs. No one will notice. And this is how Gus finds most of his good RB's and o-lineman recently.