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  1. I remember they called the 1958 LSU defense the Chinese Bandits. I would call Steele's first half defense Chinese Water Torture.
  2. Hey now, slow down. Let's not get carried away yet.
  3. That may be the origination of the term oxymoron.
  4. What if the eagle wore a mask?
  5. Why would you watch that garbage?
  6. That's a lot of O-lineman which is good with the Covid. Hopefully, a few of them can play.
  7. Some of our better personnel moves have been driven by injury/attrition.
  8. It is fun. But, understand amount of work it is.
  9. When was the last time that didn't happen?😉
  10. He has a right to express his opinion. But, in the end, it's his decision whether to continue coaching or not. Just as it's every parent's/kid's decision to play if allowed to by whatever organization they're part of that makes the decision to play or not to play.
  11. I feel better now with Notre Dame and Texas in the top 10. Wouldn't be the same without over rating those 2 in the first poll.
  12. Could be classified political I guess - so move if needed. Surprised to not see it anywhere on the boards, but maybe I missed it? Definitely interesting and worth a look. https://www.outkick.com/playing-football-this-fall-has-become-a-partisan-political-issue/ PLAYING FOOTBALL THIS FALL HAS BECOME A PARTISAN POLITICAL ISSUE by CLAY TRAVIS2 days agoupdated 2 days ago22Comments Football should be something that unites us. In general, whether you are a Republican,
  13. Start calling dibs on your caves...lol.
  14. How far does the respiratory jet travel when one sneezes or coughs into the crooked elbow? Also weird that the 55 thread count measured less distance than the thicker 85 thread count, no? So much unknown.
  15. Are they going to allow them to use the see through plastic shields we used to see on the facemask? Seems like a built in PPE?
  16. Sad when the person with the only functioning set is a 75 year old woman.
  17. Fortunately I don't think the director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases has the authority to make that call.
  18. I'm guessing that Belichick won't put up with that type of officiating in the future.
  19. Would it be viable for a school to split out it's individual sports to different deals, or is that impossible?
  20. Glad he found a spot. Hope he has a good year with them.
  21. Hopefully he'll get a second shot with some other team.
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