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  1. Clemson took risk. They fired a coach with a record similar to Gus’. They promoted a position coach that the players loved. A coach who was a recruiter first. They got lucky. Dabo wasn’t tied into a certain system, he just found good coaches, hired them and let them coach.
  2. Not that Sean has played bad, but it's time to see if JF3 can give us a spark
  3. In-season member who rarely post. Well unless I'm a few stouts in and following a game thread
  4. Grants speed around the edge has been big
  5. Our physicality should start to show soon
  6. maybe the original tweet was about Robert Foster -- turd commit ???
  7. I missed the Garner hire, when did it happen? Ooops, reading Garner while thinking Rocker
  8. Whew!!!! Glad that THIS season has been put out of its misery. Now hope rings anew
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