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  1. Another subpar recruiting class. I like him, but, he is damage goods. Will be used against us on the recruiting trail . The next few years will be painful. Bama, LSU. Aggies, Hogs, and Dogs lighting up cigars to celebrate.
  2. I know, because I talk to the other sides moneymen. They just smile when the other coach's names come up. Then the record scratch moment happens when Sanders name comes up. They know what could happen if he comes here. Rare opportunity, and, worth the risk.
  3. You are 100% right. Alabama paid Saban so much in the beginning, that no one wanted to try to steal him. If my memory is right. Let the contract guys work on it. If he did leave, maybe he leaves us with some five and four stars for the next guy.
  4. Think about all the NEW NIL MONEY he brings. New outside $$$$$
  5. Good point, but, can be fixed. Write up the contract to slow down the ability of this happening. If Auburn is great as we think, then he will become a Tiger at heart. Dye was not an Auburn man when he was hired and Saban was not an Alabama boy.
  6. I am pretty sure he can be bought. Onlly making $300,000 a year coaching, and net worth is ONLY $40 million.
  7. This is where we are now. If we lose this next class, it will take two or three years to get to the middle of the SEC west. Sadly this years class is looking to be below average. Only, Sanders can fix that. Buy him a great OC and DC and he could push us to the top.
  8. Yes, it is called an upset. It happens, all the time. It even happens to SABAN. One game does not make the body of work.
  9. AubyOzzy @OzzyMavrick · 2h Brian Harsin has been accused of being disparaging towards carrots. We will have local insider @arkansas_carrot Auburn Carrot to discuss this. Also have another special guest AubyOzzy @OzzyMavrick · 2h Everyone RT/Like this while using the hashtag #BrianHarsinCarrots for a chance to win $100. AubyOzzy @OzzyMavrick · 2h #BrianHarsinCarrots
  10. Ozzy is running a fake headline of BH being fired and they are trolling hard. There something very wrong with this guy.
  11. I was hoping we could straight up pay for it, like Bama did. But I believe your wisdom is most likely correct.
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