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  1. Damn!!! Pac-12 Commissioner's Comment On Deion Sanders Goes Viral (msn.com)
  2. Question is that, which DC has the dog worked with in the past?
  3. I thought everyone knew that was not true. Amazon, Aflac, Saban, Walmart, ESPN, NFL, MLB and others would never done business with him if it was. We most likely made a mistake of not hiring Sanders. The free and goodwill of publicity would of be in the 10's of millions just this year alone. Instead, we are paying a PR firm to clean it up. Also, we will have to stomach the fact we will be the butt of many jokes. HF is a better than average couch, but, we only get one DS opportunity in a long time.
  4. Maybe he had not accepted any of them Takes two to dance smartass. 😎
  5. I am not an average poster. I give credit when it is do. But, a three game losing streak to those teams, does not equal the rep damage to Auburn's brand.
  6. Conference affiliations[edit] Liberty has been both independent and affiliated with one conference.[2] NAIA Independent (1973–1980) Division II Independent (1981–1987) Division I-AA Independent (1988–2001) Big South Conference (2002–2017) FBS Independent (2018–present) Conference USA (2023–)[15]
  7. I warn of this in February, and, said to go ahead and fire Harsin and replace him with Deion. I only post here duing coaching hires. I can't believe we F'ed this one up so bad.
  8. Now tweets of a protest at the school. So much fun! We have to be the coolest fan base ever.
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