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  1. I like the insight they come with
  2. Any pictures of the music studio?
  3. Is there a picture of the studio?
  4. You just answered your own question. There is a buyout
  5. So embarrassing! Can't wait for my Bama fans to troll me
  6. I agree. Nick evens says it is a points race now. BN offense does not look like it will keep up. He is a very good coach, and maybe an OC can help. Just seems like a safe pick, not a I want to win it all pick. Think about the best two coachs in Alabama are today. Saban and Bruce, which where proven big boy coach's when hired. We can afford to go get a big name coach, why can't we not do that, than take this risk.
  7. I give up. We can afford $7 -$10 million a year coach. It will pay for itself and then some. Alabama has to be laughing at us. They showed us the formula, and, we can't copy it. Step #1 Find a world beater coach. #2 Put our people on airplane, with instructions of don't come back without him. Pretty simple. Auburn is lucky to have it that way, and, I hear nothing but trial runs with OC/DC and second tier coachs. Awesome job with keeping up with the Jones.
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