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  1. Will do. And it is sad that my 11+ yrs of mostly enjoying this forum has come to this.
  2. Dude, why don’t you lay off. I found “Bounceman Out” to be hokey and self-aggrandizing. But I’m thrilled to now know how to react and what to say “next time.” I appreciated his efforts as a player, but he obviously wasn’t worth a scholarship anymore. And while I’m at it, I appreciate YOU changing my thread title from “How the Roster will be Processed,” and claiming that “Bruce doesn’t process players.” My ass. DC just got processed. Call it what you want.
  3. Bounceman Out? bahahahahaha more like Brickman Out.
  4. DD will go down in history as the final QB whiff of Gustav. Glad to be purged of that, at least.
  5. Wes might be his best recruiter and he’s willing to sacrifice a schollie on Allen to keep that? No idea just throwing it out there.
  6. Bahahahaha don’t forget miss the floor whilst dribbling
  7. I say “processed,” but I really mean to ask what everyone thinks will happen personnel-wise with the players on this year’s team who have remaining eligibility. Smith is a lottery pick. I believe Kessler and Moore will declare/transfer respectively. I wonder what will happen with Flanigan. I would say that Allen 100% gets processed out if Wes wasn’t on Bruce’s staff. Even with that, he might be encouraged to find another place to play? I don’t see KD, Wendell, or Zep leaving since they already used their free transfer to come to AU. What about Williams or Cambridge? I know a ton depends on who Bruce can find in the transfer portal.
  8. You’re smart. I like you.
  9. Yikes they out-fighting us. Lucky to be single digits.
  10. It’s hilarious when it ain’t you…
  11. Great question. I have wondered that all season long. I get that he might be a distant 3rd at the 5 spot, but dang, I haven’t seen him all season long.
  12. I heard Andy and Sonny on the call with my local affiliate.
  13. Our defense was rad and we made the shots we couldn’t make in the first half against TAMU in the SECT. Didn’t hurt that JSU ain’t much of a defensive/rebounding team, BUT we held them to well below their season 3 average. War Eagle!
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