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  1. Not too sure why CBT is against visiting the mound to calm his pitchers down. I'm not saying he does not do it, but he only seems to do it as a stall tactic when he's basically decided to make a change.
  2. Business decisions
  3. But we're an Under Armpit school...how do we get AAU accreditation???
  4. Dang. Wow, who is this AU team?
  5. Just realized that the best block on that opening TD run was by a Bama guy (#9) on the only defender with a shot at forcing the Caddylack out of bounds haha.
  6. Amen. Started good, got bad, ended worse.
  7. How about we just take a page out of the UAB football playbook and self-impose the Death Penalty in bball? This season has gone skidmarking down the toilet bowl since the UGA home chokejob way back in the first SEC conference game. Bruce did a terrible job with this team. A bunch of individual players that he allowed to refuse to play together, refuse to be mentally tough, and refuse to play anything closely resembling defense in 2nd halves of games. We just lost to a 7 win team with an effing lameduck loser coach. Hey Bruce, learn to coach again, make the tourney, don't choke away 60% of the season, or go back yapping behind an ESPN bar-height desk.
  8. Yeah I'm kinda wondering why Puryear ain't done Furtheyear...
  9. I have zero expectations at this point for this AU bball team to show any semblance of consistent, cohesive team play. Just boggles my mind how this team has not improved a lick since start of SEC play. I mean, they play like a bunch of guys who, for lonnnnng stretches, have no concept of what to do as a team. And that is on Bruce.
  10. Remember Barbee's last game in the SEC tourney 3 anos ago? I hope that's how Missouri's 1st round game goes tomorrow evening...
  11. How did you FIFY? Your opinion is irrelevant! FIFY
  12. If he is healthy, don't forget about Tyler Queen! FIFY
  13. Probably were going for "impose your will."
  14. I feel like I read the same word a bunch of times just now.
  15. Prepare to salute Major Disappointment.