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  1. This. Our D line wildly over pursued consistently on 3rd down. Seems like that could/should be easily corrected.
  2. Naw, totally off the cuff. Although I was pleased with how it came full-circle with the tasteful Summer's Eve reference at the end lol.
  3. No one is questioning the veracity of the quote. It's just that the sentiments expressed in the quote do not meet most people's definition of "calling him out." To me, if the quote had read, "Yeah, well when we got in the locker room, Prince Tega stood up on a bench and said: 'Hey, coach...when you finished cleansing your female parts, how about calling some forking run plays next half? We can wear them little female puppies out if we just run it up they donkey. So, how bout it, coach??? How about running it up they donkey on this Summer's Eve...?'" That, to me, would be more akin to "calling him out."
  4. Auburn fans have been conditioned to expect the worst due to wildly inconsistent past performances under Gus. When the worst isn't happening, some fans try to make things seem worse by b!tch!ng and complaining about relatively petty stuff. Yes, Gus is stubborn, yes the substitution rule kinda whacked his Hurry-Up Nads off a few years back, yes whiffing on Jeremy Johnson and crapping himself in O-Line recruiting has put him back offensively a bit. But, he's rich and we're kinda stuck with him. 2-0 and I think we can and will improve on offense through the season. What the translates to in W's an L's I don't know. But I like being 2-0 a lot better right meow than being 1-1 or 0-2.
  5. It has started...Gus has started to wear his jammie shirts to press conferences.
  6. According to the board of surgeons on this thread, he broke a clavicle or sprained an AC joint.
  7. Have you seen any of the following games: 2012 TAMU, 2012 Iron Bowl, Most Every 2012 conference game, 2008 AU/MooSt., 2016 GA.
  8. Tutt should've had about 2 huge punt returns that didnt materialize.
  9. Pretty sure Tennessee has taken that one step beyond Purgatory...
  10. This is awesome. Looks like he had a few Krystal all-you-can-eats between his AU and Memphis visits.
  11. Wow check the crawlspace. This one is harsh!