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  1. That seed and draw shows that the committee didnt watch the SEC title game this afternoon. What a joke.
  2. We'd have an easy 20 pt lead with slightly better shooting.
  3. Hole. Lee. Crap. McCormick came to play this game.
  4. Oh wait I think I was confusing bribery with blackmail lol. Nvm.
  5. I still fail to see how getting paid to influence someone is defined as bribery.
  6. Wow McLemore and Okeke no shows this game. I'd like to go on record as saying that I absolutely HATE playing South Carolina while Silva is on the team.
  7. Wow what an evenly matched quarterfinal. Should be a great 2nd half and finish. Gonna be soooo glad when Silva is gone.
  8. smh tripping his way down the lane gets the foul called on Doughty
  9. How did South Carolina have such a paltry record in pre-conference play? They seem like a legit quality team?