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  1. I have crystal balls. I looked into them and saw Johnson having a career game.
  2. Nix’s tenure at QB seems to kinda track Malzahn’s tenure as HC from the point that, even after the mountain of evidence that Gus was heels over head in years 3 and 4, many AU folks were willing to continue to give him a break bc he was a “good guy” who “loved Auburn” and who “had his moments.” When, in fact, he was the wrong guy for the job and was holding AU back.
  3. Good points. I agree. However, I wonder if being a product of his daddy’s HS system inflated his value coming out of HS, thus setting him up for the disappointments we have witnessed.
  4. Good point. But I kinda inferred the OP’s phrasing as “SEC Championship Caliber”. It is a curiosity to whiff on so many HS QBs when other league programs seem to always have 1 or 2 really good, effective QBs waiting in the wings.
  5. 2001 game after Daniel Cobb won the starting job from Jason Campbell when he (Cobb) led AU to the defeat of #1 Florida at JHS. A week later he threw about 3 or 4 interceptions in a HC game ca La Tech.
  6. Bill Clark was never a serious candidate for the Trojans, bc of all his mean-spirited recruiting against them when he coached HS out in SoCal.
  7. Mud and turnovers. Not the best way for Bo’s diddy to wrap up his AU career.
  8. It wouldn't be an AU hoops offseason without disappointing personnel news.
  9. You saw it, too, vs Hawaii? Ppl laughing at UCLA’s chances vs LSU didn’t really see what happened in the UCLA/Hawaii game.
  10. LOL nice try. "You'll have to excuse my friend, he's a little slow...the town's back THAT way..."
  11. This is a great post. i have no idea what could be going on in the head of the person who down-voted this post.
  12. I wonder if his % of fast twitch fibers is disproportionately high, making him more susceptible to injuries?
  13. From an NCAA infractions standpoint, the "sex abuse culture" at Baylor didn't pass the NCAA's litmus test for sanctions. However, to say that the NCAA's statement "totally exonerates Briles" is a complete farce. The NCAA concluded that Briles was notified/aware of miscreant player behavior more than once and that he failed to report or take action repeatedly. From the WaPo: In its 51-page report, the infractions committee didn't hold back on Briles. “In each instance, when the head coach received information from a staff member regarding potential criminal conduct
  14. The DNC was opportunistic. They seized on the pandemic narrative and Trump's bloviating buffoonery to push the election to a senile party figurehead who hid out in his basement for much of the campaign season. I knew the 2020 Election results were going to be questionable, at best, when mail-in ballots were widely distributed among the urban voting precincts. I mean, can anybody really trust any process that relies on the USPS for the legitimacy of its results? But honestly, losing that election, even with Democrat cheating (no proof, but they always do), was entirely on DJT. He couldn't just
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