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  1. Hi Kareem! I enjoyed watching you bawlout at Bridgestone Arena vs MTSU a few years back. That MTSU team took out Mich St. in the tourney that year. Your deep 3's almost single-handedly brought us back from a deep hole in that 2nd half/OT. What are you doing nowadays?
  2. I don't have to know what this means for it to already be the most awesome thing I'll see today.
  3. I think that was the combined scores of the FSU and Vandy games. He had miraculously beaten a Top 25 FSU team his 1st year, but got woodshod at FSU the following year (2011).
  4. I remember his first season with the post-game obligatory interviews with Rod how refreshing it was that AU finally had a major sport head coach that didn't mince words and play the eternal sunshine pumping PC good guy, but rather named names and called out players publicly. Guess that was just the ice of the tipberg. I remember how he called out Rob Chubb for not being focused during a Hawaii Christmas tournament game in 2011, saying he was "out boogey boarding" instead of prepping for the game. I thought that was golden at the time, but I guess CTB didn't know when not to be a stiff Richard. Just read Barbee's quotes in this article I dug up. And this was early in his tenure. https://www.al.com/sports/2012/01/after_loss_to_vanderbilt_aubur.html
  5. This makes all the sense in the world to me. Barbee came to Lee County trying to immediately build a team with Luke Cothran (was never gonna qualify, but Barbee thought AU would **winkwink** get him qualified), Shawn Kemp, Jr. (same deal) and Varez Ward, who turned out to be a point shaving fool. Ward sat a year, but remember, Barbee just took over Lebo's leftovers. Lebo went to East Carolina and promptly went about .500 for his years there before just quitting basketball coaching altogether a year or 2 ago bc sucking at what you get paid to do kinda takes a toll.
  6. Amazing...a game of milliseconds and inches, could be a 1-run game right now.
  7. If Bliss takes a normal, non-awkward gallop stride to the bag I think he beats the throw.
  8. Time to update the time stamp on this thread. Done.
  9. ESPN cam catches Tim Hudson stinkbombing his wife with a pro nachofart. That's good tv, right there.
  10. Oh well, we can now expect him to overthrow tons of passes and get the ball stripped by pursuing defenders next season...
  11. Nick@Nite lol....Rugrats in the morning, Bewitched at midnight.
  12. It's hard to believe that Auburn could find another home-grown talent like Rod Bramblett for its play-by-play duties. He was a custom blend of eloquence, passion, professionalism, and AU homer through-and-through. I know Andy Burcham does a fine job on a microphone, but does he take over duties on the interim while a broader search is conducted? How do you think the process plays-out to replace a beloved voice taken from us too soon?
  13. I swear, if LSU comes out with more energy in this game than AU...