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  1. Men vs. South Carolina

    Harper's had a tough one.
  2. Men vs. South Carolina

  3. Basketball Probe

    Classic Bruce. Love it.
  4. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    Childish Childers
  5. Men vs. Kentucky

    They seem to be peaking for sure, but is that sustainable for them? They haven't shown success sustainability all season, but that doesn't mean they can't achieve it now. Of course, re: "peaking at the right time," I would rather have an improving team that finally puts it all together the first week of March rather than the 2nd week of February. Remember Miss State in 1996 and Donta Jones? Now, that was peaking at the right time!!! Blew through Pitino in the SEC tourney and carried the Bulldogs all the way to the Final Four.
  6. Men vs. Kentucky

    Gray t-shirt and a can of Krylon?
  7. Men vs. Kentucky

    To be fair, AU came out over-jazzed on offense, and kinda "let" KY hang around at the half. Then, in the first 10-12 minutes of the 2nd half, KY effectively controlled the pace of the game and shot ahead of AU. So, yes, for a certain chunk of the game, AU neither shot the ball well nor controlled tempo, which fans rightly recognized as a recipe for a loss. However, to their credit, AU found a way to go on a run, and pulled away for an awesome win!
  8. Men vs. Kentucky

    When Jimmy Dykes offers studio analysis, he looks like a dad telling his kid that the family dog got run over.
  9. Men vs. Kentucky

    Great post. This version of KY does not play together as a team mentally. Auburn does. Auburn wins. War Eagle!
  10. Men vs. Kentucky

    We are just not built to win having another team impose a halfcourt tempo on us. Hoping we string together a few buckets for a run and then hang on at the foul line.
  11. Men vs. Kentucky

    We haven't shot this poorly since Barbee was sitting courtside at Auburn Arena. Wait...
  12. AU Women Beat LSU

    Lady Tigers stunningly with the upset of an LSU team that was 7-3 in league play. Was Flo's 100th win at AU. Hopefully one of her last.
  13. Basketball Probe

    I believe, when the smoke clears, that this will end up with acquittals on all counts for defendants (if it makes trial), just like the Alabama state bribery trials a few years back re: kickbacks and bribery between the Injun casinos and state legislators.
  14. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    This. Okeke's sole was barely flirting with that ridiculous arc when Billy thought it would be a good opportunity to make nice with the rules committee.
  15. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    I think we would have scored about 6-7 more points overall with BB playing the 2nd half. Just a guess.