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  1. tigeraddikt

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    When I first heard/read that Gus spent Friday PM out recruiting at area high school game(s), this is the first thing I thought haha. If he only know then what we all know now... he would've spent that precious time 1.) reminding the cornerbacks to not grab receivers; 2.) encouraging Stidham to not panic in the pocket or throw it to the other team; 3.) drilling Kim on how to move his feet to avoid holding; 4.) contemplating the subtle logic of shotgun snapping the ball 15 feet behind the line of scrimmage in order to gain 20 inches; 5.) realizing that although LSU was ripe for a beating, it still takes a cohesive effort to administer said beating.
  2. tigeraddikt

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    Yeah after playing a solid game, Nix airmailed an easy throw to the flat that would've resulted in a 1st down and kept the offensive momentum marching forward. That's about the coldest I've ever been...not from the air temp but just the chilly breeze in the stands without enough layers once the sun went down.
  3. tigeraddikt

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    My first AU game was at the 1994 AU/GA game at JHS. Stephen Davis was a man that night, and Matt Hawkins whiffed on a 40 yard field goal with about 20 seconds left and it ended in a 23-23 tie. It broke Auburn's consecutive win streak. I had never experienced anything as deafening or energetic as I did that night at JHS. It was crazy.
  4. tigeraddikt

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    The problem with Auburn fans wanting to beat Bama now is that Saban is running an NFL farm on the other side of the state. Even in years where AU beats Bama, Saban is rolling in undefefated, and with just 1 conference loss they're going to make it to the SECCG or NCAA playoff anyway. Thus, beating Bama really has no effect other than a weekend's worth of chest-pounding for AU fans. In the end, they are the most professionally run amateur sports organization in history, and Saban has built it where they have no equal or true "rival," whether AU, or Tennessee, or any other "name" P5 school they can get to open a season with at a neutral site to massacre.
  5. tigeraddikt

    Unispired, unprepared, underachieve

    I'm shocked at the level of detail and preparation that a Coach Orgeron-led team (or is it more Dave Aranda???) has opened up with this season. They meticulously pored over AU game footage and came up with a plan that included picking on our club-handed CB and faking injuries to slow down the HUNH. They came in with some swagger, confidence, and preparation that, in the end, overcame AU's superior talent. Stidham had a rough game, misplacing deep balls, overthrows, panicking in the pocket. In the first 10 and last 10 minutes of the game, which is when you want to set the tone and finish strong, their QB Joe Blow did just that. He made the throws, executed the game plan, and they won fair and square. While some of the PI calls were toss-ups, they weren't wrong or missed. It's just subjective what a certain official will throw a flag on any given day. So, to me, this outcome was more about Coach O. shockingly eating Gus's lunch and crapping it on his face. Smothered and covered. **At least now we have achieved Gus's annual manufactured "advursuty" that his teams apparently require to rally around to play to their potential.**
  6. tigeraddikt

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    Let's be honest..they just sh*t five-stars over there.
  7. tigeraddikt

    Heath Evans fired from NFL Network

    Funny how different people see things differently. I lived in Sewell Hall 1999-2000 and I saw him often. Never really spoke with him, but I remember him kindly holding the door open for me to the dorm computer lab one morning. He seemed humble and kind to me when I saw him.
  8. tigeraddikt

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (LSU)

    Absolutely. Give it to Coach O and his staff, they pushed the right buttons with both their players and officials to pull out the win.
  9. tigeraddikt

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    LSU been faking injury for 2 quarters now.
  10. tigeraddikt

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    Well that wasn't good.
  11. tigeraddikt

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

  12. tigeraddikt

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    I reckon as long as Malzahn is running the show, we're gonna have these stinkers. We need a "process" to keep this bullcrap from happening
  13. tigeraddikt

    Jarrett's Moment

    Loeffler < Nallsminger < Franklin* < Lashlee < Mazzone < Borges < Lindsey < Petrino < Malzahn *In fairmess to Franklin, he wasn't given a chance to succeed hehe just made y'all take a 20 year trip down OC memory lane.