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  1. I'm so glad you brought up the substitution rule. I have long believed that that single rule change nutted his HUNH philosophy and essentially removed his competitive advantage.
  2. The point was clearly made in the post itself. I don't want GM to be our head coach any longer, either. I haven't wanted him since dropping that fart in 2017 @ Baton Rouge. But for our fans to act all aghast at Saturday's outcome is silly to me.
  3. Those are all great numbers to reinforce the idea that Gustav is not the answer at HC for AU. I started the thread just to bring perspective to AU vs AL under Saban.
  4. I come bearing math. The sting of the Saban era at UAT to me is that it has undermined pretty much any "leveling out" of the IB rivalry that occurred post-Paul Bryant. Dye won more IBs that he lost by a slim margin; we were about .500 with Bowden, and Tubbs was able to dominate the IB because of UAT's tumultuous days of sanctions and poor hires. The following data shows that Saban is not simply dominating AU, but he is dominating the entire SECW at a frighteningly similar clip. We have on avg fared more poorly in our Bama losses than LSU, yet since 2008, we are 1 game better against Bama than
  5. We are 3-7 in the IB since then. Saban learned from it and got so much better. We took a chance on Gus. 3-7 is better than the rest of the SEC west in that time frame. But still not good enough.
  6. Good grief. We haven't come close to the ineptitude of post-Fulmer Tennessee.
  7. Watch out spreading this type of truth after an IB beatdown on this forum!!!
  8. You hit on a good point. Bama hit the stratosphere offensively when Saban brought on Kiffin, then Sark. Both were groomed by Pete Carroll at USC to a operate at a professional level in preparation, development, and execution.
  9. In my humble opinion the difference between us and Bama is that they are 5 and 4 stars held accountable to a professional standard, lest they get replaced by another 4 or 5 star breathing down their necks. We are 4 and 3 stars who aren't held as accountable for excellent play to a upper-high school standard.
  10. I'm curious about why QB run plays are not in this play mix more.
  11. I like your points, but imo, had they not been up by almost 30 points and in control the whole game, they easily could have scored 100+ points. They kinda stopped running their stuff the last few minutes of the game. But you're correct that our guys never gave up.
  12. We looked like a long, lean athletic high school all star team playing the top college team in the nation. It was no contest from the beginning. Bright spots were Thor and Powell. Flanagan held serve for the most part as well. AU made some nice defensive plays only to jack up a bad shot or turn it overourselves. There were a few bright spots, and the guys never gave up. The whistles also went the way of the Zags, but it didn't really amt to anything differentiable.
  13. I think he meant that it would have been great to see him out at the Wal Mart, getting a last minute bird and some celery.
  14. Regulation ends tied at 41. Bama wins in 3OT 61-55. Moral victory ensues. Oh wait, it's at BDS that's right...Bama 45 AU 27
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