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  1. Nature Boy Ric Flair gets an ESPN 30 for 30

    By "sandbagging" I meant he purposely prolonged matches, manipulating the ebb and flow, maximizing the show. He was definitely an entertainer's entertainer.
  2. Nature Boy Ric Flair gets an ESPN 30 for 30

    I remember watching NWA/WCW as a kid and Ric Flair was always this kind-of self-deprecating (in the ring) douche who sandbagged an entire match, only to win at the very end. He didn't look all monster roided like the WWF guys or Lex Luger/Sid Vicious. He came across like a goofball to me, but he certainly had the chops for the gig.
  3. Auburn vs. Alabama - Weekly Presser

    How many players we got named Jeff Shearer???
  4. Play signaling

    Just put one of those Six Flags height charts on our sideline. "You must be this tall to steal signs..."
  5. Tre Threat

    Kinda like TJ Neal a couple years back. Basically signed on to watch an eagle fly a few times.
  6. Tre Threat

    Mic. Drop.
  7. Men vs. Hofstra

    Pearl did a nice job of making adjustments at the half. Good win; Hofstra had beaten Dayton, a mutual opponent with Auburn. Temple is likely a tourney team, sonthe loss won't hurt in the long run. War Eagle!
  8. Oklahoma State player cleared to play

    Maybe the extra time they're taking is due to it being 2 players in question rather than 1?
  9. Men vs. Hofstra

    Basically the same team effort and performance as last year. Scorers all over with little to no commitment to D and rebounding.
  10. What is the key to an IB win?

    Jalen Hurts has not show an ability to consistently pick apart defenses with his downfield passing ability (then again, he hasn't had to). I like our chances if we keep him in the pocket, i.e. limit or delay the pass rush to keep him from scrambling when plays break down. Also, on the offensive side of the ball, I'm looking forward to fake screens and Eli Stove crossing action misdirection (decoy). Woot I'm excited!
  11. What is the key to an IB win?

    I believe it comes down to Kevin Steele vs. Jalen Hurts. Hurts has never been rattled in 2 years as a starter. He's utterly unflappable. Miss St. controlled the Bama game with heart, effort, and execution, and still got outdone at the end of the 4th qtr bc of Hurts. Had Bama had a couple extra mins in last season's championship game, Hurts would have done what Watson did, and Bama would have hoisted the trophy instead. I believe KS is gonna have to mainly plan for how to contain and confuse Hurts. Auburn is gonna flush Hurts throughout the game; it's what happens after the flush that will be key to a victory.
  12. Inside the numbers with Bama

    I expect this game to go down to the last snap. Even if AU is fortunate enough to find itself up multiple scores with 4 or 5 mins left (i.e. 9 or 10 pts), it still plays into Bama's hands because of Hurts and his ability to convert and score with his legs.
  13. Nate Craig-Myers

    This thread is not to unfairly criticize or bash NCM. He's playing a lot of snaps but not getting many targets at all. I saw him whiff on a couple edge blocks yesterday that blew up the plays. However, I have to think he's doing something right to garner the playing time. What are y'all's thoughts on his performance?
  14. Arkansas wants Gus

    I know whom he was referencing. I just quoted the wrong post to share my beautiful analogy lol.
  15. Arkansas wants Gus

    As far as being a "good coach," I think Bielema was good at driving the car that Barry Alvarez gassed-up and navigated.