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  1. While I don't disagree that it wasn't crystal clear that JP was "going to be a great player," referencing his performance as a true freshman playing out of position against an Arkansas team that ended up making it to the Elite 8 and only really playing the first half against TAMU is hardly convincing. You did reference his performance against the 2nd best team in the country as well. I happen to believe if daddy stands down and JP develops over multiple years that he will be an all-conference level performer before he exits the ranks of CBB. But I hope he fails miserably each time he plays AU.
  2. What a friggin dud of a championship game. Gonzaga spent all their lunch money Saturday night.
  3. Bruce owns Barnes. Have fun losing to Auburn the next couple of years, Justin.
  4. Mark Few is only 2.75 yrs younger than Bruce Pearl.
  5. That article was done very well.
  6. I keep checking the site for news on elite transfers and all I get are Flintstone broad updates.
  7. He directly stated during a WJOX roundtable interview Wednesday morning that he coudn't see himself still coaching in 15 years due to his intensive style and that he hoped AU to be his last coaching job. Then he said he takes it year by year and that he would keep coaching so long as he could field a competitive product.
  8. Whatever it takes to put Emmert on the golf course for good is fine by me.
  9. Pretty sure all NCAA basketball players get a mulligan on the "sit a year" rule this season bc of Covid.
  10. I stated that he was our best player for the stint he played. Maybe I should have said "best overall performer" for the games he played pre-injury. Even Bruce stated that going back to pre-season practices, Powell was the glue-guy/catalyst that made things work.
  11. Your points are very well taken, but I think the prevailing defense of AU in this situation is that it is well-documented that Pearl saw Powell as a diamond in the rough and got in on him early, even sticking with him through his HS adversity (injuries), etc. We just don't know enough of the facts of the transfer to be able to comment intelligently without mass speculation, so that's kinda what everybody is doing. He was the best player for AU pre-Cooper, and would have made our lineup so much better next year had he stayed. Also, all us AU hoops loyalists are sick of the testicle-jabs that co
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