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  1. Wow next to nothing from the PG position tonight so far.
  2. Tua wants to stay, but he needs to feed his tribe, so he will be declaring for the draft IMO.
  3. I remember that first Outback Bowl against JoePa and ChoMo Sandusky in a driving rain. It was our first Bowl in a while due to NCAA sanctions. Maybe the 1996 Outback Bowl? Some fullback with a pornstache tore us a new one in the mud that game.
  4. Man, Samir bout has a double turnovers and missed 3s.
  5. Yeah, apparently Tubbs had a unique way of changing jobs.
  6. That's how rumours get started... I heard that's what happened between his Texas Tech and Cincinnati jobs lol
  7. We'd give up 670 yds rushing to this guy and it'd come down to a FG at the end.
  8. Footprints in the Shrubs. This is too rich. Like a painting in the Sisterine Chapel.
  9. I don't know about "mediocre." A career backup QB just happened to either stand in or step up and make throw after throw with pressure bearing down. He had the game of his life, but fortunately for Auburn, instead of 4 TD passes, he threw 6 hehehe.
  10. This made me cackle when I saw these c/o '85 broads shrub-struggle.