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  1. tigeraddikt

    Tennessee Basketball 2018-19

    I'm personally fed up with the UT basketball lovefest early in the season. They are currently looking very sluggish against a not great Ga Tech team. Talking heads saying UT is a Final 4 contender blahblah. Dont get me wrong, they are a good team. RickBarnes did a nice job last year, but he had a full deck and his team peaked toward the end of the season. Pearl was a magician with a depleted roster and the uncertainty of the investigation. The fact that Pearl didn't win SEC Coach of the Year was a steaming fart in the face of Auburn and Pearl, and honestly a joke. Also, the fact that AU doesn't hold the reg. season title alone is another joke. Beating UT head to head on their court should give AU the title outright. But as it stands now, UT had the player and coach of the year and were regular season (co-)champions. Meh rant over.
  2. tigeraddikt

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    Hahahaha was Dwight's last name Pavlov?
  3. tigeraddikt

    Finding success in the details

    Which is exactly why, after the LSU meltdown 2017, I said that he was a football scientist and not a coach.
  4. tigeraddikt

    Bill Bradford Clark

    Mod, why was this topic moved? I wasnt suggesting Clark get hired at somewhere other than Auburn...
  5. tigeraddikt

    Bill Bradford Clark

    Dude won huge at Prattville, basically the only team to get the best of the Propst-era Bucs back 10+ years ago. Goes to South Alabama as DC to help get that program off the ground. Hired at JSU and they set school records and make the playoffs. Hired at UAB and he basically raises Lazarus from the dead and 2 years post-REC-death penalty, he has frickin Southside Dragons in their conference championship game with just 1 loss. Dude can sell a program and win at all levels. Paging Mr. Greene: bring him to the Plains.
  6. tigeraddikt

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    In other news, Nick and Kirby inquire a lot about the vicar's ewe. As in, "What's the vicar's ewe doing?"
  7. tigeraddikt

    Men vs #25 Washington

    Jump hook, dunk, and a free throw was his offensive output. Had a goaltend and couple tickytack early foul calls, and a couple Huskies players scored over him. Looked kinda like he was wearing cement shoes out there, so he was definitely rusty and not in the same form as the other contributors, but he'll get there. Had a few rebounds as well I think.
  8. tigeraddikt

    Men vs #25 Washington

    Wiley rusty but logging good minutes. He'll be beastly fo long.
  9. tigeraddikt

    Men vs #25 Washington

  10. tigeraddikt

    Men vs #25 Washington

    Who are those caucasian statues seated at court level left of center court?
  11. tigeraddikt

    Washington (Preview/Review)

    You just go on and do whatever you got to do, baby.
  12. tigeraddikt

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    Kicked by whom?
  13. tigeraddikt

    South Alabama (Preview/Review)

    Not much to learn from last night, other than the fact that South Alabama has only one horse that can gallop, and we have the potential for explosiveness. I was most impressed by the defense and rebounding intensity and effort for the full 40 minutes.
  14. tigeraddikt

    Men vs. South Alabama

    Yeah, he was very impressive last year after Ole Miss got bounced and he performed some come-lately SEC tourney analysis. I thought he was a peckerhead as a coach, but he is super impressive as a talking (pecker)head. Was heaping praise on Pearl and the boys like coals on a far.
  15. tigeraddikt

    The Hospitality Bowl

    Each time Mond dropped back to throw in the last 8 mins of the game, the name Jamie Howard kept popping into my brain....