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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.aseaofblue.com/platform/amp/2019/4/17/18410626/uk-basketball-recruiting-sharife-cooper-auburn-tigers-kentucky-wildcats
  2. I don't think so. I was flipping back and forth (and dozing lol) for most of the game.
  3. I was just referring to the 9th inning strike zone being more than generous.
  4. Wow, that home plate ump had somewhere to be.
  5. This ain't gonna end well for the Dores. Which is fine by me.
  6. MODS: Thread re-title suggestion: Joey Gatewood, but Mostly Not
  7. This is a fun talking point, but that's about it. We were a 10 loss team that gelled late and went on a tear. Ending up number 5 is not too shabby, although at the very least I think we should have been #4 ahead of Duke.
  8. It's a very good game. Didn't want to watch, but it's part of my healing process lol.
  9. Damn. These Cavaliers can't put away good teams. They deserve to lose... been playing with matches too many times this tournament.
  10. I assume he's also counting the length of time when JG was a HS commit to AU.
  11. You said it. The fact we took out #2 KY and all-but came back and took-out #1 UVA sans Chuma was amazing. So proud of these guys. With Chuma, I honestly think we're hoisting a trophy Monday night. But, what an amazing run nonetheless. War Eagle.
  12. I feel more like taking a shot. And then another. And then another...
  13. This mofo Jerome is key to the Cavaliers this game. If we contain him in the 2nd half, we play Monday for the marbles.