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  1. 2019 3* CB Cordale Flott COMMITS TO AU!!!

    In the eyes of a ranger, the unsuspecting stranger had better know the truth of wrong from right... Cuz the EYES OF THE RANGER ARE UPONNNN YEWWWWW, Any wrong ya do he's gonna seeeeeeee. When you're in Saraland look behind yewwwwwww, Cuz that's where the ranger's gonna be.
  2. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    By whom?
  3. Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    Is he projected at TE or WR?
  4. Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    I hope he posts some Holy Land pics when he's playing over there.
  5. Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    Very good point.
  6. Devan Barrett as WR

    Why is Hastings smiling? Doesn't he know he snapped a lig?
  7. Any Coach Flo news?

    McCowan in my estimation is a bad basketball player. She just happens to have monster size. She has slow feet, little to no actual athleticism, below average spatial awareness, and slow anticipation. I watched the Semi Final game vs Louisville where she completely destroyed a Louisville player going for a winning layup, but the ref for some reason swallowed the whistle. But I agree with your sentiment re: having a big Amazon to clean the glass all game long.
  8. The Dan LeBatard Show

    He has a goofy, culture-deprecating, Cuban-American shtick. But, his resume is lengthy for sports coverage, Miami in particular. IIRC, he was featured on the ESPN 30 for 30 "The U" prominently, as he covered the UoM in the early 90s. Including his Cubano dad on his ESPN tv/radio show was always kinda funny to me, but you probably just caught him on an off-bit. But I understand how it is to tune into a show whilst captive in a car or something and be severely annoyed, over and over. That's how I felt about the Cube Show featuring Arky Shea in Huntsville. That Arky was a bloviating moron who thought he was God's gift to comedy, but just came across like an obese doofus. Not funny, not talented, just a Dum Lar Dass with a microphone. EDIT: I don't know Arky Shea personally; he's probably a superb human being, but listening to his bloviating buffoonery each morning got really old, really fast. RIP Cube Show.
  9. Davion Mitchell Transferring

    I don't believe he had a better frosh season than Harper, but that is just a matter of opinion. Yes, he improved defensively, but we didn't have a lock-down defender on this team. His turnovers and missed FTs did not improve as the season wore on. I wasn't comparing his and Dunbar's ceilings, just that with Doughty waiting in the wings, Mitchell must have seen the writing on the wall re: playing time. I mean, from a purely basketball standpoint, why else would he transfer from a team that will be expected to vie for the SEC grown again and be a likely preseason Top-15 team?
  10. Davion Mitchell Transferring

    Not unexpected at all. Hate that we're losing a player, but honestly, he and Dunbar are the ones we could afford to lose. I do hate it, bc I know he was a hard worker, and I believe that in time he could be an excellent PG.
  11. AD praises Pearl in probe

    Here's the headline from Crepea's article: Auburn AD: Bruce Pearl will 'absolutely' return barring new info from FBI, NCAA investigations Here's the Pre-REC headline: Auburn AD: Bruce Pearl will 'absolutely' return barring new info from FBI, NCAA investigations Just a f****** tool.
  12. AD praises Pearl in probe

  13. AD praises Pearl in probe

    I almost started a new thread, but glad I saw this one first. WJOX Roundtable interviewed Greene this morning, during which time he heaped praises on Pearl and indicated that it was his (Greene's) desire and intent that Pearl absolutely be retained as Head Coach. He said, "You can't spend 5 minutes with Coach Pearl without his infectious enthusiasm winning you over." He said that Pearl had directly told him that he (Pearl) had done nothing wrong re: the FBI thing. He said the first time he stepped foot on campus was for his introductory press conference. Just an unbelievable night and day difference from the 2 previous AD's...Hairlip Housel and Fingerwaggin' (henceforth to be known as Finger Waggoner) Good Ol Boy JJ.
  14. Official Tournament Thread

    Man you said it. That championship game was whoever didn't miss the last shot ugh. And I don't remember it as being two suffocating defenses.... both teams were just tight as heck on offense and it never got better.
  15. Official Tournament Thread

    Loyola is playing the best team ball in the tourney, from a pure team concept of commitment to defense, rebounding, running effective offensive sets, taking quality shots. From a talent and ability standpoint, I believe Villanova to be the team with the highest voltage. To me, Loyola is just playing with too much confidence and with an utter commitment to defense to get run out of the arena at the final four. It could happen, but I think that if they lose, it will be in a back and forth game that comes down to the last minute.