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  1. Buy you some YellaWood then take it back.
  2. Long time HS coach in Alabama that has connections. Has won championships everywhere. When at Prattville High, took on and defeated some of the best Propst Hoover teams. Carried UAB through self imposed death penalty and has turned them into an upper-echelon C-USA team (I know, not saying much) but UAB was a historically repressed program that was never intended to compete for any type of championships (Garrick McGee and Neil Callaway say hello). Heck, they said "no" to Jimbo Fisher, who would've likely turned them into a winner in a couple 2 or 3 years. Is a heckuva defensive mind/motivator. UAB has a top 10 defense this year (in terms of yards per game), and while I know that the competition isn't premier, they're doing it with 2-stars.
  3. This is a rather intellectual post. I salute you.
  4. Or a Christmas Tree dragged to the gutter.
  5. Players showed heart in the 4th. Proud of that. How I hate wasting this D on this sorry offense.
  6. I'm kinda thinking that this path forward might actually come to fruition...if not tonight then announced tomorrow.
  7. That was when my heart was through with him. I'm all for AU winning, but this guy just isn't getting the job done.
  8. Yikes homemade pottery speaks volumes.
  9. Just checked in to a Holiday Inn Express and there are a buncha curly blacks on the comforter.
  10. I'm genuinely tickled that Bo Nix is getting all this great experience as a true freshman starter, but it is clear that he wasn't/isn't ready to take the reins. I'm not blaming him; it's 100% on the HC.