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  1. Why couldn’t AU just splurge a little bit and spend 92 instead of 91.9?
  2. I loved when Cole Cubelic said bring in competition to push him. You cannot go into next year with just a true freshman as the only backup plan. Forget Bo falling flat on his face this year, injuries happen
  3. Absolutely NO should be surprised if it’s the later
  4. The last coach averaged an 8-5 record. That’s the low bar.
  5. The OC from the Dallas Cowboys is not coming to AU
  6. He took the phone call on live tv. He didn’t say he was gone but he Gus & Cadillac recruited him. If both are gone there’s a good chance Tank goes too.
  7. “I’ve got to give it to Northwestern. That’s a daggum good football they’ve got over there. They had a daggum good defense too! I’m proud of our team for the way we battled out there. We came back and only lost by 16. We didn’t quit. We’re going to work hard and get better next year. The future is bright”
  8. Does Gus get a retroactive loss? Or do we put this on the 9-36 Kevin Steele resume?
  9. My biggest hope for today was names for OC/DC would leak.
  10. That’s a good call if the player runs it up the gut. He cannot dance around. He’s not Barry Sanders
  11. Absolutely agree. And 2/3 were poorly thrown. I cannot wait to turn the page into the Harsin era.
  12. Finding a vertical passing game this drive is FANTASTIC
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