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  1. To quote the Dallas Cowboys HC Bill Parcells when everyone kept talking about the talent... you are what your record says you are.. after all of these years Gus Malzahn is not effective in getting the maximum effort out of his talent. Switch the coaches in this game and Auburn wins. Gus is an 8 win coach.
  2. “The future is bright. We like our offensive line. We like our run first at all costs approach. We are going to compete for championships” - says the historically 8 win coach.
  3. “The future is bright. We’re going to compete for championships in the future” -says the historically 8 win coach.
  4. “I don’t understand why the Auburn fans keep calling for Gus to be replaced, he’s beaten Nick Saban”- the ignorant national media.
  5. This needs to be sent to Gus!
  6. Trick question since there is no both option.
  7. I think the Minnesota coach psyched Gus out by saying “he changes his tendencies for bowl games”.
  8. The squib punt formation with Bo is such a great idea and for trick plays. Surely that’s better than a freaking punter.
  9. Negative running plays absolutely kills this offense.
  10. Fire Chad Morris. His adjustments from the Bama game are kinda stinky.
  11. Has Gus thought about trying to recruit better on the offensive line?
  12. This effort is embarrassing. I don’t want to hear any apologists talking about not being motivated.
  13. Is it possible to remove the political aspect from the AU Family Twitter account? Even if I agree with a post I don't want to talk about politics and AU; unless our players stop standing for the national anthem.
  14. I love being so determined to pump sunshine that you invent possible reasons why the guy was fired.
  15. A change was necessary and this is exciting Thank you Rhett for all of your time, effort, and dedication over the years.