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  1. Is it possible to remove the political aspect from the AU Family Twitter account? Even if I agree with a post I don't want to talk about politics and AU; unless our players stop standing for the national anthem.
  2. I love being so determined to pump sunshine that you invent possible reasons why the guy was fired.
  3. A change was necessary and this is exciting Thank you Rhett for all of your time, effort, and dedication over the years.
  4. I love that he was good enough to get hired by Saban but he had all of the best talent in college football and got fired after one year.
  5. Hot seat? I love going 8-5 under this offense 4 out of the 8 years he has been in Auburn.
  6. You mean the 4 game stretch against teams that went 22-28?
  7. I think turning down millions and playing in the NFL so he can play for a high school team is a solid choice too.
  8. I'd like to take this moment to once again point out the Auburn recruited a QB that cannot throw when the could have gotten the QB at VT and they had QB problems last year
  9. If you love winning 50+% of your SEC games then you've got to keep CGM.
  10. I love how the solution to the problem at QB from last year was to recruit a QB that can not throw. Playing a hurt college QB because you have failed to recruit (over 4 years) properly is a travesty. I hope he isn't seriously injured.
  11. Remember that Gus and Rhett had their choice for JUCO QB and picked this one over the one that committed to Virginia Tech
  12. The job of CDC was to recruit and teach WR. No one on the staff was a better recruiter, the WR blocked, showed effort, and ran great routes. Drops?? That's concentration problem with the player that is not a "fundamental" problem that can be coached. Huge loss and I hope we can bounce back but CGM is not replacing CDC.
  13. I agree .... He can't catch the ball for them!! He did his job and went and got better receivers!! People criticizing Craig over drops??? Are you serious?? Behind the OLine coach he was the best coach on the offensive side. Might be the best offensive recruiter in the country. You're not going to replace that with Kodi Burns. This is a systemic problem and the future is not as rosy as the sunshine pumpers want to say.
  14. No being the projected SEC champ and then going 6-6 caused it.