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  1. "Transfer wide receiver RaRa Thomas was arrested early Monday morning on a felony charge of false imprisonment and misdemeanor charge of family violence, first offense, according to the Athens Clarke-County jail report. Thomas was booked into the Athens Clarke County jail at 4:04 a.m. As of 7:50, bail has not yet been set." Doesn't look good...
  2. That and the reports that over 200 recruits and portal transfers had reached out (including many 4 & 5 stars) within 12 hours of him being announced. I didn't buy it then nor do I buy it now. According to 247, the CU high school class has (3) 4* guys and no 5's. The transfer class has (1) 5* and (3) 4* guys.
  3. Nix had a great 2022. The numbers don't lie. 72% completion rate 29 TD's / 7 INT's (PASSING) 14 TD's (RUSHING) 1 TD (RECEIVING) 3600 yards (PASSING) 510 yards (RUSHING) CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 294 409 71.9 3,593 8.8 29 7 67 165.7
  4. Based on everyone's analysis, we are only 4-5 players shy of meeting all of our needs. That's not too bad considering the giant hole potato-boy left us in. Still have another the rest of this portal session, the spring session and NSD in February to make that happen. I realize a lot of the big-fish have committed or transferred already but we can still get the pieces we need to compete next year.
  5. Will be nice to have a tall WR on our side finally.
  6. At this point I feel pretty good about this coaching staff hitting all of those positions here shortly...what they have done thus far is down-right amazing. They are getting the players on campus, so we are making progress. I can't wait to watch this next recruiting cycle, we have the potential to do big things next year.
  7. Marcellus Johnson (OL) - Eastern Michigan
  8. We'll see what this coaching staff is made of this weekend. I've already been impressed but if we can pull in some of these big-fish I will be ecstatic!
  9. The previous coach may have set the bar low but the fan's expectations are always through the roof.
  10. We need lots of lots of fat-boys, everyone is welcome
  11. What do we know about this guy? Anyone have the cliff-notes?
  12. There are over 1000 now! It's just insane how many kids are available...we should be fine in getting some of them in to provide depth.
  13. He's a great receiver, we could really use him.
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