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  1. BornAU76

    Stidham going pro

    Best of luck to Mr. Stidham.
  2. BornAU76

    Mississippi State Score Prediction

    Tigers - 24 Pooches - 6
  3. BornAU76

    2018 Auburn vs. LSU Score Prediction

    I'm sold on our D, but not on our O (just not yet). LSPoo are a bunch of pretenders, though, and will get exposed in JH. Pass the mustard! AU - 27 LSU - 9
  4. BornAU76

    Welcome Washington Husky Fans!

    I stand corrected: Save a few safety upgrades and bathroom fixes to comply with fire code, the Clermont Lounge was virtually unchanged by the property’s renovations, remaining as gloriously scuzzy as ever. “People like it for its authenticity,” Orley says. “What will happen to the Clermont Lounge 20 years from now, I don’t know. But we want them to be here as long as they want to be here.”
  5. BornAU76

    Welcome Washington Husky Fans!

    You might not recognize the old Clermont Hotel any longer, it's now a luxurious, posh hotel. Lounge is still there...I hear it is getting a remodel, too.
  6. ( It’s game week in the college football world. Finally. The 2018 regular season is set to have its first full Saturday of games this weekend. There are several notable games, from Alabama-Louisville to Michigan-Notre Dame to Miami-LSU. Several outlets have been updating their predictions heading into the weekend. ESPN published some College Football Playoff predictions this morning. The Worldwide Leader believes two teams will “decide” the playoff. Those two teams: Auburn and Ohio State. Even with Urban Meyer suspended for the first three games of the season, Ohio State and the entire Big Ten will have arguably the biggest impact on the College Football Playoff race this fall, according to ESPN’s Playoff Predictor. Ohio State and Auburn will combine to play in the six of the seven most important games of the season, and five of the eight games with the biggest impact on the CFP race will feature two Big Ten teams. Ohio State’s games against Michigan State, Penn State and Michigan are each amongst the seven most important games — and Meyer will be coaching in all of them — along with Auburn’s games against Washington, Georgia and Alabama. Both Auburn and Ohio State are legitimate playoff contenders. And, clearly, they’ll be playing in several big-time contests this fall.
  7. BornAU76

    Welcome Washington Husky Fans!

    Love some sours, I'll have to check that out. I forgot about The Wrecking Bar, The Porter and BrickStore as well.
  8. BornAU76

    Welcome Washington Husky Fans!

    I was at Underground Atlanta last night, they moved the Masquerade from North Ave. there. As far a shopping goes, that stuff has been gone for a longggg time. If you are visiting Atlanta, stay away from Underground area, unless you like guns, drugs, and stuff. Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market are pretty cool places to go...think of an open-market feel with restaurants and beer! Both will be packed but what isn't? Atlanta has a ton of new breweries around the city. Head out to the Beltline for a nice walk (or Piedmont Park) and slurp down some brews. New Realm Brewing, Monday Night Brewing, and Orpheus Brewing are all accessible from the Beltline. There is also Sweetwater, SecondSelf, Scofflaw, and RedBrick within a short Uber/Lyft ride from downtown. As far as Auburn spots, MCLoofus was right on with North Highland Pub and BucketShop. Both will be filled to the gills, proceed with caution and if you decide to go, go very early.
  9. AU - 27 UW - 17 We drive late with a TD to put the game away.
  10. BornAU76

    Anti-meltdown thread

    I approve of this thread! Pump in that Sunshine!
  11. BornAU76

    Gary Danielson on 105.5 this morning

    The Benz holds 71,000. 32,600 tickets (16,300 per school) are allocated to the participating institutions. That leaves 38,400 tickets in the market, with corporations gobbling up the majority of those. I'm sure the turds had plenty of tickets to drop on the open-market...and I know the leghumpers are buying tickets like crazy because they only make the game every 8 or 9 years. I still feel it should only be 60/40 in favor of UGA. That's not overwhelming or, once our D starts shutting them down their crowd will have nothing to cheer for.
  12. BornAU76

    Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    If the dumpter fire smells like poo, which this one does, it's best to run away real fast. No one wants this, now terrible, UT job. No way Steele signs up for that mess over there...
  13. BornAU76

    Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl?

    Plus, Saban said himself that non-conference winners should not be allowed in...
  14. BornAU76

    Gary Danielson

    He's not clever enough to come up with that on his own, some 23 yr. old writer came up with that after a few drinks one night
  15. BornAU76

    SECCG - Pregame Sights & Sounds

    You and the other AU fans will have the section all to yourselves midway thru the 4th quarter!!