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  1. wglewgle629

    ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Gus' rushing OF would have torched this team.
  2. wglewgle629

    ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    U bishes still sold on the GOD that was delivered to AU as a qb?
  3. Yeah. That's wasn't a nudge. He extended his arm on the shoulder push. Complete douche move.
  4. wglewgle629

    Fire malzahn

    It's almost like coaching for the offense to keep us in the game while the D scores. Damn. Why didn't we figure that out the last few years.
  5. wglewgle629

    ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    How many passes have we've thrown 5+ yards past the los tonight?
  6. wglewgle629

    ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    6'5 240 and we tippy toe to the line on 4th down? Come on Nancy. Turn your man card in as you limp to the side line.
  7. wglewgle629

    ***Auburn vs. Clemson - Game Thread***

    Really Davis!?!? Gonna lay down?!?!?!
  8. wglewgle629

    Naming a Starting QB at Auburn

    Derail in 3, 2, 1............ In other news, Mr Evans was named the starter for Va Tech today.
  9. My bad. U is correct sir. I've been wrong a time or two. Depends on how often u ask my wife.
  10. Ummmm.....that was Rhodes dude.
  11. Will somebody tell SUPERSTAR Jade you gotta slow down to slide into first. #overrated
  12. wglewgle629

    AU baseball Missouri game 2

    I believe the pitcher for Mizzou tonight is the top rated player in the 2017 draft. Or at least that's what the announcers said last night.
  13. wglewgle629

    Auburn Hires Wesley McGriff as Secondary Coach

    Yeah, I am sure it was all his fault and had nothing to do with DC Ryan.
  14. wglewgle629

    Staff Changes

    I am so over peeps blaming Gus over not seeing the JJ flop when over half you NFL scouts were praising him when he committed to AU, clamering for him to play over Nick because he couldn't hit the intermediate passes, and declaring him awesome because of the only half he played against Arkansas last year. ALOT of NFL and other sportscasters missed on that as well. Geez. Half of the sour pusses on this site are that way because they have the big bad Bammer fan in their ear. Get a life and quit depending on college football to make you happy. The offense had a down year. Doesn't mean they forgot how to coach. The went to the Ship with a guy that is now a DB in the NFL. They got the BEST out of that kid and he gave AU his best. It is what it is. There will NEVER be another Cam at AU. Cam wasn't perfect. We just found ways to get it done and other guys stepped up from time to time as well. This is a down year for the SEC as a whole. Not just AU. Take it all with a grain of salt and step back from the ledge. I think we all get flustered with the way the season went. I know I do. Enjoy life and quit depending on 20 year old kids to make us happy. I think most of us on here are married or have been. That means we are battle tested and shuld be ready for whatever any updouche can throw at us. I can say that cuz my wife is not on here. WDE!!