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  1. Exactly, but why does the replay booth call it targeting on others and not bama. Happened to Davis this year. (Or was it Dean) Facemask to helmet was deemed targeting. Personal foul and ejection.
  2. Apparently Walton got the memo. Lol
  3. I just can’t for the life of me figure out why we can’t pull away from these guys. Just waiting on that run........
  4. Exactly. We started off last night and tonight 2-13/14 from 3. Never good. Hopefully when they see Harper and Brown driving to the basket, we will have a someone start to run with them for the dump off. A few times in the second half, everyone was watching and they got caught in no mans land.
  5. Kid had an off game tonight. It happens. He got hampered with some foul trouble so don’t think for a second that he won’t bounce back. Okeke has grown ALOT since last year.
  6. Dude, this has got to rank up there with the Tony Franklin experiment.
  7. Yeah. That's wasn't a nudge. He extended his arm on the shoulder push. Complete douche move.
  8. It's almost like coaching for the offense to keep us in the game while the D scores. Damn. Why didn't we figure that out the last few years.
  9. How many passes have we've thrown 5+ yards past the los tonight?
  10. 6'5 240 and we tippy toe to the line on 4th down? Come on Nancy. Turn your man card in as you limp to the side line.
  11. Derail in 3, 2, 1............ In other news, Mr Evans was named the starter for Va Tech today.
  12. My bad. U is correct sir. I've been wrong a time or two. Depends on how often u ask my wife.
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