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  1. oscarsdriver

    FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Congrats to Gus and the whole team. Chip did a wonderful job and steele is the man. It’s taken some time but I really believe we have closed the gap in talent and coaching. Pedal to the medal and please keep playing to win! I almost had a conniption fit continued to run the ball the last three possessions. But winning takes away all pain.
  2. oscarsdriver

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    I hate playing not to lose!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please grow some!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why we recruited Stidam!!!!!!!!!
  3. oscarsdriver

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    I️ I hope we come out aggressively. I don’t care win or lose....well yes I do...but I do hope we play to win. I can deal with a lot if we play to win! One thing that I have noticed is the gap is closing. Our main problem over the past few years has been the mindset of playing to win vs playing to not lose. Please stay aggressive! WDE!!!
  4. oscarsdriver

    Gus quote

    I️ I loved the way CD was jawing at the sidelines after every play. Thugga was definitely trying to intimidate from the sidelines and we didn’t back down. I don’t post often but this is my take on whole Gus “foot on the pedal thing” and the whole Gus thing in general. I am no insider, however I work in the community and speak with many donors and those “in the know”. I have never asked them directly but in listening to what they say I’ve pieced together this opinion. When you look at when GM was the OC he constantly had his foot on the pedal. Then he came back as HC and in 2013 continued. Somewhere in 2014-2015 there was a conversation with the PTB about defense and Him slowing it down to help them out. Being a young HC and knowing these people controlled his program, he changed. You can see that philosophy the past two years. Right now with no AD , my feeling is that Gus is off his leash again. I really think that if the PTB just left him the heck alone he would be fine. If we look back there is a trend here with other HCs. Tubs had to bring in Franklin, GC had to hire, that lame duck OC... I forget his name, after Gus left after being told to slow it down. I think the only way we are very going to be a consistent big time program is to let the coach do his job, hire his people and create his own program his way. Well that’s my rant for this year I will sit back, read and listen. Love this site and many days after a long day I get on here enjoy the conversation. War Eagle!
  5. oscarsdriver

    5 Years Ago Today ...

    Man what a great year. My son was born that spring and then that season was awesome! I took my son to his first AU game this year and was able to sit in the Nelson Club thanks to a wonderful friend. I'm not sure if he was more excited about the nachos and hotdog bar or the game but it was an awesome first game experience. Don't tell my wife but he has always been my favorite. I'm expecting another little boy this spring so here is wishing for the best!
  6. oscarsdriver

    We Need to Give Malzahn Time

    We need some consistency. I know coaches are always leaving and going places but wouldn't it be nice if people honored their contracts as did the universities. I don't know, I'm not a football genius, but I say let the guy coach the remaining of his contract and see what happens. I think he is a pretty bright guy, and knows how to adjust. I agree that firing CGM would just put us behind the eight ball all over again. I really believe people have crazy expectations. I think that within the next 5 years there will be a huge power vacuum on the other side of the state, and we need to have a person and system cemented in place to take advantage when that happens. JMHO. Whatever happens....War Eagle!
  7. I've been watching several of the old games. Currently watching the 2006 Arkansas team and that got me to wondering. I know that Gus was not able to implement his full offense that year. But at Tulsa he had control of the offense. I have been searching all morning trying to find some full game footage of the 2007 and 2008 Tulsa games just to see how Gus has evolved or digressed....just wondering how the offense looked then. If anyone can point me in a direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  8. oscarsdriver

    Staff Changes

    Well I tried.....and that is why I lurk and listen rather than type and look like an idiot. Continue on good sirs and I will follow the conversation.
  9. oscarsdriver

    Staff Changes

    Please pardon me if this has been mentioned but I read that Va Tech is hiring the Memphis Head Coach, would this mean that Bud Foster may be in play? How would AU fans react if this was a possibility? If we want stability he has been there 20+ years....I think 29, and seems to be a solid choice, especially considering the talent level at AU vs. Va Tech. Just typing out load here..... not an insider or anything like that just trying to think outside the box.
  10. oscarsdriver

    It's Possible that Jeremy could make some 2016 noise

    I try not to be negative, and I hope this is not construed as such. Jeremy has a ton of potential, that most of us can see each time he releases a football. However, he has got to learn to keep the ball down. I'm not sure if this is in his head or mechanical, but I sure would love it if they (coaches) would allow the QB's to work with outside QB coaches during the off season. If they can't get these guys straightened out, please let someone else have a shot. With that said, I'm of the opinion that there has to be stability at the head coach position to make any considerable gains in the program. But they have to think outside the box and not limit potential. And for pete's sake please throw the ball down the field every once in a while to keep people honest. I sat next to a guy tonight that called every play...if this guy, half inebriated can do call our plays I'm sure DC's know what's coming, window dressing or not.
  11. oscarsdriver

    Sunday Practice Notes - 9 06 15

    About the game and practice being at a different pace. Isn't D. Russell a D lineman, so wouldn't the game being slower be a good thing. It has always seemed to me that the biggest adjustment players have to make at different levels is the speed of the game. If things are slowing down for our defensive players I would consider that a wonderful thing. When the game slows down players get comfortable making decisions and read things faster. JMHO. I think we should be fine, the most improvement is often made between the first and second week so I will be hoping that is the case. War Eagle!
  12. oscarsdriver

    I stand with Chette!!

    I definitely stand with Chette. Had the opportunity to meet him a few times and just an outstanding guy. I work with youth in the auburn area and everyone needs a mentor and confidant to hold them accountable without on the field ramifications. I like the way that he is funded to keep organizations like this out of his sphere of influence. They have sent letters to most sec schools along the same lines and are trying to make this a public battle to forward their line of thinking, which is oxymoronic. basically you can't push your agenda but here is ours...push...push. Sorry for the rant but I'm about as tired as I can be with all the agenda pushing in this nation without a balance scale. Long story short war eagle and thanks for making a difference in the lives of youths brother Chette!
  13. oscarsdriver

    Gus working to fix the defense

    Not much of a poster, mostly just read and gather information from others opinions. I think that is classified as a lurker. But I am pretty pumped up about the incoming staff. My only hope and I know it's a pipe dream is that people will give this staff a little time to gel, maybe a year or two. Our D didn't become irrelevant overnight and I think it might take more than one offseason to get all the schemes and players in place to get our defense right. One of the things I love about Gus is that he knows his strengths and weaknesses and like every good leader he addresses his weakness and try's to make them his strengths. My opinion is that he will give CWM free reign on his side of the ball and that will keep him happy for some time. And on a side note thanks to all the posters who make this site part of my daily routine, really enjoy your input.
  14. oscarsdriver

    Post Game Thread LSU

    I thought the team played with great effort, and aside from the first 17:00 min played well. They never gave up, and really that is a huge culture change from last year, CGM kept coaching his butt off and the players responded. I'm hoping for great things next year, but it takes a while to change culture and he is well ahead of the game. Didn't like the call on the inside kick, but I admit I'm viewing that through orange and blue glasses. And we've got to clean up the penalties inside the 10 but all in all, we were in it and I like the direction this team is headed. I still look for us to pull an upset sometime this year and there is no denying we have improved and are headed in the right direction.
  15. oscarsdriver

    ***AU vs WSU Game Thread***

    That is great news! I about had a heart attack when I turned over to the U and the byu game was in the second quarter. I immediately jumped on here to find out the scoop, I love this board and community! War Eagle!