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  1. I did hear that regarding Brown but I did not know Ashley was expecting. Just wondering what the ordeal is with him. Was a USA Today 1st Team All-American in high school. Big time recruit that we had committed for years before he signed with us. I've read where some say he's soft and some say he has "medical issues". Really would like to see this guy compete and be the player we thought he would be for us on an offensive line that's desperate for some much needed help.
  2. Why is Ashley away and not back til January? Curious to know what's going on with him.
  3. Man, anyone else listening/watching Nix play in the 6A Championship? Been starting varsity QB since the 8th grade. One thing that stands out to me about Nix: He sprints everywhere on and off the field. Commentator keeps going nuts over the accuracy and types of passes he has been able to hit with ease. Threw an interception at goal line. Ball was tipped up and Saraland linebacker was there to catch it. Nix has been lights out. Very excited to have this kid come to AU. His numbers at halftime: 13/16 211 yds 1 TD 1 INT
  4. IF Jalen transferred. Would he even be eligible next year? Doesn't he have to sit out a year?
  5. Didn't NM signal to the sideline to run the play again against Bama when he hit Coates on the RPO down the left sideline? I don't think AU fans realized what they had in NM when he was here. I remember when people were demanding to put Jeremy Johnson out there..
  6. Please excuse my laziness of not wanting to go through threads. Apologies. 😂
  7. @ellitor do you know if AU has shown any interest in Tate? Especially if we miss on KB?
  8. That is exactly what I am thinking. Would make sense.
  9. I would think (hope) something would be in place that would allow Freeze control, or he wouldn't come regardless of friendship. Business is business.
  10. Not unless I have already been given the information I need before it became public knowledge.
  11. With Kelly Bryant announcing tomorrow where he goes, how soon does AU announce the new OC?
  12. Or what if this is a distraction for recruits to question this close to early signing day?