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  1. AUTiger25

    A little perspective, please

    This x1000000000000 Good season. Wish it could've ended on a better note but was a heck of a turnaround after LSU.
  2. AUTiger25

    ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    I know I'm not the only one that saw Gus holding the play sheet after calling that timeout?
  3. AUTiger25

    Relationship between Gus and Rod Bramblett

    Been saying this for awhile actually. And I'm a Special Education teacher. He shows a lot of signs of it. High functioning.
  4. AUTiger25

    Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    If you look at the play calling, the routes, and the play of our QB against Mercer, it is easy to see the potential that our offense can bring to the table. Eliminate 5 turnovers and you may see it easier. I agree with 23, 100%. If you remember in years past where we were successful, it took a few games to find our strengths on offense and game plan around them. I get the same feeling after seeing how good our QB can be with his arm and accuracy. I feel like its starting to come together and soon we will see a coming out party.
  5. AUTiger25

    Bad loss for AU but...

    Do you think we see CL playbook from now on or Gus's? I'm worried that even if Gus gives CL play calling duties, it will still be from Gus's playbook.
  6. AUTiger25


    But he was still able to game plan to the strengths of Chris Todd.
  7. AUTiger25


    And it is very odd how much he changed. Going from putting up 600+ yards against Bama in 2014 to this. What happened Gus?
  8. AUTiger25


    Other than getting Chip away from Gus, could this also mean quiet Hand's input and let him focus more on his o-line?
  9. Isn't JF3 the same size as NM was? Why is him getting hurt more of a concern after watching Marshall take shots for 2 years and get up each time? marshall was listed at 205 when he signed. He looked a lot heavier but I think he was about 210 at pro day or senior bowl. JfIII is listed at 180 I think and maybe an inch taller. Pretty good size difference it seems. Unless what I have been seeing is wrong. I know I read on twitter that Allie thinks he looks bigger than that.
  10. AUTiger25

    **Official** New Auburn OL coach Herb Hand

    FWIW, O'Brien left them with little to nothing on the OL. Hand had to convert two defensive linemen in 2014 to offensive linemen just to get by. He did sign two 4-star OL in the 2015 class but obviously those guys would have been true freshmen this past season. The OL that Hand had to work with at penn St was as bad as it gets. D2 bad. I'm not a huge sunshine guy with Gus but the Hand & McGriff hires are strong. And if I'm Rhette I'm worried. Hand wil step in and do most of the game day planning with Gus. I keep hearing Rhett is likely to move on. But we'll see. If so, will we get a QB coach or possibly a WR coach if Craig takes over QB responsibilities? Mentioned it earlier, but it seems the most likely scenario is Craig taking over QB responsibilities and bringing in another WR coach. I wonder if we will see something similar like at Ole Miss. Two Co-OC's. Or does Craig get promoted to OC/QB?
  11. "Auburn's coaching staff has compared Franklin to former Tigers star Nick Marshall, a fellow JUCO transfer who effectively ran Malzahn's offense during his two seasons on the Plains in 2013 and 2014. Franklin is listed as an "athlete" by recruiting services but says the Tigers brought him in "strictly as a quarterback" and have not discussed a potential position change. "Coach (Malzahn) told me he needed somebody and he got Cam (Newton), then he needed somebody and got Nick Marshall," Franklin said. "Now he needs somebody so he came and got me. I'm just ready to go to work and earn my spot the right way and get the ball rolling with everything."' From an article. Yes, JFIII is being brought in at QB. Not something fans have just made up.
  12. Anyone know how he did in the Army All American Bowl? I didn't get to watch.
  13. AUTiger25

    2016 4* WR Kyle Davis (AU commit 11/25/15)

    Yeah I saw that. Kyle Davis will be moving to Auburn today though. Screw them. What I said. Let em talk. UGA fans have become what LSU fans were, imo.