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  1. nurbis

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    I know on at least one play last week he stood in the pocket and got the pass off right before getting absolutely destroyed. I noticed because I thought he was going to get sacked and he got the ball away right before the defender drilled him square in the chest. He took a pretty big hit running the ball against Washington in the first game trying to make a play. He has shown more than enough he will take a hit. On the last play of the game against UCF we had 33 seconds left and no timeouts. The defender came untouched and was on Stidham within 1.5 seconds of the ball being snapped. There wasn't a receiver on the field looking at him because they were barely into their routes by the time he had to throw it away. If he gets sacked there then we maybe have a chance for one more play. He was trying to get the ball out of the back of the endzone and couldn't get enough into the throw because the defender was on him. That was a failure on the tackle.
  2. nurbis

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    I do not think we have near the blocking capability up front to run the offense like we did in 2013. While I think our running backs have potential, we definitely do not have a Tre Mason to lean on. In my opinion, if we want to win right now, then Stidham gives us the best potential by a wide margin.
  3. I know Dean had his hand on the receiver's arm but he had perfect position, was looking back for the ball, and played the ball not the receiver. I have seen that same coverage called perfect in other games right down to the defender holding the receivers arm. I have heard announcers say that as long a you are looking back for the ball then you can use your other hand to locate the receiver. In the end it is always a judgement call by the ref but I thought it was a BS call.
  4. nurbis

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    Everybody on the roster or being recruited was listed as a dual threat QB coming out of high school, even Stidham, if you can believe that? I guess White and Johnson were the last pro style QBs he went after so maybe that is a sign that he finally accepted that his offense works better with dual QBs.
  5. I would expect the starters are going to play a good bit regardless of the score. It is only the second game so we don't really need the rest at this point and we still have some kinks to work out. I would prefer we let the starters play and figure out the issues we still have this week instead of saving them for LSU.
  6. I agree with this. When a play breaks down and Stidham runs he seems more committed to it and typically has more success. On the designed runs he appears to be tentative and slower moving. I guess it gives the opponent something to think about but they feel like wasted plays and I hate we are putting him in a position to get hit.
  7. nurbis

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Outside of Mize, our pitching was phenomenal all weekend, which is really odd to say, but gives a lot of hope for the program the next few years. This team has a lot of young talent. Now we just got to pay Thompson and make sure to keep him around.
  8. nurbis

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    I assume the committee set it up this way for fear of an SEC heavy CWS. The only teams that were not setup for a potential pairing with another SEC team in the supers were UGA and LSU. We could have had 6 max which would have been interesting if they all could have got there.
  9. nurbis

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Looking at the weather channel, it looks like the Gainesville area should be clear by 6:00 Eastern. No reason they can't get one today. Anybody know if there is a time limit as far as how late a regional game can be started?
  10. Looks like UNC is still there and will probably win their regional. Can you imagine being FSU coaches and players and being a national seed and the first team eliminated. Then sitting at home today knowing teams are playing to win your regional in your stadium and you are not even a factor.
  11. We have plenty of pitching available. I know we still have a 7 run lead but what are we doing here? Should have made a change as soon as he walked the guy to get two on.
  12. Sounds like maybe fatigue is starting to play a role for NC State. Glad we finally got those 3 runs back.
  13. Bienlien is the guy they said on TV earlier would be the starter. His numbers are okay but not great. Hopefully we can keep the bats going. The SEC pitching has prepared us well for this weekend.
  14. The no replay in the regionals is idiotic.
  15. nurbis

    Raleigh Regional

    On TV they said it was going to be Michael Bienlien. He has a 5.64 ERA and 3-3 record.