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  1. Not just the SEC, half the teams in the CWS are SEC West teams.
  2. This annoys me because we would likely be sitting at 17 wins and have that 4th spot locked up if not for the weather last Sunday. I don't understand how the SEC doesn't have a plan for that besides just call it no contest.
  3. Listening to a little of the post game interview with Thompson, sounded like he just had an off game. Thompson was talking about how he struggled even in the first inning. I think Thompson said location was an issue and he kept getting behind on batters. I didn't get a chance to listen until later in the game so I missed the innings he was pitching.
  4. That was such a big win. Win they retook the lead and it was 5-4, I thought for sure we were about to get a repeat of last night. Pitching held up and the bats came alive right when we needed it. It isn't a series win but it feels like one and we still have a chance to get the series win tomorrow.
  5. In fairness, UT is now 18-1 in conference play so the chances of us winning one this weekend are slim but it would be nice if we could at least be competitive. 17-4 is pretty ridiculous regardless of how good they are.
  6. It was great to win the series bit even bigger getting the sweep. Going to need that boost to the SEC record going into next weekend. With the way UT is playing, it is going to be tough to get a win.
  7. Finally, a chance for a sweep in an SEC series. Even if we don't get it, still nice going into tomorrow with the series already won.
  8. Yep, Harry's has been gone for a long time. There is a large apartment/condo complex there now.
  9. This was a 4-10 MTSU team coming into the weekend. They were swept by South Alabama. SEC play this year is going to be brutal.
  10. Dream job or not, if he somehow turns things around he will almost certainly leave when other offers start coming in. After everything that has occurred the past few weeks, why would he stay? I think Harsin will be gone in a year or two regardless of whether he succeeds or fails.
  11. Agreed. He was at Boise as a position coach and/or OC from 01 to 10. If he were toxic and impossible to work with, why would they hire him as head coach and then how did he manage to remain head coach and do pretty well there for so long in spite of it all. Seems odd that he is this awful person but this is the first anybody is hearing about it publicly.
  12. 5 times at LSU and 2 times at bama. He was 4-3 against saban. He was also 2-0 against Urban.
  13. Probably means the player support. Kind of hard to claim a guy is abusive and racist and then have several team leaders come out and say they think he is a great coach and exactly what they need.
  14. But that leaves the obvious question of how did he manage to function with the Seahawks for so long with these problems but can't last longer than a month at Auburn?
  15. I wasn't really making a comparison. I was saying with his transgressions at Ole Miss, he would need to have had a history of Meyer type success for me to be able to overlook it. I don't feel like his history is worth it.
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