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  1. TCU lost by 3 in overtime for their only loss of the year. Pretty much equal to bama's loss to UT. They also both played and beat Texas on the road. TCU won by 7 and bama won by 1. They both have two Top 25 wins as of the rankings today. With one more game played and one less loss, TCU should get that spot but the committee sure loves bama.
  2. You are right. I think they count ranked wins based on rankings at the time the game was played. But that means App State is counting a top 10 victory against A&M. Just doesn't make sense to me. I think they should look at rankings as they are today for counting Top 25 wins but I guess that is not the way they do it.
  3. I think bama is actually 2-2 vs Top 25 based on playoff rankings today. I only see Texas and MSU ranked from their wins. TCU would be 2-1 as of today. Plus, the team TCU lost to is one they had already beaten before. Also, the question the committee needs to ask, if bama had played UGA in the SEC championship, would they have won? Almost certainly they would have 3 losses, they should not get a pass by skipping the game. Logically I don't see how bama earns that spot based on play on the field this year but money and fanbase tend to be as big a factor so who knows.
  4. I did not realize this was a thread from Nov. 1. Thought this was being announced today and thought it odd since he has a chance to make some noise in the new offense. That last tweet sounds like he may be coming back with the Freeze hire.
  5. Well, we all know how Kirby likes his long con games with our commitments. This could be another George Pickens in the making. The biggest thing is this is one kid and while we would be happy to have him, if we do not get him, it will not be the end of Auburn football. The only thing that is important at this point is making the right coaching hire. Everything else will fall into place after that.
  6. There is a video in the article of RJ Young saying it. Go to the 2:20 mark of the video. It was not a quote from Sanders.
  7. He got a big raise at the end of last year making him the 11th highest paid coach. Not sure what it would take to get him out of it but I expect it would take a lot.
  8. nurbis


    You might want to go back and look at UGA's records at the time. UGA was not even remotely close to down. Unless you consider six 10 win or better seasons between 2001 and 2008 as being down. Bama was down but LSU wasn't with Saban and then Les Miles. Tuberville's record against top ten teams is the best in Auburn history at 15-14 and he is the only coach with a winning record against top ten teams. Malzahn's is 4th best at 7-14. Gus was better at recruiting but Tuberville was a better game day coach and a much better developer of talent.
  9. The concern I have at this point is a new AD is hired and decides he/she doesn't want their first act as AD to be firing a coach they don't know and have not had the chance to work with. So they give Harsin another year to work with him to see if they can turn things around. At this point it would be better to cut the chord now so everybody is on the same page about the direction things need to go when the AD is hired. Realistically that choice is probably not going to be left to the AD anyway but it still concerns me a bit.
  10. We lost to georgia. We always lose to georgia. Sure we got beat down by georgia but that happens pretty regular also. We are 6-17 against them since 2001. Hard to get people up in arms about something that happens so often. Just kind of expect it now. Maybe a beat down by Ole Miss this weekend will move the needle more.
  11. I think he is similar to Gus in that he has a lot of 8 and 9 win seasons with the occasional big season mixed in. The big difference is he has never had access to the talent level that Gus was able to recruit here. He has shown 3 times now that he can turn a mediocre program into a competitive team. I think the bigger problem with him is he is an oddball and people in control don't want him to be the face of their program. It would be interesting to see what he could do at a top tier school.
  12. Only four coaches in the country are making 10 million or more a year and 3 of them have MNCs. DS has 2 years of FCS coaching experience and has never even coached against an FBS team. It would be insane to pay him or any other coach not named Urban Meyer that kind of money.
  13. Pretty depressing to think about what could have been for that kid if he had just a little bit of OL talent to run behind.
  14. I am not doing a deep dive on who transferred out of each school but overall recruiting rankings for the last 4 years from 247 are pretty comparable. Heupel is just doing a better job developing it. 2019 AU - 13 UT - 11 2020 AU - 8 UT 10 2021 AU - 18 UT - 22 2022 AU - 21 UT - 23
  15. Tennessee had some solid recruiting classes under Pruitt. The guy was a buffoon but he knew the process. They were not without talent just like we were not when Harsin took over. I think the difference is Heupel has done a better job filling gaps and developing players.
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