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  1. I was wondering the same thing but they showed a view a minute or two later from a different angle that showed that Shivers had stepped out when he caught it.
  2. Is Bigsby not a premier back? 247 has him the 31st best player in the country and 5th best RB. That is pretty highly rated.
  3. Malzahn is the reason we are starting a freshman quarterback and have a pedestrian offensive line in year 7. That isn't an excuse to to give him a pass for losses this year, that is a direct reason to criticize him for the losses this year. Also, per the NCAA stats on scoring offense, we rank 58th.
  4. So D1 coaches are not interested in a school that they can recruit top 10 talent to, compete for national championships like the past 5 coaches have over the last 40 years, and will be compensated potentially within the top 10 highest paid coaches in FBS if they are good at their job? If a D1 coach is not interested in that job because they are concerned about having to play strong opponents every year, then they probably are not a coach that would be on our list of candidates anyway. If they are afraid of competition then why are they in coaching in the first place. I don't get it.
  5. Who has come after him, Arkansas and supposedly FSU? Malzahn was only a realistic option for the Arkansas job because Auburn fans were unhappy with him to the point he might have been fired and be available. He was never going to leave Auburn for Arkansas, that job is a huge step down. Malzahn just used Arkansas's interest to get a huge raise. Malzahn is not a candidate for the FSU job regardless of whether or not some random sports writer puts his name on a list. Even the guy writing the article said it is an outside the box option. Nobody is coming after him.
  6. That consensus was because everybody understands Malzahn's limitations and knows he would not elevate Auburn to beat the good teams in the conference. It is amazing that all of the Malzahn fans defend Malzahn by saying we shouldn't be disappointed because we already knew we couldn't beat those good teams anyway. Somehow that is a defense and not a reason for criticism. Next year before the season starts everybody will talk about Malzahn's personality change in the fall and how he sounds more relaxed. Some other kid will be a superstar in practice that we better watch out for. Then at the end of the year year when we finish 8-4 or 7-5 again and Nix looks no better and the new offensive line is awful, those will be the excuses for why it is okay to have another mediocre season and in some way this will still amazingly not be Malzahn's fault. Lather, rinse, and repeat.
  7. All this sounds like is a rumor created as a reason to give Malzahn a pass for what is likely to be another 4 loss season. That still doesn't justify stupid decisions like playing a hurt Whitlow in the wildcat when he has a healthy Gatewood standing next to him that could have run it much better.
  8. Did a little research on sports reference. Losses with less than 200 yards: 2016 UGA and bama, 2017 Clemson. 3 total. We only had 117 for an entire game against Clemson Losses with 200 to 300 yards: 2014 UGA, 2015 LSU, UGA, and bama, 2016 Clemson, 2017 UGA, 2018 UGA and bama, 2019 Florida and LSU. 10 total Losses with 300 to 400 yards: 2015 MSU, 2016 A&M and Oklahoma, 2017 LSU, 2018 MSU and LSU. 6 total
  9. I don't think we will get anything different from Gatewood. They are both coached by the same people. I think the issue is the leap from high school to SEC football was obviously to0 big for Nix and he needed more time to acclimate to the speed of SEC football. I think there are some coaches that could have had Nix ready but our coaches are just not good enough with QBs and never have been which is why I don't think Gatewood will be any better. At this point Nix has far more game experience than Gatewood and he still is not progressing. The bigger concern is we are on our third OC/QB coach since Malzahn has been HC and the results for QBs is always the same, which is mediocrity. My question is how much QB coaching does Malzahn do compared to the actual QB coaches? There must be a reason why the QBs never get better even with coaching changes. The one constant is Malzahn. I can't help but feel like he is just not a good QB coach but he thinks he is so he wants to do the majority of the coaching for that position. If that is the case, what is it going to take to get him to wake up to this realization. If he has not figured it out in 7 years, will he ever?
  10. There are no games you are supposed to lose. We should have the ability to win them all. If we can look at the schedule and say that we can't beat Florida, LSU, Georgia, and bama, then the head coach obviously isn't doing a very good job of having the team prepared to play at the highest level of competition. That points to a need to make a coaching change. Expecting an undefeated season every year is unreasonable. Expecting the team to be capable of beating each team on the schedule individually is not unreasonable, that is Malzahn's job.
  11. The defense is playing so hard and the offense is giving them nothing in return. Seems like this is the story every game we play against a good team.
  12. Agreed. I have defended him all year but right now he is a liability. He isn't anywhere close on half of his passes and the rest are just off enough to be uncatchable.
  13. Was obvious from the first quarter that LSU couldn't block us. I guess the refs are trying to even it out.
  14. Outside of the already mentioned A&M win in 2013, we beat Ole Miss in Oxford in 2014 when they were ranked 4th. The only other road wins against ranked teams I think were Kansas State 2014, A&M 2015, and Ole Miss 2016 but none of those were high ranked teams.
  15. You could argue A&M has a tougher schedule but it is pretty close. I definitely think A&M and us are 1 and 2 for toughest in the nation.