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  1. FINAL: Auburn 40 Georgia 17

    I agree. It is so frustrating to pull for them to lose all year and they win big in almost every game, then the one game they really struggle and we can't enjoy it because now we need them to win. I can live with it if it keeps our playoff hopes alive, though.
  2. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Malzahn is making a point and I like it.
  3. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Is it just me or do I hear Soulja Boy?
  4. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    even with the fumbled snap that was still a huge drive starting at our 3 and coming away with points.
  5. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    how do we take a delay there? geez
  6. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Not disagreeing with you, just funny reading that when we have a 20 point lead. Kind of sad what Malzahn's boneheaded decisions have done to us over the years.
  7. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    How can our special teams be this bad? What does it take to hire competent coaches instead of your buddies.
  8. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    I don't usually mind Danielson but he is a little too pro Georgia in this one.
  9. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    The ball was well out of bounds. Unless the receiver is 15 foot tall the ball was uncatchable. Would be nice if they called the holds against us.
  10. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Georgia bailed us out. Play calling before that penalty was too conservative. Much smarter after the flag and not just because we scored.
  11. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    We should go for punt blocks every time. We rarely return it anyways. Get in the punter's head and start getting blocks or forcing some shanks.
  12. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    The defense just hasn't looked the same in the second half of the season. They are still good but since the Ole Miss game it is like they don't look as strong and as focused. Maybe the competition has just been better.
  13. #10 in Latest AP Poll

    This is the exact same position we were in at this time last year. We went 1-3 to end the year last year and lost to every decent team we played. Maybe we get a better end result this year but the disappoint and skepticism with Malzahn has been well earned.
  14. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    The problem here is they have a good plan for what we are doing on offense and Malzahn doesn't/can't adjust so we are screwed.
  15. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    We are one of those teams that gets worse after the off week. Our offensive line is awful.