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  1. We beat Arkansas that, was ranked 17th, on the road, at 11 am. That is a really big win for a first year coach. And Nix looked near perfect aside from a bad decision on an interception. Not sure why you would come here immediately after a win to crap on it. We lost to Georgia primarily because of poor QB and receiver play. What we saw today was a complete 180 in play for those groups. Anybody claiming to be a fan should be really happy with this win.
  2. As soon as we called timeout at 3rd and 17 I knew we were doomed. It was the right call but in typical Auburn fashion, as soon as we show some level of confidence in what we are doing, we find a way to crap the bed.
  3. a dumb turnover for sure but a crap defense lead to points. we had them at 3rd and 17 and gave them an easy 20 yard completion. then let them easily go down the field. this defense is terrible.
  4. Just my thoughts on it. I have heard Harsin harp on the whole practice like you play and play like you practice. He talks a lot about how hard Tank practices. In the short term it might hurt us because I am sure he is aware there are better players he could put in. But in the long run he hast to set the standard that how you practice determines how much you play. If a less talented player is putting in more effort then they get to play. Eventually that message will get across to all of the players and then the most talented players will practice just as hard to earn their playing time which me
  5. I think there was a motel beside the gas station and a kind of rest stop across the street. It has been a while but I think that is right.
  6. Leota has been showing up quite a bit these past two games. Really impressed with him. Hate it for Moultry if true that he does not make it back. From the radio broadcast, they said Saturday was going to tie him for the most games played in Auburn history before it was announced he would not play.
  7. The guy got paid $600,000 for 8 months of work. My boss could fire me today for $600,000 and I would throw a party. Kind of hard to feel bad for this situation considering the horseshite the majority of working Americans have dealt with the past two years with lockdowns, closed and burned businesses, and being forced between choosing to take a vaccine you don't want or providing for your family. Don't really get the crying over this.
  8. Maybe it has been mentioned but one thing to consider is Harsin likely doesn't have the power to fire assistant coaches on his own primarily because of the financial cost and contracts. He is their boss but to fire somebody, he almost certainly has to run that through the AD and legal teams to get it okayed. And I doubt the AD would okay throwing away the money on CW's contract just because the receivers were playing poorly or because Harsin simply wanted to send a message 4 games into the season. My thought is something was likely done or said that can't be allowed in the relationship b
  9. Tuberville beat Saban a few times at LSU. He also beat Urban Meyer a couple of time. Just because bama sucked then didn't mean the whole SEC did.
  10. I didn't understand that. If they admit he did nothing wrong why was the punishment held up? These refs are getting worse every year.
  11. What is nonsense? Malzahn regularly struggled in his career to beat bad teams and many times lost to them. The oline has been poorly recruited for years. Malzahn never recruited a QB from high school and turned them into even an average QB. My take was 100% accurate. Malzahn won the SEC West in his first year. He only got close one more time in the 7 years that followed at that ended with us getting trounced in that game because we had no option other than give the ball to Kerryon. He also benefited from two of the greatest and impossibly lucky plays in football history to get the one SEC West
  12. Lol. Cause Malzahn never struggled against lower teams like Mercer and Tulane, right? Or who could forget our amazing overtime win against Jacksonville State in 2015. The problem with this team is we have players that were coached by Malzahn's staff. Nix is a product of Malzahn coaching. That Oline is a product of Malzahn recruiting. Whether or not Harsin ends up being the right guy for the job, Malzahn should have been fired years ago.
  13. Not sure how they go back to Bo after Finley saved our ass right there. May be right but I think they stick with Finley.
  14. We looked like crap but props to Harsin being willing to go with Finley. Previous staff would have stuck with Nix win or lose. Also props to defense holding shutout second half and adding a score to seal the win at the end. Hard to find much to be happy about but there were at least a few good things there.
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