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  1. Sarcastic remark. Not at WDE but to a pervasive belief AU staff cannot evaluate or develop players.
  2. Another sure sign this staff can not evaluate and coach talent to the next level.
  3. An unemployed coach likes to work.
  4. Waffle House and Dennys kinda go together.
  5. His first post firing public appearance was at Liberty. Falwell,Liberty and Freeze are familar with each other.
  6. I think he stirs the pot for someone.
  7. Saturday Down South has an article mentioning NFL analyst saying Tim Horton could be a candidate at App State. @ellitor
  8. So.....These are the days of our lives. I am in so pass the biscuits. Where you the one who ate all the homemade biscuits at breakfast? If ptb stands for worse don't need to ☺️☺️know. Thanks for your input.
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