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  1. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    I'll have a cigar ready. All I'm gonna say.
  2. The TN program is a mess

    My Bold Prediction is looking legit: At least 3 HC openings in the SEC by season's end.
  3. Chuck Person

    My understanding was it's Wiley, partly due to being related.
  4. Chuck Person

    He's the only one that matches up with NBA talent and step-mother that I'm aware of. The question to me is whether the other is Heron or Purifoy.
  5. The TN program is a mess

    Not convinced UT has the bigger talent at this point. USC is pretty solid talent-wise. You're gonna see the next couple of years them back to their 2010-2012 levels - 60-70% of their starters and most of their subs are all Freshmen and Sophomores. They're gonna be good.
  6. New Auburn bowl projection

    Real hero right here.
  7. The TN program is a mess

    Try when they lose this weekend at home to USC.
  8. Is it too Early?

    Ingram only got it because the Heisman Trust didn't like that Bama didn't have a Heisman winner. Legit the ONLY reason I can see.
  9. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    AuburnAlabamaTexas A&MGeorgiaOle MissMississippi StateSouth CarolinaMiamiUSCWest VirginiaNorth Carolina State 49
  10. Chuck Person

    This is what I saw in the indictment that made me think the same. Wiley's done with Auburn. At this point we need to hope that he's all there is from a player standpoint.
  11. Chuck Person

    From the indictment it sounds like Wiley took money... 😢
  12. Chuck Person

  13. Sean White dismissed

    Dangerous chance to start down the 2012 rabbit hole. Gotta hold the team together. (Before I get lambasted, I know it's a big leap, but all it takes is a push to get rolling downhill)