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  1. Charleston Tiger


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  2. Charleston Tiger

    Mark My Word 2018

    Mark my words: Alabama has 2 regular season losses. Mark my words: South Carolina wins the SEC East. Mark my words: Auburn has a 1,000 yard receiver. Mark my words: Auburn has at least 2 defensive All-SEC first teamers on the defensive line.
  3. USC isn't going to expand like that anytime soon. They don't have anywhere to really do it unless they get rid of their scoreboard they just put up 5-6 yrs ago. Just won't happen. They also just spent a small fortune creating a football park outside their stadium and moving all the tailgating/parking across Bluff Road in their new VERY nice Gamecock Park. It's one of the few perks you can point to with an off-campus stadium. Arkansas, I would think, would need to see some winning before justifying the expansions. They usually go hand in hand. As far as we go, chalk me into the "make the gameday experience better/make the exterior more aesthetically pleasing before adding seats" group. We have a hell of a home field advantage and are widely considered one of the top 2 toughest places to play in the conference and country, and that's beating out all but one of the stadiums you referenced (Death Valley's gonna Death Valley - especially at night).
  4. Charleston Tiger

    Football Only Facility

    Greene just confirmed that Gus has already met with him and hit him up for a football-only facility. Greene confirmed that's first on his docket. Excited they all see what's sorely needed and hope that we do like other schools have and get the trophies/balls/etc. front and center. Should see that gear right off the bat!
  5. Charleston Tiger

    Charles Barkley wanted Dirk to go to Auburn!

    Charles said this a while ago - there was a video of him saying he tried to get someone to pay him to go to AU too. At this point doesn't matter and interesting story.
  6. Charleston Tiger

    Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    If I were Tennessee I'd absolutely make him tell me no at this point. It was an eternity ago that their issue happened. The man left for his dream job, and from what I remember reading (doesn't make it true and I cannot find source) the powers that be wouldn't let him address the team before he left - not his decision to leave in the middle of the night without saying anything. He's electric as far as personality goes, he's got the scheme to win in the SEC, and he knows how to recruit. Not to mention he's a younger coach who wouldn't soon forget that UT gave him another shot. Plus, it would not make the fans of West Vance happy.
  7. Charleston Tiger

    Wiley and Purifoy

    Well, there we go. Heron is safe at least.
  8. Charleston Tiger

    FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    Bye Gus
  9. Charleston Tiger

    No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    I'll have a cigar ready. All I'm gonna say.
  10. Charleston Tiger

    The TN program is a mess

    My Bold Prediction is looking legit: At least 3 HC openings in the SEC by season's end.
  11. Charleston Tiger

    Chuck Person

    My understanding was it's Wiley, partly due to being related.
  12. Charleston Tiger

    Chuck Person

    He's the only one that matches up with NBA talent and step-mother that I'm aware of. The question to me is whether the other is Heron or Purifoy.
  13. Charleston Tiger

    The TN program is a mess

    Not convinced UT has the bigger talent at this point. USC is pretty solid talent-wise. You're gonna see the next couple of years them back to their 2010-2012 levels - 60-70% of their starters and most of their subs are all Freshmen and Sophomores. They're gonna be good.
  14. Charleston Tiger

    New Auburn bowl projection

    Real hero right here.