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  1. Never going to give them the death penalty. After what happened at SMU, no way the NCAA does that to another large school with such a big income. $$ talks. If they were going to do it again, it would've happened to Bama back in the mid-00s right before the coaching carousel that led em to the Midget got started.
  2. And Truesdell. I like it.
  3. Yeah I saw that too. Not too excited about it. I'll hold out hope because why not right?
  4. Based on the move, assuming this one went against the good guys?
  5. Agree. I said this on another post but while some call this a reach signing, I don't think so at all. He's showing at a 3*-4*, not like he's a low 3*, and film looks really good. I see it more diamond in the rough. These guys usually come in with something to prove too.
  6. I'm not sold on that just yet. I think everything has been trending up for Truesdell for the last week or so. He's borderline 3*-4* from what I've seen. I think it may be one of the diamond in the rough situations. From what I've seen on film and read, this guy wasn't a reach.
  7. For anyone wondering it's apparently going to be livestreamed on
  8. This is also on the WatchESPN app.. you can stream live from phone or XboxONE as in my case.
  9. I think when all is said and done this fella is ours.
  10. Reading Chip Lindsey early name.
  11. Thought stidham was excited to be coached by lashlee? Guess I read wrong somewhere.
  12. Yup my first thought was recruiting AND Stidham.
  13. Uhhh WHAT