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  1. 42 Male Columbus Ga via Americus Ga Sidewalk alum from the first time I saw Bo
  2. #1 I called us a 7 to 8 win team before the season started solely on the lack of seniors and experienced upper classman on the offensive line. (3 to 4 win team without our defense being so talented) Just look back at the 2012 o line depth chart and the success of other SEC teams when they have lack of experienced upper classman. #2 Gus' basic Zone read, fast pace, with a dual threat QB = success. Also Gus' fast pace, passing attack, with a decent QB = success. Go back and watch Todd as an Auburn QB and Stidham the past two years when we are in hurry up mode. Gus has to simplify his offensive scheme and packages and just let the athletes we have play ball. (Yes I feel we are stuck with him for now) I have watched Gus' offense tweak and change since he was at Arkansas. Every adaptation of his offense works when he calls plays with a reckless sense of urgency. GUS, please do what the best defensive minds in the world do when they are struggling. Cut the playbook down, Trash the over complicated and waste of time perfect package on the field crap, and just put 11 athletes on the field and let them play fast. Quit trying to win the game on paper!!!
  3. ... lost to Houston bad! (Finished it for ya)
  4. Its not worth the effort. Petrino (with all his issues) was probably one of the best coaches that would have entertained the job at Auburn post Chizik era. I am sure he could have beaten Clemson. Hell, he would of beat Houston if he just had a heisman QB on his roster to develop. Anyone who does understand that Vandy has a very formidable defense against the run is not worth my time. Georgia has a great run defense. Vandy beat ga because at the time uga was unbalanced with poor execution in the passing game. Auburn lost to uga because we had no passing threat period. Auburn did not lose to uga because of rushing. Not even close to it. Give bama a fist fight like there is no tomorrow, maybe we steal one from a team thinking about playoffs, win our bowl game, recruit well, heal some players during offseason, and lets push Pettway for heisman next year. WAR EAGLE!!!
  5. It does not look like it will make a difference but has anyone been watching the line judge spot the ball? Watch him when we get the ball back. Every single spot that last drive was 1 yard beyond forward progress. The play before the touchdown he spotted it at Pettways feet and the ref setting the ball looked confused about really putting the ball where he did. Just check it out this drive.
  6. No wonder everyone was always looking at me crazy when I would yell go Wildcats. Glad the OP cleared this up for me.
  7. Didn't he play QB in the second qtr? (Yellow font)
  8. Are you kidding me? The chance to play QB on national television has to be great for recruiting. "Come to Auburn and take a few snaps"
  9. What are the odds that Carl Lawson takes the next snap on offense?
  10. I'm as big a sunshine pumper as there is but something has to happen. I would like to at very least see a scapegoat and kick them out of the locker room. The ball boy or something. ??? Head scratcher... Petway was at the stadium ???
  11. Hey Qb. Go sit on the bench for completing a long pass
  12. I have never seen anything like this before. Three and a halfback Qb with WRs at tailback. Cox faking a speed sweep on 3rd down. Yep that's gotta work
  13. This will be probably the most negative thing I ever felt about Auburn but..... Either Lashlee or Gus needs to be ran out of Auburn this Sunday regardless of the outcome. This is not even sandlot football calls.