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  1. TIFWIW but I workout with a guy whose son plays at MA. He said this morning that he thought something happened on the FSU trip because before then he was picking the noles. He said the last few times he has talked to Kerryon he was all AU. That's about as inside as my info goes
  2. Bob Jones is home team per playoff bracket at ahsaa.com Correct and if Oxford wins, and I think they will, their 3rd round game will be at home no matter who wins the Vestavia-Bessemer City game. Thanks. I'll try to catch the game then and fill everyone in
  3. Raekwon McMillan®‏@Kwon_daTRUTH @THEtreyjohnson haha naw bruh ,, I see y'all auburn boys loaden up Trey Johnson‏@THEtreyjohnson @Kwon_daTRUTH you still stuck on O-State?
  4. What year is it and what are you asking for it?
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