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  1. I met Brahms over the summer. Im guessing that back to back seasons with a broken leg had him contemplating the future then. He is an aviation major and knows what life he could have if he pursued it harder thanks to family ties. Unless he fully commits he won’t see his potential on the field and I believe he has that potential. It doesn’t help that rehab is difficult to complete with a break, albeit not impossible. Ultimately whatever he chooses is a good choice, but it is still a choice that needs to be made. I wish him the best either way.
  2. The most telling statistic of a season that I have ever seen you produce was the 20-20/10-30 rule. I am not shocked at the results for 2018, because I felt like we had experienced starters everywhere but the O-Line. I believe we brought a cumulative of 20 starts combined into the season on the O-Line, where as the O-Line in 2013 was over 100 and 2010 was over 150, if I remember correctly. I wonder how this next year with so many meaningful starters returning may fair. Would you be able to show us how the start to 2018 faired as a team as well as the O-Line and then based on current projected roster how 2019 is shaping up. I believe Big Bird has enjoyed this stat as well. TIA.
  3. I thought sacrifices were best done with young virgins not old goats.
  4. Nice to see you back. I think there were quite a few posters and lirkers(like myself) that were ready for perform tributary sacrifices to get you back and posting. War eagle and thank you!!
  5. For those who want to see a lot of 2019 and 2020 prospects on the field at the same time in the ATL area this fall. Grayson plays at Marietta Sept. 7. As good as Grayson’s 2019 class may be, Marietta’s 2020 class may be better with 6-4 stars and 1-5 stars on 247. It should be a really fun game to watch. I’m looking forward to seeing Pappoe, Clark and Morris go up against Harrison Bailey and Co.
  6. According to Deshaun Davis’s remarks Worm has not hesitated to leave a few marks so far this fall.
  7. There is a bird joke here, I know it. It has become a liberal arts degree For 2018, prior to that it has been a business degree. There have been several football players who have been in the department. Kris Frost comes to mind. I know at least this summer Nick Brahms has also been spotted out at the airport. The flying workload, mixed with practice and classes is an enormous task. Yet it is one of the best programs in the country and is only going to get stronger.
  8. Interesting. I would think Jamai Clark could be pretty helpful seeing as they play on the same line.
  9. What #ourtime reminds me of.
  10. The only part of this game that truly scares me, outside of our OL, is a Todd Grantham led defense. He consistently stole Gus's lunch money when at UGA. Hopefully CCL can bend Grantham to his will. We shall see.
  11. Not so much Hype. Just a final showing from fall camp.
  12. Stat, you mentioned star ratings, but how is the team looking on the players with 20/10 games starting experience rule you have run in the past. Also, thank you for all the hard work!