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  1. http://www.secrant.com/rant/arkansas-sports/ I haven't even opened a thread. The titles speak for themselves. Sorry to link tRant. It was the easiest to get to.
  2. I would be greatly surprised if there arent a couple of attempts to put RSJ on a stretcher. I hope doing so does not cost us dearly.
  3. Clemson definitely has the potential to have a better line than last year. When comparing our DLine to bamas versus an OLine that had 14 games to one that is partially starting over and building chemistry in a hostile environment. I see the variables assisting the DLine more, when communication will inevitably break down.
  4. Mark my words Kam Pettway, may not rush for 1000 yds, but he will knock out a few defensive backs. I was tempted to put this in the over/underpage at 4 DBs, but felt it made more sense here. You can see exhibit A at the 7:30 mark.
  5. You must be channeling your inner Ricardo Louis.
  6. That would be the house sitting gig for Trent Richardson's mom that mysteriously appeared on Craigslist moments before she went online looking for places to live with Trent's daughter. It paid $50k or $60k a year the exact number eludes me but was a fairly nice house as well in Tuscaloosa. The listing has never reappeared on Craigslist following Trent's departure to the NFL to anyone's knowledge. At least that is how it has been told.
  7. I know you're joking, but things really did take an upturn with the commitments of Moultry and Troxell. The kicker and snapper are excellent additions as well. Anyone who complains about recruiting a good kicker and snapper were not at either the 2001 or 2006 Florida games or both. Damon Duvall may have been a bit of a punk but he was 1st Team all American in 2001 for a reason.
  8. Quick roster question from A-Day. There was a second #26 on defense, who only played in a Blue jersey. They said it was Broussard, but he played on the line subbing in for Russell on 3rd and long and gassed Lawson in the 2nd quarter for a series. Was that Tega? He had a couple of plays where he got up field REALLY fast. Plus there was no way this guy was 5'11" and 160+.
  9. The only issue I see is continuity. We are on DC number 5 in 6 seasons. I know CKS runs a similar D to Muschamp, but it is still a different philosophy. CKS more readily uses the blitz to get pressure, it will be curious if this is necessary with our current DL. I hope that most of those issues are ironed out this spring, but it still presents a hurdle. Otherwise, personnel wise we are in possibly the best place we have been in defensively in a while. We have a lot of returning experience instead of relying on incoming freshmen.
  10. Delta had a hard-on for AU grads until the aviation degree switched to the business department from engineering. It has been a bit of a hot mess since then. I graduated from the program in 2004, so hopefully some things have changed since then. I don't know that Frost progressed past private while playing football. Between class work and flying I was at almost 35 hours a week. Add in workouts film and practice and there won't be much room for studying, even with the best tutors. I wish him the best and hope he finds what he wants.
  11. It won't matter if Gus is fired before he is enrolled. He will have to really love Auburn at that point. So we shall see. Gus isn't getting fired. Climb down from the ledge. I didn't say he was getting fired. Just stating a possibility, which very well may come true. All any of us can do is wait and see.
  12. It won't matter if Gus is fired before he is enrolled. He will have to really love Auburn at that point. So we shall see.
  13. golf we need the tiger emblem or an AU coming out of that fireball. Or at least on the ground before it goes off.
  14. If you watch his signing day highlight film from AU on YouTube they list him as a linebacker there as well. It seems to be a trend.
  15. http://youtu.be/758EZXnOAtE Cam's answer to his haters!