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  1. that has been a legit concern of mine, with our receiver running in front of a white background in white uni’s.
  2. Holy cow. How many of those players was AU going after. It looks like a murderer’s row of recruiting misses for Auburn.
  3. I know there is a lot of talk about blown coverage, which obviously there was, but I don’t think it would have mattered. What really spoke to me was in the title. 3 seconds. It has seemed rare for our offense to execute a play this efficiently. Looking at the pocket Bo had way more than 3 seconds to work with. Regardless, he stepped into his throw, which has been rare, and unless there was PI, Swartz would have been able to catch that pass in stride because it was perfectly placed. 3 seconds to perfectly execute a long pass play. That should give Bo the confidence that he doesn’t need an eternity in the pocket, ie. scramble unnecessarily, to make a big play. All Bo needed was 3 seconds. In pass protection, that is all that can really be asked for anyway. I am hoping this helps calm Bo down in the pocket and will allow him to trust that he has the time he needs.
  4. ....is all the time needed for Bo to release a 46 yard pass to hit Anthony Swartz in stride. Ball snapped with 19 on the play clock. Ball leaves Bo’s hand at 16 sec. 6 seconds to get the ball 45 yards down field. Play clock 13. Finally, 11 seconds to go 91 yards with Swartz pulling up at the 5. 8 seconds on the play clock. The defense looked like man under with 2 deep over the top. Swartz had the over the top coverage beat 25 yards down the field. All it took was 3 seconds of protection for Bo to drop the ball in perfectly. This play gives our offense hope. It will push safeties deeper to prevent getting torched likes this moving forward.
  5. Just a heads up, that isn’t how statistics work. All positive cases should be included to more accurately reflect the impact of the virus. Otherwise you are manipulating the dataset and invalidating the data. The limited testing of only those who are critically affected greatly inflated the overall impact of the virus. This has been a known issue with the data.
  6. The argument that the game will grind to a halt plays into “standardized deviation,” the normalizing of doing something wrong. It has become so prevalent that it appears harmful to do the correct thing or in this case call the game fairly. When in fact, after a short calibration period (long in the case of Bama), we would return to normal pace with less holding/PI being committed. It is only done because they know they won’t get flagged for it. In short, the refs are full of bovine excrement.
  7. From WVU media: He was very complimentary of Auburn.
  8. College Station has an airport that is served by air carrier service. As of now, the TS is moving away from CS and appears to be weakening. I see it as unlikely to have much affect on travel, unless you are planning to drive or fly into Houston. I am guessing the team will go directly to college station.
  9. Derrick Brown makes Britt look good on this play. Pancakes the Right Guard and a nice clean alley straight to the ball carrier.
  10. The best opportunity I saw for Shivers, Tega got pushed back and put a leg in front of Worm at the last second tripping him up. Happened midway thru the 1st. He had a wide open lane and would have gashed them hard.
  11. I had a neighbor who I used to tease for being short and his best response was “I am taller than you when I am standing on your chest.” Worm looks like the kind of beast who could make that a reality if he wanted.
  12. I met Brahms over the summer. Im guessing that back to back seasons with a broken leg had him contemplating the future then. He is an aviation major and knows what life he could have if he pursued it harder thanks to family ties. Unless he fully commits he won’t see his potential on the field and I believe he has that potential. It doesn’t help that rehab is difficult to complete with a break, albeit not impossible. Ultimately whatever he chooses is a good choice, but it is still a choice that needs to be made. I wish him the best either way.
  13. The most telling statistic of a season that I have ever seen you produce was the 20-20/10-30 rule. I am not shocked at the results for 2018, because I felt like we had experienced starters everywhere but the O-Line. I believe we brought a cumulative of 20 starts combined into the season on the O-Line, where as the O-Line in 2013 was over 100 and 2010 was over 150, if I remember correctly. I wonder how this next year with so many meaningful starters returning may fair. Would you be able to show us how the start to 2018 faired as a team as well as the O-Line and then based on current projected roster how 2019 is shaping up. I believe Big Bird has enjoyed this stat as well. TIA.
  14. I thought sacrifices were best done with young virgins not old goats.
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