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  1. tigerwings

    That's Smarts

    There is a bird joke here, I know it. It has become a liberal arts degree For 2018, prior to that it has been a business degree. There have been several football players who have been in the department. Kris Frost comes to mind. I know at least this summer Nick Brahms has also been spotted out at the airport. The flying workload, mixed with practice and classes is an enormous task. Yet it is one of the best programs in the country and is only going to get stronger.
  2. tigerwings

    2019 3* DT LaDarrius Cox (Vols)

    Interesting. I would think Jamai Clark could be pretty helpful seeing as they play on the same line.
  3. tigerwings

    Our Time: One win away

    What #ourtime reminds me of.
  4. tigerwings

    Our Season

  5. tigerwings

    Gus can leap forward

    The only part of this game that truly scares me, outside of our OL, is a Todd Grantham led defense. He consistently stole Gus's lunch money when at UGA. Hopefully CCL can bend Grantham to his will. We shall see.
  6. tigerwings


  7. tigerwings

    Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    Not so much Hype. Just a final showing from fall camp.
  8. tigerwings

    Making the most of the available talent in 2017

    Stat, you mentioned star ratings, but how is the team looking on the players with 20/10 games starting experience rule you have run in the past. Also, thank you for all the hard work!
  9. tigerwings

    Auburn Football 2017 Hype Video Thread

    My go to this season.
  10. tigerwings

    2018 4* RB Dameon Pierce

    Pierce just commuted to Florida.
  11. tigerwings

    ***Auburn 56 Arkansas 3 -- Postgame Thread*** I haven't even opened a thread. The titles speak for themselves. Sorry to link tRant. It was the easiest to get to.
  12. tigerwings

    AU vs. TAMU - Wednesday Practice Notes (9/14/16)

    I would be greatly surprised if there arent a couple of attempts to put RSJ on a stretcher. I hope doing so does not cost us dearly.
  13. tigerwings

    2016 Week 1 Depth Chart (MERGED)

    Clemson definitely has the potential to have a better line than last year. When comparing our DLine to bamas versus an OLine that had 14 games to one that is partially starting over and building chemistry in a hostile environment. I see the variables assisting the DLine more, when communication will inevitably break down.
  14. tigerwings

    Mark My Word 2016

    Mark my words Kam Pettway, may not rush for 1000 yds, but he will knock out a few defensive backs. I was tempted to put this in the over/underpage at 4 DBs, but felt it made more sense here. You can see exhibit A at the 7:30 mark.
  15. tigerwings

    How bout them receivers...

    You must be channeling your inner Ricardo Louis.