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  1. The big question for this season is can coach Harsin develop the talent on this team and win games? He was known for developing less talented players at Boise and winning. Au has talent left on this team and if Coach Harsin can develop Calzada or TJ the sky is the limit. IMO if that happens Au can beat anyone on the schedule including UGA and Bama. We was one play away from beating Bama last season. “I’ve always wanted to share my passion for the game and you can do that as a coach,” Harsin said. “If you’re a good coach, you can teach because the players want to excel. “That’s the sign of a good coach, if you actually help your players improve. They want to know that you give them an advantage. “If a player knows you’re going to help him be better, and he trusts you and the information you’re giving him, you’re making a huge impact on his love and development of the game. “It’s always been about football, but as you get older and do this more, you build relationships and see how powerful those really are, it becomes about the whole idea of development.” As Boise’s QB coach and offensive coordinator, Harsin developed Kellen Moore, whose 50 victories from 2008-11 are the most by an FBS quarterback. “Kellen was already driven to be the best,” Harsin said. “We identified things he could do that would improve his game. He was able to take that blueprint and execute it. With a guy like that, you don’t want to spoil the talent, you want to give him a good plan and let him go out there and work hard at it.” In Moore’s fourth season working with Harsin, 2010, he was a Heisman finalist the year Cam Newton won. The 32-year-old Moore is in his third season as the Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator. “He was a great challenge for me because I tried to provide value to his development every single day to stay ahead of him. His work ethic, his grind,” Harsin said. “There’s a reason why he was successful and the winningest quarterback in college football.”
  2. How much of a donation? I have donated before but guess it wasn’t big enough.
  3. Did anyone hear Harsin dad on Finebum? He basically said CBH don’t go after stars he goes only goes after players who show interest and want to come to Auburn.. that won’t work here.. you still have to try to recruit greatest talent available to compete in the SEC.
  4. If we lose coaches there are coaches ready to come
  5. No he is just doing lineman academy now.. but he wants to come
  6. I put this on the other thread but should have put it here..
  7. Time to get some more Auburn guys in the staff
  8. Nick Eason.. but may be part of the investigation
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