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  1. Well guys, good night. Not gonna watch another embarrassing loss.
  2. Can't watch anymore!! So tired of 'waiting until next year',
  3. Lay it right at the feet of Jay Jacobs!!
  4. It's called poor coaching! Injuries gonna happen. Gonna get some bad breaks. Coach is responsible for contingencies and Gus cannot plan.
  5. I disagree. Less than 50 yds in 2 half. Good bet we won't score.
  6. I would agree that Dabo would be a good bet to step in unless he blows up over the next couple of years.
  7. I'm tired of losing. I'm tired of half-azz coaching. I'm sick and tired of being the red-haired step child in this state.
  8. We're at best middle of the road (again!) and bammer is a NC contender. IMHO, as long as CGM and CNS remain in their respective positions, that's, unfortunately the future. Not being negative, just seeing things as they truly are. With JJ's rediculous buyout contracts, we appear to be stuck (in the middle of the road). Just makes me sick.