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  1. Didn't Bama fire one of their basketball related individuals over this FBI crap already? I would assume there had to be a player involved somehow..
  2. Does anyone wonder about how much the REC pays Thamel th trash Auburn when ever possible?
  3. It really is a shame that the media(ESPN in this case) can control the minds of high school players and their parents. I bet if ESPN or the SEC channel started a campaign promoting Kentucky as the greatest and best Football power in the SEC they would start getting 5* players like never before. The SEC and REC make sure that is what happens at Bama.
  4. Another thought, what about all those "BEAR BRYANT" tattoos. Hear it now " granddaddy why do you have a man's pictures on your back!!!
  5. What's going to happen when the "younger" Alabama fans start worshiping God Saban and the "older" fans continue to worship God Bear? It won't be long before they will look like a bunch of clowns dressed in houndstooth and straw hats.
  6. Just curious, but I wonder how many tickets AU was on the hook for that didn't sell? Our ticket office does a poor job of distribution of tickets other than to the BIG donors!
  7. Has anyone noticed they have shown the Georgia band, pep squad and fans 95% of the game?
  8. For those of us that are making the trip to College Station, should we wear blue or orange? We need to stand out for the team!
  9. After reading most of the comments maybe Officials need to be paid on performance during games instead of a set salary. Most businesses give their employees salary increases and bonuses after a performance review. It would be very easy to review the missed calls and the good calls in just a few hours after the game is over. Wouldn't a Ref love to get a bonus for good officiating? Bet they wouldn't miss very many calls!!!
  10. Maybe Gus got ahold of some of Saban's "RAT POISON "
  11. Watching games today, does anyone but me think the SEC Officials are calling games in such a way to effect the outcome?
  12. Maybe ESPN (REC) will get off our butt now that we are no longer a threat to Alabama in the west!??
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