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  1. Great observations abw0004 and really appreciate your kind words for the band. My son is a junior electrical engineering major and member of the AUMB for the past 2 years. He designed the LED hardware setup for the band, programmed and controlled the show from his computer! He and other engineering students in the band put in countless hours and effort making this show a reality. They literally built the whole thing from basic components! Seeing it in person really made this AU Dad/1980 Grad beam with pride and admiration for his son!!! Above is best link l have found to the halftime show.
  2. I believe the cell phone flashlights in the stands were a response and carryover from the AUMB halftime show which featured their new light show. Each band member had an LED light strip on their hat/shako, the drums and sousaphones each had light strips. The light show was programmed and controlled on my son's computer. He designed and headed up the whole project. He is a junior in Electrical Engineering and former member of the AUMB. It was awesome to see in person at the game!
  3. Rose, now HC at Bob Jones, coached for many years in the Shoals area, was HC at Sheffield for several seasons. Chip Lindsey was head coach at Colbert Heights during this same timeframe, also in the Shoals area. The two are likely friends.
  4. No, they have rehearsal in Auburn today at 2 pm. My son just left headed back to Auburn.
  5. May have already been addressed, but do we have any information on the injury situation coming out of this game? Gus was his usual vague self in his post-game comments.
  6. ClaytonAU and Trout54: Yes, seriously! Would appear from all reports that Xavier Dampeer is indeed still on the team and may see time at center in 2016.
  7. Is Xavier Dampeer still on the team?
  8. Have 2 tickets in east upper deck for sale. Section 103 row 29. Can meet in Auburn before game. Message me if interested.
  9. I need one ticket for the LSU game. Family of 3 but have only 2 tickets right now. Prefer NE corner or SW corner endzone area.