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  1. Alex has a solution. Let the Arabs wipe out Israeli. Problems solved.
  2. What we be real cool is watching UT lose after everyone is calling for them win the natty or at least compete for it. I've really missed the point of all the extreme optimism on that one. Could it happen? Sure. Will it happen? I highly doubt it. Well they have recruited pretty well and were close on a few big games last year. I can see reason for optimism. I'd really like to see them step up. Bama needs someone else to be able to challenge them.
  3. While patrons of a nightclub shouldn't be armed, they definitely should have trained armed security. These gun free zones are an open invitation to people who seek to do great harm to others.
  4. the reasonable people tried to stop certain people from obtaining such weapons and the gun lobby struck that down. That is all the gun lobby is good for is promoting unrest. You're still focused on the weapon and not the people doing this and the ideology behind it. OK so you ban the so called assault weapons and then the danger just magically disappears. The black market will supply them or they'll move on to something else like maybe suicide bombers. It's OK as long as they don't kill 50 at one time. 100 people killed 1 or 2_at a time is acceptable. Just can't have it all at once.
  5. Most of this comes from the crusades. Problem with that analogy is this. The crusades were a response to the actions of Muslims invading Europe. Funny thing is now Europe is inviting them in . Support for Sharia Law is very high song Muslims worldwide. ISIS also has a very favorable image among Muslims. The problem is getting worse instead of better. Political correctness is exacerbating things. This is a religion stuck in The 7th century.
  6. You think mass killing will go away because we ban "assault weapons" All you care about is the weapons. None of you want to do anything about the people doing the killing. Hell you want to import more of them in the name of compassion. Europe is coming apart at the seams but yet that lesson never sinks in to the idiots here.
  7. Unless and until the rest ofvtgr Muslim world stands up and actually does something to rid their religion of the ones like ISIS, one can only assume they are OK with it. We fought a bloody civil war to end slavery. They want people to believe them when they say the jihadist isn't true Islam, then do something about it. http://rightwingnews.com/videos/words-may-wound-islamists-will-kill/
  8. This is a bit long but he nails everything dead on. There is a YouTube video of this that runs about 45 minutes. http://rightwingnews.com/top-news/evan-sayets-speech-hating-whats-right-how-the-modern-liberal-winds-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-every-issue/
  9. Which ones ? Stop lying. No, the discussion is militant Islamists, who did this, NOT guns in freaking clubs. Or gays. THAT is the effing conversation, dumb ass. The problem is the gun not the guys yelling Allahu Akbar. If they don't have legal access to guns the problem is solved.
  10. That was also before the NICS instant check system was put into effect. Waiting periods were ineffective at best. Ask the numerous women who were killed by ex-husbands/boyfriends, Oh wait...... no way to know it didn't help at all. If it saved someone from getting killed you would not know it it didn't hurt anyone either People have been while waiting to get through the background check and waiting periods.
  11. If true, the game will be over in the first quarter . It will be reminiscent of the LSU game last year. I don't think so. I don't either. If JJ starts, it probably means that he got a grip on whatever was his mental problem and we now have our best QB on the field. If you mean able to read a defense under pressure then maybe. I'm told by someone who would know that JJ is a distant distant 3rd right now. Going to be either SW o JF3. JF3 passing is pretty bad but JF3 is showing he has the drive to beat out SW and is trying to improve everyday. SW? I don't know if the same drive is there. Going to be an interesting fall camp. SW will be the #1 QB going into fall camp. If JJ get the start. The Gus Bus at AU will be over. IMO. JJ has a big hurdle to overcome in order to be the #1 guy. He has to demonstrate beyond any doubt that the issues that plagued him last year have been vanquished. Whether he can or not remains to be seen but Gus isn't going to name him the starter unless he clearly demonstrates he is ready.
  12. The 3D printing technology will make any such laws moot. Talk about creating a black market. This will do it. We have to legalize drugs to end the Black market and gang violence associated with it but we can institute this without creating a new one.
  13. One day I want to get that on a billboard.
  14. Russia hacked into the DNC and even got into some government computers a while back but we're supposed to believe that her private server was secure and nobody could have possibly gotten into it. Actually nobody needs to hack into anything. "Donate" enough money to the foundation and she'd give you access. This is "lying within normal parameters"
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