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  1. I've been wondering the same thing. His ball security at LSU was a major issue. He had his pocket picked far too often.
  2. I was wondering the last couple of games, and a few items seem to ring true (even from last year): Urgency of better selection of shots isn't there until they are down big, or almost that is when it seems as that is when they play better because there is less stress Hero ball is played far too often Lack of effort/size going for the rebound Poor free throw shooting Lack of higher percentage shots/Live by the 3 die by the 3 Lack of chemistry/trust amongst the team Granted this is from what I can tell just listening to the game and watching the missed shots on an app. I could be completely wrong, but these seem like coach-able things to fix.
  3. Hmm I thought this one was more appropriate
  4. Er, desperation was there last year(s), and it appears to be a common response when things are not going his way. His look on the sidelines during the game isn't one of calm and considerate play calling. I more expect there to be a double down on the insanity honestly.
  5. Hmm which one? I'm right down from one on Rosswell Rd outside of Buckhead and was thinking about going to it this week.
  6. Varsity + Waffle House = RIP digestive track.
  7. And the execution and messaging if a JuCo/trasnfer comes in to take a spot on the team is done very poorly. I know from conversations that the way Gus discarded QBs on the team for Stidham did not leave a good taste in their mouth. Player development is nonexistent at the moment, especially QBs, and the way Gus gave away the starting position to Stidham before really competing for the job made some of the people in the know (or heck maybe they aren't as much as they think) lose respect for him. Now we see the same band-aid fix coming in possibly with Kelly. There is no consistency in the program at the moment, and the people I talked with don't like the direction the program continues to travel.
  8. There are a few areas where I found myself very frustrated with Steele throughout the year. The d-line consistently had a problem containing and finishing plays (especially on 3rd down) throughout the year. The d-line would get pressure, but the line would fail to sack the quarterback, over run the play, and/or shed the blocker. This plays more on Garner than Steele though. Our secondary was not stellar this year either. We knew it would be a weakness in the year, and the weakness never seemed to improve. What I do find distressing is that the defensive coverage and blitzing schemes did not change when Tua torched our dbs. I was expecting some type of adjustment to counter what has been Alabama's strength in the 2nd half. Again, this could play more to Brown/Woodson as the DB coach. So maybe not Steele directly, but he chose the assistants around him.....