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  1. It isn't half bad. Reminds me more of peanut butter than coffee.
  2. I hear he is bringing in a new offensive mojo booster to hand over the reigns to, but since this is an even year, we know nothing will change. His real problem (and for the last couple of years) is the predictable to the tee-shirt pass game. We all know the tiger is ground animal, and the run will always setup the use of the "War Eagle" cheer calling through the air.
  3. Me coming back to the forums after a few days away and seeing nothing but people arguing
  4. Over, under, or just whelmed? Well, obviously I thought the hedges deserved a shot, but I'll give em a shot. I assume the hedges didn't get the nod due to their aggressive holding nature.
  5. Absolutely phenomenal game. I'm replaying now on the Switch after running through it on the comp
  6. I vote for the Jordan-Hare shrubs. Those things do a great job holding people back most of the time. Rumor has it that two "Karens" are still stuck in them to this day.
  7. What I was hoping for before the game offensively: What I actually expected:
  8. Silly question(s), but how much would Gus give em the reigns to run the offense? What all would this impact pass route development wise and playcalling?
  9. Dj/Shivers/Whitlow all have tremendous potential to be something really special with a some help from the line and play calling. Nix has a great upside with some coaching. I think he has done well as a freshman in some tough environments. He needs some work on basic mechanics in the off season. Play calling with better route progressions will put him in better situations. The o-line seems to be playing better with some tweaks. We really need a fantastic pull this recruiting round. Wide receivers - We have talent, but I don't know if it is position coaching or play calling holding them back. Their open field blocking has improved Tight ends - We have the size and skill, but don't seem to view them as a viable option in the passing schema for some reason
  10. "Red herring" fallacy. The comments in this thread are literally about Gus and not players. Ad hominem fallacy. No one made a comment about players not being disappointed. I sure have felt plenty of loss and disappointment over the last seven years, but this isn't about me or what I have been through. I would say this is a bit begging the question because no one is saying he is to blame for all of the failures. What is being said is that there are key patterns that continue to replay every year that I pointed out in my last post. Things that he continues to not learn from every year. I was willing to give him another chance this year, but I was let down by seeing the same patterns play out yet again. He ran the Whitlow in to the ground without switching up backs. He promised Gatewood a roll in the offense, but never truly delivered. Receiver progression and play adaptation has not improved. I would love if Malzhan came out and proved everyone wrong. This was his year to do it. Instead, he repeated the same thing he has the last couple of years. Back to the topic at hand: Very well said.
  11. First, I didn't pick out a single player or mention a single name. Do players make mistakes? Yes, everyone does. What I am talking about here is a continued display of lack of development of players across seven years on the offensive side. I'm talking about running players in to the ground, not knowing your strengths going in to a season, talking points at game 10 of the season where the offense is "still a work in progress", not using players in their skill set, and hiring yes men to his staff. As for DB, I would come back too to play with what was going to be the dominant d; last year's draft class was heavy d-line wise as well. Plus, he gets to play with his brother. Nix is a freshman, which I'm not going to place blame on; he has played admirably, but why was there not a suitable back-up? Why, knowing that that Gatewood was so raw, was there not another plan? We saw it with several other highly touted players too? What about the other players that bought in to the Gus offense that aren't being used or developed? They may be unhappy, but they stay around because any other immediately costs them a year of eligibility unless they red shirt transfer. We can't cherrypick players or use straw man fallacies in this discussion. There is a trend here, and your next comment is what bird, and I are saying:
  12. Finding a legitimate coach is the same worry I have at the moment. That is the only reason I am on the fence for finding another coach. I'm going to play devils advocate. We are usually in the game in the 4th quarter for a lot of games, even those games where we have no business being that close to at the moment. Tennessee comes to mind; the game where the coach was literally calling our plays.
  13. Referring to the Penn State QB is a straw man fallacy bud, and I agree that it is unreal that he is getting death threats. That situation is completely different than the one we are talking about though. I'm not as old as you, but I am old enough to remember the years when the town and fans gave up on Auburn during Chizik's last year. I remember how how both he and Tuberville hired yes men, and it caused stagnation of the team; I have enough history and seen enough things to recognize those same patterns. I've gone through enough in the last 7 years too to know how precious time is too. Is that extra year or two keeping Gus worth the sacrifice of these young men's time versus the buyout? These men have a limited time to make an impression and get to the next level; a limited amount of time that I am not willing to sacrifice with a coach that won't adapt and won't develop. Is it enough to believe in a coach to hope it might get better when in 7 years it hasn't? What's going to be the catalyst for change?
  14. I am just going to focus on these two statements. It is Gus' job to bring in the right people to help develop these players to execute. Instead, he brought in a bunch of ex-Auburn players and yes men on offense. I like Kodi, but why the heck are we paying him $500,000 a year to be the WR coach? You mention the receivers need to execute better; well, that is on Kodi. The line needs to execute better, well that is on Hand/Grimes. We've since this JABA crud before. To me JABA is about bringing in yes men to agree with you rather than the best people. We are falling behind in recruiting, but the numbers just don't show it right now. The word is out that Auburn/Gus cannot develop offensive players. That is a hard stigma to break without significant change. Change that has not come in years. That is why people are pissed off. Edit: You may be right that removing Gus isn't the answer, but keeping around ineffective skill coaches isn't the answer either. That is the definition of JABA. His offense isn't working.
  15. Well since no one has any clue what is going on we might as well
  16. Ah man. I went through the site again last night. It is mostly from last year, but they updated after Saturday.