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  1. Georgia caught a break when either the Duke administration or the state of NC wouldn't allow Duke to host a regional; so Duke played as the 1 seed in Athens. That didn't work out well for the Devils. Then UGA upsets UF like they did in 2016. Florida wasn't a powerful hitting team; usually their pitching and excellent defense got them by, with the occasional bomb from Lindaman or Hoover.
  2. The first three hitters in OU's lineup each had more homers than Auburn this year.
  3. K B Sides from Alabama has entered the transfer portal.
  4. aTm has hired Jim Schlossnagle from TCU.
  5. I noticed last night that OU's first three hitters (Jennings, Alo, and Hansen) had 79 homers between them. The team as a whole had 155, or something close to that. Auburn's 2016 team that I thought was a monstrous hitting team had 99 homers.
  6. Not sure what happened to Fouts. Maybe the first batter (Mudge) getting a solid hit unnerved her after the perfect game vs. UCLA. Mason's 3-run bomb then turns out to be the difference. I would have walked Hemphill with first base open, though. I'll be pulling for FSU in the finals, though I don't think their pitching can hold OU down. I've never thought Arnold was that good. I expect to see the #1 girl as long as she can hang in there.
  7. The series has proven more interesting than I thought it would. The play of Alexander for JMU has overshadowed even Fouts' perfect game, but she may regain the spotlight. I noticed yesterday that Patty has Taylon Snow slapping. Also pulled her for a PH in the 7th. Can't imagine that happening to her at Auburn.
  8. Spot on. I haven't gotten the feeling that winning is important to the team. It's like a sleepover with uniforms.
  9. He doesn't seem to make players better. In 2017, Rivera hit .345 in conference play as a freshman. As a 5th year senior, she hit .271. Second best on the team behind Koepke, but 70 points below her freshman year. Koepke is the only player who seemed to improve her hitting as the season progressed, and she is transferring.
  10. Slightly stunned by VT doing that to the mighty Uclans. Guess I could look it up, but did UCLA pitch Garcia? And 5 errors? WTH? Also just noticed that Georgia shut out Florida on 3 hits. Didn't know Georgia had that good a pitcher.
  11. Just saw confirmation on College Softball forum that Koepke is in the transfer portal. Entered within the past 2 days.
  12. A player who can't be bothered to keep up with how many outs there are doesn't deserve to be in the lineup.
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