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  1. They have redone the web site, but the roster page doesn't look any different. A curious omission. Maybe they can fix that while they are fixing the videos that won't play. Wallace is front and center on one of the video stills.
  2. She pinch-hit in the 2d inning yesterday against Japan and drew a walk to load the bases w/one out, but USA failed to score. Cooper was 0 for 9 with two walks at that point.
  3. Japan won 2-1, although I was not able to watch much. USA had 6 hits to japan's 3.
  4. USA loaded the bases in bot 2 with one out, but couldn't score. Cooper pinch-hit and drew a walk. McCleney, who was hitting .588 for the tournament, popped out for the third out.
  5. You must have been watching the Junior Team. USA is 5-0 and playing Japan right now for the title. No score after one on ESPN.
  6. Fun reading this thread, guys. One name I may have seen once herein was Willie Gosha. Caught 58 passes in '95 to tie Frank Sanders ('94) for most catches in a season. (Stats as of 2007.) The top 5 in career catches as of 2007 were 1. C. Taylor (153) 2. Bailey (150) 3. Beasley (141) 4. Goodson (136) 5. Sanders (121). The yards per catch leader was Weygand ( 19.66 on 99 catches). Tillman was a close second at 19.44. All Auburn heroes and worthy of a salute. I saw my first game in Cliff Hare in 1954, and I think y'all have done a great job on this thread. I wish we had had concussion protocol back in the Beasley era. One of my favorite WR moments occurred in the opening game of 1987 against Texas. Some Texas cornerback had stated that he didn't think Auburn had any receivers that were all that fast. With Auburn leading 24-3 in the 4th and at the Texas 49, Burger hit Alexander Wright on a slant over the middle, and Ace re-educated the UT secondary as to who was fast and who was not. I remain convinced that Dye called that play because of the cornerback's comment.
  7. I think the omission of any mention of the coaches in her statement is probably significant. I think reading something into the use of the word "some" is probably reaching. JMO. And no, we aren't going to learn anything more about the Corey Myers resignation.
  8. Can Stidham's girlfriend hit the rise ball?
  9. Arizona State announced three transfers yesterday (in). One is a catcher, but her stats pale next to Carlee's. So it looks less likely that Carlee will wind up in Tempe.
  10. Probably already has a stash of T-shirts and window decals.
  11. I remember watching 2-3 years ago, and I think only 2 homers were hit during the whole thing.
  12. Just noticed that Arizona State's only returning catcher had only 2 ABs last year, played in 11 games. Don't have one in their recruiting class, either. The Devils had a 31-22 record under 1st-year coach Trisha Ford. Lost out in the Oxford Regional after winning their first game there. Carlee's hometown of Alpine is just east of San Diego. Probably a quick run over to Tempe on I-8.
  13. The straight-up answer is that no one who knows the answer to that is saying. Thinking it's a very small group.
  14. I wouldn't bet against you, just throwing out the possibility. I'd hate to see her go to Oklahoma, but their catcher hits under .200 (Wodach) I wonder if there are any numbers on Carlee's average as catcher versus average as DP.
  15. Well, she's not required to play softball anywhere. She can pick up her own tab and finish school without it. It's not like there's a $5 million contract waiting. That would be unusual for such a high-profile player, perhaps unprecedented, but maybe she's just gotten tired of it.