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  1. We came in about where I thought, really. We were picked 9th in the conference with Martin and finished 10th without her, but made the semis in the tournament. I was surprised we won the series at Knoxville, and surprised we were swept by Arkansas. I think the team had better chemistry this year, more on the same page. This year's seniors were the last to have been to OKC. Younger ones have to make their own way now. I look forward to it.
  2. I believe he's referring to "Game of Thrones". I've never watched it, either.
  3. Proud for the girls on what this team has accomplished after losing Martin. We lost a series or two I thought we should have won; but they seem to have hung together, and are playing some pretty good softball right now. Baylor lost their #1 pitcher and went 18-30.
  4. That was probably Lexie's best outing of the year Came at a good time, and an invaluable experience for her going forward. Too bad our big hitters couldn't deliver in top 3. Tannon looked baffled all day at the plate. Thing is, if Char goes tonight, Lexie will likely get Ariz. again (assuming we win). Harvard and Colo. St. are scoreless after 1. Edit: CSU leading 6-0 in top 7.
  5. According to Auburn Undercover, she has a concussion, but no fractures. Ashlee says she'll be ready for the field in 5 days.
  6. In perhaps the biggest stunner of the tournament, 9 seed Texas lost to Sam Houston State 2-1. The Horns go into the losers' bracket today against aTm. Some juicy games on tap today. Georgia vs. Drake was a great game last night, UGA finally prevailing in 8 innings with a 2-run homer. The Dogs get Minny today. James Madison is at Michigan, and Texas Tech at LSU. The 50-win Ragin' Cajuns are at Ole Miss. OK State is poised to be the first team to make the supers, with one more win over Tulsa. Our game at 5 Central.
  7. Proud of the effort by the team. Rivera due kudos for jumpstarting it with that two run-homer. 4 for 4 not bad. Feel badly for Swindle, she's done a lot of clutch pitching this year. She settled things down when she came in tonight.
  8. Perry walks, Maresette a single, Greenwood a single, RBI groundout by Dowell, wild pitch. 9-5 Auburn going to 5. Sorry WT. My computer didn't show a couple of your posts.
  9. Completely over that 20' screen behind the CF fence - landed 50-75' behind the fence.
  10. And Godwyn gets an RBI.. Oh, and Maresette got a clean hit also.
  11. Since everyone else in the world still uses it (except you, apparently), I think I will continue.
  12. Looking at conference stats. Maresette is headed only by Rivera, Tannon Snow, and Veach.
  13. Maresette has a better average than Perry, Podany, or McCrackin. Or Taylon Snow.
  14. Colorado State is a pretty good team. Record 38-10 with wins over aTm and Oklahoma State. Team BA is .327; they have 8 players hitting .290 or more. Leadoff gal hits .412. The first three have combined for 35 homers - team has 61 total. Three pitchers with ERAs between 2.2 and 2.6. Guessing we'll see Hutton.
  15. Tulsa defeated Arkansas 5-0 in the first game of the tournament, a bit of an upset. OK State beat BYU 3-1 in the second game. This or Northwestern is the regional we were aligned to play in, RPI-wise. Edit: And now Arkansas becomes the first team to head home after losing to BYU today.