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  1. 2017 Softball Discussion, 2018 Look-Ahead

    All the commits announced November 2016 are listed on the roster; Taylon Snow, Livy Schiele, Jenna Olsweski, Kara Bilodeau, Chardonnay Harris, Mackenna Dowell, Mackenzie Nutt, and Abby Tissier.
  2. 2017 Softball Discussion, 2018 Look-Ahead

    Thanks for the update, I've been checking that periodically. Greenwood has changed numbers from 10 to 7.
  3. Softball Coaching Candidates

    The team will meet for fall practice sometime within the next two weeks, I've forgotten the exact date. The fall schedule begins October 14.
  4. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    More of Nemeth's allegations can be found in the Auburn Plainsman: I think that just went up about an hour ago. She claims at least three players involved in relationships.
  5. Jacobs' comments about investigation

    Today's Auburn Undercover mailing states that the investigation is almost finished. They (the law firm from Birmingham) are now looking for any unresolved issues. I take this to be separate from Auburn's "comprehensive review of the softball program" as announced by President Leath. I think the complaint used the phrase "multiple" players instead of "numerous" players. I may be hairsplitting, but there is a different connotation. Multiple is more than one; I would take "numerous" to mean at least five. I second Steeleagle's commendation of the players for getting the behavior stopped. At the same time, I generally agree with the gist of AU64's comments.. Seems like way more smoke than fire here. Absent Clint's almost desperate need to have his son coach with him, this would have been a straightforward case. Now karmic justice has been served, in that Clint's son has cost him his career. Nobody wins.
  6. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    My initial reaction was that Ms. Jenkins was covering up. But the more I think about it, I believe she may have been protecting the players who had the stolen screenshots on their phones. At this point, Corey had already resigned. The stolen property could not be used as evidence. The players who had those screenshots were in possession of stolen property, and at risk of being arrested upon complaint, although I think this was a low probability.
  7. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    I was referring to all sports, since they all come under Jay. And I will admit to having been disappointed in baseball since Baird retired, since we had a long tradition of good baseball teams. And basketball hasn't gained any traction since Ellis left. But it's hard to believe we're dead last with football winning a natty and playing for another, plus two conference championships. I tried to find some sort of ranking on this without success.
  8. Clint Myers Resigns

    If you put yourself in the place of the players and staff members, maybe it isn't so strange. So I've heard that Betty Lou and Coach are fooling around or getting close to it. Well, it's consensual and she doesn't seem to be getting any special privilege because of it. She isn't playing much, and she doesn't play my position anyway. We're winning a lot of games and have a chance to get back to the World Series. If I turn them in, it may cause a lot of trouble, and I might be ostracized or lose my position. We might stop winning. It's Coach Myers' responsibility, anyway. Hit me another fly ball! See how easily that rationalized? A little more difficult for Casey Myers and Scott Woodard, though.
  9. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    You may be right, and I don't really know anything, but my interpretation of the sketchy facts we have is a bit different. It seems some of the players became aware of the goings-on during fall practice, and sent anonymous notification to Auburn admin. At that time, Corey went on leave of absence. At Clint's urging, some of the girls who were unaware of the inappropriate relationship wrote letters of support for Corey. Admin apparently didn't turn up any further negative information, and since they had the letters of support, dismissed the anonymous complaints and allowed Corey to return to the team. Corey's resignation in March was triggered by the messages found on the young lady's cellphone. That's just my interpretation.
  10. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    And thanks for that link. Every little bit of clarification helps in this case. There's so much that begs further exposition. For instance,what did Fagan say after Woodard asked her to "define inappropriate relationship"?
  11. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Here's the link. Read to the bottom of the article. There was no 2023 contract extension.
  12. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    You really seem to have a personal problem with Jacobs. "Coaches who have no concern for the good of the athletes?" You're smearing with a broad brush there. Only Corey Myers has done anything that might fall into this category. And he was supposed to know that Corey was going to do this? I don't buy it. Of course he fired Chizik. The guy went 3-12 two years after winning the NC. He got rid of Golloway because he needed to be gone, and did a good job, I say. It seems to me that Auburn athletics is in pretty good shape overall, and that's what he gets paid to do. I don't have a problem with him.
  13. Softball Coaching Candidates

    Supposedly. Class started last Wednesday. Haven't seen any info as to whether all 8 showed up, or what.
  14. Clint Myers Resigns

    I read somewhere that Scott Woodard would be the interim coach. Scott was head coach at Western New Mexico for several years. He restarted the softball program there in 1998, and was head coach until 2001. Played baseball there (shortstop) and made All-conference a couple of years. I think he is in their HOF. Kasey Fagan and Cheyenne Coyle are no longer on the staff. Hunter Veach is listed as manager.
  15. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    Remember that the concerns raised in the fall were done so anonymously. It isn't reasonable to fire someone because of an anonymous complaint. As I recall the situation last fall, it was announced that Corey was taking a leave of absence. He didn't resign, if I'm remembering that correctly. Then he was brought back two weeks later after several players wrote letters supporting him. Investigators then conclude (reasonably) that there's no substance to the anonymous complaints. So now the board is wiped clean. I don't know the timing of Clint's 2020 contract extension, but there would be no reason not to give him one after Corey came back. Related: Casey Fagan and Cheyenne Coyle are no longer listed as staff members. Hunter Veach is listed as manager.