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  1. A very good win over a top-of-the-line 3 seed. Ask Georgia and MSU about Liberty and South Florida. Penta threw at least 10-12 strikes that were called balls, costing us at least one run. Happily, Ellis got her HR eye back, which won the game for us. Both teams had some hard-hit balls that were run down in the outfield. Nice infield play, especially from Cox. Bottom line, we broke our 5-game losing streak by coming from behind against a good team. Hope we can force Clemson to play them next.
  2. The Cajuns went 45-11 this year. Being in the Sun Belt, they don't build much RPI. The knock on them was always their schedule (at least the past few years). This year, they lost twice to Alabama, twice to LSU and twice to Texas. They did beat Texas once. They beat UAB 23-0 in one game, but also lost games to Georgia Southern and Georgia State.
  3. Didn't forget them, but they both played in 2017. Cooper's average fell off a lot, but I think Wallace led the team. She then transferred to Baylor.
  4. Arkansas defeated Missouri 4-0 for the championship, getting 12 hits to Missouri's 2. I missed it because I thought it started at 7 Central. Maybe they jump-started because of weather. Missouri only scored 6 runs in 3 games to reach the final.
  5. Arkansas put one inning together, mostly on Florida mistakes, and beat them 4-1. Florida's pitcher Krlicek mishandled a couple of easy ground balls. Arky-Mizzou should be a good game, unless Missouri's pitching is worn out. Missouri reminds me a bit of Ole Miss a few years back (2017), when they got hot and won the tournament behind one pitcher (Lee?), when it was in Knoxville.
  6. Agree with your post. Most likely bama will be in a super, but not virtually guaranteed like recent years. Their offense has suffered without big #16. Florida is off also - Missouri is positioned well to win the tournament.
  7. Missouri 3, Alabama 0. Looks like we aren't the only team who can't score on Missouri. I think they will beat Tennessee also. Lost twice to them in Columbia, but they are playing hot now. Good coaching job going on there.
  8. FWIW - the final SEC hitting stats reveal our leading hitter in SEC play to be Ellis at .288. followed incrementally by Peralta, McCondichie, Blaine, Garcia, Cox, Packer, Godwin, and Lisenby (.206). I omitted Bryant (.318) due to her shortened season. Ellis had the only OPS over 1. Notably, McCondichie's OPS was only .639, because she drew only 2 walks in SEC play. Note 3 of the top 4 hitters are freshmen. That suggests to me that hitting is mostly natural talent. Hitters don't seem to really get better during their college careers. Of course, I'm looking only at Auburn. We had great hitting teams in 2015 and 2016, but the 2017 was a big drop down after Howard, Carosone, and Rhodes left.
  9. The UT series was also reminiscent of the 2016 series there, with bad weather and postponements. The best team in Auburn history lost 2 there, and the 3d was cancelled. Our RPI is back to 28 now, so I think we are almost certain to draw FSU in regionals. Missouri gave Alabama a very competitive series.
  10. Gotta say that's the worst draw available in our first round. Can't believe UK is the 4 seed - I think we're better than they are.
  11. She continues to wear a bandage on her left lower triceps. I don't recall her doing that last year.
  12. Note the conference BA has gone from .208 to .242, and HRs from 8 to 37. Also, OPS has gone from .541 to .825 in-conference. So, there has definitely been improvement at the plate. We played an easier schedule this year to build confidence in the freshmen, and I think to pad Dean's W-L record, as he was in the last year of his contract. I don't think he expected to make OKC this year. I agree with tgrogan that the biggest impact on our W-L has come from losing Lowe as an effective starter. She was our dominant pitcher last year. Here's hoping she heals up and returns to her freshman form next year. And I do think youth matters; one reason Arkansas has done so well is the number of 5th year seniors they have.
  13. UT wins Game 1 5-2. Penta gives up only 5 hits and strikes out 11, but UT apparently gets the hits at crucial times. Cox homers for AU, only 3 other hits. Ellis ofer.
  14. Friday's game has been postponed due to rain. Teams will play a DH on Saturday beginning at 10:30.
  15. Good post. Our RPI was 28 coming into the UGA series, and theirs was 17. 28 put us right in the crosshairs for FSU, who had a 5 RPI entering the weekend. They swept Oklahoma St., which should move them up. We should move up also. If we can get into the low 20s at least, we'd be better positioned to draw Duke or Clemson. Our nearness to Tallahassee works against us also. Update: We moved up to 26, and FSU up to 4. The perfect match for FSU's 2 seed is 29, based on RPI. I think we need to move up some more to escape Tallahassee. UT lost their series with OM in Oxford; they should be about 12 RPI. As Jad0003 said above, we probably need to win the UT series and a couple games in the tournament to avoid FSU.
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