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  1. Pretty impressive young lady. In the right position, if she wants to be a team leader.
  2. I at least like the fact that CMD recognizes that we have a shortfall in pitching, and is giving himself some chances to solve that problem.
  3. And now another secret player has shown up on the roster: Hannah Cavanaugh from Winter Park, FL. Listed as a pitcher, but her bio information doesn't mention pitching.
  4. I note that Leisa Lee is now listed as Director of Operations.
  5. Perry becomes the 22d player on the roster, including King and Yarbrough, who are not yet listed. Practice starts this week, with the first fall game on the 29th. Excited to see who comes to the top of the churn. Edit to say that should be 23d. I overlooked Phoebe Florian before.
  6. Plus we picked up Jadia Jones, an outfielder from Chipola, and Bailee Dempsey, a pitcher from Wallace St. - Dothan.
  7. I note we've also picked up a couple of transfers under the radar. Chipola seems to have wiped their stats page, but Jones hit .452 over 37 games, as Chipola went 52-5 last year.
  8. We played Chipola with Goodman a couple of years ago and beat them, but Goodman was troublesome for us.
  9. Isn't Wallace State - Dothan the team that beat us last year? I don't recall that we've played a team the caliber of Georgia Tech previously in the fall, but like the idea.
  10. That should be a good level of competition for us to take on early in the season. In past years, we would have expected to defeat all or most of these teams. With the youth and pitching we're going to have in 2020, it's way more iffy. I think this is the oorrect tournament for us to be in, as opposed to the other February tournament in that area that features top-level teams.
  11. Thanks, WarLady. Didn't see that coming. This adds even more interest to fall camp.
  12. Agree with both your posts above. I think portal use will diminish, once the players see how it works, or doesn't work. I also looked at the 22 SEC players who successfully transferred, and found that six transferred to schools with stronger programs than the one they were leaving; e.g., Taylon to Oklahoma and Baylee Klingler from aTm to Washington. The other 16 went to lower-ranked or smaller schools, although there is some ambiguity. Two of Mississippi State's players went to Grand Canyon and James Madison. JMU made the WCWS this year, but Megan Good is gone now, so is JMU stronger than MSU? I dunno.