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  1. It's entirely possible that I'm recalling two years ago; I just remember having close games with the likes of Wallace St. and losing to AUM.
  2. I'm somewhat encouraged for next season by the showing this fall. I know they are all jucos, but we played mostly jucos last fall and won by 2-1 and scores like that. With some run support, we can start to climb the ladder again.
  3. I don't, but here's the article: https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/10/15/softball-tiger-offense-explodes-for-22-runs-in-bevill-state-win.aspx Must've been fun with 23 hits. All 4 pitchers used; KK started. Garcia with the only dinger. I believe Kenadie Cooper was 4 for 5.
  4. Godwin was listed as starting at DP vs. AUM, but we have been told previously that the published lineups only vaguely resemble reality. At any rate, Godwin is a known factor; makes sense for Dean to get a look at Lisenby, who was listed as starting at catcher, and Blaine in the fall. Glad to hear Penta was warming up.
  5. Tigers avenged last year's loss to AUM 8-1 today, in a game scheduled for 10 innings. Tigers got 13 hits, including dingers from Schmidt (2) and Peralta. Warhawks collected 8 hits, scored with help of Auburn's one error in the 9th or 10th. Lowe started, relieved by Yarbrough, then KK. Should b a writeup on the news page soon.
  6. I believe the Alamo may be the place formerly called Rose Hill. Out in the country close to nothing, it seemed to be a BYOB tavern/restaurant. I recall going in there once or twice with my Dad. I believe it was west of Waverly, not in Lee County.
  7. Pegues has moved to defense. I saw him on the field vs. LSU.
  8. Two more victories this weekend over Gulf Coast and Snead. Scored 17 runs, I think. Hitting not as impressive as last weekend when we had 36 hits, but a good number of doubles and homers by Packer and McNemar. Worth noting that Penta didn't pitch.
  9. CMD has upped the level in this year's Florida tournament, joining the Elite tournament, which includes UT, LSU, Texas, OK State, Michigan and others. Se the video
  10. And his sidekicks Charlie Davis and Tom Hamlin.
  11. Our girls win the second game 19-0 with 20 hits, including homers from Ellis and Blaine. Penta and Yarbrough gave up 2 hits.
  12. 7-1 in an 8-inning game with Wallace State. Lowe pitched 5 and Dismukes finished. Tigers had 16 hits, including two dingers by Godwin, an ITP by Packer, and doubles by Majors, McCondichie, Cooper, and McNemar.
  13. I'm a little surprised by the starting lineup for the first fall game. Seriously, no Cox or Garcia? Majors as DP? Not sure what interpretation to put on this, but I hope it means all these freshmen can smash the ball.
  14. The 2022 SEC schedule is now posted. We start with aTm and USC at home, with Florida and Georgia at home later. Road trips to Kentucky, Arkansas, Miss. St., and UT.
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