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  1. Best Auburn Sports Weekend Ever!

    Thanks for a great contribution to the board. Glad to hear you and daughter had such a special experience.
  2. An honor to be drafted, I'm sure. The whole pro fastpitch thing is a bit murky to me. Wasn't there a team in Houston called the Scrapyard Dogs? I think maybe Haley Fagan played for them. They seem to be no more. And Viera, Florida? I recall going through there once. I noticed on another board that Alexis Osorio was drafted by the Cleveland Comets. Not in that list of cities above. Anybody know much about NPF Softball?
  3. Softball vs. Arkansas game 3

    agreed, AFE. If y'all remember, Martin pitched the NC game in 2016. She was the best pitcher we had late in 2016. Also started the 2017 season against OK, held them to two runs. Later in the season, though, she was never as effective as Kaylee.
  4. Softball vs. Arkansas game 3

    That was an important win for our regional hosting hopes. uat lost to UT today, so that helps us stay ahead of them. Happy for Shea to get a big dinger in her last regular season game. And somebody should tell Britt that Shea didn't strike out in that last at-bat in OKC. Maybe Cooper did, off mike. Next weekend we get aTm in their first series in their brand new softball facility. Think they won't be motivated?
  5. Softball vs. Arkansas game 2

    BOY WAS I WRONG! Great comeback by the girls.
  6. Softball vs. Arkansas game 2

    So much seems to be psychological. The freshman Haff got rattled in the first game, started giving up walks, and got more rattled. Deifel pulled her before she totally lost her confidence. Auburn was scoring runs and their confidence soared. Deifel put in her third pitcher, and she was wild, too. After the second inning, the game's over, so Auburn can play loose. We couldn't hit Storms much today, creating a tight game. the errors killed us.
  7. Softball vs. Arkansas game 2

    Too bad to lose a game we had won until Martin's throw to first. Now Arky has the momentum, and Haff has settled down. Our batters swinging at pitches neck high and higher. The pitch Rivera struck out on was over her head. I'm not optimistic about this third game. Prove me wrong, girls.
  8. Softball vs. Arkansas game 1

    The schedule does not indicate that today's 3PM game will be on Watch ESPN. Senior Day activities prior to the first game.
  9. Softball vs. Arkansas game 1

    Last batter for Arky stepped out of the box twice in succession, including the last pitch. Almost stepped on the plate on that one. I thought she might have been safe at first, but should have been called out by the HP umpire.
  10. Arkansas is a Good Softball Team

    Schedule now calls for doubleheader tomorrow beginning at 3.
  11. I'm very impressed with the work that 2d year HC Courtney Deifel has done in Fayetteville. The 'Backs have gone from 1-23 in the league two years ago to 8-7 this year, including a series win over uat last weekend. Their freshman pitcher Mary Haff is leading the league in wins with 20. In Sunday's game against Alabama, Arkansas got 9 hits off Osorio in their 6-3 win. They are just 3 slots behind us in RPI, and stand a good chance of hosting a regional. In short, we will have a challenge to win the series.
  12. Softball Recruiting Areas

    I think it was Whack Hyder, former basketball coach at Georgia Tech, that said upon his retirement that he still liked coaching, but hated recruiting. He just wanted to put up a notice on the athletic bulletin board saying " All persons interested in playing varsity basketball report to the gym at 4 P.M. Wednesday".
  13. Softball Recruiting Areas

    The early recruitment legislation has passed in the NCAA as of today. Meaning, the first recruiting contact with a prospective student athlete may occur no earlier than Sept. 1 of her junior year. Now, I know we have verbals for 2020 - 2022. CMD can no longer talk to those girls until they become "of age". It will be interesting to see how this all works out, and I expect some anguish and confusion; nevertheless, I think it was a necessary step. Here is a link: https://nfca.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7784:it-passed-softball-recruiting-contact-date-set-at-september-1-junior-year&catid=284&Itemid=149
  14. Baseball vs UAB

    Try this link. http://www.auburntigers.com/sports/m-basebl/recaps/041718aaa.html
  15. Baseball vs UAB

    11-2 Auburn, bot 8.