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  1. Future Opponent Scouting

    In looking through the Irish roster,I just noticed their best hitter last year was Morgan Reed from Maylene,AL. Played for Briarwood Christian. Hit .369 last year with 59 RBIs. She's a senior this year.
  2. We begin our part of the Nutter Classic Thursday at noon against Notre Dame, who played in our regional last year. Yesterday they defeated #19 Michigan and #14 Minnesota. In Hattiesburg, Baylor defeated Alabama 2-1, scoring both runs in the first inning. Carlee Wallace drove in the two runs. She's hitting .471 through 7 games.
  3. Softball Tiger Invite

    wondering if there is any word on the injuries to Taylon and KK. I didn't see Taylon's, but KK fell on her hand or something, and was in a deal of pain. I didn't see either in the dugout for the GSU game.
  4. Softball vs. Maryland

    Nice piece of hitting by the freshman Tissier.
  5. Softball Tiger Invite

    I had the same thought re Veach and McCrackin, but Crack is only hitting .111 right now herself. She got a hit in her first AB, and hasn't had one since. Dowell is in the same boat.
  6. Softball vs. Maryland

    The announcers never discussed what I thought was an issue on this play; The runner leaving the basepath. How far can she circle out into left field to avoid the tag?
  7. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    We get them again tomorrow at 4:30.
  8. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Well, technically, both statements are correct; the second adds refinement.
  9. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    I got curious about St. Francis. It's a Catholic school with an enrollment of 2150, and annual attendance costs of about $42,000, including R&B. Most of the players on the sb team are from PA or Ohio. One notable exception: Abby Trahan, the pitcher who mostly handcuffed us tonight, is from Louisiana.
  10. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Draper hits it to third, error by 3B, Maresette scores. AU wins 4-3. Further review: it was a bunt and a wild throw to first.
  11. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Maresette pinch-runs, steals second. Podany pops out.
  12. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Snow walks on 4 pitches
  13. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Makayla strikes out the side. TanSnow, Podany, Draper due up in bot 7.
  14. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Auburn fails to inflict any damage. Going to the 7th.
  15. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    The Red Flashes go down in order. Perry, Veach, Rivera due up.