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  1. Well, damn. "Cast" implies a degree of semi-permanence, weeks at least. Hate it most for Makayla that she's going to lose a big chunk of her senior season. Hope she can come back before the end, but that's only two months off. She's been huge for AU softball since 2016.
  2. Thanks for the preview, Slot. I am reminded of the last time we played MSU in Starkville with the highest-achieving softball team in AU history, 2016. We got into a marathon game on Friday night, finally winning 3-2 in 14 innings. MSU had a pitcher named Silkwood that pitched the entire game for them, over 200 pitches. We lost the Saturday game 3-6, then came back and won 2-0 on Sunday. This team had 5 pitchers: Davis, Harper, Walters, Carlson, and Martin. The infield was Cooper, Jordan, Carosone, and Rhodes. That MSU team won 3 SEC games all year, and didn't even get to play in the SEC tournament they hosted. I guess my point is that I'd love to get a sweep, but a series win on the road would be a good result.
  3. It has been pretty weak. They do have a win over Arizona, and swept Missouri in their first SEC series. In one game they got down 0-6 in the first inning and came back to win 14-8 or something like that. I think their pitching after Fouts is vulnerable.
  4. Auburn at 17, with six SEC schools above us. LSU and Kentucky the two highest rated SEC schools. UK has played a strenuous schedule. I was surprised to see Ole Miss above us. UT and uat are 10-11, UGA is 39. To see the list go here:
  5. thanks, I missed the very start due to the basketball game. Also read on another forum that Handley has had a bit of a back issue, but should be good to go by next weekend.
  6. I read on another forum that Friday's HP umpire had a tiny strike zone that forced both pitchers to throw more fat pitches, hence 23 hits between the two teams. I was following on LiveStats (wish we had the black version), but that's easy to believe, because no one has gotten 12 hits off Martin since she came to Auburn. Harris did a great job yesterday, yielding 3 hits. Swindle today gave up 10, but only 4 runs. Why did Dean start Swindle today? I think he wanted to give her another chance to be a starter, since she's a junior. Also, aTm has a lot of RH power (speaking from memory). Maybe he thought her type of pitches would cause the aTm hitters more trouble than Lexie's smokeball. Or maybe I'm full of it, and Handley was sick. Hopefully, she gained something from pitching through all that adversity. Had aTm won either of the first two games, I think we would have seen Martin today. (That assumes the Friday explanation is true.)
  7. Back from my sleep study, I see that aTm got a 3-run dinger of their own in the 7th, and we narrowly escaped. The top 4 hitters in their lineup had 10 hits. I've never seen anyone hit Martin like that. I actually thought Dean might relieve her with Harris, to show them something completely different.
  8. Auburn leading 4-1 going to top 3, Martin pitching. Crack with two doubles, Veach a 2-run homer. Perry HBP again. We need to add her HBPs to her hits to get her true BA, I think. I have to leave in about 45 mins, so won't be able to follow this until the end. Edit: Now 4-2 going to bot 3. Top of A&M's order beating Martin up. She's yielded 6 hits, all singles. Edit: Aggies keep whittling away. Error by Fornis puts a runner on 2d, bunted to 3d, scores on another single. Then a catchemout throwemout double play. Going to top 5, 4-3 Auburn. I should add that Tay and Crack both had hits in bot 4, but Snow got thrown out trying to reach 3d on Crack's hit. Edit: We escaped the 5th without a score, but A&M got two more hits, now have nine. The top 4 batters in their order have 8 of them. Need some insurance runs. BOOM: Three-run homer by Perry, 7-3 Auburn.
  9. 11 hits by the Tigers. Scored 4 in the first, 5 more in the third. Rivera, Maresette, and Tay Snow had 2 hits. Harris started, went 3, no hits, 6 Ks. Swindle relieved and finished; gave up a couple hits and a run. 14 field players saw action; Rachel Cook got an at-bat and walked. No dingers. Veach and Perry were 0fer.
  10. 36 homers this year to date; 43 homers all last year. Veach has 10, hit 7 all last year. To see more go here:
  11. The desire to sell tickets and put fans in the stadium may be a factor. That used to be (decades ago) a big deal in football. Seeing lots of push on the websites to sell tickets that I don't recall in previous years. I think it's more about wanting fans at the games than about the money.
  12. Wow, Georgia beaten by Elon? Georgia pitching is suspect. UT has a frosh pitcher named Ashley Rogers that's pretty good. held UF to 3 or 4 hits today. Florida is struggling with offense, and they don't have quite the pitching they've had the past 3-4 years. Lugo started for them and gave up btb homers from Bearden and Osbron. In our game, I see that Mich. St. has tied it in top 4 with no outs. Veach had a solo shot for us; Godwin singled and later scored. Harris pitching. Auburn retakes the lead 3-2 on Veach's second bomb of the game. She also homered against this same pitcher Thursday night. Harris walks the leadoff batter in top 5; she makes it to third on a pair of groundouts, but Harris ends the inning with her 8th strikeout. Going to top 7 at 3-2. AU had bases loaded with two out in bottom 6, but Fornis struck out - only the 2d SO for Watson. And that's the final, 3-2 Auburn. Chardonnay struck out the last batter looking for her 11th strikeout.
  13. Currently leading Louisville 3-1 with two outs in top 6. Danielle Watson a pretty good hurler for them - we have 5 hits, they have 4. Fornis and Veach with big hits; Crack scored in the first on a wild pitch. Martin with 9 Ks. Louisville gets a run in top 6, Auburn answers with 3 in the bottom. 6-2 Auburn going to top 7. Perry walked, Maresette pr, fornis SAC bunt, wild pitch, Tay singles, scoring Maresette. Crack homers.. GAME OVER. Auburn 6, Louisville 2. Makayla with eleven strikeouts.