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  1. No apology needed - it's on me for not specifying.
  2. I had softball in mind, but I follow baseball as well, and thank WarBiscuit for his reply; but, what is "TJ".
  3. Normally, during fall practice/exhibition season we get some idea of who can do what, and who are the candidates to replace departed players. Or supplant established players. With no exhibition season this year, there is no news coming out of fall camp. I'm guessing they haven't allowed observers due to Covid-19. All I've seen are some player profiles on the News page. Anyone have any information?
  4. Have to appreciate Slot's diligence in digging this up so we could have something to discuss. The theory of deliberate impermanence sounds plausible to me. I'm not visiting that website, though. The thought of encountering another redundancy like "returns back" is too daunting.
  5. The article states that no baseball or softball exhibition games will be allowed this fall.
  6. Looks like Auburn sold itself again. Looking forward to the next couple of seasons - Dean has brought in a boatload of top-drawer talent.
  7. Glad to see this. If she can coach what she did, we're in for some exciting times.
  8. Thanks for giving us something to talk about. Damn, we could hit back then. Don't have time to watch this right now, but maybe I'll hook it up to the big screen later.
  9. Did I miss an announcement re Ruby Rojas? She's no longer shown on the coaching staff.
  10. Agree in general with the thoughts above, but note several players have come in and started as freshmen; Kasey Cooper, Carlee Wallace, Rivera, Taylon Snow. Taylon may be the only one who was a Day 1 starter. However it turns out, I'm getting pumped for the 2021 season.
  11. Excellent notes, Slot. I'm excited for next year.
  12. Didn't Jaylin Calvert recently enter the transfer portal? Is Kendal her sister? If so, I'd say she's iffy on this list.
  13. But she moved South and played her senior year, at least, at Curry.
  14. Don't know what you mean by "circumstances with the asst. coaches". ??
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