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  1. McCondichie led the team in hitting last year at .338. Bryant was hitting .371 when she was injured, but that was early in the SEC schedule. Everyone's average drops as we go through the SEC schedule, so Bryant probably would have been somewhat lower by season's end. She does have more power, though. Bottom line, I want both these girls in the lineup somewhere. Problem is, I think there are 12+ girls that I want in the lineup all the time.🥸 😁
  2. Great article, thanks for posting. I'm assuming it was a casual oversight that Packer wasn't listed among the outfielders.
  3. Am I correct in thinking that the 2023 class has now signed? Last year's news release for this event was on 11/10, but haven't seen one yet this year. the 2023 class includes Martin, Clemons, Penta, Stroud, and Tamborra? My old brain needs a lot of reminders.
  4. Thanks, copy/paste isn't working on my computer.
  5. Warhawks leading 1-0 after 4. Widra started, gave up a run in the 2d. Penta with two scoreless innings and 5 strikeouts. Game scheduled for 10 innings. Had to go work on my freezer, and it's now 10-7 for us after 7. Godwin with a slammer, and Cox also homered. No info on current pitcher. Score is 11-9 after 8 innings. AUM hitting our pitching with abandon, it seems. Final score is 11-9 after the teams decide to forego the 10th inning. Peralta not dressed today.
  6. Both Packer and Roach played vs. Pensacola St. at UAB, according to the News page.
  7. Bottom 5: Widra pitching, McCrary catching, Roberts at 3d, Cox at 2d, Engelkes at 1st. GC loads the bases with two singles and an error by Peralta. GC then plates a run on their 3d single of the inning, after which Widra records 3 strikeouts. 17-1 Auburn, looks like we're gonna play some more. After two flyouts, Smith bunts a single, then Cooper lines shot past the shortstop. Lisenby's fly drops behind short, scoring a run. then we scored 2 more somehow, that I missed, Then btb homers by Roberts and someone else, 23-1 Auburn. Engelkes then doubled, followed by a single by Widra, I think. McCrary strikes out to end the inning, but Auburn scores 6 with two out to lead 23-1 after 5 1/2. Widra gives up a single in the 6th, a soft liner past Cox, who was playing shallow. Otherwise retires the side, and the game ends after 6 at 23-1 Auburn. I noticed during the handshake that we have a player with her left arm in a sling. She was not wearing a numbered jersey, so I couldn't identify her.
  8. Game 2 vs. Gulf Coast State is live streaming on their website. See Auburn Twitter page for link. Auburn leads 8-0 after 1 1/2. I picked it up at 4-0 with two outs in top 2. Ellis had a 2-run single and Tresvik a 2-run double, sandwiched around an error by the 3bB on a ball hit by Garcia. Milanowski struck out looking to end the inning. Lisenby due up in the 3d. Edit: Penta/Godwin the battery, with Cox at 3d, Peralta/McCondichie at the keystone, and I believe Milanowski on first. GC got a runner on an error by McCondichie, but no score. Can't really identify the outfielders with this camera. Edit: Auburn scores one in top 3 after Cox doubles, takes 3d on a wild pitch, and scores on a Widra single. Garcia leaves the bases loaded on a popout to 2B. Edit: Side retired in B3. Some defensive changes; Ellis on first, Lisenby catching, either Milanowski or Roberts at third. Edit: Auburn had bases loaded in top 4 after pitcher walked Roberts and hit Milanowski and Cox. With two outs, Elkins was up and I had to step away for a minute. When I came back, Auburn was up 12-0 and the inning was over. Edit: Gulf Coast inserted their third pitcher after2 walks to open the inning (mcCrary and someone else). Smith got on somehow to load the bases. After a popout, Lisenby walked in a run, then Cox laced a 2-run single and took 2d on the throw. McCrary with a hard 2-run single off 3B's glove. Engelkes grounded out on a checked-swing to end the half inning at 17-0 Auburn.
  9. Game 1 vs. Pearl River: We are playing as home team, and lead 2-0 after 1. Bri Ellis hit her first homer of the fall. Game 2 vs. Gulf Coast CC will be live-streamed. We arre playing on their field. Edit: It seems I was mistaken, we are playing as visitors. Anyway, Widra is pitching, and has 5 Ks through 2. Ellis with another bomb, and Auburn leads 5-0. Edit: Elkins drives in a run with her second double of the game, and it's 6-0 Tigers after 5. Edit: Auburn wins 7-0 after Lisenby goes yard. Three homers and two doubles on the game for the good chicks.
  10. That 2018 team that we defeated 22-0 went on to make the NCAAs and played in the Tuscaloosa Regional. (second time ever) They were coached by Chris Steiner-Wilcoxson, a 1997-99 Auburn Tiger. She hit the first home run in Auburn softball history. In 2014, however, she was coaching AUM to a national championship. Not sure where she is now; she coached ASU at least through the 2020 season.
  11. Emmah Rolfe gave up a leadoff triple in the 8th, then three Ks to preserve the shutout. Nothing in the 9th, but McCrary and Garcia had hits in the 10th to help plate 3 more runs. 18-0 Auburn going to bottom 10. Edit: the final was 18-0, as Auburn notched 17 hits, with only one triple for ASU. Penta, Widra, and Rolfe faced 35 batters, striking out 20. Full article at auburntigers.com softball page, but my computer has lost its ability to copy/paste. Doubleheader in Panama City next Sunday vs. Pearl River and Gulf Coast.
  12. Auburn leads 6-0 after scoring 6 in the 2d. Abbey Smith with a bases loaded double. Penta opened the game in the circle. This is billed as a 10-inning game. Edit: We score 5 more in the 4th ; ASU committed 3 errors, and Blaine had a 2-RBI single. Penta with 9 Ks after 4. Edit: Lead is up to 14-0 after 6. Widra now pitching, also drove in K. Cooper after she doubled. Godwin with a Sac Fly. Edit: Millie Roberts drives in a run with a Sac Fly, and AU leads 15-0 after 7.
  13. So far, it looks like Widra was an excellent acquisition.
  14. Maybe it was Wallace State - Dothan that beat us a couple of years ago.
  15. Auburn leads Chipola 1-0 after 4 innings in the second game. Rolfe pitching at last check. That isn't the first time that Wallace State has beaten us, if my memory is correct. They went 56-4 this year, and I think two of the losses were in the postseason. Chipola also has a history of being a powerhouse in this classification. Still, it seems we should be able to hit community college pitching better than this. Edit: Auburn wins 4-0 behind btb homers from Widra and Mialnowski. Widra relieved Rolfe in the circle, and Peralta had an RBI single.
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