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  1. Got the feeling today of "OK, we won the series, let's get this over so we can go back to Auburn and deal with the suspended players." Odd that the only two hits today came from Greenwood, but good for her. Wallace has gone stone cold after being red-hot for a while. Coop hit 2 or 3 long balls in the series, but all a little short of the wall. We saw again today the tactic of changing pitchers just to change. We weren't getting anything off Blue, so why did she change pitchers? This may become a trend.
  2. That has to be among the nominations for "Worst Game of the Year". No energy on the team whatsoever. Three bad errors. I think that's the 4th time we've been shut out this year. Prior to the James Madison game, we had not been shut out in 105 games.
  3. Arizona has beaten Oregon twice since these rankings were decided, and Tennessee has beaten LSU twice. Washington has beaten uat twice.
  4. No, you're right, and those other guys know better. Drink some more coffee, El.
  5. Tennessee just won the second game of their series with LSU in BR; go for the sweep tomorrow. Gotta pull for the Tigers, I want somebody to take a nick out of UT before the SEC tourney. Today's win was the 20th straight. uat lost last night to Washington, and was trailing 2-0 today. They're in a delay.
  6. WAYDAGO, SWINDLE! Way better than I expected to see. Was hoping Coach would leave her in for the CG. I thought she had 'em nailed down. Maybe he was just making sure she got the W. Psychological stuff not my forte. This reminded me of the Washington game against Alvelo. Was hoping we'd get about 17 runs in the first while we had her shaky. Once Blue found her groove, we couldn't do much . . . except for Veach.
  7. Pretty strong rain forecast for tomorrow in Columbia, though the worst of it isn't until about 5 PM. Just checked our website, and the schedule hasn't changed. I've often seen teams pull a Sunday game into Saturday, to get it in ahead of expected rain. I should think we'd rather play the 3d game tomorrow. Just wondering if a schedule change has to be by mutual agreement. Anyone know? Umpire schedule also affected.
  8. Good one. I'd give you a like but I'm not on Facebook.
  9. Can't agree with you guys here. I smoked a good bit of pot back in the day, but didn't abuse it. I'm 71 and can still do an evil Sudoku. When do the long term negative side effects show up?
  10. To reply to the earlier question, the 2-run lead felt shaky because it was less than 5. Love those 5-run leads. Great pitching and defense tonight. Nice work by Draper and Cooper early to get the two runs. Question: About the 2d inning, a batter with two strikes tried to hold up, but the ball deflected off her bat and Wallace caught it (or I thought she did). Why was that not an out? (She struck out later)
  11. Lead feels shaky. Can Draper get a 3d hit?
  12. I've been thinking Draper should hit leadoff for a while, so it'll be interesting to see how this turns out.
  13. Who or what is JGT, please?
  14. Notable non-Auburn line scores from tonight: ULaLa beat aTm 11-9; uat beat 24-23 Southern Miss 2-0. My favorite line score, however, was the one announcing that Minnesota beat Wisconsin 6-0 in 12 innings. MInnesota had 16 hits and Wisconsin 9.
  15. That was a little more difficult than I had anticipated, but the girls did a good job of slamming the door on the Owls. KSU came in at 31-13 with two wins over Michigan St. and a series victory over USC Upstate, who played in our regional last year. They gave a good account of themselves with error-free ball in the field and treated Martin roughly with 8 hits,many of which were well-struck. They had the audacity to tie the game in top 4 after we took a 2-0 lead in bot 3. In bot 4. Veach lined a single to left (2-game hitting streak!) and Shea chased her home with a blast over the RF wall. Danged if the Owls didn't put up another run in top 6 (some nice defense kept it from being more), so we had to get serious in bot 6. First four batters hit safely, so KSU changed pitchers, who was greeted by Kasey Cooper in a pinch-hit role. Coop hit a foul fly to left that scored Maresette, and we put up two more in the sixth to make it 7-3. Carlson came in to finish off the Owls in the 7th, and was greeted by a first-pitch double. Well, that was rude. No further damage, and the Tigers moved to 37-7. Great to see the number of balls we barreled tonight, especially in the 6th. Also, Shea had another throwout of a runner attempting to steal. She's getting better at that. Somewhat concerning, however, to see how many balls were barreled off Martin by KSU. We had 11 hits, KSU 9, and we left the bases loaded in the 6th. Note: When I logged on,I couldn't find this game thread. My computer was in the Twilight Zone evidently. Anyway, that's why I wrote this long narrative. I couldn't find anything else about the game.