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  1. Thanks for the practice summary, interesting to read. I'm curious about your comment that the current roster does not include two of the freshmen who participated in the fall. Does that mean the 20-member roster, or the full roster (26 as listed on the team homepage). I had thought that the full roster had 28 members the last time I looked, but all 8 of our NLI signees from Nov. 2015 are still listed. So who's missing? And does Coach plan to reduce the permanent roster to 20, or is this just the travel roster? We had 30 on the full roster last year.
  2. I just bought two. Call this number: 931 388 8119. Columbia Parks & Recreation Board. See you there.
  3. Drove in the game-winner tonight for the Cubs with a sac fly in the 4th.
  4. Here's hoping that Tannon wasn't seriously injured in that collision that Slot Canyon described. No news will be good news on that front, I think.
  5. Mrs. Canyon needs to be co-recipient of that award. I also appreciate Slot's comments about practice. I look forward to seeing the Tigers live in March, when they play UT in Columbia.
  6. Thanks for the game notes, WT. The softball homepage has a summary this morning. Crocker and Wallace each went 4 for 4, and those two reached base safely all 13 times they came to the plate. Wallace had two dingers and Veach also had one. According to the writeup, all five pitchers saw action. Coach indicated he was pleased with the progress of the young players.
  7. Following up what Slot quoted above, there were five non-seniors who were on the roster last year, but not there this year. A couple of them were juniors, and three were freshmen. We had 30 players last year, and 28 this year. The comparison between Gipson and Jordan is interesting. Gipson actually had a slightly higher BA than Jordan, and twice as many doubles. The wild card is, we haven't seen Jordan play the outfield.
  8. Thanks to War Tiger, GBA83, and Slot Canyon for their reports. I cyber-saw the last few innings of Game 1 on Sunday, but had to miss Game 2. Sounds like Rivera had two triples in Game 2. Justus Perry also homered in Game 1, just left of the scoreboard, in the 7th, so that would give her two on the day. I'm most curious as to who will replace Carosone and Rhodes. I'm inferring that Spain, McCrackin and Crocker have all played at second, with Perry and Veach at first. This is still early, but it sounds like Coach is not toying with the idea of Swindle batting.
  9. WT, I called up the video and sympathize with your problems. (Abbott walked, by the way) I saw the last couple innings, including Perry's homer. Can't read the small numbers on the scoreboard, but one can keep up with who's batting and what the count is. With the gray road unis, impossible to see the numbers in the field.
  10. War Tiger, thanks for the effort in reporting on the games. Fun to see which recruits are playing, and how they're doing. Looks like Tannon Snow is having no trouble with the junior college pitching. Several others going yard, 8 homers on the day for Auburn. Surprised to see that Gipson and Draper are having surgery. Draper was certainly covering the ground in the CWS. There is a write-up on the softball website with details about who did what; but interestingly, no scores are given. Doubleheader with Daytona State starts in 10 minutes.
  11. OK, I did a little research, and I still think the player can't contact the ball with her foot on the ground outside the box. Here is a link to a similar question answered by a registered ASA umpire. http://en.allexperts.com/q/Softball-2562/2011/4/Slappers-1.htm Evidently the technique is to strike the ball in mid-stride with the foot in the air, which is OK. This all seems to be a lot for the HP umpire to watch for, so I suspect violations occur that are not called. I totally agree that if the ball touches you outside the box, you are out. I got called out on this in Little League.
  12. Thanks for answers. I'm so anxious for Taylon to get here, I keep forgetting that she's a junior.
  13. Glad to have both these young ladies coming to the Plains. According to PAC-12 stats, Tannon started 43 games for the Huskies, and appeared in seven more. She hit .230 with 6 homers. Is she required to sit out a year after transferring? The article says she can't play with her sister until 2018. Question for the experts: In the photo above, it appears that Taylon's foot is out of the batter's box, prior to striking the ball. Is this not a violation? Not picking on the player, just trying to understand the rule.
  14. What sage posted that crap above about Oklahoma State's pitching? They gave up 14 hits and 9 runs today. Oh wait, I'm Older Whiskey. Well, I'm only 70. Not old enough to understand this game yet.
  15. Would love to see the Chants or Arizona win a game and create some drama, but I think the Cowboys and Frogs have too much pitching to be kept out of the finals. Still, Beckwith is very good for Coastal, and if he could deliver a win, who knows what can happen in one game?