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  1. Didn't know that we brought in Lowe. I was watching replay very late, and turned it off after top 7. If Handley got into trouble, can't blame Dean for wanting to secure the SEC win. I'm encouraged by the improving performance of Koepke at the plate; that bodes very well long-term.
  2. I believe elsewhere on this website it states that we have the 6th toughest schedule in the nation.
  3. One for Rivera also - plus a notice that Shelby Lowe is one of 30 finalists for Freshman of the Year (nationwide).
  4. I have seen that used in nonconference games, but it is not used in conference play.
  5. We hired Dean in September 2017 after Myers suddenly resigned, after his son was barred from campus. Fall practice was scheduled to begin in 2-3 weeks. The national view of Auburn was a place where the players were getting hit on and messed with by the coaches. We didn't know if we could get any decent coach to come here at that time, and were pretty much overjoyed when we were able to hire Dean, who had had great success at James Madison, barely missing OKC one year. I think Jay Jacobs was still the AD at that time. He made a great start by hiring Gerry Glasco as hitting coach, but G
  6. I believe that Kowalik is the best pure hitter I have seen play in the 5-6 years I've been following softball. Oddly (to me), she holds her hands about 2" apart on the bat handle. That seems awkward to me, but it damn sure works for her. Full disclosure: I never hit .522.
  7. I have some problems with CMD also, but overall a series win over the #12 team is a good result. Hard to see how UK won their series with bama, but we have a chance to win a road series this weekend in Oxford.
  8. Speaking of the stands, I thought I saw Makayla Martin there, 5 rows up, slightly to the first base side, with cotton candy hair. I just watched bot 3 and she wasn't there, but had been earlier.
  9. This umpiring crew has made a lot of mistakes, both ways. I understand from reading the recap that we got shafted for a run in the first. Looing forward to watching it, didn't have time while it was live. Supposedly a batted ball hit Dowell in foul ground, but the umps called it fair and called Dowell out. Very proud for Penta that she got her first conference win. I think she has really needed that. I like the way Koepke has perked up in this series, also. This is going to be a much better team at the end of the season than it was at the beginning. Don't count us out of the confer
  10. Our first home conference win and there was no topic started? Surprising. Shelby Lowe came through again, even though she gave up 9 hits and a homer. Struck out the last batter with two runners on, on a 3-2 count in top 7 for 10Ks total. I don't believe a righthanded batter got a hit off her the whole game. Their catcher Kowalik had 3, though. Rivera with the 3-run homer in the first to basically win the game for us. That was set up by an error on their 3b that allowed King to score and left two on base. In the 6th, Perry doubled and Koepke singled up the middle to drive her in - sort
  11. She played a little 2B earlier in the year, but had only one hit in 12 ABs, and got replaced with Cox.
  12. Packer is now our leading hitter in conference games at .304. Cox is at .278 and King .263. Cox with the highest OPS at .777. Rivera hitting .235. We have hit 3 homers in conference play, compared to 10 for out opponents.
  13. This is one of those instances when I wish I had the stats program I had at work as an engineer. Thanks for the research. As for Georgia, the period when they were #1 coincides with the presence on their roster of the two sister outfielders who were both slappers, fast as lightning, and hit about .420 each. (don't trust that number) Tennessee proves you can't do it all with hitting; they've not had a dominant pitcher since I've been following (2015). One thing to note about Auburn; in 2017, we were #12 in hitting and Clint Myers was the coach.
  14. We get Kentucky at Jane B. Moore this weekend. They have some experienced pitchers (same two they had when we played them last) and some great hitters. Baalman and Humes (pitchers) are both seniors. Humes is the one who pitched that 12-inning battle vs. Carlson that Tannon Snow finally won with a homer. The catcher (Kowalik) and shortstop (Coffel) are particularly dangerous at the plate. Kowalik is hitting .500 with 8 homers, and Coffel has 15 homers. The team has 54 homers. Despite all their weapons, the Wildcats have won only one of their 4 series, that over Alabama at Lexington.
  15. I think the only reason she gave up that walk was this: It was 6th inning, 2-run lead, and she was pitching to Lee, who mashed the homer in the first inning, and who was 2 for 2 on the day. I think there were 2 outs, and it was a 3-2 count. Good walk. Lowe's SO:BB ratio is 9 to 1, and she really isn't a strikeout pitcher.
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