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  1. Only 13 SEC teams. Vanderbilt doesn't play softball. Also note that none of the 3 include last night's game.
  2. I'm generally of the mind of AU64, Freak, and WLT. She needs to subordinate the family vendetta while she's wearing the Auburn uniform.
  3. #4 Arizona swept Washington in this series.
  4. I had the same thought, but didn't get enough looks at it. Draper was within 6 feet of McCrackin. My guess is Draper could have caught it, but it looked like Crack had it; she had just caught one very like it; so no need perceived to call her off. But what happened after she dropped it? Still seems as though there should have been time to head off the winning run.
  5. The pitcher who was largely responsible for Arizona's defeat of Tennessee at last year's Knoxville Regional, then beat us in the first game of our Super Regional, is having a great year in Tuscon. Yesterday she threw a no-hitter at Washington, facing just 23 batters in 7 innings (1 walk) as the Wildcats beat Taran Alvelo and Washington 3-0. O'Toole is 15-1 on the year, and Arizona is 30-1. The Wildcats and Huskies (26-4) are in a 3-game PAC-12 series in Tuscon.
  6. The RPI should go up now that conference play has begun. Notice that Oklahoma now has 7 losses,and has dropped to #13. Tennessee dropped about 5 places after losing the series to Arkansas.
  7. UT got the game today to avoid the sweep.
  8. I think Jared is saying it's redundant to say "no-hitter" after you have already said "perfect game". And it is, but I see no harm in a little extra emphasis. Besides, you said "no-hitter" first. And now let me throw in some more additional extra superfluous kudos for Carlson's achievement.
  9. Thanks for the PBP, WT. Just heard B. Bowen say that the team will bus back to Auburn this morning. I would have thought they would fly that distance.
  10. The Razorbacks have won the first two games in Fayetteville, and go for the sweep tomorrow. Although we don't play either team in regular season, the Vols would be expected to compete more strongly for the regular season conference title. In other good news, Mississippi State took a game from Alabama today.
  11. Morgan is the only SEC player listed with more than 250 RBI.
  12. That's odd. Mine is still switched. The Auburn players are listed under the Illinois side, and vice versa. At the bottom of the center frame, it shows Illinois batting when Auburn is batting (with Auburn's players).
  13. Charlotte Morgan of Alabama had 264 RBI from 2007-2010.
  14. Just noticed that Gametracker has credited Auburn's runs to Illinois, and has the score reversed at the top, although the line score is correct.
  15. So glad to see that for Whitney. She has struggled at the plate this year.