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  1. Surely part of Steudemann's problem was named Smith. A formerly moribund Ole Miss softball program has made the supers two of the past three years, and won the SEC tournament. MSU hasn't come close to that. Don't know offhand the head-to-head results between the two schools.
  2. I thought we put the indoor hitting facility in back in the winter. I remember seeing photos on Twitter. Am I remembering incorrectly?
  3. Besides Show, who was a stud pitcher/hitter, four other players left aTm after the 2018 season. I think most of them were starters. Can't recall all the names, but Sarah Hudek and Keeli Milligan were two of them. Maybe Kaitlyn Alderink. The #1 2018 pitcher, Trinity Harrington, graduated, as did the starting catcher, shortstop, and centerfielder. Finally, the homer-hitting first baseman, Tori Vidales, graduated.
  4. I think that we will be doing well to get out of the bottom half; but to answer your question, I think we'd need at least one stud pitcher of the Montana Fouts variety, and boost our SEC hitting by 20 points. We do have coach Lenti now, which is a wild card and a reason to have some optimism.
  5. Maybe they read your post, Slot, but Mississippi State has fired Vann Steudemann after 8 years. Here's the text from Softball America: Mississippi State has relieved Vann Stuedeman of her head coaching duties. In eight seasons in Starkville, Miss., Stuedeman compiled a record of 276–189, advanced to the NCAA Tournament in seven seasons and recorded the second-most wins in program history. Softball America will update this story as details become available.
  6. Texas A&M was that bad. They were 13th in ERA, 13th in OPS, and 12th in fielding. I guess Arkansas saved them from the Triple Commode.
  7. Slot was ranking each team in the SEC on ERA, BA, and Fielding percentage. The three rank nos were then added, so that uat originally had an overall total of twelve. (1 for ERA, 4 for BA, and 7 for fielding. ) Using OPS instead of BA, uat ranked 2d, so their total dropped to 10. We ranked exactly the same on BA and OPS, so our total didn't change. Hope that clarifies.
  8. OK, I found the stats page for SEC games only and did the OPS numbers, Turns out no team's "total points" changed more than 2 points. uat was second in OPS and their total dropped to 10, equal to UK, who went up one. UT added 2 to 17, and Auburn stayed the same. SC and MSU both wound up at 26, same as us. A&M wound up at 38.
  9. Interesting to look at. I don't have the time right now, but an interesting tweak would be to use OPS instead of BA.
  10. Very impressive. Ms. Penta sounds like the kind of recruit that Dean needs to build his own reputation. Assuming we keep both her and Ms. Lowe, those are bright lights at the end of the tunnel.
  11. Many think she will play second for the Sooners. They graduated Caleigh Clifton, a 4-year starter for them at second.
  12. Samantha Yarbrough, a righty, and the #2 for South Alabama last year. Threw 93 innings as a freshman, had 103Ks, but also 80 or so walks. From Fairhope. ERA 4+. This per Softball America's transfer page. Started a new topic because the recruiting thread had gotten long and drifted away from the topic.
  13. Just read on Extra Inning Softball that Claire Davidson from Tampa has decommitted. Not positive of the class, but I'm thinking 2020. Hitting pitcher with some great numbers.
  14. According to the poster on Ultimate College Softball, King announced via Instagram she was transferring to Auburn on June 6. This was 6 days before Taylon announced she was transferring, so I doubt that CMD was thinking leadoff hitter at the time. More likely a CF to replace Podany, since we lost Greenwood and Moseley. That said, I agree that her numbers are not overly impressive, and 5 is a good many errors in center. Draper had 0 errors in 2016. OTOH, Tiffany Howard had 5 errors in left that same year. They each had 87 POs. Gotta let the man gets who he wants that he can get, and see what he can do with them.