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  1. Sounds about right to me. I see this as similar to the 1981 year in football - laying the foundation.
  2. What happened with Matt Bragga at TT? Didn't they go to Omaha, or just miss Omaha in 2018? Edited to answer my own question. Bragga got the job at Rice after Tech's run to the SR in 2018. He was succeeded by Justin Holmes, who was just fired at Tech.
  3. A lighthearted video starring CMD as a backhoe driver is posted on the Twitter account.
  4. I noticed the same thing. 😊 That aside, I'm getting a very good long-distance vibe from Ms. Garcia. I think she'll be strong for us.
  5. Would the assistant be Ruben Felix? I think that is the name.
  6. What about Lenti? Isn't his wife back in Chicago? Probably not as much of an issue with him, being older.
  7. This looks like an interesting, challenging, and exciting schedule. We have a few cupcakes, but also some really good competition in the early tournaments. The SEC schedule will be even tougher than last year. We'll have Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and uat on the road. Somewhat easier at home with OM, MSU, Mizzou and LSU. Was hoping we might play UT a nonconference game up here in mid-Tennessee, like we scheduled in 2017, but not to be.
  8. Thanks for the research. Certainly wish Ms. Davidson the best at Durham. The Seminoles need some competition. Excited about our own class; CMD has exceeded my expectations in this regard.
  9. Looks encouraging. Denver Bryant has now signed, making our full class of 8. Not sure right now who the 9th was.
  10. Wow! Some of the best numbers I've heard of. I look forward to watching her play at J.B. Moore.
  11. All games mentioned have lots of merit, and I attended a number of them; but trying to name a favorite Auburn game is somewhat akin to trying to name my favorite Rolling Stones song. I can't let this topic go by, though, without mentioning the 1971 Auburn-Georgia game. Both teams undefeated and ranked in the top 10, Sullivan a Heisman candidate. People calling Athens that week were answered with "Kill Auburn". I was in grad school and living in what was then called Plainsman Apts., now called Terra Something. I hadn't planned to go to that game, but lucked upon a pair from a 3d string wide receiver whom I played bridge with; and Saturday morning early, my buddy Dave and I got into a car with the Stansell brothers from Americus and headed for Athens. It was a goodly trip, as I-85 ended at Newnan then. Sullivan's first big completion was to Schmalz, a crossing route, and Dick took it down to the 2. Lowry put us up 7-0 shortly thereafter. Auburn with the ball again in the first quarter moved to the UGA 31. From there, Sully floated a high one that Beasley ran under as he crossed the goal line. 14-0 Auburn. Georgia came back to tie it in the second quarter. Sullivan came back with a TD strike to Schmalz early in the third, then Georgia scored to close to 21-20. Roger Mitchell blocked the PAT, and my friend Dave said, "I hope Shug doesn't try to sit on this one-point lead." We ran the kickoff out to the 30. First play, Sullivan hit Beasley on a curl route. The two Georgia guys angling for him knocked each other off, and Beasley turned and fled 70 yards to put us up 28-20 going to the 4th. The Big O had a 60-yard punt return in the 4th that set us up around the Georgia 20; a few plays later, Sullivan found Schmalz crossing the EZ for the final score of the day, 35-20 Auburn. Sullivan's numbers that day wouldn't impress anyone now; offense was largely a running thing then. I think he had 14 completions for 4 TDs; but he won the Heisman, and his performance on November 13 in Athens was a big reason why.
  12. Just noticed that new roster photos have been pasted in. New jerseys not here yet, apparently.
  13. She pitched a strenuous summer with travel ball, tournaments, tryouts for the USA team, etc., and Dean opted to rest her arm this fall.
  14. Thanks for your observations. I read earlier how the players are being coached to produce base hits, and let the homers come where they may. I agree we should be solid in the field. I don't see our being dominant in the circle, so I think the success of our season will depend on our hitting. Hoping Coach Lenti can instill the proper approach. Will be interesting to see Dismukes in the spring.