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  1. Let me update the update. A&M is still undefeated. Playing in the Mary Nutter Classic, they take on BYU and #14 Michigan today. I think Tennessee is also playing in this, which must be a huge event. Anyway, UT lost its first game yesterday to Utah, 3-0. The Vols have a hotshot freshman pitcher named Caylan Arnold, who is 5-1. She hadn't given up an earned run until yesterday. Pitched against Paige Parker in the Vols' win over Oklahoma. And yes, it seems the SEC is really loaded this year. We don't play either of the above two teams, and still have a killer schedule, especially on the road, where we play Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and So. Car. At home we get the two Miss. schools plus LSU and Missouri, who just beat Washington.
  2. #1 Florida State finally lost a game, to Texas A&M - shut out by Samantha Show. Tennessee is still undefeated, I believe. #22 Missouri beat Washington 9-5. And Oklahoma lost its third game, to Tennessee.
  3. Not too surprising. FSU narrowly lost to us in the WCWS last year, due to an all-world catch by Draper and a close play at home. I think they had the best hitting team we faced there. Florida lost to winless Maryland, causing them to drop to third. Alabama fell from 5th to 10th after losing twice to ULaLa - and not close losses. The season heats up.
  4. Draper now hitting .500 on the year. Will Coach leave her in the 9 hole? Probably 80-90 more at-bats if she's in the 1 or 2 spot.
  5. Looking more like Auburn softball. I was on the road today, but caught the last two innings of the SIUE game. Really liked what I saw from Swindle. I heard the Veach homer was a monster, but didn't get to see it. Hopefully can watch more tomorrow.
  6. Swindle made her pitching debut in this one, I believe, handling the 5th inning. She also pitched the 7th inning of the 8-1 win over SIUE. Got some good-looking pitches. (For Auburn fans)
  7. Coach gave Greenwood a little speech before that hit. It must've been good. First pitch, the best non-dinger hit of the year. Good job, Greenwood. Maybe that last inning will jump-start our bats. We need more than 3 people on the team with a BA over .200. Did anyone else think Brooks was throwing illegal pitches all night? Her left foot came off the ground on every pitch. They gave us a couple bases on it early, but she just kept doing it, it seemed to me.
  8. SIUE is 5-0 after last weekend's games in Monroe, LA. Defeated LA-Monroe, Prairie View, Grambling, Northwestern St., Sam Houston St. Team batting average .290 with one homer.
  9. In checking Washington's website, I noticed that Alvelo did not pitch for them against BYU; it was Schreyer. Alvelo pitched the other three - all wins for Washington. Nebraska, however, scored three runs on her in the first inning. They only had two baserunners the rest of the game. The Huskies won the Oklahoma game with a solo homer.
  10. But RPI does affect seeds in the WCWS; at least they said it did last year. But maybe it's too early to talk about that.
  11. Washington defeated Oklahoma 1-0, so Washington gets the trophy, if there is one. Apparently we aren't the only team that can't hit Alvero.
  12. Washington currently leading 1-0 in the fourth. OU just committed their first error of the weekend. Huskies have a runner on second with Flores coming up. And Gasso just pulled Parker (gasp) in favor of Lowary.
  13. Very happy with the 3-1 result in this series, including the win over Oklahoma. Troubled by the lack of bat production. Hopefully, we can get our swings back against competition that is a step down from what we've seen. Cooper had an absolutely dismal series, committing all three Auburn errors and netting only two hits in 4 games. Maybe leadoff isn't the spot for her. A bouquet to KK Crocker, who struck out on a neck-high pitch to end the Washington game, but came back with RBI hits in the last two games.
  14. Not good. We didn't want Jensen to come back up (top of order). She went 5 for 5 in her first collegiate at-bats.
  15. Gametracker is working today, for the first time. No ball/strike info, though.