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  1. Auburn leads Chipola 1-0 after 4 innings in the second game. Rolfe pitching at last check. That isn't the first time that Wallace State has beaten us, if my memory is correct. They went 56-4 this year, and I think two of the losses were in the postseason. Chipola also has a history of being a powerhouse in this classification. Still, it seems we should be able to hit community college pitching better than this. Edit: Auburn wins 4-0 behind btb homers from Widra and Mialnowski. Widra relieved Rolfe in the circle, and Peralta had an RBI single.
  2. Auburn and Wallace State are scoreless through 4 innings. Penta pitching for the Tigers, Sydney Cox at third. Garcia had a double in the first. Edit: Still scoreless through 5. Widra and Rolfe both mentioned as pitchers. We are playing as visitors. Wallace State, BTW, was 56-4 this year, and #1 in the nation for a month or so. Edit: Wallace State scores 4 in the 6th to win 4-0.
  3. Looks like she is a bit of a pitcher as well.
  4. My copy/paste function seems to have gone away; however, the complete 2023 schedule is now available on the AU Softball News Page. Trying again . . . Nope.
  5. Thanks for the extra details. I had thought it seemed we were playing a lot of frosh and transfers, either to see what they could do, or because they were good enough. the highlights (other than Penta's pitching) mentioned Widra, Milanowski, Tresvik, Rolfe and Garcia (3 hits). I was surprised to see no mention of Ellis, Peralta, or McCondichie. I believe Packer was noted for a hit or sac fly. I'm encouraged by what I've read so far.
  6. Tresvik hit a solo homer, Auburn up 1-0 after 4. Penta with 9Ks. Bryant and Lowe not dressed out. Elkins wearing the gear, so assume she's catching. Saw Garcia putting a helmet on, so she's in the lineup. Edit: Annabelle Widra pitched the 5th, it's still 1-0. Edit: Lead goes up to 3-0 in middle 6th on hits by Widra and Garcia, and a sac fly by Tresvik. FINAL: 3-0.
  7. Auburn and UAB are scoreless after two. Penta in the circle for Auburn, Cespedes for UAB. Again no lineup.
  8. Score still 5-0 after 6 innings. Tresvik in the circle, gave up a walk and a hit but no runs. Rolfe had walked the first batter she faced, then no more baserunners during her 5 innings. Edit: Final Score was 6-0. Twitter said "several new Tigers were key contributors."
  9. Auburn leading Pensacola State 5-0 after 3 innings. Emmah Rolfe pitching, Widra and Milanowski also started Widra had a double in the first. Rofe with 5 Ks after 3. This from Twitter. No lineup provided.
  10. I'm still concerned about removing that padding. Hope that doesn't result in a player's being injured. Seems better to me to elevate the seats and leave the padding in place.
  11. This would make it more likely we'll see Widra in the circle. Thanks to KK for her contributions.
  12. Actually, we will see neither UT nor UK this year. We will drop both of them, plus Arkansas and aTm. At home we will get Miss. St., Ole Miss, LSU, and Missouri. We will travel to UF, UGA, USC, and Alabama. I know the teams are correct, and believe the sites are.
  13. Slightly surprised by the teams: St. John's, Fordham, Pittsburgh, Indiana, Illinois. We played tougher competition last year. We'll see what the rest of the schedule bings.
  14. Thanks for news about Hutchins. Wonder if the players knew earlier - I think three of her pitchers transferred, including the ace. Agree it will be interesting to see if Widra pitches in the fall. Would be a help if she could take some innings vs. Mercer, Delaware State, etc.
  15. Looks like Phillip totally forgot about Annabelle Widra. Does that mean we don't plan to use her as a pitcher? Not sure I like the sound of removing the padding in left field.
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