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  1. Agree with what AU64 said. Thought we had caught a break last night when I saw that Tulsa had somehow scored 2 runs in top 10. Okie had struggled with Watson, yet put up 4 in the bottom. That's the kind of stuff they do. And Parker may be less of a problem than Lowary. I know we beat her in Mexico, but we had 2 HRs from Veach, her only multiple game of the year. She throws 72 mph, and saved Parker last night.
  2. Ole Miss continues to prosper. I wouldn't bet against their taking out UCLA.
  3. Oklahoma is playing tomorrow, so why can't LSU? Or whoever?
  4. Second that.
  5. Sad also that Tulsa missed another run way back in the first, when, with the bases loaded and a 3-ball count on her, Tulsa batter swung at a neck-high pitch that clearly would have driven in a run. Dang! I thought Tulsa might win when they put up 2 in top 10. I hadn't thought they would be able to score. Agree with Golf, but not putting up 500.
  6. Cal just eliminated Notre Dame 5-3. Should start around 11:30.
  7. Auburn forecast is cloudy early, with scattered thunderstorms developing this afternoon. 50% chance of rain.
  8. Sooners Win. Now must beat NDSU once and Tulsa twice.
  9. Lowary strikes out Schroeder and Yanetti,two oouts.
  10. Arky has runners on 2d and 3d, no outs, bot 7. Still 5-3.
  11. Knighten drives in a run to put the Sooners up 5-3.
  12. Missed a golden chance to tie it there. Announcers seemed to think it was Schroeder's decision. Wonder why they didn't put in a pinch runner? I thought Schroeder would make it anyway, as the throw was well up the line.
  13. NDSU just took the lead in top 9.