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  1. OlderWhiskey

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    USA Red and Japan play for the championship today.
  2. OlderWhiskey

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Think you meant to say $100K more - White was making 237.5,from what I've read elsewhere. They had just given him a raise last year, I believe.
  3. OlderWhiskey

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Thanks for the reference to that article, it was worth reading again. Also made me feel better about Dean. I guess the PTB just decided to limit the number of staff members listed on the "Coaches" page.
  4. OlderWhiskey

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    The newly styled roster indicates we are down to 18 players now, plus the three coming in this fall. This is closer to where most teams operate, I think, but I recall Myers having up to 30,and always at least 25. The coaching staff page now only lists Dean, Smith, Ketelhut, and Megan Reynolds (DOO). I think the volunteer position Carosone had only lasts for a year. ?? She is playing with the Bandits this summer. Also, I don't seem to be able to access Twitter.
  5. OlderWhiskey

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Transferring within the conference is one of those things that isn't done. I guess you could do it by sitting out a year, but I don't know of anyone that has. Correction: Just remembered that Amanda Sanchez transferred from Missouri to LSU. I think only graduate transfers can do this. Greenwood showed some promise with the bat in 2017, so maybe she will be a pleasant surprise. I see McCrackin entrenched at second. Assuming Podany moves to center, left would be between Greenwood and Crocker, with Moseley an unknown in the mix.
  6. OlderWhiskey

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Very sorry to see Olszewski leave, as she was one of my favorite prospects. Here is the link to the UAB announcement: I share jimpecht's concerns. Was hoping to see some big bats transfer in; instead, one I had high hopes for goes the other way.
  7. OlderWhiskey

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Melyssa Lombardi, longtime pitching coach and associate head coach at Oklahoma, has taken the HC job at Oregon.
  8. OlderWhiskey

    No near term plans for Vandy Softball

    Dang! I pretty much knew this, but Vandy is my nearest SEC venue. Maybe we'll schedule another game against UT in Columbia.
  9. OlderWhiskey

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Missouri hired Larissa Anderson from Hofstra, who had a win over Florida State (1-0) this year. Missouri power hitter Amanda Sanchez transferred to LSU. Graduate transfer, so she can play immediately,for one year. Kolaitis was at South Alabama for a while before going to Oregon. And former AU pitcher Lexi Davis is now assistant coach at Furman.
  10. What a tragedy for Ms. Wilcox and her family. Kudos to MSU for giving her as much of her dream as they could.
  11. OlderWhiskey

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Kelly Lynche is a pitcher, as noted. Thanks to Slot for bringing this topic to light.
  12. OlderWhiskey

    Kolaitis new UAB Softball Coach

    You may be right. For perspective, we currently have 3 players on roster from the Bham area. Greenwood, Olszewski, and Tissier.
  13. OlderWhiskey

    Kolaitis new UAB Softball Coach

    He is also an excellent hitting coach, as I understand.Would love to have had him for that, but really no motivation for him to make a lateral move from Oregon to AU. This will probably adversely affect our recruiting in the Birmingham area.
  14. OlderWhiskey

    Haley Fagan Arrested for Shoplifting

    Just as a side note, $2000 bond is minimal. The local rag here in rural TN does a lot of crime reporting, and I don't think I've ever seen a bond that low. More typical would be 8-10K for stuff like simple possession of a controlled substance. I've seen cases with multiple offenses going into six figures. It only cost her $200 to get out, if she used a bail bondsman.