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  1. Glad to see this. If she can coach what she did, we're in for some exciting times.
  2. Thanks for giving us something to talk about. Damn, we could hit back then. Don't have time to watch this right now, but maybe I'll hook it up to the big screen later.
  3. Did I miss an announcement re Ruby Rojas? She's no longer shown on the coaching staff.
  4. Agree in general with the thoughts above, but note several players have come in and started as freshmen; Kasey Cooper, Carlee Wallace, Rivera, Taylon Snow. Taylon may be the only one who was a Day 1 starter. However it turns out, I'm getting pumped for the 2021 season.
  5. Excellent notes, Slot. I'm excited for next year.
  6. Didn't Jaylin Calvert recently enter the transfer portal? Is Kendal her sister? If so, I'd say she's iffy on this list.
  7. But she moved South and played her senior year, at least, at Curry.
  8. Don't know what you mean by "circumstances with the asst. coaches". ??
  9. Wisconsin has decided not to allow 2020 seniors (spring sports) to return for another year. This may be a widespread response to some of the questions posed above. Link:
  10. Sorry to hear this. She had some big hits for us, although she hit only .167 on the season. Fielding percentage .885.
  11. Outstanding performance by the young lady. Look what Dean found!
  12. I had thought the same thing about Tannon. With her sister already gone, I would be hugely surprised (and happy) if she returned. Perry's folks moved to Auburn, which kinda sets her up to return if she wants to. Cook is from Dadeville (25 miles). In the end, it's mostly about whether the player wants to return for another year.
  13. That further wipes out South Carolina and the USA team in softball, and Miss. St. in baseball.