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  1. 2018 Softball Schedule

    Alabama is at Auburn March 16-18. It will be the first conference series for them.
  2. 2018 Softball Schedule

    Just checked the UT and MTSU schedules - not playing either up here.
  3. Heard this as a rumor on another forum, but was hoping it wasn't true. Like you, glad for coach, but we need some help in the box. Is Carosone still around?
  4. Your first listing was the 3-6-3 double play; also love the 3-6-4. Gotta love the double steal on offense.
  5. 2018 Softball Signees Announced

    Just read that Ms. Sikes has signed with UGA.
  6. 2018 Softball Signees Announced

    In checking around, I found we had six commits last December, and were ranked #3. Two of those girls went to Stanford and Arizona, and the third is Savana Sikes, who also committed in 2014. According to her dad, they committed because of the Myers, whom he extolled as the best coaches in softball. There was a post on this forum back then about her. She had a game against Kelly Barnhill that year in which she went 3 for 4 with two homers. She has played mostly shortstop, and is from Douglasville. UGA has been making a push to get her since the Myers left. Her older sister Sara played there. I couldn't find out whether she actually signed with Georgia or not.
  7. Softball fall games

    Just noticed that Alabama has signed Krystal Goodman, a pitcher from Chipola. I'm guessing she's the one who held us to 1 run on a throwing error.
  8. Funny you should ask. Check the topic listing.
  9. Here's the link: Two girls from Alabama and a catcher from Spring, TX. Seems a small class after last year's 8, but I don't know how that evens out over time. Seems like we've been losing only about three players per year to graduation. Anyway, welcome to Auburn, ladies!
  10. 2017 Softball Rules

    As I recall, it was even worse. The run the slapper drove in would have won the game for A&M.
  11. 2018 Softball Schedule

    I'm hoping the same thing. Bought tickets for that game in Columbia last year, then it got cancelled due to cold.
  12. 2018 potential lineup speculation

    Crepea posted an article today regarding injury status at Veach tore a meniscus and had surgery this week. It's seen as a 4-week recovery. Greenwood has an apparent separated shoulder. Schiele is still mending, but was able to throw for the first time today. Snow has good days when she can play, and others when she can't. Hers seems to be the most troubling condition, as it hasn't ended after 8 months or so. Wish her (and all of them) the best. From reports, Crocker has improved her hitting, and I think she is the favorite at second. Expect Shea to catch with Veach as backup. Need two catchers for doubleheaders. I expect Veach to play third when she isn't catching. When she is, Snow or McCrackin have the edge there. I keep trying to find a place for McCrackin because I think her hitting is ramping up. It may be that nobody locks down second, third and left, as we have several capable players at those positions. Expect to see some experimentation at those positions well into (and maybe all during) the season. Second and left never got settled last year. And just to throw one out there, look for Olszweski to be better than expected.
  13. LA -Lafayette Softball Coach

    Here is something on the other side of the issue. LANGUAGE WARNING.
  14. LA -Lafayette Softball Coach

    According to the article linked below, AD Bryan Maggard spent time at Missouri, where a similar situation occurred with the softball team. Anyone know about that?