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  1. Thanks for the research. Certainly wish Ms. Davidson the best at Durham. The Seminoles need some competition. Excited about our own class; CMD has exceeded my expectations in this regard.
  2. Looks encouraging. Denver Bryant has now signed, making our full class of 8. Not sure right now who the 9th was.
  3. Maddie Penta and Reena Falisi have also signed.
  4. Wow! Some of the best numbers I've heard of. I look forward to watching her play at J.B. Moore.
  5. All games mentioned have lots of merit, and I attended a number of them; but trying to name a favorite Auburn game is somewhat akin to trying to name my favorite Rolling Stones song. I can't let this topic go by, though, without mentioning the 1971 Auburn-Georgia game. Both teams undefeated and ranked in the top 10, Sullivan a Heisman candidate. People calling Athens that week were answered with "Kill Auburn". I was in grad school and living in what was then called Plainsman Apts., now called Terra Something. I hadn't planned to go to that game, but lucked upon a pair from a 3d string wide receiver whom I played bridge with; and Saturday morning early, my buddy Dave and I got into a car with the Stansell brothers from Americus and headed for Athens. It was a goodly trip, as I-85 ended at Newnan then. Sullivan's first big completion was to Schmalz, a crossing route, and Dick took it down to the 2. Lowry put us up 7-0 shortly thereafter. Auburn with the ball again in the first quarter moved to the UGA 31. From there, Sully floated a high one that Beasley ran under as he crossed the goal line. 14-0 Auburn. Georgia came back to tie it in the second quarter. Sullivan came back with a TD strike to Schmalz early in the third, then Georgia scored to close to 21-20. Roger Mitchell blocked the PAT, and my friend Dave said, "I hope Shug doesn't try to sit on this one-point lead." We ran the kickoff out to the 30. First play, Sullivan hit Beasley on a curl route. The two Georgia guys angling for him knocked each other off, and Beasley turned and fled 70 yards to put us up 28-20 going to the 4th. The Big O had a 60-yard punt return in the 4th that set us up around the Georgia 20; a few plays later, Sullivan found Schmalz crossing the EZ for the final score of the day, 35-20 Auburn. Sullivan's numbers that day wouldn't impress anyone now; offense was largely a running thing then. I think he had 14 completions for 4 TDs; but he won the Heisman, and his performance on November 13 in Athens was a big reason why.
  6. Just noticed that new roster photos have been pasted in. New jerseys not here yet, apparently.
  7. She pitched a strenuous summer with travel ball, tournaments, tryouts for the USA team, etc., and Dean opted to rest her arm this fall.
  8. Thanks for your observations. I read earlier how the players are being coached to produce base hits, and let the homers come where they may. I agree we should be solid in the field. I don't see our being dominant in the circle, so I think the success of our season will depend on our hitting. Hoping Coach Lenti can instill the proper approach. Will be interesting to see Dismukes in the spring.
  9. thanks for pointing that out. Maybe I forgot to hit the "Save" button; but I left the page, and came back a few hours later to find you had responded. At that time, my paste of the article was still in place. No big deal, just trying to understand how things work.
  10. So who edited my post from 5:27 yesterday to remove part of it? It included the news article on the AUM game from the softball page.
  11. AUM went 43-12 in the 2019 season, although they didn't play any DI teams. I noticed they were shut out 3 consecutive games by West Florida. Maybe West Florida had a good pitcher?
  12. Auburn outscored Georgia Tech 6-5 tonight in a game that was set up as "play for 3 hours", according to the softball news page. Auburn fell behind 3-0 initially, but had 15 hits in the 9-inning game, plus 11 Ks. No word on who had either. The article may appear below: ATLANTA, Ga. – The Auburn softball program continued its impressive fall exhibition productivity as the Tigers traveled to Atlanta and beat Georgia Tech. Rather than playing a tradition seven-inning softball game, the two teams agreed to play as many innings as possible in a three-hour window on Thursday night. Play was ultimately stopped after nine innings with the Tigers ahead. "I thought it was a very slow start with low energy. We were kind of just playing, but not playing to win," head coach Mickey Dean said. "But once we got down, then all the sudden, we had a little fire in us and started playing and executing much better." Auburn fell behind in the bottom of the first, before that deficit was extended in the third and sixth innings, respectively. The Tigers finally got on the scoreboard with a two-run top of the seventh, before tying the game an inning later. Georgia Tech re-took the lead with a one-run bottom of the eighth. However, Auburn responded with a three-run top of the ninth, while the Yellow Jackets only managed to plate one in their half of the inning before the game was called. "Our pitching wasn't great, but it wasn't bad," Dean said. "It was really just inconsistent, but when we were on, we had really good innings." On the night, the Auburn pitching staff recorded 11 strikeouts, including striking out the side in the bottom of the second and recording the game's final three outs via strikeout. The Tigers were also credited with 15 hits throughout the game. "We had a lot of hits, but just didn't capitalize on scoring runs," Dean said. "I thought, after about the fourth inning, we started playing with a little bit more energy and I thought our young players did a good job of putting themselves in position to score runs. Our defense really kept us in the game."
  13. I took the time to watch the replay from the Chipola website and will add a few observations about that game. - Swindle had a no-no going until the 6th, but Dowell and Calvert both had nice plays that saved possible hits. Dowell fielded a ball near the bag and just got the runner with a good throw in top 2; in T4, Calvert had a nice running catch in LC. - Auburn running a lot. Jones, Garcia, and McCondichie all had SBs. Tissier threw out two Chipola runners, but misfired on the third. - AU scored all 4 runs in Bot 3. Garcia had a sharply hit single up the middle, and stole second. Calvert beat out her bunt, then Rivera had an RBI groundout. Maresette singled to drive in Calvert, then Snow hit the first pitch way up on the scoreboard. - Auburn had two on with no outs in Bot 4, but didn't score. Garcia and Calvert walked, but Rivera K'd, and Maresette flied out to left. With Snow up, Calvert bluffed a steal from first. The Chipola catcher threw down, and Garcia, who was way off 2d (by design, I think), took off for 3d, making it. Calvert started to try for second, but got caught off first. - Garcia hit one to the track in bot 6, but the cf got under it. - Florian had a nice play on a slow roller in top 7. Good arm. The video quality was very good, although it;s still hard to get faces from that camera location. I was easily able to identify Veach and McCrackin coming down the concourse. Noticed the umpires changed from time to time, guess they use these exhibitions for training or practice. I think there were 3 home plate umpires.
  14. I believe they named the tennis center at ua for her (she passed several years ago). My nephew knew her quite well, played with her in Alex. City in the 70s/80s. He said that indeed most schools put a name in the bracket to oppose her, but then defaulted the match.
  15. Thanks for the notes. Your scorekeeping correct, according to the news page. Hope King's absence is a temporary thing.