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  1. They will be competing with USCw in the high-bidder stakes. I suspect to two top targets will be Cristobal and Franklin. But I'd be surprised if either wants to leave their current position. And why would they want to step into that Baton Rouge cesspool? Money ain't everything and they both get plenty. Given the problems at LSU right now with court cases and investigations related to sexual assault cover-ups, I don't think they'd go after Urban Baggage. And with his history, no matter his religious school penance, would Freeze be hire they'd risk? I kinda think their best bet wo
  2. Do we see him on Saturday? YES. We will. Why? Not because he is the best QB or because he is better than Bo. He performed reasonably well vs GSU, plus Harsin understands that it is important to have a #2 ready to go. So, just like last week, I expect to see TJ getting a series in the first half. And YES! I'm perfectly OK with that!
  3. I agree, but it is not just OL. Fact is, the AU current recruiting will DEFINITELY not be competitive in the SEC at this point. I see nothing in our Harsin recruiting list that will prepare Auburn too compete with UGA, Bama, or even teams that we usually beat like OM, A&M, etc. Nothing against the guys on the list, but honestly, a truckload oof 2 and 3 star guys will not be competitive against any team (like bamqw, UGA, etc) with a truckload f 5 star players. Thing is, this year performance counts a LOT as far as recruiting for this season. So far, Auburn looked competitive against P
  4. Okay, LSU is not the powerhouse that they have been in the past. Miss State out-played them the entire game and really deserved to win. Unfortunately, MSU had some broken plays and gave up 3 TDs as a result. But ya know, that is a part of thew game of football, and successful teams make those kinds of plays happen. Can Auburn avoid big plays like that? I dunno. I thought the Auburn secondary was going to be a strong point of the defense. But they looked like s*it against Georgia State. And the DL is getting no pressure on the opponent's QB at all. LSU doesn't have much of a running g
  5. hahahaha ---- Auburn has no legit competitive QB. We got Bo, who is proven mediocre. And we got TJ, who is unproven against decent opponents. Personally, I'm all for letting DD our 3rd string guy go live and get prepared for next season ------ because this season is already down the tubes.
  6. At least Harsin had the balls to pull Bo. I really don't care how much Bo's mechanics have improved, his end results have not improved. He is still a mediocre (at best) SEC QB. But I'm not putting it all on Bo. There were pre-game threads about show up, give a crap. The entire team was off in a different world today. The defense was apparently playing in a different parallel universe than this game. And THAT. IS. ON. HARSIN. and his coaching staff. The entire team was not focused, was not ready. Looking forward to LSU? It is up to the coaches to make sure that doesn't happe
  7. Well, returning to the original post --- When I saw the topic title "Show up, give a s*** and repeat” I thought it was demanding FANS show up at games. Ya know, like Akron, Ala State, Georgia State. Because ..... well, I dunno. These are the only home games Auburn can win???? Sorry, I just wasn't dialed in to whatever OTHER intent might be for the title. But, okay, why would players NOT be focused on big games? Isn't that ** expected **? And isn't it the JOB of coaches to have players totally prepared and focused for the games? Isn't it their job to make sure that the entire te
  8. So now we have people swallowing disinfectant because some complete moronic idiot politician suggests it. Now we've got endless people eager to suck down animal de-worming paste because .... who knows ...... some moron idiot suggested it. No scientific evidence, When I worked at the Texas Medical Center back in the early 1980s, actor Steve McQueen showed up at world renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center (where my wife worked) seeking a cure for his cancer. Unfortunately, there was no cure. But in Mexico, there was a "cure" involving avocado crap injected into your spine. Hundr
  9. Tennessee governor (Yes, an AUBURN graduate) has decided that monoclonal antibodies treatments are ONLY available to people who are unvaccinated. So,, if you made your effort to fight the pandemic, got vaccinated, well ...... FU! https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/tennessee-limiting-monoclonal-antibody-treatment-unvaccinated-residents-n1279740 BTW -- that's me and wifey. We got vaccinated, because it was the right thing to do. Now, we are not eligible for treatment because ........ friggin right wing political nutcase crazoid politics?
  10. Okay, I agree. Bo has "looked" better in the pocket. His footwork is prettier. His armswing is shorter. He isn't running for his life because the OL is doing better. BUT ..... In terms of actual performance, he has NOT improved. Against teams with a pulse, he is still not delivering. 98.8 QB rating. By any standard, crappy. 54% completions. By any standard, crappy. I'm sorry, that is NOT an improved performance over previous years against decent teams. How much of this blame do you want to lay on Harsin & Bobo? In the past, we laid all the blame on Malzahn. Now w
  11. I donated but I still cannot read this "Things I Think I Saw" post. How many times do I need to donate? How much do I need to donate? Is AUF now a pay site?
  12. Okay, everyone has been saying his mechanics look better, his pocket presence looks better, his footwork looks better, the OL protected better so he was not running for his life the entire game. YET! Bo is still Bo. He looks like magic against cupcakes, but against solid teams, he is just not the level of QB who can actually HELP your team. It's the same ol' same ol' against teams that have a pulse. Against Penn State QB rating 98.8. Completions 54.5%. Can we blame it on the OL? NO! Can we blame it on the receivers? Well, how many balls did they drop that were actually
  13. So, instead of just speaking up front, off the cuff, as a coach, Franklin reads a bunch of cue cards (who knows who wrote those cue cards. are they so called "analysts"?) which is really just coach-speak blabber-blabber. Honestly, I didn't go any further than his opening remarks, because ..... 37 minutes? Nope. Were there any comments by Franklin beyond those opening cue cards about Auburn?
  14. I say "premature" because we still don't know who will be out for Auburn or PSU due to COVID protocols or injuries r other issues. So these are just some observations to think about - negative and positive First, some problematic issues -- 1. Last I looked, Auburn has lost 9 straight games against highly-ranked teams. (Of course, that was Malzahn, but .....) 2. PSU has the 2nd largest stadium in FBS and is VERY LOUD! Especially when doing White Out. 3. Penn State recruiting rankings are comparable to Auburn over the past few years. 4. Bo has not played well in road ga
  15. So, instead of just speaking up front, off the cuff, as a coach, Franklin reads a bunch of cue cards (who knows who wrote those notes) which is really just coach-speak blabber-blabber. Honestly, I didn't go any further than his opening remarks, because ..... 37 minutes? Nope. Were there any comments by Franklin beyond those opening cue cards? Waiting for aubiefifty to do a little bit of effort before he reposts stuff he grabs from the intertubes (which he never does in his hundreds of reposts) in order to provide the salient, relevant, useful parts. Oh well, not holding my breath.
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