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  1. I think Gus is willing to take plan Bs and Cs and Ds, but none of those plan Bs and Cs and Ds are willing to commit to Gus. And no matter what e says, Grimes ain't making it happen.
  2. Ya know, I'm feeling like Mikey did for years with his discouragement with LB recruiting. Well, finally, Auburn found some coaches and the LB recruiting has improved a lot and OMG! What a D we got now!. Yes, I get that for the OL the whole is more than just the sum of the parts. They have to be able to function as a unit, and sometimes the highest rated or most accomplished individual player may not function as well in the unit as someone who may be less skilled but gels better with the others. However, the fact is, the current unit is ... um ..... not optimal. If this is the optimal combination of OL players, .... well, it's not impressing anyone. And subbing others currently on the roster, even those who might be more skilled, apparently is not a solution as far as our OLC is concerned. I'll just suggest that dragging in a bunch of JUCOs is well and good, but it's just a patch on the overall problem. Auburn's OL recruiting has been ... um .... less than sparkling. I look at some teams, not just in the SEC, not even higher ranked than Auburn (I wouldn't dare mention them) loading up on 4* and 5* OL out of high school. Yes, you gotta put together a group that functions good as a unit. That's easier to do if you got a herd of 4* and 5* hulks to start with -- and a OL coach who can coach them up. Yes, I hope to heaven that we can find a few gems in this big crop of incoming guys. I hope to heaven Auburn can put together some semblance of an OL next season. I'm pulling for every single one of these guys to succeed. I hope they all turn into monsters of the trenches, striking fear into our rivals and laying waste to the SEC! But while they are terrorizing our rivals, I'd really like to see Auburn find a way to begin recruiting adequate numbers of very talented guys out of high school and coaching them up. And I hope CGM has the guts and vision to make the change at OLC that will put Auburn on track in that direction, because IMO Grimes ... well, let's just say he ain't the OL whisperer.
  3. Out of all this --- "look for Auburn to simplify things some for quarterback Bo Nix as Malzahn tries to make things easier for his freshman quarterback." Of course, this just simplifies it for your opponent as well. Against Arkansaas, that's probably not a problem. Against our rivals -- hahaha -- Yeah, Gus, make it all easy, man. hahahaha
  4. I'mma gonna wait n see bout Wisconsin. Fact is, there's offenses that are ripping up the record books. D is wonderful, but in today's game, if you can't score, you gonna lose. This is my concern with Auburn vs LSU and Bama (as it was my concern going into the UF game). As for Wisconsin, they have an excellent OL, they have a stud RB, they can move the chains and score. I'm eager to see them take on tOSU, who has been anointed one of the fabulous teams of the season, but has played *nobody* yet. Actually Penn State looks like the most balanced team in the BiG, hut I don't know if that will get them past tOSU's offense.
  5. It would be great to see that happen, but first priority is Arkansas, then LSU, on down the line.
  6. Man, Bama has some serious speed on offense. Today was Waddle's day.
  7. My most frustrating, because Auburn really SHOULD have won the game and it was such a BIG game was the championship game against FSU. My #2 was the 2017 LSU game that Malzahn gave away after building a big lead. That too was a big game, and there was no reason Auburn should have lost. He just gave it away.
  8. I love coming here to argue about kumquats. Okay, I just wanted to illustrate how easy it is to derail a thread with off-topic posts. It's really unfortunate that arguments can get started over ridiculous and meaningless crap. I agree with the OP completely.
  9. I can't stand kumquats. If you want an orange, get a danged orange, even a small mandarin orange, not some tiny pretend thing that looks like a miniature orange but tastes like the sole of barn hand's boot.
  10. Some people probably think it's a "dirty word." hahahaha
  11. It's really difficult sometimes to work through a thread looking for posts that actually have something to do with the topic of the thread. The amount of acrimony, personal insults, arguing, and bashing can get tiresome, especially when the venomous spitting matches go on page after page. I keep telling myself that people argue with other family members. Except it never happened in my family, so I'm not used to it.
  12. AURex


    Well, let's just be honest. (1) The Gus offense has seen its day. (2) If you can't recruit elite offensive and defensive linemen in the SEC, you got major problems. Auburn under Gus (well CRG really) got real good recruiting a crop of awesome DL and the LB situation has really improved. But the best of the DL gonna be leaving. Other good ones? Of course. As good? TBD. But OL recruiting has sucked big time the last few years under Gus. And so has RB recruiting. I'm really hopeful about our ONE new RB recruit, but frankly, pulling in a big crop of okay JUCO guys, hoping to find a few who can be coached up (remember who is coaching the OL) to play SEC ball, just ain't gonna change anything. I don't care who jumps my azz on this. Mikey complained for years about LB recruiting. I'm complaining over and over about OL recruiting, because the FACT is that, if you can't win up front on the OL, you can't win against your toughest rivals. Auburn can go on winning 63% by beating up on cupcakes and the bottom dwellers in the SEC West. I'm not satisfied with that. Anyone who is ..... well ...... I'm not.
  13. AURex


    If you limit the data to only Power5 and top independents (like Notre Dame), Auburn is 15th all time and 6th of the SEC teams in W-L percentage, just ahead of Florida by an infinitesimal 0.1% so Auburn may slip behind Florida after this season. Is being just middle of the conference satisfying to anyone here? Well, certainly not me. Middlin is mediocre, and I'm not happy with middlin. And it ain't gettin' better. The continuing recent records of 7-5 and 8-4 is still right there at ---- you guessed it --- 63%. The singular big-win seasons scattered in there occasionally are offset by the really crappy seasons, so they don't really change the overall percentage much year after year. Nope. I'm not satisfied with that, and I don't really care what the past was. As for history : Historically the record for most national championships is Yale with 18. Princeton is second with 17. That just demonstrates that the past does not dictate the future.
  14. I thought this was the AU Family Football forum, but apparently it is the Politically Speaking forum in layers of BS innuendo and obfuscation. I want my AU FOOTBALL FORUM BACK!