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  1. Here are the Equestrian teams that are members of the NCEA (National Collegiate Equestrian Association). This is the organization that sponsors championship competition. There are a lot more schools that are members of the IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association). Scroll down this page. Whew! Look at how much Auburn offers for scholarships! No wonder we attract top riders.
  2. Do you buy all new LPs? Or do you shop Ebay, Amazon, Discogs? Or do you have local shops that sell decent used vinyl? I've slowed down buying all kinds of music. I have so much already that I'm kinda overwhelmed. That said, I did pick up a couple of nice items as Christmas presents to myself -- a Clapton box set and the Buffalo Springfield box. I usually find that I prefer original release LPs over the newer pressings, but the Buffalo Springfield remastered LPs are way much better than the original vinyl. Whhat have you found that really impressed you?
  3. Last time I counted, there were 30 Vet schools in the U.S. Mostly at land-grant universities. Yes, you'd think there would be more that offer equestrian, especially in horse country states like Kentucky and Virginia. There are currently 17 Division I equestrian programs. Some in pretty unexpected places, like Brown (R.I.), Cornell (NY), Sacred Heart (Conn.), South Dakota State, Delaware State, etc. And there are 8 Division II and III schools. I don't know how many Div I schools woukd be required to get NCAA listed. Do you?
  4. Audio Technica makes good equipment. Actually, the mono cartridge on my vintage turntable is an AT. Really good bang for the buck. What kind of amp and speakers do you use? I've been thinking about downsizing my speakers. That's a Clearaudio turntable on the left. Not top of the line, and I bought it used back around 2010. Put a Clearaudio Maestro (wood, MM) cartridge on it. Just recently needed to replace that. Clearaudio took the old one as a trade-in and gave me 50% off on the new one. Bought the SACD/CD player (far right) around the same time -- used. The vintage table is a top of the line Yamaha that my brother gifted me when he began downsizing. Couldn't resist. It's good for my purposes. In the cabinet under the vintage TT there is a vintage Nakamichi cassette deck. I don't use it often. My only cassettes are live recordings of me and my backup musicians from back in the day. I agree with you about the way music can shape the day. I have lots of CDs, but I much prefer to spin LPs. Maybe there is a ritualistic element to it, but also analog audio quality is just superior to digital.
  5. Well, there are hundreds of highlight replays, even full games, on YouTube. We can not only re-watch Auburn games, but also catch up on all those games we accidentally missed, like Boise vs Wyoming and Indiana vs Kent State and Fresno State vs Idaho Southern .... or similar.
  6. You are obviously not a Bammer. hahaha Well, at least Auburn was the 2019-2020 regular season champion. Undefeated in SEC.
  7. Michell -- nice! With a decent tonearm and cartridge, those still sell for more than $1,500. I know about the pain of downsizing. We took a step down when we moved from ur 3500 sq ft house in Palm Coast Florida to our smaller (not small) 2,800 sy ft home outside Knoxville. My wife has been less than cooperative about tossing all the antique Arts & Crafts / Mission furniture she inherited from her granny and her mother in order to accommodate my necessity to keep thousands of records and stereo equipment. hahahaha Very tough process. We've got stuff in a storage unit. Do you want a nice 200 year old hand made sleigh bed? It needs to magically disappear from our storage unit. hahaha
  8. What kind of turntable were you using, Golf? And what did you do with t?
  9. The Clearaudio turntable is for stereo LPs. The black vintage turntable is fitted with a mono cartridge and is for playing mono records. Really does make a difference in sound. And a lot of those albums from the 60s were mono (like early Beatles, Stones, Yardbirds, Hendrix, etc). The speakers are B&W. Well matched with my Classe amp. Not audiophile equipment, but good enough for my ears (and my budget). So sorry you had to part with your collection, Golf. I have sold off records every time I've moved over the years and sure wish I hadn't. I'm down to about 1,000 classic rock and rock-jazz fusion. (I also enjoy classical music and have more than 1,000 classical LPs.) Now I have set aside time to enjoy them more than I was doing before.
  10. I'm working at home, so I can adjust my schedule differently. I've set aside the time before preparing dinner as music time. Spinning LPs. Getting back in touch with my classic rock roots. (No snap, crackle, pop from my system. All my LPs are sparkly clean, and a quality rig to play them with.)
  11. I caddied for my dad for years. He was actually a very good amateur golfer. But he enjoyed playing with an old army buddy of his, and that was different. They both loved their booze, so had bottles on ther bags. They had a wonderful time, but their golf skills deteriorated over time. By the second round, I was not only caddy, I was lookout. Plus -- Ball in the rough -- toss it out in the fairway. Ball in the sand, place it just utside the pit. Funniest memory Dad -- Which hole is this? Me -- 18 Dad's Friend -- Am I on 18 too? Me -- Yes Me -- The green is over yonder (pointing).
  12. The SEC and NCEA Championship meets have been canceled. Since Auburn Equestrian went undefeated for the season and defeated every other team ranked in the top 10, should Auburn claim the National Championship for the 2019-2020 season? [Reminder: This is not a sport with recognized NCAA championship.]
  13. We already have a TV thread and a Music thread, so maybe we can talk about other entertainments and distractions in this thread. With Spring upon us, that means turbulent weather at times, but also time to break out the PSE (Personal Satisfaction Equipment). For some, that fishing. For others it is gardening. For some, it's grilling, and others it's computer games. Whatcha Got? And include pictures if you got 'em.
  14. New season of Westworld launches this coming Sunday, March 15, the Ides of March. Setting future real world Earth. Supposedly a more linear approach, and hints at competing companies with robots. Amount of violence -- likely high. Amount of gratuitous nudity -- unknown.
  15. This virus is much more contagious than the flu. Documented cases where one person caused infection of more than 50 without even knowing it. And it is 10 to 30 times more deadly than the flu. Plus, there is vaccine to slow the contagion of flu. There is no vaccine for this. And the lack of testing kits means people are not tested and go home with it. Where the h3ll did you get the idea that vaccines create "Super Bugs"? This virus jumped from animals to humans, as many of these types of viruses do. Vaccines are not antibiotics. Suggest you quit listening to conspiracy theorists and talking heads, and instead listen to medical experts.