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  1. Florida suspends 7 for opener

    I love classical now, but during my days at Auburn,. I was playing blues and folk-rock in the local dives. Personally, I preferred the art classes. Lots of hippie girls and, ya know, nekkid models.
  2. Early MVP's of Fall Camp

    Yeah, I think they'll need to use SC in a different way. When you consider he's only 225 lbs at that height, at a traditional TE position he'd be facing off against some *very* talented, SEC DEs and LBs that are fast, slippery and heavier. So, I could be wrong, but I don't envision him as the main guy for blocking on the edge. And if all he does is come in to run routes from the TE spot, that basically tells the defense what to expect. So I think he could be in the H or slot some/most of the time. That would put a lot of stress on a defense. They'd have to account for him, which would be a big advantage for both the running game and the passing attack. Actually, the way he fights for balls, I'd be interested to see him out wide, squashing little CB bugs. Anyway, I'm eager to see how CCL and CLP use him -- hoping they are going to be creative with this talented guy.
  3. Well, yep, we are all waiting to see.
  4. Post a picture

  5. Stan White on WJOX (8/10/17)

    My memories of Auburn have only a modicum to do with football. Yes, I was on campus for Sullivan-Beasley, and yea, I was at the games, and yes, it was fun and they were awesome. But ya know, football is like down the list of awesomeness in college. BUT, I'm really interested to see what CCL can do with all the offensive talent at his disposal.
  6. Post a picture

    I'm getting a message saying I need to "update you account to enable 3rd party hosting" in order for people to see the photos I've posted. WTF is this?
  7. Well, okay, That's right, she should SCRUB HER NETHERS with LYSOL! Sounds tasty to me. hahahaha
  8. Texas Locker Room

    You've been inside a Poarch casino? And Auburn athletics department thinks that is something to worry about in recruiting?
  9. Sal Cannela impressing the team

    Looking at Stidham's passing completion graphic and imagining what Sal brings to the offense is fueling my optimism. Man, it would be great to stress a defense with serious threats down the middle and the sideline simultaneously, or the kind of picks (ooops, no, not picks, accidental collisions) that can break receivers into the open. I'm dreaming of a really scary balanced attack.
  10. Post a picture

    Most people don't know much about peacocks. For example, peacocks only have that spectacular tail plumage for a few months each year. They molt in the late summer/early fall and then start growing new plumage in the spring. They lose ALL their feathers over the course of the molt, replacing them with their winter coat. Percy just lost his last long tail feather a few days ago. Here he is without his long tail plumage. He is in the process of losing the shorter eye feathers now -- all the feathers up his back. (As an added bonus, you get to see Daffy in the koi pond in this photo. haha)
  11. Don't know where this belongs. Move it if you want to. Bama #1 LSU # 12 Auburn #13 UGA #15 UF#16 Tenn #24
  12. Post a picture

    Percy is a lonely guy, with no female peacocks, so he hangs out some with the turkeys. He is particularly attracted to Snow White. She's not albino, she is a rare ghost turkey. In the second photo here, one of the Toms is not happy to see a peacock courting Snow White.
  13. Post a picture

    We also have a flock of wild turkeys who live in the woods behind our home. They roam my property and the neighborhood below us. These photos were taken out our sunroom window. At last count, there were 13 Toms and almost 50 hens. No, we don't eat them. They came with the property and are neighborhood "pets."
  14. Post a picture

    Just kidding. I'm gonna post a few pictures. These pictures are all taken at my home, which rests on a park-like hillside that backs up to the woods. These are not exactly "pets." They just hang around my house. The first is our resident peacock, named Percy. Here he stands at the edge of our koi pond. Second, Percy likes to perch on the railing of our front porch to survey his domain.
  15. Post a picture

    Unfortunately, I'm concerned that the AUFamily criteria for family friendly doesn't mesh with my family. So, no pictures from me. hahaha