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  1. Stanford, which as won every Directors Cup in sports since the 1994/95 academic season, just announced that it has cut 11 of the Directors Cup sports for the forthcoming season. Hey, if Auburn can take up rowing, field hockey and BEACH VOLLEYBALL, we can get inthe race for the Directors Cup now that the top contenders are out!
  2. The world is not all about U.S. college football. It is sad to see U.S. Olympic Sports affected by The Rona. One example being the Ivy League cancelling all fall sports. So what, people say. Well, Olympic Sports. And here is Stanford, perpetually at the top of the Directors Cup (Auburn s not even an "also ran") cuts 11 of its fall sports. So sad. 1. It wil;l not be the only top school to cut Directors Cup sports, and (2) other leagues will cut ALL fall sports including football (Ivy League is the latest).
  3. I hate to refer to Bama in any positive way. I hate to mention with any respect. But carried the news that Alex Leatherwood, the entire Bama Team, and Saban stood up and said "All lives can't matter until Black lives matter." This is just plain old basic logic that every Auburn student should recognize. And the reality is, Blacks have been suppressed, oppressed, and mistreated since they arrived in this country. The freeing of the slaves was the first step. The Constitutional Amendment and right to vote was the second step. They are now asking us to take the third step to establish equality. It cannot happen as long as the ones with the guns can kill at will and not be held accountable. It will not happen until people of ALL colors, ethnicity, heritage are accepted at true equals. When I was a student at Auburn, I was proud of the fact that George Wallace never carried Lee County. I am now distressed that Auburn seems to subscribe to the racist rhetoric and hate messaging of Trump.
  4. All I gotta say is, 1/2 of Oklahoma's recruits in 2020 were Texas kids, and that is typical of Oklahoma recruiting. They pull a lot of elite talent from Texas. And frankly, they do pretty danged good with Texas players over there in Norman. So I'm calling BS on that opinion of Texas talent. That said, once the Okies, Hornies and Tammies clean out all of the best talent, the leftovers might not be best gets. But maybe Morris can pull in a few good players from Texas. And I also noticed that OU recruited several from the Maryland/NC area. I'm not eager to abandon recruiting there. I'm hoping Texas simply *expands* our recruiting territories.
  5. Here is an article that explains what Auburn is planning for Fall Semester in terms of re-opening the campus. A lot of it looks really good ---- read the article! Three things concern me. (1) There will not be Coronavirus testing of all students when they arrive on campus. (2) The facemask issue will be guided by what the state government of Alabama recommends, not a flat out requirement that all students, faculty and staff wear masks when in public on campus or in their dorms, etc. And (3) what happens when students test positive, because they *will* and the campus health clinic is definitely not capable of handling COVID-19 patients. These concern me because students could arrive on campus as asymptomatic superspreaders and controlling The Rona among students who feel immortal and invincible is problematic. As to whether Auburn and Opelika city governments will require face masks, whether the restaurants and bars will be a free-for-all, whether any precautions at all will be mandated -- we don't know at present. And as to football and basketball, will athletes be hibernating or running around out in the wild with all the other potentially infected students and locals? We don't know. Still, as for the campus, it looks like they are trying. Here's the article.
  6. Move this if you think it is political. IMO, it is not. It's just data. COVID-19 is now the 3rd greatest killer in the U.S., behind Cancer and Heart Disease. This is not an guesstimate or a projection, it is already a fact. 1. Heart disease: 269,583 deaths 2. Cancer: 252,500 deaths (based on 2019 data) 3. COVID-19 pandemic (current death count): More than 120,000 and increasing daily 4. Stroke: 60,833 deaths 5. Alzheimer's disease: 50,417 deaths 6. Drug overdoses: 29,265 deaths 7. Suicide: 19,583 deaths Moreover, COVID-19 is the #2 cause of death historically for epidemics/pandemics. 1. 1918 flu pandemic: 675,000 deaths 2. COVID-19 pandemic: 120,000 deaths and increasing daily 3. 2017-18 flu season: 61,000 deaths 4. 2018-19 flu season: 34,200 deaths 5. 2009 swine flu pandemic: 12,469 deaths Based on these numbers, it would not be surprising to see the COVID-19 death count to exceed the Cancer death count for 2020 or even the the death **** for heart disease, because as we are seeing right now, it ain't going away. If anyone says it's just like the flu, yeah, it's like the flu pandemic of 1918. The numbers for that flu pandemic was tallied over 2+ years. With modern science and biomedical research, maybe we can keep the numbers below the 1918 pandemic. Or not, depending on who is making the decisions.
  7. I think most epidemiologists worldwide would point to Sweden and Brazil as examples herd immunity not working with The Corona. Moreover, there now seems to be a surge in infection among younger people as they swarm the beaches, bars and restaurants. And even more frightening, they are now seeing people who have recovered becoming re-infected. We are not yet in a new phase of the pandemic. It is still the first phase, just spreading to more rural areas and smaller communities. And so far, at least, warmer weather has not slowed the spread. I don't think pro sports has anything to do with college sports in this regard. Pro players might be required to stay out of public places, no crowds at games, like isolating the team during the season. You can't do that on college campuses. The campus has to have students, faculty and courses. The players have to do their student thing. I'm interested to see what kind of plan Auburn administration comes up with for re-opening the campus and teaching classroom courses. Do they issue hazmat suits to everyone? hahaha I don't know what is going to happen. Just sayin' I'm kinda pessimistic right now. I hope I'm surprised with new seasons for both football and basketball. Love my Tigers!
  8. This is just my thought at present, so of course the world can change. I'm really pessimistic about Auburn football and basketball (and other sports) actually happening this year -- fpr a couple of reasons. First, the NCAA has already announced that schools cannot play sports unless students are on campus and taking courses. Because the NCAA still likes to pretend that the athletes are *student* athletes. So they must be taking classes along woth other students, participating in social activities, etc. I know Gogue has said that the campus will be in session in the Fall. But you know damned well, even if that does happen, The Corona will run rampant throughout the student body. The players will be exposed to The Corona constantly. And every one of them who tests positive will have to go into a 14 day quarantine. Would the coaches even be able to field competitive teams? Second, the same issues will apply at other universities. Currently, LSU and Clemson have 30 players in quarantine, mostly because the players went to local bars and restaurants. If enough SEC teams are affected, will there be enough healthy teams to participate? The players are physically combating opponents -- sweat, heavy breathing, no face masks, thus heightened exposure. Will the SEC office step in to cancel the season due to multiple universities having problems. The SEC would not want to see teams forfeiting games. And who knows what steps the NCAA might take. You cannot lock athletes in an athletic dorm, because those don't exist anymore. If The Corona is running wild on campuses around the country, the NCAA might just scrap the season, just as it did late last year. I think some non-contact sports might come back. Golf, Swimming & Diving, Equestrian, tennis. I'm just pessimistic about football and basketball. And if the season is canceled, will the NCAA give an extra year of eligibility to all affected athletes? If they stick to their ideal od *student* athletes, they would not. I mean, if players graduate after a canceled year, they are no longer eligible to enroll, thus no longer students. The pandemic is definitely going to be a problem for universities, whether they play or not.
  9. Shouldn't this thread be in the Rivals section?
  10. I can read the comments of Texan4Auburn and it all makes sense. I can see the white supremacist neo-nazi alt-right extremist Trumpers march out with their formulaic crap and conspiracy theories that they regurgitate from their wingnut media and I realize that there are people who just have no f***ng connection with human kindness, Christian belief, the concept of equality, or the wold as it is today in America -- living in a century past.
  11. AURex

    Mike Gundey

    Personally (and this is just me) I was never on board with hiring him at Auburn. Never really thought he would be able to recruit in the SEC or connect with the Auburn family culture. Now I am doubly glad he was never hired here. I know Auburn fans (soe on this board) thought he might e a good hire, but I wonder if our search committees had that same feeling about him. I had that same intuition about Norvell, who also got some chatter here on AUF. I never really felt comfortable that he coukd take Auburn to the next level, or een maintain the same level. But laughing at FSU. Of course, this is all just me, my hunches and stuff.
  12. But, the reality is, kids will see this as another good reason to go with whatever Florida team. They will see it as part of their future. Okay, as objective observers, we can say NCAA might be slow to go there. Maybe. But there's a lot of pressure on NCAA right now to move in this direction, including from the courts and the feds. Florida schools are getting a head start. Auburn needs to get on that train right away, because we being clobbered by UGA and UA and A&M in recruiting right now. Any advatage can help.
  13. If All Lives Matter, why don't we have universal healthcare, and why are prisons privatized, and why are there still homeless people, and why are veterans thrown off into rat-infested care centers, and why are LGBTQ people vilified and discriminated against, and why are Native Americans shunted off into reservations living in poverty, and why are black people 8 - 10 times more likely to be arrested, assaulted by police, killed by police?, etc,etc, etc.? Don't give me this All Lives Matter crap if you cannot even admit that Black Lives Matter.
  14. Not just UF, but also FSU, Miami and CF are going to be big winners in recruiting wars if other states do not step up with laws to permit athletes to profit from endorsements and sponsorships. NCAA hand has been forced and other states are going to have to respond, including Alabama. --------------------------- The NCAA now has a little more pressure to change its rules for college athletes ahead of the 2021-22 seasons. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Friday that he would be signing the state’s law allowing college athletes in Florida to receive endorsement and sponsorship money. That law will go into effect on July 1, 2021. In his remarks announcing his signature on the bill that was previously approved by Florida’s legislature in an overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion, DeSantis promoted Florida’s college programs and highlighted how Florida schools could now be an even more attractive option for in-state students. That added attractiveness is, of course, assuming that the NCAA doesn’t act before Florida’s law goes into effect. And given the NCAA’s push in recent months, that’s a very bold assumption. Florida’s 2021 target date for the law is not new and was designed to both be ahead of the 2023 effective date of California’s name, image and likeness law and put pressure on the NCAA. And so far, the NCAA is responding to that pressure. The NCAA’s board of governors said it would endorse sweeping changes to its current rules that prohibit athletes from making money off their own names and images and wanted those changes adopted in January 2021 for the 2021-22 school year. In its massive position shift, the working group tasked with examining the NCAA’s archaic laws said that social media was a driving factor in the change. If a regular student could make money as a social media influencer, why couldn’t an athlete? But the NCAA has admitted that it needs some help in making those changes. An April call discussing the pending changes was simply an outline of what’s to come and was light on details. Though it was clear from the NCAA’s recommendations that it’s looking for federal help in governing college athletics. A federal law could supersede state laws regarding name, image and likeness. The NCAA doesn’t want to navigate the subtleties in NIL laws from state to state and would prefer one overarching law that it can build its new set of rules upon. That’s why the Power Five conference commissioners sent a letter to Congress this spring regarding the changes they wanted to see in any federal legislation. We’ll see if Congress takes that letter into consideration if and when it takes up the topic of college athlete compensation. Right now, with a pandemic and protests pushing to end systemic racism at the forefront of the national discussion, Congress has some massive legislative things on its plate.
  15. If my wife comes to me in obvious distress and asks "Do you love me?" as a Christian an answer of "I love everyone" would be truthful, but also hurtful and cruel in the moment. If a co-worker or employee comes to me upset and says "My father just died," a response of "Everyone's parents die" would be truthful, but hurtful and cruel in the moment. So when a friend or colleague or even a stranger speaks up in a time of distress and need, and says "Black Lives Matter," a response of "All Lives Matter" is truthful. But it is hurtful and cruel in the moment. To those who read their Bible (or pretend to be Christian), I suggest Luke. To those not so religiously inclined, I suggest MLK - "We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people."