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  1. I agree. In my original post, I pointed towards player development as an issue, but I also agree with Gowebb11. Recruiting is also a big factor. Not all 4 star players are equal. Not all 5 star or 3 star players are equal. Auburn has recruited well in terms of stars, but anyone who looks can see that when Auburn goes head to head with Bama and LSU for the best players (regardless of stars), Auburn usually doesn't win those battles. That's not a universal. Auburn does pull in a few real gems each year. But Auburn certainly does not succeed at the scale of Bama and LSU in recruiting. That said, Auburn is still under-performing on the field. Part of that is lack of development of talent, but also unfortunate attrition like Jovon and Duke, some disappointing strike-outs like JJ, and lack of quality depth sideline to sideline.
  2. I was looking at some numbers a couple of days ago, based on a hit-piece in that characterized Bama/Auburn as pros vs Joes. Auburn has had 23 guys selected in the NFL draft since 2009. Yet Auburn had 26 players on NFL rosters last year. More players on NFL rosters than drafted. In comparison, Bama had 55 guys drafted during the same period, but only 35 on rosters. 1/3 of the Bama players who were drafted didn't stick. This suggests that the NFL teams are just not very good at evaluating talent. When a team like Auburn has more guys on roster than were drafted, it's obvious that teams are using the wrong criteria on draft day. That said, not enough of Auburn's players are making it into the NFL. When you have top 10 recruiting classes year after year, yet players are not improving enough to even get to the next level, no matter how they get there .... okay, I'll stop there. You know where this goes.
  3. Hello Inigo Montoya.
  4. I was just looking at a ranking of the hardest schools to get into. Nationally, they only listed the 100 hardest to get into. As we woukd expect, of the SEC schools, only Vandy appeared on that list. But they also have listings by state. In Alabama, the hardest school to get into is Bama, with an acceptance rate of only 51% of applicants. Auburn is way down the list at #12 in the state, with an acceptance rate of 83%. That's an acceptance rate well below even schools like Tuskegee and Troy and University of Mobile. WTF? But then I began to look more closely. The ACT scores and SAT scores of Auburn admissions are significantly higher than universities that accept fewer applicants. In-state, that includes Birmingham Southern and Samford and other mediocre colleges listed ahead of Auburn. So I began to wonder why? A couple of things stood out. First, Bama is rated high in athletics and greek life. Not mentioned, but I know, they market the university very aggressively to out-of-state and non-US applicants. Second, I noticed that proximity to large urban areas seemed to be a factor -- Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville. Many kids who want to live at home and pursue their college education obviously choose colleges closer to home. So then I didn't feel so confused about Auburn being further down the list in Alabama. Instead, I began to question the overall study. Thing is, admission rate is not a very good measure of the quality of a university. HOWEVER, I do believe that SAT/ACT scores are more of a meaningful indicator of quality. The smartest kids want to go to universities that provide a better education. And the smartest kids will go to the schools that have specific programs that are rated highly, no matter what the overall ranking of the university. Based on the data in this study, Auburn has the overall highest SAT/ACT scores of students admitted to universities in Alabama. THAT is what I expect. You can see the overall ranking of hardest schools to get into here, but you can also break it out by state and look at appealing factors as well as ACT/SAT scores for individual schools.
  5. This guy is a convicted murderer. Why is the news overflowing with all this remorse about his death? He was a murderer.
  6. Man, what a tough crowd on this board. If CGM is asked what is the status of KD, what's he supposed to say? Does he say, "Gee, I don't have a clue, go ask Kyle"? Or does he say, "I have no comment. Next question." Or does he say, "Well gee, he might return and he might not, your guess is as good as mine"? Or does he say, "We expect him to be with the team in for fall practice"? Or does he say, "You ought to be reporting on the leaks out of this department!"? The answer he gave was truthful and answered the question.
  7. Lead of the two was an experienced prosthedontist, grad of U of Michigan, on the faculty here for some years. The other, I'm not sure what his specialty is, but he's also on the faculty here, has been for awhile, and does implants (which I know, because he did one for my wife a few months ago). When it was obvious that the local anesthesia was no longer working, they asked me if I wanted to quit and schedule another time to finish up. I said no, because I was set on getting this over and done with. Had my first followup yesterday. Things look great in their judgment and I am now pretty much past any ill effects. It's all just a memory now. Have lost 5 lbs living on smoothies, but this is not a dietary strategy I'd recommend to anyone.
  8. Okay, I got the answers I was looking for. Thanks guys.
  9. Awesome! Great news!
  10. Lums bought the secret recipe and rights to Ollie Burgers. There was an Ollie's Trolley at the corner of Thach and Gay, if I remember correctly. Had never heard of Lums, but when traveling, if I saw one, I'd eat there. Not for the dogs, although they were very good, but for the burgers.
  11. I Googled -- the articles refer to a Houston-based recruiting service run by Willie Lyles. Auburn was also dealing with him. I seem to remember that Auburn had a contract with him. The implication was that there are recruiting services like that (except more legitimate that Lyles) that contract with schools to give them recruiting info on players, I presume in their region. Schools must get their leads on players from somewhere. The coaches can't just go to every highschool in surrounding states, looking at every guy that suits up. I'm not an insider. I don't know how things work. But I gotta believe there is more to it than the big national scouting services. And if -- as you say -- Auburn and other P5 schools ignore those big national scouting services and don't giver a hoot about stars, that leaves a mighty big vacuum for identifying potential players. I'm curious how it works. Somebody has feet on the ground, watching kids play in those thousands of middle and high schools, evaluating them.
  12. I was referring to the recruiting services like got Oregon put on probation, except that one was iffy. Seems I remember Auburn was dealing with him too. That was about a RB out if Texas, I think. Aren't there some scouting services like that which provide recruiting info to teams, alerting them to the best players in their region?
  13. Actually, 8 implants. 4 upper, 4 lower. (I've been putting this off for a long time, because .... dentistry. After doing some research, I found in the medical/dental literature that local anesthetics often fail when there is infection. So that explains the issue with the uppers, because that was what they were doing last. The reason it took so long was because they encountered deep curled roots that had to be drilled out. Actually, these two dentists did a great job. Meticulous, exacting, getting everything right. It wasn't their fault the anesthesia wasn't working towards the end. But that still didn't make it any easier to endure!
  14. Coaches don't pay attention to sites or their stars. They do their own evaluations. I'm sure that true for players in close proximity, but isn't it true that scouting services provide info to coaches/teams, proving leads on prospects? And are you saying the scouting services don't pay any attention to the recruiting info from Scout, Rivals, 247?
  15. They sat me down at 8:30 AM as planned, started getting me numbed up. Just injections. We've all had them. One of the doctors explained exactly what they were planning to do, in what order. They weren't going to knock me out, because they needed me to respond and do things along the way. It might run over into lunch hour, he said. Maybe four hours. I brought my own CDs. They cranked up the stereo and got to work. 7 HOURS LATER! The two doctors are still taking turns in my mouth. By this time, the injections of two different forms of anesthesia are no longer working. I am no longer numb. They are drilling into bone, setting implant bases. I'm trying not to kill them both, but I'm sure I twisted the arms off the chair! Around 4:30, I was being wheeled out to the car in a wheelchair. We got home shortly after 5:00. Wifey gave me one of her Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen tabs and went off to the drug store with my prescriptions for more of that, some Percocet and Ibuprofen 800. Don't eat hard foods right away, they instructed. Right. ha Needless to say, I was "uncomfortable" for awhile last night. I'm doing much better now -- helped by the drugs. At some point during the day, while I was still numb and things were going along well, one of the doctors said, "For us, this is the fun stuff." Yeah, tell me about that. You are lucky I didn't rip your head off! hahaha We look back in the history of medicine at the hundreds of years of surgery before the first anesthetic, the horrific tools used to chop, saw, drill, cut. They say those times are over, that medicine is now so much more humane. There are no more horrors.I have one word for you -- dentistry. However, I did survive, and I must say, the new teeth do look good. I might even flash a smile in the future -- as I plot the slow, painful torture of two dentists.