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  1. Sure would like to capitalize on our tourney run and get this kid at Auburn. Kentucky, Florida and Georgia are thumping our butts right now in 2019 recruiting. Even Bama is putting together a stronger class according to 247Sports team rankings. UK always does, but I'm not happy about Bama and UGA getting this kind of class. Of course, we got CBP at the helm, which counts for a lot in my opinion, but I'm hoping he pulls in another top player or two to work his magic on.
  2. I was addicted to carbs -- rice and potatoes, bread, pasta (I loved pasta) and worst of all to chips. I also drank more than I should. Now I do low carbs and intermittent fasting. I eat all my food for the day during an 8 hour window from 1:00 to 9:00 PM. I do not count carbs, I just avoid the nastiest of high-carb foods -- meaning I eat virtually no processed foods, nothing with added sugar, and almost never any high-carb veggies. Some fresh fruit, no juices. I pretty much eat only "good" fats (olive oil, nuts, avocado, etc). I use frozen riced cauliflower instead of rice and potatoes (you can cream it like mashed potatoes). I make pizza dough with it, even "toast." I occasionally (like once a month) will have a small amount of brown, black or red rice. I also occasionally allow whole grain like unpearled farro, quinoa or kamut in small amounts. I occasionally include some lentils, black or navy beans in a soup. No chips. Instead nuts. I do all the cooking at my house (wifey likes my cooking). I cook a lot of poultry, shrimp, fish, and less often beef and pork. The reason I don't miss carbs is because I have expanded my repertoire to encompass the world. A hundred ways to cook chicken with flavors of Asia, Caribbean, Middle East, Pacific island, India, regional U.S. Same for fish and shrimp. Pork and beef as well. And eggs and cheese. I stir fry, roast, slow cook, pressure cook, grill. The possibilities are endless with a wok, sheet pan, and Instant Pot to diversify from the standard pots and pans. I've been eating lowish carb, only good fats, and high protein for 3 years. I added the intermittent fasting aspect last year. Over that time I've lost 35 lbs, eating all the protein I want, so never running on empty. That's without much exercise other than yard work (part of that is age and part is laziness). I'd say, if you want to reduce carbs, diversify your collection of recipes and definitely do not get into a rut with meals. Chicken, seafood, beef and pork can become new and different every day. Lots of veggies are low in carbs - focus on those and avoid the others. Drink alcohol only in moderation and if you are looking to increase weight loss, eliminate alcohol altogether.
  3. That's because "nothing to see here" is all we get regarding Auburn football. There is no actual news to follow. As far as Gus is telling us, all is well, we had a good practice, guys are competing for positions, we had a good practice, a couple of guys are banged up, we had a good practice, it was a good practice, it was a good practice. The end.
  4. Okay, I've put on my asbestos garb, strapped on my bulletproof armor, donned my helmet. Have a SWAT team and Ambulance on speed dial...... There's nothing to be done about the outcome of the UVA game. If "ifs and buts were candy and nuts ...." As CBP said, we are all human. Players make mistakes. Coaches make mistakes. Officials make mistakes. Move on. There are two reasons Auburn is rated #5 and not higher. First, although we can say that we think Auburn might beat Michigan State and/or Duke, Auburn did not beat them. In fact, Auburn had a shot at Duke and lost. Moreover, Auburn was a 10-loss team. So, like Purdue, it's hard for coaches or anyone outside the Auburn Family to say Auburn earned a ranking higher than 5th for the season.. Second, there is a long-standing animosity towards Bruce Pearl in the coaching fraternity -- especially in the Midwest and more especially in the Big10. He instigated a recruiting dispute between Iowa and Illinois that got Illinois put on probation. It was akin to the Fulmer issue with Bama. They have not forgotten that. And the coaching fraternity have not forgotten that every single school he has been at has ended up on the NCAA sheet list, with most ending up on probation. This goes back to well before he got to Tennessee and his show cause from there. A lot of coaches will never vote for Bruce Pearl for any sort of recognition, which is why he was not included on any of the Coach of the Year lists. He's our guy and I am soooo impressed with what he has accomplished at Auburn. I will always support my Tigers and I'm glad CBP is our coach. But the only accolades Auburn will get is what the team earns on the court, the W-L column, with CBP as a handicap in anything involving polls. But a final note, before everyone loads up and begins shooting at me --- let me just say --- Auburn made the Final Friggin Four! In Basketball! And Auburn ended the season ranked #5 in the country! Auburn! A university known (sometimes) for football, in times (long past) for Swimming, and currently really only for Equestrian. Ya know, if anyone hads been asked at the beginning of the season, how would you feel if Auburn finished the season by winning the SEC tournament, advancing to the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament, and finishing ranked #5 nationally in Basketball, I think 99.99999% of Auburn fans would have been incredibly happy with that thought -- and likely thinking it was impossible. Auburn! Number 5 nationally in Basketball! Final Four! Holy Sheeeeetz! So proud of our Auburn Tigers! WDE Forever!
  5. We have some great talent coming in. My concern is that we don't really know if anybody can shoot the outside ball. Other than Brown, everybody else was really inconsistent. So, is there anybody coming on board who can nail 3st at a 40% rate? Without that outside threat, the Auburn game changes. Yes, CBP can adjust the Auburn O to work with what he's got, but we are speculating about who will fill in for current roles. The reality is, even with returning guys, next year will be a completely different team.
  7. Playing Virginia is like getting a tooth drilled without anesthetic.
  8. The packline defense is specifically designed to keep opponents out of the paint, but is less effective against teams that are comfortable shooting from outside -- especially if they have multiple players who can shoot 3s with success. To UVA's credit, they've continued to win games even when giving up more 3s, even when not shooting so well themselves. They are very well coached and they play their slowball style extremely well. Playing UVA is kinda like playing Syracuse -- if you are encountering it for the first time, it can be a confusing and frustrating experience, as it forces you to play much differently than you normally would. It's going to be hard for Harper to drive inside the way he has been doing in other games. And his outside shooting has dropped off, which is a concern. I'm not much convinced that stats tell us much for this game. One team is going to exert its will on the other. I'm more concerned about the health of Auburn's players, since both Brown and Harper have been under the weather the past couple of days.
  9. I met Dr Freeman several times. One of my buds when I was working on campus was a grad in chemistry, and his girlfriend (later wife) was a microbiology grad student, but both were botany fanatics. They were compiling a massive collection of photos and descriptive materials for their pet project, which was a book on Milkweeds of Alabama. They consulted with (and enjoyed the company of) Dr Freeman for many years. (My own interest in botanicals was much more limited. hahaha) I loved going to the BB games back then. I was an undergrad on campus for the John Mengelt years and have vivid memories of the game between Auburn with Mengelt and LSU with Pete Maravich when I was an undergrad. Just like today, the old arena was packed, insanely loud, rabid with Auburn BB fans. Games between Auburn and other good teams like Kentucky, Florida and LSU were crazy fun. I loved my years on campus. My undergrad years were interrupted by a period in Seattle being a hippie, and then I worked on the academic staff for another 6 years (with some time away being a hippie in Los Angeles). All in all, I was on campus from 1967-1977. There were times when I was much more interested in social activities that involved "sports" that were ..... ahem ..... not organized. I had a bud (who has remained a lifelong close friend) who grew up in Auburn, went to Auburn high and AU, and still lives in Auburn. He never really was interested in Auburn sports until the past 5 years or so. Now he is an avid fan. I think it is not unusual for Auburn family to take paths that wind circuitously, yet return to our "home" on the Plains. Fond memories indeed. Thanks for your post. I wonder if we ever met.
  10. Yikes! You are right. I corrected it above and here it is again.
  11. Participating teams do get some perks. Players can take home NCAA tournament towels and other goodies from the dressing rooms -- except rugs! For some reason, NCAA wants to keep the rugs. This is all "pennies and pictures" (I'm going to copyright this phrase). So is travel and food. The million dollar payouts go to the conferences, and then the schools. And yep, all on the performance of athletes (at many dozens of universities) MOST of whom will never see a dime in future contracts resulting from their contributions of millions of dollars to their universities.
  12. Did you know that teams/schools do not get revenue for participating in the tournament? Well, not directly, anyway. Yep, that means Auburn will not have Brinks truck backed up on campus unloading gold. READ ON The NCAA makes billions on the NCAA tournament. It is the largest revenue sport for the NCAA. Teams are not rewarded by NCAA for advancing in the tournament, or even for participating. The system is much different. Each participating team earns "units" for each game won in the tournament. The NCAA combines the number of units accumulated during a tournament by **conference**. After the tournament is over, the NCAA then divvies up the money to the **conferences** based on how many games were won by teams from their conference. This is why the number of teams selected per conference is such a big deal. The payout is parsed over a period of 6 years, not one gigantic lump sum. The conferences then divide up the proceeds from the NCAA tournament among ALL conference schools. NCAA recommends that each conference divide up the money equally among all of their schools (yes, including those which did not go to the tournament). Conferences are not required to do it, but I think most do. As an example, from this year's tournament SO FAR, the Big10 has accumulated enough units to earn about $38 million for their conference. The ACC around $36 million. The SEC around $34 million. If Auburn gets past UVA on Saturday, the SEC will likely surpass the ACC in revenue from the tournament this year. (Big12 - $23 million so far, PAC12 gets $13 million.) Although at first glance, this might seem like a bizarre and unfair system. The blue bloods are there every year, carrying the heavy load for their conferences, but they don't get any more money out of it than the worst team in their conference. But when you look at it more closely, it is easy to see why the system is supported by the conferences. By spreading out the payout over a 6 year period, a conference (and its teams) benefit from strong years and are not hurt so much by down years, because each year there is a combined payment from 6 years coming in. Here is an article that discusses the system in greater detail, including pretty graphics and stuff.
  13. Agree -- the Brown dribble-dancing would not be of much use against UVA. I'd go with Harper/McCormick to penetrate, McLemore inside but to pull defender out as he is a 3 point threat, Brown and Purifoy on the perimeter. I'd also run some screens for Brown. They contest 3s, but they don't like to put 2 defenders out on top, because it opens the paint for drives and passes.
  14. CBP has given most everybody a green light for 3s if they are open. So we do see Dunbar, McLemore and McCormick lofting outside balls. Harper has really not been shooting 3s worth a crap in recent weeks, and Brown seems to wait until the 2nd half. Somebody is going to have to step up to pull UVA out of their comfortable D. But also, this "pack line" defense is specifically designed to counter the kind of offensive play that Harper has used to carry Auburn in the late stages of games -- drive the lane, score layup or shoot foul shots. The only way Harper gets into the lane like that against UVA is if Auburn establishes enough of a threat of scoring from outside that UVA has to come out of that pack. Auburn is going to have to make outside shots, and Auburn has got to be patient and when possible, disruptive on defense.
  15. Well, ya know, history is over, today is life, the future is conjecture. Historically, the overall record does tilt towards Bama. The Tide BB program did very well under CM Newton and Wimp Sanderson. They've made the NCAA more often and won more SEC titles. HOWEVER Auburn has had its runs. Most notably, 1957 - 1971 (15 seasons) Auburn was 27-6 vs the Bammers As for recent history, from 1997 to present, Auburn is 25-25 vs Bama. And CBP is 7-7 vs Bama. The future may be unforeseeable, but I sure do have high hopes for the CBP era at Auburn. WDE!