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  1. The creampuff part of the season is over. Now comes the part where many of the teams we play are bigger, more athletic, better players and better coached. Bama and UF are just a preview. We can expect the same from Arkansas, LSU and Kentucky. Auburn just doesn't have the size and talent to man up with those teams. But also, Auburn just doesn't seem to have a mean streak, a killer instinct, a raging tenacity, a will to overcome and win. As for next year, Wiley, Doughty, McLemore, McCormick, and Purifoy will all graduate. Okoro may very well go pro. Bruce will be left with a group of subs (Flanigan, Cambridge, Franklin, Williams, Stretch, etc.) who are not impressing anyone, and a bunch of true freshmen. It will be an even tougher rebuilding year for CBP, although he might have some raw talent to work with. Unless he pulls in some great transfers for next season, I don't see the next Auburn really good team until 2021/22. Sorry if that seems too negative. I pull for my Tigers every game. I yell at the screen. My wife holes up in the bedroom watching movies and such. And I really, really hope the guys can find the winning formula this season. It would sure make my stress level subside! BTW -- Oregon already beat Washington. Louisville leading Duke at the half.
  2. I think we all knew a loss would come. Hate on me if you want, but the reality is that Auburn is way over-rated at this point. Auburn still has not played a ranked team. I'm REALLY disappointed that the first loss comes to Bama. I'm EVEN MORE disappointed that it was a blowout. Not even close. I'll be looking for revenge when Bama comes to Auburn Arena! In the meanwhile, Bruce really needs to figure out how to help the Tigers score points.
  3. Ugly first half. Where is that Auburn defense?
  4. Bama doesn't have a big, so I'm HOPING Austin and Anfernee can control the paint, especially rebounding. Because they rebound as good as we do. That will mean McCormick, Okoro, Doughty and Purifoy can concentrate on defending the outside. Because Auburn sure ain't going to chunk up 95 points in a shootout with Bama! As always, we gotta win with defense and playing smart.
  5. Witcher -- never read a book, never played a game. Episode 1 -- meh, nothing. I guess ifs you've played the games or read the books ........
  6. We ended up in Knoxville. No regrets at all. Seasons but no severe weather, lower crime, proximity to mountains/hiking/lakes, affordable housing, daytrips to Asheville and Chattanooga, and easy drive to Atlanta or Nashville. We are happy with our choice. YMMV. May not work for your job situation.
  7. Auburn's best all-round game this season. Tigers came to play and once they got untracked, kept the foot to the pedal. Excellent game against a decent team. Bias ==== Bilas. I recorded and watched the Kentucky-Bama game. Bilas was having orgasms over every UK player/play. Personally, I'm glad UK beat Bama, but I'm sure Bilas will be announcing when Auburn plays UK and I'm already working on vomit control.
  8. We were looking in late 2015 and early 2016. Mortgage rates were very low then. We could afford more for our money than ever. Wanna be clear. We had friends there. The music scene and nightlife if good if you are younger (chronologically or psychologically). I live within distance and still visit my friends there. If you are a foodie, the restaurants are okay, not fab. The local symphony is respectable, not fab. The open-mic nights at bars are good, not Nashville, but good. The artsy side (galleries, exhibits, etc) are good for the south. Municipal Internet is very fast. We did not like the traffic situation at all -- commutes from any direction outside city proper is a genuine PITA. And the crime rate is really high -- among the highest in the SE. Yes, there are great locations to live in the city and there is a terrific vibe for those interested in the arts and entertainment. And shopping is good for a southern city. Other than Signal Mountain, you might look closely at Hixson and East Brainerd and Red Mountain. We considered Cleveland seriously -- north of Chattanooga off of 75. Not a long commute, a nice community, fair housing prices, but in the end, the commuter logjam at 75-24 was a fail. Along with crime. This is a city-wide problem, IMO. I have more friends who live just south of Nashville. The housing is more expensive, but Nashville is a bigger city. I personally did not like the music scene as much, but I don't like country music (hate on me). I actually think the arts scene in Chattanooga is better than Nashville. But there are some excellent restaurants, better than Chattanooga, in Nashville (pay the price). If you like the country music vibe, this is the place to be, and don't get me wrong, if you like just folk and open mic, it's great for that too. As for fine arts -- the edge goes to Chattanooga. And remember, Nashville is the Capitol of Tennessee and the politics are extremely conservative, so consider if that's parallel to your own politics. Chattanooga is not exactly progressive, but not as marching-right as Nashville. Personally, I love Huntsville, AL. Highest standard of living in the SE. Low crime, dominated by NASA and the aerospace industry, high tech, automobile manufacturing, and biomedical research. Easy drive (2 hr) to Nashville or Chattanooga. Housing costs are good. However, there is a state income tax, and the art/food vibe is not as good (though improving). One thing to think about. Tornado alley runs from Mississippi through B'ham area, Huntsville area, and Chattanooga area. Memphis and Nashville get some really severe weather. If this is a concern for you and family, that's an issue to think about. Our checklist included -- no tornadoes, no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no severe winters, no income tax, proximity to hiking mountains and outdoor life, low cost of living, good home value (including appreciation/resale), cultural life (music, arts, restaurants, etc), low(er) crime rate, transportation/commute, internet/cable quality, political issues, etc. Create your own checklist of things that are important to you. That's my thoughts. Ask more questions if you like. We decided against these areas -- but then, we had our own personal priorities. We decided on none of these cities, but we still visit all three pretty frequently because of friends. My advice, look closely at what you are looking for as a comfortable habitat, and be careful where you buy.
  9. Leach is a showy hire at MSU, but he struggled in the weak PAC12 and his recruiting had fallen to the lowest point ever over the past two years. He won only 54% of his games at WSU, so he had worn out his welcome there and he leaves the cupboard completely empty for his successor. Kiffin has done a little better, counting his FAU years. I think he will build a more solid program at OM over the next few years than Leach at MSU, maybe become like Mullen was -- respected for doing more with less -- if he has grown up. He certainly pooped his bed at Bama after Saban gave him a second chance. Lost his wife and kids and job. Saban will take special pleasure in pounding OM into the turf every year. I don't think either hire really affects Auburn much. Auburn occasionally loses to one or the other, but I don't see either program becoming an SEC-W juggernaut.
  10. When we were escaping Florida, we looker real close at Chattanooga. We have friends there and the location was good. Good music scene and artsy vibe for a southern city. Fast internet. Good shopping. No state income tax. However, even though we made 2 trips for house hunting, we could not find a house in our price range that was acceptable. The crime rate is high and the traffic is a mess. The home situation was better east and north of the city, but the traffic/commute ...... Decided against. But of course, YMMV.
  11. Leach runs a fun style of offense, so it s always fun to watch his teams play. And he did pull off an 11-win season a few years ago at WSU. HOWEVER, his recruiting has tanked into the 60s and he has become totally non-competitive in the PAC12 in a very short time, which considering the hopeless pit of teams in the PAC12, that's a remarkable achievement in itself. I think it is pretty clear why his recruiting has fallen into an abyss, and if that continues, he will be popular with the dog fans, but will find recruiting in the SEC equally difficult. And I'm not going to say any more about that. You can figure it out. I expect Kiffin to pull in the best of the state players who want to stay home, but hope Auburn can lure a few as well.
  12. A big issue for NFL teams will be his propensity to fumble. If he can't hold onto the ball in college, wait til NFL players get at him. IMO, if he wants a shot at the NFL, his priority #1 is to stop fumbling.
  13. I'm an old guy. I was an Auburn student then. First game attended -- Auburn vs GT, 1970, Pat Sullivan led us to victory in Jordan Hare First away game -- Auburn vs Bama, 1970 at Legion Field, when Pat Sullivan again led us to victory. Auburn finished 11-2 that year counting the bowl win. We had wins over Tenn, Clemson, GT, Florida and Bama, and ended up ranked #10.