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  1. I'm happy to be playing Minnesota. They don't have the sheer talent and athleticism of Auburn, but (1) they had a good season including a win over top 10 Penn State, (2) I'm thinking that some of Auburn's stud defensive players will sit, and (3) Gus is not renowned for his bowl performances. So this could be a pretty competitive game for us.
  2. AURex

    I'm fed up

    Hmmmm ... my edit became a quote. hmmmm .....
  3. At this point, I just don't know what to think. The refs basically ignore any sort of pass interference unless the defensive guy tackles the receiver to the ground while the ball is leaving the QB's hand. The announcers are commenting about defensive coaches telling DBs to "get your hands on them" and "be aggressive". You see DBs grabbing jerseys and pulling receivers back, you see DBs with hand on the hip pushing receivers away, you see DBs hanging on receivers before the ball arrives. The refs just don't call PI anymore. Announcers just say that the refs are "legtting them play," but apparently that means the refs are ignoring the rules and letting the teams maul each other. Same deal with holding. Apparently, unless an OL takes a DL to the ground by pulling him down by facemask or tearing his helmet off and stomping his face, the holding penalty is no longer enforced. Read one official comment that there is holding on every play, but if we call it, the game would grind to a halt and the game could never proceed. I don't watch pro football. I have heard that in the pro game a DB cannot even touch a receiver after he is 5 yards off the line of scrimmage. Is that true? And is holding called in pro ball more reasonably than I'm seeing in college ball?
  4. I'm happy that Bama is not going to the CFP. I hate LSU and UGA equally, but Bama is in a different level of hate for me. So really, I don't care. LSU got no running game. UGA got no offensive game. Both beat Auburn. Whatever.
  5. Naturally, since I posted that I assumed DB and MD would sit, Wisconsin would be a tough draw for us, the expected posters jumped my butt saying that they have "character" and that I was dissing them. Let's be clear. I would LOVE it if they chose to play in our bowl game. I will also understand completely if they decide to sit. Same with the other seniors. They have given their all for years for Auburn. They worked their butts off, they won games for us. They do not OWE Auburn anything more than they've already given. And I will not criticize them if they make that "business decision" to sit out a bowl game. And I am sure all the coaches and players are good with that. IF they decide to play, I will be overjoyed. Those guys have offered so much for us, this is like bonus time. I will simply pray that they do not get hurt. Watching Oregon vs Utah right now. Hoping Oregon wins. Improves Auburn's strength of schedule. Personally don't care which teams are in the playoff now that Bama is eliminated.
  6. I'm ready to see Auburn on the floor again. So far, Auburn has been winning with superior athleticism and size against the opponents so far. I expect the same against Furman. They may keep it close for the first half, but I expect Auburn to wear them down and pull away for a convincing win. Of course, if the guys are loaded down with turkey and dressing and potatoes, it could be a sluggish outing. But I'm hoping that being home in our own arena with our own fans with incentivize the guyz.
  7. AURex


    We have turnover every year. But so does everyone else. Auburn has recruited pretty well and has good depth in many position groups. I'm looking at the schedule and thinking that 9-3 is the minimum acceptable for Gus. And with LSU coming to J-H with a new (not-Donkey) QB, I think 10 is feasible next year. Yes, call me a sunshine pumper. One mod (he knows who he is) is my board hater and he will call me a nihilist and downvote me not matter what I postt! I'm just trying to be real.
  8. Yep, the good news is, I see Auburn in the Citrus on NY Day. The bad news is, Wisconsin. With Brown and Davidson sitting out, and Wisconsin's running game, ugh! I would much rather have Michigan.
  9. Joiner has serious talent and ability, but has been SERIOUSLY underutilized in Gus' offense. I wouldn't be surprised if he leaves, and that's really sad, because IMHO that young man is a "difference maker."
  10. I wish him well, wherever he lands.
  11. AURex

    A Schwartz

    He may be ready for the bowl game. I don't know if he will choose to play. I think he is definitely out of spring practice and summer practice. IF (that's a big IF) he makes the Olympic Team, he will be out of Auburn football practices all summer. If he does participate in the the Olympics, he could still be around for *some* of fall practice. I'm not counting on him early next season, but I'm hoping he will be full-speed after a few games. That said, he's injury prone, so his role next year may be pretty uncertain. I'm hoping he can figure out how to balance his T&F dreams with his love of football. I'm 100% behind the young man.
  12. I used to like UGA in the Richt days. Can't stand them now. Always hated LSU. Whichever one wins will lose to Auburn-By-The-Lake. Which is fine by me. I'm pulling for LSU only because Burrow (also known as "Bayou Donkey") will be gone next year and LSU will come to J-H for a beat down.