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  1. AURex


    After the Gonzaga game, I gotta think that the Vols are our scariest rival this season. Of course, The Admiral was unconscious in the second half, especially down the stretch, and he will not be that guy every game (probably). But still, the starting five on this team are playing together, they play excellent defense, and they rebound, rebound, rebound at both ends of the floor. They are tough minded and disciplined on offense. Coach Barnes has them playing with energy, dedication, and a belief that they can win if they play every possession to their potential. Auburn and Tennessee play very different styles of BB. With Kentucky flailing around with their me-first crop, and Miss State competitive but showing weaknesses, as things stand right now, you gotta wonder if the last game of the season between the Tigers and the Vols will determine the SEC regular season championship. Of course, it is way premature to be looking that far ahead. As we saw last season, one key injury can do real damage, while the emergence of players (maybe Purifoy) introduce unknown advantages (or not). But the fact is, the game between Tennessee and Gonzaga was exciting basketball. Really exciting basketball at a national level. And what it really showed the country (and Auburn vs Duke did not) is that the SEC is not just a football conference.
  2. AURex

    2019-20 Starting Quarterback

    Do you imagine him in his junior and senior years after starting as a true freshman? With the Gus OL? Crippled both physically and mentally?
  3. AURex

    Saban to Green Bay

    Agree. Saban gets paid so much and has amassed such a fortune ($35 Million + ) that he has no idea how to spend all that money. And the Bama program is now running on automatic. Why would he leave that to take over another crappy NFL program, because that worked out so well last time! hahaha
  4. AURex

    Who replaces Chip?

    Josh McDaniels
  5. AURex

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Thank you for reaffirming exactly what I was saying. Work on your reading comprehension.
  6. AURex

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    And that is exactly my point.
  7. AURex

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I think it is really, REALLY important to reaffirm that no matter who is the Auburn coach next season, the record will be 6-6 or AT BEST 7-5. And no matter who the head coach is next year, the recruiting class coming in will be turnip greens & cornbread no mater how many Stars are listed, and no matter who the head coach is next year, we will all be here at AUF burbling and whining about excuses and the next year. Reality Check! Unless Auburn figures out a way to recruit SEC A+ players, Auburn will be middle of the SEC at best. And none of the names being thrown around will change that. In the longer run, well maybe, but I don;t see any of those fantasy coaches coming our way. Now, you can slam me, just as everyone always slams me because I call 'em way ahead of time, and I'm usually right. My guess, the only half-way decent coach with actual cred that Auburn can possibly attract is Mike Leach.
  8. AURex

    Men vs Xavier

    Arriving late to the discussion, I don't have anything brilliant or controversial to contribute. And having to watch the game last night, rather than as it was played, I missed out on the live discussion. One thing that really perturbed me as I watched the game was the really crappy play-by-play of Biles and his side-kick. It might be expected that they didn't know Auburn's personnel very well, but their job is to call the game. Instead we got backrub interludes and just repeats about Auburn shooting the outside ball again. No in-game info about the foul problems of McLemore and Wiley and why, very little comment about Okeke having another great game, etc. Basically, I'm just saying that I've gotten a lot more insight from the discussion here that from those supposedly expert commentators. So, thanks to you all.
  9. AURex

    2018 Maui Invitational

    Duke ------- eeeek!
  10. AURex

    Men vs Xavier

    I like BB, I want to discuss BB. I'm really fed up with this pissing contest kind of irrelevant crap. Quit making it about YOU and just talk about BB.
  11. AURex

    2018 Maui Invitational

    Arrrgh! I was just pulled into a conference call scheduled for game time. Grrrrr. So I'll record the game and record the Duke game as well, since I wanted to watch them both in order and don't want to see the score of the Auburn game while watching the Duke game. Guess what I'll be doing tonight. hahaha
  12. AURex

    Xavier Preview/Review

    Xavier did not play well against Wisconsin and actually made the score look more respectable with a big push near the end. That said, a really early game (9:30 AM Hawaii time), plus jet lag are factors that could affect either or both of the teams, and Xavier could be cranked to respond to their embarrassment by Wisconsin. And when a team depends heavily on the 3, cold shooting can really be a problem. Overall, I don't think Xavier has enough talent or chemistry at this point to beat the experienced Auburn team, and I sorta expect Auburn to win by 12 or more. But sometimes weird stuff happens.
  13. AURex

    Football Rules and Interpretations

    I've seen offensive linemen called for facemask, but never a player running the ball. Not saying it never happens, because I don't see every game ever. Anyway, I was more interested in you sense of the way targeting gets called and whether a runner could be called for targeting.
  14. Last year, Villanova notched a solid win over Michigan and won the national championship. And now? #9 'Nova is not just beat, but totally embarrassed by Michigan. Yes, 'Nova lost some players, but returned some as well. Michigan? Previously ranked #18, Michigan could be the best in the B1G. Well, except for the fact that we are very, very early in the season. Watching Michigan, there is a team I'd sure like to see Auburn play.
  15. AURex

    Charleston Classic (Merged)

    The VT score was not what I expected either. I'm not one to get all gooey over parity. Instead, I think a lot of teams need a bit of time to gel.