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  1. Big 10 propaganda is driving this entire NCAA conversation. Big 10 Power 5 schedule they want others to emulate --- Rutgers, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska ...... egads, so scary! I tell ya what, let SEC teams play those power 5 teams, like also GA Tech and Arizona and Kansas and Kansas State, Duke and NC State, New Mexico State and Colorado and Hawaii ...... Okay, line em up. SEC will play them just like the Big10 and Big12 and PAC12 play them. Actually, any SEC West team will play ANY of those teams, and I'd guess SEC wins 90%. hahahahaha
  2. Florida vs Miami is less than a week away. The season is HERE! Are you ready? Okay, so here are some thoughts. We've got some teams that have been very good for a few years, but not yet quite over the hump. The question is, do they make the jump this year? 1. Michigan. This team has had a good defense in recent years, but they've been stagnant on offense. The QB Patterson has high potential, but he's been hobbled by a pro style offense. But now, a new offensive coordinator who is moving the team to a spread, more dynamic offensive style. Patterson unleashed. Can Michigan produce enough offensive fire power to overcome their defensive losses, and beat Ohio State, Michigan State and Northwestern, to win the Big 10, making it to the playoff? I'm not a fan of Harbaugh, but I'm not a fan of Ohio State either. I'd be happy if they all eat each other alive during the season. Despite Michigan's high rankings, I just don't see it. 2. LSU is always a terror defensively, but they have sucked offensively for such a long time. But this year, they have an offensive coordinator who is supposedly moving to a more dynamic offensive scheme. Burrow is a veteran QB. Can LSU defense maintain its dominant game, and the new offense generate enough points to topple Bama, Auburn, A&M and Florida? 3. Florida always has a stout defense. The problem has been offense. But in the latter part of last season, Felipe Franks and the Florida offense stepped up, beat the s*** out of Michigan. Mullen is now in full flow. Has he got Franks up to the challenge? We will see next week when Florida plays Miami, but the big test will be Florida vs LSU and UGA. Is UFA fr real? 4. UGA has had recruiting classes right up there with Bama and Clemson. They have talent equal to any team in the country. The problem is their tired offense. Yes, they have had great RBs year after year. The QB (Fromm) has been fine in the pro scheme as a game manager. They just haven't had explosiveness offensively. Can they find a stud player to give them that great break out answer? 5. Oklahoma has been amazing offensively for years, but they have just not been able to field a defense that can stop anybody at all. With a new defensive coordinator, can they figure out a defense? Alternatively, Texas has gotten a lot of press about their great improvement. And fact is, they beat UGA in the bowl game last year, worse than the score suggested. It's a good team. Will they rise up and beat out Oklahoma for their conference, and can they make it to the playoff? 6. Out west, that Oregon QB Herbert is the #1 Heisman contender going into the season. Stud RB, triple-stud OL may be the best in the NCAA, good receivers. The question is, can they play defense? And can they show up week after week? They have that PAC12 patsy conference schedule, with only Utah as a genuine opponent. Of course, in the PAC12, patsy teams beat contender teams because ..... nobody knows. If this Oregon team beats Auburn in their opening game, they could potentially make the playoff. Or not. Because ya know, PAC12. 7. Notre Dame may actually have to play some decent teams this season. Playoff? Nope!
  3. At the time I made my comment, both were ranked ahead of Auburn in the 247 Composite. So it was not an "opinion." It was a fact. Auburn was behind in the SEC in recruiting at that time. And you KNOW that. Once Auburn pushed them aside and moved up, I was much happier and I said so.
  4. Woooo Hoooo! War Damn Eagle! NOW I'm excited about this recruiting class.
  5. Move this if you think it needs to e in another place. NCAA has a new infractions investigation and enforcement process that is INDEPENDENT of the admin (yeah Emmert) and INDEPENDENT of the universities (yeah, bama, UNC, etc). Will it reduce cheating ---- or penalize universities that cheat (hello LSU)?
  6. So glad to hear that CGM and CKD are really throwing a lot at Joey and Bo. The media and most fans seem to have anointed Joey as the sure bet starter, but I'm reserving judgment. The coaches know what they want out of their freshman QB. That said, I'm thinking that both will see some playing time against Oregon, and if they are both as good as expected, look out Quackers!
  7. ellitor and others can hate all they want. But the facts are the facts. Bama,. UGA, LSU, and now both UF and A&M are recruiting much better than AU. While AU struggles to land a top tier high school OL, and last year proclaimed what a huge class of awesome OL recruits we would have, and we look now at a bunch of JUCO assorted guys. Yep, maybe maybe one or two will be wonderful. BUT Again, I'm not dissing on any recruits. I'm just saying that Gus needs to up his recruiting game, because the reality is AU is falling far behind the top SEC teams -- teams that AU tends to lose to MOST years. And without improving recruiting, will continue losing to most years. As for ellitor and others who want to pile on me for stating the fact that AU recruiting is not up there with our rivals,
  8. SEC Recruiting --- Bama - #1 LSU - #2 UGA - #3 A&M - #4 UF - #5 AU - #6 and way behind I have NEVER criticized our recruits. But I have said that Gus needs to step up his recruiting if he intends to compete at the top level consistently. All you need to do is look at Auburn's record under Gus against these teams to see that AU just is not recruiting at a level necessary, especially in positions of need. Sorry if you don't like what I'm saying, but that's the way I see it.
  9. Yep, everyone jump on me. Let me know when Gus has a better recruiting class than Bama, UGA, LSU, UF. Let me know when he lands a top tier OL prospect, even ONE, which is without doubt the highest priority of our recruiting class. And let me know when people on this board start posting accolades about "WOW, Gus can really coach em up!" It ain't happening. Gus band wagon? Nope! And for those who say that I've been critical about recruiting in the past, I'll just point at our W-L record. Let me know when I'm wrong.
  10. These rankings don't mean a whole lot BUT since Auburn plays all the SEC teams ranked higher, the fundamental question is -- Can Auburn beat ANY of those teams???? If not, the rest is just trivia.
  11. I am not dissing on any recruit for this class. And I know the coaching staff are doing the best they can. But I'm disappointed in the overall class so far. AU is falling further behind Bama, UGA, LSU, UF, and A&M. Gus is going to have to have a GREAT SEASON this year in order to get back on track with recruiting next year. Okay, everybody pile on and do yer hate thing.
  12. Talking about WRs has to do with needing a dominant defense because .... Um ... Well, maybe the staff are thinking of the future, not just the current season. We need to have 12 to 15 WRs because we can't seem to recruit enough top defensive secondary guys? Now if they could just figure out a way to overload on another position to get some stud offensive linemen. 😉
  13. I'm waiting. I'm hoping. But just waiting. Maybe an OL will show up. I'm Waitin' Maybe a QB will break out. I'm Waitin' Maybe a RB will break out. I'm waitin' Maybe CGM will find a brain. I'm Waitin' Maybe, maybe, maybe. At this point, it's all just fantasy. I'm waitin'
  14. My real concern is not which QB is selected to start, but the offensive play calling that Gus throws out there. The **average fan** sees only 3 plays from Gus -- (1) run into the line, (2) sweep, and (3) throw a bomb. Some fans might remember a 4th play -- QB run option off tackle -- back in the days of Cam and Nick. That's ancient history for many Auburn fans. So, given that simplistic view of 4 plays (hahaha) -- (1) which QB can do better at that off-tackle option? and (2) which QB can actually hit a receiver running long? Because any QB can hand the ball to a RB hitting the line or sweeping. Right now, it seems like everyone is gushing over Joey because he has size and speed and might be able to do the off tackle thing like a real big boy Cam. But can he throw the ball downfield anywhere close enough for an Auburn receiver to catch it? Nobody knows. And we don't know if Bo can do any of that stuff adequately either. Fact is, we are all just making up pictures in our heads based on bitty-bits of stuff that's "out there" on the web. I don't know which guy will start against Oregon. I hope both get some time on the field with a real opportunity to run the full playbook. (The Gus 4 play offense. hahaha) May the better QB get the job. AND PLEASE BE COGNIZANT that there's some real tongue in cheek going on here. Yet there's also some actual points here.
  15. I'm not a knee-jerk leftist. I do understand the Antifa effort to counter the neo-nazi supremacist fascist right. But I do not Identify with them. Moreover, as my primary studies at Auburn (in addition to economics) was social and political philosophy, I do think it is important to hold in view the era in which certain views and actions occurred. We can understand that, when our Founders proclaimed that all men are created equal, that did not (for all of them) include slaves or WOMEN! Because of course, women were not capable of owning property or making intelligent decisions, much less voting (heaven forbid). Should we tear down the statues of our Founding Fathers because they did not think of women as equals? Of course not! HOWEVER, back to the original point, even if you ignore the race of most of the soldiers that Forrest slaughtered, by all the codes of morality, humanity and warfare, you just do not slaughter prisoners of war. It just exceeds all sense of human decency. There is no interpretation of history or morality that makes the order of Forrest to slaughter prisoners of war acceptable, no matter what their race -- much less heroic enough to deserve a proclamation of state holiday in his honor. There were honorable men who fought for the South, and I think Lee was one of those. Forrest was NOT and should be condemned by all humans, whether southerners or yanks, as scum.