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  1. 80Tiger -- "These situations rarely end good. zamps76 -- In the past taking care of personal problems has been code for behavior problems 80Tiger -- something is not right. Grades, not going to classes, not going to weight room, who knows. AidiAU -- I'm more inclined to think it's family related, but that is a long time to tend to your issues Maverick.AU -- gut feeling just tells me Tivo48 -- Lots of rumors floating around right now. Hopefully KD is keeping his nose clean and isn't in the doghouse AUwent -- Where are those rumors? Can I get a PM as to what they are? When Gus says "they'll be back by x..." I never, ever believe him. Keesler, this is where I made my remark. There was nothing but speculation and innuendo. And if you call those comments positive or supportive of the kid, I guess we'll just have to disagree about that.
  2. A whole pile of zero concrete information. A gigantic heap of nothin' to report. A truckload of squirming worms of rumor. Let's all jump in like monkeys in a cage and throw feces all over the place. Geez!
  3. Three biggies in this hire. 1. Land grant university -- that's a plus, but not really a ticket 2. AAU member and board/leadership of various national academic/research organizations 3. A scholar/researcher himself, not just a career administrator. And personally, any PhD from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign gets extra points because a major research institution. Looks to me like Auburn really wants to up its game academically.
  4. The SEC is the Rodney Dangerfield of college basketball. No respect. Glad to see 3 of the SEC teams still standing, going into the Sweet 16. USCe really brung it to the dookies. So glad to see only one ACC team remaining.
  5. Auburn women finish 18th at Nationals. Top 5 teams featured two from the SEC -- Texas A&M in 4th, Georgia in 5th. Kentucky, Alabama and Missouri also finished ahead of Auburn in the final standings. Stanford and Cal topped the teams with Stanford big over everybody. Texas was 5th. So, the three traditional national powers that Auburn has competed with on occasion are still at the top. No Auburn women were even close to the podium. The only Auburn swimmers to finish in the top 10 were Ashley Neidigh (8th) and Haley Black (9th). Auburn had one 7th place relay finish. This is NOT a criticism of the women on our team. They train so hard and compete to the absolute top of their ability. I am proud of their effort, and their progress -- often swimming PBs and entering the Auburn record books. I am criticizing Auburn recruiting, which has fallen off so far that the team as a whole is no longer competitive even with other SEC teams.
  6. I'm not sure why anyone thinks that the ability to shop for insurance across state lines will improve anything. These are national insurance companies. If you break the state barriers, they will simply revise their policies the next day to assure that they can achieve even more profits and larger dividends fore their stockholders. Anyone who thinks these insurance companies are really interested in providing quality healthcare for reasonable prices is living in fantasy land. Anyone who thinks that this plan would result in lower costs due to "competition" is living in Kansas-like fantasy land. Insurance companies are interested in one thing, and one thing only. Profits. And they funnel huge amounts of money into the pockets of Republicans to assure that they make those profits.
  7. Medicaid for all, or Medicare for all? The reality is, most of us who have lived a bunch of decades have paid a LOT of money into Medicare. We should expect to receive AT LEAST the amount we paid plus compounded interest for the period we've paid into it. The reality is that most of us will not. As for Medicaid for all, well, the real world statistics from all developed countries is unquestionable. Universal healthcare that covers EVERY person, pre-birth to death, is cheaper than the U.S. system of "competitive insurance," and results in cheaper drugs, cheaper medical services, and ** lower mortality rates ** meaning better outcomes for the entire populace. The ONLY reason for not moving in that direction is ideological, not based on real world data. The choice is funnel more money into the hands of corporations and the 1%, or do what is best for the people of this country.
  8. There's no doubt that real bad villains, not only these guys but also Russians, have compromised the systems and electronic services used by both Republicans and Democrats. For some reason (it's a mystery), the current administration and the rabid winger media are only interested in the issues pertaining to Democrats, and are turning a blind eye towards the Russians. Personally, I'm all for castrating these guys, but I also want the U.S. government to catch, strangle, castrate and then behead ANYONE (including the Ruskies) who have infiltrated or conspired with or been involved with U.S. government officials *** in any way ***. That means Democrats and Republicans. This is not a PARTY issue, it is not a conservative vs liberal issue -- this undermines the foundations of our country.
  9. I've been tied up and missed a lot over the past couple of weeks. Soi maybe I missed it. Why is Pettway not even mentioned in these Spring Practice notes?
  10. hahaha -- Too bad M4. My wife loves going fast, especially with the top down. She loves to drive fast. Not recklessly, but fast. When we went shopping for our last two cars, she demanded "must have a V6" and test driving, her first comment was always about the acceleration. She fantasizes about owning one of these -- An Aston Martin Volante.
  11. Unfortunately, when I left Auburn to go to one of those big midwestern universities for grad work, the winter up there killed the MGB. I still miss driving that car and have thought about buying one as a fun drive for the mountains.
  12. One at a time was enough for me. No back seat required.
  13. I didn't have a car in high school. I didn't have a car my first year at Auburn either. But after a year of working, I was able to buy a car. My 1970 MGB would not impress the muscle car crowd, but I loved driving this car and as I soon discovered, it was a chick magnet!
  14. Thanks!
  15. Thanks!