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  1. More right wing conspiracy theory propaganda. Misoprostol was developed and is is FDA-approved as a prescription drug to reduce the risk of and treat ulcers in humans, especially those who take NSAIDS (pain relief medications like aspirin and ibuprofen) that can cause gastric bleeding and ulcers. It is also FDA approved for reducing blood loss in surgical procedures such as removal of endometrial polyps and other cervical procedures. It is also approved in the EU (not yet in the U.S.) for inducing labor for pregnant women. Some research indicates its possible benefit in treatment of multiple sclerosis. And yes, there are strong medical warnings about the possible consequences for pregnant women. Misoprostol is FDA approved as one of the two drugs used for medical abortion. Medical abortion is less expensive and often safer than surgical abortion. Medical abortion is now used in 2/3 of abortions during early pregnancy. There are many drugs approved for use that carry warnings against use during pregnancy. And there are obviously drugs developed for treatment of human disorders that are also adopted for use in animals. For example, many cancer drugs are used in treating cancer in animals -- and also warn against use during pregnancy. It should come as no surprise, then, that a drug developed for use to reduce risk and treat ulcers in humans would also be adopted for use in treating the same ailment in other animals.
  2. He's thrilled with the offer! https://sports.yahoo.com/m/bcd70462-c82e-385f-afcf-6236f98a1403/receiver-jabari-smith-can't.html
  3. Cancelled Netflix, just like 200,000 other subscribers. Netflix continues raising subscription cost and there's nothing but crappy Ryan Reynolds movies and a big bunch of series that are so mediocre they are cancelled after one year. Goodbye Netflix.
  4. Personally, I'm all in for "800 Words" and "My Name Is Murder" and "Secret City" on Acorn. Plus thew Britbox series "Dr Foster" etc. IMO Netflix is tanking. The only decent program they've had lately is "Cursed" and they cancelled that.
  5. He was so talented before his injury. I was so sorry that his physical issues undercut his opportunity at Auburn, and apparently limited his opportunities at UT as well. I know he desperately wants to play, but I think maybe he needs to move on in his life with new goals.
  6. My brother has advised me many times as I get excited about possible recruits, many times, and I concur ..... A list is nice. A long list is, well, okay, but it's still just a list. The only -- ONLY -- thing that matters is who actually signs on the dotted line. Talk to me then. Go CBP! Get em!
  7. So, okay,, everyone who was proximating how great the SEC is and how overrated the Big10 and Big 121 and other conferences are, here are the current numbers. Kentucky out first round by a a #15 seed. Tennessee, the SEC champion, knocked off by 11 seed Michigan LSU eliminated by #11 seed Iowa State #2 seed UKY eliminated by ... yikes! ....#15 seed St Peters SEC tournament champ Tennessee eliminated by 11 seed Michigah Luckily Arkansas pulls out a win over NM State This is 2 rounds. How many SEC remain standing? 11 #3cs33evUKY
  8. I was glad to see #12 seed Richmond beat #5 seed Iowa. I've felt the Big10 was overrated all year. But I was distressed to see St Peters beat UKY. It's not that I'm a huge UKY fan, but to see one of the top SEC teams taken out so easily by a #15 seed ........ gives me pause regarding Auburn's game against a #15 seed tomorrow night. Let's get GAME ON!
  9. My underdogs are North Dakota State, Wyoming. Vermont, and Montana State. Just sayin'.
  10. Okay, this is going to be a very unpopular post. I am going to be chopped up and fed to lizards. Remember way back to last summer? There were articles about how CBP was taking a completely different approach to summer workouts and coaching? Basically the articles were saying that, instead of coaching up the players, he was just letting them play each other, unstructured, letting them figure out themselves how best to play as a team. Anyone other than me remember that? So here we are now with two sure fire NBA draft choices and a group of very good players surrounding them. And they look like a bunch of guys just showed up in a city park for a pickup game, just aimlessly doing their own thing out there. No coordination, no cohesive, systematic organized play. Yes, we've all beat into the ground -- Auburn can't shoot from outside, they turn it over too much, offensive rebounding is a killer, blah, blah, blah. But what is the root of that? As the season progresses, other teams with less talent improve with game to game, day to day, practicing of the systematic, coordinated, cohesive play as a team. Auburn has not. Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, have all gotten better as the season has progressed. Auburn, with just as much more more talent .... well, nope. So, my question is, does CBP return to a more rigorously practiced summer schedule for the next year? Or will he just continue this year's experiment of letting them train themselves?
  11. I said it before the SEC tourney started and no one wanted to hear it. So I hate to say "I told ya so," but ya know, I told ya so. As for the NCAA tourney -- well, our early opponent(s) will not have on-court experience playing Auburn. They will not have the talent either. However, they WILL have motivation and they WILL have tape and they WILL know how to frustrate Auburn technically. In the NCAA tournament, Auburn will have a 2 seed -- maybe a 3 based on the recent list of doodoo-crap losses. But the first up in the NCAA may not have the personnel to deal with Jabari and Kessler. (Of course, neither did A&M.) But I don't expect Auburn to get far in the NCAA tourney for the same reason Auburn could not beat Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida and now A&M. The reality is, Auburn has some really great individual players -- Jabari, Kessler, Green, Johnson -- but Auburn does not play a cohesive style of ball, instead relying on a free-for-all game. It works when it works, but it doesn't against disciplined teams with some strength inside and some speed on offense and tenacity defense. Pack the paint and force Auburn to shoot 3s, force Auburn turnovers, rebound on the offensive glass -- bingo. I am very sorry about this. I LOVE my Tigers. I WANT them to go deep in the NCAA. But, despite having 2 sure bet NBA picks and some really good (if sporadic) supporting cast, Auburn just doesn't have the *TEAM* cohesiveness to go far this season in the NCAA. I sincerely hope I am wrong and that the team gets their sheeeeet together for the dance.
  12. Some mighty beautiful thinking here. I'm definitely not a negative nelly. I'm 100% tiger. HOWEVER .... 1. Auburn has not played well lately on the road, and all these tournament games will be on the road. 2. Florida, Tennessee, and Arkansas beat Auburn on the road, AND Kentucky is playing really good ball now. Realistically, I don't expect Auburn to reach the championship game UNLESS they solve the problems that have plagued them of late on the road .... 1. Turnovers 2. Three point shooting 3. Rebounding Of course, this is a team that can actually do that! And my concerns are just trying to be objective. Does Auburn get eliminated in the SEC Championship semi finals? Personally, I'll be screaming Orange & Blue at the TV every game. How wonderful it would be to win the SEC Championship tourney and then go really deep in the NCAAs. WDE! Auburn Forever!
  13. How much longer will this drag on? The allegations have been in arbitration for years. During that time, Will Wade has earned around $10 Million and Orgeron left with a major bounty in his pocket. Even if LSU fires Wade with cause -- at some point -- their years of holding off, plus fines and future loss of income, wqill be a heavy price. And this does not include the court cases against Orgeron and his enablers at the university that the university will end up paying. But ya know what? This is going to drag out another year or two. Wade will sign his 5 star recruits and have a great season next year, because just like someone else we know, the answer is always delay, delay, delay.
  14. Three observations -- not criticisms, just observations: 1. I don't think anyone would disagree with the observation that Auburn is playing really good at home and pretty crappy of late on the road. There is a lot of arguing about why, but it doesn't change the facts. Losses to Arkansas and Florida on the road, and now Arkansas clobbering Florida, and UKy healthy and playing well, illustrate the challenge facing Auburn in the coming month. 2. All of the SEC championship games and the NCAA tournament games will not be at home. Yes, seeding will assure Auburn of an early advantage. Nuff said. 3. The team (not just individual players -- the TEAM) needs to become more cohesive as a unit. Number one on the list is eliminating turnovers, which has been a plague. Number two on the list is eliminating hero ball.
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