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  1. Early Signing Period: December 20-22

    You haven;t been following this thread.
  2. Early Signing Period: December 20-22

    Hmm ... I thought Zamir was a lock for UGA. Would love to have him, even after the ACL, but .... ?????
  3. On to UCF

    CGM has a rather undistinguished record in bowl games so far as a Head Coach. 1-3. He has never beaten a Power 5 team in a bowl game as a Head Coach. His only bowl victory as a Head Coach was against Group of Five Memphis. Since UCF is a Group of Five team, maybe CGM can improve his bowl record as a HC. If that seems a little lacking in enthusiasm, my memory of how poorly he prepared Auburn for UGA in the SECCG is to blame.
  4. Difficult for any RB to clock much playing time as a true freshman, noo matter how special as a runner, if he cannot block. But I sure hope this Carlson kid can boom them out of the endzone on kickoffs and sink 40+ yard field goals with clockwork regularity.
  5. Team Activities

    I checked this thread hoping I'd find some insider posts about prep for the bowl game (and experience for redshirts. Nope.
  6. Patterson is going to Michigan. Safety Anderson most likely also. Michigan is ^desperate^ for players and SEC has them. They will play as soon as NCAA allows. They don't know Michigan winters. Egads!
  7. More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    I'm hoping to see Stidham audible more. It takes time to figure out defenses, and it takes trust between the coaches and the QB, but JS is smart enough. Too often, Auburn was running plays right into the teeth of the defense, and too often JS was simply tossing the ball to his primary receiver, looking for the 50/50. rather than looking at the entire field. That will all come with experience, I hope.
  8. A little perspective, please

    Look, I've been blasted in the past on AUF for not pumping enough sunshine. I criticize when I think criticism is due and there are some here who don't like that. Tonight, KJ was injured and we had nobody his equal to put in. Stidham got rattled and was off target on most of his passes in the second half. Kirby Smart and the UGA coaches had a really great game plan and it worked. In the off season, Auburn coaches (whoever they are) are going to have to adjust, because you know for sure Bama and every other team Auburn plays was watching and learning from what UGA was doing defensively. Auburn got beat. The OL couldn't give JS enough time. JS couldn't hit his receivers. And the offensive game plan was totally countered by the preparation of UGA. HOWEVER, this loss was not all on Malzahn. And you can be sure, if CGM leaves, so do most of the coaching staff. Personally, I think Steele and Travis Williams and Garner and Lindsey have done a fine job this year. I'm not eager to see all these coaches leave. Actually, I am interested to see what they can do with another year or prep.
  9. A little perspective, please

    I said "in the regular season." Auburn went 10-2 in the regular season.
  10. At the beginning of the season, if you were told Auburn would win 10 games in the regular season, beat both of its main rivals (Bama and UGA) and play for the SEC championship, pretty much everyone here would have been happy with that record. And actually, I remember lots of posts by people saying just that. Yes, Auburn's performance in the SECCG was really disappointing. But, really, does it make any sense at all to push out a head coach after he goes 10-2 in the regular season against the toughest competition in the country? Florida gives Mullen a $6 million contractr as reward for years of mediocrity. A&M gives Fischer a $7 million contract after a losing season. And you want to push CGM out the door for going 10-2?
  11. Jimbo Hired By Texas A&M

    Weak conference that won the national championship last year and a coach who beat Auburn for the national championship. Any team can have a down season with injuries and players leaving. Just look close to home.
  12. Update on Arkansas HC search

    My memory is not what it used to be, but if I remember correctly, CGM has had one 1-year extension and no substantive salary increase since 2013. Maybe that was justified in the minds of JJ, but that is the ONLY reason I think CGM would even listen to a pig offer. But I really can't imagine him going there. He would have zero chance of competitiveness there. And the same for Tennessee. Personally, I'd be much more concerned about FSU coming after him -- and him being very open to that move, taking some of his coaching staff with him. I've got no sources saying that is in the works, just a little irritating nervousness.
  13. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I live in Knoxville. I'm surrounded by the angst, the dismay, the frustration, the anger, the feelings of the locals when UT was relevant, competitive, a national power. I am sympathetic, but part of that is because UT used to be competitive with Bama. I'd like to see that again. I don't think it's gonna happen real soon. UT is in deep doodoo.
  14. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

  15. 125 years ago

    Golf was an active alumni supporter/donor 125 years ago. He provided the PBR for the team. Golf be da' man forever.