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  1. Men vs. Clemson

    Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. Let me repeat that. Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. I hate it when they lose. I hate t worse when they lose embarrassingly. But Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. And I am proud of these guys. Nobody, and I mean nobody, believed in them. But Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. Nuff said!
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    So tired of losing to Clemson.
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    Why is it that Auburn continues getting the most irritating announcers on TV. We had that irritating woman announcing football games and now another night of this irritating woman, paired with an irritating guy. Geez.
  4. Official Tournament Thread

    I don't do brackets anymore, I just pull for the teams I want to win, enjoy the games, not paying any attention to the official odds and expert opinions. Much more fun this way.
  5. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    Women finish 16th in the NCAA championship. Auburn had only 1 (one) swimmer make the finals in any event, finishing 7th in the 100 free. SEC schools finishing ahead of Auburn -- Tennessee, A&M, UGA, and Kentucky. Other powerhouse swimming programs finishing ahead of Auburn included Minnesota and Louisville. The ladies work hard, compete ferociously, but as a team, the talent just isn't where it ought to be. Time for a coaching change.
  6. Official Tournament Thread

    Not wanting to be premature, because the game against Charleston tonight is not a gimmee, but assuming Auburn can manage to get past Charleston, I'm thinking 12 seed NM State has the potential to upset 5 seed Clemson, setting up Auburn's next game.
  7. Official Tournament Thread

    I'm interested to see how Florida does against St Bonaventure and how Bama does against Virginia Tech. Right now, Bama is a 2 to 3 point underdog. And St Bonnie just made UCLA look ugly and is a 1 to 2 point favorite over Florida. Are we going to see two SEC exits on the first night? I sure hope not! Both of these teams just recently handed Auburn losses.
  8. Official Tournament Thread

    Tennessee annihilated Wright State. If this is a true indication of the strength of the SEC, well, I like it. I'll be interested to see what Bama can do tonight. Right now, Bama is a 2 to 3 point dog.
  9. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    I think Marsh had success recruiting internationally because he was often on the Olympic coaching team, so he had higher visibility, but also the image of knowing what it takes to make the Olympics and how to get there. I'm disappointed that Hawke has not been able to attract elite Aussie swimmers to Auburn. There's lots of talent down under. IMO, Auburn is overdue for a change in coaching in the swimming program. It is obvious, at this point, that both men and women are going in the wrong direction.
  10. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    Coaching in the bigger picture -- recruiting. Marsh was a really great recruiter -- especially elite foreign swimmers. At this point, Auburn's recruiting just isn't competitive even in the SEC, much less nationally. Great kids, work their butts off, but just not elite.
  11. Basketball Probe

    If I understand this issue correctly, the issue of CBP at this point is not about the FBI probe, which had to do with Person and the two players. The issue with CBP is an NCAA rules thing. According to NCAA rules, even if a head coach is not aware of illegal activities going on, he is **responsible** for ALL that occurs regarding his team. Thank you Rick Pitino and Hugh Freeze and Art Briles, who all denied even an inkling of the stuff going on at their institution. Personally, I really don't think CBP knew about the dealings of Person and Adidas. But as far as the NCAA is concerned, that does not absolve him from responsibility. And with his show-cause history ...... this is a really crappy mess. Person really did a number on us. May he live forever in ignominy.
  12. Motivation for the Alabama Game

    Well, ya know, leading up to this year, Auburn's recent history in BB, who'da thunk it? WDE!
  13. Basketball Probe

    The FBI has certainly developed a very convoluted explanation for their investigation, and it may not hold up in court whether this guy is a believable witness or not. However, it does not change the fact that Adidas was funneling money through coaching staff to players and their families. That is NCAA territory. I'm no expert, but I think the NCAA can use evidence gathered by the FBI, especially if the Adidas rep talks. Unfortunately, NCAA regulations now say that the head coach is responsible, even if he claims he didn't know about it. I'm hoping that CBP does not get tangled up in this. I really believe that, if he had know Person was playing this game, he would have gotten rid of him immediately. Why? Because he knows he is under the spotlight already from his show cause shenanigans at Tennessee. I'm not as worried about the FBI as I am about the NCAA. They can (and most likely will) rule these players permanently ineligible, because money did change hands. I just don't want to see CBP take the rap for this crap.
  14. Changes at Toomers Corner

    It's really a sign of the times -- in online "journalism." An article about a building being razed and a new building to be built on the spot -- no photo of the existing building and no picture of the architectural vision of planned new building. I was in Auburn last fall, so I definitely know what the current building looks like. But simply writing that it will be brick and fit in with the current aesthetic of campustown ..... how sad.
  15. Herb Hand to Texas

    All I can say is, I'm happy that HH found a new job (probably with the help of CGM), much as CGM helped Lashlee out the door. HH was not, IMO, getting the most out of Auburn's OL talent last year, and confronted with an OL rebuild, Auburn really needs a very solid OL coach. I'm not convinced that HH will be the answer to the Longhorns' OL difficulties, but I wish him the best in whatever (probably limited) capacity he will have there. As to whether CGM can actually land a really solid OL coach .... well ..... I guess we will see.