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  1. We all know how Gus would reply to this issue. "We just need to execute." He publicly says the right words about accepting responsibility, but when he repeatedly says "we just need to execute" and "we need to get better," what he is really doing is saying the scheme and play-calling are good, it's all on the players. There's plenty of criticism to go around, but there is no questioning the amount of responsibility the coaches are shrugging off with these kinds of comments.
  2. AURex


    BTW, AUsince72, is the 72 in your screen name the year you arrived at Auburn or graduated or something else? I graduated in 72, but remained in Auburn on the academic staff until '77. My brother graduated in '74.
  3. AURex


    Hag tough, 72. My brother is in his 4th week of combined chemo-radiation. He's now barely able to eat and losing his hair. It is tough and every week is more challenging. The good news is, it ends, and at the other end is respite. Best wishes for a full recovery!
  4. Most of the names on lists like these are pure fantasy. It's a game we love to play. But it's just fantasy. Franklin is not leaving Penn State. Patterson and Peterson and Shaw are not leaving. Bob Stoops is not coming out of retirement. Swinney is not going anywhere anytime soon. If I remember correctly, some SEC team tried to hire Freeze as an analyst and the SEC home office said no way. He's still off limits. Venables has the cred, but he has not been eager to jump to a head coaching job. Plus, he has one kid already enrolled at Clemson and another with an offer from Clemson. Then you've got the coaches from the minor league. Good coaches, perhaps, but at a whole different level. And how do high school kids view these guys. Would your hot shot 4 or 5 star say breathlessly "I just gotta play for Bill Clark"? It's always fun to speculate, but I think we are stuck with Malzahn for another year at least, and longer than that if he can squeeze out 8-4 seasons.
  5. AURex

    Need a Qb

    Stidham's NFL prospects have fallen into a deep abyss. Pro scouts will look objectively at Stidham's play. And they will not be impressed. CGM and CCL have a serious problem on their hands. An OL that cannot block, a QB who cannot lead or play effectively, and no real depth behind them.
  6. Photo-ops are nice. Pretty pictures are cool to look at. But personally, I'll be waiting for the in-game performance photos. That's when you'll get my attention.
  7. Thanks for your incisive analysis, JMR. I'm sure there are many here who will sidetrack or hijack with their anti-Gus, anti-Stidham agenda, but the reality is, the struggles of the offense are obvious, but Auburn is 4-1 and the sky has no yet fallen!
  8. AURex

    Where is the problem

    I just can't imagine the frustration Lindsey, Grimes and Gus feel, watching this kind of incompetence play after play after play. And JS and the RBs as well. And Grimes must feel totally embarrassed that he cannot coach up these guys to perform at a level that would even be called "mediocre." Really sad.
  9. AURex

    Leaving Early

    IMO, most likely to leave early for the NFL (barring injury this season) -- Coe, Brown and Stidham.
  10. AURex

    are fans fair in their remarks

    Gus: "We just need to execute"
  11. AURex


    I am disappointed in the play of the DL. They should have been better. I'm disappointed in the play of Auburn's secondary and OL. Even though we've known for a long time they were the weak areas of the team, I had hoped for more.. I'm disappointed in the play of Stidham for this entire season so far. This is no Heisman QB. Not even close. And I am disappointed in the AUF family trying to lay the blame for the LSU loss on the refs. Auburn lost to LSU because LSU performed better in this game in the second half. If you look at StatTigers analysis, Auburn did not earn or deserve a win in this game and it was not the refs anywhere in that equation.. As with last season, I hope that AU will rise up and beat the holy s**t out of every upcoming opponent. BUT I WILL NOT MAKE EXCUSES FOR LSU. War Eagle! That is all.
  12. AURex

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    Two observations: 1. When your only pass defense is pass interference, your opponent will consistently move the ball by passing. 2. When your offensive line sux, your offense will struggle.
  13. AURex

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    How much respect did Auburn earn today? Just wondering.
  14. AURex

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    Frankly, I don't give a FF about the "respect" of media quacking heads. You win games or you don't. That's all that counts. Auburn won a couple of big games last year, but then fell flat in the SECCG and was truly embarrassed on national TV in their bowl game. Malzahn and post season? Ha! You want respect? Earn it. I'm an Auburn grad and I DO. NOT. MAKE. EXCUSES.
  15. AURex

    Schwartz time!

    Waiting to see a SCHWARTZ-ENAGGER FLASH laid on all our SEC rivals. I want to laugh at them lunging at open air as he flies past. I want to see jet trails behind him as he flies to the endzone. I want to see it EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Okay CCL and CGM, you have your orders ....... MAKE IT SO!