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  1. My sincere apology to members who were upset by my OP. It was insensitive to those in the path of the hurricane and I apologize for pushing those buttons. For those who think I haven't been there, here is my response. I was in Mobile with 1st wife and her parents when Eloise hit in 1975 I was in Houston in 1980 when Hurricane Allen hit and then when Hurricanes Alicia and Barry hit in 1983 I was living in Augusta GA when Hurricane Ida threw up on the eastern seaboard in 2009. I was living in Florida when Hurricane Matthew clobbered us. So I've been there --- and more (tornadoes in AL, earthquakes in California). So my OP was insensitive and I apologize. But yep, I been there, done that.
  2. It's not clear why she was ever hired to begin with, although it might be that they have a hard time attracting quality faculty at [George C.] Wallace State Community College. I haven't been able to find out much about her. No idea what her BA from Jax State was in. And her MA was received only 1 year after her BA with no evidence she wrote a thesis. She refers to herself as a "professor" on Prabook (a bio resource where people post their own information) and is listed in Marquis Who's Who, which is also a free self-bio resource. She has never published any scholarly article requiring research. As an instructor at a community college, she's now on administrative leave and will most likely not be hired to teach there (or anywhere else) in the future. Hello McDonalds.
  3. My choice would be a prime filet mignon grilled medium rare over hickory, wrapped in seared bacon, topped with quality blue cheese (like good Gorgonzola), served with oven roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and over-loaded twice baked potatoes.
  4. There is no humor left in our world. Or maybe I should say, there is no humor "right" in our world. Or maybe sarcasm has morphed into propaganda. Or maybe we are all caught in a politically ballistic, religiously nuclear, realm of sh*****te.
  5. We escaped from Florida in 2016, but I fully understand the awful situation that our Auburn alums and commits are suffering. Even after the worst of the storm has passed, the devastation remains. God Bless you all.
  6. When I was a student at Auburn, an evangelical wingnut quasi-Christian guy used to stand outside Haley Center spouting his religious propaganda. My buddy would get out there and just as vocally shout segments from the Satanic Bible contradicting all the idiotic stuff that "Christian" was spouting. It was live time hilarity. The religious fanatic eventually stopped showing up. I encountered him not long after when I was in grad school at U of Illinois. He met the same fate there. The current fascist march to eradicate teaching of true history, supplanting it with bogus BS, their fake-religious conquest to eradicate books from libraries that, when encompassed within the total realm of our society, truthfully represents a portion of our society and have zero anchor in the Bible, their revivalist crusades against women's body rights that are actually anti-biblical unsupported by historical record ----- somebody has to STAND UP to these effing purveyors of steaming s****t.
  7. The problem is that a lot of eligible voters cannot deal with the restrictions. For example, elderly in nursing homes, people who are hospitalized, handicapped/disabled people who cannot stand in lines or deal with registration blockades, etc. More importantly, a lot of life-long citizens do not have access to a birth certificate. That includes a LOT of people who were home-birthed many decades ago, homeless people (including veterans of Nam and more recent wars), people who have lost records due to natural disasters such as American citizens of Puerto Rico who have lost records due to natural disaster, etc. Native Americans and other indigenous peoples who do not have access to registration sites or don't have the required paperwork -- the list goes on and on. These laws are intentionally designed to limit access to voting by U.S. citizens who ought to be able to vote, but are more likely to vote for Democratic candidates. My mother was never able to vote because she was home-birthed and did not have a hospital-issued birth certificate.
  8. Sorry for him, but IMO as for the team, next man up.
  9. As of the latest hurricane Ian tracking predictions North of Trumpville, south of DeSantisville. Why have a hurricane if it doesn't clobber a bunch of politicians? Am I watching "The Sandman"?
  10. He's not top of my list, and I think he would be really, seriously, totally uninterested in coming to Auburn. But just for reference, his coaching W-L record -- Ole Miss -- 70% win record FAU -- 68% win record USC -- 65% win record Harsin at Auburn -- 53% and most likely going waaaaay down this year. I'm not stumping for Kiffin, but he's definitely a step up from Harsin.
  11. Being one of those old guys who can't change with the times, well effu! I'd jump for joy (okay, only like 6 inches off the ground, but still ....) if Auburn could lure prime time. to the Plains. That said, my questions remain. Why would he even want to come to Auburn? Money? Yes, he's being paid peanuts -- not even boiled -- at JSU. But I'm not sure he'd abandon his players just for money. The allure of SEC sparkle and glitz? Well, burdened with starting at the bottom in a much tougher conference. He sold some players on giving up their prospects to play at an HB university, but could he recruit those same guys to predominately white Auburn? (Only 5.3% Black/African-American) Could he assemble a coaching staff that can not only coach, but recruit? And most of all, could he get buy-in from the PTB, pull in mega NIL money, combat the negativity while trying to rebuild a dumpster fire program? I don't know the answer to these questions. All I know is, despite being one of those old guys (not as old as Golf), I'd be joyous with the hire even not knowing the answers to those questions. Because he'd be the antithesis, the antidote, to Harsin.
  12. Just to offer a perspective that might explain the position of the fans described in the OP, here's what one of them (my brother for example) would say. "Look, Harsin is out of his depth, his communication style is like the barren cliffs of the Rockies, and his Idaho white conservatism has not translated well to the SEC. He lost a lot of Auburn internal university support with his anti-vax-ism. He lost a LOT of talented players to the portal as well as alienated a lot of fans as a result. "That said, I am an Auburn grad and I love Auburn. I will support my coaches, my team, and my university with every breath I take. There are very experienced and knowledgeable people paid to make decisions for my university and I respect their effort to make the best decisions possible under the circumstances, just as I respect the CEOs and small business owners who lead their businesses. "Auburn has had down years under every coach in the modern era. We've played for and sometimes won national championships and had spectacular seasons, just to see the same coaches and staffs flop in following years. "I'm going to stand behind my coaches and players every single season, every single day, every single night. WDE!" Now, that's my brother, not me, but I understand his devotion to AU and Auburn athletics, coaches and teams. We don't argue. We both cry about the current state of Auburn football and swimming ---- while celebrating the state of Auburn BB, baseball, equestrian, gymnastics, etc. Just because fans do not rant and rave about how horrible things are does not mean they are stupid, uninformed, or mentally ill. There is no reason to condemn Auburn fans just for being fans.
  13. LSU - L Georgia - L Ole Miss - L Ark - L Miss St - tossup, but L Texas A&M - L Western KY - Tossup, but L Bama -L Season record -- 3 - 9 , with multiple blowout losses. I really wish I had a more positive outlook.
  14. "We're we better off Losing today???" Hmmmm ... We are we better ...??? How do you answer a question like that? Is it English language, or is it a Nigerian troll on AUFamily? I'm hoping this person is not an Auburn graduate. Were we better off losing? Actually, it makes no difference. Auburn is headed for one of the worst seasons in Auburn football history, Harsin is headed for the exit doors, and the most talented players are headed for the portal.
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