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  1. After the LSU loss, my brother (also an Auburn grad) sent me an email message. It said, "We are used to 7-5 and 8-4, so Malzahn is comfy with his $4 million salary. We are supposed to be okay with mediocrity." And ya know, he's probably right. Jay Jacobs is okay with being middle of the SEC, year after year.
  2. Okay, some levity

    I'm as upset as everyone else. But let's at least try to overcome the emotional meltdown and look at what actually happened. 1. Auburn's defense really did not play well. I'm not talking about scheme. I'm talking about execution. Players way out of position, players making really hairbrained decision, huge numbers of missed tackles. This is not on the coaches. We know our guys can play better than this. Why did so many screw up so often? I don;t know the answer to that, but I am convinced it is not on the coaches. TRhe players just did not execute. 2. On offense, the receivers were not helping -- how many passes did they drop? I lost count -- but here we gotta credit the play-calling of the OC. It was obvious that LSU made adjustments at the half to shut down Kerryon, especially the wildcat. What was the plan for dealing with the adjustment, because we all KNEW it was coming. Even as an armchair watcher, I KNEW LSU woukd make adjustments to shut down Kerryon at the half. This is not rocket science! Is the failure to anticipate this and shift to a different strategy that would exploit their adjustments on Malzahn or Lindsey? And yet, a lot of the problem was execution, not play calling. If receivers catch the ball, if blocking assignments are executed ..... Unlike most people here, I'm putting the blame for this loss on execution by players in specific circumstances, not the coaches. Bad decisions, poor tackling, failure to carry out the assigned role, etc. You can say that's poor coaching, but at this point in the season, it isn't -- it shouldn't be happening, because the coaches have drilled the players on what they need to do. Will Auburn survive this defeat? Well, we are going to find out how much resilience the team has. We are going to find out if these players (especially the receivers and the DBs) can get their act together and play SEC football. And we are going to find out is the coaches have any additional fairy dust to sprinkle.
  3. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    Well, not really "bottom." Stidham is 7th. But how much of that is due to his completion ration? Just speculating that, when you are throwing incompletions, you tend to have to throw again on subsequent downs. And when you have no running game, you are more inclined to pass. If you complete 1st and 2nd down passes, leaving short yardage for a first down, or average 9 yards per completion, meaning a lot of those attempts go for first downs, then the tendency is to run on the next down -- especially the way Auburn coaches call 1st down plays.
  4. Stop subsidizing NFL

    First, personally, I have never understood why we must be subjected to patriotic music before a sporting event. It's not like sports are somehow specially patriotic events. These are not political rallies. So, ya know, if you just quit playing that music, the issue disappears. Second, how many of you jump to attention in front of the TV with hand over heart as they start pumping that music? I'm gonna bet not a single one. You lounge back with your beer and talk or criticize the proceedings. If you don't stand and profess your patriotism, who are you to complain about whether others do? Finally, 8 million Jehovah's Witnesses refuse to stand for "the flag." 200,000 Amish do not stand for the national anthem. But a few black guys kneel respectfully and look who goes ballistic. And just looking at who goes ballistic tells us why they are kneeling.
  5. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    There are several former athletes who continue to work towards their degree. I won't name names. They would surely know the tutors. So something like this could possibly happen. It could possibly happen anywhere. But (1) so far, the accuser keeps changing her story and has produced no evidence, (2) the internal investigation has turned up no evidence, (3) both the tutor and the former athlete deny it, and (4) even if it is true, it has zero NCAA implications -- it might result in the former athlete being denied the degree or required to take the exam over, and the tutor would surely be fired if it's true. But ONLY if some evidence pops up. So far, this is just ESPN publishing the whining accusation of a person who lost their job. People can make up anything. Not only is there no fire, there's not even any smoke.
  6. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    Auburn offense has improved since the Clemson and Mercer games, but so has Clemson. Their new offensive starters have been getting game reps against solid opponents. It would be tough to face them now.
  7. Jarrett Stidham arrived amidst a huge amount of hype, which is bound to put pressure on the young man. After all, he had few university-level starts in the past and sat out last year. So, halfway through the season, how's he doing? He's completed 99 of 139 attempts passing. That's a completion ratio of 71%, best in the SEC. His 9.7 yards per attempt also leads the league in comparison with other starters. And his QB rating of 166 also leads the league among starting QBs. On the down side, Stidham leads the SEC in a less positive category -- number of sacks. He's been sacked 18 times for -112 yards. There have been times this season when the offense has not impressed, but IMO, Jarret Stidham has performed quite well. As many of us here have observed over the season so far, more of the difficulty on offense has been due to the OL still trying to gel, gimpy RBs, and some really questionable in-game coaching decisions -- play calling and personnel packages. I got my QB stats here:
  8. Where AU team ranks nationally

    Not NC numbers, but still a half season to go for every team.
  9. IDOLS

    MODS -- Put this in the politically speaking thread because this is politics, not All Things Considered. mod edit: do NOT evade the profanity filter
  10. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    Meh. IF we beat LSU. it will be expected and nothing to get excited about as far as the national perspective, because Auburn is favored If Auburn loses ..... Ugh. Not a good thing. Auburn really needs to take care of bidness and win this game.
  11. Ole Miss posts job announcement for head coach

    Houston Nutt and Gene Chizik available. Both have SEC experience and one of those guys has a national championship ring.
  12. Today, on the day of their loss to Auburn, Ole Miss posted a job announcement for head coach of the football team. Looks like they are not thrilled with the results so far this season, but honestly, with NCAA penalties looming and recruiting suffering, who will apply? Here;s the announcement:
  13. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    Not coincidentally, perhaps, today Ole Miss posted a job announcement for Head Coach of the football team. I'll put the details in Rivals.
  14. Injuries?

    PF does not cause fumbles, and we know how CGM feels about fumbles. Here's hoping KP is able to overcome both. And here's hoping KP can overcome both before KJ gets driven into the ground by the CGM's "ride 'em till they drop" philosophy.
  15. Hot Seat Coaches

    #1, Butch Jones at Tenn is gone, The end. #2 Odum at Missouri. Eeeeeyeewww. Malzahn .... Nope.