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  1. You do knw that he had jobs before Tenn, and that he had a trail of issues at previous stops - right? Well, apparently you didn't know that.
  2. Looking at this from the OUTSIDE, the view of potential president candidates, Leath comes out of this smelling like a parade of roses, Auburn comes out smelling like a steaming pile. Leath had a record of tangible accomplishments that were pretty impressive for less than 2 years on the job: 1. New medical school 2. New performing arts center 3. Expanded engineering/tech programs 4. Plan for increasing tenure track faculty positions Did he ruffle feathers along the way? Leaders with a vision of growth and advancement often do. Auburn, on the other hand: 1. He didn't kiss BOT fannies the way they like? By a BOT with a history of micro-management. 2. He threatened to fire a popular coach with a lifelong history of trouble, now again in the trouble spotlight 3. Some of the faculty and alumni didn't like him 4. Funding per student, underachieving faculty, poor state funding Unless there is something else that prompted this ouster by the BOT, no outstanding candidate from a top tier land grant university will step into that.
  3. I'm one of those weird guys who has been immersed in the academic world for decades at a high level, yet I still enjoy college sports, especially Auburn. So I want a President whose got academics in his blood, who really understands the world of academics, and who wants to grow Auburn as a much better academic institution. I never knew much about Leath in that regard. I knew he had a vision to increase the number of tenured faculty, which Auburn needs to do desperately, but his vision was way short of what I think is needed. He pulled off getting a medical school on campus. And he got that new performing arts facility and cobbled together funding for the first year of interesting performances. I never thought I'd see anything like that at Auburn, and because of those things I had a pretty positive view of him. I do not get into the inner workings of the university and I'm completely skeptical of the BOT and state commitment to education. And I will say that, driving out Leath after less than 2 years -- this is going to make it much harder to find a new president who is worth a crap, especially given all the other factors affecting Auburn that potential candidates would see as problems.
  4. Composite, Auburn is currently 9th in the SEC in recruiting. No 5* on the commit list, the only 5* on the target list is a TE which we know gets used like NEVER in the Auburn offense. No way Auburn climbs into the top 10 this year. That would maybe be kinda okay if Auburn was to sign like eight 4* offensive linemen, because Gus told us we were going to have a HUGE OL recruiting class. Waiting ........
  5. Ellitor's OP has not been updated since the last 3 commitments, but at present the 247 Composite hasn't moved much even counting those guys. Auburn usually makes a late run for a few good signees, but it's hard to see AU cracking the top 10 this year. And our major rivals (Bama, UGA, LSU) are raking in the talent again this year. That would not bother me so much if I had confidence that our coaching staff could coach up our recruits. On defense, I do. But on offense, I don't have that confidence.
  6. There is a difference between Hopes and Expectations. The reality is, as fans, we can have Hopes for our team's performance, but we have no ability to determine outcomes (other than cheering on our Tigers). I have Hopes for Auburn to win every game, every year. But I have been discouraged by the performance of Malzahn's team preparation and on field leadership. And I am also well aware of the talent level and coaching of our major rivals, which exceeds Auburn's. So my Hopes are tempered by those factors that are out of my ability to control. Which leads to High Hopes with Modest Expectations. I Hope for 12+ wins every season. I've come to Expect only 7 or 8 wins. Am I happy with that outcome? Absolutely not! I'm waiting for my Expectations to catch up with my Hopes! I think it's time for a drink. The more I drink, the less I think.
  7. I can't look at articles unless I disable my ad-blocker. Oh No! What shall I do? Do I really give a big enough s**t about to disable my ad-blocking plug-ins? Ummmmmmmmmmmmm ------------------------------- Nope!
  8. This may not be an "either/or" situation, but a CGM buyout with staff departures, and hiring a new coach and staff, would involve big bucks from donors. A new facility would involve asking donors for money as well. Greene ain't married to Gus, but I think he's a pretty smart guy and a good AD, so I'm sure he's talking to the deep pockets about their interests.
  9. Grammar police, back off. I've published quite a lot of scholarly articles and chapters and wrestled with editors from many presses. Even the most ardent grammar mavens accept a preposition at the end of a sentence on occasion if it offers more comfortable and successful communication. As Winston Churchill famously said, ridiculing the lockstep adherence to this convention, “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.” That said, there are herds of dimwits who do not know the difference between your and you're; there, their, and they're; affect and effect; accept and except; advise and advice; idea and ideal; it's and its; than and then; to, too, and two; and other common words. They insert an apostrophe before the "s" at the end of every plural and don't know when to use who as opposed to that. Those people should be strung up by their thumbs and flayed. And now, back to sport's.
  10. Next, we gotta baptize the footballs, the waterboys, the cheerleaders, and all the university students, faculty and fans, because ........ &*^%^$#&$%^&*(
  11. I watch very little TV (other than college sports), so finding a show that interests me enough to actually make me want to sit down and watch it is a challenge. 1. Good Omens on Amazon. Based on the book by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, a TV mini-series by Gaiman, starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen. The book was excellent, filled with humor, well paced and well told. The series is a bit less coherent, but still an engaging watch. 2. Name of the Rose on Sundance. The book by Umberto Eco was excellent. The movie starring Sean Connery was good. This mini-series is very well done and does not require a subscription to watch.
  12. The Oregon game is gonna be a really tough match-up. A lot depends on how well the Auburn OL can control the Oregon DL. That Will. Not. Be. Easy! And frankly, we've got no idea how well the Malzahn offense (remember whirlybird?) will do on opening day. And then, can the raw, inexperienced Auburn QB and the rest of the Auburn offense keep it together and not only make a couple of plays but actually Score? Like actual TDs? Auburn has done pretty well against the PAC12 teams, but this game is a mystery. And talk about motivation! Oregon is still royally pizzed about that loss in the BCS championship game. Yes, I got friends out there in the Pacific NW. All of the Oregon/Washington folks are *really* pizzed. Gotta ask, this year, does Auburn have that "leave it all on the field" motivation for this game? Because if not ............ Oregon returns a very, very good OL (2 NFL locks) and a Heisman candidate at QB. Their DL is good, but they are getting hype as DB University! Really? When I think of DB U, to me that's LSU. But here ya go. Oregon as DB U. Not sayin' Auburn is doomed. I'm just saying this is no gimmeee. Auburn really needs to win his game, because -- I mean -- Bama, UGA, LSU, Florida, A&M -- ugh! Unless, of course, you want Auburn to have a really s***ty year so Malzahn gets fired - which seems to be where a lot of Auburn fans are right now. I'm not in that camp. I want to see Auburn burn Oregon by 30+.
  13. There were a lot pf AUF folks saying we ought to hire Briles. Ya know, it was for offensive coordinator or some sort of analyst role. Well, that was gonna ha[pen about the same time as Hugh Freeze. Yeah, right. Anyway, after a couple of jobs where he didn't make the cut, it looks like Briles finally landed a job. Sorry, but this guy s*** (do not evade the profanity filter ) his bed and now at 63 years old, he's kinda .... ya know .....
  14. Aside from making it a lot more difficult for Auburn students to make their own decisions about their bodies, and aside from the boycott of Alabama products like Mercedes vehicles and chicken, there are consequences that affect the University. One example -- Auburn conducts Certified Election Registration Administrator (CERA) training and certification. States are already saying they will no longer send their state employees to these trainings. Is this going to drive Auburn into debt? Of course not. But it is just one of the many consequences of this legislation that have economic consequences for the state. Other effects will be on vacation travel/tourism, recruitment of highly skilled people to the Huntsville and Mobile aerospace and technology industries, markets for Alabama agricultural products, etc. Of course, those who support such legislation will simply say that the livelihood and economic impact affecting OTHER people is irrelevant if you save an egg. Because the only opinion that counts is their own and the consequences do not affect them.