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  1. Cruises in his F150 and takes his wife out to dinner at Waffle House. Obviously, that is the kind of lifestyle he enjoys the most. A man of simple pleasures and high moral values. I've always respected the man, even though I was not always pleased with his coaching decisions.
  2. Yes, I know where Alamo is, and I know where San Antonio is. (I lived in Houston for 4 years and got around.) It does not really change anything I postulated. He can do all of this from any location in the U.S. As a showman, I'd expect him to go to San Antonio to the Alamo, just because he is who he is. But his location is irrelevant.
  3. OH NO! TRUMP! 1. Trump has declared a state of emergency. 2. Trump could pardon all Capitol rioters. 3. Authorities are already warning of impending potential attacks on all state governments, not only DC. Lots of right wing media chatter about this. 4. Trump can posture at the Alamo -- perfect stage for the LAST STAND of his reign and his "patriots". 5. Just before the inauguration, Trump declares national emergency, declares martial law, suspends Congress, exercises presidential authority, coup completed.
  4. For those who do not know, impeaching Trump has the following result -- 1. He loses his $200,000+ lifelong pension 2. He loses his $1 Million per year travel allowance 3. He loses lifetime full secret service detail 4. He loses his ability to run again in 2024 The first 3, of course, involve many millions of dollars of taxpayer money, but the final item may be the most valuable for our country.
  5. If you submit a Letter to the Editor of a newspaper, thew newspaper is not required to publish it. And if you send 50 letters to the newspaper, they don't have to publish any of them. You can say/write whatever you want, but nobody is required to publish it. Same goes for Donald and all his ducks.
  6. Bwahahahaha -- WSJ is a totally right wing, waaaaay conservative mouthpiece. If WSJ says Trump is a ****head ....... okay.
  7. Why is this in AUFamily Football? This is garbage non-AU stuff.
  8. The question was asked, does Harsin call his own plays, because Boise State has a pretty innovative offense, a mix of West Coast Spread and Pro. The answer, apparently, is ..... um ..... nope. He lets the OC call the plays at Boise State. _____ BUT ____ that is with OCs who know his system. I'm thinking (1) he couldn't convince any current Boise State OC or previous the previous Boise State OCs to come to Auburn, and/or (2) he's looking for recruiting and plans to do more actual offense coaching and play calling himself, Because otherwise, we be in deep bo bo doodoo.
  9. I'm thinking (1) he couldn't convince the Boise State OC or any of the previous Boise State OCs to come to Auburn, and/or (2) he's looking for recruiting and plans to do more actual offense coaching and play calling himself, and/or we be in deep doodoo.
  10. What if the SEC had expanded intelligently? A&M and Mizzery in the West, Auburn moves to the East. Bama as the historic rival for Auburn, thus preserving the Iron Bowl. A&M and Mizzery play their Big12 rivals (including each other). I never understood the thinking of the SEC when they added A&M and Mizzery.
  11. No answer, just hate me. Golf shoes in the football forum. OK.
  12. Just curious -- Why is this in the football forum?
  13. With all the total bonkers crazoid stupid BS that has gone on here on UF the past few weeks, I am in the "wait and see" mode on EVERY Fkin' THING.
  14. As Stat pointed out in the video, all of those skill players were 3 star guys. Recruited and coached up. I loved that they worked hard even after the first hit and made extra yards. In this video (which is selected plays from one game) the QB was really hitting his receivers. My concern is, just like Bo, sometimes he was dancing around and not setting his feet. HOWEVER, unlike Bo, he did stand in there and take the hit in order to make his throw on several plays. Unlike Stidham and unlike Bo, he stood in there knowing the hit was coming and made the pass. In this video, I also did no
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