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  1. Okay, let's be clear. As for anti-vaxxers, fine do your thing. As for those of us who have been vaccinated, the same apples -- we do our own thing. Cruise liners requiring Vax Proof -- that is THEIR right as a business. Your right to NOT get vaccinated is YOUR right. For some reason, right wing fanatics think it is OK for a bakery to refuse to serve a gay person, but it's NOT okay for a cruise ship to refuse to serve unvaccinated people.
  2. Okay, I'm 100% on board with helping AU grads in difficult situations. BUT! Here's a guy who just makes claims and has no real evidence of connections. Real? I dunno. But the next day he could put on an FSU hat and hold out his hand. Not sure I'd drop $100 in his pocket.
  3. I got a bunch of negative responses to my post. LET ME MAKE CLEAR FREEDOM OF CHOICE You do what you want to do based on your preferences, and others do what they want to do based on their preferences. Why hate on me for making the choices my wife and I make? Is it only politically acceptable for people to make choices that coincide with your own? Wifey and I will only vacation where everyone has been vaccinated. That is OUR choice. You make your own choice. But do not diss us for the choice we make.
  4. Brother-in-law loved it up there. But mosquitoes the size of tarantulas and just as vicious. hahaha
  5. Wifey and I have been vaccinated. We will only go on vacation to locations where evewryone else has been vaccinated. As for all the anti-vaxxers and deniers -- hey, do your own thing. We won't be there. Freedom of choice. This is OUR choice.
  6. But it wasn't, and Quick did not leave him a stocked full house of elite swimmers. I'm not hating on Quick. He kept Auburn competitive at least, whereas Hawke -- Nope.
  7. I don't think Marsh would ever be offered again under any circumstances except MAYBE as a consultant. I didf not know him personally, but I was a swimmere and I've known swimmers in the program for years. Two things -- 1. Marsh won championships at Auburn by *heavily* recruiting foreign swimmers. He had an international reputation. If you look back at Olympic Games swimming, you discover swimmer representing their home country, not the US, who swam at Auburn. 2. Marsh was (and has remained) a difficult person to deal with. We love to hate on Jay Jacobs, but Marsh was always full of hi
  8. Update -- Wifey was feeling much better on Sunday. By Monday, zero side effects. In fact, she was out working in our flower gardens later in the day. I think the only reason she had such a reaction initially was because she has a chronic disorder similar to Lupus. It affects her joints and other body systems. So I think that's why she was experiencing so much pain in her joints. Now that I am vaccinated, I've begun making appointments with doctors -- which I've put off for a year, not wanting to expose myself to COVID-infested environments. Time to catch up with my GP, my dermatologi
  9. Wifey and I got our second shot of Moderna on Friday. Saturday, wifey was laid out flat. I even had to help her to the bathroom to pee. All of her joints were aching and body muscles. All I experienced was a little soreness in the shoulder. Wifey much Better today, I think, for SOME people, the Moderna has greater after effects, but not like terrible. I had nothing to note. My brother had Pfizer. No after effects.
  10. Okay, all the way back to the OP, the guy has a hundred options for top teams. I WANT to believe he will actually come to AU. BUT there's a long way to go and ya know, and as the old saying goes -- "If Candy & Nuts were and and & nuts ....
  11. He has never been seen at church since leaving office in Mar-a-Lago In his own words, he considers people who believe in all that religious stuff idiots. But hey, whatever is required to get some votes ........
  12. With his raw athletic abilities, and with some A+ coaching, this young man can be a real disruptor on the DL. I'd love to see him chasing down QBs in their backfield. I'm 100% behind this move.
  13. Personally, I don't go to church. Never have since I left my parental unit. But religious affiliation (like military service) has always been a thing for politicians. Trump never went to church before entering the presidential race, because he was always on the golf course on Sundays. Every other politician makes a big deal of their faith and church attendance. But they actually practice what they claim -- they go to church at least semi-frequently. Once he entered the race, Trump began kissing the butts of religious leaders and he suddenly became a devout Christian (although he was
  14. Did this affect your golf swing?😆
  15. It wasn't "free money." That was taxpayer dollars that I paid into the IRS honey pot!
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