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  1. AURex

    Volleyball 2018 Signing Class Ranked Seventh

    I'm 6'4". I like a woman who can look me in the eyes. Even better, athletic ones. I'm old, but I'm not dead yet. Seriously, this looks like a great recruiting class. If the coaching is as good as the recruiting, this could set Auburn on course for some great seasons ahead. Auburn will get an early test in the Auburn Invitational vs Michigan. The B1G teams are always tough.
  2. Based on the published salaries I've seen, Pearl's base salary is in line with the pay of other SEC coaches (excluding Calipari). From what I've read in the news, most are being paid $2 - $2.5 million per year. So, his salary looks pretty good, especially with the built in increases. Once he begins taking Auburn to the Elite 8 and Final 4 regularly, he can argue for the Calipari pay scale. I hope that kind of success begins next season!
  3. It doesn't matter what the Trump administration does in re: Iran. As long as it is a "not Obama" talking point with the media, as long as it enables Trump to bash Obama, his voting base will lick his ####. It has nothing to do with Iran and everything to do with Obama.
  4. AURex

    Demographic Curiosity

    Hippie girls. Halter tops and hip huggers. Skinny dipping at certain spots in Tuskegee National Forest and Chewacla State Park. As one announcer said on national TV during halftime of an Auburn football game, "If you have a son, send him to Auburn." Of course, it worked the other way around as well. At that time, as my eventual wife made clear, it was the prime era for women on campus. Auburn was (and remains) a very special place.
  5. AURex

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Not really a surprise which people get fired by Greene. No surprises regarding the individuals. I'm a bit surprised that it took so long for him to take action.
  6. AURex

    Demographic Curiosity

    For those of you who have mentioned getting fired, I'm with you. Early in my career, as I was just getting started, a man at the top of our profession said to me, "Innovate. Create. Push the envelope. If you never get fired, you aren't pushing hard enough." I've been fired twice. In both cases, I ended up the better for it, and in both cases it led to levels higher in my career. I reached a point higher than I ever could have imagined when I started out, one of the pinnacle jobs. Then did it again, except before I could be fired, I quit. No plan, no safety net, no income, no fall-back. I am now a sole proprietor of my own consulting company, with two contracts that are basically "here's some money, create something great with it." And I'm doing that, and I am the happiest I've been in my work since that first job. It is not a failure to be fired, unless it is for slacking off or doing nasty s..t. Use it to take the next step. But referring back even further in this thread, I agree, my years at Auburn were the best. So much fun that I stayed another 5 years after graduating with my BA, working on the university staff, making just enough to get by, and enjoying the hippy-era times. I can't imagine a better time to be at a university than the hippie era. Auburn was awesome (or back then, far out, man). Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  7. AURex

    AU hires new Swimming and Diving Coach!

    So now we wait and see. The real test is recruiting and that will show in a year or two. In some sports, scheme, playbook, Xs and Os can maximize talent or cover for the lack of it. In swimming, there is no substitute for talent. Every event, every meet, it is one on one. Every good coach can train, develop technique. A good coach can motivate as well. Hawke was a good coach and I appreciate his effort at Auburn. But there is no substitute for speed in the water. That's recruiting. Show us what you got, Coach T!
  8. AURex

    Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    Mr. Greene's phone number (the department office) is (334) 844-9891. The email address is
  9. AURex

    Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    Either of those two would be a good get. I just don't see it happening. I lived in SF some years ago and spent a lot of time in Berkeley, and I have friends I still visit occasionally in SD, so I know the cost of living out there is high. But so is quality of life, the cultural milieu. The reality is -- money is not everything. As for Durden, Auburn might have been a "blue blood" in swimming at one time, but is no longer. Cal has been a top program for a long time and continues to attract very good swimmers. That will not change. I could explain why I think Auburn has zero chance of luring Durden, no matter how much money we throw at him, but lets just say, if Auburn did get Durden, it would be a big disappointment. Because recruiting swimmers to Auburn is not anything like recruiting swimmers to Cal.
  10. AURex

    Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    Thanks to Brett Hawke for his efforts at AU. I know that he really worked hard to maximize the talents of the team members. They all competed hard for him and were well taught. The problem was recruiting, not in-pool coaching. After the success of Marsh pulling in swimmers from abroad, Hawke just couldn't recruit that kind of talent. I'm not loving anyone on this list as a real option for Auburn at this time. I don't really think the timing is right for Marsh. Most of the others are good coaches, but can they recruit at a level required to compete at the top nationally? Maybe Holloway, but I seriously doubt he'd leave right now. Top of my list as *realistic* possibilities would be Arthur Albiero. head coach at Louisville and Kelly Kremer, head coach at University of Minnesota.
  11. AURex

    Equestrian 2017

    Another awesome performance by our tiger riders. Does anyone know if the Auburn athletic department provides funding for this team? NCAA does not recognize Equestrian championships, although it does recognize equestrian teams. I'm curious whether we can designate donations to Auburn be directed to Equestrian. ??
  12. AURex

    Official Tournament Thread

    Sorry. My brain on tiredness. You are right, of course.
  13. AURex

    Official Tournament Thread

    Yes, there is an Auburn message here. Gotta wait for it. For fun .......... Auburn is just like Villanova .... except 6" shorter at every position and V can beat you inside and outside and lengthwise and sidewise from everywhere, anytime, everytime. Goodness gracious, how they massacred Kansas. Every kid they sent out on the floor was hitting 3s. But then against Michigan (who really embarrassed Auburn), Villanova just ripped them inside and out. I gotta say, that is one helluva team. And to win the NCAA twice in 3 years. And to realize they only had 2 seniors on the team. Gotta say, Now, as to Auburn, great season, great expectations for next year. Auburn got eliminated this time by a team that made the championship game. Yes, it was an embarrassing loss, but to a real quality opponent. If Auburn is going to lose in the NCAA next year, lets make it in double OT, in a knucklebiter in the championship game! Time for Auburn to RISE UP! Achieve our DESTINY as the new DYNASTY in the SOUTH! I believe in Bruce Pearl. I believe, if the demons and s**t throwers stay at bay, he can recruit and build even more and better championship teams for Auburn. Thus said AURex, and I stand by it!
  14. AURex

    Men vs. Clemson

    Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. Let me repeat that. Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. I hate it when they lose. I hate t worse when they lose embarrassingly. But Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. And I am proud of these guys. Nobody, and I mean nobody, believed in them. But Auburn won an SEC championship in basketball. Nuff said!
  15. AURex

    Men vs. Clemson

    So tired of losing to Clemson.