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  1. 83Grad

    Schmid Elementary pdate

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the many reasons It's GREAT to BE an Auburn Tiger!!
  2. 83Grad

    Demographic Curiosity

    I do not remember a Dr. Freeman, but I also don't remember most of the folks I had class with's been a while.
  3. 83Grad

    Demographic Curiosity

    I haven't seen Charlie in years , but yes, I know him and his family well.
  4. 83Grad

    Demographic Curiosity

    Wow...small world. When did you graduate from Citronelle? You wouldn't recognize it now. The old school is gone and a new one built where the practice field used to be.
  5. 83Grad

    Demographic Curiosity

    As usual I'm late to the party but.... 57 Male Citronelle, AL C/O '83 Forestry
  6. 83Grad

    So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    My son in law coaches high school football, so Friday night I was in my normal position behind the camera in the press box. On Saturday my wife was coordinating a wedding for our Pastor's daughter. I was thinking...Great, I can watch football uninterrupted....WRONG! What I actually did was make the 25 mile trip from our town to the venue 3 times with various and sundry wedding supplies. I was sooooooo glad we had a bye!!
  7. 83Grad

    OT: Member Re-Engagement Drive

    I guess it is time to add to my 8 post count. Maybe it won't be 2 years before I post again!
  8. 83Grad

    My observations from last night

    These are the exact words that NM's high school coach said to me while waiting to go in the coaches gate on Sat. After his 140 yard performance, I tend to agree, but what do I know?
  9. 83Grad

    Prayers for Jay Prosch and his family

    May God wrap his arms around this family and give the kind of comfort that can only come from the Heavenly Father. The Auburn Family has lost a fine woman.
  10. AA, I'm not one to post often but could not pass this one up. First of all congrats on the new baby boy you are going to have. Your life will never be the same (in a very good way). I'm also glad your wifes employment situation worked out. The reason all of this worked out is that you knew where to go for answers. Prayer is POWERFUL. When God's people intercede on your behalf, that is a wonderful thing. A little over 23 years ago I was in your "shoes". After losing 3 babies to miscarriages, my daughter was born. By the way that sweet gift from God is starting her first year of teaching. Incidently she will be teaching at Chickasaw. Keep the faith Brother. WDE
  11. 83Grad

    Coach Chiz press conference today...........

    ^^^^^^^^ It's the great faith that leads to the compassion and leadership^^^^^^
  12. 83Grad

    Kiehl Frazier...

    I could not have said it better. Of course Im not much of a wordsmith either. If OUR coaches decide that Joe Schmoe is the starting QB, then Joe Schmoe will be the guy that I'm behind 100%. Oh wait I said I wouldn't be posting much due to the fact that I couldn't add much insight. What the heck, I'm gonna go with it.
  13. 83Grad

    I'm new

    Who was the cheerleader? Boy do I wish I knew the answer to that one
  14. 83Grad

    I'm new

    Hey Guys and Gals I'm new here but not to Auburn. I got my first taste of the Auburn Spirit when we passed a cheerleader overhead at my first pep rally at Toomer's Corner in the fall of '79. Needless to say, I was forever hooked. I was lucky enough to catch the end of the Brooks/Cribbs era and the beginning of the Bo days. I have really enjoyed the posts here. You probobly won't see many posts from me, as I don't think I can add a lot of insight. As I said I love Auburn and really enjoy being around folks who get what it really means to be part of a FAMILY. WDE