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  1. hutchids

    Demographic Curiosity

  2. hutchids

    ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    Off the top of my head, Saban, Dabo, Chip Kelly, Meyer
  3. hutchids

    Demographic Curiosity

    31 Male Sarasota, FL Graduated in 2008, but sadly from another school, not from Auburn
  4. hutchids

    SEC SEC SEC!!!

    I don't believe they beat one team with a winning record all year. Helps that they play in such a weak division.
  5. hutchids

    Official Postgame thread

    or the NFL, which should be the big driver for him. Lot's of money in him living up to his potential on the field. And before anyone says it, yes I know his name was tied to the nfl this year, but for all that hype he was only list as the 12th best prospect. That was also before his 3 turnover day today.
  6. hutchids

    Official Postgame thread

    they're a rent-a-win program. Auburn should be better every year.
  7. hutchids

    Official Postgame thread

    Give Willis a legit shot at it. Gus is best with a mobile QB. Most of our passes are screens anyways. I'm sure Malik can throw a screen.
  8. hutchids

    Official Postgame thread

    how's this for a shocking stat: In regular bowl games Auburn is 19-10-1 In Major Bowls Auburn is 4-7-1
  9. stidham has no pocket composure.
  10. do you think our coaches know their QB can run?
  11. Stidham has been aweful when there is any pressure near him. We need to go run heavy and try the zone read with malik.
  12. hutchids

    Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    don't sleep on Jimbo at A&M
  13. hutchids

    Scarbinsky: LSU kept Auburn out

    Ohio state should get in before us even if we beat LSU. They won their conference, and we would have identical records.
  14. hutchids

    Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Skill players Pettway back (can't have much draft stock right now with no playing time this year and injury issues) KJ Gone (smart choice on his part) Stidham back Ryan Davis back (is anyone on the o line good enough to go early?) Defense Carlton Davis Gone (true #1 corners are rare. He is going to go high) Holland Gone (good skills and lane discipline, good hands, NFL loves pass rushers and he's the most productive one in the SEC) Not sure who else could go but hopefully no one else on the d line leaves early. They've been beasts this year.
  15. hutchids

    Projection: Peach vs. UCF

    I doubt it. THis team has been mentally tough. I think they play hard and focused.