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  1. UK and UF would be great fits for him. Stoops and Mullen's offenses are perfect for him and they'll make tweaks as needed to make the fit even better. Smart move by Joey to look there.
  2. Around 15th. One of the best defenses but an offense that disappears against anyone with a pulse. No reason we should be ranked above Minnesota, Baylor or Utah.
  3. Has Gus ever called a fake a punt? I don't remember one.
  4. Looks like USA today has caught wind of how much we hate Gus lol. We're on their misery index despite the win.
  5. Oregon has got to be wondering how they lost to us
  6. Is this worse than Tennessee last year is the question?
  7. Sucks that the players had to be boo'd off the field, but hopefully the AD here's this loud and clear. No offense against terrible teams isn't acceptable. Gus needs some heat put on him. If we play like this against Georgia and Bama, even with this NC caliber D, we'll still get blown out.
  8. don't we only have 2 uniform combos? I don't get why we do this.
  9. Now let Joey play a little against Bama and Georgia. We'll need it
  10. I was about to post this. Like do we really want to see Wisconsin again? Although, both recent loses to Wisconsin were disappointing, so maybe it would be a fitting end to an 8-4 season.
  11. If Gus still has apologists, then he has to be the only coach in America who is 7-16 versus his school's rivals to still have supporters.
  12. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Bama ripped off 20 straight. They already have 13 in a row on UT, and the vols are still years behind them in talent and coaching. Since I have family in Tennessee, I feel bad for vols fans. Their two biggest rivals are UF and Bama and, from a competitive standpoint, those rivalries are long dead. Tennessee is 6-27 against UF since 1990 (and has lost 14 of the last 15) and has lost 14 of 15 against Bama. They are way behind in each series all time too.
  13. We dont have the o-line or passing scheme to play with their high scoring offensive. Defensive with keep us in it for 3 quarters but will be gassed in the fourth due to inexplicable 3 and outs. 35-21 LSU