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  1. and finished #10 with 4 losses...
  2. And people questioned why I asked if our great receiver recruits can block. Our passing game doesn't produce tds, never has. Cam had 30 in 2010, most ever in a season and calm by today's standards. We need thoroughbred backs and a wisconsin line and just enough of passing game to keep teams from stacking the box.
  3. Alcorn ST- W UNC- Toss up @ Ole Miss- W but closer than the experts think USM- W UK- Toss up @ UGA- L TAMU- Toss up @MSU- W Arky- W UMass- W LSU- L @ Bama- L I'll be optimistic and say we take 2 of the 3 toss ups and go 8-4, 5-3 in SEC. We beat TAMU (I think they are still a year away from being built the way Jimbo wants them) and UK (Joey isn't playing), but lose to UNC (Mack>Gus).
  4. 1993 Florida. I was little so I didn't know much about football or even really understand it, but I knew then I had seen a great game.
  5. We threw him some go routes earlier in the season when he had a broken hand if that counts...
  6. Offense has scored an average of ~22 points per game against teams with a winning record this year and it's solid? I wonder how Gus figures that
  7. In this era where some teams play 15 game seasons, ten wins might not seem impressive. But when you consider Auburn's 14 ten win seasons is 16th all-time, it's still a big deal whenever a team can do it. Given the rebuild on defense and 2 years of offensive struggles, the team really could have used this momentum going into next year.
  8. Pj, do you still need an oc? Cause I'll volunteer gus for that job every day of the week
  9. Auburn deserves to lose this. Better talent but some how Gus has us being completely outclassed.
  10. Do we have any passes down the field?
  11. In his defense, Minnesota is doing very well.
  12. any chance a dud in this game gets Gus closer to the exit after 2020?
  13. From the looks of the game, short outs and beta energy
  14. well, that was a pitiful quarter. Hopefully the team wakes up soon or their going to lose to a bunch of 3 stars.