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  1. hutchids

    **Georgia Game thread***

    exactly, gives them a chance to practice a play they might need later in an actual game. Don't blame him at all
  2. hutchids

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Liberty lost to rent a wins like Umass and NMST. We'll crush them then get hammered by bama. We'll go to 7-5 and the fear for your life bowl in either memphis or b-ham
  3. hutchids

    **Georgia Game thread***

    other than the 80's, have we ever been good at b-ball? that would explain why no one is ever on those threads
  4. hutchids

    **Georgia Game thread***

    georgia needs 3 more points to hit my final score prediction...
  5. hutchids

    **Georgia Game thread***

    we'll be stuck with him next year at this rate
  6. hutchids

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    30-10 Georgia
  7. hutchids

    Texas A&M postgame thread

    Ugliest Auburn win since 3-2 in 2008 against MSU. The win sucks cause it takes some heat off of Gus (he was still outcoached), but it's good because it gets us out of the B-Ham bowl.
  8. hutchids

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    slayton has had a terrible year...
  9. hutchids

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    wouldn't matter if he was here. We barely targeted him (not saying he shouldnt have gotten more targets)
  10. hutchids

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Play the run this whole drive please
  11. hutchids

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    In 21 plays, they have 18 runs and 3 pass. How are we not prepared for a run up the middle?
  12. hutchids

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    well, with Liberty left, we'll get to see Auburn in a bowl game. That's nice, I guess. Hopefully not the B-ham bowl again. Hopefully the pressure stays on Gus
  13. hutchids

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Tech plays even less defense than they do. Tech has to be kicking themselves that they fired the pirate
  14. hutchids

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    as they should. Other than liberty, this is the easiest remaining game
  15. hutchids

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    that's a pick if our DB turns to look for the ball