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  1. Imagine flying all the way from Memphis to Hawaii to not play a game. Players must be incredibly annoyed. Hopefully they get a beach day out of it.
  2. 5-7 or 6-6. Offensive line and quarterback are still being rebuilt. No deep threat receiver either. Highlights will be Tank and dbs.
  3. I had us at 6-6 or 7-5 pre season. We over achieved at the start and under achieved at the end. We'll see if Harsin is any good in year 3 and 4 when he has a chance to rebuild some of our units. Harsin did a good job of getting Boise players to the nfl and he kept Boise where they were in their conference when he took over. 5 division titles and 3 conference in 6 years. Won a NY6 game, finished ranked 4 times. Harsin started faster at Boise, but he also had a better team. Other than Bo, who was better but still inconsistent this year, and Tank, he had no offensive weapons. I'd like to see Harsin with a full deck before I judge him.
  4. Wide receivers without a deep threat or good intermediate route receiver, d line with no pass rush, sub par online with no depth that will require harsin to completely rebuild the unit, and no qb depth. 6-6 finish from Harsin was better than the analysts expected. Next year will be part of the rebuild as well. Essentially, Auburn doesn't have the talent right now to compete in the secw.
  5. Hopefully Gus doesn't leave UCF in a tough spot like he left Harsin.
  6. Anyone see this game? It was pretty good. Also, congrats Army. Glad to see them beat those Yankees that snuck into our conference.
  7. Much worse loss than Bo. Most naturally talented player on our team. This loss is going to hurt. I guess he got tired of running behind an o line who has converted d linemen in the two deep.
  8. Auburn might be double digit dogs here. I hope recruits don't watch the game.
  9. Where would bo go if he's not at Auburn? NFL? Would they even draft him with how inconsistent he is?
  10. So we're firing Bobo right? What is Mason's punishment for the miss state game?
  11. Youre right. He's 8-4 with a bowl loss or 7-5 with possibly a bowl win. Gus is 8-5 with the bowl in the schedule.
  12. Penn state has got to get better standards. James has 1 conference title and barely averages 8 wins a year and he's getting a 10 year deal? We've seen this with Gus. It's a bad deal.
  13. People who want Gus back must like how 7-5 feels.
  14. Fired for pushing a player? No wonder Washington is 5-6. They're soft. If he produces good defense, bring him in.
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