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  1. I dont know how many of you saw the UT and Bama vs Ole Miss game, but Ole Miss faked tons of injuries to get breaks on defense. My question to you all is how many Ole Miss will fake against us and what impact do you see it having? I'm expecting to see around 5 since Auburn doesn't go hurry up.
  2. As of right now, Bo has no legacy other than last name. Champions, Heisman winners, and consistent 10 game winners have legacies. Bo needs to break through to get to that level and that means his high level of play needs to become consistent. He has the tools and I believe he has the coaches to help him get there, time will tell if he develops to the point. One thing I have noticed Bo do better this year is manage his emotions. He doesn't throw fits on the sidelines like he used to. This is a good sign that he will continue to develop.
  3. Maybe it's because I dont have a dog in the fight or maybe it's because I've seen fans throw things onto the field before, but I really don't care if ut fans throw things onto the field. UT will be fined, so there's consequences for the action and football will move on.
  4. 24-9 OM. Lane train doing lane train things. This one is one score away from getting out of hand. UT has to do something on this next drive.
  5. UT fighting tough in the first 10 minutes. Their passing game is looking suspect though. Need to figure out the air game and 4th down d. Ole Miss is good, so I think they handle UT. OM is our second toughest game left.
  6. Does this mean cousin Ed is fired at year end? Does this win save Eddy O? Big questions around the Eds now
  7. True, we are tier 1 west division this year. Team can't let this go to their head though. If LSU can give UF all they can handle, and A&M can beat Bama, then anyone any week could beat Auburn. Auburn have to stray focused. I'm worried UK won't upset UGA. UGA is tier 1 in their division and we just saw the kind of beast they are.
  8. Someone will beat Ole Miss for us. I don't see them wining the west with UT, us and A&M still on their schedule. A&M will lose again as well. The west is as available as we could have hoped for 7 games into the year. Auburn has a punchers chance, but I still don't see anyone other than Bama winning it. UGA may beat Bama once, and they better hope it's in the SEC title game. Cause if Bama makes it to the playoffs, either them, Cincy, or OSU takes the title.
  9. Here's 24/7's take: https://247sports.com/college/auburn/LongFormArticle/auburn-bowl-predictions-projections-172983849/#172983849_3 Most have us going against NC State or VT. I like the idea of playing Iowa State in the Texas bowl. ISU's name sorta means something right now, and it's real winnable game. TCU is intriguing as their defense should test our offense.
  10. Also glad we don't have to play UK this year. They'd kill us. Very impressive toughness the wildcats show in the run game. Doubt being as one dimensional as they are that they score more than 21 on UGA. Is Eddy Orgeron Eddy orgergone after this one? Highlights:
  11. For bo to turn a corner, the first thing that needs to happen is a completion percentage uptick. 50% completions isn't going to beat anyone good. And yes, LSU is mediocre at best this year. That's why 50% completions beat them this year. Receivers have to help by catching the ball. If this low completion percentage streak continues next week, I hope we see Finley again.
  12. it looks like Georgia is who we (most of the score predictors) thought they were. Unfortunately, since 2000, it's kind of an Auburn tradition to lose to Georgia.
  13. I like Auburn's chances after seeing how inept these two defenses are.
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