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  1. the U catches a break. He was going to win them as many titles as he won for UGA
  2. touchdown and PAT here and we match the records for bowl margin of victory and points scored
  3. No one is calling him the next cam. We all learned our lesson there.
  4. We're just bad at locating the ball. Always have been since Gus has been coach. Only time we even look for it in coverage was when muschamp was here.
  5. yeah, this game shouldn't cool the seat completely, even if we set the bowl scoring record. Program has to have higher goals than winning the Music City Bowl.
  6. Purdue is horrible. How did they beat anyone?
  7. exactly, gives them a chance to practice a play they might need later in an actual game. Don't blame him at all
  8. Liberty lost to rent a wins like Umass and NMST. We'll crush them then get hammered by bama. We'll go to 7-5 and the fear for your life bowl in either memphis or b-ham
  9. other than the 80's, have we ever been good at b-ball? that would explain why no one is ever on those threads
  10. georgia needs 3 more points to hit my final score prediction...
  11. we'll be stuck with him next year at this rate