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  1. Nebraska AD fired

    They shouldn't have fired Pelini either. Say what you will about his personality, but he had 5 top 25 finishes and at least a share of 4 division titles in 7 years. Not to mention he never won less than 9 games a year and never lost to NIU.
  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    at least Stidham looked good. Passing game got reps. We were better than this. Got to hold onto the ball better.
  3. Rate your disdain

    This is pretty much me. Especially the throwing the ball more. Trying some new routes would be nice too. I'd say about 2.5 stars for me.
  4. Note on statistical report cards

    We need a passing game. We are way to one dimensional. And it's not just the players, it's the play calling. It would be nice to see some short passes over the middle.
  5. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Hope I'm wrong AU 17 Clem 20
  6. Texas A&M vs UCLA

    RIP sumlin's job. If they play Passing O and D like this the rest of the year, I'll be surprised if he is still there come next year. They've regressed every year under sumlin.
  7. Try Kodi. Never had any issues with it.
  8. I don't think so. He's under pressure every drop back. he needs a pocket to be effective, like most QBs.
  9. What happened to pettway
  10. Truitt transfering to UNC (Updated 1/29/17)

    was a team guy. wish him the best. Good move on his part, he will get the ball more at his next stop.
  11. Why does Musberger

    Guess I'm the only guy who likes him...
  12. Tray Matthews announces he's returning

    Didn't expect him to go pro anyways. Solid college player, glad to have him back. We have a decent team coming back. Just need Stidham to live up to the hype and for Rhett to call some passes.