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  1. AUFriction

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    We have no idea what he said. The bad lip reading videos circling the internet should be evidence of how easy it is to misread lips. Even if he did say it, it isn’t like it means anything. Greene has already said publicly that we are sticking with Gus into next year.
  2. AUFriction

    **Georgia Game thread***

    UGA is one of the best teams in the country...
  3. AUFriction

    **Georgia Game thread***

    We have elite running backs. We just have no one to block for them.
  4. AUFriction

    **Georgia Game thread***

    It was iffy, and there were THREE missed holds on UGA on that play.
  5. AUFriction

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    Here’s how we can beat UGA. Defense and special teams need to do their job for 4 quarters. Offense needs to commit to throwing first and needs to keep the tempo going. Everybody needs to keep their head in the game and avoid mistakes. The refs need to call a fair game. All but the last one are controllable.
  6. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    I work in OD for a Rocket company, and have a side consulting business.
  7. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    First of all, welcome to the 21st century. It isn’t and shouldn’t be the job of fans to motivate the team. But fan impressions and feelings are everywhere now. All players have to do is open a web browser. Coaches try to shield players from it, but they can’t stop players from getting on the internet. Second, I doesn’t matter how quickly we got over it. We reacted very strongly to that loss. We acted like our chance at the championship was over. Folks were saying our line is trash, we have no good running backs, Stidham doesn’t belong in this offense, and lots of other wrong criticism: Im sure the players heard it, and, if they did, they’d probably be affected by it. Third, that line by Davis felt very political. What else is he going to say there? “Shut up fans. We’re trying.” “Our fans’ expectations are obnoxious.” Something like that would have gotten him in trouble.
  8. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    Why? Forgive me, but that seems really childish and pointless. I thought this was a place to talk about our beloved school, not act like children.
  9. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    I have no idea what your point is, and I’m not sure why you are acting so rude. I’m simply bringing my expertise to the board while dispelling any myth about being some idiot.
  10. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    Again. Gus is an above average coach, not a great coach. Did you read the whole post, or just look for something to criticize?
  11. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    I actually agree with you somewhat. I think we would be scary good if the OL was better. If we had a good OL, the LSU game would have been a win. The mediocre offense in weeks 1-3 and the last two games has clearly been due to OL problems more than anything else. But the team appeared to get better from weeks 1-3. After week 3, there was a falloff in effort and an uptick in sloppy play. That seemed to get worse and worse until the losses to Moo State and UT, with the latter being absolutely terrible. Those weeks between week 3 and Ole Miss looked similar to learned helplessness. The OL still looks poor, but we’ve played increasingly better the last two weeks.
  12. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    I started typing up a long response to this that fully explained my rationale, but my phone froze and I lost it. So I’ll give you the quick version. Gus is far from a great coach. He is very slow to adapt, and sometimes gets too creative with playcalling. He’s also way too stubborn. However, 1. We are stuck with him for at least another year. So we can either support the team and hope he adapts, or give the team no support and watch them do even worse. 2. I think there are more bad coaches than good ones. And this year, there appear to be few proven coaches that we will be able to get, especially when you take the buyout into account. Gus has been above average as a coach. However, he’s put us in a bowl every year, and we’ve had a couple of very good years with him. Think about all of the SEC teams, some of which were perennial powerhouses, that have had losing records in recent years. So, we can complain for the next 1 1/4 years and hope someone better is on available next year, or we can be supportive. Critique the bad decisions, but don’t outwardly bash the players or coaches. Since we’re stuck with Gus, hope he turns it around rather than acting like you are waiting for him to fail.
  13. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    I’m a sports psychologist, not a clinical psychologist. I don’t do therapy. I do research, and publish it in research journals. I also consult with teams and companies to improve motivation and morale. ... which is why I made my original point that you guys really don’t understand how human motivation works.
  14. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    The circumstances around that game were different. Going into the season last year, expectations for the team we’re pretty low. We had already lost to Clemson, and nobody expected us to be in the playoff picture at the end of the year. Everyone expected us to be really good this year, especially after beating Washington in week 1. In contrast, nobody expected LSU to be any good. The loss to LSU was perceived to be a really talented Auburn team losing to a terrible LSU team. Imagine us beating Bama and then turning around two weeks later and losing to Vandy. While not as extreme, I’d assume that’s how it felt. The next three weeks after that LSU loss, the team looked uninspired.
  15. AUFriction

    What a horrible place to be

    What do you expect me to do? Post research articles on here? Write a paper that supports my position? It’s a forum.