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  1. SEC Network has been releasing specials documenting the history of the SEC. Most of them were pretty okay (though they make the Bear look like a saint instead of the drunken abusive jerk that he really was). I was taken aback by the last one they released that covered the previous decade (2000-2009). They covered Holtz’s tenure at USCe, which was pointless and forgettable. They also spent most of the special talking about UF, LSU, and Bama. They didn’t say one sentence in the special about our undefeated season. So sick of the media’s anti-Auburn bias.
  2. I’m not in the anti-Kodi camp. I think he’s done an okay job. His first year or two I was a bit of a naysayer. I think he’s doing pretty well now. That said, they are playing sloppy as heck today.
  3. I disagree. The receivers are dropping passes and running poor routes. At least three of Bo’s incompletions were on the receivers.
  4. Anyone else notice the lazy receiver play in the first half? A couple of Bo’s misses came from receivers running wrong and/or lazy routes. Particularly, Williams Ran the wrong route on the drive w/ the missed field goal that probably would have gone for a score. Canella ran a poor come back route on that last offensive possession that led to the punt. All around, that was a sloppy second quarter, but receiver play has been terrible today. Also, probably decipherable from above, but I don’t think Bo is playing that poorly. To me, it looks like it’s more on the receivers.
  5. I like Dantonio and Chryst, but I'm not sure they'd have the same level of success here. Offensively, they are a little too behind the curve (running a lot of Al Borges era Auburn type offenses), and neither coach has recruited all that well. As for Venables, I'm just not sure he's head coach material. He's gotten interviews almost every year for the last several years, and he's never been selected. I think that says something about his ceiling.
  6. Things that would get Gus fired: 1. A loss to Arkansas 2. A loss to Ole Miss 3. A loss to Samford 4. Getting completely blown out by 30+ points by UGA, LSU, and Bama. And with this one, it wouldn't even be a sure thing since two of these teams are very very good this year. So basically, Gus isn't going anywhere this year. Part of the reason is that there are no safe coaching hires this year. Our options are a) a couple of former head coaches that have failed at good power 5 teams previously (e.g., Les Miles/Petrino types), b) successful coaches in pseudo retirement (e.g., Urban Meyer), c) disgraced former coaches ( Briles, Freeze), and d) a small handful of current head coaches that have done well at less prestigious schools. Option A would be the worst option. These coaches are usually guys that have failed to adapt their coaching style that have let the game get beyond them. Stories like Orgeron are not common. Option B won't happen. Most of these coaches would never move into a place where they'd have to play LSU, UGA, and Bama every year. Even if we did find one, the majority of the guys in this category that are available quite frankly won't mesh with the Auburn culture very well. There are folk (including some on this forum) that only care about winning. But there's a strong percentage of this family (myself included) that expect their coach to be a respectable man that fits the Auburn creed. This group (myself included) would never really embrace a Meyer-like jerk of a head coach. Option C won't happen for almost the same reason. A portion of the family wouldn't embrace a guy with a sketchy history. I could maybe see Freeze, but Freeze shows a lot of similarities to Malzahn and wouldn't likely be an upgrade anyway. That leaves option D. With option D, there are some options available. They are far from proven, and we could easily end up worse off than we are now, ending up like Tennessee or Arky 5 years from now. I do feel like Malzahn's tenure to this point has been underwhelming, but I also think it could be a lot worse. If we are going to replace Malzahn, it needs to be with a slam dunk hire. So, I'm hoping that Malzahn pulls it out, because I don't think that kind of hire is available this year. That said, of the ones originally listed, our best option right now would arguably be Mark Stoops. He's won in the SEC and done incredible things with an UK team that was empty after Joker Phillips. Of course, he's won games in a watered down SEC East. From there, the next best bet would be Bill Clark. Seems to be a smart coach, and can recruit well in this area of the country. Still, he's never coached this level. Mendenhall may turn out to be a really good coach. He was successful at BYU, and has shown some promise at Virginia. Still, BYU plays an easy schedule, and I haven't seen enough success at Virginia yet to be confident that he's a slam dunk hire. If he were hired, he could easily be the biggest steal or the biggest flop in Auburn history. At the end of the year, Fleck may be the hottest commodity, but we'll see how they finish. Also, he's never coached in the Southeast. Not sure how he'd fit with the culture down here, or if he'd be able to recruit well here. As for Campbell, I hate the Chizik comparisons. First off, I think Chizik would be a better coach now than he was 7 years ago. Chizik was a smart coach that made some surprisingly bad decisions in his last 1 1/2 years, some of which included trusting others to do parts of his job for him. Had he not lost the team, I think he could have recovered in 2013 with another change at OC.As for Campbell himself, I see similarities between him and Fleck. I'm not sure how he'd do moving into this region of the country. I saw some other names thrown around, and I think many of them parallel names that I discussed above. Ultimately, there's just no sure thing hires available this year.
  7. We didn't execute on either side of the ball against UF. We clean it up this week. Gus doesn't push as hard in the 4th because of his friendship with Morris, but we dominate from the beginning. 42-7 Good Guys.
  8. If one player looks bad, it is on the player. If one unit looks bad, it is on the position coach. If one side of the ball looks bad, it is on the coordinator. Every unit but our defensive line played arguably their poorest game against Florida (okay, maybe second worst for the OL). That's on Gus. He failed to mentally prepare the team for that game. The game plans looked good, but our players were not ready to play.
  9. Quite frankly, I think we come out strong in this one. We lost two weeks ago to a team that we should have beat. Our OL played with no energy. Our skill players were dropping passes and making mistakes. Our quarterback didn't seem like his head was in the game. Our defense gave up uncharacteristic explosive plays. The players have had two weeks to think about it. If I were a player, I'd come out mad. We played flat against Florida, and they spoiled what was starting to feel like an impressive season. Personally, I think the players will bounce back this week and annihilate Arky. I'm curious to see how the running backs get used now. I think they are all talented, and maybe this will force Gus to rotate them more.
  10. I don't think it will be either one, but why put Malik in but not Kam Martin? I think Kam has the second most carries this year. Malik has almost exclusively played as a 3rd Down Back.
  11. While I agree, it should be noted that Gatewood wouldn’t have helped against Florida. Our OL sucked it up, and we weren’t able to get the run game going in the first half. Our OL was good enough to get push against Florida, but they didn’t get push. That made us one dimensional with a freshman at QB. If our OL showed up, we would have dominated Florida.
  12. Forget LSU of the past. This LSU has no defense. They surrendered 38 to Vandy. Vandy hasn’t put up anywhere close to 38 on anyone else. We’ll be able to run the football against LSU, which will take a lot of pressure off Nix. We’ll put up points against LSU. The game will be decided by whether or not our defense can slow down Burrow enough for those points to be sufficient.
  13. It means that we played like poo last week, and should have beat UF. It also means that, with a little more consistency, we can be a very good team. Every remaining game on our schedule should be a sound win aside from maybe LSU and Bama. Those should be close-ish. No more repeats of last week.
  14. No need to get snarky. We have a difference of opinion on this, and there’s no way to know at this point if either of us is right. This convo is turning ugly. I’m leaving it.
  15. Just because he was more successful doesn’t mean he was good. He replaced Sylvester Croom who was god awful. Most of their coaches have been god awful. Compared to god awful coaches, an average-ish coach would look really good.