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  1. It’s too early to compare this year’s class. A lot of insiders are claiming we have numerous great prospects coming that just haven’t publicly announced yet to the point that this actually could end as one of Gus’s strongest classes. Even if their thoughts end up being incorrect, this year is kind of a wash anyway since almost nobody is going to leave this year.
  2. I am a fact guided person. Lying on a message board isn't in my personality. I'm so known for being brutally honest that I've been described as being a robot. What I described are the events as I remember them from 2017. I can go pull stuff out of the message board from back then if necessary. But the accepted fact was that Arkansas really wanted him, and all the Auburn reporters were reporting that they put out an incredible offer to Sexton to get him.
  3. The response to your post is complicated because, at this level of football now, you really have to be able to recruit to be a successful coach. If you were to put like percentages on how much recruitment versus development matter, it would be like 67% recruitment, and 33% development. There have been plenty of examples of this in the past and in non-SEC teams though. In Auburn history, that was the problem for Tubbs. He was a decent in game coach. He put together a good development staff, but he couldn't recruit worth a flip. Bielema would be another example. He was quite successful at
  4. That contributed to it, but Sexton wouldn't have had the opening unless Arkansas expressed interest. In fact, Arkansas gave an outlandish counter offer to sign Gus, and we countered again to keep him. The ineptness was in the administration not in believing a "false" report over Arkansas's interest. It was in not calling his bluff. Gus didn't want to go to Arkansas. He was never planning to bail. The program was in bad shape at the time, and I've always gotten the impression he was bitter over how the Houston Nutt stuff ended. But Arkansas's legitimate desire for Gus gave Sexton a way to push
  5. Uhhhhh... That statement is fact. We renegotiated his contract because Arkansas wanted him BADLY. Included in that contract was Gus's desire for more job security. Thus, the large buyout was the result of Gus's agent saying, "if you won't give him a large buyout, Gus will be taking his services to Arkansas." He LITERALLY has the large buyout because someone else wanted him. There's no opinion to differ on. The statement above is an absolute fact.
  6. You just referenced arguably the two best recruiting coaches in the modern history of college football though. And, with Saban, his recruiting has gotten better over time, and his classes at Bama have been better than his classes at LSU. He was an unnaturally good recruiter when he got to LSU. Once he got more connected around the southeast, his already good recruiting became unmatchable. I'd say that Saban and Meyer were the exception, not the rule. I'd challenge you to name 3 more coaches that have been able to recruit successfully in a region where they had no connection or history.
  7. I'm still not seeing your point. Those coaches aren't coaching against the top minds in college football. A coach losing 4-5 games in the MAC is not the same as a coach losing 4-5 in the SEC. If these lower level coaches are just as capable, why aren't they getting offers from other programs? That's why I keep saying your argument is senseless. Gus has a big buyout right now because other programs wanted to hire him away from us. You don't see that with coaches in the freakin MAC. The debate over Malzahn isn't really over whether he's a good coach or not. The issue is over whether he is a good
  8. I apologize. This is a little bit rambly. I was kind of gathering my thoughts while I was writing it, but I think I make my point by the end. Here's what I see. Gus right now is averaging about 8-9 wins per year. A lot of folks on this board want 10-11 wins a year, but that's unrealistic for our program right now. I've broken down why several times already on this thread, so look for those posts if you want more on why we will never be Alabama in terms of wins. But, 9-10 wins is probably pretty realistic, and it is probably what we should be expecting out of Gus. Should we aim for
  9. There's always a chance. But your underlying idea is correctly. It was very unlikely we were going to to win, and relatively likely they were going to win by double digits. (They've won every game this year by double digits.) I really don't understand why people are flipping out tonight. The game today went exactly as anyone being realistic should've expected it to go.
  10. I'll make an estimation, but it isn't really going to be very useful. You have to have input to gain an adequate estimate here. So it has to start with some assumptions, but I'll keep them on the conservative side (favoring your premise a little). The main assumption is this...The money in college coaching is all in FBS jobs. So most college coaches want to coach at that level, yet many don't ever get to. As such, you have to make an assumption that the lower level college coaches are not as good of quality aside from maybe a few that are early career, up and coming types that just haven't fou
  11. He’s never coached outside Ohio, which suggests that he probably doesn’t want to leave. If we could get him, it’s still no guarantee that he’d be a success. There’s plenty of guys that have been successful at the group of 5 level that haven’t been able to hack it at a power 5 school. He’s not going up against difficult coaches or stellar players at that level. The lack of familiarity with the south could also cause problems with recruiting, especially early on.
  12. Fleck??? Lets take a look at how year 4 is going for him and imagine how that would go over with Auburn fans if we had that kind of... erm... success.
  13. No. I do statistics for a living, so I understood the premise completely. It’s still hogwash. How many stories are there of coaches doing well at the FCS level or in a group of 5 conference that weren’t good enough to succeed at the power 5 level? Coaches Gus is better than: most of the JUCOs, most of Division 3, most of division 2, most of FCS, most of the group of 5, most of the teams with losing records year after year in the power 5. Now some of those coaches could just be earlier in their careers. But for the most part, if those coaches were better, they’d have moved up by now.
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