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  1. I’d actually disagree with the bolded statement. Things in country are bad right now, but not in the way that people are discussing. This is the most polarized we’ve been within the last century, and potentially since the civil war. The good news is that I think the political divide is going to come to a head soon. Bernie and Trump are extremists, but it isn’t their extreme views that are necessarily drawing their support. It’s that they are breaking the mold of politicians of the past. People are looking for something different in politicians, but they don’t know what kind of different they’re looking for. Eventually they’ll figure out that this isn’t it either. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.
  2. The main problem we have now is that politics is being fueled by a lack of intellectualism on both sides of the aisle. Folks to the far right often ignore science, and insist that their version of morality is the only version. Folks on the far left ignore economics, and assume that throwing money at a problem is the only way to solve it. Paired with that, the leaders in both parties are often making issues out of non-issues. I’d argue that 70+% of the “issues” people make voting decisions on are irrelevant. Example 1- There’s a lot of debate over abortion, an issue that hasn’t really changed much in 50 years, and isn’t going to change much in the next 50. To change abortion laws in any direction, it’s going to take an amendment, and there is no way more than 2/3 of both houses are ever going to agree. Example 2- People in both parties are using this alleged uptick in violent crime to change gun laws. Conservatives argue that we need to open gun laws for people to better protect themselves. Liberals argue that we need to close gun access further to prevent future shootings. The reality is that violent crime is dropping at an incredible rate with gun laws not really changing much. The debate over guns is quite frankly pointless. People on both sides are crazy and at the same time they aren’t. The media, the politicians (including both this president and the last one), and the political extremists are fanning the flames of the political fire, making otherwise sensible people act in nonsensical ways. I won’t pretend to be a trump fan, but it isn’t his policy per se that I can’t stand. It’s a)the fact that he is making this political division so much worse, and b) that he’s at the forefront of this anti-intellectualism in politics movement we’re seeing right now. Obama was guilty of the same things, but not to this extent. It’s unfortunately going to take a moderate president with a desire to return to rational policy making to turn this mess around, and the ones that are still running aren’t polling well.
  3. Three things: 1. The team this year isn’t that great. Most notably, we are really inconsistent, with only 1 exceptional, relatively-consistent playmaker. 2. The one exceptional playmaker is out, making our offense rely on guys who have been up and down this season. 3. We’ve been notoriously bad playing on the road, and the last two games have been road games. The only surprise I think is that McCormick isn’t playing well. He showed incredible flashes early in the season, distributing the ball efficiently and leading people to the basket. That’s disappeared, and I’m still not sure why.
  4. A lot of comments on Shivers here. Assuming he stays, I think he’ll do good things. From what I have heard, the reason he hasn’t seen the field more is because he’s not been great at the other, non-rushing stuff. He’s struggled a little bit in pass pro because of his size, and he’s been inconsistent catching the ball. As such, when he comes in, it’s only been to run the ball, which telegraphs the play to the defense. If he’s in the game, they know it’s likely a run. To get him on the field more, he needs to get better on passing plays.
  5. He was playing hurt for most of the game. Took a big hit on a long punt return, and didn’t look the same after.
  6. 1. Biggest Surprise: A lot of people seem to say Tre Mason here. I actually wasn’t that surprised. He looked good in the Bowl game in 2011 (when dyer was suspended), and he managed to rush for 1000 yards in Loeffler’s terrible system. I’d actually go with Kerryon here. I thought he was undersized, and figured he’d end up playing a role closer to Corey Grant’s role in the previous years. 2. Biggest Bust: Roc Thomas... Five star talent that just couldn’t take that next step to being a great college player. 3. Biggest Disappointment: Dyer. After his freshman year, I thought he was going to win the heisman eventually and lead us back to a championship. Never saw that mess coming. 4. Most Underrated: This one is hard. I think there’s a multiple way tie here. We’ve just had so many good ones that it’s easy for some to slip through the cracks. Brandon Jacobs because he never saw the field. Ben Tate was a beast that was just at Auburn at a bad time. Corey Grant because he was good enough to be an every down back. He was having a great NFL career before a brutal injury. CAP because he gets forgotten living in Tre’s shadow. Barber because nobody saw him having this kind of success in the NFL. Finally, Boobee Whitlow. I feel like the fans have been underwhelmed with Him. But I don’t think he got enough respect. He was very patient like Kerryon was, and ran with a lot of power. He didn’t have perfect vision, but he also has only played running back for like 2 years. The only legitimate ding to his ability is that he isn’t the fastest guy. 5. Most Underutilized: Brandon Jacobs. An NFL talent buried in the depth chart behind two other NFL talents. Also Corey Grant. He was capable of doing more than speed sweeps. 6. Back for Another Year: Tate. Imagine the 2010 offense with Dyer, McCaleb, and Tate.
  7. I’m starting to wonder if he’s payback for Pickens. Maybe he’s planning to flip to the good guys at the last minute.
  8. Still can’t believe coach cal continues to work with him. Maybe he’s different as an assistant coach?
  9. To play devil’s advocate, we are also 10 spots behind a team that Gus has a good record against (tamu). What this says is that UT and TAMU are underachieving based on their profit margin, while Auburn, Bama, UGA, and LSU are succeeding right about you’d expect. (I know LSU just won the championship, but their records have averaged about the same as ours over the previous 5 years.)
  10. Our player gets fouled and we get called for a BS walk.... good ole banner officiating.
  11. Auburn Athletics does. Auburn University most definitely cares substantially less. The administration cares about whatever will enhance academic and research prestige. Athletics are just a means to that goal because they help with student recruiting/visibility, and they increase alumni donations. I say this having worked for 3 universities including Auburn. Most university administrators have minimal care about athletics.
  12. It’s different because the Yankees are a professional team that were created to make money off of whomever they can convince to support them. Auburn Football came into existence to improve the visibility of Auburn’s school and to improve conrodery amongst its students. That’s still the purpose of its existence today. They want to energize alumni to give to the university, and it is used to aid in the recruitment of students. As such, the Yankees want as many fans as possible. They like super fans, but will also embrace less extreme fans because fans of any type will buy merchandise and come to games. Auburn University has a different aim. The university wants highly passionate fans that are so passionate that they go there and send their kids there. They want fans that are so passionate that they donate money to the university.
  13. I had a toothless Bama fan in Walmart in Opelika tell me my education was worthless. He did so because I was wearing my AU Psychology Honor Society shirt. It poisoned me a bit on side walk fans. It’s fine to pull for Auburn if you didn’t go there. It is not alright to be an aggressive obnoxious fan. I’m passionate as heck about Auburn because Auburn gave me a degree, a wife, lots of friends, lots of memories, and a career trajectory that ended in me getting a PhD. Things would have been very different for me if I’d gone anywhere else. I love Auburn University for what it’s given me. Sports passion is just how I express that love. When people claiming to be Auburn fans insult the anything associated with Auburn, it’s upsetting. When Auburn fans with no affiliation, represent the Auburn fan base negatively it’s upsetting. In other words, if you are a “sidewalk fan,” as long as you are supporting the school and the folks associated with and are being a good ambassador for the program, I have no quarrel with you.
  14. I’m starting to wonder if Gus has landed someone off the LSU coaching staff or the Clemson coaching staff, or maybe it is someone from an NFL team. Usually, we’d hear of another hire by now. It seems like they are waiting for something.