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  1. AUFriction

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    The freshmen that have succeeded have usually redshirted and have been in their second year on the team.
  2. AUFriction

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    I really have to hear more about this. I can easily see Malik or Joey starting. I don’t think Bo will be ready, but I could see him starting if the other two have not progressed. (As I said previously, I think Bo starting is a bad sign that the cupboard is empty at QB. Starting a true frosh is usually not a good thing.) But I’m confused by this Sandberg mancrush that some folks have on here. Mediocre QB in high school with most of his offers coming from second rate programs like Mississippi State. Hadn’t played football in 5 years when he walked on. Was clearly fourth on the depth chart last year. All we saw of him last year was against the worst team we played all year in garbage time at the end of the game, and I don’t think he even attempted a pass. Am I missing something? Are people just wanting a feel good story? What’s with the Sandberg hype??
  3. AUFriction

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily a sign that they can’t pass as much as it was because we had large leads in those games. Gus isn’t Saban. He isn’t going to be a jerk and run up the score. Kneeling at the 1 yard line in the bowl game should tell you that. That’s why I don’t think we can make much of the film we have on any of our quarterbacks. When the back ups went in, Gus’s goal became to run out the clock. I cant say I completely agree with this strategy, but it’s also hard to say game reps against a team that is being destroyed is really going to do that much in terms of development. In fact, I’d argue that it could make them overconfident. If Willis put up madden numbers against Purdue’s back ups, it COULD make him think he’s better than he really is and he might not work as hard in the off-season.
  4. AUFriction

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    I know I’m in the minority’s, but I still say it is Willis for the following reasons: 1. Bo Nix has A LOT of potential, but there’s still a huge jump from competition from high school to college. We’ve had other guys show up with almost as much hype in the past (most notably Frazier and Johnson), and none of them have panned out. Now, I think Bo will be successful where they weren’t. But the fact remains that those 2 quarterbacks were highly touted coming out of high school, and neither was able to make the jump. As a result, I’m always going to be skeptical about starting a true frosh quarterback. 2. Cord Sandberg... It would be a great story, but I just don’t see it. Coming out of high school he got very little attention from teams, and the best team he was able to really get attention from was Miss State. That was before he stepped away from football for several years. He wasn’t good enough to start for Auburn a few years ago. Why would he be good enough after leaving football completely for a few years? Given his circumstances, he’s probably less talented than he was coming out of high school when we weren’t interested. 3. Ultimately, I could easily see a scenario where Gatewood won the job before I could see the previous 2. The deciding factor for me between Gatewood and Willis is that Gatewood was clearly behind Willis on the depth chart all season. Granted, he could take some major steps forward in the offseason. But I think that says something. If Gatewood has surpassed Willis, I think they would have played him more. 4. I think a lot of people are writing Willis off because of “meh” play in garbage time. But, truth be told, I don’t think we’ve seen Willis’s full capabilities. When he’s come in during games, it’s mostly been in garbage time where the other team knew we weren’t going to throw the ball. Most of his throws were on third and long. I haven’t seen enough of Willis to write him off like I think some folks are doing. So my vote is for Willis, but I could definitely see Gatewood winning it. Sandberg is too old and out of practice. Bo just won’t be ready by fall. I’m going to do my “mark my words” early this year. If we start Bo, we have a 2012 like season and Gus is gone after the year is over, because it means we have no one ready to play QB in the SEC.
  5. AUFriction

    Aught's Review: Music City Bowl

    I agree with you on 1,2, and 7. I kind of agree on 4, though I don’t think it is as bad as you make it sound. I agree on Brown, but there’s no way he comes back. Even though he didn’t win any awards, he got attention and is projected high in the first round. I completely disagree on 3. We haven’t seen enough of the quarterbacks to really make any sound opinions (beyond nearly pure guesses) on them. After the first drive with Willis, Purdue knew we were going to try to run the clock out, so they loaded the box and completely sold out on run on almost every play. Most of the time Willis was in there, there wasn’t a good read on the option. His passes were in predictable times. When Gatewood was in, Purdue had started playing reserves. He attempted just one pass and it was a dropped screen(albeit it was thrown behind the receiver). Gatewood looked better, but I don’t really think there performances in mop up time should really be compared, especially since they weren’t throwing. I also disagree on 6. All four running backs do things well. There is clearly a pecking order. 1. Whitlow/Martin, 2. Shivers, 3. Miller. I saw an analysis of our running backs last year where it was mentioned that Martin is an impatient runner. That’s why he looked good yesterday but bad through the season. He has great burst, good hands (catches the ball well), and underrated power, but he doesn’t do a good job making his own yards when the OL is struggling. If the OL had panned out this year, he would have had more touches and a lot more yards. I like the idea of using them all moving forward, but touches should probably come in this order (assuming OL improves): Whitlow, Martin, Shivers, Miller.
  6. AUFriction

    Was Chip a bad OC or did he and Gus not gel?

    Was it Chip or was it just a philosophical mismatch? Yes. From comments from players, it seems like Chip was not drilling things in practice for consistency. Mental errors were a major problem this year on offense and I think a lot of that was on Chip. I think tempo was stifled by disagreement between Chip and Gus. As our coaches say, this is a rhythm offense. It’s hard to get in rhythm when we are taking forever to decide on a play.
  7. AUFriction

    Dillingham already having an effect?

    Dillingham didn’t really coach for this game. The game planning was Gus and Kodi.
  8. AUFriction

    Gatewood in only

    I wouldn’t make any major inferences from anything that happened today. After Stidham came out, the throws that were attempted were in predictable passing situations. Purdue knew we were going to run the ball. Gatewood did make some nice runs, but that says nothing about his ability to throw, and the same can be said for Willis. Will be an interesting competition between the two of them.
  9. AUFriction

    what do fans want for christmas

    Not sure what I want for Auburn, but Bama fans just want their two front teeth.
  10. AUFriction

    ***Early NSD Discussion Thread***

    Unless he signs with UGA.
  11. AUFriction

    New approach in bowl preparation

    Hi Paul. How ya doin?
  12. AUFriction

    Coach of the Year

    Please please please don’t turn this into a Gus bashing thread... Bill Clark... What a coach! 2 years ago UAB had no football program. Most of his team transferred out when the program was suspended. This year, they won their conference and are likely about to win a bowl game. How did he not get more coach of the year attention??
  13. AUFriction

    Saban to Green Bay

    As a diehard packers fan, I do not approve this message!
  14. AUFriction

    details of Kenny Dillingham’s contract

    My vote is on Marcello. He is a journalist looking for sensational stories rather than being a beat writer to keep Auburn fans informed. He’s also a terrible journalist, and uses a lot of unsubstantiated sources. I remember some rumor popping up on the board here a couple of years ago that turned out to be completely wrong. After reading it on here, Marcello published it as if he had a source saying it was true. He later retracted it and tried to pretend he never wrote it to being with.
  15. AUFriction

    This will be an unpopular opinion

    The folks on this message board don’t completely represent the views of the majority of Auburn’s fanbase. This will never happen for the same reason we didn’t hire Kirby Smart or Bobby Petrino. Too many Auburn fans care about image. They don’t just want to win. They want to win with class, and they want to hire coaches that represent the creed. Meyer is a Saban like win-at-all-cost kind of coach, and that would never jive with the majority of the fanbase. I’m not saying they would’t support him, but I think he’d be on an incredibly tight leash. Any hint of a moral or NCAA incident, and people would bail. Any season that we didn’t win 10 or more games, people would bail. The pressure on Malzahn right now would be nothing compare to the pressure on Meyer would have on him for the duration of his time at Auburn, and there would always be boosters trying to get rid of him. And before people jump to the Bruce Pearl situation... What Pearl got in trouble for (before the cover up) was completely stupid. He made a mistake covering it up, but the rules he broke were pretty ridiculous. If the ridiculous incident that got him fired is set aside, I’d argue that Pearl is an excellent example of the creed.