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  1. Where are you seeing this? Most of the articles I’m seeing pop up in the research archives say it’s still a plausible theory. Was it based on just one study? If so, you should always be cautious drawing conclusions from just one study. It takes study replication for research findings to really be logically acceptable. The Big 10 made a move because three of the other big conferences are now taking players from them. At the end of the day, money always talks. They were losing too much of it to not play. The PAC 12 would be on board as well if not for laws in California (affecting 1
  2. The example doesn’t quite work, but I get your point. Even going to your example, I’d argue that the person entering the apartment likely would not get convicted. It would be seen as an accidental shooting. But in this case specifically, the big difference is that they had permission to enter.
  3. The 10 neighbors situation is being misconstrued. They said that they did not here them say anything either way. Basically, there was only one witness that saw or heard anything. The others cannot confirm or deny whether the cops announced themselves. But, let’s say the cops didn’t announce, that’s a fireable offense, but not a manslaughter or murder charge. A gun was fired in their direction. If Kentucky law is anything like Alabama’s, they were legally justified to fire. For the record, I completely support the BLM movement, and am disgusted by what the police did to George F
  4. I'll admit I could be wrong here, but I think I remember reading that none of those officers were really in charge of the investigation. They were just briefed hours earlier on what they were supposed to look for and sent into the field. I do agree on the no knock warrants though. That's where the problem is. I hope you didn't misunderstand my point. The police and the justice department are absolutely responsible for her death. My argument is just that, given the circumstances and the extant evidence, it seems highly unlikely that the blame should fall primarily at the feet of th
  5. They actually did announce, and, from what I’ve read, they actually didn’t even use the no knock at first. Because it was low risk, they decided to try knocking and to only use the no knock if no one answered. This was corroborated by another witness who heard them knocking from a neighboring apartment. What the other 11 people said was just that they didn’t hear anything. It’s a crappy situation, but the officers weren’t legally at fault here. I think it’s right to raise questions about why a no knock warrant was even signed for this address. I think we should be asking serious questions abou
  6. I figured this is what would happen. The officers that entered the apartment had a no knock warrant for Breonna’s apartment (there’s an inaccurate rumor floating around the internet that the cops are at the wrong place) that they served the way they were instructed to. Upon entering the apartment, her boyfriend fired at the officers thinking they were intruders. Police policy is that you are allowed to respond with equivocal force to what is being used against you. Once he fired that shot, the police were legally justified in returning fire. The officer that was arrested did not
  7. The first play from scrimmage will not be a rushing play. There will be a TE on the field, and he will run a real route, being a legitimate option for Nix on the play.
  8. Compared to heart disease, it’s not that bad. Compared to similar illnesses like the various flu strains that have caused problems in previous years, it’s much worse. The low hospitalization rates with students are likely due to the fact that older people are more susceptible to bad symptoms than younger people. I’d be interested to see the numbers on faculty at these universities.
  9. Yeah. That’s the idea. The opening week is mostly predictable games. This game should also be pretty predictable, but it is less so than say the Bama Missouri matchup that will likely be a complete blowout. So this game has kind of become the “premiere” matchup, and they are trying to hype it up. If they are wrong, they’ll just say it was expected since he never actually says there’s going to be an upset.
  10. I’ve been listening to the Locked On Auburn podcast lately, and Blackerby seems to know what he’s talking about a lot of the time. He claimed that the source of the rumor was traced to a message board, and that the first person to make the claim didn’t seem to have much credibility. So, not surprising that it turned out to be false.
  11. I don’t remember that, but I believe it. That was also a trap game I think. If memory serves me, we’d lost to Arkansas on the road in the previous game after a 5-0 start, and we were traveling to LSU the next. Sloppy play, including a blocked field goal for a TD. The whole thing really felt like a post loss letdown. And they probably also caught us looking ahead to that LSU matchup.
  12. I think the first 1/2 is a little sluggish on both sides of the ball. 14-10ish score at halftime. We take control in the second half and win it 38-16
  13. Not sure if you caught it. The comment was a joke. I agree though. He was a beastly RB coach.
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