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  1. Ryan Pugh should definitely be in consideration if JB leaves.
  2. I remember feeling like we scored to fast, and hated being right on that one.
  3. Repurposed... No pressure to post clips. Just bring up your favorite moments in any form. Favorite years, games, plays, etc.
  4. Fail on my part. That was 2009. I’ll go with this one then. I was right in front of where he entered the endzone.
  5. Here’s mine: I was a student at the time, and I was out in that mess with everyone else. Edit: No idea what I was thinking here. This was 2009.
  6. First of all, watch the video. It’s incredible. But beyond that, I thought we could post our favorite Auburn moments of the decade, whether it be clips, plays, or games. Of course, these two top everyone’s list, so let’s focus on that next best moment:
  7. Absolutely not. It was 85% on the offense in all three of those games, but that doesn’t excuse defensive weaknesses. As great as we’ve been, we seem to have more than occasional busts in big games. Quit halo rating! Back to what started this “debate,” we forced a lot of turnovers, but we also gave up two of the most costly plays of our season. Brown, who was responsible for 3 of the 4, had a great game. The defense as a whole didn’t.
  8. Initially, I thought the same thing... But women’s BB had time, so...?
  9. Games where we’ve given up more than 2 big plays: UF, LSU, UGA, Bama Games we’ve lost: UF, LSU, UGA The defense has mostly played well, but they did blow some big plays in our losses. I’d like to see that cleaned up. That’s all I’m saying.
  10. I agree with you. I think he's a dynamic corner, and we didn't hear his name much in games because he was keeping receivers covered. Unfortunately, he's just not getting any media attention. There's no hype around his name. I think he's an early round talent. Right now, given the fact that he's gotten no attention, he'd slip down to the late rounds. It would be smarter to come back next year to build his brand a little more.
  11. Don't forget the end of the regular season... which happens to be seasonally appropriate. Sorry... it only comes in Orgeron.
  12. Them to not give up big plays. As great as they played this season, that's been their kryptonite.
  13. Defense gave up two big plays that broke the game open. Derrick Brown had a great game though.
  14. Odd. I see them for all of the sports except basketball. I wonder why...??
  15. Iggy hasn’t really gotten any attention though. He’d benefit stockwise to come back.