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  1. I’m also a UK fan (in laws are alumi). This “Auburn gets hosed more than other teams” perception is so accuarate. I don’t find myself ever getting upset with refs when watching UK (except for our game against UK). The SEC refs are so terrible.
  2. Oh. I thought vitale was better than most. He seemed to be noncommittal either way, which is better than most commentators.
  3. If you are talking about Marcelo, what he writes doesn’t count as journalism.
  4. You know officiating is bad when the most calm, collected player on the team is having to be pulled away from the refs by coaches. Those 2 calls against Harper have to be up there in the “worst calls in AU basketball history” list.
  5. People have been talking about this for a while. Does anyone know why he’s wanting to leave?
  6. I’m probably not saying anything that wasn’t said above, but I’d give it a B or a B+. Getting Pickens would have made it better, but I’m not sure he ever would have seen the field due to grades, drama, or both. That plus the fact that we are in pretty good shape at receiver this year (people keep forgetting we get Stove and Hastings back) makes the loss of Pickens not that bad. Im really happy with the defensive signees including the linebackers who I think were all underrated. On offense, I’m happy with almost every position. I’m really excited to see the Hback position battle this year. My main concern is OL. We got an adequate number, but I’m just unimpressed with who we signed. I’m less worried about next year, but I’m worried about the 2020 and 2021 OL. There’s some talent behind the current line, but not enough to make a really strong line in 2020. Hopefully we can grab a few quality grad transfers. If we do that and sign a strong class next year, we should be okay, and hopefully one of the guys we signed this year will pan out. As a side note, I’d put our offensive backfield signees above every other school in the country. While I’m not convinced he starts this year, Bo Nix is probably going to be something really special. DJ Williams is very very underrated. Antony-Richards is electric to watch. Can’t wait to see these three on the field.
  7. I get that people are frustrated, but seriously stop with the “We didn’t want him anyway” nonsense. He was a very talented 5 Star. Drama or not, that’s always worth getting them to campus. If they don’t grow up, suspend them, give them the boot, or suggest they take their talents elsewhere. But you want them to at least make it to campus. That said, there are two things I’ve seen discussed elsewhere that I find odd. First, during his announcement, he continued to call UGA his second favorite school, suggesting that he didn’t want to select UGA but maybe that he felt that he had to. Second, I have seen elsewhere that he was unlikely to qualify academically. If that’s the case, maybe Kirby Smart was lying to him about his chances of making it to campus while Gus was being honest about him maybe having to go the JUCO route. If both are true, I’m not surprised he flipped, and am ready to laugh at UGA when he doesn’t qualify.
  8. Has to be our band. Pep bands don’t usually travel to away games unless they are neutral site.
  9. A lot of people are implying that he will be a good coach because he was a good running back. I'd argue that this isn't really how it works. Someone who is good at something may or may not be good at teaching someone else to do it. Caddy has very limited experience as a coach, which, while experience is overrated (someone can have years of experience being terrible at something), he still has a lot of room to grow into a coaching role. As such, I think the jury is very much out as to how Caddy will do as a coach for us. I'd imagine his reputation will make him a really valuable recruiter though. Also, I'm very happy to have him back on the plains. Hopefully he pans out! I would rate my feelings on this hire as cautiously optimistic.
  10. The bolded, italicized, and underlined text is kind of my point.
  11. It’s obvious who you are talking about, but I think you are making too much of an inferential leap. Some of the plays that look like zone read or inverted veer are called handoffs or called QB keeps. I saw an interview with someone on our team back in like 2013 (can’t remember which player) where he said that the majority of the zone read looking run plays were not real reads and that the person who ended up with the ball was determined presnap. It could be that he’s terrible at the zone read, or it could be that the coaches were dictating designed handoffs that weren’t well blocked.
  12. For the record, I think only one of them was really a travel.
  13. So far, the best player for UK... The guys in stripes. So far our best player... yet to be determined. Everything is going wrong and it’s still a close game. We are playing sloppy and missing shots, and the officiating has been terrible. Doubt the officiating will be better in the second half, so we are going to have to play better.
  14. The freshmen that have succeeded have usually redshirted and have been in their second year on the team.