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  1. A pro offense gets receivers open easier. The reads are harder, but you have more targets open.
  2. Joiner was working more at H back, and transferred because Pogues moved ahead of him. MAR announced his transfer after Gus was fired, and was buried in the depth chart anyway. The shivers rumors started after the Harsin hire was announced.
  3. If you are talking about me, I didn’t say he was better. I said his ceiling was higher. Mac Jones is a better QB right now, hands down. Mac Jones has just also had an easier job than Bo has. The scouting report of Jones out of high school said that he was a great decision maker and an accurate thrower on the short to intermediate routes. His weaknesses were his arm strength, his deep throw accuracy, and his pocket presence under pressure.
  4. The irony here is that I think we see eye to eye. My point in how I evaluated Mac Jones is that he is the wrong person to compare Bo to. Whoever I was replying to (maybe JapanTiger?) was trying to say Bo is a bad QB because... look what Mac Jones can do. And that’s simply the wrong comparison. Jones benefits from a better system and bad talent. (I can admit that I exaggerated my point.) Bo hasn’t had either of those things. I think we should stop the comparisons and the criticism and just give Bo a real offseason with a guy that allegedly knows how to develop quarterbacks well.
  5. No reason to be hostile here. If people want to keep posting about Gus, they have every right to. I was just making a suggestion. Gus is gone. It doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to argue about him anymore. Makes more sense to just focus on what this new staff might look like and/or do.
  6. I somewhat agree with you cole, and that doesn’t happen often! This is about more than just pressure. He has digressed as a QB. I do think him being under pressure a lot last season and early this season contributed to him digressing. But he has digressed, and leaves the pocket wayyyy to quickly.
  7. Agreed. Gus is gone, and, right or wrong, discussing him just creates drama on this board. We should just shift our attention forward.
  8. We should really lock this thread anyway. Barring some insane and unexpected JUCO signee, Nix is going to be hands down the most talented option we have. Regardless of whether you like him or think he’s good, there’s no one on the roster that will beat him out.
  9. For like 3 years, everyone was saying Shivers was the real deal primarily because of reports out of camp that he was impressing. Once Shivers got his chance and didn’t look any better, it became MAR for the same reason. The idea that MAR was unfairly behind weaker backs is solely based on like 2 interviews with players during camp 2 years ago (before his injury). There’s a saying... the most popular player on a team is the backup QB. I’d argue that, with our fan base, the next most popular is always a running back buried in the depth chart for the same reason. If the ones playing aren’t looki
  10. I’ve watched their games this year. He always has a clean pocket, and rarely has to throw downfield into a small window. Maybe I exaggerated a bit, but he very strongly benefits from the system he’s in and the team he plays for. Trying to compare him to Bo is truly an apples and oranges comparison.
  11. I’m not going to completely endorse the end of your statement. Bo is far from a good QB at this point. He has a ways to go to improve into one. But there’s still a ton of potential and heart there. If Harsin can fix his problems, he has the real potential to finish his career as one of our best.
  12. The first two were buried behind better players in the depth chart. They left over play time. MAR announced after Gus was fired.
  13. None of these rumors started until we fired Gus. If the issue was Gus, the rumors would’ve started months ago, and would’ve disappeared after Gus was fired. MAR announced after Gus was fired. Rumors about tank and Shivers started within the last two weeks. Gus messed up coaching in several ways. But the transferring running backs are not his fault.
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