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  1. Honestly, it’s probably size more than anything. Tall receivers are a hot commodity, but these short, quick guys are often believed to be too undersized to make it at the next level.
  2. That’s interesting given that we had so few people leave this year. Anyone hear anything on free agent pick ups?
  3. I wouldn’t call it a terrible showing. We lost like almost no impact players, and the players expected to go in early rounds all chose to come back.
  4. I don’t think it is vision as much as it is patience. He’s not a shifty runner like some of our talented backs in the past. His talent is hitting holes quickly, but that running style doesn’t exactly breed patience in waiting for something to open up. With a good OL, I think KM would do really well. He’d hit the hole quickly and take a lot of runs to the house. Unfortunately, out OL hasn’t played that well, hence... diminished playing time and unimpressive runs. I think I’d use KM late in games. Feed Boobie until the other team is tired, then send Kam in to run outrun everyone through open holes.
  5. Coming out of high school, college coaches drool over physical gifts. But intellect is extremely important (and arguably underrated) in a QB. This kid is clearly athletic and has a big arm. Pair that with a high IQ, and he should turn out to be a pretty good player. I like this pick up! I’m kind of surprised he is rated as low as he is though. Anyone know what’s keeping him rated so low?
  6. To add to your point, MSU only had 69 yards passing. We held their passing attack almost completely in check. It was by no means a stellar day for the defense, but keeping an opponent under 25 points and under 100 yards passing is hardly bad defense. That game was lost because we didn’t put the ball in the end zone once.
  7. I disagree. They aren’t letting Sandberg throw much. The other three have all gotten a lot of called passes, and they’ve all looked relatively good. I’d rank the QB’s 1. Bo 2. Malik 3. Joey in that half. Not sure why you think Malik is out of it.
  8. Impressed with Joey, Malik, and Bo. I think we are going to do fine next year on offense.
  9. Also, DJ Williams is not a JR. FAIL SEC network.
  10. I love that some of the folks that have been getting slammed on this thread have been looking good so far.
  11. And for the record, I’m not saying Malik will start. I’m just suggesting the competition is a little tighter than some folks on here are suggesting. TBH, I don’t know who I think will win it, or how to feel about it. I can see seven scenarios, all with legitimate rationales: 1. Bo is the best, so he starts. 2. Joey is the best, so he starts. 3. Malik is the best, so he starts. 4. At least Bo can throw an accurate pass, so he starts, even though he may not be ready. 5. Malik hasn’t panned out at all and Bo isn’t read, so Joey starts and we struggle. 6. Joey hasn’t panned out at all and Bo isn’t read, so Malik starts and we struggle. 7. Cort comes out of left field and wins the job late. I think all are reasonably plausible. I also don’t think we’ve seen enough of any QB in college games where we weren’t winning by 30 to say any of our projections with complete confidence. I also think a lot of people are guilty of major confirmation bias on this starting QB issue. Objectively, We know almost nothing about any of these guys.
  12. Per an practice notes article earlier this week... “Malik Willis got the first rep with the first-team offensive line, while Joey Gatewood got the first snap with the second-team unit. Bo Nix alternated with Willis, while Cord Sandberg rotated with Gatewood on the second team.” To me, this sounds like Willis is number 1 right now and Cord is number 4, with the other two falling in between. That’s not to say Willis will win the job, but, from this, I don’t see how anyone can say he’s not showing at least equivalent talent to Bo and Joey. I also saw an interview with a player a week ago where he said something like “all three are strong,” and elaborated that Malik, Joey, and Bo were all looking good in different ways. Unfortunately, I can’t find that article now. But it seems consistent with the idea that Malik is a legitimately possible candidate to be our starter next year. It also seems consistent with the idea that Cort is behind the other 3.
  13. I still don’t get the disrespect for Malik. People are drawing entirely too much from the minimal reps he’s gotten in garbage time in games. Also, from practice notes, it seems like the current pecking order at QB in practices is 1. Malik; 2/3. Gatewood and Bo; 4. Cort. Malik had been consistently working with the 1’s, so...?
  14. Yeah. I’m never letting this one go. The only loss that was almost as heartbreaking was the loss against FSU in 2013-14 in football. At least the loss in that game was Auburn's fault though. This one is even more upsetting because we didn’t deserve to lose. I really hope those refs are sent packing after this, and I hope they never officiate a game again at any level, including juvenile rec leagues.
  15. For our sanity, TTU needs to wipe the floor with UVA. If UVA wins, it means we probably would have had a NC if not for the ref negligence. If TTU dominates, we can at least have some solace in knowing that we probably would have lost in the championship.