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  1. autigers1101

    A little perspective, please

    Yep, this exactly. If Gus were to leave, how can you blame him. As long as we have these people in meltdown mode after every loss, even if there WAS a better coach available right now, why would they want to come to AU and put up with this??
  2. autigers1101

    **Auburn at Arkansas - Game Thread**

    Did you watch the same play I did?
  3. autigers1101

    ksu fan perspective

    They're definitely joking.. Please don't take this seriously.
  4. autigers1101

    Melvin Smith Named Cornerbacks Coach At Auburn
  5. autigers1101

    What's up with Rich McGlynn?

    I saw Tim at the corner of the donor seats at the basketball game last night. Didn't seem to be too down on anything, had football players coming up to talk to him, other adults coming to talk to him all game long. I wouldn't be surprised if he still had some kind of role, just not as visible as before.
  6. autigers1101

    ***AU at Vanderbilt Game Thread***

    How was that drive "leftys" fault?
  7. autigers1101

    6 Auburn/Clemson tickets for sale

    section 334.. asking $75 each