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  1. Come on, don't be ridiculous. I disagree with RB usage sometimes too but statements like this make the forums unbearable to read.
  2. Yep -- it seems to me the success of the other team in the state is getting to some people's heads... they are on a streak like nobody has seen in a very long time, and everyone is expecting us to play like a semi-pro team with a two-deep of 5 star guys. The reality is these are kids and they aren't going to be perfect. We had so many opportunities today to hit an open guy streaking for the end zone, convert on passes that hit guys in the hands, make one more block to get the first down, etc. (not to mention some questionable penalties and no calls). Sure, there's always a few of these as you would expect, but today we had more than our fair share and they happened to come at the most inopportune times. This is not one of those games where our staff didn't put our players in a position to win, and at some point it comes down to execution and a little luck -- which certainly wasn't on our side today.
  3. Great post. Agree almost 100%. I also rarely post but actively view the forums on this site and another multiple times a week. Some of the comments on that other site were such an overreaction that I ended up posting more today than I had in probably 4-5 years. I understand -- it's a rivalry game and we have a not-so-great record against our rivals under Gus, but today was in no way solely his fault. As you said, he is ultimately responsible, but the overall game plan and playcalling was plenty enough to win if we would have properly executed. The number of people jumping off a cliff is unbelievable...I'm pretty sure half of the people losing their minds over the first quarter fourth down attempt were probably calling for it themselves at the time. Remember the last few years of hesitant Gus? Half of the time we hesitated to the point of having to call timeout in these situations. I'm fine with the aggressiveness and think it'll help us more than it'll hurt in the long run.
  4. Maybe it was just me, but there seemed to be a few times I can remember bracing myself for a fumble just based on how we were holding the ball in traffic. One KM? run in particular (seemed like one of his longer runs) it appeared he was just leaving it out there for someone to put a hat on. Hard to complain about the possibility of fumbling since we had no turnovers though.
  5. Yep, this exactly. If Gus were to leave, how can you blame him. As long as we have these people in meltdown mode after every loss, even if there WAS a better coach available right now, why would they want to come to AU and put up with this??
  6. They're definitely joking.. Please don't take this seriously.
  8. I saw Tim at the corner of the donor seats at the basketball game last night. Didn't seem to be too down on anything, had football players coming up to talk to him, other adults coming to talk to him all game long. I wouldn't be surprised if he still had some kind of role, just not as visible as before.