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  1. I think NCM and MAR reasons for going back to play for Gus are not one in the same. MAR was still playing for Gus when he was fired. He also got to play late in the season, so he may have stayed if Gus stayed. NCM left bc he wasn't playing enough or targeted enough when Gus was still in middle of his coaching stint at AU. It is easy to evaluate complaints about Gus offense for the reason NCM left, and frustrated bc he wasn't using MAR more to se what he could do with all the injuries we had at RB. But, who knows why NCM wants to play for Gus again..maybe he feels he's high
  2. If Harsin doesn't do it now this way, then when? It fits his personality...so he and all of us will see how it goes. I think with Malzahn, especially the last few years, we got a little coy with recruiting, and lost on guys we should have solidified early, especially those in our backyard. I would rather they be aggressive now...than try the 'lets not pressure' the recruit...especially with the early signing period eating up most of the best of the recruits out there these days.
  3. I agree with this more. Flanigan needs to play that 3 most of the time to help us offensively and defensively. Cambridge brings more quickness and jumping ability as his backup. His offense is still way too low w his outside shot. I think the most succssful guard tandem HAS to be Cooper and Powell and Trey splitting time between the 2... Inside, Williams has to be more assertive. Pearl makes this point recently too. Williams sometimes disappears and he is our best inside/outside guy and needs to do more offensively. Thor has lost his way a little towards the end of season
  4. And even though the freshmen are playing a lot and doing pretty well at the plate, it will be different when they get to SEC play, and I expect the youngsters to struggle. The pressure will come, guaranteed. We need the veterans to step up by SEC playing time...
  5. I don't see how any recruit can think he might make a list of 10 schools to go to. I guess it looks good on social media. But I don't know how they can eval 10 schools. I agree, top 5 then start posting on social media. I wouldn't even retweet a guy that shows 10+ schools...
  6. The WBB team's suffering is almost over. Got waxed by UT today. All that is left is the SECT, then it should be finally over.
  7. I think PEarl rewards work...hard work...so I think Powell starts besides Coop w/ Trey coming in and playing either SG or PG learning the offense. And I am leaning towards Williams starting w/ Jabari coming in quickly for him, although I am now getting the feeling he is one that may transfer bc he seems to feel out of place in Pearl's offense.
  8. And don't forget James Brown performed in JH in '65 and the Beach Boys in 2001. Anyone go to those 5 * events?
  9. History? It's been 25 years since the women got past the 2nd round of the NCAAs. Current players don't have any recollection of her past successful history. And in the last 10 Flo has taken us all the way to the basement after 9 years. It's not going to be easy for a new coach to take us back into competing for championships. They will HAVE to be better recruiters for sure, and hopefully a better on the court coach.
  10. 3? Franklin, ofc is 1. Who is 2 and 3? Long shot Cooper and Flanigan? or Stretch and possible Cooper?
  11. And what's going on with our veterans? Rivera, especially. But Perry too. I expected them to start off faster than our freshmen, but they are struggling....
  12. No, we had 12 TOs, which is still way below our average. The main thing is we didn't make many unforced TOs like we have been either w/ Sharife at the point and especially when using Flanigan.
  13. He can live at home now and commute to UCF. He's only an hour away from home now.
  14. Finally by trying JJ at point, it did a couple of things: 1. cut down on TOs, as he is steadier with the ball and doesn't try to force his dribbling like Flanigan does 2. Allowed Flanigan to move off the ball and get it on the wings so he could drive and use some of his strength inside for inside shots. 3. Looked like other players were in sync better w JJ at PG 4. UT doesn't have a strong inside game so that helped us go to the basket inside more, get more fouls Don't know if we can play like that in all games left, as UT is a better match up for us But Pearl sh
  15. Remember Ottis Anderson with Miami? He was a great RB who made a long run in 78 against us, and helped them beat us on a last second FG I think...
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