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  1. I face palmed your post b/c that was me realizing you were right. I was slapping my head for not realizing I had a brain fart. THanks for catching it....
  2. Totally agree. If Gus is at an ACC school(except Clemson), I think he struggles even more. Look at Spurrier. Had great success at FL. Then goes to SC for 10 years and is barely above .500 in the East. He recruited pretty well, but not good enough to put SC at the top level of the East or in the top 10 of the nation... Gus has a great base to work from at Auburn. He just has to get his damn offense up to a championship level to beat the top SEC teams of GA, LSU and Alabama.
  3. Her LinkedIn account shows she left in May, so it has been a while, I guess, when she decided to leave. Yes, she seemed like a gritty ex ball player who would have related well to the girls. This virus has caused a lot of changes and redirections even for coaches who made moves so far from home.
  4. Known, but not known 'why' she is no longer on the staff? Somebody knows....
  5. That's what happened to Coach Richt. He did just enough over the first 12 years to keep him, but when Saban took off at Bama and LSU was doing pretty well w/ Miles, then he got on the hotseat those last 3 years, when Richt couldn't get his team in the playoff hunt. So it took GA what, 15 years to decide they needed a change?
  6. Wow. That didn't last long, huh? I wonder if all this coronavirus downtime got her wishing she was back in California...and found another job closer to home?
  7. Yes. I agree. If we are in the mix for say 10 5* players each recruiting season, we seem to get 1 most years and maybe 2 every now and then, finish 2nd with about 5-6, and a close 3rd on the rest. We are finishing, just going off memory, in the top 4-5 in the SEC, but the top teams we have to play every year are finishing 1-2-3 EVERY year. And it seems we're heading to 5 or 6th lately with TaM and Florida starting to do better in recruiting.
  8. Good points. I think all this talk of wanting someone else as our coach, only shows we have no idea who would be a better successful coach than the Meyers, Sabans, etc. It's going to be an unknown just like our hiring of Dye or Malzahn for that matter. But he does everything else pretty well and checks off all the boxes: Good man, represents our university well, very good recruiter, hires mostly a great staff, has given us glimpses of that NC smell and SEC championship attempts, keeps his players out of trouble, and players for the majority like him for his honesty. The only boxes that need to be redesigned and better is the offense and being more consistently winning our rival games between GA and LSU. Ironically he does pretty well against our biggest rival against the GOAT HC(Saban)... So i am looking forward over the next 2 years to see if our offense can take this team to the top level(playoffs).
  9. Davis and Sanders. Davis is going to be that workhorse that can't be stopped. And if you throw up anything close to Sanders he will catch it.
  10. Well, I need to clarify something on that post. I found out later that either the Mayor misquoted the number or the reporter he was talking to misquoted him. The mayor says he may have said 2 billion, but what he meant to say was Tuscaloosa stands to lose 200,000 million. Quite a difference in that correction, huh? lol....
  11. What? You're not going to include that run of Trotter, Moseley, Frazier, Wallace in that great string?
  12. lol. He hasn't had to go after kickers. He's had the Carlson's for all 7 of his years.
  13. What I like about him in this video, is he is so so versatile in his throws. One time he throws on the run, another he sits in the pocket and finds the open WR, and still in another he takes a 2 step and flicks a quick throw over the middle for a TD. He's quick to see the field which is critical to a QB who can have that 'IT' factor as a QB....
  14. Exactly, that my problem with using Nix. ANd add in that is more opportunities for Nix to get injured if they block his punt, or if he feels in his competitive nature to tackle the punt returner or he gets a blindside block bc the return team knows the starting QB is out there. Don't like it at all...
  15. According to the Mayor or Tuscaloosa, if there is no football season he says they stand to lose 2 BILLION. Does that sound inflated to you? Anyway, that's a lot of money to lose. For me, with your estimates of getting the virus after attending 7-8 home games at Auburn, I don't plan on going with those stats, as I am in the rage of 3.8 - 8% COVID mortality rate. I'll leave it to the younger group who have a much higher immune rate, to go to the games... ...But as you said, it's such a crap shoot...for the Universities to determine how much access to allow students AND fans on gameday weekends....