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  1. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    Figured Stidham would show why he was a top recruit and showed flashes as a Freshman at Baylor. I hoped that SW would be the backup, just because of his grit and ability to be an accurate passer and move the ball (regardless of his downfield inaccuracy). But if White is hurt at all, then I don't want him out there, like he tried in the GA game, and simply make it worse. Let Willis play some in the first game, to get his feet wet, and bring him along as #2.
  2. scrimmage updates?

    Oh I think White has the 1/2 of the 'it' factor as a Quarterback but as a passer, he lacks the deep throw and the deep throw accuracy. If it had those tools, he has all the others i felt.
  3. scrimmage updates?

    Not sure if it is a matter of Ian finally showing up, or if he is just a shade above the others. From what I have seen of him, expect for inconsistent punting. Just hope it is not in crucial situations.
  4. Can Pettway break Tre's record?

    Nice goal. Don't think it will happen. He has carried it only around 200 carries in a year, and to get close to Tre's record he needs another 100 carries. He's not going to have a lot of long runs, so he's going to have to carry it a lot. And I don't think this new offense will let him get over 300 carries.
  5. Auburn's vertical passing game

    Yep. I love to see more passing on first downs, as long as they are not ONLY wide receiver screens for 3 yards or less. What I hope to see is TDs from red zone efficiency, and some vertical passes for completions that will open up the run game even more. Have to have more TD production to make anything better than 7 wins...
  6. AU Legacy players history

    I saw on another thread the drooling I'm seeing now for Bo Nix, the QB. Son of Patrick Nix who played QB for us in the past. I started many legacy players of AU greats that have panned out and either been better or played pretty well for us? I can remember Pat Sullivan and his brother. Not sure if Pat's son ever suited up for us. Terry Beasley and Jere Beasley. Terry was a legend. Jere was pretty good little RB.
  7. saban smart to omit auburn

    What do you expect from Saban? He always has shown a knack for getting under people's skin. Whether it's a reporter or someone he competes against. He blows up the media over the most trivial reasons to me. To not mention us means he still feels like he HAS to make a point, when no point was needed. I think it would have shown more a well rounded great coach, if he had mentioned us, since he knows we are his most competitive rival, just by location. But he is a great coach, in recruiting and certainly on the field, but he does show his flaws too in other areas. lol...
  8. I believe the recruiting part, but don't think JJ operated with how the new President would deal with him. I realize it was speculation...
  9. Interesting. Do we really think Meyers wants to coach into his 70's? Thought it was surprising since he still had years left on the latest contract until 2020. Why would JJ not wait until at least next year to do an extension?
  10. 2018 QB recruiting

    I never believe in momentum signings with HS kids. It is like these top players that commit to us, making phone calls to other top recruits on our list, trying to persuade them to come to AU with them. How much does that really work? I believe very very little. So getting Fields, I will be ecstatic with. But don't expect a chain of other top ones to commit, Unless you are simply dreaming.
  11. Carlee Wallace granted release

    Expected this from Wallace? How is that? Her having only one year left, finishing her career at AU, and being a leader was not solid enough to stay? What could be going on with the Coach and his veteran player that she feels she can't be a part of this team any more? I just dont see the reasons being what happened in the past. Unless some of the problems are still WITH the team. Is that possible?
  12. So much for a pitcher being rusty, huh? It is strange a pitcher very rarely used, turns in the best performance of the tournament. Was it a case of a flat Auburn or a pitcher who is just part of a better pitching staff than us? Seems, its a little of both...
  13. I really wish we could just focus on tonight first...I have a one track mind, heart, and emotion...Hard to think of the next
  14. when was the last time Zirzow pitched? I think rust could be an issue if it has been a while...
  15. That last strike or the last out is one of the toughest outs for a pitcher. You even see it in the Majors too. And for someone to wonder about CBT not going to the mound amazes me. He is one of the best pitching coaches in the country. Some coaches have different philosophies about going out to the mound. It was probably a case where he had a veteran pitcher on in the ninth, who worked his tail off to keep us in the game. It was 2 outs, one runner on first. CL was still his best chance. Its was his best remaining pitcher against one of the better hitters. He knew what he had to do...and didnt need his coach to come out for appearances only. It just didnt work out...