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  1. Wooden at DT at 268 is interesting. Very small for a DT. Why is Fromm not listed at all at TE? Surprised too that Hill, after being moved to CB is now running #2. Is he that good?
  2. I need someone to post the lyrics. I love the way the team is together, and TWill does a lot of this. But I had trouble understanding the very last part of it, when the players got so excited.
  3. I heard it too, and I thought something similar. Especially since he came from 'Wyoming' and he was a Bear disciple. I thought who is this, and he can't even do his homework about the name of the school he is going to coach. Goes to show me, that first impressions don't mean squat...lol.
  4. TBH, I don't think it's fair to Gatewood, for the NCAA to wait till the week of the first game, and now 4 days away, to not already have let him know he is eligible. I think the NCAA should have decided this at least weeks before so he can mentally feel good that he able to practice, knowing he may get to play too. Do I want him to play against us...No. I don't want that hanging over either one of our teams. But he should have been told already.
  5. Glad to see Carlson put the game away last night for the Raiders. 54 yd FG is nothing to sneeze about. If he doesn't make it Brees has great position to come down and win the game. And a 'Stick it' to the Minn HC for cutting Carlson after 2 games into his career.
  6. Need to watch the full interview too. Evidently they also talk about the economic impact on the Auburn bars without Barkley's patronage at them...funny.
  7. Yeah, he looked especially good on those last 2 drives to give Pats a chance to win. Didn't like the last play call although Cam said he could have bounced it outside, but I dont think he would have made it either, as they were all up on that side, and would have tackled him. On that play the Pats had no WRs in on that play. It was telegraphed that Cam was going to run it period. I think they should have spread Seahawks out, and then let Cam decide to run or pass it.
  8. I do agree that the most needed improved position will be at SF and SG, with a quality shooter. Without someone hitting those outside shots consistently, the defense will sag the middle and play straight up on our guards. We've got to have scoring from those positions and ability to hit the 3.
  9. How about 2 games over .500? That's what Ferguson predicted. I do think Gus better not be 6-4, since other than GA/Alabama the only other strong ranked teams we play are at home (TaM and LSU). Now I expect us to be 7-3, with us losing to GA/Alabama away, and one between LSU and TaM possibly. But all the other teams should be beatable with a strong offense. ** the only doubt I do have is us losing 1 game to one of the coaches in Miss. I can see Kiffen or Leach working an emotional upset against a good team like us at their place. If that happens, 6-4 is it. But no way Gus
  10. You don't think that the NCAA is holding out granting Gatewood's eligibility until AFTER the 1st game? This makes Auburn look good for granting him an SEC waiver transfer, but by keeping him out of our game, it does the same thing as NOT granting him the SEC waiver. Get it?
  11. If he was fighting for yards...then I give him a pass on the fumble. Those kind are effort mistakes.
  12. I am going w/ Jaylin Williams. I think he showed real raw talent, and I think with another year and practice, I think he becomes more comfortable and takes off as a critical cog for the Auburn frontline.
  13. Offense - Frazier TE (only bc I am wishing it..) Defense- Hardy ( someone from the FR are going to HAVE to come through, bc someone on the DL is going to get hurt) Juco - Domio (he's going to show how solid he really is defending) Tranfer - Newton (just bc he has the Newton genes)
  14. Wasn't that photo around July, and some of worried about that now? I thought he had narrowed it down to 4 and it did not include Alabama. Just chill and let's see. I think the family pull to Auburn has finally convinced him to commit to AU or Auburn told him to quit playing around. lol.
  15. I corrected it for you. ::) I hear his family is all Bama. And the way this recruiting year has gone, I don't believe anything until It comes from a good source JUST before signing day.....
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