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  1. Did her injury occur while pitching or from another situation?
  2. "They're doing WHAT to my salary"?
  3. Unless WIllis settles down and shows vast improvement and accuracy w/ his passing, he won't be the starter. Gus couldn't use Willis like Marshall bc Marshall had a very good passing arm. Willis, I feel strongly does not and we can't win if we don't have a consistent passing game.
  4. If 2 of the 3 are Harper and Okeke, then yes we have a very good chance to compete again for the SEC, and the NCAAs. If we lose all 3, no chance...mainly bc we will be so so inexperienced.
  5. What were the players chanting at the end of the clip showing Bryce and them hoisting the trophy?
  6. I am a realistic kind of guy and will ofc wait for the facts to unfold. It was just my thoughts on the information so far provided. OFC, anything is possible. And to be honest, it was not Cam that was the problem or the alleged perpetrator. But his father. And as in other cases that have hit the news in the last 2 days, parents were the problem in the Penn case, as well as the college entrance bribery case.
  7. There's no way that Bowman didn't get some kind of monetary gain. His coach was let go, and asked Bowman to set up separate accounts. Bowman is not going to help his ex-coach out now without monetary gain. May not be able to prove it, but Bowman has to go, regardless that it may not be an NCAA violation. He did something wrong, and AU can't afford to have anyone tainted as part of our basketball program.
  8. No its not connected to the investigation involving Bowman.. Someone in the media asked if the investigation into college entrance bribery scheme spawned from the investigation of Jerome Allen and the bribery scheme to get a player on a college team (Including Bowman). The answer was no. It spawned from a different investigation the FBI was involve with.
  9. oh...I am sure the coach will answer THAT question honestly. lol....
  10. 😪😡I never thought this would happen. We were punked. But some of it is our own fault. The Steelers way doesn't work when the player is an elite player. They want 'guaranteed' money up front. Steeler's management may need to rethink their contract ways.....
  11. Yes, many chances in the last few years. I am glad he is coming back, basically bc he does know Pearl's system, and he has had success in it (although it was 2 years ago). The question is can he mentally and physically put the effort needed to show the ability again he had like he did as a Freshman...
  12. I wonder how our homerun totals stack up so far this year compared to last year? It seems to be quite a bit more, but not sure. Wondering if this means they have worked and improved on their power hitting? Veach certainly seems to have more consistent pop.
  13. What's interesting about 'experience' is that Nix in some ways IS the most experienced QB. Think about it. Willis didn't play QB until his SR year in HS, if i heard that right. Gatewood didn't play much QB, and had to share it w/ another QB his SR, and ran the ball more than throwing it. Nix has been a QB since 9th grade under the tutelage under an ex QB(his dad). He has run QB scheme w/ many throws under his belt. True, he doesn't have SEC or College experience, but WIllis, only ran the ball, and Gatewood only played a few in the bowl game.
  14. what's scary is it is quite possible we could lose every scholarship player except McLemore, Doughty and McCormick. that's 70% that have to be replaced w/ a transfer and Freshmen for 2019-2020). Unbelievable!! Gone: Spencer, Brown, Dunbar (seniors) Possibly gone(NBA, European league): Wiley, Okeke, Harper Transfer: Purifoy