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  1. steeleagle


    Please don't misunderstand my comments. I agree, he has been successful between the tackles. I agree he can be a successful RB. I am not talking about his running ability. I just said I don't think he can be an every down back bc of his blocking. I have seen film on him, and he does a poor job of blocking or chipping those rushers like LBs and DE who weigh more than 30-50 Lbs on him. I have seen him bulldozed at times. That is what I am focusing in on. Maybe he has improved in practices, and will show a better all round game in the fall. It is just how I feel for now....
  2. steeleagle


    I think KMart can be a successful back. I just can't see him be an every down back. As small as he is, and seeing how he blocks on pass plays (and its not always his fault, as he is simply getting overpowered by blitzing LBs and DEs). Watch the film on him on pass plays. It does not work well for Stidham... And I hate a situational back like they used Barrett last year, who 90% of the time got a swing pass that either lost yards or gained about 1-2 yards. I don't wnat to see that again this year.
  3. steeleagle


    Shivers at #2? No way. He will be at best our specialty back for specific type of play calls. He's coming in cold in knowing the playbook in the fall. KMart getting the nod for RB1 just bc he is the most experienced back there. Whitlow is the back that has all the physical tools they want in being #1 or for sure #2, but he is so raw. I havent seen enough of him to know what his weaknesses are (other than reversing the field too many times, thinking he is faster than SEC DEs and LBs. lol. AMart could be #2, but I think we will see 2A and 2B backs in there, so I look for 3 backs to get most of the carries, until Gus settles on Workhorse 1...
  4. steeleagle

    4* PF Babatunde Akingbola Commits to AU

    According to Pearl, he has 2 scholarships open. He said he will probably add 1 more to the roster. That has to be Akingbola, if he can be reclassified for 2018. It seems it will be within the next few weeks before everyone knows for sure.
  5. steeleagle

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I am not talking about a drastic cut in seats. don't know what you thought the seating would be reduced too but I am not talking about replacing ALL the bleachers, but I want more chairback seats to be able to move to. And as someone else said, there will be plenty of noise in our stadium, and if there is a way to increase crowd noise then look into it. I am not talking about reducing our seating to 65,000 or so. I am only talking a few thousand. And I am all for increased seating, if that is an option, so they can be chairback seats. But as others have said here, I think we are maxed out on getting more fans in the seats. And that is due to so much tv access AND the cost of tickets. Unless we starting winning like ALabama has over the last 10 years, and more kids and parents want to be a part of a dominant program, we are going to stay at our current size or simply improve the current seating. Increased seating will be very small, in the near future...if at all.
  6. steeleagle

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    No way Nix starts the first game as a True Freshman. Gus will open up the competition with Willis and Gatewood and even Nix if he is there in the spring, but he will go with whoever makes the least mistakes and a better handle on running the offense. It should be Willis as he will be the most experienced, but i feel unless he shows consistent improvement, it will be a tossup between he and Gatewood, with Nix a very close third.
  7. I think what Stidham means, that going into the 4th Qtr down by less than 7 in a championship game, gives the team a feeling they can win that game. Remember we were driving at that time and on or around the 50 when the quarter started. It went down hill though once KJ fumbled on the first play of the 4th qtr. Davis returned it to around our 38, and it opened the floodgates when the D couldn't hold them. No, it doesn't matter now, but to Stidham, he is using it as a starting point for this season to get back to the Championship game.
  8. steeleagle

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    That's why i want AU to move towards real seats not bleachers over time. Yes, it will reduce number of seats, but if you charge just a little more, most people would pick chairback seats over fighting to squeeze into bleacher seats. It's time to go the way of others to get into the 21st century in fan comfort.
  9. steeleagle

    Stidham gets engaged

    Many good wishes to them both. But drats, there goes the season, as all he will think about now is his wedding night!
  10. steeleagle

    Bruce Hires new Assistant Coach!

    I thought that the Rutgers asst (Knight) was the so called front runner with his connections to AAU and ATL. Was that wrong info, and Bowman was always the front runner?
  11. steeleagle

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    Speaking of Cord, I just realized, we NEED to get him on campus. Gus' track record is so much better with QB transfers. Cord would fit in nicely with our successful teams with non-HS recruited starting QBs.
  12. steeleagle

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    Gatewood moving to another position if he doesn't win the starting job in '19? I don't see him staying at AU after 2 years, if coaches all of a sudden want him to change positions. I would expect him to transfer. Hard to believe QBs coming in with such high credentials as he did, willing to learn a new position.
  13. steeleagle

    Assistant coaching position

    So now we have hired Bowman, I am assuming he was not the frontrunner, and the guy you were mentioning here as a "hell of a replacement". So who was the guy they couldn't hire, since it doesn't matter now? Was it a Greene "no' to Pearl's #1 guy he wanted? Just wondering...
  14. Alabama was picked 20th in preseason? Who the heck looked at their program to come up with that? And they were the HIGHEST ranked team in the SEC, over FL and others? Geez. stupid prognosticator...
  15. steeleagle

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I don't think it is a matter of how Auburn wants him, but whether he feels Auburn is a good fit. I am sure teams always recruit QBs, because so many fall by the wayside once they get into the college system. Auburn is no different. But Cord will decide based on location and probably his best chance to play quickly...I just don't see that being at AU.