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  1. I tried to follow your logic, and don't see it in the film. The LSU's WR's right arm is held down all the way until the ball is close to both of them, and Dean still holds it down while using his right hand to swat the ball. He never uses his left hand to catch or swat the ball away. That's PI. Hand fighting is when they are both pushing for position with their hands. Slayton's was also a PI, but the LSU db did a good job of sneaking his hand onto Slayton's back and holding his jersey just enough for the ref down the sideline in front of him not to see it..
  2. steeleagle

    Question about Gus and play design

    Just at question. Are you saying this bc of what you saw our DBs do? or do you know for a fact he doesn't teach corners to turn their head?
  3. steeleagle

    Keep in mind

    I agree too with your assessment. Steele knows how to adjust. Sure, there are going to be a mistake here and there, but as you said, we don't see it but there is a chess match going on. The problem I have is with the D to a point. Yes the offense didnt help in the latter part of the 3rd and 4th qtrs with there poor drives that ended in 3 punts, a missed FG, and a INT. But the D at home, had to play smarter knowing it was under 6 mins left and LSU used up every minute of that time. We struggled to make 3rd down stops in critical situations, and the DBs have to play smart and make sure they don't give up free yards. We rely so much on our front 4 to disrupt the plays to help the DBs, but Saturday they couldnt get it done, and the LSU was able to comfortably execute key pass plays....
  4. steeleagle

    So what's to come?

    I think it was a combination of DBs and DL that hurt us. On the DL, if you noticed and the announcers pointed this out too, that the LSU QB had comfort in the pocket. We did not get enough pressure up the middle, and for that matter from the ends, to make the QB uncomfortable and get rid of it early, or break the pocket down causing him to scramble. One sack. Not enough. On the DBs, I agree on the PI call against Dean, Dean was not being smart. He had leverage and was with his man on that play, but once he had control, he needed to quit hold the WR. He did way longer than he needed. It is frustrating to see some of our DBs not turn their heads at any time in their coverage. I do thing the order should be in responsibility....DB, OL, QB I think Stidham disappointed me with his lack of making plays in the late third and fourth quarters. This is where a QB shows that extra ability to continue plays, make plays down the stretch, critical drives. I know i don't watch film and some of it could be the play calling that causes these problems. But so far, Stidham hasn't learned to carry a team when they need him to lead them to a win.
  5. steeleagle

    So what's to come?

    I agree with most of your points. RB - I did not get the see the first game, so I didn't see Shivers. but after Saturday, I can understand the coaches giving him more carries. He is just a quick as KM, and better power. Whitlow is the back they need to run most, even though you can tell he is still learning how to play RB. But in the end...I think we will have a very good 1, 2 punch with KMartin being a good 3rd RB. Coaches made the right call on who has the best chance to contribute.
  6. steeleagle

    So what's to come?

    To win out to the GA game, we have to make some changes on the OL (Kim was never going to be the starter until Brahms got hurt. I see a change there, when he is ready.). I think Harrell may be next. They want Ashley in there. On Defense, our DBs really hurt us down the stretch with there PI calls. We just can't give up 30 yards on the last drive, and LSU knew who to test. They have got to get better or better QBs than LSU's QB will kill them. And Stidham has to improve his ability to make plays. I think he has great QB tools, and that is why is going to go 1st round or early 2nd. But, he lacks that ability to take control and find that open WR on critical downs, and late in the game. I just don't see if being that QB that will get you that score. To not move the ball effectively in the second half, at home, is inexcusable. in our last 5 drives of the game, we had 3 punts, one long missed FG and an INT. No drive was over 2 1/2 mins and after the TD, we never made into the Red zone. Cant win like that. Won't win any like that.
  7. steeleagle

    So what's to come?

    There was nothing wrong with the play call, Stidham threw it behind the WR, and the DB was right next to him to make the pick. If Stidham throws it to his outside, there is no INT..
  8. steeleagle

    Gus donates 2 million towards Fball only complex

    That is really high for a football coach to donate. Usually a coach puts in about 1 million, when I have seen it before. Have you ever known a coach to put in that much before? He's just starting to make the big bucks. Ofc, this could be not a one time donation but over a period of years, i guess.
  9. steeleagle

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    The only game I have a serious problem with is the SECCG. KJ was definitely injured, and it should have been GM's responsibility to give KMart teh start, and a bulk of the carries to see if he could give us some ground offense. Then use KJ sparingly, maybe for passes and a few carries. He should have never had 13 carries and KMart 9. That put JS in a tough bind to get him in comfortable downs to pass the ball. And in regards to Cain, the reason I don't see him coming to Auburn is based on his comments regarding the kind of OL and offense he wants to run behind. It was more of the pro style and certainly not the offense we run.
  10. steeleagle

    Poll: Cord Sandberg, Willis, Gatewood, or Bo Nix?

    I think on Gus' record of developing successful HS QBs he recruits, the really tell will be how Nix develops. Other than Nix, who was a stud QB that was wanted by the top schools that GM got? JJ? Frazier? JJ should have been based on him playing in the top level of competition in HS. But I think Nix with his pedigree, his stats as a passer, has the best chance to show he can be a top level SEC..and future NFLer. If he fails, then I may jump on the Gus can't pick and develop HS QBs. Although the difference is Chip is his first OC, that will bring a true passing pedigree to his QBs. I don't count Lashlee as he was a GM clone....
  11. So can he practice this fall with the team, since he will count towards the 2018 year? I assume he will be working out, learning the playbook, sitting in on meetings, and getting ready for Spring/2019?
  12. Hell,. I would have taken Kennedy for sure, as I always like taking Alabama talent. Haven't done it since Corey Grant. Plus, he plays center, and I feel uneasy about our Center position with Kim, and an injured/recovering Brahms.
  13. This is so strange. first, it is like deja vu seeing Sandberg's gf/wife's twitter account and comparing it to Jarret Stidham's proposal to his gf's photos. They look like we cloned another JS, but only Left-handed. I noticed his comments. It said he had an "awesome visit" to NC, and he said he "enjoyed his visit" to the plains. It sounds like if you just read those comments, he had a better visit to NC. So how is it that some feel he will pick AU? Is this all just guessing?
  14. steeleagle

    First thing Chip will address at Fall Camp

    OFC, I was concerned for the D, because it was the only thing keeping LSU at bay, b/c our offense was so ineffective the whole second half. Your D will always bend more and more and more, mentally and physically, when they are getting ZERO help from the offense in the second half. I don't blame the D at all for the loss. And when you are on the road in an SEC game, your offense has to break the trend of the other team gaining momentum. Just a FG would have probably finished off LSU, as well as some time off the clock with ball control. It didn't happen.
  15. steeleagle


    Please don't misunderstand my comments. I agree, he has been successful between the tackles. I agree he can be a successful RB. I am not talking about his running ability. I just said I don't think he can be an every down back bc of his blocking. I have seen film on him, and he does a poor job of blocking or chipping those rushers like LBs and DE who weigh more than 30-50 Lbs on him. I have seen him bulldozed at times. That is what I am focusing in on. Maybe he has improved in practices, and will show a better all round game in the fall. It is just how I feel for now....