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  1. It’s amazing how decimated our starting pitching was hit all along this season. You can’t sustain a winning SEC record without it...but... ...the offense is a different story. They so underachieved in so many areas. No consistency no clutch hitting way too many strikeouts. I agree change is needed there.
  2. I still think that even though our fans hope that the Old Gus' and his offense shows up, I remember that after the first year he was HC here, we struggled in our offense as rules changed and DCs within the SEC found ways to handle his offense. So, while I hope that Gus' offense this year puts us back near the top of the SEC offenses, I am concerned it may not matter if he has not modified his offense to those teams that learned to handle it in 2014, 15,16.
  3. wonder who the Maryland QB will be this year? That may determine where Simms goes, although he is from Maryland anyway.
  4. The only sad thing, is we never got to see a full year of Okeke, like he performed down the stretch in the SECT and the NCAAs. But a good guy, very good player, and looking forward to hopefully finally following an AU player in the NBA.
  5. Aren't we ranked super low in RISP? Things just don't change if you're struggling as many of our hitters have shown a lack of contact hitting...
  6. Holland still finally playing so well. Need the other big guns to produce when RISP are there....
  7. Depends on one's criteria for hiring an OC. I have no clue how good Dillingham will be working with GM...and making our QBs and our offense better. He is very young and inexperienced as he has only 1 year as OC, and still is not the primary offensive play caller on a team.... Does he give good suggestions to Malzahn? Will he be allowed to call some plays that Gus will use, and makes us a better offense for it? Does he know how to develop a QB, which has part of our QB problem for most of Gus's years here? We know NOTHING. Other than he is energetic and a go getter. So is he a good choice? How can any of us say that until this year is up and we see the results.....
  8. Plus, we have been losing to these SEC teams (GA, LSU, MSU, etc) in years that we DID out recruit them. As McL said, its NOT that we are losing to those SEC teams (and a good bowl team) it's HOW we are losing to those teams, that keep us from having those type of years that would keep the Gus bashers (those that want Auburn to compete for Championships, and not those that simply don't like Gus being hired or like him at all). His offenses, his QB decisions, his decision making in game...are just so inconsistent, and at times head scratching, that those are the issues that we hoped that would be eliminated by his 6th year. We will see once again another change in how Gus runs the offense this year, so we get to evaluate AGAIN how we play in those SEC games that are crucial to us competing for the West and the SECC....
  9. Not necessarily. Florida is last in batting avg in the conference and have scored less than we have. If Harris is pitching and she pitches anywhere close to how she pitched the first game, then we just need to score about 3 runs like we have been. If Harris is off, then we are in trouble as FL has a very good ERA compared to ours...
  10. this pattern is the way I feel too how this team will do over the next 2 years. You don't lose 2 very veteran guards and expect to play at the same level at guard play, or with their experience, we will not have that to rely on in close games. I think with the talent, we will still make the tournament next year, but with a very vanilla record. If Pearl gets his top level PG in 2020, then we will be even better in 2020, although again very green in the backcourt, w/ Samir and Javon graduating.
  11. Still no word on Taylon Snow's injury? They need to get Tannon Snow going, as she as struggled. She is in the middle of that lineup, and they need her to produce. Swindle tossing a shutout was totally surprising, as she is not that kind of thrower. Losing Taylon will hurt their middle infield defense, as she has been great lately.
  12. I think Javon, at least so far, plays at times just a little too much out of control. I also think, Harper is probably a better PG at understanding the offensive sets and how to get the ball to the right players for a better shot. One thing I have seen Javon definitely do BETTER than Harper, is his ability to score on the dribble. Harper, it seems unless he could get by a defender was going to get his layup blocked. Javon seem to have more ability to adjust his shot and get it in without the defender blocking it. Actually, there were times I did that shot go in by Javon..😄
  13. actually, there were media reports, even as late as last week that said, those in Harper's camp, said he has no intentions of returning for his senior year. So this first statement only reinforced what had already been reported in print by media recently.
  14. If he can have a good pocket around him, and be taught from professional coaches how to move around in it, if needed, and still look for his WRs or check downs, I think he can become a very good NFL QB. What no one knows yet ,is how he thinks while on the field, as he is taught in much finer detail the tricks of being a productive QB. I've seen so many QBs who I thought were sure NFL QBs that simply fell off into that bucket of so many successful ex college QBs, that I have no clue which way Stidham will end up. But he is in as good an organization as a QB could ask for to have the best foundation to make it. Tell me some of your QBs that you remember in college that you thought were cinches to make it as an NFL QB but failed?
  15. Iowa ST is the latest rumor for where WR Pettway will announce...😫