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  1. The scheme is STILL the problem. That article you referenced also mentioned that, even though we didn't make major adjustments when we started to move the ball and scored in the 4th qtr, the Georgia defense did go back to man to man. They were running a soft zone after going up 21 pts. We hit the soft zones nad also got the running game going more bc of it too. Once Georgia went back to man to man, Bo had trouble finding open WRs. We gained 38yd on the next to last drive, and -5 I think on the last drive. Gus doesn't know how develop pass plays that find weaknesses in man to man coverages it seems.
  2. I would say, that would be the largest buyout in college history. Not sure I want that mentioned w/ my school. I hate to wait to 2021 when it would be about half that.... and deal w/ 7-8 wins again. I am just tired of thinking about Gus....sorry.
  3. Yeah, not quite sold on KS as the HC Great as our DC, but please everyone don't make it harder on AUburn than it already is. Steele was 1-31 in the Big 12 conference.
  4. Home sweet home: Nix a different player at Jordan-Hare.... He better be, or we don't win today!
  5. you thought Tora's comment was insulting? Sounds like thin skin to me. If anything, she was letting you down easy.
  6. totally, and especially since he was committed for so long, and bragged and talked about it through social media. ...Then he flips just like that. THAT's why most AU fans were mad at him.
  7. talented, agree...except in the OL. I would like to say that our offensive deficiencies are due to an inexperienced QB who should get better as this season went along. But it's been more than that over the last 6 years. Unlike LSU who recognized what was needed to make their team an elite offensive team, went out and got a passing expert to work with their OC. See the results? We have a HC that can't work with that same type of needed coach to elevate his offense to beat any team in the country. Playing at home is suppose to be our advantage, but i feel that our offensive issues will continue to show up, when we play the better teams, regardless if it is now at home. Nix's better stats at home are against the weaker defensive teams. Not Saturday or in 2 weeks.
  8. Just hope Mack won't be a pain in our side again next fall. We need to beat him to let those NC recruits who is the better football program. We will have a chance to take care of business in that game.
  9. I never can understand the issue w/ wanting this guy, JUST b/c he wants to be at AU. If we need a QB now, and some DL, then why just go w/ an extra LB just b/c he wants to come? Plus, he is borderline grades according to those here. To make it seem like our coaches don't know what they are doing seems a stretch(don't include OL recruiting in
  10. And we have our own Pickens type WR in Seth WIlliams. We don't need him to win. Pickens didn't make the wrong decision, but if he was sure GA was going to throw the ball to him more than Nix was he was wrong.
  11. Exactly....and Pearl was expecting to have Turbo play a little 2 guard, and backup PG, but he has been slow to adapt to the system, and Pearl hinted doesn't know what to do when he gets out there. For next year, he probably wants Cooper to man the PG spot, and continue to develop Turbo for the 2 guard, since Doughty will graduate.
  12. And you have to break those 2 out AND add in LSU into that equation... Any wins more than 1 is a good record against Alabama (in 6 games)...if that becomes 2-6 over the next 2 But with GA 2-5 is NOT a good record and NOT impressive. 2017 was the only good one to count IMO. 2013 we were ranked #7 and had to make the prayer in Jordan-Hare to pull it out. 3 of those 5 losses were prior to Smart getting there too, when GA was struggling and getting ready to change coaches. So, to win we have to score more than 24 points, and I don't see that happening unless Gus calls a good passing game.
  13. mmm. So let's see...she was a Miss St commit, then a SC commit, and now she is visiting AU? Does she really know where she wants to play?
  14. good point. We have not offensively shown a consistency in moving the ball. We have way too many 5 or less play drives, that puts a lot of pressure on our D and wears them down(See LSU game, FL game...). If Gus doesn't call some high percentage passes and use some pass routes that create space for our quick and faster WRs for Nix to get into a groove and gain confidence, the FR QB will once again feel pressure in trying to make something happen w/ his arm.
  15. It will be interesting to see if we can move the ball on the ground w/ DJ and a healthier Boobie. But I feel Gus will try to pass more early on just b/c he will look at GA stats against the run and we are better in pass blocking than run blocking. Biggest problem I see is that every game except 2017 and ofc 2013 we have NOT been able to generate over 300+ yards of total offense. If we can get to about 350 in yards we will win. If we have more of those less than 5 play drives we will surely lose.