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  1. After all the pressure and results surrounding Biles, I can see where Suni relishes a little normalcy by going off to a small college. As she said, college IS her vacation. So it sounds like unless she is pressured to do more PR, etc...then I expect her to enjoy just being a college student...
  2. ....And we now return you to our regularly scheduled program....
  3. I agree it will simply morph into something similar but different with college sports. The core will still be there with fans and students. I am sure that those old students and AU fans thought that when we stopped playing GT every year and the Wreck Tech went away that college football would never be the same, but it did, and just became something different. It's interesting that the NCAA now is scrambling to catch up. They have a planning meeting coming up in the fall to totally redo their constitution. Evidently, administrators, PResidents, ADs, etc. have been working on it, and will p
  4. Since I haven't see much chatter hyping AU, I guess he is going in another direction? I saw where he got an FSU offer just a few days ago, and now he is announcing. Coincidence?
  5. The info spewing out of NFL experts definitely was misinformation on Coop. They kept talking about him rising to lottery pickings, and that his combines were fantastic. All Smoke... They took 10 PGs ahead of Coop. That should tell you something. And their contracts are not guaranteed, so just bc he is 2nd round, he is going to have to improve that jump shot and his D to stick even for 1 year. He probably can do it, but another year at Auburn would have put less pressure on him while he worked on his weaknesses.
  6. Now you are reallllly going out on a limb with that projection.
  7. Hmmm. You do realize, posters DO give their opinions too on these boards? 😆
  8. So ALL recruiting rankings, regardless of the position, base it on their NFL viability? Or are we just talking kickers? I saw the starting 22 players for the SB teams this past game, and I was amazed how many of the starters were no stars and a lot of 3 stars, and very few 5 stars.
  9. Good point. It seemed like we lacked power hitters, but I didn't get to watch much. I also noticed pitching pretty much dominated the games, especially when it got down to the final games. TBH, I really wish it would be more offensive, and move the pitching mound and bases back, to allow for more offense.
  10. You mean double medal winner? She hasn't won 2 golds yet. But I'm hoping....
  11. Actually, Graba said today in an interview, that Suni is already enrolled for fall classes. But now it's a matter of whether she will be able to attend them, if she has a lot of engagements to fulfill. So she may have to do some online courses he said.
  12. 25 stadium runs by August 1st? Coach, have you got Coach Malzahn's number on you?
  13. I wish. Except when Saban shows him the WRs he's put into the NFL, it could definitely go the other way. I don't know where Kelly is on the Alabama board though....
  14. Yep. comparing MSU to Auburn is a no brainer for now. And now they won a CWS, its going to be even harder. I think they already had 2 top Alabama HS players committed, but I think now at least 1 or both signed MLB contracts.
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