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  1. steeleagle

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    trust me. Pearl has someone on his staff following these players on social media to keep up with them. Coaches now adays have to be ahead of the curve with these players who like to air out their feelings through tweets and posts on social media outlets.
  2. steeleagle

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    Purifoy actually participated in the money deals, whereas Wiley's parent(s) were the only one to be involved in their part of the money deals. So Purifoy was given more punishment than WIley (the 9 games added to Purifoy's year suspension).
  3. steeleagle

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    I think Searles just got hired by NC...
  4. steeleagle

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    bottom line Dunbar has played so well coming off the bench, offensively and defensively, that it has kept Purifoy from getting minutes. And as Pearl has said, he has 9-10 guys now that are playing well enough to stay ahead of Purifoy. I sense after the last 2 games in which Purifoy hasn't seen any minutes, that Pearl will only be playing him if someone gets hurt or plays consistently bad.. Pearl can't afford to put him in and disrupt his current substitution.
  5. steeleagle

    Patient Purifoy Pissed

    Well, If you just look at DP as he is now.... He's overweight to me. He doesn't play good D. He's a streaky shooter that hasn't shown even in the little minutes he has played that his shot is there. He is behind some really good players that, I assume he hasn't shown even in practice that he has overtaken their spot, yet. It is a tough situation. Do you play him more, even though he mostly will be a liability? Pearl is saying no for now. If it was 3 years ago or before, he would have been thrust in there and HAD to play. Purifoy put himself in this position...unfortunately for him...
  6. steeleagle

    A warning about SEC Play

    We always had a 3-headed monster in scoring last year, and then throw in some support from Murray, Okeke, and Anferee, and we had a consistent scoring team. This year, we are struggling to continue that consistent 3 in scoring. Doughty is up and down. As is Okeke. Dunbar is actually improved. But we have to get more offense from Okeke and Wiley. Last night our inside game was nil. Every time Wiley got the ball inside he was double-teamed and he struggled handling it except when he was fouled. I remember one time, he got the ball was double teamed and SPencer or Okeke rolled around to the basket and if Wiley sensed it he could have passed it for a slam dunk or layup by them. He needs to learn this.
  7. steeleagle

    Which Players are Leaving?

    And staying another year w/ a totally inexperienced QB(barring a transfer coming in), and possibly his stats would be even less appealing, w/ a QB that may not be a very accurate passer, IMO would be riskier. All he has to do is just show the bowl tape, and see his catches, and as his mom said, he will have good skills readings at the combines w/ his speed and other skills and show well. They know it will be risky, but I don't think any riskier than him getting hurt at AU or not getting the ball much.
  8. steeleagle

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    His last visit was to FSU. I don't think we were ever on his list or if TWill even visited him. sounds like he has an idea already who he wants to sign with....
  9. steeleagle

    Which Players are Leaving?

    3rd or 4th? I don't buy that one bit. Just his numbers alone are not that great. That's got to be agents telling him this, so he would leave early... I feel he is lucky to be drafted by 6th. OFC nothing wrong with that. Just ask Antonio Brown of the Steelers (for now)...
  10. steeleagle

    2020 4* QB Robby Ashford

    Ok. enough about comparing Ashford to Nix. Let's talk about something real important. What is it with the Yellow Hoover player socks? Their colors having nothing yellow in them, and they definitely don't meld w/ the Hoover colors.
  11. Now this is a thread I could follow. What movie is this? She reminds me of Jamie Pressly who I thought was hot in the day.
  12. Now E, Did you just say, Gus might be more apt to play Bo and excel his development? Since when has Gus taken one of his HS QB recruits and developed him into a SEC QB? lol/
  13. steeleagle

    women vs. Tennessee - game thread

    The key is will they improve. Coach Flo has better players now, but can she teach them to win the important games to put us into that upper echelon of teams. It remains to be seen. We do have some young players...
  14. steeleagle

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    The problem I see is a first round QB playing against a team breaking in a very inexperienced QB, on a very pressure packed stage in the first game of the season. The only advantage I see is if Gus has our offense clicking in the run game bc Oregon's D against MSU in the bowl game doesn't tell us anything as MSU offense was terrible this year.
  15. steeleagle

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I wonder how Asa Martin feels now that his HC has retired? I am sure the coach who worked to get Asa to Miami will not be there when he can play there.