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  1. 2018 4* RB Keaontay Ingram (Texas)

    I thought he was a Texas commit. He's from there, so I wonder how AU felt there chances were good, to offer him? interesting..
  2. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    That's is very true too E.. But I recall some more smaller faster Wrs he used for bubble screens and some quick slants..just can't recall names... Mullen's expertise to me is QB development. I never thought Prescott would be this good in the NFL..but Prescott said one time that Mullen's offense was NFL type, but only difference they didn't go under center.
  3. Improved SEC and Impact on Auburn

    Agree. There are some SEC schools AU can simply score more and win without a big man in the middle. But the teams you mentioned, we need size and bulk inside to win the close ones late in game. Wiley is needed for that. Murray can provide some of that because he plays strong around the basket, but i feel sometimes his Height will hurt him with those guys 6-8 and higher. So some games he will disappear down there. I also think IF Wiley comes back, there will be some games early one that will hurt possibly our chance to win, b/c the only way to work WIley back into the offense sets is now put him out there in real SEC games (not a good way to start)...
  4. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    I think Mullen is going to have more success, using FL as his chip when recruiting. He did well at MSU with the limits MSU recruiting has with their small stadium..and other lessor recruiting extras. But I worry, since I do like his offense..and I can see Schwartz fitting in a little better there than how Gus/Chip so far in their evolving offense tends to forget certain WRs on drives (NCM,
  5. Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    Plus i found out he is 23. That is old for a player still not in the NFL. He needs to go...get in as a FA and show them in camp he can play and help a team. Look what happened to P BArber this can happen
  6. Numbers getting VERY tight

    Is ALabama in there strong, if OSU possibly is eliminated? Although OSU got a 3*QB as a commit and Jones posted a puzzled emoji on it..I wonder why he is thinking more local for a commit.
  7. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs Commits to AU!!!

    why was AU not going to take him? I understand the paperwork issue, but certainly they wanted him or they would not have offered... they have a real deficiency in punting. Although Marshall was better than Shannon, he still could not flip the field if we needed it at times?
  8. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    They just hired a man AD for Arkansas. Shes not the AD...she was assistant, and after the AD was fired...then she took over temporarily to lead the new hire search.. If we hired McKenna-Doyle she would be the only woman AD in SEC. one other thing...looking at the Utah state would be culture shock to go from their athletic facilities and budget to Auburn's in the powerful SEC. Hope he could handle the pressure...))
  9. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Hartwell seems to be the most experienced in all aspects of running an there would not be that great of a learning curve...Btw he does have Auburn ties according to his comments...whether those ties are in the GOB network is unknown. McKenna Doyle would be a very good PR there is not current woman AD in the SEC....but I know she lost her husband recently and wonder if she would make the move. Also, she is in charge of IT for she considered a VP that would earn 1.2 mil?
  10. Tim Horton

    Well Horton I am sure has proven he is a good RB coach at Ark and here...just look at all his rbs he's coached. But why was he ST coordinator? This was the worst we have ever been...3 blocks may have cost Carlson the kicking award..on returns we were always holding our breath. If Carlson didn't kick it so they couldn't return, it could have been worse. We need special attention next year to a true experienced ST coach....Is that even being looked at with this Staff?
  11. Carlson Runner-up Again For Lou Groza Award

    damn was those blocks that killed his percentage...but to not see his whole career and give it even for ridiculous...
  12. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    I agree,,,but just remember out of the ashes always come one team with a new coach that becomes the surprise...(ala GM and his first team in 2013)....right? It always happens...just hope it is a team we don't play or we only play at home..
  13. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    Pruitt coming in reminds me of when Dye took over in 82.. teams that played Au that year, struggled b/c Dye had that D playing hard..and they had to earn those wins.. Pruitt will have that D to me in the same mode...And I agree their O will still be lead by an inexperienced QB... I just think our team better be on...
  14. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    It will be tough for Gus to get to 10 next year without a bowl win or another chance at SEC champ game.. The SEC away games at GA and Alabama will be tough to win..Gus has to show he can win on the road against top 10 ranked SEC teams. His unknown games will be TaM and those and his first 5 to start the season and the Miss schools...he has a chance.
  15. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    (Rocker) why would a local GA guy leave them for UT? Just the money? I am a little surprised he would bolt unless he's getting more responsibility...and ofc a lot more money..