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  1. steeleagle

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    don't be too harsh on them. They are playing the #5 team on their turf. Yes, i wanted that one win with Mize, our best Pitcher. They only scored 10 runs in the series. that is only about 3 runs a game. won't win with that. Plenty of RISP we didn't cash in on. CBT alluded to that. On with LSU. Got to have 2-3....
  2. steeleagle

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    Coach had seen enough. So far the best pitcher for us this weekend has been DD, and that's not saying much. But at least he seemed in control in his innings pitched, but just laid too many sweet pitches over the plate against the 2nd best hitting team in the SEC.
  3. steeleagle

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    Wright seems to be K'ing a lot lately, especially with RISP. Not good. need contact guys....
  4. steeleagle

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    Agree. There are plenty of historical moments where the backup wins a game, and then they can't perform consistently when given the starting position, and are never heard from again. Tua hasn't earned a starting position,.....but he may. lol. But I will say this in that UA/GA game you mentioned. that winning TD in OT, was more of a great playcall and a perfect look off by Tua, then throwing a perfect pass to the WR that won them the game. Got to give him credit for executing that play with all that pressure. Dang it...
  5. steeleagle

    Baseball at Ole Miss game 2

    well, as possibly being the #1 pick in the draft, he better handle 'any' kind of pressure, if he wants to stay in the major leagues. we have no clue what is going through his mind pitching second in the series. It could just be Ole Miss knows how to approach his pitching. Top pitchers have off days. Let's just say Mize is having his.
  6. steeleagle

    Baseball at Ole Miss game 1

    In theory that makes sense to pit your best against their best. But baseball is different especially when it comes to pitching and having a pitcher that is well known to possibly be the best in college and a 1st pick in the draft. So when CBT says he wants Mize to pitch on Friday, even though he pitched Mize on Thursday last week, could have been decided for a number of reasons: 1. Maybe his Thursday game FL was not his sharpest (CBT may have looked at his numbers after the game, his post game feelings with his arm, looked at velocity as the game wore on). So many things go it to that we don't see. 2. Maybe he is looking ahead to giving him more rest, knowing he is going to be pitching in higher pressure games in the SEC tourney and the NCAAs. 3. Or maybe CBT is looking out a little too with his pro career. I think we are beating this eval to death, as fans. That is fine, it is fun too, but as long as we get to host a series in the NCAA and do well in the SEC tournament i will be satisfied.
  7. steeleagle

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    Most of those was due to poor QB play. GA always has good defenses, and once they shut our running game down, our one dimension relying on a hurt QB or poor QB play doomed us.
  8. steeleagle

    Softball vs. uat SEC tournament

    That's a lot of pressure to put on a freshman. I think that is why it seemed natural to put the senior Draper as leadoff with her speed and how she hits. Draper simply was not effective in the SEC. She seemed better to bat last in hindsight. Unless they recruit a true leadoff, Taylon will be batting first next year.
  9. steeleagle

    Softball vs. uat SEC tournament

    Not knocking Draper either. She has had a very good career at AU and helped us win during the last 2-3 years, and her D is outstanding in the OF. BUT, she was not clutch this year. MAybe she just couldn't handle the pressure of batting lead off. And the rule enforcement of stepping out of the batters box, I think really cuffed her mentally, as that is a major part of the style of hitter she is. But her avg against Osorio was no better than Perry's. She struck out against Osario in the first, and never got a hit in her other ABs. That's why managers manage the game and make the tough decisions. I agree Perry wasn't much better of an option, but we have had trouble ALL year with RISP. I didn't like Draper's chances any better than Perry's.
  10. steeleagle

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    If i remember right, GA had to come to AU 2 consecutive years and play after the realignment. Nothing was done to reciprocate that making AU go to GA 2 years in a row. So JJ must have made the concession to play ALabama and GA home in the same year, away in the same year, to keep GA on our schedule and play them at AU 2 years in a row.
  11. steeleagle

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    IT was when the SEC added Missouri and TAM to the conference that the schedules had to be redone, and somehow to keep GA as one of our every year games, the schedule was changed causing us to play them and Alabama both at home and away in alternating years. JJ seems to think that Auburn had 2 options, lose GA as an every year opponent or agree to playing them and Alabama both at home and away in the same years, to satisfy the SEC scheduling needs.
  12. steeleagle

    Softball vs. uat SEC tournament

    Our lead off hitter was batting last, last year bc of the type of hitter she is. This year, batting lead off, in SEC play she was batting .203 with 1 RBI and 2 walks and an on base percentage or .225. That is NOT what you want from your leadoff batter. I think the new rule to watch batters stepping out of the batters box really hurt her this year. although I agree, let the senior veteran give it one last chance, but Dean was hoping for someone to get the ball out of the infield i guess( and Draper had gone 0-4 with a strikeout against Osorio, who was now back in the game. Remember, he doesnt have a history with these girls that were recruited and played for Meyers. So he was just a coach trying anything to generate runs.
  13. steeleagle

    Softball vs. uat SEC tournament

    Our SEC stats were falling last year (and that is with Cooper, Fagan and Wallace in the lineup). We batted .228 in SEC play last year. And this year it was .211 (WITHOUT those 3 veterans)
  14. steeleagle

    Defense has "bloodied the nose" of offense

    I'll know Stidham has improved, if when he is flushed out of the pocket, he remembers to just throw the ball away, and not try to outrun the D, and absorb a 10 yard loss.
  15. steeleagle

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    Nope. Although they did preface it by saying this is based on a projection of his ability, How they can put him 2nd is ridiculous. He's in a system that doesn't rely mostly on the QB. Its D and a strong running game that Saban operates off of. Tua's limited stats also don't show how he will fair against all of the SEC teams in a grueling season. Their rating is based on the strength of the Alabama program not on a QB's history or stats.