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  1. No Mikey...look at thread title. It had Noting to do what you just wrote, which was our inability to get well regarded O-line prospects..... And your first post on this thread was fine, then when someone wrote a post that twerked you, you started down the negative posting, even though Auburn is trying to flip guys, for now to get THOSE linemen...
  2. "If you can get him around the neck, like this...he won't ever be able to jump and get that rebound."
  3. No, what I just read somewhere else is that Harsin/Kiseau will wait another week before naming the starter at QB......
  4. How do u think his son is going to be a really good coach? he’s coached one game for Auburn. we know nothing if he can carry on all the success like his dad. Is his personality anything like his dad’s? I haven’t seen it yet. how many sons of basketball HCs have been equally or better than their dad? it’s just too easy to assume in my opinion. As long as Pearl stays involved, I don’t have a problem letting Steven a shot but if we continue to be one of top teams in college basketball and we have gotten interest from top established coaches….mmmm.
  5. I only have one dissension on your list. jaylin has become a much better inside player. He is using a little more power to go along w his quickness. He has gotten more inside rebounds and when he puts it back up it’s going in ,bc he is just that much quicker than the bigger dudes inside. I think he’s earned more minutes but it does depend on how much inside power some teams have.
  6. We’re not helplessly broke w NIL. you like to use negative words a lot I noticed. Football is a totally different issue w NIL but u seem to put basketball in the same boat. It’s not. Pearl can get what he needs from NIL BUT he chose not to on one big time recruit. now just write on your iPad: Auburn basketball is in the greatest shape in years under Pearl and I am a bad Auburn fan for doubting him
  7. It’s also possible he’s better as a spread qb and learning under center pro style he may never feel comfortable in. He certainly didn’t feel comfortable last year but all we have is ‘HOPE’ he is smart enough to adapt and learn to be succcessful in an offense he’s never played in until last year?
  8. Ok ok. What did I say wrong? so your interesting ‘dumb question’ gif tells me no public access?
  9. Wouldn’t he show up in a bio on the womens staff pages on Auburntigers.com if he was still w us? Ofc I also know our media staff is not real consistent w updating websites. 😙
  10. I thought per ncaa findings on the Person scandal we lose 1 scholarship bc of it this upcoming recruiting period. am I wrong about this?
  11. I personally think they said little of Calzada to get his attention and get him to pick it up. They want him as the starter. If it works great. Let’s see what the next scrimmage presser sounds like from Harsin. I am guessing it will sound totally different about the QBs.
  12. Will the public have access to this facility every day including game days? and what areas and hours will it be open for the public to roam around.
  13. I miss playing in the Auburn Marching. band. Great experiences. Trust me. We get just as pumped for the first game JHS as the players do.
  14. WhT I like about our new guys is they are all really good but in different ways. westry - very good on D. Had good ball skills and has a nice smooth mid range jumper. Need a shooter that only thinks of 3’s. Donaldson- good ball skills. Strong on dribble. Good backup PG behind Wen,Wes, and Zep Treore- could, I said COULD be better overall than Jabari bc he has great skill in all parts of his game. Broome- great Defense. Knows his way around basketball court to score or defend. so ALL Of these signees fill a need and can defend AND score. I truly think this group may turn out to be his best recruiting group.
  15. Just got in. Where can I see a live scoreboard of the game? ofc Auvurntigers.com doesn’t show one.
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