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  1. steeleagle

    Finding success in the details

    Good comments Stat... Another major issue to me to add to your is how we recruit and coach those players in the trenches. It is always said that it starts with those players on each side of the ball. We cannot meet our goals of championships or competing for them, if we do not recruit and develop those players on the OL and the DL. While we have done an excellent job on the defensive side, there are holes, especially this year that have made us weaker on D. As you said, and I have seen this more often than not, is disciplined ends that know to protect the outside and not be suckered always into crashing inside or speed rushing without taking care of his area on running plays. On offensive line, I have noticed over the years since Gus took over, that we constantly seem to have to bring in transfers or JUCOS to solidify the OL. I can remember a few names, and maybe there are others I forgot about (Gholson, Dunn, DRiscoll, James, DAmpeer, Danzey). And next year we HAVE to do the same, bc this group, besides being inexperienced in some areas, is just not as talented as is needed to compete against the DLs to Alabama, GA, MSU, etc). Our recruiting the last couple of years has been abysmal. In those 2 areas alone, along with what Stat has said about our coaching is adding up to inconsistent seasons, and in the near future, loses to the best in the SEC ...
  2. steeleagle

    Gus's record til now

    NO NO NO.. That's why we moved away from him running the offense. Teams now KNOW how to defend him... He needs to allow an OC come in that RUNS his own offense w/o his influence. Sorry Gus, it's time to just let it go! And if you read CTT's article, i agree, it needs to be with a Passing QB first, but with a better OL. NOT a DT QB that can run, but is only considered a RUNNER first, and Passer 2nd.. He will still be held accountable, so if the PTB are not satisfied, they will let him go, when...who knows?
  3. steeleagle

    Auburn at 24 in CFP Rankings

    Better? Their wins are against: East Tenn St, UTEP, Charlotte and AUBURN...their only road win is against AUBURN...
  4. steeleagle

    Auburn at 24 in CFP Rankings

    it is weird that the AP and Coaches poll don't have us ranked but the only legit poll CFP....ranks us.
  5. This year you could eat those words. If we don't find a running game to help JS run the offense OR if JS is not able to pass if the coaches feel throwing the ball is the only way we can score we will end up like LSU. the only place we are a little better than LSU is with Stidham. But lSU got shut down AT HOME...against Alabama...
  6. steeleagle

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    That includes Cord Sandberg to me too. He may be 24 by the time spring practice rolls around...but he has NO experience running our offense (and if we change OC, then he has to go through another learning curve), and he has only play football in HS about 6 years ago.... So we better hope he is super smart when it comes to learning to play QB at a P5 school..or we better get a JC top level QB..and please tell me that K. Bryant the transfer from Clemson can truly throw the ball as well as Marshall did for us..or we will have a weak passing game in 2019...
  7. So was that JJ that nixed KB? Now that Greene is AD, maybe that will be revisited? Strange that the 2 best OC's we want to look at both were associated with scandals...what luck we have:)
  8. steeleagle

    Will SEC allow Freeze to Auburn

    Why was Freeze a no-no when Saban wanted him last year, but this year it will be ok to hire him? Does just 1 more year make a difference in the eyes of the SEC?
  9. steeleagle

    Malzahn Presser Georgia Week

    It's amazing how consistent he is. even when it looks like he miss hit it, the ball goes over 40+ yards...
  10. steeleagle

    One game doesn't fix it

    I am not going to blame a coach for asking for more than some think he is worth. It's no different when I went in to try and get a raise, and most would ask for more than what we thought we would get. But it's the Admin's fault for giving in, not GM asking for what most top level coaches ask for these days...
  11. steeleagle

    One game doesn't fix it

    To add to your think that our people in admin know ANYTHING about contract negotiating in the sports world, is short-sighted. OFC they used lawyers who are experienced in contract negotiating, and based on their recommendations the President and BOT approved. Sure the President could have just said no, or the BOT the same, but they didn't. It's the nature of college coaches contracts these days. Look at Jimbo Fisher's. its more ridiculous than GM's....
  12. steeleagle

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Did you not watch last years team? Stidham set a record in passing, and he is truly not at RPO QB. Our problem is a weak OL...that tends to create problems for your running game, AND passing game at times too.. And there is no way JS is staying. If he doesn't have a good draft option, then I wonder more if he would grad transfer to another school. But know is age, and how he has had to go to 3 schools, now engaged...I expect he is ready to just go to the NFL...
  13. steeleagle

    2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe commits to AU!!!

    Let's not go there in this recruiting thread. T-Will for all intents and purposes is staying. I havent seen one post report a source that he is leaving, even if something happens to GM( and I don't expect him to be let go either).... Nothing good will come if we have to go out and get another LB coach and great recruiter for us...
  14. steeleagle

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    yep..i was there..and this is one of those times, when someone off the bench is the best remedy for a comeback win. Happens a lot in sports...and that was one of them. Nix did a great job of just throwing it to a spot so Sanders with his strength and leaping ability could go up and grab it. Even after that, we were still behind, but continued to score 10 more points to win the game and keep their undefeated season in tact...
  15. steeleagle

    2019 3* OT Isaiah Hookfin

    What? you have scouted hours of film on OL coaches too? 😉