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  1. Thanks TG. i want to know how u found out we had our first 4 pitch inning so fast. Lol. who did Smith replace that was hurt?
  2. That’s the story of this team most of this hitting year. need to work on more gap hitting.
  3. Sooooo on May 17th we offer and are interested and do alll these write ups and articles on him.... ....and on May 18th....we are no longer interested. Only with these recruiting coaches do we get this. Geez.....
  4. lol. tbh, I don't remember him ever being 6'7". I thought he came to school about 6'5" and maybe grew to 6'6". Never realized he's 6'7" a;ready. His speed and agility has never been his problem other than he likes to only go north/south and doesnt have loose hips to get out of the way of a charge.
  5. WED didn’t say they were garbage. The problem is he defended someone else even though there are certainly other words that would have meant the same but not as brazen as ‘garbage’. 🤔
  6. No it shouldn’t have the same meaning. is. It their fault our OL is avg, no. how many of these guys could of just hung it up without the extra Covid year allowed and moved on with this life? They came back and will at least do their best even if they could get hurt busting their 5th and 6th year of eligibility. they stayed to give us a chance. they are Auburn players and they represent my team. We will see if we are better moving the ball on the ground. If we don’t well know why but don’t put the albatross on our current OL as they playing to their ability. ’Garbage’ should be used on those coaches who are not getting us OL that will allow us to compete at a higher level.
  7. You know. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that Auburn is creating a snafu for recruiting bc we don’t have a sports management program. This has happened in the past and I’m not taking recent either. you would think someone in the AD office could get this fixed. I don’t understand why either of all things we don’t have a sports management program.
  8. If anybody can break down the stats I would like to see how our hitting seemed to go downhill down the stretch. Our pitching struggled bc of injuries but I think a Penta and every now and then KK would at east keep us in most every game. we were so HR driven it seemed in the first half of year that it covered u our weaknesses in RISP when we needed a hit. Our HRS seemed to take a nosedive at the end and bc our biggest HR players were 2+freshmen right, it seemed the pressure was on them. especially when I saw our best SEC hitter didn’t even hit .300?
  9. 17 years since Bama lost their first game in tournament. Geez. now that’s consistency. Unfortunately surprisingly it was their hitting that did them in.
  10. That’s the difference in coaching. Miss coach got his team to play better when it counted but our team struggled down the stretch. it shows up in the tournament.
  11. I’ve felt all along since Deans been here that he is a very good pitching coach but is not going to get us back to the top level softball without better hitting coaches and better in game management. how u allow a player to bat in the LAST at bat for Packer who does have some pop in her bat to maybe hit one out. I bet that girl was super nervous trying to not strike out. Can’t blame her. so what is our SECT record under Dean now?
  12. I’ll add to that. And it’s even more difficult to add wins when 1 of your 2 best pitchers is injured all season. To win 4 more games was positive and helped w a much better offense to gO with. some of our freshmen that had to play hit a 2all, like Perslta who was tearing it up early. But pitchers found her weaknesses and was able to handle her. but pitching is the key and we were not pitching with a full h3slthy roster.
  13. Did Brie finally break the freshman record for Au home runs? I saw she hit 1 in the 7th and she had been sitting on tied forever it seemed. we just didn’t get enough hitting this weekend. Getting swept was not what they needed now.
  14. If the deal is in writing how could there NIL deal fall apart? Don’t unnderersnd that logic. If it was verbal and not legit that makes sense.
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