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  1. And that is good ending to this thread. Lol. Just kidding.
  2. THis seems to be AUburn's MO when dealing with the NCAA these days. I hope that by Auburn making Wiley and Purifoy sit out a year and some months, that by doing that, then the NCAA when issuing our additional punishment, kept them from making us forfeit those games they COULD have played in. And I assume by putting ourselves on NCAA postseason probation this year, that gets this out of the way too, since we were going to be a totally unknown, inexperienced team trying to even make the NCAAs this year. Next year is the year to put us back into top level contention. Although, doing all
  3. Depends on Bo. If he can have a consistent QB play, making good decisions, we will be close in the 4th quarter. If he plays like he does on the road most of the time, he will struggle, and we will be lucky to get 21 points. 45-20 Bama
  4. Sorry, i have read nothing....nothing that MAY have indicated that Person took a bullet for us or saved the program. To me taking a pleas is just his way of maybe getting a lesser deal than getting dragged through the media trying to fight it and then getting a worse sentence. It would have been nice to think he tried to make amends in some way....but there is no 'reading between the lines' theory I can see.
  5. I wonder if Bicknell had a lot to do with this? Wilson's choices had included BC and others and with Bicknell knowing the Northeast so well.... Got the measurements...and we have done real well with transfers from up north recently....
  6. At first glance, based on what you say others in the know are reporting, our punishment will be similar to OSU. The only difference I see is we will get our NCAA ban this BB season and not next season. We still will get scholarship reductions, limits on recruiting visits, reduced recruiting period, other recruiting limitations for coaches and who knows what they will zap on Coach Pearl. So unless they know we only will lose scholarships and the Post season ban, it looks about the same to me, not less.
  7. THis should detail all that out. Just what we need, a post season ban and our 5* PG declared ineligible....
  8. No emoji? you must be joking, right? Since Person was a coach, it seems the NCAA is telling all that that is a bigger issue than an administrator breaking the rules as in the Alabama case... But when it comes to the NCAA...there are no precedents they tend to go by...
  9. My son is building a home in Auburn off Highway 14 that will not be able to get the local cable services run to. He will need internet access so he can stream as well as do computer work. Any suggestions as to who to use? I know about satellite services having internet, but I heard it is not very fast. What other companies offer internet that he can get out to his remote home off highway 14?
  10. Utah, Missouri, and Indiana. Interesting recruiting areas for us.
  11. I can imagine. I don't understand AG keeping TWF when he came in. But he did, and then I totally don't understand why he continues to keep her with her record after AG said he wanted to give her more resources to be succesful. Please don't tell me it's her buyout cost too. All she has on this team now is one great player and a bunch of transfers and jucos.
  12. Yeah. I think if BP stays in this ranking area mostly, and every now and then shoots for a top 15 5*, I think that works. I don't like going after so many 5* when they now have G league to add to their option...
  13. Louisiana-Lafayette? Are they a softball powerhouse? Great to see us 2nd. Now the 2021 class is not signed yet, right? These are just rankings of commits...?
  14. Yep, seen it happen before. And we have come off of 2 high level, highly physical games that went down to the last play. Lots of injuries and guys out trying to heal. Offense needs to step up....(but not like the first half of Ravens game)...
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