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  1. you're reading his comment incorrectly. He IS referring to KD in his comment about missing for personal reasons, but still listed #1, but NCM being #3..
  2. I can't hear you. Can you say it a little louder and clearer!
  3. This is a little funny now. Notice halfway down his scholarship offers basket he is rummaging through, he passes Auburn's papers. We are not even near the My how things change.
  4. I never thought Smith would become a leader...I think coming in like he did, he had a lot to overcome. And he is simply an athlete first, and having to learn the WR position. Hopefully in his senior year he will have better success with our new OC using his best weapons. I really have no idea who will be the WR leaders..they are so young, or played so little. I can see Slayton, or even Stove providing some leadership. I think the players will tell more as to who they rely on...and it usually comes with WRs that have success on the field or has the energy to show the others confidence...
  5. I think most on here seem to really like WB just because he is really built well. Actually, when i see photos of him, i think he could play LB. )) That seems to be the consensus. It's hard for TQ to get any ink, because since he has been hurt he can't compete at all. And I think we have so many QBs on the team, I'm not sure that Caudle had a long list of QBs to compete with. (and I am not even including JF3, who now looks like a WR...
  6. Or not tackling like he is at a bull rodeo...)))
  7. Why the interest in TQ? At best he is now 4th string. If JS grows and becomes our QB for the next 2 or even 3 years, I don't see TQ staying if he feels he has any thoughts of being a starting QB. Now add SW in for at least 1 more year (if he stays his Sr year), WB and the Fr QB, I don't see any chance for TQ...
  8. True. but what SG brought to the team that i never saw under Paw was a mental toughness that this team needed to fight through adversity or weather stormy games. OFC, some of his attitudes were Trump like, and he rubbed many the wrong way, especially his management. Who knows if his teams would have gotten even better or continued getting to the NCAAs. We will never know... Just like it is too early to tell about CBT. He has pitching coaching credentials, so now we must see if he can manage a whole team to consistent winning, and getting us back in the playoffs.
  9. geez, they don't make it easy in the late innings any more. A liner to get the DP...whew!
  10. Just glad we are playing someone else from a P5 conference who has a pedigree. I don't the Tulanes as long as one of the OOC is a quality name team. although i would rahter play home and home...
  11. Ok. WHy are we pinning our problems on not having T. Jones? Did we know for a fact he was a critical practice coach? I knew he was critical to recruiting, but it seems recruiting has gotten even better since he has gone. Are we blaming some of the new coaches for poor coaching our players in learning D or running his offense?
  12. That's why Sitdham may have the upper hand, if he can be accurate on the deep throws. We know SW is great with reading defenses. and mostly with his accuracy on short and intermediate throws. His weakness is he has not been able to get the deep ball to his WRs, and can't throw to just and out and up streaking WR. We will see, but we needed to open up the deep passing game too. Now If OC CL can improve and diversify our passing game, then maybe we won't need as much deep ball plays.
  13. Then i give you a pass this But i will say this...if we don't improve during next year with more experienced and better players, then you will see a continual drop in attendance..
  14. Sorry, I went to every home game and never saw it half empty. Even the last game of the season against the worst team in the league on a saturday afternoon, drew a lot more than i expected. It was not half full. Student section was pretty good, and even the season ticket holders showed up more than i thought... Sure in December against crappy teams and school out, drew less than hoped. But for team that didnt win many home SEC games, i thought the crowds were pretty darn good.
  15. Jared was way too inconsistent down the stretch. And as our PG that made our problems worse. He is not the best at creating assists. He can dribble and drive, but he doesnt draw fouls as much as Heron because he lacks physical size. Just like in last night, late he tried to drive, but then tried to adjust his shot rather than draw the foul, and ended up on the floor simply with a missed shot. But his charge at a most crucial time was all on him. He had no business putting his arm out to push a way a player that was only trying to foul him. He needed to slow down, and get fouled with a 3 pt lead and the ball, and in double bonus. Why he was trying to go so fast with the shot clock off, to run up the court was a bad instinct for a player who has played so much at the point. I actually didn't understand why RJ was not in the game, down the stretch. He didn't even see the OT. And he is a veteran.