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  1. I think I had a professor like you at Auburn.
  2. I think you have to look at how Bo has played since Ga St IMO, and he has improved every week. And you really can't judge him in the GA game when his WRs dropped anywhere from 8-12 balls? Who knows how the offense would have been if those had been completed...and gave the offense more rhythm. And in late 3rd and 4th, we could not stop their ground game...and time was limited for the offense. What I looked for was is he better making decisions...yes. Is he better staying in the pocket...yes. Is he making better accurate deep throws...yes, is his accuracy better...yes, is he play
  3. As long as Pearl only takes off his clothes ABOVE his waist, I'm good with it.... Everyone knows Pearl and his passion,,,so this type of emotion and energy should be normal for those that support Pearl...
  4. I also think it's interesting that our 2 highest rated recruits, Brooks and Hunter, didn't see any playing time and are now definitely redshirting. I guess the transfers have played so well, and stayed healthy that Harsin has the luxury of RSing them.
  5. I don't. I think Truesdell the year before was getting pushed back way too many times into the next level. He didn't have that nasty streak. I think he would have ended up being in the rotation but as a backup. And looking at how he's playing so little and doing so little at FL seems to carry forward his play there. Newqirk is doing much better and playing more than Truesdell. It's just how i saw it....I am happy with Fair and Harris, although we always miss a guy like Brown who could disrupt a backfield.
  6. Im not too keep on a player leaving his team in mid season. And I saw he is officially visiting OM, so he may have already made up his mind on his next school...
  7. Agree. But OM is going to take their deep shots with those WRs and the arm of Corral. I am concerned how far off our DBs end up allowing for easy catches by WRs. If we can hold them to any FGs AND as you say we have to be on all cylinders with our offense, then we will outscore them. If we can't contain them at least a few series each half, we may be playing catchup in the 4th qtr.
  8. THat's been Dean's achilles heal for the last 3 years. He did recruit hitters this time, but they are young and it will depend if they handle the top level pitchers they will see every time out in the SEC. Pitching will keep us close, and if we can get a little better power hitting, we can win those close games we couldn't the last few years...
  9. I saw a lot of those fake injuries, and it was ridiculous to have to watch that and extend the game that long. Is there nothing a ref can do to force them to them off the field, especially when 99% were being addressed as cramps?
  10. Speaking of the pass to Robertson, when was the last time an AU QB threw a TD pass of over 70 yards? I don't count a pass within 10 of the LOS that turned into a TD, but a deep pass that was at least that long? I bet Bo has never throw many TD passes over 50 yards. Maybe 1 in 3 years? Maybe Stidham did it but not sure....
  11. You realize we are tied for 3rd in the SEC in TDs allowed? You realize we are 5th in total D in the SEC? They are not playing bad, but I do think they are still learning and thinking more than being confident in their new roles, so I expect them to continue to get better. Now saying that, don't use the Ole Miss game as a barometer. With Matt Corral who is probably playing the best QB in the SEC, they are going to dial up the numbers.
  12. I will add that Neuheisel did repeatedly talk about how Nix is so much better on his QB skills. He kept calling it what an 'ephiphany'? So he was praisworthy of him a lot...
  13. THere were a few gafs in the broadcast crew doing our game Saturday. I think, on 1 play where Ark threw a pass out to the flat and the guy caught and then dropped it, Murray I think, said "that was a catch", when it was obvious the WR never had control of the ball before it dropped. Neuheisel was better but there seemed some times where they showed more one-sided comments in favor of Arkansas. And it seemed they were always talking and showing Pittman on the sideline, and correct me if I am wrong, but very rarely, if at alled showed Harsin on the sideline or gave him props on
  14. I thought Lenti was the hitting coach? Was Brooke doing this last year too?
  15. Alas, he did the same thing with the Steelers who drafted him. He could catch a contested pass down the sideline, but drop passes in the open field. I think his injured hand, made it even harder for him to be a consistent pass catcher. Of all the current WRs, I like Hudson the best, if he can continue to work hard on his skills. He makes some of those catches look so smooth and easy. ANd he does a really good job of adjusting on a ball thrown to him. He does have too many drops, but that is simply a focus issue. THAT can be improved.
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