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  1. depends on what type of screen they were running? the slow developing screen is on the LBs to recognize and quickly move in and beat the lineman trying to block them.
  2. Samantha Yarbrough, BAILEE DEMPSEY, ASHLEE SWINDLE, HANNAH CAVANAUGH, LEXIE HANDLEY, KK DISMUKES We need 3 good pitchers from this group to hold down the fort. If our hitting doesn't materialize, we are in trouble. Swindle will give us innings, but relies on control and not power. She is not going to strike out many, so our D needs to be solid. Handley gives us the best chance as a strikeout pitcher, but her control needs to stay consistent. So who is that third pitcher we see as getting a chance?
  3. It looks like Malzahn has a totally different network he is connected to in the football world than Saban does. I can see a mix of college coaches, non-sports speakers, and NFL coaches. But for Gus to not bring in any NFL coach, would seem to not be as interesting to college football players, many of them top level players, whose major goal is to get to the NFL.
  4. I kinda agree with your assessment, but it is hard to know how each one of these coaches has progressed from the outside w/o someone on the practice field and during game day to see how these coaches teach, and react to what is going on w the WRs. But I think the biggest reason is that Gus Malzahn, while being a great offensive mind, mainly b/c he knows how to scheme running plays, is NOT really an Offensive Coordinator. He doesn't bring in highly experienced position coaches that know their craft. He brings in guys that either are learning their position (Burns, Caddy, Dillinger) or a coach that probably knows his craft, but is a poor recruiter (Grimes). And Gus basically tells these position coaches how to coach (IMHO) their position based on what HE sees and wants. I think this is totally why our offense has NO identity for many years now. While Gus was OC, he brought a new offensive scheme to the SEC(HUHN), and in his first year as our HC, but then the defenses and the rules changed to make it harder. Gus has tried to transition and adjust, but so far it has mixed results, and little identity and consistency. THat is what makes us polar on this forum, and so many reasons offered, discussed and cussed.
  5. Football doesn't work that way. You just don't put a QB at RB. There are so many different aspects he would have to learn. ANd tbh, we have a back like that already in Joiner, that Gus doesn't use as a RB except to pass to him once a game. If your idea is get Gatewood more into the game, then let him go in at QB at different times in the game and see if he can run the HUNH or RPOs and get our Running game going. But don't wait till the end.
  6. If Nix could hit him in stride, maybe Schwartz makes it bc he has great speed and separation. But any throw that causes Schwartz to dive or catch and go to the ground is probably going to end up just like it did last night. Gus has to know to use his other good WRs. Hill has shown, even in the spring game that he can catch the hard and tough ones. I never saw any pass plays to McClain who subbed for Williams I guess, or Hill. But it could have been bc Nix may have focused on his comfortable WRs Hastings and Stove and to some extent Sal. Nix seems like he is not comfortable at times to look for those WRs he's not practiced much with or doesn't run consistent crisp routes.
  7. Gatewood is 6'5" and runs a 4.7 or 4.8 and you are going to put him 3 yds behind the LOS? HE would never get to the line. Oh, he might break a tackle here and there, but he would lose more yards than gain. His advantage is his ability to run an RPO or a QB designed sweep. And remember, its our LINE that is the major problem, not our RBs...
  8. Great report. But I believe I heard Malzahn in his after game press conference say that DJ Williams injured himself during the practice week. He hoped he could be back against Kent St. I also think DJ has been banged up even since the spring game(shoulder)...and continues to get banged up keeping him from a chance to play.
  9. I agree. Most of the usage will come from coaches, players and admin so it needs to be where all the other football facilities are including the places mentioned by RIR. To put it at the stadium, when they only use the stadium for recruiting, game days, final walk thrus and ofc celebrating football National Champions, might not be efficient. Plus there is like NO room around that stadium except on the north end...
  10. Now that's a statement building I can donate to!!
  11. Add to that, I think Bo, better recognized pressure, and threw the ball away more in one game to avoid a loss and sack, than Stidham did during a whole year.
  12. Come-on. He knows the ACC is east coast, and Pac-12 is west coast. I could understand more if he had said Big 12 or something more word-like. He was just being cute...And while not real didn't need to be said since you had already beaten them. Stay humble...and less has to be taken back.
  13. Malzahn addressed this. He said they throttled back on the hurry up most of the game bc he had a FR QB running it, and some new WRs and he said he was more interested on everyone knowing their roles on plays called. So he called very little HUNH...
  14. I like Clemson's visual. I really hope we don't make it look like every other building on campus. Brick and concrete only..NO. Lot's of glass and lots of lighting and lots of visuals seen from the outside. I think it needs to be functional but eye appealing.