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  1. If we are still getting cases all the way up into August, I can't go, bc I am over 60 and have a weak immune system due to taking immunotherapy drugs. I can't take that chance that people around me aren't Asymptomatic. Unless we can quick test everyone coming into the stadium, and no ones going to do that... CAn you image a stadium full of fans with masks and gloves on?
  2. I know Gus has called a pass play out of it, but i would agree 99% of the time it was a run. In those years we had a strong OL, and a stud RB behind it, we would seem to have great success after an impact play and then a run. It seems to catch them off guard w the HUNH, and we could get even a few more first downs that way. But over the last 4-5 years most times it doesn't work well most of the time. Memory seems to tell me we would get stuffed at the line or get maybe a yard or 2, then we would have to stop it, and huddle for a 2nd and long play.
  3. The issue is who is sending it and the environment around them? In this sensitive liberal stage we are surrounded by, It is not good to have a high profile coach, at a school in the deep south who has in its history issues with racial tension and prejudices. Ole Miss with it's Rebel nickname, it's mascot, and the REbel flag being a major part of it's history is not the place to send a picture of someone w/ a noose. It wasn't racial, but certainly wasn't smart either.
  4. So with all the transfers, Coach is having to bring in college player transfers now at small colleges to fill the void and can play inmediately? I assume she did not have any signees yet for 20-21? It is going to be a very interesting roster, and it seems very impossible to have a complete roster this fall when you have to replace 8 players by Fall/2020.
  5. I think the key is maybe that Pearl thinks he needs an experienced PG(GT, JC) that can help his possibly very young back-court. The top 2 PGs will both be true FR, and the backup will be a little used SO. If he can find one that will be a backup like McCormick that fits perfectly. Remember, even when Harper was a FR, we had TJ Dunans and Ronnie Johnson who were veterans, and I believe Dunans played PG for us some.
  6. Green's parents are going to move to Alabaster? (just kidding). I was wondering if they would move here...thanks..
  7. Interesting. I wonder what his parents are planning if he goes to Auburn in regards to the distance from home?
  8. I haven't researched it, but i thought there were no more football coaches left to pay, and maybe the only basketball coach we may be still paying is Barbee? But I would be surprised we are still paying Barbee.
  9. If there is a chance for a 2nd wave of the virus in the fall, but college football goes on, then our stadiums will have an attending age range of 1-60, bc no one above the age of 60(that includes me) will take a chance of getting infected.
  10. I think it is a little confusing because of how we look at the Auburn Equestrian team, but the article is right about Lisa Dorsey. They are referring to the IHSA when talking about her. Here is a link showing her the Auburn University IHSA Head Coach AND Greg Williams as the Auburn University Equestrian Head Coach.
  11. agree. especially when these sites and recruiting guys are searching high and low for ways to get clicks with the nation at basically a standstill in sports. They have nothing to report on new really, so they want clickers to keep checking on their latest thoughts and tiny bits of info.
  12. I know. It seems ridiculous(if money is the only issue) to wait until she has ANOTHER terrible year to let her go, based on losing so many of her current roster. For those staying on her team, I feel really bad for what they may have to go through for another year. Doesn't seem fair to them at all.
  13. Here is an interesting article related to your information. It's an Alabama article but read it all as it references Auburn having the wealthiest Equestrian program and raises more money for it than any of the other sports programs at Auburn. Interesting..
  14. Great, he is going to play for Texas, but when he has time he will come visit Auburn(since it is HIS second home). That comforts me.