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  1. Anyone know why Greeny was not in this game? W a 1 run lead he should have been brought in to close it out. he definitely should be able to do 2 inning.
  2. One thing I noticed about Harsin was his comments to FInebaum when asked what he thought of Bo coming out of spring practice. It surprised me that Harsin never mentioned anything about his QB skills or how he actually performed in the spring game or at scrimmages. Harsin started off by saying "Bo is a hard worker..." and went from there to describe more about his demeanor and how he practiced and wanted to get better. In pointing this out...As it relates to Finley possibly coming in, and the reasoning behind it....what I saw in HArsin's comments is the possibility that Bo has not proven y
  3. Being a Steeler fan I love this image, and it is smart marketing whoever designed and put this tweet/image together.
  4. And don't forget to add, there will be a portion of ticket holders who either have enjoyed watching it from their home, or are still disgruntled at the state of Auburn football, and simply will not get season tickets or buy available tickets. Covid, I think will cause some changes even beyond the fans who will be gun shy and not go bc of Covid concerns.
  5. I agree with this, but I would also add that even with the recruits this coaching staff brings in, there will be every year some of those recruits who see they aren't getting playing time, don't mix with their position coach over time, and for many other reasons too, will jump into the transfer portal, just bc it's easier now, and find other teams that seem to fit them better, they think.
  6. It's really interesting w these transfers that as fans we can see they are talented and were integral parts of their other team, and making plays. It gives us a chance bringing them to Auburn that we could have the most experienced and overall talented and deep DB group we have ever had back there.
  7. I appreciate you thinking and writing so much as to the possibilities of Auburn making the NCAAs. BUT...there is no way they are going to do even the lowest scenario you gave to get us in. We are not built to get on a roll and our relief pitching is just not consistent enough. Even last night...if we had not somehow gotten up by 2 going into the 9th inning, we would have given up the lead again, and either would have had to win it in the ninth or stretch our BP even more having to go xtra innings. I want what you want, and I've watched and heard enough baseball over 60 years in my l
  8. This is the part that is ludicrous. Schools can require athletes to pool up to 74.99% of their money earned in an escrow account that would then be shared with other athletes. However, it would not be able to be withdrawn until a year after they graduate/leave school. Not the school but shared by other athletes, and would not be able to get to it until a year after leaving school... Will never fly with the athletes... Nice try Governor
  9. Sounds like it, but they better be upper level possibilities, if they want them to actually push Bo. Just getting another QB in with too many weaknesses is not any better than just getting DD ready sooner, if needed.
  10. Thanks Z. Looking good in many areas. Still wondering if we will get any feelers in those other areas Harsin mentioned as needing help in. Especially at WR and OL. (and i expect that they will keep any OL quiet to keep others from zoning in on who we are strongly considering).
  11. You[re definitely in a fog on this one. You are trying too hard to read between the lines, when you need to just read the complete understanding of their explanation...But it[s ok. We are all together in the end....I hope.🤥
  12. I don't see that at all, even though I understand the concern looking at the GA numbers... With Bobo definitely having GA ties, and with Friend, who while at UT always recruited in GA, and with other coaches like our two CW coaches who have recruited the Southeast, I feel we will get our share. For now the problem is Smart has locked down GA probably, with their success and he has some really good recruiters too. We're the new kid on the block...
  13. I wonder why Nathan left off a bunch of DBs off of his list in his article? He left out Domio, Reed, Simpson, and I think one more that would be part of the DB depth. I'm all for some of these DBs as we needed depth in some particular areas, and I trust a top notch DC like Mason who knows specifically the DB spot to fill his depth with the pieces that will work for him...
  14. Wasn't he one of the considerations for HC back when Dean was hired? There have GOT to be some really good hitting coaches out there, teaching P5 players. I always thought it a little weird to bring in a long time HC from a school to be our hitting coach. I had no idea if hitting was Lentl's strength or not. Someone else can fill me in on that....or I guess I can be lazy and Google his DePaul teams...:)
  15. I laughed bc, when a kid in HS is always displayed, in his case as 5'11" then bank on him NOT being near 6', but more than likely 5'10". And he is nothing quick like as Murray. He has elusiveness but not quick redirection moves. What I would like to see from him, and which he seemed to show in all his videos, his his ability to manage the pocket and what is going on around him as plays develop. He seems to know where to look, how to anticipate pressure, make strong throws. If he can show consistency, and an ability to learn Harsin's playbook, that will give him a chance when Bo moves on..
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