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  1. Was that CBP last game?

    Sorry, I don't see any connection with Pearl's issue and those of the players. The players were basically punished. Pearl has a contract, that could cause him the most trouble with that part that says he is responsible for his staff. They could force that on AU to clean this thing up. Or they could suspend him. But I see no relief yet for Pearl. Until we know the University admin make a statement....we are still simply in that 'who knows' his status in the future.
  2. Who’s Excited?

    someone lost 11 out of last 15 and got in? Who the heck was that? They must have been undefeated when they hit the
  3. Remove sec logo?

    I just understand how Heron could not be in the top 16 in the coaches voting. That one gets me more. And for this being the first time that the SEC champ has not had a first team pick since it's inception? I am not one to be blinded by orange and blue glasses, 64, and maybe there is some truth to our 'good' players but not great. But that reason, is bc we know we can win with all of them, who can score from anywhere so we spread it around. But when you win the conference with a quality resume all during the year, then 1 of these guys deserves first ballot. And I guess the coaches might change the mind now not putting Sexton on their first team, as he has taken over the tournament so far....
  4. Men vs Alabama

    We had 6 days rest for the SEC tournament. Don't think wearing our guards down is the issue. Alabama is the best defensive team in the league. When we could shoot the ball in the first 4 minutes of the second half, and Alabama got their energy going thru Sexton and they started hitting their 3's, we didnt respond with the same energy. I think we were surprised a little, as we had it under control. And when Harper doesn't run the offense well, we lose....
  5. Men vs Alabama

    when we lose this holds true. And even more so. if Harper is not running the offense effectively, we struggle to score too. But geez, to not score a goal in over 10 mins from the team that routinely scores over 80?
  6. Remove sec logo?

    To me, its partly our fault for those that vote for coaches and players and snubbed us. If AU didnt have a player with already a checkered past come to AU, win us a NC, but a father who was accused of something of a payoff, then we put doubt in their mind. Its not the TRUTH that won, but with some, the minute you are accused, its almost has bad as guilty. In Basketball, we hired a coach with a checkered past, and during his best year, was here when Person was charged by the FBI, lost 2 star players bc of it, and saw 2 suspended 2 of his coaches for doing something wrong. Again we have put doubt in the minds of voters regardless of what was true or not regarding the coach. I can understand that it was going to be tough for PEarl to win the COY award with his past and current investigative cloud. But I don't understand why voters would snub some of the top players in the SEC on our team. If it is an association thing with Pearl, shame on them. I just want to see one year when we are squeaky clean with no past or current cloud on our programs that win a NC or the SEC in BB, how they vote for these personal awards.
  7. SEC Postseason Honors

    Soooo the other teams ONLY figured this out by week 14 of the SEC schedule as to how to guard Brown? Your logic is not sound, sorry. He never had a bad streak like the 3-4 game streak all year. It started with the shoulder, then he probably came back too soon, he struggled, then the problem with his foot which is very tough for a jump shooter, and finally I am sure it became mental. Once he got it back he was good to go. SC at their place, was a struggle for him. So they were over guarding him, right? 4 weeks later SC again at home, Brown lit them up with 29, so what happened here? Simply healthier and confidence.
  8. Kudos SEC Network

    I have noticed at the AU games I go to, that the refs seem to call it really tight in the first half, to tell the players, they are not going to just get away with anything. THen in the second half, they let both teams maul each other without a foul called.
  9. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Has anyone seen Whitlow run? Without seeing his skills in real time, how can we tell how he stacks up with other backs. Just his size alone doesn't tell me. Malik Miller has great size, but is not moving up the chart, and not shown in games he has been in to have that special skill you want from your RB. I know what the coaches said at the bowl game, but I have seen this talk before, then the player hardly sees the field. I want to see Asa and Whitlow in spring game, doing their thing, then we can tell we have someone with special skills for our RB.
  10. Men vs. Arkansas

    I saw their stats, and they shoot almost 50% at home. They were peaking,and having 7 seniors on their last hom game, was enough to carry them emotionally. We fought, and did what we do...come back. But....I saw too many missed assignments on D, where someone forgot to guard a player who then made wide open shots. I don't know if Pearl has them playing different D, but they are not playing well on D at time too. And 2 out of our 3 HAVE to have a good outside game for us to win. (no 3's from Brown, Brown/Harper shooting 1-13 from 3 is horrible).
  11. Men vs. Florida

    No, I remember this with PEarl teams at UT too. His teams could go on some fantastic winning streaks, but every now and then, they would lose a game, somewhat unexpected. Or against top level teams in the NCAA, his teams were probably 50/50. But for AU basketball, that would be
  12. Men vs. Florida

    2 issues that Auburn has to correct. 1. In the FL game, with 16 TOs, that was bad enough, but announcers said they got 13 pts off of it. Even if you turn it over, if you make stops, then it's a wash, but it seemed we were a step behind after we turned it over, and they got fairly easy buckets. AND Harper again had a bad game from our PG spot. 2. Not guarding the player that scored 25 after scoring 0 the game before is ridiculous D on our part. I saw Pearl chewing on Brown after a TO, as he was suppose to guard him I think, and ofc he scored key baskets at the end of the game.
  13. women at Miss State

    I thought Swimming too. I researched a little and we havent won an SEC champ in mens since 2012, and womens since 2007. Hawke has not coached a womens champ, and many say his 3 mens champion (2010-11-12) were done with Marsh and Quick recruits). Someone knowing swimming noted that once we could not recruit the foreign swimmers that hurt Hawke. But we seem to not even be in the top 3 in the SEC. I think our successful history in swimming is what's driving fans to want a change, as we are not competing any more. At one time no cared about softball, but look what happened in this sport once we got a big time coach? It has created a lot of fan interest now, and AU fans really enjoy it. Same goes with WBB. Everyone remembers Ciampi's teams, and our success, so they want to get back to it. Right now our best sport is equestrian, and our last national champ. So who would have thunk it. lol.
  14. College basketball's FBI probe gets specific

    yes it does. At the beginning of the year he served a one game suspension. If anything over $100 is found to have passed onto Sexton involving this next finding, he will get punished again. Although it doesnt document any money involved which if not documented, will not end in punishment.
  15. women at Miss State

    its ok. :). You always have good insight and I enjoy reading your posts, and those of others who just don't make comments because they dont like a coach, or expect instant success. Just for curiosity. What coach is second to her that could be considered under performing based on their time in the program?