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  1. Coordinators Silence

    Yep. D gave up 17 points. A good team beats them every time only giving up 17. But when you score 23 by half, surely a good offensive team finds a way to at least get a FG, and we still win. Gus' teams simply find ways against good defensive teams to NOT adjust in the second half of Power 5 conference games...
  2. Coordinators Silence

    Shoot, Wisconsin is rolling. We will never see them in a bowl. If the pattern holds, based on GM's past track record...we will lose to TaM, GA, and Alabama. No way with 5 loses we see Whisky in a bowl. It will be Memphis again..
  3. Coordinators Silence

    Well. I am not going to blame the Defense for yesterday. 10 of the 13 pts LSU scored in the second half had nothing to do with the D. They really only gave up 3 pts in second half. I expected a good offense to seize the momentum back in the second half, like all good offenses do, on the road. I still want to know who actually called all those pass plays in the second half. And who decided to only throw on 1st down AFTER we lost the lead.
  4. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    I agree. Boycotting games is easy and not fair to players who work their ass off. The only way change is made is with voices, emails, etc. to the President, Board, and yes our AD. It will work, along with the results we just got, and the history of Gus' team in the second half of the season.
  5. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    chip kelly? u joke right? He is the last one I would put in. Auburn never fires a coach during the year..
  6. Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    this loss is on Gus. To run an offense after the half, that key pass plays were always low percentage, and over 25+ yards, That's not on Stidham, that's on the offensive play calling. 6 yds on 1-6? that was ridiculous. I also thought we lost it when it was 4th and 1 and inside their 50, and LSU had momentum. This is where Gus should have gone for it, and show they can run a strong offense. With KJ, he is going to get that 1 yd. Gus played not to lose at that point. Gus is not the coach that knows how to play offense 4 qtrs. against good Ds. It is time for a change.
  7. AU in the Top 10 Under Gus

    I think we just need to play it out. I believe 23, in that this offense, especially the passing is much different than when Lashlee was supposedly operating the offense. And remember, Lashlee's mentor was Gus, so no way is he going to demand his play calling ONLY be run. He owes where he is now to Gus. OFC he is going to change or use Gus' input. But Lindsey, was SPECIFICALLY brought in to run a different offense. Now we know that Gus' has had great success with his running game over his career, so I think there is a need to merge the two offenses, if possible. I also believe that it takes time to fine tune a new offense with ofc a QB who is basically playing as a Freshman+. I knew CL was calling plays when we were backed up to our 1/2 yard line, and ran a pass play and pattern that was excellent. Gus would have run, run run until third down. )) To be honest, i don't care if Gus puts his 2 cents in. Geez, he still is the HC. But what i want to continue to see, is an offense that can score against stronger defenses in GA and Alabama, to run plays that make sense, to score TDs in the red zone.
  8. Chip calling games like this...

    Ahhh. Ok. Garbage? Tell me why? Don't just leave it
  9. Chip calling games like this...

    I Dont plan to butt heads with you either. You are one of the good ones on here. I like your comments. But, this is how I look at it. A QB is much more vulnerable throwing, and is getting hit by DTs, DEs, and LBs. Willis when he runs is running mostly outside the tackle box, and farther, getting hit by CBs and Safeties for the most part. Bottom line, I don't think it is going to make much difference if WIllis is throwing it much. I hate more that he burned his RS. If Stidham stays 2 years, he will be a JR before he has a legit shot at starting.
  10. Chip calling games like this...

    I don't think getting to throw makes a hill of beans. Look at Jeremy Johnson. He got all kind of reps being a backup, throwing the ball when games were blow outs, and its didnt help him one bit when he became the starter. So, MW will learn more just by interacting with the team on the field, running the plays, getting a feel for the plays called, and the atmosphere. Dont worry about whether he gets to throw it or not. I certainly don't want to LOSE our only quality backup QB, to getting hit and getting injured, because an inexperienced OL blew an assignment.
  11. 2018 QB recruiting

    I think it is not so much Gus is a QB coach who knows how to develop his QBs in the passing game. I never thought that, but it is up to him to bring in the OC/QB coach that can develop QBs. Ofc, Gus, who's staple is the run game, is to me, simply a proficient offensive schemer who knows how to run the ball. I never felt LAshlee was the top of the line OC/ QB coach, but he was here because he knew Gus' offense well, and did know the QB position. p.s. getting drafted means nothing to me, unless they are a 1st or 2nd rounder. His QBs simply were drafted mainly as someone with potential because they fit the mold of a pro style QB...doesn't mean he developed them into NFL qbs...
  12. 2018 QB recruiting

    QBing is so so difficult to gauge how successful they can be in college and ofc the pros. With Gus, we have recruited for the most part DT QBs, who have been very good runners and adequate passers. Cam was a much better runner at first. Marshall could pass well but it was his ability to run that made him successful. So, unless they are a Cam, they are not going to make it in the NFL. But look at even Saban. top QB recruits, in a Pro style offense, and he has NONE in the NFL except for McCarron, and he is looking to be a long time backup. So did he not develop his QBs? So, I dont look at if Gus has developed his QB, i think it is more of have the QBs developed with their own mental and physical skills? There are QBs Gus has had that got better under him. Todd, Newton, Marshall, and now Stidham.
  13. Chip calling games like this...

    the backup to what? QB? RB? You have to careful with the QB. we are only 2 deep with one being a True fr eshman. He has played Willis last 2 games to get him experience. But Stidham has been too efficient not to keep playing him. What else you want them to do with the backup? At RB, i do agree they ran Pettway way too much in that Mercer game, if he was not 100%. That was on GM. He finally admitted it after this game that how they were trying to use Pettway was not working. He needs to get to almost 100%. I understand that not using Martin or Miller was they were not consistent, especially as blockers, but that is the same issues years ago that Tuberville did when he did not play K. Irons early in the year because he was not blocking well and we lost a game we had not good RB play. He comes in next game and our offense got better the more he played. Some times coaches make decisions that make it worse, because they are so stubborn at times.
  14. playing in BR will still be extra tough. their D is still solid, and if we let this QB pass the ball well it will be a dogfight. But THis QB is NOT Patterson, so we better shut him down...
  15. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    No, I don't believe GAtewood will be a starter before Fields. Mainly because I think Gatewood will need for passing seasoning I think. The one area we as fans never know, is how a kid from HS transitions to a more complicated world of college offenses. It happens in college just as it does in the Pros. So I don't know really who will pan out. Maybe both. Remember we have WIllis who shows a true DT capability. I don't know that GA has this, so Fields could see early playing time just to run some other type plays.