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  1. 27 innings scoring only 5 runs w 33 Ks. That s a serious lack of attention to details.
  2. First of all, if javion had stayed j'von would have signed with someone else coming out of JC with Harper and Javion still here. And no problem Javion leaving if not wanting to be backup behind Harper his FR, SO and potentially Harper's SR year if he had stayed. He thought he was a starter and a lot of these guys coming out of HS aren't expecting to be backups for 2 years.
  3. You would think a simple fact check would get it right for How can they be so lax?
  4. Disinterested. How can you tell that just bc their pitching is dominating our hitter? I don’t believe a Thompson coached team would come out not interested it just amazes me labels fans try to use bc we just get beat twice at home.
  5. SHe is definitely one we miss in our rotation. Looks like the transfer will work out great for her...
  6. Can analysts be allowed to recruit? I thought there were guidelines and restriction as to what 'staff' can recruit.
  7. It sounds like, if he plays at all, and doesn't aggravate his hamstring until then, he will play some, but it will be measured minutes. And the other key, is if he is NOT 100%, how effective will he be?
  8. It definitely makes a difference. No Juniors and really no recruited sophomores either(JJohnson is a transfer). And the freshmen have ability but its not pure shooters in there except maybe Cambridge. And to expect freshmen to impact your team is asking a lot(unless your a 5* or top level player such as Okoro). I can remember those first years for Bryce Brown and Jarett Harper. Both struggled in their first year w/ consistency. Brown even struggled some far into his sophomore year.
  9. Actually, half of our 4 OT wins were on the road(Ole Miss & Ark). if Okoro can’t go Saturday we will have a better idea if we can find ways to win still at home.
  10. I know. It kills me the suggestions some want to go to. Turbo? Williams...did u see his I’ll advised 3 pointer he took as his first SEC shot? we are 22-4. 22-4 guys! And some of you are saying we’re not a good team? Smh. We have found so many ways to win games this year and so many close games we have found a way to win. we LOST our best overall player and it is going to show. We also are trying to find how to play w subs who are so young and it shows too. Add all that and it is why we lost 2 away games. let’s get Okoro back and let’s see if we can regroup then.
  11. who are our captains? I never heard before we had captains? Just seniors who are the leaders...
  12. Just to be clear, we are NOT guaranteed the top 4 yet. Too many games to go for that prediction. The report you are thinking about is we are guaranteed a 1st round bye which all BUT 4 teams also enjoy. To get the 2nd day bye too we have to finish in the top 4. As to your other comments totally with you on a very good season. We have totally defied the basketball know it alls in the media as to what our record would be. Now we need to not get in any type of slump and win the rest of our home games and win some of our away games before SECT time.
  13. thanks. Understand. And Samantha I believe was a Sophomore, and if she saw she was still going to be a utility player going forward, she may have felt the time to go was now.
  14. It would be interesting to know how many season ticket holders there actually are in Women's BB? I could see her first extension. She got us to 2 NITs and our first NCAA since 2009(7 years ago). But the second one was bc she got them back to the NCAAs a second time. But now she is showing a tendency of not doing well in the NCAAs and now again falling back out of contention big time in the SEC. That's a moving on type of resume to me....8 years now w/ minimal success.
  15. I don't know how it could have been expanded from our bench any better? We already were using Cambridge, Flanigan, and JJ as our subs. Who else is going to sub in for Okoro? Jaylin Williams is a 4, and then their is Purifoy but their defense is weak, and WIlliams according to Pearl is just not ready to run our defensive switches, evidently. that's it unless you want a walkon, and that means we got whose we got...:) We just need better offense from Purifoy and better D around the perimeter from Samir, J'von, Flanigan, Cambridge, and JJ.