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  1. Its interesting that Auburn stated in detail in its recent report to the Federal court, the detailed steps it took to make sure Chuck Person knew the rules, was consistently educated and refreshed on NCAA rules, and signed each year the statement from him of no violations of NCAA rules. So what could Pearl have done to not put HIS job in the crosshairs of the NCAA, other than what the University implemented. Nothing to the NCAA, unless there is proof of Pearl's knowledge of Person's wrong doing, needs to leave him alone. IMO. (and I don't care what those say about his 'Past'. ) Here is that excerpt: In conjunction with his hiring and those responsibilities, Auburn provided Person with initial and ongoing training and education on NCAA legislation. These regular compliance efforts included specific instruction on the prohibition against providing prospects and student-athletes and/or their families inducement ors extra benefits in any form (e.g., cash, hotels, etc.). Person was an active participant in compliance meetings and routinely reached out to institutional personnel for clearance or guidance on NCAA issues. In his more than two years of employment with Auburn (and apart from his misconduct here), Person had not been involved in any type of actual or alleged major NCAA violation.1 Auburn required Person to annually certify – and he did – his compliance with NCAA rules and Auburn’s expectations, including affirmative confirmation that he: • Had not withheld from the NCAA or the institution information relevant to any NCAA violation; • Had not knowingly been involved in offering or providing any student-athlete (or prospect) an extra benefit (or improper inducement); • Had not received benefits for facilitating or arranging a meeting between a studentathlete and an agent, financial advisor or representative of an agent or financial advisor; and • Had reported any potential violations or knowledge of NCAA violations.
  2. This is why other sanctions can still hang over us, even after the punishment to the players.... NCAA Bylaw 11.1.1, “Head Coach Responsibility,” imposes a presumption of head coach accountability for impermissible acts committed by assistant coaches and administrators within their program
  3. interesting comment from the judge, stating that Person was charitable to a fault, and never greedy as the prosecution wanted them to believe. That it did him no good to serve prison time. glad he can now try to recoup his life. And hope he can come back to Auburn, when Auburn is ready to allow him back.
  4. Not really. The one asterisk, is if Gus still evolving into a top level HC? B/c he was not groomed at the college level like Swinney did, he only has the 3 years at AU as an AC and the last 6 as our HC in the tough SEC. Swinney had 12 years of grooming at the college level at Alabama and then Clemson. Swinney has won at least 10+ games over the last 7-8 years. He has played in the NC 3-4 years, winning 2. He is 6-2 in bowl games since he started winning 10+ games, so even when he is not have the greatest years, he still wins his bowl games. His one asterisk, is he is in a easier conference. BUT, what he has done is elevate his consistency, and gotten to that NCG 3 out of the last 4 beating quality teams. GM has been just too inconsistent, mostly bc of his offenses, and usage of his QBs and RBs, and avg OL recruiting.
  5. WHen will the guys such as Harper, Brown, and Dunbar know if they make their respective NBA roster? I didn't know what the next step is for making an NBA team after summer league.
  6. Where was it documented that Person took money while at AU? I know Barkley did, b/c he said so, but I don't recall Person telling anyone he did. In his job description? So? The NCAA put that in there as a catch all, so they could hit the HC, if they wanted too. But it doesn't mean BP didn't abide by the rules...
  7. Until NFL loosens its connection w/ Directv and NFL games, I am stuck. I hope the NFL opens up streaming options for NFL games, then I can cut the cord off my Directv and stream most anything i need.
  8. Totally wrong. This is one coach, who as an AU legend, was bound and determined NOT to let ANYONE know he dire need for money. And to only involve 2 players already on the team would be easy for Person, using texting and emails to NOT let anyone else know about it. Just bc a HC has 5-6 assistants under him, doesn't mean he knows what all they are doing. Where did you get that idea? Pearl, more than anyone, knows he was on the NCAA's radar since he was hired at Auburn. Pearl KNEW anything he did that was against NCAA rules would be watched. He had EVERYTHING to lose. I don't believe for a second Pearl knew what Person was doing. If he did, Pearl would have high tailed it to JJ and told him so. Again, why anyone thinks a person in charge can watch people under their wing all the time, blows my mind. Pearl has SO many other responsibilities that he probably thought the LAST thing he had to do was keep an eye on an AU Legend.
  9. E, i am impressed, if you are sending out messages @ 3 am in the morning. 👍
  10. So are you saying that Goodman is a legit bammer media? I really don't know. And there is definitely problems in that coaches in the past have nothing good to say about Pearl. When a coach is seen as a snitch in any profession, it tends to never leave, and with instant media these days, they tend to want to keep alive those negative issues bc Pearl is successful again. Just look at the SEC voting in the post season awards. Is it warranted,? No. Pearl has apologized, and shows he wants to be a better person with his relationships in coaching circles as well w/ his players.
  11. The writer definitely was implying the possibilities where it concerns Auburn. He has that right as a reporter. All of us better keep an eye on our back on this one w/ the NCAA, b/c for now no one knows if they want to scold ALL coaches where there assistants were caught redhanded by the FBI. This HC coach accountability is a very grey area to assume what the NCAA will do. The only difference between our case and the NCST case is theirs involved recruiting violations, and ours involved existing scholarship players. Also, the NCAA issued punishment for the AU players, where I don't think the NCAA had done anything to NCST until now.
  12. So he's a shooting guard? His tweeter says he will commit right after the EBLT camp, which I guess is going on this summer?
  13. Well if the President of USA only makes only around $400,000 then why would u be surprised Leath made only $625,000? I think a lot of university presidents have a base salary plus other compensations. That may be why their total compensation must be a lot more.
  14. Explain to me why they would pay him more to leave than just pay him what’s left on his remaining 5 yr contract? He’s owed 1.9 m but they pay him 4.1m? Is there other monies he was getting not specified in the contract? Allowance, car, clothing etc.