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  1. Didn’t we say the same thing about this sinking 2023 class for us to survive recruiting?
  2. I'll tell you who got a good situation and that is JD Davison... To be picked by the NBA Championship runner up, and their storied history, living in a great city like Boston, and not having the pressure to produce and still get picked in the first rd is pretty dang good. He can sit and learn, make a ton of money he wouldn't have staying at Alabama, and play for a contender. He can't shoot worth a damn, but he's got some NBA skills, and now it's a matter if he can improve those other weaknesses to get more playing time and stick in 2-3 years...
  3. Thanks guys for so great time following our baseball Tigers. Enjoyed MOST of your comments. Lol but as long as your for Auburn in the end that’s all our heart wants. Butch and the coaches did a hell of a job and to the players. Thank you young men for representing our school and accomplishing so much compared to the experts. WDE!!!
  4. I think I read somewhere(if it’s true) that every one of our batters took first pitch. and I totally agree that our hitters I feel panicked deeper into the game and started being way to undisciplined in their zones and counts. I saw guys like Moore hit one around his eyebrows that never was going to be a strike and simply hit a pop up into right field. remeber some of the approaches at the plate in the oregOn series guys going down to one knee trying to hit a pitch so low they should have known it was never going to be a strike. I hope we focus better, relax and get on a hitting run. Baseball is funny about streaks.
  5. Have u noticed those kind of great plays(dives,jumping at the fence..) we made in Oregon. In Omaha we are a step off and not coming up w those. I wonder if bigger field worried them or their a little tight?
  6. Doesn’t it seem that somewhere along this slump Rambo needs to be moved down in lineup hopefully to not put pressure on him and also to get someone else up there that may at least get on base before we leave Omaha? I don’t understand a coach keeping a lead off guy there who is not even coming close to a hit that I recall.
  7. Exactly. One of the basic rules I’m baseball. Down 5-1 your run don’t mean squat so don’t be the one to cause an out.
  8. Trust me. If my Pittsburgh Pirates can win a MLB game w only 1 hit then I believe anything Auburn could win a game w 3.
  9. He has misjudged hard hit balls at him. He seems to stand there first instead of going to the wall first and then tracking it
  10. Our bats seem to want faster pitchers to barrel up. This guys is mking our swings slower. haven’t hit a hard hit ball yet. Even the fouls are lazy. Lol.
  11. I doubt Dyal's promised at bat was going to be with 2 out, down 1, agsinst their best reliever. And he had struck out 6 out of his last 7 ab.
  12. So was she highly recruited by Dean to begin with? I don't remember..since she ended up at Mich...
  13. On pitch hitting for Kason. He looked super bad last AB. I also don’t know if this has been a pattern recently w PH Kason if he struggles. BUT, in a crucial situation like this and Dyal KNOWING he has struck out so much lately mentally he was never going to come thru. When got to 3 balls I knew he was counting on a walk and didn’t want to fail. The vet Kason would have been the better choice but coaches mvake decisions on gut to.
  14. Is tgeir pitcher in there now their closer
  15. Dang it. I thought Brody would have a better AB. He’s been a Bulldog at the plate. He’s done great job keeping his cat alive all series.
  16. Something was wrong w their starter. They didn’t take him out just bc he tired.
  17. Their pitcher releases the ball from all different angles. hes 1st rd for a reason guys.
  18. U see skipper do a 360 OM that deep fly ball. He wasn’t sure. Lol
  19. He waits so late when to start his swing
  20. No. They have 4 lefties in a row. Coach was matching them w a lefty pitcher. he probably was just telling tge freshman good job holding them.
  21. For some reason I can’t touch one and get it to enlarge on my iPad. It tries but it must be s large size. Anyway Red u can condense so I can blow it up larger here.
  22. So w the transfers how does our starters look to be and backups/could be starters look like including the freshmen class?
  23. No. It would be nice to see him be successful at the point for 2 reasons. 1. our short guards had trouble down the SEC stretch and in NCAA getting smothered by bigger guards causing turnovers and clock management issues w Wendell. 2. If he does have good mobility I would like to see more penetration than we got out of Zep and with Wendell down the stretch. hopefully the 2 vet pgs will watch film and find ways to overcome those issues but you’re fine hoping for a little help from a taller Pg.
  24. I understand tg concerning Allsup but it was going to be hard to give both the work and I still believe Butch believes Burkhalter is his money reliever. I thought Allsup had to be used when Burk had his leg problem and was out a little. and Burkhalter showed he was hit or miss K or hit. So he definitely had his strikeout stuff. He just needed to fine tune consistency. And during the season Burkhalter was coming in multiple games throwing even 1-2 innings so combined weekend games I bet he pitched over 50 balls. And I definitely trust BuTch on his pitchers arms.
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