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  1. That kid is gonna go to UGA. Just IMO but he could have committed to AU chose Oklahoma. Its unfortunate cause kirby is likely selling him a load of crap (as evidenced by the multiple transfers from his program).
  2. As of last night KN and a kentucky insider both had Auburn picked. Until those change id feel good about Auburn.
  3. He is 50-50 because Bama hasn't given him the go ahead yet. And what is really funny is that they may never. Personally I look forward to his years at Troy university.
  4. Not necessarily. Its probably got more to do with Buskey not being an ee anymore. So really until something else happens its more about not getting another LB.
  5. Guys half of that list isnt even close. Stoops wont coe to Auburn. Ever. Might as well want Bill Belicheck. Penn St is as good if not a better job that Auburn. With WAY less competition. Briles and Freeze are never going to be offered the job. Why would Lane ever leave Fau. Easy job with low expectations great place.
  6. If put 5 guys out there who had a pulse cause what we have now isnt anything.
  7. Not bird, but seems to me that we have a few guys coming in that are not as experienced but likely have a higher celing than this current oline. I think we have some guys who are fairly smart about their assignments (ex caleb kim) but who are inferior athletically to players behind them. Gus puts emphasis on correct assignments which is fine I suppose but at the end of the day players make plays.
  8. Welcome to my personal hell. Also known as 8-4. Which is usually just good enough for Gus to "be better next year" but not even sniffing a championship while also looking putrid in big games.
  9. I think he did, but it was supposedly exclusively released by his HS. And coaches cant confirm to KN cause well they are in the middle of a game. But id wait to celebrate.
  10. Maybe he is good blocking behind a keyboard because I have not seen it in 3 years on the field.
  11. Harrell would do well to spend less time on twitter and more time in the gym. Cause he got whipped 2 weeks in a row.
  12. Im very disappointed in the progression of the oline. I am sure that the guys at Tulane are good. I am sure the guys at Oregon were good. But we are lying to ourselves of we think either of those teams match up with LSU, bama, UGA, or even Florida's dl. Either they have it or they don't. And frankly Harrel called out Brandon Marcello last week and a week later he still sucks. At some point it isn't scheme, it isn't coaching, its Jimmies and Joes.
  13. On some level you would think this guy as well as the Boykin kid would have been a bit more judicious. With the number of AU dl that Garner has gotten to the NFL you would think they would have held a little tighter to their spots in the class.