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  1. I wood be willing to bet.
  2. I felt bad for him. He wasnt ready for sec football and that whole season was a mess. But lot of that goes back to getting quality depth and being sure about the talent you are bringing in. I think we have gotten better at talent evaluations in some positions, but i question the wisdom in stockpiling talent in some spots then being thin in places like safety. IMO its better to take a risk a borderline guy at position of need than to get a better talent at a position that is already stacked.
  3. Neither if you are Keil Frazier.
  4. I didn't think that was a debate. Its clearly JF3. (Before people actually get mad I am clearly joking its actually Clint Moseley) Back to topic.
  5. I read this to mean you are good with orange facemasks and I want you to know I'm with you brother.
  6. Well, thats why i think dabo wont go to them at least not right away. Why leave clemson where your only competition is FSU, VT, and maybe Miami to take a job where anything you do will always play second fiddle to the guy who just left?
  7. I think that the guy who follows Saban will have to live up to unrealistic expectations and will have a short lived tenure. So I would expect that coaching staff continuity at AU, we could be in great position to box bama out of places like Atlanta.
  8. Sucks we lost but we didn't seem to have the fire power at the plate we had last season. But its hard to complain about a team that did this well three years in a row.
  9. No reasonable person expected to win the tournament, but when you suck that hard that is a problem of effort and heart. The coaches and team should be ashamed of their showing.
  10. Welcome to Auburn where the name of the game is consistently inconsistent.
  11. IMO the experimenting with guys across the ol is getting old. Smith is dominant at guard, Golston should stay center, someone has to take Kozans spot but between Harrel and Dampeer that should be worked out. James should go to rt. He seemed fine in run blocking but im sure they all need work in pass blocking situations. Which leaves lt to be figured out. Seemed to me we did well with that mix of ol. Am i wrong or do we seem to be fixing things that are not broken?
  12. I always felt like the 2013 SECCG was more about Tre Mason playing like a man with his hair on fire.
  13. I don't want to be a be a negative nancy, but exactly how much power did he have over his position change? I mean he could have left but he was still not a college level qb.
  14. You are probably right, but as i remember it always seemed to be that he fumbled at the worst possible moment. Like on a long run with one man to beat or inside our own 15.
  15. Read on the twitterverse that hes being considered at Bama. If he goes to bama im done with the guy.