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  1. I think he did, but it was supposedly exclusively released by his HS. And coaches cant confirm to KN cause well they are in the middle of a game. But id wait to celebrate.
  2. Maybe he is good blocking behind a keyboard because I have not seen it in 3 years on the field.
  3. Harrell would do well to spend less time on twitter and more time in the gym. Cause he got whipped 2 weeks in a row.
  4. Im very disappointed in the progression of the oline. I am sure that the guys at Tulane are good. I am sure the guys at Oregon were good. But we are lying to ourselves of we think either of those teams match up with LSU, bama, UGA, or even Florida's dl. Either they have it or they don't. And frankly Harrel called out Brandon Marcello last week and a week later he still sucks. At some point it isn't scheme, it isn't coaching, its Jimmies and Joes.
  5. On some level you would think this guy as well as the Boykin kid would have been a bit more judicious. With the number of AU dl that Garner has gotten to the NFL you would think they would have held a little tighter to their spots in the class.
  6. See I dont feel like its little brother. I feel like it is a reasonable possibility since it has happened almost every year since TJ Yeldon. I mean once or twice is an unpleasant suprise. 3-5+ times is a pattern and apparently a recruiting strategy for Kirby at both bama and uga. And its onethat I believe should be considered especially when a recruit magically seems to lose interest in them when most recruiting analysts held off predictions or predicted georgia. Im not saying AU cant beat Georgia that would be an ignorant statement. Im saying that it seems suspicious when everything seems to just fall perfectly into place for apparently no reason.
  7. I agree that they can as well. We have evidence in players like Derrick Brown and Carl Lawson. But we also have a lot of evidence of players that committed to Auburn and for all intents and purposes were basically a plant in the class by Kirby to hit us where it hurts at the most opportune time. Im not even saying that this is an example of that. I am simply saying it does not hurt to be aware of the possibility.
  8. I do not know anything about Tank or his family personally. Im just saying UGA does not usually lose this kind of steam with a priority recruit for them and Kirby always seems to find a way to stick it to us on the recruiting trail. Im just saying that if its too good to be true, usually it is. If Im wrong, and I hope I am, then we can all be happy together lol. ETA: Topic was split from the Tank thread. - E
  9. The good news is that this will solve itself. The bad news is that this will hurt us for another 2-5 years after we finally fire gus.
  10. As best as I am able to tell we seem to miss more often than not on solid OT prospects. Now my question is this, are we 'missing' because solid OT prospects are few and far between and interior ol prospects are more common? Another question for those in the know. Does this offensive staff see an ot prospect as more or less the same thing as the recruiting sites or does Gus and co have a different thought in mind for those prospects as far as size etc? One last question, based on what this staff seems to believe determines the difference between an OT vs an interior ol prospect what do our numbers stand to be both the 19-20 season and the 20-21 season?
  11. Id be surprised if its not AU. But then I said the same thing about AU losing to ut.
  12. Personal opinion here. This did not seem to be that awful of a game for Gus. Their athletes were just better.