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  1. The good news is that this will solve itself. The bad news is that this will hurt us for another 2-5 years after we finally fire gus.
  2. As best as I am able to tell we seem to miss more often than not on solid OT prospects. Now my question is this, are we 'missing' because solid OT prospects are few and far between and interior ol prospects are more common? Another question for those in the know. Does this offensive staff see an ot prospect as more or less the same thing as the recruiting sites or does Gus and co have a different thought in mind for those prospects as far as size etc? One last question, based on what this staff seems to believe determines the difference between an OT vs an interior ol prospect what do our numbers stand to be both the 19-20 season and the 20-21 season?
  3. Id be surprised if its not AU. But then I said the same thing about AU losing to ut.
  4. Personal opinion here. This did not seem to be that awful of a game for Gus. Their athletes were just better.
  5. Well post by week Gus offense is still trash. In other news water is still wet.
  6. anyone who would defend Gus stidham at this point is just a damn fool.
  7. Gonna call it. its time to leave the sec. refs are trash time to go to the acc where we dominate everyone but clemson.
  8. Lol i thought i was the only one that heard her lol. Also im so over letting Auburn screw up my day.
  9. Unacceptable play by the offense. So much for getting things straightened out.
  10. 77 needs to sit. Either he does not care of he is the least talented ol of all time. Dont care which.
  11. Thoroughly unimpressed with the team as a whole. Oline not getting push against a TERRIBLE defense, defensive line not getting much penetration. Arkansas receivers wide open over the middle on short - intermediate routes. If we take the opponent into account I'd say we look worse than last week.
  12. He better be ready to donate some more after that game.