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  1. Personally, i think we can and will beat msu next week, but seems to me that to say we will dominate them is a shot in the dark statement like how MSU was the 2nd best team in the sec after the lsu game. What is it based on? one game vs a bad Missouri team? Like i said i think we will win but seems like most AU fans jump to the best or worst conclusions based on the week prior. After Mercer we were a 5-7 team but now that we beat powerhouse missouri we are 10-2? We are still growing and so are our opponents.
  2. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    Im actually a lost less mad about this than Clemson. Outside of the awful ball protection the stats were amazing. Great against a fcs team but we did spread it out. This makes me hopeful assuming we protect the ball in the future.
  3. Auburn #15 AP/#17 Coaches

    Honestly id rather be
  4. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    No way in hell we get him now. Our offense sucks.
  5. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    Yall ready to finally hear it? Stidham is not that good and Gus still sucks.
  6. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    Its just so cheap though! I mean all the football I can stand for 25 dollars a month is just silly.
  7. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    Thats fair enough, and I think my Sling TV may be behind live tv which is interesting. I am just saying that he does not seem to be the world beater that I suppose in my mind I played him up to be. And I am no analyst.
  8. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    I suppose that I may be a debbie downer and in the minority, but thus far I have seen Stidham do nothing that White was not or is not capable of. The ONLY thing that has changed as best as I can tell is that Lindsey now calls a more balanced amount of passes in relation to run plays. Which is great. But Stidham looks scared to death out there and holds the ball entirely too long. It is Jeremy Johnson esque only in that both seemed gun shy and afraid of making a mistake more so than just working hard to make a play. Stidham is rusty and I get that, but I am skeptical that Stidham is as good as everyone (yes the coaches and team not the media) sold him to be. Now next week he may very well prove me wrong but up to now he is just a more gun-shy Sean White. As for the defense, the defensive line looks absolutely dominant I look forward to watching them. The secondary looks good in run support we will see about pass defense next week.
  9. ****2018 3* S Jamien Sherwood Commits to Auburn!!!****

    I wood be willing to bet.
  10. Recruiting is a Tough Reality for Prospects

    I felt bad for him. He wasnt ready for sec football and that whole season was a mess. But lot of that goes back to getting quality depth and being sure about the talent you are bringing in. I think we have gotten better at talent evaluations in some positions, but i question the wisdom in stockpiling talent in some spots then being thin in places like safety. IMO its better to take a risk a borderline guy at position of need than to get a better talent at a position that is already stacked.
  11. Recruiting is a Tough Reality for Prospects

    Neither if you are Keil Frazier.
  12. Recruiting is a Tough Reality for Prospects

    I didn't think that was a debate. Its clearly JF3. (Before people actually get mad I am clearly joking its actually Clint Moseley) Back to topic.
  13. Recruiting is a Tough Reality for Prospects

    I read this to mean you are good with orange facemasks and I want you to know I'm with you brother.
  14. Recruiting is a Tough Reality for Prospects

    Well, thats why i think dabo wont go to them at least not right away. Why leave clemson where your only competition is FSU, VT, and maybe Miami to take a job where anything you do will always play second fiddle to the guy who just left?
  15. Recruiting is a Tough Reality for Prospects

    I think that the guy who follows Saban will have to live up to unrealistic expectations and will have a short lived tenure. So I would expect that coaching staff continuity at AU, we could be in great position to box bama out of places like Atlanta.