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  1. a...
  2. Driving to Tloosa, NPR News (of all sources) reminded me of "Spinal Tap." Not at all sure if the principals in that project had a particular band in mind to parody but, looking back, if they had one, one might guess:
  3. AU crawled into my backside. UA said, "come on down." Passed at both, but Auburn seemed, um, more choosy about admissions? (Already had a degree from South Ala. before either).
  4. Somethin's Burning? ETA - Note to self: Again, dammit, read the thread before responding too soon.
  5. Huh? BTW - Back home yet?
  6. Many thanks for the update, OP. Would also fit, and may attract a broader audience, at Football>Media Related>Tuberville considering... ETA - or, in afterthought, you could get that misplaced thread dragged/merged into yours. Again, thanks for the update; hadn't seen it.
  7. Whole-heartedly agree in principle. Bit worried about limping away from LSU and caught "looking forward" to a bye, but( as someone pointed out to me earlier) Arkie will be limping away from Ala, so
  8. 24/7 nominated 3: Mizou, Ole Miss, and Arkie [single-page list/article apparently paid content, but slide show from which the above was extracted was free at]
  9. or special teams? Holders need coaching too.
  10. as if AU could afford such a rock star, when they can get him here for free?
  11. Paraphrasing my response to another (barely tangential) thread, I'm not smart enough to predict, but I'm fan enough to guess, um, Yeah! WDE
  12. Many Thanks (though, may I miss Mr. Fifty?). EXCELLENT off-season stuff. Aside to denizens of the "All Things Considered" fora - some items of interest here? and fodder for new threads? WDE
  13. In sympathy, realize the OP presents a man in pain here. WDE