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  1. 'Tis the secret! The downside is worth it.
  2. Just hope and pray, either way, and in the interest of depth, that Mr. White is not still "slinging" it come opener.
  3. Can't quibble w./ your taste. Just scored a keg for this pre-Carnival weekend (damn' children are bringing a crowd).
  4. Newer and studio A cover of (iconic?) material that some might deem "sacrilegious" to cover
  5. Now, I understand.
  6. Off season. Malzahn administration. We're (I suspect) all "winging it" (into the light of the...?).
  7. Do you remember?
  8. Our Debate Club booked this band to play at our HS Sadie Hawkins Dance. Then they won some national battle of bands and immediately broke up (performers poached into other bands, including Wet Willy, Flying Burrito Brothers, and Dr. Hook). Just found out Mrs. O'Leary's Cow did a reunion recently in Mobile, captured by youtube in 5 parts (one presented here):
  9. Where have all the drum solos gone?
  10. Wish'em Luck's-Corner
  11. and a newer piece
  12. Otherwise unremarkable cars with interesting features: - I could stretch out on the back seat of a '60 Fairlane without bending knees or bumping my head (I'm 6'2") - '71 Nova's hood and windshield intersected at a perfect lounge-chair angle for drive-in theaters
  13. Depends on what you mean by fastest? By far, quickest was a Sunbeam Alpine. Really caught attention of the ladies, but no room to make it matter. Also, pain in the behind to keep 2 carbs tuned/synched. Top end, a '67 Galaxy (inherited, from my great aunt in '82, w./ < 27 k miles, after a rather sheltered life in the garage). My current wife couldn't get out of McDonalds without pouring coffee on herself.
  14. Sorry for lack of clarity. Freezer-chilled in the clay bottle! Once you got that, use any gin/wetness of your choice (and Genever is a bit heavier than London-style gin). Trust me, nothing glass is built for it. Neighbors did tend to come by in the summertime.
  15. If so, I'll be as happy as a clam!