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  1. Don't like in the least. Best wishes. WDE
  2. Though I'm still just learning of my ignorance, I can dig it. One of my favorites (back when) was a band of tremendous musicians and musical talent; they never seemed to "gel" into a band. Punctuation edit
  3. Sorry. No earthly Even then, $150 didn't buy forever. Held it together with paper clips and rubber bands ~ 3 yrs (back when engines were such that one could do so). For what it's worth, when I pitched it, I only wasted ~20 cents/gal on what was in the tank ('course, back then, I was sharing $55/mo. rent on a 3-BR house).
  4. For my recent (Mardi Gras) herd of locusts, I used the "skinny" (hickory) Conecuh in my (other than sausage choice) traditional Low Country Boil. The sausage-seasoned water (the real base of a boil) was such that even the potatoes and corn disappeared at rates similar to those of the shrimp (usually, pre-Conecuh, the 1st to go) and sausage itself. The entire pot (~ 4-gal.) was gone before sunset. The (more knowledgeable than I) beer-drinking locusts (my daughter's crowd all met at college in Asheville) were happily sucking down my Fairhope Judge Roy Bean without sneers. The wine drinkers amongst them had little problem with Louis Jadot Macon-Village.
  5. A story? of a sort? ~ mid-'70s, spent $150 for a (very) used, blue-greenish, '67 Econoline van of the cargo (just two front seats) configuration. Loads of miles on it, for an American vehicle of the age. When looked at in the right light, it was apparent that the blue-greenish was a paint-over. A very well-implemented (professional looking?) "The Doors" logo was underneath the paint job on the (not surprisingly?) side-opening doors. Further inspection revealed multiple stage-pass/back-lot decals on the windshield from big-city venues (notably? Chicago Coliseum). I would never conclude anything from such, but every time I hit a pothole (there arose such a clatter) one friend (seemingly, couldn't help himself) visualized Mr. Morrison & Ms. Joplin and a wine bottle in the back.
  6. Actually, think I've heard this, but didn't know who it was
  7. Apparently this old fart has a phishing hole in his experience. I'll explore it. Many Thanks.
  8. One is loath to use the term "earlier work" for an artist whose entire career was, in a very real sense, early.
  9. Damn Turn my back on this thread for a day, and the place explodes. I'm gonna run outa likes long before I get through this. Mr. Golf, sir - apparently your experiences w./baseball (and those of Mr. Salty) were different from my (severely) limited exposure. I was (really!) this guy:
  10. Not in any way "liked," but Much Appreciated
  11. Saw the title, and didn't even need to listen but I did anyway. By the way - did you know there's a drink named after you? Don't know if I'll ever get around to trying it but
  12. No problem. Civil Engineering (focused on Environmental). Elberta's always been on my route to P'cola (we're within sight of where Co. 32 crosses the river), and becomes an actual destination come Sausage Festival. ETA - Shoot! Just looked it up and I might miss the Sausage Fest this year. It's, like, soon. Damn' Tloosa.
  13. I have very high hopes of finally getting my doctorate, end of this semester (though my wife, an MD, will tell you that a PhD ain't no real doctor). Got family property on Fish River (almost exactly between Fairhope and Foley, Baldwin Co.) that we've rebuilt on, and she's already down there. I've been back-and-forth-and-... while writing, defending dissertation, and (hope, hope) the 2-yr extended household move will be done soon. I have every hope of dying down there, with my butt in an inner tube and a crowler of Fairhope Brewer's wares on my belly button. WDE
  14. Off-topic drift, but know if he ever learned how to change his name here? Could possibly be relocating myself.
  15. Well played Keep it up.