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  1. and if that don't renew McLoofus' faith, he can rest easy that all my posts come from my hammock. ETA - and those are my feet.
  2. Their above-mentioned fan-site has it 1.) FSU, 2.) ours truly, 3.) Louisville
  3. Be of good cheer. Few (sane) seem to even be trying. 19-16 last year (despite…), with at least a reasonably credible comeback run afterwards. ESPN FPI analysis – Clemson's win chance = 52.5% [] “Let’s take a look at what the hardest games on our schedule, ranked from most difficult to easiest…2. Auburn. Auburn has talent and a new quarterback in Baylor transfer Jarett Stidham. These Tigers took some personnel hits on defense during the offseason, but the offense should be in far better shape than it was last season. This game will show both teams where they stand early in the season.”[] I suspect we’ll get everybody’s best ‘til (if/when?) we stumble and, quite likely, afterwards. WDE
  4. No one seems to be taking us lightly this season. We seem to be getting an awful lot of early preseason love despite the fact that “we played one hell of a game” (in more ways than three?)
  5. Of course. Some might just look at it as an excellent opportunity to establish our QB depth chart?
  6. Old dogs. and all, but I think both of these could be called classic fugues (excepting rigid motif), but with somewhat divergent destinations? (I did have to Google the Mazzy reference)
  7. Some time later but, to my knowledge, his only other tank movie
  8. Finest Kind!... I mean, oops, wrong movie. Oddball?/Pro from Dover?
  9. Speak for yourself? "And Never Land will always be/The home of youth and joy/And neverty/I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up/Not me!" WDE punctuation edit
  10. Must admit. Took me a few allowance-less weeks to learn such balance. WDE
  11. Hope it's not out of place here, but my Dad (the same man that pulled out the roulette wheel as he gave me my weekly allowance) said "Don't ever bet what you can't afford to lose."
  12. National Brothers' Day [Historical note - Stage-mike technology in the '60s was often not up to managing the coherent-overtone structure of a tight and untempered ("locked") chord (even un-amplified). It shows here.]
  13. High-Stepper to Place in the third.
  14. and on this front, continue to fight back. WDE