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  1. Drain The Swamp, and Bring your own gaiters (theBugOuts from Outdoor Research are specifically designed for annoying vermin)
  2. Could'a told them, neither works well as guitar picks.
  3. ^Even I found this one notable^, and many thanks for the overall post
  4. Knuckle Down for all the marbles. WDE
  5. Cooking' w./ gas! *Mr. 4 - While I'll admit to some disappointment that you lined up for Mr. Stove this year, I was AWOL at the time and have no excuses. The more attentive suitor won, fair and square. Please forgive my need to admire from a distance, and realize that no competitive intent is implied.
  6. Thanks to both. Glad to be back. Did I miss anything?
  7. My wife, back in her ER days, never minded the storm as much as the cleanup afterwards. Apparently stitching chainsaw wounds takes a special kind of artistry, applying intricate case-by-case geometry.
  8. Anyone else find irony in their afterthoughts? "There are a lot of things I’d like to see on Saturday when the Oregon Ducks get their second chance to make a first impression. For one, not a timeout before the first snap of the game. Also, on third down and 7, Justin Herbert dropping back instead of handing off. Also, I want more imagination from the play caller, Marcus Arroyo. Included in that, I want to see Oregon challenge Nevada with a handful of deep shots down the field. But most of all, I’d like to see UO second-year head coach Mario Cristobal get more comfortable in the role of program CEO."... "Cristobal needs to find a way to become more of a 20,000-foot guy. His 10 full-time assistants were set to make a combined $4.22 million this season. He’s since hired former UO assistant John Neal as a defensive analyst. He also flirted in the last year with hiring an offensive consultant to help his play caller. The Ducks coach needs to learn to step back some in the heat of the game, trust his staff, and be better prepared to make the critical big-picture, in-game decisions that good head coaches make." Canzano: What the Oregon Ducks need most of all is Mario Cristobal to grow into CEO role, By John Canzano | The Oregonian/OregonLive, 6 Sep"19