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  1. Fire Gus Petition-Please sign

    Even if it were to swell to JHS-capacity, "Full of Sound and Fury..." I'll stick with beer and cussing. ETA - WDE
  2. Al Borges?

    Wondering, Glad you asked?
  3. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Many thanks. Think I'm learning that I'm not a great sour fan (or, maybe I'm a sour fan of sours?), but I'll keep an eye out. Should I watch the shelves or the taps?
  4. Best (and worst) beers you've ever had

    Quite familiar w./ Good People (and a fairly frequent user). Avondale, not so much. Locally limited to B'ham?
  5. Name your method of protesting.....

    ... and cuss more. Problem is, I might have begun my protest campaign too early in the season. Might not be noticed against my recent baseline. "Where's the point?" [Little Oblio]
  6. Key Difference in Malzahn and Sumlin

    Sorry. Guess I didn't get it.
  7. Key Difference in Malzahn and Sumlin

    Gotta be a song in there somewhere. WDE
  8. Key Difference in Malzahn and Sumlin

    “…That doesn't always resonate with Malzahn, as Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel, then of the New York Times, wrote in 2010: ‘Malzahn has a reputation of being low key. One day after Hand told a joke in a meeting, Malzahn said: “I don’t really understand jokes. I don’t get them.” Hand asked him if he didn’t get that joke, and Malzahn responded: “No, I just don’t get the whole concept of jokes. I don’t even know why people tell them. What’s the point?’ ” retold (2016) at
  9. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Old Dixieland standard covered in the "Folk-Dixie" style (and yes, that was a brief thing). Whole album is good, but I think this cut was the only one to even get a sniff at the charts (or even any radio time).
  10. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    A ray of sunshine? Mr. Carlson to 17th on the charts (with a bullet). Alas, a cloud? I suspect* that Mr. Carlson would gladly trade one of those FGs for one more PAT-attempt opportunity. All I got. [* Though I sometimes feel like our relationship has grown to the point we can finish each other's sentences, I have no real evidence that it's requited.]
  11. Auburn - Arkansas

    After your post, AU by 13.
  12. It's Gameday. The business trip.

    Tigers vs Tigers. Is there an echo in here? Anyway WDE WDE
  13. It's Gameday. The business trip.

    f that
  14. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    Might be it, and it sure does.
  15. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    Probably not worth its own thread, and only sort'a, kind'a, a little relevant here, but Cluelessness on my part? Or is Mr. Ferguson’s analysis of our pace surprising to others? “Alright, let’s run some numbers here. The best way to measure offensive pace using stats is average time between plays — that is, total time of possession divided by number of plays run. This is how that looks so far in the Gus Malzahn era: YEAR POSSESSION PLAYS AVG. BETWEEN PLAYS 2013 425:14 1,014 25.2 seconds 2014 388:25 939 24.8 seconds 2015 368:43 892 24.8 seconds 2016 379:21 934 24.4 seconds 2017 182:57 (6 games) 427 25.7 seconds So while it may seem like Auburn isn’t going as quickly as it used to, the difference between this year’s team and others under Malzahn is thin — 1.3 between 2016 and 2017 being the biggest gap. Auburn is only a half-second slower this season than it was in 2013. For comparison, according to Football Study Hall, 1.3 seconds was the difference between the 10th-fastest (Oregon) and 17th-fastest (Clemson) last season. Those are two of the most well-known no-huddle offenses in college football. One of the aspects of Lindsey’s offense that stood out to me in the first half of the season was how the Tigers immediately went tempo after a big play. That’s been a hallmark of this attack, no matter if the huge yards came through the air or on the ground. I think Auburn might be slightly more prone to changing up personnel packages after minimal gains this season than it was last season. Lindsey likes to keep defenses on its toes, and part of that comes with rotating different sets. But when Auburn is moving the ball effectively this season, it’s still up-tempo.”