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  1. So who wants to keep him now?

    As has been pointed out elsewhere, recent new AU HC hires have done well at first. Also, Coach Malzahn has done well 1st year at all his HC stops. To do list for an incoming AD: 1. Day one - Fire Coach Malzahn, and calculate buyout payouts. 2. Day two: Hire Coach Malzahn (buyout disappears?). We get a hotshot up-and-comer that actually has a few years of HC OJT, stepping right into a program where he sort'a knows the ropes, and where the staff and players seem almost magically matched to fit his system. WDE
  2. So who wants to keep him now?

    Lurked and observed there on occasion, but participate? Rather walk barefoot into a Pantera pit (and I'll depend on my young All Things Considered denizens to correct or confirm if I've said this correctly).
  3. Stidham passing charts

    Not trying? 3% of attempts to the center/middle range (1/9 = 11%). 19% of attempts anywhere at middle range (1/3 = 33%).
  4. ULM Lookalikes!

    Such a tiny ukulele (even for a ukulele)
  5. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    ^The above^ make-up of Bill Monroe's group was, admittedly, before my time, but I understand that they came to be known (with much nationwide Opry exposure) as "The Original Bluegrass Band." I do have, however, the below album (played so much that I can almost see light through it).
  6. Need some Gameday help!

    Worthy of note? Large is Out of Stock.
  7. Malzahn fine with Auburn’s in-game dancing

    and Heaven Forfend that Coach break out his own moves on the sideline. “That was kind of one of those things I wanted them to do is have more fun,” Malzahn said. “Obviously, when you win it’s (more fun), OK. But I wanted our guys to be a little looser and really, I wanted to be a little looser and have fun myself. That was one of our messages.” We, here in this forum can no longer unsee that, but the national audience is probably not ready
  8. Need some Gameday help!

    Only 2-cents (if it's even worth that) I can offer is pack sensibly WDE and have a ball!
  9. Really hate to say, but it needs sayin': Humble apologies if I contributed, in any way, to the devolution of this thread.
  10. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    ULM week reminded me of Bill Monroe. Not amongst my records, but you may recognize some faces in the band (back when Mssrs. Flatt and Scruggs were still Blue Grass Boys)
  11. Where is lionheartkc?

    Good on! and WDE
  12. Hope you and Mr. Johnson both have a safe weekend.
  13. Yeah, I know, not quite, but
  14. But recognition of Mr. Johnson's skills would seem to render prayers and Hail Maries less necessary?