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  1. Bump, 'cause 243 today. Many Thanks.
  2. No worries, just busy as hell of late. Even this'll have to be a drive-by, but I'll get back and caught up when I can. Worry not.
  3. Sincerely wish there was some way to laugh at the two together (neither is, separately, particularly funny) . Excellent interchange!
  4. As off-season/pre-season comes to a close, and re: Senior Bowl: "Wide receivers Ryan Davis and Will Hastings, defensive tackle Dontavius Russell and linebackers Deshaun Davis and Darrell Williams were among the 368 players named the watch list for the premier annual college all-star game, which was announced Thursday. Though he's not named, redshirt-junior quarterback Jarrett Stidham, who has already graduated, would be eligible for the game if he chooses to declare for the NFL Draft as expected." Real season approaches
  5. Like an old shoe. More familiar than novel, but comforting.
  6. Not relevant, and not my Mothers favorite, but giddy w./ my re-found broadband connection:
  7. 'course, suspect I've dropped some rather obscure (to many),older references, on occasion Pretty good music, as well Many Thanks
  8. Damn! Finally got my broadband back up and what's the 1st thing I see? RIP Ed King. Too young.
  9. If I'd heard that, I didn't remember it. Many, many thanks.
  10. How is light beer like making love in a canoe?
  11. Alas, lot's failed attempts to capture Dune, as well, but many of Mr. Dick's stories seem to have adapted OK.
  12. I'm obviously out of my depth, and maybe even drowning* here. *"Death, where is thy sting?" [W.C. Fields]
  13. Sheer artistry, and even a bit eerie the way it seems to follow one around the room
  14. vs Arkie I’ve been wracking my (poor old) brain here but, TBH, have come up, um, “empty.” Even the venerable (“Premium Quality”) Razorback Beer seems to have died along with the last dregs/remnants of Dixie Brewing; empty cans, and old merchandise w./ logos are sold as vintage memorabilia. Guess we could just take what they bring us, but (in case they bring nothing) I’ll also have a PBR stash to get through.