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  1. AUld fAUx@

    Best BBQ in every county in AL

    Scanned the list all prepared to fuss at the authors for buying into the popular Dreamland mythology, but they surprised me by getting Tloosa right (Archibald's). ETA - I've driven by LA (their Baldwin Co. nominee) many times, but not yet dropped in. ETFurtherA - Thanks (a bunch) for the news that Twix & Tween (Bibb Co.) is no more. A shame.
  2. AUld fAUx@

    Countdown to kick off!

    Deep Thought, What is the Answer...
  3. AUld fAUx@

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    recently, "Opinions are like a**holes. The more you drink, the looser they get." [Jim Jeffries] Many, many thanks for a place to put this.
  4. AUld fAUx@

    Countdown to kick off!

    Sorry. Ya got a like anyway.
  5. AUld fAUx@

    Media predicts UAT to win 2018 SEC Championship

    Only sort'a relevant, but SI has just seen value in releasing a "Ranking the SEC's Best Non-Alabama College Football Playoff Contenders" article.[highlight mine]
  6. AUld fAUx@

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    TGIStillSummer Be careful out there (assuming, of course, you choose to go out there)
  7. AUld fAUx@

    Media predicts UAT to win 2018 SEC Championship

    Isn't Mr. McElroy (ESPN) considered all smart and stuff (like Rhodes finalist or something)? He thinks ' “If you look at this defensive line, which is the backbone of this team, it’s the second-best in college football,” the former Alabama quarterback said on ESPN’s Inside College Football. “The best being Clemson, and no one is close to them. Auburn might be the closest, though. When you look at the guys they have, versatility, size, Derrick Brown, Marlon Davidson. Dontavius Russell is so underrated. This is a really good looking defensive front, and they have a returning quarterback.” '
  8. AUld fAUx@

    SEC Media Days

    So, implication is that Coach Malzahn still operates at the HS level?
  9. AUld fAUx@

    Watch-List Season

    "Auburn senior wide receiver Ryan Davis is now the fourth Tiger to find himself on a on an award list after been named to the preseason watch list of the Biletnikoff Award, handed out annually to college football's top pass catcher..."
  10. AUld fAUx@

    SEC Media Days

    "Auburn’s number one fan, Tiger Jake, has returned to SEC Media Days and is enjoying the new location in Atlanta so far. Tiger Jake got the day started off with his favorite coach Gus Malzahn, getting an autograph on his new buisness cards..." Tiger Jake Returns to SEC Media Days, at
  11. LA = Louisiana? or LA = Lower Ala? either way, forgot to say (in my previous) "Howd'ja do, howd'ja do, howd'ja do?"
  12. Oh me, oh my "down that way" meaning Opelika area? (best I can tell, site of still and bottling) "down that way" meaning the state? (where ABC green-fronts are) "down that way" meaning my way? Y'all come any way but, if the last, please warn me so I can bake a cake*. *As I've said somewhere, my baking is the pits, but, with advance notice, I can do something.
  13. No earthly idea as to distribution, except that I found it at the green-front.
  14. Most probably not relevant here (I spend a good time out of my depth in this forum). Mentioned some time ago, mostly because it's the 1st legal Ala. booze I've ever met. Single malt that refuses to announce itself as any known (to me) whiskey variety. Smooth as any blended Canadian or Tennessee "sippin'" I've met, and easy to shoot neat, but way more flavorful.That flavor, though is only subtly smoky and not the least peaty, and doesn't quite fit any expected varietal profile. Since I first met it (at a local restaurant), I've bought a bottle. I really don't drink much whiskey in the summertime, but I've had a few occasions (including as I type) to sip a bit this year.
  15. AUld fAUx@

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Timely (seasonal), but also my nightly lullaby for the kids growing up. I, of course, always reversed "mama" and "daddy" in the 1st verse so the little darlings felt comfortably at home.