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  1. Many, many thanks (if, for nothing else, an excuse for playing hooky for a good part of my day). Surprising, the number of shared experiences, considering at least a full generation and an entire (north/south) state of separation, and he pronounces "Isbell" properly! (this is the one I googled up - Mr. Maron got a little tiresome before the interview?
  2. This one is probably best characterized as a "one hit." Might be considered somewhat minimalist (?) but the reverbs/echoes (?) were such that 6-7 groups on the beach with their portable radios coincidentally tuned to the same station could fairly faithfully recreate the old drive-in-theater SurroundSound effect.
  3. Shoals, huh? No. In VA. A section on the upper James. Pretty place (though completely inactive) that I got to visit once (camping) before Dad and his brother sold it. Just thought, enough generations back that family scattering might have occurred. ETA - The surrender was presented at the Isbell-Bocock House in town.
  4. Had a half-dozen oyster over the weekend, but only three of them worked.
  5. Regrets and Best Wishes, Nova. WDE
  6. Welcome home. Digital images can be dragged onto (free service); hit the "New Post" button, and drag your picture into the frame. Once it loads, hovering your mouse over the upper-right corner of it presents a menu that includes a "get share links" option. One of the links provided there is a "BBCcode (forums)" link (with all sorts of [brackets] in it). Paste that link here. Hope this helps. Looking' forward to what you got.
  7. Afraid this forum is as close as I get to "social media."
  8. As I hear more of him, I wonder if we might be related? My paternal grandmother was (nee) Isbell, and represented the "plantation" branch of the family tree. Apparently I had an uncle (with some "greats" inserted here) that was responsible for the 1st casualty in the Battle of Appomattox Courthouse. Family lore was that he walked out on his front porch, evening before the battle, and saw a Union spy sneaking into town across his front yard and ran back inside for his shotgun.
  9. Me too.
  10. Can't like again, having used up my opportunity in my King red-faced episode.Many Thanks. "Speedy" indeed, and a slogging endurance test for the drummer, but rhythms shine through cleanly. Re: the stick - I assume it's tuned to Mr. Fripp's NST (which, I must admit, is far beyond me even with a good night's sleep and a cup of coffee)? Are the twelve strings separately tuned, or is it paired or octave-paired strings in a six-string configuration? Is it fretted, or are those lines place markers? Finally, I've never played electrics in any configuration (and am barely a chord strummer on acoustic), but it would seem to me that the "hammering" style calls for awfully sensitive pickups (if that's the right word?).
  11. While some time ago, I heard kids talking about Creed and thought they were talking about Creedence. Imagine my chagrin. ETA - Will listen to your Liquid Tension Experiment but, right now, I'm old and overdue for bedtime.
  12. Shoot! Right after I posted my last, I went out Googling Crimson, and kept coming up with King Crimson and a guy named Fripp (never knew his name). The same! Really hoped to get back here and edit before you caught me. Yes. Much familiar here. I obviously slipped a cog and was looking for something that wasn't there. Must admit, however, Court of the Crimson King did often serve as ambience. Humble Apologies
  13. Many Thanks. Good stuff. I think I get it. Don't hear as much of the non-standard rhythms as in Ms. Young's piece above, but the internal complexity of rhythms that are there is blow-out apparent. I must look into Crimson? BTW - Is a Chapman stick that "tapped" 12-string 2x4-looking thing? I also backtracked to your Soundscapes selection. Would it hurt your feelings if I called it "space music" and looked for it Sunday nights on WBHM? Nothing at all wrong with it, like often sought-after background mood music, but sufficiently structureless to discourage actual listening (at least on my first listen).
  14. Best I can tell (though anything I can offer here is second-hand), pickiness wasn't due to his genius but to his ear. Just had a hard time living with anything being even slightly off-pitch. A high-school buddy of mine (french-hornist) later got to sit in with Mr. Kottke because of an ability to bend harmonica notes to fit the chords in an untempered manner. On his live albums (including some cuts I presented back when I first wandered in here), he's often heard making jokes while he finely retunes his guitar between songs. The Mudlark (studio) album is mostly just him and a drummer. Apparently, didn't even like to play against his own singing. Wish I had the Greenhouse album (the first with much vocals) and its cover down here, but it's still in Tloosa; he likened his own voice to (best I can quote) "a frog fart in a swamp," but he apparently realized he had to sing (or, God forbid, let someone else sing) to sell albums. Re: genius - Saw him in a bar. No not like Golf's celebrity drop ins, but a big place in Lexington, KY with a cover charge. My (now) wife got us a table close enough for me to watch his fingers. I'm (still) only barely about half-smart with the instrument, but the close proximity did me no good at all. Every time I thought I saw a left-hand fingering that looked like a recognizable chord, it was already changing, and the right hand was already picking between which left-hand-stopped strings to switch back and forth through in transitions. There's some of that visible in Mr. Ben's Yvette Young clip above. Inebriation may have played a part, but it was downright dizzying.