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  1. Tuberville on SEC Network

    The next thing Tubs learns about offense will be the first thing he has learned about offense.
  2. Auburn Arena, Person

    Yes. Any school. He backstabbed A.U. I'm sorry that he has had it so rough. Twenty three million just doesn't last like it used to. And since he hasn't been able to find gainfull employment since leaving the NBA, he has had to get by on social security. And no one gave him any respect. Such a pitiful case. I can see why he would sell out everyone who ever trusted him. No problem.
  3. Tuberville on SEC Network

    From the man who once said Phillip Rivers was not good enough to play quarterback in the SEC.
  4. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    It depends. His shoe company representative is currently unavailable.
  5. With all the negative things that have happened this year, the girls just keep on winning. Great coaching!!! Better times coming!
  6. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    I do not feel good about this hire, especially with a green offensive coordinator. Will Chip be looking over his shoulder?
  7. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    That was Petrino.
  8. Updated AU roster with heights and weights.

    Hard to evaluate until we see them in action .Maybe Williams added 16 pounds of muscle...
  9. Spring Notes/News

    He injured his OTHER knee at Auburn. I had hoped he would be at full speed. The coaches seemed pretty high on him.
  10. Spring Notes/News

    Johnson arrived injured and seems to have stayed that way. I was really hoping he would develop into a good run stopper.
  11. Softball injuries/illness

    Any news on our walking wounded and sick?
  12. Larry Porter New Offensive Assistant

    Maybe they can hire Chiz as "Helmet Alignment Coach"
  13. Softball vs. Nebraska radio broadcast

    What time do the girls play BYU?
  14. AU expected to hire Felton

    I don't care if we hire this guy or not. It is not against the rules. LiL Nicky buys entire families, houses, jobs, brothers and sisters. C'mon, if this helps us, there is nothing wrong with hiring a high school coach.