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  1. DivisionN

    2019 4* RB Jamious Griffin (Georgia Tech)

    Shivers is going to be a superstar before it's over.
  2. We are still trying to replace Mustapha Heron. No one on this team does what he could do. He was outside, inside, drive the lane for score or dish. He was muscular, could rebound and we don't have any one player with those capabilities..... as yet. But the team is changing, becoming something different. They will get more and more comfortable with each other and learn to play together. Okeke can really be THE MAN. He had the shot to beat south Carolina. It was set up well. Those are going to start going in. Just watch this team as we go down the stretch. They are going to turn the corner and be very good.
  3. DivisionN

    What became of Sean White?

    Did he continue to play football? They guy was such a mystery. Seemed awesome, then lost all fundamentals.
  4. DivisionN

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    We miss Heron a lot. He was a leader. He also combined outside shooting, slashing to the rim, rebounding and physical toughness. It broke my heart that he did not return. I keep thinking about what a great team we would have if he had come back. We don't have anyone like him on the team. It is possible that Okeke could become that guy, but he is off and on.
  5. DivisionN

    ***Early NSD Discussion Thread***

    Where is Papoe? I saw where he "early committed" but I don't see his name on a dotted line anywhere.
  6. DivisionN

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Leach is honest. He would never fit in.
  7. DivisionN

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    If Auburn had stuck to their guns and hired Petrino, we would be celebrating a couple of national championships. He was that good. Of course, he would have found a pretty secretary and gone to the NFL to self-destruct, but we were in a great position to dominate the SEC at that time. Then Tubs brought us down the long slide to mediocrity.
  8. DivisionN

    Men vs. Arizona

    Bill Walton is proof that evolution is a farce. He was pretty toked up.
  9. The guy seemed VERY high on something. Rambling like a maniac.
  10. DivisionN

    Our Backup QBs

    There is way, way too much criticism of the backup QBs on this site. Both of them are strong runners. They both play the run option well. You can't see that in a tag game like A-day. We've gone with mostly backup receivers all spring. Both of those guys are very talented, and, put in the right situation would do well. Just my 2 cents.
  11. DivisionN

    A-Day thread

    Are there any stats from A Day posted anywhere? I don't mean just a spot stat here and there, I mean for the game, for all the players.
  12. DivisionN

    A-Day thread

    I enjoyed going to the A Day game. I like Coach Malzahn, but there is no doubt he puts on the worst spring game ever. Unfortunately, that sometimes carries over to the beginning of the season. I saw some really good things from our first team defense, but we are very thin. Running backs were pretty undisciplined except for Torbert, the walk on. We didn't have much talent playing at receiver but that should sort itself out in Fall. One thing to fear.... more injuries. We just don't have the depth to keep getting hurt. Defense looks very well coached. But once we run out of Muschamp recruits, we could be headed for hard times.
  13. DivisionN

    Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    If you tag them with just one hand, they are not down. You must tag them with both hands.
  14. DivisionN

    ESPN Preseason FPI Rankings

    Clemson had some top flight players decide to come back because they loved their team. The National Fools League will still be there. Wish Auburn players had the same heart.