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  1. Maybe with all the experienced offensive linemen, they will be able to create a decent pocket for him. Then again, his best receivers are gone. With the defense decimated, we will have to score a lot. New system. Then, the following system, most of Gus's guys will be gone and the team will be threadbare, full of 3 stars. Could be a year of running and ducking.
  2. While I hope things get better, the writer makes some valid points. AU fans getting excited over 3 star recruits and stealing recruits from South Alabama. If Gus dropped down low in the top 10 in recruiting, he was crucified. It seems like most of the coaches we added are not up to the level of the coaches that we let go. We seem to be slowly building a mid major program. Hope things get better post covid, but, so far the most exciting "signees" are the players that decided, at the last minute, to come back and the guys Gus had committed. I had really hoped we would jump in and grab some head
  3. Woo hoo.. so excited (not). I feel like we are sliding back to Tuberville.
  4. "Opting out" is a poor choice of words. "Quitting on your team" is much more accurate. Sick of the closet bammers on here who urge kids on Auburt to "opt out" and encourage their bammer players to "come back to win a championship."
  5. How many times do we let Muschamp stab us in the back. He obviously has no love or respect for AU. Plus, his defenses have sucked.
  6. We won't do anything that excites the playersand helps recruiting. We will stay bama tools.
  7. Whoever hires Hugh Freeze or snags Kiffin away from Ole Piss is going to do very well. We will be fighting from behind and wondering why we did not do the obvious thing and hire one of these guys.
  8. I had forgotten how good the Gus offense was in those days. I wonder why he got so far away from the mobile QB, high speed offense? It was amazing that Gus took that team so far.
  9. Wow! A coach whose best season was six years ago with someone else's players. Seems like we've hired Malzahn again. This is disappointing. Go Vols.
  10. Typical reaction on this board. If someone does not like what is being said... shut them up!
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