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  1. I prefer a direct insult to those players who wimped out on their teammates. Glad to have real men showing up now.
  2. Carlton Davis embarrassed himself and his school. He made a fool out of Gus for trusting him. He played everyone and hurt his team. I have no respect for him.
  3. I am so proud of Derrick Brown and our other seniors. Character. Class. Leadership. A real love of Auburn and their teammates. I am very glad those undercover bammers did not get to them this year and persuade them not to play.
  4. Then lets just stay home.
  5. Looming over the speculation is the fear that many of our best players will sit the bowl game out, planning their NFL careers.
  6. You don't have to snap it, just be set in formation.
  7. It was a nice play. Unfortunately, it was the number 2 defense and all the receivers appeared to be open. Still, I like that we were actually running routes with all the receivers.
  8. Don't leave out "The Worm"
  9. Tommy Tuberville is the final authority, Rivers is no SEC QB
  10. Shivers is going to be a superstar before it's over.
  11. We are still trying to replace Mustapha Heron. No one on this team does what he could do. He was outside, inside, drive the lane for score or dish. He was muscular, could rebound and we don't have any one player with those capabilities..... as yet. But the team is changing, becoming something different. They will get more and more comfortable with each other and learn to play together. Okeke can really be THE MAN. He had the shot to beat south Carolina. It was set up well. Those are going to start going in. Just watch this team as we go down the stretch. They are going to turn the corner and be very good.
  12. Did he continue to play football? They guy was such a mystery. Seemed awesome, then lost all fundamentals.
  13. We miss Heron a lot. He was a leader. He also combined outside shooting, slashing to the rim, rebounding and physical toughness. It broke my heart that he did not return. I keep thinking about what a great team we would have if he had come back. We don't have anyone like him on the team. It is possible that Okeke could become that guy, but he is off and on.
  14. Where is Papoe? I saw where he "early committed" but I don't see his name on a dotted line anywhere.