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  1. I am giving this post a dislike, because I don’t condone these type of events. The CSA flag belongs in a museum , cemeteries or your private home, if that is your thing, not in the general public.
  2. You must be hanging out in some rough places Homer! I have never seen these types of rally’s, in person, in my entire life.
  3. You been to Portland, Seattle, San Fran or Charlottesville recent? Look at the “ occupied areas”,homelessness, drug use and crime. This is what happens when your local government is run by Socialists and wimps.
  4. Homer, You are one to be pitted. Searching for truth and meaning in ALL the wrong places.
  5. Give me a few examples of your last comment.
  6. Have you ever heard about “Professional Victimization “ and “Liberal White Guilt”? For some liberals, it is always 1965. They never acknowledge the racial progress made in the the last 56 years.
  7. Systemic racism is greatly exaggerated by the left.
  8. Same applies to ALL races and individuals.
  9. We all are “sinners “ and biased because all of mankind is “fallen”.
  10. I am glad you admit that CRT is “ crap”.
  11. Your first sentence, TMI. Otherwise, can’t disagree with your list, except I am not convinced the election was rigged.
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