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  1. I guess everyone with the last name of Lynch will be force to change their names.
  2. Doug Jones

    Doesn't matter if it is Strange or Moore as the Republican candidate, Jones will be toast in December.
  3. The Democratic Party has already committed suicide.
  4. Like BLM and Antifa when Obama was in office?
  5. Hits the nail on the head! Democrats and the MSM are partners in crime trying to destroy America.
  6. Since you are a Democrat, it is more like indecency and trying to turn America into another 3rd world hell-hole.
  7. And we know who you really are and for what you support.
  8. I condemn racism on any level, but you didn't answer my question.
  9. Question is why his POS of a Dad is getting out of prison so soon or why his sentence for such a crime was not life without parole?
  10. Thanks, Russia!

    Me, too. I guess I will have to get my cane and seeing eye dog ready.
  11. Weak Republican leadership in the House and Senate.