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  1. Report: Malzhan staying

    For $7 million a year, I don’t want to see any 8-5 or 7-6 seasons again during his tenure.
  2. A little perspective, please

    I hope he stays, but would like to see if the contract extension and pay raise could be delayed until after the Bowl game. Would like to see if he can beat another good team on a neutral field. Probably will not happen if Ark is in the mix.
  3. Embarrassing. The team is done. Let’s see if Gus can win a bowl game against a good team.
  4. Ah Titan. You validate my earlier statement.
  5. AuJeff, I guess we are just not the intellectual giant that Titan believes he is. I tend to be a person of few words and direct statements. When you manage an organization, people and money, you don’t need to be too wordy.
  6. Another reason I don’t watch the NBA. Greg is a angry liberal.
  7. Truth Bombs from Scarbinsky

    I thought he nailed it. What is latest on JJ? Is he leaving at the end of the month? Anyone have any news? If he does, is the UConn AD, who was with AU prior, taking his place? I would prefer an outsider who can take a fresh and new look at our athletic programs.
  8. Embarrassed or Mad?

  9. next Head Coach

    Bill Clark at UAB might be worth an interview. Solid record at JSU and has been impressive at UAB considering what he has had to work with so far.
  10. I 100% agree with you. Unless he goes 9-3 this year and beats UGA or Bammer, I can’t see him surviving. A 7-5 record is the most likely outcome though.
  11. 15 in 6, why these numbers damn Gus Malzahn

    I don’t think anyone has considered Gus an offensive genius for the past 3 seasons.
  12. Besides the 8 SEC games, Auburn has one tough game, example Clemson the past two years, and then 3 easy games each year.
  13. I meant for every season. This year, Ga So, Mercer and ULM.