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  1. Woefully short of big men on this team. No pun intended!
  2. I don't remember Clinton being accused of being a serial killer, but several people who were associated with them seemed to mysteriously turn up dead.
  3. Agree with you to an extent. There was some "hate" directed toward Clinton, but not at all the same amount as directed toward "W". The internet did become more accessible during 2001-2009 than it was in 1993-2001.
  4. The "hate" started with the Democrats and the MSM on George W. Bush. Obama also greatly fanned the flames of this hate.
  5. Love how you lumped all the MSM, did leave out ABC, with the rest of the Democratic Party! So true!
  6. Now, Homer, did you wake up in a bad mood today? I feel sorry for you, you are one unhappy person most of the time.
  7. Now, Homer, do you think this physical world is going to last forever? No, it will not and we should take care of this world and the environment the best we can while we can, but use common sense in doing so. Looking at the posts from my "liberal" friends on FB, I am worried about their mental stability after the U.S. pulled out of Paris. They seem ready to jump off the ledge or toy with sharp knives.
  8. The left worships the creation rather than the creator. Romans 1:25
  9. This team had a lot of distractions and drama to contend with this season. Maybe next year will be calmer on and off the field.
  10. Plus, I get my conservative news from Salty, 64, Argo and Grumps!!👍
  11. Even with "conservative " news sources, I take what they report with a grain of salt. For the "liberal" sources, I never give the benefit of a doubt.
  12. I can only imagine why conservatives don't like, trust or respect the press as a whole.
  13. Jacobs supported Democratic candidates in the past. Now, is this any surprise? Not condoning the Congressman-elect behavior, but sounds like Jacobs was trying to do a "hatch job" on him.