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  1. I graduated in 78 and received my Masters in 81. My son graduated with a double major in 2011. Our eldest went to Troy which depressed me until we started visiting the campus and community. Great choice for her.
  2. Seems 3 out of the posters who reacted to my comments don’t agree with you. As I have told you more than once, you are an intellectual genius in your mind, a legend in your own mind. However, many times you come across as a LONG WINDED know it all. Nothing in my post was over the top or exaggerated. Obama set back race relations for years. He was the great divider, not a untifer.
  3. Get your head out of the sand. You must be blind as a bat and stupid as a rock.
  4. The most racist President in US history was Obama. He divided this nation more than any other President and gave us BLM, Antifa and the war on Police.
  5. No , your free speech is mostly deranged and rambling, but you are entitled to it.
  6. Never read any trash from John Archibald.
  7. You have a bad case of PTSD (Perpetual Trump Shrieking Disorder) . You take lessons from Robert De Niro?
  8. I have been wondering too.
  9. Good points. Never seemed to be a good fit for Auburn either.
  10. Sessions may decide to run. That will make it interesting.
  11. Barbee was a disaster and an arrogant punk.
  12. Well, that was a short trip to Omaha, but I am glad the Tigers made it.