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  1. My flight to Houston today was canceled. Trying again tomorrow afternoon . Hope to drive to College Station from Houston.
  2. Joey did look good, but Bo should continue as the starter. Joey’s talents and abilities should be used by Gus in meaningful games, so let’s hold our breath to see if it happens.
  3. Fat, sweaty moron that I will never, ever give the time of day.
  4. OMG! Gus let the backup QB throw a pass!
  5. Dropped TD pass by Boobie, dropped first down pass by Hastings and overthrown TD pass by Bo. Would have been great to have had 14 more points going into halftime.
  6. They do, at times, protect the minority from the majority and mob rule.
  7. Just trying to give him a "heads up". I thought I had saved enough $ for our daughter's wedding, but I was wrong!
  8. That was a finely edited version by a deranged Bammer fan who also happens to be a lawyer. Intentionally tried to smear her. I think he eventually apologized.
  9. You think paying for college is rough, you better be saving for your girls wedding now! We had one of each, and the cost for the groom's portion is a small fraction of the costs of the brides.
  10. She has been out of college for several years, so owing $19,000 is not too bad. Isn't the average student debt at Auburn almost $25,000 now? I , too, was so thankful to get both of our children through college without them or me owing any $.
  11. That is why we have the 3rd branch of government, the courts.
  12. Well, I must be a right wing populist since I believe in America First and values this great nation was founded upon.
  13. So, the minority should be treated as Serfs? Is this what you are saying? If the Electoral College is every abolished, which is unlikely, then that is what will happen to the vast majority of states and rural areas in this nation.
  14. This is why no highly rated TE will sign with AU, only getting a pass or two thrown to you in a season. If the kid from Oxford, MS signs with us, don't be surprised he is moved to DT.