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  1. Looks like Butch needs to recruit Pitchers for 2020 as much as Gus need OL recruits.
  2. Gradually the unthinkable becomes tolerable, then accepted, then legal, then praised. That is where we are in America today.
  3. Tough year. Didn’t meet expectations, but injuries were a factor. I hope Dean can turn it around next season.
  4. No, I was really interested in your answer. I am sorry that most of us on this board are not intellectual giants as you.
  5. I do try and live them, but I was interested in what factors he considered in determining a persons eternal destiny. I only know one, you accept Christ as your Savior or you don’t. Now, as a Baptist PK, who has now been a PCA for almost 30 years, I still struggle with predestination or “God send his Son to save all “ who would believe.
  6. I hope all the recruits are not smelling “blood in water” for Gus and coaching staff.
  7. Thanks Grumps! I forgot about Cruz, liked him too. Can’t argue with your comments, many other good conservative candidates to choose from, but in the end, it was Trump along with Pence against HRC and her lap dog, Kane.
  8. You lost me on that long confusing last sentence. Dumb it down for me.
  9. Perhaps time to make a change in the coaching staff.