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  1. The biggest knock against Mo and Britt is that they ARE seen by many as part of the problem. They are experienced, but what has that “ experience” done for America? People want change, new ideas and cooperation.
  2. God loves everyone, even those who reject him.
  3. Oh, I sin everyday and probably every hour. However, I was “born again “ at age 12 and have tried to walk the “straight and narrow path “ ever since. Despite my failings, my sins are still forgiven.
  4. I must know a different Jesus than you. My Jesus came to save and minister to others. He said “accept me as your Lord and Savior “, not that he accepts us as we are without repentance and a new walk of life. “Go and Sin no more “
  5. Yes Icky, I think we have a vastly different opinion of Christ and Christianity.
  6. Oh, I forgot to mention the illegitimacy rate, lack of fathers in homes , drug/substance abuse rates and lack of personal responsibility as MAJOR causes of the problems you mentioned. You can thank the Democrats and their new plantation system, LBJ and The Great Society programs.
  7. Never said it was demonic to desire and provide basic necessities. It’s the moral issues such as abortion, transgender, homosexuality, CRT, government dependence and open borders where the Democrats fail miserably and are doing their best to destroy the family unit , Christianity and this nation.
  8. Republicans are eccentric while most Democrats are looney. The National Democratic Party is also demonic, they clearly displayed their hand with the recent vote on the abortion bill.
  9. I am amazed how many people in Alabama don’t think twice about paying 10% sales taxes but will fight a modest property tax increase tooth and nail.
  10. You can call him Senator Walker soon.
  11. Just like most Whites that don’t attend church voted for Biden as well as most Blacks that attend church. So, what’s your point?
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