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  1. Now that hurts! Remember, I am a Pence supporter.
  2. But, but, Homer agreed with me!!
  3. Their views are based more on common sense and law.
  4. Some are pretty funny. I saw one on FB that said "You know it is bad when introverts protest".
  5. Probably not Probably not many Democrats at Auburn University.
  6. I don't think he will be back at Auburn. Hope I am wrong, but his situation just doesn't seem right.
  7. Couldn't agree with you more. I like Fox News too, but he was arrogant and a blow-hard. Fox made the right move.
  8. Thank you Homer!!🤡
  9. Looks like a good addition. Still need a PF or Center.
  10. Icky, I was too blunt with my reply. I do read your posts and those of the left. I do try to understand them but just can't grasp many of them. I do think most of us who comment on this forum have more in common than we think. It is the "hot button" issues that brings out the worse in all of us.
  11. I would say #2 and #3. When you say anti-Jew/black/Indian/Irish, are you referring to students or the faculty? In the two colleges where I have served as an adjunct, I haven't noticed this bias.
  12. When I joined this forum several years back, I never checked the Political Forum. When I did check it about 2 years ago, I was appalled by the leftist tone. Decided there needed to be a few more conservative voices.👌
  13. There are few on this forum that will attack you like a pack of dogs.
  14. Now Icky, give me more info. How about some statistics and links to back up your vague, broad generalizations?
  15. Now Homer, let's don't bring that group into the conversation or we may have to bring out "communists" and "out-of touch"