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  1. Oh boy, Homer. You are obsessed with Trump. There is help for this type of disorder.
  2. Auburn should have been a 3 or 4 seed plus the location and pairing are not the best, but thrilled they are in the big dance.
  3. PUB78

    Rush Propst

    A great coach, but a bad man.
  4. I agree. I would have preferred UK so it would motivate our guys since they lost twice to them including being blown out in Lexington.
  5. Exactly. Just another tool in the modern Democratic plantation system.
  6. White redneck trash who never attend Bama, or probably any college, a day in his life.
  7. Well, this BB season turned out and ended the regular season much, much better that I would have thought when they were 2-4 in the SEC. Team really seems to be peaking at the right time.
  8. Yes, being involved in professional associations has it advantages! You sound like you do have the same travel plans as we do. I did get to travel to Europe twice the year I was President. We do some traveling on our own including taking cruises to Hawaii (25th anniversary and son’s graduation from HS, Alaska and two to the islands and Mexico (daughters HS graduation)
  9. If you go to Yellowstone, stay at least 3 days. We only visited it for 2, and I regret we didn’t extend our time their. You must go to Maine! Their coast and coastal cities are beautiful. Some look like Norman Rockwell painted them. I would go back to Maine in a heartbeat.
  10. Not at first, but as I realized how many states I had visited, my wife and I started exploring other nearby ones while on trips. I am not a wealthy person of leisure, but have been involved in a professional association for 30 years. Their annual conference is in different locations and I served on their board twice for three year terms. Their quarterly board meetings were also at different locations so we got to go to states we had never visited. The year I was President of this association, I traveled to at least four states I had not visited. Finally in the Fall of 2017, we took a trip to the last four, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. If I had not been involved with this professional association, I may have made it to about half of the states.