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  1. Sounds like the clothes I wore while a Baptist. As I advanced in my career and could affort suits from Brooks Brothers, I became a Presbyterian (PCA).😄
  2. Don’t worry about it. He does the same to me. He must be banned from posting because I haven’t seen any comments from icanthearyou in awhile.
  3. PUB78

    Joke of The Year

    Kind of like Robert Bentley saying he was the greatest governor in Alabama history.
  4. PUB78

    Baseball vs uat Game 3

    Coker was killed. Terrible outing.
  5. PUB78

    Baseball vs uat Game 3

    It sure is! Takes the bad taste out of the mouths of Auburn fans and alumni that has been there for a whole year.
  6. No wonder America is doomed due to total overreaction in events like this.
  7. PUB78

    Barbara Bush has passed away

    First class person and a real lady.
  8. Just whining from a hopelessly lost liberal.
  9. PUB78

    Alabama's governor race?

    Ivey has this race wrapped up.
  10. PUB78

    Fine, I'll fess up

    Why are lawyers buried 20’ deep instead of 6’ like most folks??? Because deep down, lawyers are good folks!
  11. Agree with you. At the two universities that I have taught, too many of the students are only concerned about getting an “A” rather than develop skills for the real world.
  12. Ryan was a weak leader.