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  1. If I was the AD, if Gus loses to UA,I would ask him if he is interested in the Arkansas job and if so, highly encourage him to take it.
  2. Three Juco OT’s? Is one expected to play OG?
  3. Better hope our bowl game is in December. Gus is 0-4 in January.
  4. Glad he dropped out. His ideas were a menace to society.
  5. I expected UAB to give UT a much better game, but after losing 30+ seniors off last years team, he is 6-2. They do have Southern Miss and another tough game left, but should finish no worse than 8-4 in a rebuilding year.
  6. Embarrassing, frustrating and gives little hope Auburn has a chance against UGA and UA. At least it was a win.
  7. I guess Gus is saving the offensive explosion for the 2nd half.
  8. If Gus goes 8-4 and loses to UGA and Bama, probably will be fired. He will take his $20+ million buyout and become the new HC at Arkansas.
  9. PUB78


    My biggest worry is that Joey transfers, Bo gets injured during the season and we have not reliable backup QB on the roster. Add that we will have a entirely new OL and lose 2-3 of our DL stars. Could be the making of a tough season for 2020.
  10. I predicted 9-3. We still have a chance to reach it.
  11. Agree with all your points. Gus belongs in the Sun Belt Conference, not the SEC. He is a 7-5 or 8-4 coach at best and that is with three cupcake games on the schedule each. For those who think someone is going to flip a switch or the light is suddenly going to come on for Gus to become a great coach , they will be sadly disappointed.