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  1. God bless you! Prayers sent your way!
  2. I like it!!😀
  3. The lunacy of "the Left" never ceases to amaze.🤡
  4. Great way to start the SEC schedule!😀
  5. Well, I guess I will have to cancelled my long planned tour of Iowa.
  6. Yes, I was aware. I was being sarcastic.😊
  7. It was nice making the NCAA, but the Ladies were one and done. Wonder if JJ will give Flo a contract extension for making the tournament with a 17-14 record and a 5th straight losing record in the SEC?
  8. Samantha Bee? Really? The partial birth abortion supporter. She is just as creditable as John Stewart.
  9. Very pleasant surprise! Congratulations to the ladies.
  10. True. Had a friend who would tell one of his sons , who couldn't get on track at the time, "You are doing all the right things to live in a trailer one day". Fortunately he did get his head on straight, finished his degree at Troy and is pretty successful today. Teenage and early twenties boys can be a challenge at times, they need some firm guidance and advise from their parents , and hopefully good peers, to make proper decisions.
  11. I heard a presentation last year , where the speaker said you had a 98% chance of not being poor if you did the following; 1. Graduate from high school 2. Get a job 3. Don't have children until after you are married 4. Don't abuse drugs or alcohol.