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  1. Sigma Oasis new release album from Phish, thoughts??? So far best studio album in a long time, 4 songs in.
  2. Today was a tough day. Had to lay off almost my entire staff. I can’t explain how difficult and disheartening this was. Gonna try to make take outs and delivery work to keep the doors open but I highly doubt the numbers are gonna work. Difficult times ahead. After fighting cancer and having Crohns related surgery this last year I am sure taking a beating. Please support your local restaurants as much as you can during this time, our existence depends on it.
  3. It’s time like this that owning a pub and grill business is extra comforting.
  4. Feel bad for the players, especially the seniors. Smart thing to do. I guess we are all finding out who watches Fox News in this thread.
  5. LED Lights and shows, Orange face masks, never punting, alternate uniforms, beer stands, black shoes and Bruce Pearl translating Gus interviews into excitement as to lulling me to sleep!
  6. This is just really, really sad.
  7. If it is Chad’s offense, Tank and Richards are the obvious choices. However, I can see Shivers earning the starting role as well because nobody is gonna out work him. DJ showed some good runs, but also had negatively graded runs. Of course he can improve upon those. Who knows where Joiner is gonna play. I suspect a h-back/TE role as there is a clear path to playing time or a role in the offense. If we get anything from Miller it is a bonus as by all reports his injury was just too devastating. Feel terrible for him. Not expecting one, but I would not be surprised if we have a transfer before fall camp.
  8. If u were to guess who, who u got? Turbo and Johnson would be my guess
  9. Mr Robinson’s Medical Marijuana Garden.....too soon?!
  10. So Yella Fella Arena is not on your list, lol.
  11. 1.CAP/Barber 2.Jovon 3. Dyer/Rock Thomas not listed 4. Carl Stewart 5. Jacobs, Stewart, Lester and Rock Thomas (not listed) 6. Brown or Irons
  12. I have not made it down to an Auburn game in a few years. Was at the Final Four last year. Gonna try to make it back down there this year for a game as I am excited to see what Chad Morris does with this talent and this is the first time I believe Gus isn’t being less than honest to us.
  13. I am not sure how Alabama’s dram shop laws are written, but the person who committed the crime would have had to shown signs of obvious intoxication while purchasing the beer. The plaintiff would have to prove that this was the case as well that they only consumed beer at the stadium. Further at this time Auburn contracts out concessions. It would be mind numbingly stupid to not have within the contract full liability by the vending company and it’s employees.