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  1. There is nothing political about a national voting day unless you are part of the nation who doesn't want people to vote and that is not about politics but about hate. It is a civic duty and should be so recognized like every other developed country, democracy and non dictatorship in the world.
  2. Get well Doc. Those corgi’s need u!!!
  3. I don’t believe it is the position coach but more so the instructions they were given to follow. If Morris runs the practice, drills and film room I believe that we will see more development along with what you said.
  4. Keep staying strong and keeping the faith Nathan, another battle won by you, bud!!!!! Keep adding to the tally. You got this!
  5. I always find things interesting on here. A young man(with very little playing time so far)makes a mistake of which appears to be very minor and we condemn him. Guys on here talk about the old days and players doing all kinds of stupid sh@t from fighting to abusing substances and they are just great funny stories. He could have made a mistake, he could be reaching out for help as nobody knows what is going on in his personal life. Personally I give him the benefit of the doubt and am here for him in any capacity I can be as a part of the Auburn family. Gus has been very good at bringing in quality young men and has earned that trust from me. Not everyone gets a perfect road to drive on, some get a few potholes along the way.
  6. Another sign that Chad is gonna be running the show. Every month I am believing more and more that we are gonna have a more dynamic, less predictable offense!!!!! Besides all the physical tools this kid seems to have the right mindset and football IQ to make himself one of the greats. War Damn Eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. How in the heck can you come to this conclusion? I mean, you are lecturing about reading a history book and yet you assume that NAZI Germany would take over the world without even giving basic thought that history results from other historical happenings. So if there were no wars there is no way of knowing how the world would exist in the 20th century.
  8. Just that one semester, more importantly she started playing summer ball in Birmingham after she committed to the Meyers. She lived with the Hortons for two years during summer ball I believe as well.
  9. @AUsince72 Nathan, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Stay positive and enjoy time with your family and anything else that brings you joy. Tune out what is happening and what you cannot control. Advice that I know you have heard a 1000 times but it is what helped me get through my treatment. If there is anything that I can help with, your friend from way up north is there. Stay strong, stay brave and stay you. You got this!!!
  10. I just hope that these future announcements to the NBADL are represented as such. Announce a time that you are gonna go pro and have a press conference with your family, friends and local reporters. If you are going to college have a traditional or whatever type of announcement about your decision. There really is no value in stringing along a fanbase, coaching staff and beat writers when you are announcing that you are going professional.
  11. Just waiting for the band to get back out on tour