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  1. I was about to say the same thing. When Muschamp came to Auburn he complained about the sissy level of practices. Gus has always run soft practices where the 1st option is always the target. There is no practicing of making reads on what the defense does by the QB. Stidham has been our only qb who hit other options occasionally while in the pocket. Nick and Cam made plays because of their running ability when a play broke down, but it was rare for them to go through the reads when the first option wasn't there. When you practiced against walk ons and no contact allowed the first option is always open. Most interceptions were by lack of QB training. Personally I felt that some of our fanbase treated JJ horrible and it was embarrassing. Part of it was Gus hyping JJ and creating unrealistic expectations by fans. JJ and Holland deserved to be treated so much better by our fans. They gave 100% effort and it was not their fault if that effort didn't meet some peoples standards. It is the coaches fault for not having better players to be playing ahead of them.
  2. never said it was an either or situation with lineman. just because a guy is 6'4 does not mean he is a perimeter blocker. I believe if that were to be an issue they would just put Jackson in and waste him like they did Nate-Craig because from all reports he is a great blocker. Both Hill and Williams 6'1" and 6'3" showed that ability that McClain might not have. In almost every offense guys move around. If we didn't run an offense that ran mainly run plays and screen passes with the low percentage Hail Mary bomb shot as its base we really don't need height at all. Gus can do what ever he wants and we can disagree with his decisions. Most of us have had issues with his roster management for a long time so it really surprises nobody. I also think most of us can agree minus depth at the offensive line this is by far the most superiorly talented offensive team Gus has ever had. Any play caller should put up 30 plus points with this talent a game. If I were the head coach I would wanna call the plays too. These guys are gonna make people look good that don't deserve it. I am excited to see the offense as we are loaded with big play guys and I think it is gonna be hard enough to get everyone their touches with the talent we already have!
  3. Agreed. What really concerns/bothers me is that this supposed offensive genius cannot come up with an offensive system/game plan with the talent he has at wide receiver currently on the roster. He feels that a player with next to nothing on his resume over the last 3 years is gonna be the answer because he fits a height criteria? I mean he may end up great, but there is nothing that tells us he is gonna be. I just think with Williams, Schwartz, Hill, Stove, Hastings, Jackson, Johnson, McClain at WR alone you can design an offensive passing attack. Then throw in the commitment the last year on taller h-back/pass catching tight ends in Joiner, Canella, Wilson, Fromm and Deal it is pretty easy to split them outside and get a mismatch if you created new plays. Also, on the Graduate OT need. I think we can offer any of them the opportunity to start at Right Tackle, Driscoll is solid but can be beat out.
  4. I wish we would stop pigeon holing our offensive talent. That is how you come up with decisions like this and have unprepared athletes for the nfl.
  5. I think the grimes we hired 3 grimes ago for o-line coach was by far the superior coach. We have hired mediocre coaches since him.
  6. Retire the "boom". along with the CoxCat/Whirlybird please! He beats a dead horse more than A4E.
  7. Heard this last week, but was not worried because we have great numbers at offensive line according to Mikey. It just seems that everyone is saying it is a problem but this one guy. Why is everyone wrong?
  8. USC grad transfer G Derryck Thornton
  9. @GwillMac6 On to the Eastern Conference Finals!!!
  10. I hope Paul Pierce isn't a gambler!!!! Fear The Deer!!!
  11. The discussion has been great. Gus does not develop QBs from a fundamental/skill level. He really only develops them in learning his offense. Either you like this or you don't. I think they had an outstanding offense designed for last season. Unfortunately, the OL couldn't execute their part most of the time. When a QB loses trust in their o-line it is tough for them to be confident in executing the offense. Nix comes in as probably the most fundamentally sound QB at any point in the Gus era, freshman to senior. As he becomes more comfortable in the offense he will be great. Gatewood is a freak and a gamer. Fundamentals are not great, but his athleticism and arm strength are through the roof. As he becomes more comfortable in the offense he will be great. If he develops his fundamentals, Heisman possibilities.
  12. I got a feeling we are gonna see 2 offensive sets of skilled players so that Gus can run at his speed. We have the depth and talent to run the offense efficiently with both groups. My only fear is the play calling in the red zone, he has always over thought everything and gotten too cute with things and not shown any sort of solid plan of attack. Too many negative plays. We really don't have any quick passing plays that involve throwing the ball past the line of scrimmage, I hope that changes as well. We have the talent to not have to rely on gimmick plays and should win one on one situations.
  13. This is more a result of better recruiting than great development offensively. So yes Gus gets credit for the recruiting. I think defensively Coach Steele and his staff do a great job of both. Offensively we developed & recruited RB's best, hands down. The better the talent we recruit, the more likely they already have a NFL skill set. The same goes for Satan. DB after DB got drafted 1st rd for his athletic abilities and every team would talk about how raw they were and have to develop an NFL game. If you recruit athletic ability, work ethic and football IQ the players will get themselves to the next level.
  14. FB do not get much more than a 3 star rating just like kickers and punters. Cox was a 5 star in FB rankings.
  15. today. The first 4 days decides the individual Championship and seeding for the Match Play team Championship