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  1. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    There are usually several indicators including their flags, clothing and volume of noice. They make their presence known.
  2. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    They really don't support the establishment. To be honest they are dipsh*ts in my opinion with no actual focus or structure other than to fight racists and skinheads in recent years. I think their members go through phases, most are not involved very long, kinda like going punk or goth for a teenager....of course some never out grow it.
  3. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    Correct, but the way the right was building this up as the mega event, I thought Antifa would be out in full force 100's of them or more. I was commenting to many people after watching videos all afternoon that I was surprised that they were not there, cuz I saw no sign, I speculated that maybe they knew that crap was gonna go down and they knew that they would be greatly outnumbered......
  4. Charlottesville: Race and Terror – VICE News

    Has anyone heard how many Antifa members were actually in Charlottesville? I for one was expecting to see a large presence and through numerous videos I saw very little signs of Antifa members. To the dude calling them the alt-left, you are out of touch with what is going on. Antifa is a group of mostly anarchists who formed to stop the Hate groups by all means necessary and by that they are willing to go to battle. I can say I do not agree with how they go about executing their agenda but to say that they are the other side and imply liberal/conservative is just mind numbingly stupid.
  5. My opinion on Gus' qb recruiting was that he always seemed to put too much stock into one qb and continued to fight for that QB until the end. Not putting in the time with other qbs in a class that is needed to build that relationship. While I admire picking a top target and going all in on him, the effort on targets 2-7 need to be recruited as hard as number 1. Because we are Auburn and in the SEC we still got quote 4 star qb's but not necessarily the best fits or ceilings.
  6. Gus does not know how to develop a qb. He can teach a qb how to play in his system. Two major distinctions. When it comes to fundamentals of the QB position, there is very little progress. When it comes to knowledge of the offense there is clear improvement. I really think it is that simple.
  7. Mark My Word 2017

    There is no way I would be bold enough to say that the posts would be in the proper thread and context, lol
  8. Mark My Word 2017

    Mark My Words: A4E will have a stretch of 5 + positive posts on more than one occasion this season.
  9. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Was told that JF3 could hit as well as he could take a hit. CB was not gonna work out. Also speed at CB takes different levels than just being fast, but @bigbird and @corchjay can explain that way better than I.
  10. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Rhett offered him and Gus approved. The reason he was given every opportunity to start has been told to you many times. Gus did not and does not like SW as his starting QB with the number one reason and the reason at that time JF3 was given so many opportunities was Leadership. Gus constantly talks about the other factors that he looks for in his QB's. SW was where he was suppose to be, but very seldom was he the first guy in and the last guy out type of QB. Franklin, like others( KF, JJ) were always around the complex but unfortunately did not have the ability to be a QB for several different reasons. If SW worked as hard as them off the field many things would have been different.
  11. European Tour

    Auburn Basketball‏Verified account @AuburnMBB 2m2 minutes ago More FINAL | Auburn 104, Italy All-Stars 58 @chuma_okeke leads the way with his 3rd straight double-double with 10 pts and 20 rebs. #WarEagle
  12. European Tour

    Auburn Basketball‏Verified account @AuburnMBB 42s42 seconds ago More Auburn starters for final game of Italian Tour F Danjel Purifoy F Chuma Okeke G Mustapha Heron G Jared Harper G Bryce Brown
  13. scrimmage updates?

    The try out is over, while it may not be publicly announced, the team knows who the starter is.