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  1. I thought it would be interesTinG just to rEad where people stood back then and bump the threads, But most of them were all locked, lol.
  2. Damn, Mikey sure hated some Bruce Pearl back in the day.
  3. The SEC East was down his entire tenure and there are more bowl games than ever.
  4. Jimmy is here to develop guys. he is a better recruiter than what some give him credit for that is for sure. He now should have the easiest of times recruiting for the place that he loves and made him who he is. Those philosophical differences with Pruitt should be seen as a positive. Jimmy had philosophical difference with the s*** show that Pruitt had created.
  5. maybe, I thought it was just for the 2021 season and a hard 85 returns this season
  6. Guys more are gonna leave expect at least 5. We got 80 guys on scholarship and have room to sign 10 more. Gus’ last signing class are quitting left and right, which is understandable.
  7. Is almost all gone, especially the freshmen. We are currently at 80 guys on scholarship with room to sign 10 more so expect to see a couple more over the next couple of days.
  8. I would not expect Brooks, he is from Texas and is being recruited by his old OC to Texas Tech, he may have committed already, not sure.
  9. I think our WR room will be improved, even without adding a transfer. There was nothing that I saw out of the guys still here that showed me that they could not improve on last season. Same goes for the offensive line.
  10. I think Auburn fans forgot that QB's can get better during the off season. I am very cautiously optimistic that year 2 is gonna be a jump year for the program.
  11. Just wondering if you figured it out yet? I am still stumped.
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