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  1. Talked to some people about Hoerter. He has a ton of room for growth and has a great reputation as a hard worker. He has played on an elite baseball summer league for years. Had a big growth spurt. They think Coach is the perfect coach to develop him into increasing his draft stock. He may be of help next year do to his dedication, but they think it will be a couple of years until he breaks on the scene. The coaches were careful with his amount of pitches as they did not want to damage his arm with his growth spurt and need to add muscle.
  2. thought we could use a thread on this opportunity.....Wiley has packed on some muscle!!! Auburn’s Austin Wiley, Chuma Okeke named finalists to make USA Basketball’s U19 World Cup team
  3. ⏳Ryan Hoerter ⌛️‏ @ryan_hoerter Follow More It's been real Wisco Auburn. #WarEagle
  4. Ryan Hoerter WI player of the year & top prospect
  5. thanks for posting E, idiots like this is what has pushed so many insiders away from this site and have caused others to visit less frequently.
  6. Where is the Karsten Bailey love?? my vote, dude brought his lunch box every week
  7. not exactly, but who cares right point was the current situation and this s*** needs to stop from both sides.
  8. You can thank these jack ass pundits who try to make a name for themselves by being extremists and spewing hate and idiocy like that Tomi Lahren and others. We have a president who creates this hate and acts like a child. We have a house and senate that act like children, spoiled little brats that don't know how to share, we got agenda driven news media that spread hate and lies to their faithful and badger real journalists. Our mental health issues as a society are at an all time high, with decreasing care. Recipe for these type of incidents is at the highest level and it is their own fault.
  9. Why is this fun for you? Was 9/11 fun for you too because it was the Bush administration? Get some help.....the damaging of our American ideals should not be fun for any American. This is incredibly disturbing to know that people think like this. You sir are not a patriot, but a disgrace.
  10. Tanner Burns‏ @32Tburns Follow More I said from day one, I was all in for Auburn. I feel my decision to attend Auburn will help my lifelong goal. #WDE @AuburnBaseball
  11. Like I said all rational Republicans, not those who live off of conspiracy theories and think that individuals who have been career professionals all their lives will not continue to be professional in this investigation. Mueller was given the thumbs up from all when selected including Newt....but when ordered to raise doubt he is a good servant.
  12. Most Americans have no clue what socialism entails. They believe that Russia is the symbol of Socialism even though they evolved into a totalitarian society in the 1930's. Our government misused the word in its fight of the spread of Russia's it will forever be misunderstood by most Americans that have not educated themselves.
  13. I really don't think that Trump is dumb enough to fire Mueller(which he can't technically do himself). I do believe that he is having his chronies in the media trying to cause question to the credibility of the investigation to maintain his base. All rational Republicans and Americans alike know that Mueller will do a responsible investigation into the Russian situation and politics will not play a role.
  14. FSU is the one to watch