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  1. Softball "Woman" Crush Thread

    Justus had herself a day yesterday and is off to a good start this season!!!!
  2. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    Auburn Tiger Paws‏ @AUTigerPaws 10h10 hours ago Congratulations to our new 2018-2019 Tiger Paw Captain, Curran! We can’t wait to see you lead this upcoming team so well! #autigerpaws #auburnfamily #wareagle 0 replies 3 retweets 18 likes
  3. Men's Roster Breakdown Through 2020.

    Out of curiosity, with Wiley, are they allowed to use a red-shirt when dealing with his suspension? So wouldn't he be a Junior next season?
  4. Purifoy eligibility

    Thedanjelpurifoy3‏ @DanjelKevon3 Yes I am coming back next year. #WarEagle
  5. Fox News Contributer leaves

    I think we will see more and more move to the likes of Charlie Sykes and others that want to keep their conservative values and not nationalistic/other values of the current administration. Social media has given the platform to the extremes of both parties and has also seen a shift in people being more centrist and not wanting to affiliate with either party because of it.
  6. Was that CBP last game?

    I thought that I had read somewhere that they don't know why either. It is all very strange, agree.
  7. Fox News Contributer leaves

    Bless your heart
  8. Fox News Contributer leaves

    Why does it matter when he was on? Why would anyone but his wife, assuming he was married, know when the network asked him to be on? He was not a pundit/host, he was a contributor for over a decade. The mere concept tells anyone that he is on when Fox asks of him to be on because they needed his expertise..........
  9. Fox News Contributer leaves

    "Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration," wrote Peters sorry you suck at reading comprehension
  10. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    Things are very quiet, new regime has taken control. JJ was the source or reason much was leaked out.
  11. Fox News Contributer leaves

    try reading the article, good Lord
  12. Says a lot about where they are heading
  13. Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    Harper/Mitchell Brown/ Doughty/Murray Heron/Purifoy/Murray Mac/Okeke/Murray Wiley/Spencer This is my guess if everyone is back
  14. Was that CBP last game?

    This^^^^^^ The NCAA already ruled on Wiley, is finalizing Purifoy's situation. As with most things our Administration tends to be our own worst enemy.