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  1. I assumed you were more of a fan of birdshot, but you are old, i guess.
  2. Bruce- have the guys do some film study on how all these teams play team defense and the concept of team defense and an average/above average offense excels this time of year. They have the ability, now they need to commit to be great defensively this off season
  3. 4) the media campaign to future QB recruits hits an upbeat note as soon as possible to them. SOP
  4. JJ never had a real QB Coach, pretty much what he is saying without saying it
  5. I didn't know Tulane still had a program, UAB would have been a nice addition. I would like to see an upgrade on at least one of the four non conference games to have 2 higher quality opponents, most top programs have been trending that way. Scheduling at least 2 games each year with a power 5 conference would be ideal even if they are home and home arrangements to give the athletes opportunities to play in other game day atmospheres and to help sell the program.
  6. He was yelling the plays out to his teammates as they ran up to the line of scrimmage. Please tell me this is a sign that we may move away from the HUASAC (hurry up and stare at coach) offense
  7. Play calling
  8. It was noted that these line ups were not the 1st and 2nd team defenses, just working on mixing and matching guys in. agree on Dinson
  9. I suspect that Dean will transition to safety once healthy
  10. In all honesty the play calling was a three headed monster between Gus, Herb and Rhett. Rhett sent the plays in to the team, but Herb and Gus were in his ear on play calling and those two did game planning. Loyalty to Gus by JJ was the only thing that allowed Rhett to still be on the staff and an opportunity to get employed elsewhere instead of being fired.
  11. It always has mattered except to the ones who blindly loved Coach Yoxall, because he was the best in their minds, facts do not matter with them
  12. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes......
  13. E- If you were to guess, who do you think the next commit may be?
  14. I would argue that Gus had the players with the flexibility to be on the field, but he chose to do what he did, how he practiced players, how he recruited players etc. The blame falls on one person. An offensive genius can adapt his offense to his personnel and continue to evolve it to keep defenses on its heels, this offense never changed, hence why he was forced to make a change.
  15. The interesting thing with the punishment is gonna be how Ole Miss, being a repeat offender, magnifies the punishment.