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  1. Agree. But he needed to win it how he did. So in a weird way it was a lose, lose, win kinda game.
  2. Losing Howard, Carosoneā€™s .390 and .399 average and Rhodes bat was the biggest factor. Cooper hit .422 being protected by those bats. Not many other girls on the team got opportunities that year game experience wise. Teams pitched around Cooper. We just lost some of the best that have worn an Auburn uniform. Full season batting average went from .317 to .277. Lots of young players getting their first taste of SEC pitching. Draper and Wallace both raised their average, but moving up in the order and having Cooper behind them helped. Rivera batted .370s that yr in front of Cooper most of the year I believe.
  3. As much as 64 wants Bruce to fail, this is a meh situation.
  4. At least fall ball and the closed practices and informative Gus pressers afterwords will help make time fly!!!
  5. Bentley turning Gus down and him going after him says all you really need to know about Gus evolving his thinking. Sadly.
  6. Agree. Gonna miss the information and all the digging on the inter webs he did for the board. Not gonna miss the pissing matches on every basketball post though!
  7. Bottom 5 if we are lucky and freshman come through. Pitching needs a miracle and we need to learn how to hit SEC pitching.
  8. The arrogance on every fricken basketball thread is getting old and Gene is gone.
  9. Why do we have/need vehicles that are capable of such high speeds?
  12. Well thanks for your service, gotta agree with diehard but hope you are right about Joey G!!!
  13. There Is hard to find a bigger piece of s*** than someone pretending to be a veteran.