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  1. I think Tisdol is 230-ish as well
  2. That was my first thought on Pebble Beach, that is where I would be and then I would be knocking off that bucket list of courses and wouldn't even consider a job offer until I finished it, I hope he does the same.
  3. After receiving half of his buyout yesterday, you think he could have found a better course!!
  4. I don't know, I saw some posts on here from someone who would know and she made it pretty clear it wasn't happening and then she deleted them minutes after posting them. So I guess things can change.
  5. I think it falls under Gus' strategy and recruiting philosophy. He wanted to go all in and focus on a few which was a terrible strategy, which everyone knew.
  6. meh, wasn't sure why we were signing him to start with.
  7. Chris Thompson Ladarius Tennison multiple WR's running back not on roster yet JJ Pegues at DT
  8. This guy would be a great get for our offense and depth
  9. Didn't Patterson declare for the NFL Draft?
  10. A transition from a ping pong lover mentality to a drag racer across the entire football staff, team and department.
  11. That is fine, you don't have to, but I know for a fact on this one and most everything with the DC situation at Auburn as I told everyone back in the day. Gus had designed packages and called the packages in and out as he was the offensive coordinator and play caller. He chose everything.
  12. I would take DC back in a heart beat, great guy. All the things he said about Gus were proven true both publicly and privately. If we only listened to all the warnings that he gave about Gus.
  13. Gus was deciding who saw the field and didn't, not DC.
  14. I get your point from the investigation perspective. I do believe that Bobo has done his homework as he has been willing to hire him twice in the last two weeks to be his offensive line coach, at least I hope so....
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