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  1. Move McCrackin to short and Crocker at 2nd, gonna happen next year
  2. LOL. I just repeated what the coach said. If you think the only two problems were the ones that were made public by their own actions, well I would agree with you. There have been team chemistry issues all year. I have been told, like many others, about situations that have occurred and that is how I have come to my conclusion. However, I respect Coach Myers and the decisions he makes, I was just surprised by the statement made. He may have not made a decision at this point on when/if all will return.
  3. In these situations how good of a player should not be in discussion. John Wooden may have been the best college coach of all time in any sport and listening to many of his speeches and quotes put me into the reasoning. I just wanted to point out that Coach Myers talked about how good it was to see his team smiling and laughing and having fun again last night.
  4. As E eluded to and others they were not surprised by one of them being a part of this. Due to how things are kept quiet, it would be rumors to put out there. But we clearly have a senior who has not been a good representative of the program or University in many peoples eyes.
  5. Very disappointing to see them release so many talented journalists and keep loudmouths like Corso, Finebaum, Hill and Smith.
  6. Was hoping Myers would have cut ties with one of them.
  7. He hits all the marks for first round busts out of bama
  8. I had heard a couple names mentioned if the 10th coach was to be added immediately. They have been mentioned in this thread. However, with the additional coach being added next January there is no way to guess who it may be because there is no guarantee what coaches will still be here.
  9. lol, propaganda ******** do not evade the profanity filter, you seriously can not be that nieve. too damn funny. thanks for the laugh
  10. You and Jeff Sessions. I would be fine with both, because I am not stupid and have researched and understand the issue. In my younger days I smoked all the time, worked 75 hours a week, at least, and built a multi-million dollar business. Helped me manage my Chrons. Crawl out from your shell and do some research.
  11. Family is more important than football. Universities respect a student dealing with these issues and their academic standing, non-issue.
  12. I think the policy at all Universities is we don't care if you do, just don't get caught, cuz then we have to do something about it.
  13. One of them should have been dealt with earlier in the season, instead was given a green light. Have heard stuff for a while about her, not surprised at all
  14. Agree