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  1. Morris and Steele worked together at Clemson.
  2. You also have to consider that Oregon does not want another coach to leave them for a "better" job. Cristobal is gonna get a nice raise this off season, maybe thanks to Auburn.
  3. #1 or #2 in country if we had a half competent OC.
  4. If they fired Gus today we would not have a single coach on offense that has called a play before at the college level.
  5. Agree. The early signing period create such a new dynamic, it will be interesting to see how schools handle it. If you change coaches after the date do you give the student/athlete the opportunity to be released from their commitment?
  6. If Gus is indeed safe for next season. The only strategy at this point is for AD Greene to publicly support Gus for the 2020 season and solidify 2020 recruits. If a change is being made Fire Gus between now and after bama game and hope that the remaining staff can keep recruits on board until a new coach is hired hopefully before the early signing period. Fire Gus and give Steele an interim position to prove if he is the guy or not and hold onto the recruiting class and let him hire coaches prior to the early signing period if so decided. Remove interim. Allow Gus to finish the season and wait to the new fiscal year and release him as the buyout drops $6 million dollars roughly. The main part of the recruiting class is signed. There is also the factor of getting the coach that we want and is it best to start the search now or later? To this I believe without a doubt that Greene has a list already and so does the PTB(they may have several, egos).
  7. not the point I was making, but I will make it clear in a new thread.
  8. Vanderbilt announced that Mason will return next year.
  9. I was impressed overall with the defense as well in the first half