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  1. Fullback or move him to defensive tackle where he belongs and his skill set and athleticism is top 5% and not in the bottom 25%.
  2. Only 23 offensive plays, tough to establish the offense or to see what we got. seems like we had individual missed assignments along the o-line and not fundamental or system weaknesses. d-line needs to fill the gaps and linebackers need to fill better. secondary was solid except for a couple plays. thought we tackled well, not many missed tackles. would like to see tank and MAR get a series each in this half to see what they got. Feel the game plan was to include them, but just not enough plays to get the opportunity to yet.
  3. Agreed, all he had to do was just run in front of him to impede him, no reason to hit him.
  4. I am surprised that so many people still don’t know how the targeting rule works, we have had enough of them every year to know. with that said I hate that call but it is the right call.
  5. Peuges 320 lbs would be a good addition to the d-line rotation
  6. Agree, I was gonna say it looks like they are searching for their identity.
  7. With that play by Newkirk it reminds me how great it is to see him in games after all it has taken for him to get here and the injuries. Also so happy for my fellow cancer survivors Hamm and Manning out there today!
  8. I guarantee Bo disagrees with you and agrees with me.
  9. Except on third and one in this game and many times last year
  10. Needless to say, that 3rd down pass was an easy completion and a terrible throw, good thing it doesn’t say Stidham on the back of the jersey.
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