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  1. Will be interested to see who Steele chooses?
  2. exactly what I was about to post, could not agree with you more
  3. We got scorers as to shooters. I agree with u and Fred. Lots of guys have good looking shots, just need them to get hot at the right time and not all cold at the same time. Teams that win championships peak at the end of the season, not the beginning or middle.
  4. To ditch Gus’s s*** offense and to have an offensive coordinator that runs an offense that best utilizes the talent that he has each season..
  5. We are a streaky shooting team, have been all year. Lots of loose balls going the other way that we have taken advantage of this year. It’s basketball, it happens.
  6. I assumed that Smith and Nonemaker were the paid guys. And that Gross was volunteer. I understand the 2 coach deal.
  7. Anyone else notice how they called him a volunteer assistant coach?
  8. Was it by his choice or not? I was wondering that same thing
  9. Are you serious Clark? You can’t figure it out
  10. Good hire, has a respectable resume and hopefully he can get these guys ready to be quality starters.
  11. Well, then a terrible job on their part.
  12. Announcing during the national championship game just screams “we are excited about this hire and want to let everyone know” just don’t understand how Gus thinks
  13. LSU 1995. 12-6 loss. "the Whistle Game"