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  1. hilarious that the guy who got banned from on3 for stealing content and posting it here as his own is being negative about them
  2. no, it was pushed to try to create the image that he didn't care about or understand black athletes from the south.
  3. it was never a rule just some liars in the AD spreading crap about him.
  4. over the years we tend to agree on most things. My connections are few over the years between former players, coaches and some select alumni. However, I have one person with complete knowledge with what went down, could not be more directly involved with facts. you have made up your mind off of numerous rumors and good for you, I will disagree with you across the board. best of the day to you.
  5. There were accusations of a hostile work environment. What some administrative type people felt was hostile is normal business activity every where in the country. Being expected to do your job to the best of your ability every day is not hostile. Not saying good morning or happy birthday is not hostile. What is hostile is creating rumors of an affair and spreading them to get a guy fired and harm his reputation. Some people were putting in more effort to get a man fired than they did at their actual job, which was the problem in the first place, but they loved getting paid big money for being lazy. Here was a classic rumor started. Harsin barely met anyone at the Alabama High School Coaches dinner, Saban said hi to almost everyone. Saban shook hands took pictures and got out the door. Harsin was still there, he spent more time at the tables that he got to because he didn't want to come off as a an arrogant snob and going through the motions as this was the first chance to really get to meet any of them do to Covid restrictions. Saban already knew everyone so he didn't have to do what Harsin did. Heard this from several coaches in attendance. So they took a small amount of truth and made it into a negative and blew it up on the internet by leaking to certain individuals, including ones on this site, was a reoccurring theme. Harsin made mistakes, no doubt about it, but most of it being spoken as truth nowadays, shows you how well the disinformation hostile attacks on him were effective. As some say if you repeat a lie enough people will start believing them.
  6. Exactly, the TV deals have resulted in a facilities/support staff race that benefits the athlete greatly.
  7. Tubs, really didn't. He used his Ole Miss blueprint but recruiting got easier because of Auburn. Harsin's mistake was focusing 100% on the team and the culture and not taking the time to kiss butt with people in the AD and the boosters. The country club setting Gus ran ended and employees didn't like it and got their feelings hurt. He should have mad every person within the football offices re-apply for their job. Take away some of their entitlement they felt they had.
  8. Either way we are a top 20 program but not a great head coaching job.....that was the point that we are getting away from.
  9. Kids are just scheduling officials earlier now.
  10. This is a great listen, can’t wait for the rest of them to be released.
  11. Here is the thing with Auburn Football. It is a top ten program and a mid to bottom tier job. Decades of meddling and incompetence by boosters have agents pushing their clients away from the job.
  12. Someone better go to church and ask for forgiveness.
  13. why are all the insiders that lost their resources so bitter..............and negative
  14. NIL is used and organized by the athletic department through channels. Rich slow balled Auburn in getting organized do to the NCAA investigation and didn't want to cause any unnecessary problems with finalizing the investigation.. he was never against it, he had concerns on how it would affect coaching and developing players, just like most coaches have publicly stated. People twisted those words to fit their narrative
  15. yes, the NIL should be working with the Athletic Department and their representatives. Coaches should not have to waste their time doing what the University needs to provide.
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