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  1. I know we are all excited to see the success of the passing game recently. But, I m also trying to keep it in perspective. Defenses are making it as easy as possible for our pass offense to succeed right now, I am glad that we are executing, but things are gonna get tougher once they start mixing it up a bit. I hope we continue to improve when teams start respecting our passing offense, unfortunately for us, all we can do is wait and see.
  2. How did Bo carry the team in the 19 Iron Bowl? he did play solid, but I do not believe that was the case. We had 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns and more rushing yards than passing yards, I believe it was close though. he had 15 completions and one touchdown. That was a team win if I remember correctly and was an ugly win, I think we gave up over 500 yards to their offense, outgained by almost 200 yards on offense. Bo has had lots of moments and good halves of football for Auburn, no doubt about it. It is super exciting to see the growth over the last two games, footwork and
  3. He has a package of plays but the game flow has to lead to it or allow to give it a shot. Plus it is taboo to say but we have seen that many guys are not the same after being out on medical leave for an extended time. It takes a bit to get back to normal. He will get his opportunities, it is a great change of pace situation for the offense. also the nfl does like those guys without too much wear and tear in the college years and talented.
  4. not really, I just explained what I think of that poster(24) with a 3 letter word. he is not worth wasting time with or responding to.
  5. I bet there will be much more serious coaching going on during this by week than has happened in years
  6. Lets just hope the majority of the team, if not all, are winning every day in the film room, practice, weight room and the class room.
  7. I think most of us would be scared to death to throw those old Bo fits like that with Harsin running the team, just saying.
  8. It was great to see Bo execute the game plan and be a great game manager. Bobo has had some great game plans that the team has been failing to execute do to lack of individual focus from play to play. Still got a long ways to go but today was a step in the right direction in Bo playing within the offense and maintaining drives. Job well done.
  9. You can without a doubt see it happening. Still gonna be a process with some ups and downs but everyone has to like the direction things appear to be going.
  10. There is so much to like with this program. The team is showing improvement and also taking on their head coaches personality. I can not wait to see the development come next season.
  11. I know he is projected to play on the inside of the line by most, however I think he could have a chance to stick at the tackle position. I can see a bit of Chad Slade in his game.
  12. he is absolutely right. he is not a natural leader. most of us knew this already. it is known because we have observed it the last 2 plus years.
  13. Hopefully we can develop half of them to be regular contributors next season. A full year in the program along with changing your lifestyle, habits and understanding of expectations can do wonders at that age.
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