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  1. I just want our best playmakers on the field. bo and Joey are both in that group and should be seeing meaningful time on the field one way or another. I would have created a Taysom Hill role for Joey from game 1, I THINK MOST COACHES WOULD HAVE DONE THIS.
  2. Agree, it seems like he just hasn’t made that next step yet to greatness. Solid player for sure though
  3. It shows that if we do get an injury we are in trouble, unless we are playing one of the worst teams in D1.
  4. Right now it really is looking like a down year in the SEC besides the top 2. Anything is gonna be possible every week. I like our chances to win games but I am not talking any sh@t during the week kinda confident.
  5. Question: with the talent within the university is it not possible to design our own complex and then contract the work out? Or at least let the school of architecture to have the opportunity to put forth a design.
  6. @GwillMac6 be careful, I think an old container of Nitrous from 2013(when the Bus use to go fast) might be leaking. Todd pop your head out the window for some fresh air!! 😆
  7. @lost I AM GONNA ADD THIS TO YOUR THREAD AS I see it fitting without creating a new one to ruin Todd’s day! 🥳 I have repeatedly see posters say that we are purposely running a vanilla offense. Having watched every game numerous times that Gus has coached I really have not notice a difference. Lots of the same plays at the same time, formations and motion giving away plays. Besides some of his Waterboy-esque trick plays which role out through the season. How has his play calling been vanilla and different from any other game? @bigbird what have u seen?
  8. He produced no losing seasons in the ACC. His second year as head coach he did go 4-4. His 2nd worst season as a head coach was 9-5 which was his first. Since his 2nd season he has won 10 or more games every season.
  9. I just want to point out that I got one of every response to this post and 1 only. Does it prove our decisiveness?! LOL
  10. Rankings are still based off of pre-season polls which are garbage. What people think teams can be not what they put out on the field. Nobody deserves their spots at this point. I believe polls should not start until the 4th or 5th week of the season personally.
  11. After ten years at Michigan State he maxed at $697, 330. Half of what the highest paid coaches were making at the time. Fullmer and Spurrier were only SEC coaches at time making over $1 million. Dabo signed a new contract in 2013 that he got in 2014 that paid him $3.15 million a year after 5 seasons. He got another raise in 2016 and again last year I believe Gus's initial contract signed in 2012 was 5 years at $34 million. Plus 2 cars with gas, insurance and service and maintenance included. Also someone made the comment that it took Dabo forever to win a National Championship. Year by year record as a first time head coach at CLEMSON. 9-5, 6-7, 10-4 11-2, 11-2, 10-3, 14-1, 14-1, 12-2, 15-0 Seems like some guys earned their contracts differently.
  12. nailed it!!! The one thing that every sunshine pumper believes is this.