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  1. auburnphan


    So happy to here the news, getting some results myself this week, hoping to ride your luck streak!!!
  2. auburnphan

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    agreed. I am convinced he had a series of minor injuries that he was playing through. I thought he was gonna be a beast last year. I am hoping Brahms has a huge off season, I think he has that meanness, but was thinking too much and not playing last year.
  3. auburnphan

    January 18-20 Visitor Thread

    Thanks @AUDevil and @ellitor for the updates and insight!
  4. auburnphan

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    Auburn needs Tega, Harrell and Horton to improve leaps and bounds not only for the team but for future recruiting. If these 3 can get themselves drafted and on a roster it will speed up recruiting potential. If not it is gonna probably take a staff change.
  5. auburnphan

    New RB Coach wants and news

    Thought we could use a thread to discuss this opening. I am surprised that an addition wasn't made already. If the plan was to move Horton to off field coach, why announce it if now if a replacement was not already decided? My only rational for that would be to give Horton an opportunity to publicly have his name out there, but not sure how a demotion would help that. I guess there is the possibility that they have a coach lined up and are waiting until after signing day, but that does not seem to be the case according to folks on here. Personally, I do not think it matters who he hires. Offensive coaches seem to teach more for a system than a focus on individual improvements.
  6. auburnphan

    Bama GT QB Jalen Hurts Picks OU

    LOL, 64 of the SEC. Whenever the SEC loses it is because it don't care but when they win it is because they are so dominant. Miss St 31 pts reg season 23 against AU Ole Miss 47 pts reg season 16 against AU Tenn 14 pts reg season 30 against AU and Bama put up more against us in a game that meant everything I am sure state and tennessee were just taking it easy and didn't want to hurt anybody in the regular season or something, yeah that's it!!! SEC SEC SEC SEC Isn't it weird that when scoring is up in the SEC it is because the offenses are better and when scoring is down it is because defenses are tougher. It will never be said that the offenses sucked or the defenses sucked that given year. Maybe it is easy for me to see because I am not a SEC homer, just an Auburnphan.
  7. auburnphan

    Bama GT QB Jalen Hurts Picks OU

    bowl games: Georgia 21 pts and lost to Big 12, Missouri 33 pts and lost to Big 12, Vanderbilt 38 pts and lost to Big 12, Bama 45 pts and won vs Big 12. SEC the higher ranked team in 3 of the match ups, Vandy/Baylor both were 6-6 I think you might be over estimating the talent level on this forum!!!!
  8. auburnphan

    Griffin King Transferring

    It would not surprise me to see a couple more WR's transfer. With so many on the roster and guys wanting to get on the field one more time before their college careers are over.
  9. auburnphan

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Knowing Gus we will have 3 different quarterbacks play in the first half. The guy he names the starter will not take the first snap at QB.
  10. auburnphan

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    Well, I know one person Gus could sell some lake front property to in the middle of the Sahara Desert for millions.
  11. auburnphan

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    Agreed. Is there a better way to disrespect your own coach and show lack of faith in him to your players than how this was handled. Information would not have gotten leaked if it was done professionally . Gus is known as one of the nicest coaches off the football field but he is heading in the opposite direction when it comes to managing his staff, mainly offensively.
  12. Duke has decided not to offer him
  13. auburnphan

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Is it safe to assume that Porter will be the new recruiting coordinator? Another title that Horton held, not sure if it was a fake title like Kodi's co-offensive coordinator title is.
  14. auburnphan

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    The only one I can think off is DC
  15. auburnphan

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    On the AU staff botching his eligibility.