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  1. No matter who the quarterback is, they need live reps and lots of them. After months to prepare for spring ball our HC said he still does not know if the qb's will go live or not.
  2. It looked like the Tennessee catcher has some sort of ear piece. Is this common? I have never noticed that before. No sign stealing that way.
  3. Tom Green‏Verified account @Tomas_Verde 5m5 minutes ago Auburn RHP Davis Daniel is scheduled to start throwing again Monday (then again Wednesday and Friday) next week. After those days, Tigers will reassess where he’s at and see how fast they can accelerate his throwing and plan a return to the mound.
  4. Most parents in the criminal complaint were not celebrities and some gave as much as $6.5 million. You know exactly what you did, you have pulled this crap for years and years and years. I am done with you and this.
  5. Quit being a douche and trying to make it political in this forum. Celebrities are clearly super rich by most standards.
  6. This stuff has happened in the Ivy Leagues forever. The super wealthy, getting their dumb kids into elite schools through donations or as it should be called bribery.
  7. I guess the coaches didn't know how much depth we had at O-line!!!!! LOL
  8. maybe it was code for kicking back and having a sixer of cold ones on the deck!!!!
  9. He would be the 2nd fastest rb at the 2019 NFL Combine as well!!
  10. As long as we are not a 5 Seed in the TOURNEY. We don't need the history with that seed!
  11. It is all good. This a unique situation, with having the FBI involved and the modern era of social media.
  12. Sorry, didn't know that you are on the committee and know how they discuss things. Also amazed that you can read people's minds in the future on the reasons that they may make a statement.
  13. I missed it, what is the injury status of Davis Daniel?
  14. That is why I said "personally" and not that "I think" it is gonna happen. If voters drop them it kinda pushes the hand of the NCAA in the court of public opinion, so most people wouldn't be indifferent like you.