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  1. why are all the insiders that lost their resources so bitter..............and negative
  2. NIL is used and organized by the athletic department through channels. Rich slow balled Auburn in getting organized do to the NCAA investigation and didn't want to cause any unnecessary problems with finalizing the investigation.. he was never against it, he had concerns on how it would affect coaching and developing players, just like most coaches have publicly stated. People twisted those words to fit their narrative
  3. yes, the NIL should be working with the Athletic Department and their representatives. Coaches should not have to waste their time doing what the University needs to provide.
  4. #1 he believes in Harsin and his vision. #2 His players are improving and working hard, it is not his fault the players he inherited have limited ceilings #3. Will and AOLC Joe Bernardi have developed a great working relationship and are making waves at this point on the recruiting trail. They still gotta seal the deal, but they are doing some work.
  5. It is almost as if it was another false rumor spread around or something. Shocked, lol. Time after time people twisted Harsin's words to reach their objective to defame him. Harsin says if a player doesn't want to be here, then we don't want him here either, because players that don't wanna be here can be cancer.......the trolls, Harsin won't welcome back a player that hits the portal. Harsin, The NIL can have some negative consequences when it comes to keeping your team focused and helping players reach their goals. Trolls, Harsin hates NIL and discourages it to his players. I will stop here but it goes on and on.
  6. It is not just building relationships with the schools, it is also the coaches. A small school coach moves up to a big program and we have already established a relationship with the coach.
  7. He is small, like really, really small for qb. Even Gus didn't go after him a second time. Great young man, by all accounts.
  8. This is just devastating, thoughts are with his family and friends.
  9. how many can you remember? lol
  10. I remember having this discussion years ago, but it makes even more sense now. The thought was if the game was free the Alabama fans would show up and troll the game, cause problems and be a pr nightmare. With social media they could really organize something now
  11. This, is so true, been a reoccurring theme. He is not a stupid puppet like Jay. So he has enemies.
  12. this is one of the biggest factors, he wanted unconditional love in return. he also got coached harder and pressed more to be better at his craft, he got tough love for the first time. I felt he responded fine to it, but who knows what he was thinking. I forget after which game it was but Bo was busy posting pictures of what clothes to wear for Tigerwalk while at the store that was sponsoring him Friday before the game and then came out and played like garbage. It was pointed out how selfish that was from someone who is suppose to be the leader. I mentioned at the time he got his ass chewed. I honestly think the best thing for Bo would have been to stay at Auburn. He was finely getting to learn how to be a true quarterback and not a backyard baller. He was getting coached up for the first time and was progressing positively. I also think he could have learned to be a better leader, another factor in him not being guaranteed starter status.
  13. I see the disgruntled employee came in to make a jab at the players now, not just his bosses.
  14. It feels so good to listen to a coach who knows ball and is more honest.
  15. I remember being shocked when Malik decided to transfer, by all accounts he was the leader of not only the offense but the team, something that always had a lot of value with Gus up to that point.
  16. I find it hard to believe that you were ever excited for this fall. 😉
  17. impossible, gus dont recruit poor character, he is always spot on.
  18. Burkes was Juco but diamond was out of Chicago, he is at Miami(oh). Working up the coaching ranks at OL, good guy, real good guy. I think he was recruited by Jeff Grimes initially
  19. Burkes is from Illinois, Jordan Diamond was from Chicago.
  20. They are doing very well in Georgia and especially Atlanta.
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