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  1. 3rdgeneration

    2018 Ticket Watch

    Yay!!! Our tickets have arrived, too! We have moved down 11 rows from the 28th row to the 17th row in the upper deck. That's about the stair-climbing limit of my lung capacity, so we are happy. 😊 First time we've moved our seats in many, many years! Fortunately, our tailgating buddies moved down with us too. So excited!!!!
  2. Hope they've tested these shoes in the Benz. 🙄
  3. 3rdgeneration

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    What about Lionel Little Train James? I loved watching him!
  4. 3rdgeneration

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    We are all over this! We'll have you covered up in prayer.
  5. 3rdgeneration

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers

    @Momma Worm Wishing the best for your handsome young man this year! 😊 Welcome to AUFamily. As one of the few women on the forum, I'll tell you that most the guys on here are great. I've learned so much about football here and I am a 100% sunshine pumper. I love and appreciate all that these kids do for our entertainment. If you or your son get any grief on here, I'll have your back. 😉 But I don't anticipate that happening. They don't allow a lot of ugliness on her. It truly is a family. War Eagle!!!
  6. 3rdgeneration

    2018 AU Cheerleaders, Tiger Paws, Danceline

    C'mon, Auburn! These are beautiful and talented girls, no doubt, but I would like to see more diversity. Just sayin'...
  7. 3rdgeneration

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    I'll take Gus. That way, none of you dudes have to take him. That will leave you all free to trash him every week and not feel bad about it. C'mon, you know you will. And I won't. I'll stick by him at least one more year.
  8. 3rdgeneration

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    We don't like this kind of news from our friends, but we are truly family and we will be there to support you emotionally. We will include you and your family in our prayers. If you need your spirits lifted, just ask. There are a bunch of jokers on here to help! God is with you and so are we!!!
  9. 3rdgeneration

    2018: AU vs. LSU Kickoff Set

    @CT Tiger, do you mean shakers? Most people think of pompoms as the big fat things that the cheerleaders use. Maybe that's why she looks at you funny when you say pompoms. 😂
  10. 3rdgeneration

    ** Nip Watch 2018 **

    Sign of the impending football season-my throbbing feet from the first day of school in a kindergarten classroom! Not necessarily temperature related, but it starts me thinking about fall and football.
  11. 3rdgeneration

    Prayer request for my father

    @gr82b4au I've recently been where you are now, having lost my father in March. It is a bittersweet time. Just remember that you are mourning your loss, but celebrating his gain. He is in a place so glorious that we cannot even imagine it. Prayers for you and your family for comfort and peace. You were blessed to have such an exceptional man for a father.
  12. 3rdgeneration

    Official Hype / Tunnel Vids (sneak peak)

    These are really cool. Starting to get a little bit excited!😊
  13. 3rdgeneration

    War Durn Eagle

    Thanks for sharing! These were pretty entertaining. Love it when Gus is relaxed.
  14. 3rdgeneration

    SEC Media Days

    Finally got around to watching the interviews. Don't understand the lady reporter's focus on Gus not cussing (that's your one football question??? ) and I also think Muschamp must have slipped that other reporter a hundred to ask questions about him in our interviews.
  15. 3rdgeneration

    When there's a Will there's a way

    Gosh, I love this kid! In the stands, I call him Squirrel, because he is as fast and makes quick cuts like a squirrel. Hope he is healing quickly! How about it PTB? Any news on this great kid? I'd love to see him sometime this year.