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  1. Wow. It went as long as 12 posts for someone to bash Chizik. Time heals all wounds?
  2. No pressure, or anything guys, but we need you to be the "breakout" players. I am really looking forward to seeing how well Julie Bennett does this fall. I first saw her name at the top of the pics and wondered. Having a blond moment, I won't deny.
  3. @WarTiger, I'm so sorry for your loss. My dad is also 86 and he must have graduated with yours. He's not doing too well these days. it is a constant worry. We can count our blessings to have had the love and guidance from Auburn men. Peace be with you and may God comfort you and your family.
  4. Happy Father's Day to all of you Auburn daddies out there. Just remember, it is your job to raise them up right and make sure they always stay Auburn fans!
  5. Maybe he is just following in Gene Chizik's footsteps and really wants to spend time with his family. Looks like he may have a son in high school, like Chizik does. I can imagine that coaching wears on you after a while. Lots and lots and lots of stress over a game. It has gotten to be big business, as in HUGE, and some of these guys are probably hungering for simpler times.
  6. Will it be televised, E?
  7. Prayers are with you! Hope to hear about complete remission next post! Keep strong and be positive and know that you have Family support!
  8. Nova is a golden eagle, I believe, while Spirit is a bald eagle. Nova is War Eagle VII
  9. So sad that Character's character is not quite what we thought. Hard to live up to the name, I guess. Looks like Gus is not going to put up with nonsense anymore.
  10. Bryant will be fine. After all, he is the Markaviest of us all.
  11. Prayers are with you, Lion<3
  12. Love this man. He was part of a terrible, perfect storm of a football season. If you believe in God, you understand that He allows trials to come into our lives to shape our character. Chizik has surely grown as a person through all that he's been through. It is obvious he loves his wife his kids. I truly respect him and hope that, one day, he will be again associated with Auburn athletics.
  13. I am thinking that is the year that my grandfather graduated from Auburn. Cool! Thanks for sharing.
  14. @lionheartkc, Did I miss the original diagnosis? I feel like I did or I would have been saying my prayers for you all along! Who knows, I am entering the age where I don't remember stuff as well. I am glad to see you are doing well. You have now been added to my list! God is a great healer. Take care and stay strong! War Eagle!