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  1. Please pray

    I just lost my sweet Daddy this morning. It is heart crushing, so I know how you feel @tigerfangs. My dad was a '51 graduate in aeronautical engineering, in the Navy ROTC, a member of Sigma Chi, and his sophomore class president. He met my mother at her freshman picnic on the President's lawn, when he was the sophomore class president. My favorite story of their romance is when he bet her a dime that he could kiss her without touching her. She made that bet and he kissed her right there in the library. She was stunned as he headed up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, he tossed her a dime. That same dime was taped in her wedding shoe on the day they got married. Both of them were quite the Auburn fans. As a young married couple, my husband and I bought season tickets with them and spent such quality time riding to and from the late night football games. I have so many great memories of my mother and my father. Now they are both gone, but celebrating together in heaven. I don't know how anybody survives the pain of losing a loved one without the hope of heaven and seeing them again one day. I wish that Hope for all of y'all. I add my request for prayers to this thread. It's going to be a rough time ahead.
  2. Please pray

    So sorry to hear that. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  3. Pearl's emotional journey

    Bruce Pearl is amazing!! He is one of the most real people I have ever heard. This man has integrity, I would stake my life on it. He's my new Auburn idol.
  4. Is Tre Mason Making A Comeback?

    I just love this kid. He gave his all for Auburn. I was so sad about his downward spin. I truly wish him the best, whether it be in football or in something else. I'd love for him to make sure that his life is straight. I'd love to see him successful and happy. He has the best smile ever.
  5. Any former Auburn players here

    Well, I wasn't going to admit it, but I played defensive end on the team, back in '77... . ..RBHS powderpuff team, that is. Wish I had a picture to prove it!
  6. Tigers are Stronger than Cancer

    @lionheartkc, @Maverick.AU, @AUIH1 I am proud to "know" you guys, who have such courage and faith and such a positive attitude. We are here with you, rooting for you all, and supporting you with humor, the distraction of an argument, and most importantly, our prayers. Keep on being Tiger Strong!
  7. Men vs. South Carolina

    Just now checking in. The Arena was awesome today!!! It was such a fun game. Loved being able to Boo the refs loudly and it being socially acceptable. Of course, they deserved it. They were awful. I don't care if we "share" the title with UT. We beat them in their house and we'll be #1 seed in the tourney. So proud of our guys. They never quit!
  8. Men vs. Arkansas

    Glad I have tickets to the USC game 😊
  9. Men vs. uat

    Crap, crap, crap! Missing the best game ever! Do they replay BB like they do FB? So excited to go to the game on 3/3!
  10. Men vs. uat

    So Heron isn't playing tonight?
  11. Men vs. uat

    Thanks, guys! That's awesome!
  12. Men vs. uat

    Are we ahead??? This is killing me!
  13. Men vs. uat

    Score me! In a place with no tv or radio!
  14. Demographic Curiosity

    Not sure what he does, exactly. He's gotten to climb the outside of a reactor, though. Cool, but scary! Congrats on your job.