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  1. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    Wow, those guys are idiots. They really have no clue. That's okay, it may not motivate our team for very long, but it sure motivated me. I hope we run the score up on those guys, big time!!!
  2. Nice article on Gus

    I am not sure it is fair to say that Gus didn't care about character at first. I think it was more that he was naive and trusting and did not see the character flaws in those kids until it became a glaring problem.
  3. 24/7: Holland coming back

    I thought this thread was about Jeff Holland. you guys crack me up.
  4. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Hey! I live in Dallas, Ga too!
  5. Baker Mayfield wins Heisman

    A big "who cares" for BMW winning the Heisman. He probably is the best player, but he doesnt really represent a Heisman man. IMHO
  6. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Another thought. If John Hartwell is LDS, the very conservative atmosphere in the current AD would become even more conservative. Don't get me wrong, LDS people are very nice and very conservative.
  7. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    5 inches in Dallas, GA, with it still coming down. We barely got the kids home from school before it got too bad.
  8. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    I've got lots of cousins in Hueytown! Are we related??? Haha
  9. Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    Such a small world. My daughter and son-in-law are now living in Logan, where Utah State is. I cannot blame Hartwell for wanting to get back to the southeast. While beautiful, Logan is around 95% LDS and if you aren't LDS, you have a very hard time connecting with people. It's a pretty closed society there. My daughter and her husband are wanting to move back to the south, desperately. Anyone know of a job for a ChemE phd. who worked in cardiac tissue research? 😁 Oh, as for Utah State athletics, I don't know much. Their facilities are WAY below ours. The stadium is about half the size. I don't think there are any really modern parts of the university. It's an okay campus, but really does not have many newer looking buildings. Just my quick drive-by assessment.
  10. Injuries from Sat

    I agree with you. He was not throwing with any accuracy at all after that. Any news on whether he is suffering from any concussion symptoms???
  11. rushing the field

    The kindergarten teacher in me thinks this is the funniest comment ever!
  12. Report: Malzhan staying

    Can you have consistency without stability? Think of the many unforseeable obstacles this team and coaches have faced. I think in order to have consistency, you must have good quality depth, so therefore, it stands to reason, you need to have stability in your coaching staff and not be constantly changing coaches out. Especially the head coach, who provides the philosophy and vision for the team. The players like and respect him and their position coaches. We didn't need the mass turnover. That stability will provide the consistency we are all craving.
  13. Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    Tora, I just figured that Gus would appreciate a regular fan telling him that we appreciated the effort, leadership and character that he and the other coaches have instilled in these young men. Also, that there would always be people who think they can do the job better, even when they don't have all the information they need to make those decisions. I mentioned that there were plenty of people supporting him and the staff and that we would keep him in our prayers as he makes decisions for the future. I was shocked that he even replied back from his phone, as I sent it this afternoon. I'm sure he had a million things going through his mind. Others may not agree, but I am willing to be patient and also support Gus and his staff in thought and prayer. They are doing important things in the lives of these young men, who will hopefully go out and be ambassadors for Auburn one day.
  14. Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    Well, I did send a "thank you for a great season" email to Gus today, and he replied back with an effusive "Thank you", so I guess I am the obvious person to be that inside connection. I like the idea of looking at our schedule to see if we could move some of the rival games. But on the other hand, we seem to be stronger at the end of the year, so that's probably why it was originally planned that way.
  15. Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    That kind of comment will get you on the news these days.