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  1. Honestly, I don’t know. It may be more of a measure of how I feel about him than how he feels about Auburn. It took me a while to warm up to Chizik and again to Gus. So that’s probably it. Maybe it’s that he needs to experience the whole season and understand the gauntlet that we face each year in the SEC. I just want to see that he LOVES Auburn. Not sure what that would look like. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in on Harsin. He has definitely won me over as a good coach. I love the straight forward attitude and the high expectations. I just want to know he will want to stay and
  2. On point with the “philosophy” 😂 You can see the trust building by the way the players erupted when Harsin walked in the locker room. It was a joy to see them celebrating around him. I still don’t get the feeling he’s totally an Auburn man right now, maybe 75%, but that’s okay. He’s doing a tremendous job and the “marriage” will only get stronger. WDE, Coach Harsin! Edited to say that I do believe he loves our players. 😊 Let’s see when he begins to really love Auburn 100%.
  3. Thankful that everything seems to be okay with the Malzahns. Not sure what’s going on with you @aubiefifty, but I’ll send a prayer up for you, too. I haven’t been able to be on this week.
  4. Question: Did Pegues play on the OLine today? I’m at my daughter’s house and spent a lot of the game playing with the baby and I didn’t see.
  5. Prayers for Gus and daughter. Anyone know what’s going on?
  6. Well crap. My goal was to lose my voice and that didn’t happen. 😫
  7. On my way to see the Tigers play!!! Half way there. 😊
  8. Since Bobo knows Smart and Muschamp so well and they know him ( supposedly 3 best friends), I think we need to rely more on Harsin tendencies than Bobo’s. That and pray a lot! I feel bad for Brahms facing that #99 nose guard. I bet he’s having nightmares. 😂
  9. Yes, but can you be 100% sure of that.......???
  10. I have a real dilemma. The only navy tshirt I have is the Bo “One Nation Under God” shirt. I am not 100% on this shirts reliability. I think I wore it once when we didn’t have the best game. Does Bo have enough good vibes to overcome a possibly defective shirt??? Or do I try to buy a new one and get it delivered on Amazon? 🤔
  11. That’s my mother, who was much lovelier than me. That’s her 1952 Miss Auburn picture. I’ve got Auburn literally running through my veins and in my dna. Her name was Marilyn Janice Williams and she was the sweetest woman to walk the face of the earth…………until she was watching an Auburn football game. 😂 She was once folding laundry during the iron bowl and threw socks at the tv every time they showed Bear. It was hilarious. Lord, I miss her.
  12. 😂Absolutely not, JDubb! And actually, it’s embarrassing in a nice way. Let’s don’t comment anymore and let it go away. ☺️
  13. Awww, shucks!!! I honestly deserve 30 lashes with a wet noodle, but you guys have made me feel better. Thanks! I always try to be respectful, and thoughtful in what I say, but I fail more often than I’d like to admit. That post was a smh 🤦‍♀️ moment, for sure. You guys are great and I really appreciate that you listen to my unlearned opinions and don’t make fun of me. 😂 I sincerely mean that!
  14. I don’t even remember what you are talking about? 🤷‍♀️ Sorry if I offended you. It was certainly not my intention.
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