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  1. Teenagers are known for staying up all night playing video games and such, so I can see how this would happen. Kids don't always contemplate what COULD happen from their choices. I feel incredibly sorry for this kid, in that he has to live with this for the rest of his life. We all want to know why something like this happens, but sometimes, it is just a tragic, awful accident. I hope he can learn to forgive himself, and find a way to make something good out of his life. I continue to pray for all involved.
  2. Any score as of yet? We don't need Tech to be able to rest. We want them tired!!!
  3. Who’s announcing baseball right now? He sounds eerily like Rod at times. God, I miss him already. Football season is going to be hard. 😢
  4. This kid definitely has a million dollar smile! War Eagle, Kam!
  5. How many people were estimated to be there? I am not sure I can watch the video of the service quite yet.
  6. I'm done and it only took a minute!!! (Stop it! I know where your minds are going.) Seriously, donating is so easy that everyone should do it. Now. Show some Auburn love to our buddy '72 and his sweet family.
  7. How about we start a school for sports journalism in Rod's name. The Bramblett School of Sports Journalism. At least that way we might get some decent press!!!
  8. Happy birthday, Loof! In just a little while, I'm gonna go and give '72 your birthday present. Gotta wait until my husband is not looking. All that sounds really, um, suggestive, but what can I say? It's the truth!!!
  9. I read that they were in a Highlander. Isn't that Toyota? Also read that it was confirmed that they were both wearing seatbelts, which makes it even more perplexing.
  10. Prayers for you, 72! I know you are walking through a tough time right now. We are here. Let us pray for your specific needs. Hang in there, buddy!
  11. Lord, cover their family and friends with Your comfort. There is no way to comprehend such a tragedy and the one’s that were closest feel so lost and hurt. The Auburn family needs strength right now. 🙏🏻
  12. I don’t really want to speculate. I feel sure they are trying to keep details to a minimum, for the sake of the kids. I understand that and appreciate that. That’s more important right now than my need to know. I’m sure details will eventually come out, though.
  13. And we would appreciate a lot of “Touchdoooooown Auuuuuubuuurns” this year. Each one will bring a tear. Makes me sad that Bo Nix and the freshmen will not hear their number called by Rod. Basketball won’t be the same either. Or baseball. Heck, all of Auburn sports won’t be the same. Say hello to my mom and dad up there, too. 😢
  14. Can’t watch it right now. I’ll get to it later. It’s just too painful. 😢