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  1. Happy gameday! Just popping in to say I love my Tigers!!! Let's win this!!!
  2. Wow! No morning gameday thread??? I just popped in to say Happy Gameday and War Eagle, friends!!! Let's have a great game and have fun watching the Tigers play. I'm protecting myself from negativity at the moment, so please keep your comments on this thread in a positive, happy to be an Auburn fan kind of way. Thanks!!!
  3. Prayers for Saban to recover completely.
  4. We live here in Georgia and were going to invite some friends over from church. But I will be honest, I just don't want to have to be nice. I have to be nice and politically correct at school. I have to be nice to my friends from the opposite political side. I just DON'T want to be nice to anybody tonight!!! And I don't want our boys to be nice to the mutts, either!!!
  5. YES!!! For Coach Pat Dye!!!! ❤️
  6. Let's get FIRED UP and whooooop the puppies!!!! Waaaaaaar Eaaaaaaaagle, friends!!!! https://gifer.com/5iHK
  7. Welcome, Coach! I enjoy learning more about football, so I very much appreciate guys like you, Coach JMR and Stat-Tiger. There are others on here that I respect as well. Of course some of you guys are just full of it. 😉 🤣😂🤣
  8. I'm thinking that Gus should just wear the PD attire at home games. I don't know why I think that, but I just do. Seems like he is special to us, but not to anyone else, so the mojo might not be there. 🤷‍♀️
  9. Great job guys! Love these!
  10. He’s protecting himself from Cole Cubelic, who was standing 6 YARDS away, instead of 6 feet away. Apparently, he doesn’t know that it was 3 times as far away as he needs to be. 🤷‍♀️
  11. Hey!!! I resemble that remark! 😂😂😂
  12. I went back and looked at images of CPD. He did have the A hat, but in the pic I saw, he wasn’t wearing a white shirt and tie. He wore a different hat with that look. At any rate, I think we all got what Gus was trying to do, and it was a very respectful gesture. 😊
  13. I went with my husband and daughter to a game at UGA when our daughter was about 13. I sat separately with our UGA cousins and my husband sat in a different section with Laura. After a quarter or so and we were winning, the cussing started By the GA fans. My husband said they did not go one minute without hearing the F word for the rest of the game. 🙄
  14. Mods, should we clarify somehow that this happened if February? Not that we shouldn't still be praying for them, but I don't want people to think this just happened and bring it up somewhere that Hamm would see it. Just wondering.
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