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  1. @lionheartkc, Did I miss the original diagnosis? I feel like I did or I would have been saying my prayers for you all along! Who knows, I am entering the age where I don't remember stuff as well. I am glad to see you are doing well. You have now been added to my list! God is a great healer. Take care and stay strong! War Eagle!
  2. I hope this means that people have intervened in his life and helped him get back to his self. I am glad that he was not abandoned by his Auburn teammate and I am proud of Ricardo for standing with him and being a true friend. Hopefully, he can find something positive to do with his life, if he can't make it in the NFL.
  3. I think Willis looked great. He seemed small to me. Am I right?
  4. So sorry @ellitor. I was so hoping for a different outcome. My prayers go to you and especially to your mother. It is difficult to lose a parent. And I know it is hard for you to watch your mother have to experience it. When you feel up to it, I would love to have you share a few memories about your grandfather. It sounds like you were close and I am sure he had a great influence on you. Peace be with your family. May God grant you all comfort.
  5. It seemed to me that there was a drop off between 1st string OL and 2nd. It showed in the rushing yards for the 2s. Confirms that we don't have depth on the OL right now. Hope it improves. Liked what I saw everywhere else.
  6. Yes. We are blessed. So many of my best memories involve Auburn and Auburn football. Can't wait to be on the Plains tomorrow!
  7. I had to hold my nose to open this thread. I don't trust a word this guy says. I hope we are a real threat this next season and that Stidham is the real deal, but I'd rather hear it from another individual. I'm just glad it wasn't another story slamming us for something.
  8. Why does it say McGriff is currently in negotiations to become Ole Miss's DC? Doesn't he already have that position?
  9. It sounds like his body is just taking the time to heal. If vitals are good and brain activity is there, he just may need to be sleeping in order to heal. I bet he hears your voices and knows you are there. Could it have been an anyeurism that they removed? That is a weakness in a blood vessel that could have been caused by the previous fall. I know it is hard to wait, but when he awakes, it will all be worth the wait. Prayers lifted for your whole family.
  10. Are they keeping him in a medically-induced coma due to the surgery? I am sure they did for at least a while. It keeps the brain from being over-stimulated. It takes a while to wake up from that kind of medicine. At least several days. I am sure they are monitiring brain activity, as well. If the doctors haven't given up, you should not either. Prayers for him to be awake soon.
  11. @ellitor, I hope your grandfather is doing better. Prayers for your family. I am dealing with health issues with my 85 year old father (API Class of '51). This time of life is not fun when you see your loved ones struggling. Keep us posted.
  12. Best of luck to Tyler! He had some bad luck with his health. I hope that is all behind him and he makes a big splash wherever he goes next. He is a good kid and gave up a potential baseball career for football at Auburn. You will always be family, Tyler. War Eagle!!!
  13. Low vitamin D can also cause depression. We don't want depressed players! I guess that makes us "sunshine pumpers" very valuable to the team.
  14. My nephew is a nuclear engineer at the Sequoyia plant in Tennessee. He works a LOT! The coolest thing he's gotten to do is an outside inspection of the cooling towers. He got to climb to the top all harnessed up. He's got the neatest selfie from up there.
  15. Kinda cool. I'll give them props...