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  1. So happy to hear the news @ellitor! God is so good! I am just now checking in after long days of digitial learning/teaching. Yes, even in kindergarten, we are requiring it and, I guess because of my age, the learning curve is steep for me! Your news gives me hope that people with underlying issues can make it through this evil virus! My cousin, in her late 60s, has been tested for the virus. She has many underlying issues and it would be very difficult for her to survive it. I covet everyone's prayers for Virginia. @passthebiscuits, you talked about the interstitial "ground glass" image showing up. Are patients who have this virus going to have interstitial scarring in their lungs, decreasing their lung function permanently? My mother passed from pulmonary fibrosis, which also involved the interstitial tissue. Just wondering.
  2. @ellitor, I'm just now seeing this. Prayers are lifted for your mother and all of your family. May God cover them with His healing hands and restore her health. Don't be afraid, He is with her. Please keep us posted.
  3. Pshew! I was thinking one of our tightends had gotten the dreaded virus and had to be isolated! Watch how you word your thread titles!
  4. @AUsince72, you better be staying HOME!!! And @doc4aday. And anyone else who is immuno-compromised or just plain old, like me! And you young ones, even though you are not in the highest risk, you can still get it. PLEASE stay at home! This whole thing has been a little scary. I just today started thinking about how it was going to affect football!!! I was all worried about basketball, but now it's football! I guess, since I'm now going to be staying home, I have more time to think about this stuff. Prayers for you all.
  5. Can we take roll call of our friends on here? Is everyone okay?
  6. Anyone know why Madi went on this show in the first place? I got in a facebook fight with some lady who just said that she was out for the fame and wasn't genuine. She said it was all for show and that she knew that going into it. She said she was just out to be a "social influencer", whatever the heck that is. If she wanted to influence people, I think it was to influence them with her faith. I'm so glad she didn't end up with that guy! His mom and his family were wacky!!!! Everybody in that family is afraid of the mom. I bet Chad Prewett is so glad that's over.
  7. as much as I am loving Maddie on the Bachelor, I was highly annoyed by their complete babble while the game was going on. Ridiculous!
  8. I think if you go to they might have clips from the past shows. 🤷‍♀️
  9. So, out of sheer stupidity I need to ask, when is basketball signing day?
  10. She represents Her faith and Auburn well. Stark contrast to the other girls. I loved seeing her express how much she loved Auburn. I loved seeing Coach Pearl and Charles Barkley be protective of her. And she has some mad basketball skills!!!
  11. Watching this on my phone. I can hardly see a thing. Frustrating!
  12. I can't even. This team is going to kill me. If I die from basketball, will you all come to my funeral?
  13. C'mon, Isaac!!! Lord, please make him be okay...