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  1. 3rdgeneration

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    Weellllll, we’re waaiiting??? What did you find out on your friendly neighborhood visit across the street??? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  2. 3rdgeneration

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    My husband read that McGriff was going to FSU. Don’t know if that is true. Anyone know anything?
  3. 3rdgeneration

    Leavitt out at Oregon

    That guy has majorly large ears. He needs to be coaching for Bama. Or be their mascot!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. 3rdgeneration

    Calvin Ashley Transferring

    That's great news for Tre'. I always liked him, he played with a lot of heart.
  5. 3rdgeneration

    Time for a little Sunshine Pumping

    Some good to great music puts me in the sunshine-pumping mood! I think we will be fine next year. Gus has always figured out how to pull a rabbit out of the hat. And we have talent that is hungry for greatness.
  6. 3rdgeneration

    6 Players Invited to NFL Combine

    Way to go, guys! Light it up!!
  7. 3rdgeneration

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    Hate to say it, people, but how can we expect recruits to be loyal to the coaches when some of the fans are way worse? Not saying that some of the criticism of our coaching staff is not well-deserved, but these kids pay attention to what the fanbase says, and even moreso, what other coaches are telling them about what the fanbase is saying. Calling your own coaches horrific names, making sarcastic and derisive remarks, and being jerks in general may get you noticed by some of the recruits. We can't get too terribly mad at these kids when we call our own program a dumpster fire. I am not saying that this is what persuaded GP to go elsewhere, or any of the other recruits. It's just that the rival coaches had plenty of negative recruiting talking points this year. What I am thankful for is that we have a group of great recruits who found their home at Auburn University. I wish them the very best. I like the brotherhood and bonding that I am seeing between them already. War Eagle and let's go beat some DawgButts this year!!!
  8. 3rdgeneration

    Derrick Brown: Why I Returned

    Prayers for a hedge of protection around Derrick Brown! I want him to achieve all of his dreams, academically and professionally, and pray that he will not get hurt next year. Such a class guy.
  9. 3rdgeneration

    Coach Greg Brown's Father, Legendary Irv Brown Dies at 83

    Prayers for the family and CGB.
  10. 3rdgeneration


    Hang in there. God is with you. Thanks for keeping us updated and keep that great positive attitude! War Eagle!
  11. 3rdgeneration

    D. Davis Article

    Cool story. I am so happy for him!
  12. 3rdgeneration

    Freeze wanted to come to AU

    Wonder if Freeze is still married? Hope he finds redemption at Liberty, but glad he is not at Auburn. Does anybody else feel like there needs to be a totally new crop of coaches? The ones now just seem like retreads. And Saban has opened a coaching rehab center over there in West Alabama.
  13. 3rdgeneration

    Sucks To Be A Bama Fan

    That was ugly of me. Sorry. He is a fairly decent fan. But I don't see the need to come on a rival's board and comment on how great my team is. That's the problem with Bama fans. They think everyone cares. Ooops. There I go being ugly again. Nothing personal, I just don't like Bama. I was born that way.
  14. 3rdgeneration

    Sucks To Be A Bama Fan

    I wonder if he wants some cheese with that whine...πŸ™„ Someone feels the need to defend his ego, I mean "honor".
  15. 3rdgeneration

    Checking up

    Glad you are okay and able to help.