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  1. 3rdgeneration

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    My man and I had a long talk. He's going to try to do better. I just can't leave him yet, not when he's putting forth the effort. 😜
  2. 3rdgeneration

    Incredible side of Malzahn

    The Gus rant was awesome to watch. I think that's a major part of his problem. He doesn't express his emotion often enough in front of the players and they (and we) think he doesn't care. His problem is that he's a nice guy and he needs to be a little fiery. And, on top of that, we've got a nice guy, goody two-shoes QB. I'm NOT complaining about the character we have on our team. It's just that it can sometimes be viewed as putting yourself above others. I am wondering if there's a disconnect with some of the players because of that. Total speculation.
  3. 3rdgeneration


    Prayers for you, Buddy!!! God be with you in the coming week.
  4. 3rdgeneration


    How are ya, doing, 72? Gus and the guys got a win for you!!! Stay away from all negativity, please, and there's plenty on here. Focus on all that is good and all that is positive. 😊 That's why I'm on this thread and not any of the others right now. 😂😂😂
  5. 3rdgeneration

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Gosh, I never thought about that!!! I was just with him for his looks, 😂 but I may need to rethink the breaking up thing...
  6. 3rdgeneration

    2018 AU Football Man Crush

    Honestly, I'm trying to decide whether or not to break up. I just don't feel like my man crush is putting much effort into our relationship. I'm loyal, but not if it is a one-sided relationship. I think I have to give him a little more time to prove himself and his love for me. I think I am deserving of a little more right now.
  7. 3rdgeneration


    Amen and amen!!! God be praised for bringing you this far. We will claim healing in His name.
  8. 3rdgeneration


    Prayers for you, big guy! I'm staying away from the most toxic threads on this board, but I always check this thread to see how you are. Hang in there, it will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better!!!
  9. 3rdgeneration

    Criticism from Stidham's Camp

    If there is anything to be learned from the recent political events, it is that anyone can say anything and no one can ever really know if it is true or not. There's no such thing as truth in the media anymore, just sensationalism. There may be a grain of truth here or there,. but you can never be truly sure of it. Besides, these days, people believe what they want to believe and disregard what may be true or not. Everyone has their own version of the truth. The lesson learned is to not get too comfortable with one side of the story. It could all be smoke and mirrors. Sorry, I'm feeling kind of cynical today...
  10. 3rdgeneration

    AU is irrelevent in football

    I was sad last night, and then I thought of you @AUsince72. It gives a person perspective when you think about what real courage is and what a real battle is. I will be inspired, not by a game, but by friends like you who are fighting the fight. I will continue to love Auburn, because it is Auburn and it is my second home, but I won't allow 18-20 year olds to get me down. Hang in there and stay strong! War Eagle!!!
  11. 3rdgeneration

    mcelroy tweet with receivers open

    Has anyone taken Jarrett to get his eyes checked??? When my kindergarteners seem to be missing stuff, I always suggest an eye exam! ?
  12. 3rdgeneration

    My Thoughts From the Stadium (Southern Miss)

    Thanks to all who stayed for the end of the game. I hate missing games, but we did give our tickets away to some fans who needed them.
  13. 3rdgeneration

    Missing OL

    No, I get that they were highly recruited and all that, but some of them were in high school last year, aren't fully grown and are still learning. Those aren't excuses. Those are facts. The juniors and seniors-no excuses for them!!!
  14. 3rdgeneration

    Missing OL

    Well...yeah. But, I feel bad for those guys. They are lacking in experience. Don't know enough about line play to know if they are lacking in effort. We don't need them to lose all confidence...
  15. 3rdgeneration


    Ditto what ToraGirl said! It is a privilege to be able to help @AUsince72 and to pray for you and your family. May God surround your sweet family with his love and His peace.