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  1. Name your method of protesting.....

    My "protest" is to not read any more negative stuff if I can help it. My stomach is turning. My "protest" will be to go to the remaining home games and cheer my heart out for these kids who have worked so hard and deserve our backing. My "protest" is to stop defending the coaches, even though I know we don't have the full story and I want so badly to figure out the "why?" to so many of the questions. But I just can't take it. So I will check in every now and then, but mostly tune it out. I'll try to stop thinking about how this is affecting so many families in the Auburn program. I can't live my life being angry over football. I refuse to pile on, even though I am losing hope. I am just sad. The whole thing is just sad.
  2. This win is on me folks... :)

    Are you prepared to do this every year? That is, if it works, of course!
  3. Our Season

    Pretty funny.
  4. It's Gameday. The business trip.

    War Eagle, friends!!! Praying for laser-like focus and the Orange and Blue to dominate!!!
  5. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

    It has come to the point in "journalism" (and I use that word loosely), that there needs to be a way to pursue financial reparations for publishing fake news. I am so sick of not knowing what is real and what isn't anymore.
  6. Anyone Going to LSU game?

    Can't be any worse than Athens is these days. Have fun and represent the REAL Tigers well! (We need a tiger emoticon!)
  7. Offensive line play

    Did y'all hear where Coach Hand had a detached retina at the Missouri game and refused to go to the hospital until he got home from the game? He could have lost his eyesight! He had surgery before the OM game and didn't take the week off of practice. He's dedicated, that's for sure.
  8. Props to the Halftime Show

    Ooooh, thanks for posting the pic @ToraGirl! My friend sent one to me, but I was too lazy to try and post it from my phone! haha
  9. Props to the Halftime Show

    I just wanted to give props to the band and the professional horn players (I'm sorry that I didn't catch their name). The halftime show sounded amazing and, even thought the constant reminders about the card stunt were annoying, the result was so cool to see. Was any of it televised? Did any of you guys get to hold up a card? The sections under the east side upper deck held up cards that made an American flag. Super cool! I know the mods will probably move this, but I thought the band deserved recognition tonight.
  10. Early Start GameDay! Beat Ole Sis!

    @War Knight, did she have a great time, despite the humidity?
  11. Jake Pratt (my brother) invited to AU/Ole Miss Game

    Totally agree @AidiAU! Jake is a cutie! And Kristi Malzahn is amazing. Just heard the story today of how she came down out of the box when Darius James was hurt and rode with him in the ambulance, because his parents weren't in the stadium. These are the reasons we are fortunate to have people like this guiding our young football players. Hope Jake will get a chance to run a play at Auburn some day!
  12. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    I LOVE this thread, because I love all the props these kids are getting from everyone!!! You guys rock!!! This should become a new tradition every year on this forum. I wonder if the players read it?
  13. 11am Kick

    I appreciate not having to get home at 2 am from a game, but I hate having to get up at 6 am for a game.
  14. Mississippi State Game Report Card

    @StatTiger, I missed you!