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  1. I wish the SEC hadn’t reprimanded lil Nicky and Jimbo. This could have gone on all summer and entertained us all. 😁 After all that Harsin mess, I backed off of football. Now I’m going to have to study up in August to even know who’s on the team! I’ll get excited again then.
  2. My husband was talking about the inequities between the state of Texas and Alabama in billionaire boosters. He said Alabama only has one billionaire, and that’s the Yella Fella. (Don’t know if he’s right) At least he’s ours. I can imagine it now…a commercial with our guys in their jerseys, building a fence or a deck. 😂
  3. Prayers for Brenda. I can feel the love in your message. Prayers for you, too, and all who love her.
  4. Is this real??? 🤦‍♀️
  5. Very happy for him. I hope his dreams come true.
  6. And I forgot the fact that it is a public institution, so everything will come to light anyway.
  7. I agree that they should be heard. It can be frustrating if you get no answers. The AD and president need to be as honest and forthcoming and understanding as possible.
  8. Problem is, if the allegations are true, the president and AD will not be able to discuss any personnel issues with them. Maybe they can say that “We have proof of fireable offenses.” But not a lot more than that. I’m not sure the players will get too much out of the meeting.
  9. I believe that most people are taking a wait and see.
  10. Some good points. I’m worried about recruiting after this. Not only for Harsin, but after he is gone. We’ve gone crime the best fan base in the nation to the worst in quick order. Good point about Bo Nix.
  11. I will give him my support until I know facts that prove otherwise. I am not happy with him as a coach, losing (Running off?🤷‍♀️) coaches and having a poor showing on NSD. But I am willing to give him time to prove himself. One year is not enough. It’s obvious that we need some position coaches who can relate to our players, because it’s pretty obvious by their statements that Harsin isn’t going to.
  12. @creedyou are correct. I have been guilty of passing along “information” of which I have no direct knowledge. Also, people take what is supposition, then extrapolate that to fact. We all have to be more careful about that. If found to be untrue, this rumor had to start from somewhere. It needs to be traced back to the source and that person or persons need to be dealt with, whether that is a firing or a banning from access to the football program. (I am talking about the rumor of an affair with the employee. I believe the “racist” stuff needs to be investigated as well, but what people call racism these days is not necessarily racism.)
  13. I haven’t said it’s unfair. I am just hesitant to jump in when I realize I don’t know a lot about a situation. Like you said we should support the players and the team and I’m very happy to do that. They are the number 1 priority, along with the reputation of our university. I totally agree with you on Chiz and BP.
  14. When all the stuff first hit the fan, I was totally shocked and dismayed and angry. Oh, my! 😱 Now I realize that we don’t know the whole story, won’t know the whole story and can’t make an intelligent decision on this coach. If with due diligence we find out that Harsin has done something really offensive and unethical, then I will be ready to send him packing. But for now, all we know is that he’s an arrogant jerk. I could have told you that from day one. 🙄
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