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  1. Thanks, Golf! Hey, guess what? Bo Nix is the starter!!! He is talented, smart, and apparently gives us the best chance to win!!! I watched his interview and was impressed with his maturity for an 18 year old. (Maturity is a hard thing to come by, these days) War Eagle, Bo! Also, we are very lucky to have Joey Gatewood, another talented and impressive QB, to be ready in an instant's notice. All is good on The Plains.I think we are going to have a good year. I love Auburn, don't you???
  2. Question. Was the Bo Nix interview live and is it anywhere on the forum?
  3. Thank you for saying all this! I have been trying to articulate that I don't think Bo won on physical ability alone, but you did it way better than I could.
  4. Honestly, I don't know. But the fact that Bo could move the offense and Joey wasn't doing as well in that, and that their throws looked about equal according to people who supposedly saw them, leads me to believe the talent was pretty equal, but maybe the ability to read the defense and call plays was not. I guess we've been focusing on their physical talents and not so much the other qb talents. It's all supposition and speculation from me. I'm certainly no expert on anything, except maybe my 5 year olds in class and what my husband should be doing around the house.
  5. I absolutely expect to see both QBs. I am hoping that the reason the race was so tight is because the talent is equal, but Bo had more experience in reading the defense and calling plays than Joey did. If that's the truth, then Gus can't afford to let the second talented QB just ride the pine. He will play. That's why all the talk of him leaving right away makes me cringe. If he stays and gains a little more experience and then wants to leave, so be it. But I really hope he stays.
  6. There are plenty of us here that love both Bo and Joey. And we want what's best for both Bo and Joey. But that doesn't automatically mean that Joey transferring somewhere else is what's best for him. We don't know what the future holds. We don't know if there will be an injury. We don't know if the stage is too big or the speed of the game is too fast for a true freshman. Joey needs to be patient. To kiss him bye-bye already is disrepectful to Joey, IMHO, because you are saying that he doesn't believe in himself and he can never win the job at Auburn, so he'll move on. They haven't even played one snap of a single game. He could actually end up being QB1 at sometime during the year. Who knows? And who knows if Gus may plan to use Joey and his talent in every game? Joey won't take the first snap of the first game. That's what we know. Sorry, I am being redundant. It took me so long to type this out, that others posted the exact same sentiment!
  7. Is there a presser scheduled? I'd like to see what Malzahn has to say.
  8. I also feel like Joey will have a big role. Not to mention that he is just one injury away from starting. I hope that he knows that it was a difficulty decision and that he is valued as a player at Auburn, not only by the coaches, but by his teammates and the fans. This has been heart wrenching for me, because I know that both guys are talented and both deserve to play. I hope Joey keeps working hard to be ready. I don't want him to feel like he wants to be somewhere else.
  9. Does somebody know the names? I heard #99, Devan Guice?, and James Owens Moss? Is that right? Answering my own question--Spenser Nigh, Devin Guice, and James Owens Moss.
  10. Those dimples are to die for!!! He's learned to be so fast by trying to escape all the girls chasing him! But, for real, I cannot wait to see him bust through that line so fast and take it to the house!!!!!
  11. All I can say to the author of that article is
  12. This is an absolutely amazing story. He may be my new favorite player. What courage.
  13. Arryn Sippos is adorable. If I were a few years younger....okay, a lot of years younger...