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  1. Thank you for setting me straight on the details. Since the final four, I honestly have not been paying too much attention to basketball news. I did not watch the championship and I turned off any news that had to do with UVA. Sour grapes, I guess, but I was just heartbroken for the guys. I wish these commentators and so called "reporters" would do their homework! It is so obvious that BP did not participate in any wrong doing at Auburn, and what he did at UT was not all that bad. They need to stick to going after the people who really break the rules! (And treat all schools equally.) I feel like we run a pretty clean program, and have head coaches with tremendous character. I pray that we never get caught in any large scandal. The Cam thing was awful!
  2. That was kind of my thought, why bring this up now?
  3. Hmmm...I get the feeling that our AD's ability to stand up for him has given Gus a little more breathing room to operate the program he wants to have. We shall see. I hope he truly is less closed off than he has been in the past. My prayers are that he and the players are working hard, having fun and are going to be enough of a success to satisfy the circling vultures.
  4. Cool! Thanks Stat!!! Fun to watch, and my amateur self appreciates you breaking it down for us!
  5. Love it! Gus seems to be having a LOT more fun. At least right now. This team seems to have good chemistry. Hopefully, all the pieces will click into place. Gus and Kristi are good people and they are good for young men. I really want them to succeed.
  6. @bigbird, I don’t remember TB’s catches. I was a young girl then and would have had no concept of what I was looking at. I just liked watching the cheerleaders back then. 😂 However, we sat in the end zone on A-Day. My husband said he wanted to watch plays develop. Anyway, Hill was bent over backwards catching that ball. I remember being in awe of the curve in his back as he caught it. Good way to start off A-Day, I’d say. 😊
  7. I rewatched that beautiful throw from Malik to Matthew Hill. That was a thing of beauty! I have no idea who will get the nod. Leaving the game, my gut said Gatewood. I wish Malik would prove us all wrong and win the job, purely based on the fact that he has done his time waiting for his turn and he has been severely limited in what he was allowed to do when he got a chance in the last two years. I am not sure we know yet what he can do. I think Bo will be patient and wait his turn. A redshirt year is not a bad thing for a QB. At any rate, I think we have some good choices.
  8. Sorry if it has already been mentioned, but did Shedrick Jackson play yesterday? I didn’t see him if he did.
  9. Doc, are you on steroids?😂😂For the record, I do not like Kirby either.
  10. Very interesting stuff! I hope it bodes well for us this season. 😁
  11. Looked like he was out there playing for a spot, for sure. I wasn’t completely impressed with the run game, with no break away runs, but they were running against a pretty good defense.
  12. Hope Chandler Wooten is not injured badly.
  13. @doc4aday, I will add you to my prayer list, too! We gotta stick together and support each other. Go and beat the crap out of cancer!!! Thought I would use some bathroom humor, too.