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  1. I just hope this guy will turn our O-Line into biters. We need a little meanness and we need to be able to get away with holding like every other team we play against.
  2. Is this guy a real person? Sounds like a Key & Peele guy to me. 😂 He'd be a lot of fun to have on the team!
  3. Fun game. Now I hope all the students get in a safe place and that the Georgia team gets back to Athens safely. It's scary out there!
  4. Tennessee @ Neyland Stadium in '79 or '80, maybe '81. I've also been to GA Tech in 2003 or 2005?, MSU in 2016, Missouri in 2017, Ol' Miss in 2018, and Florida in 2019. Oh, yeah. Athens too. We were looking at the away games this coming year and don'treally want to go to any of them.
  5. You beat me to it!! Gus IS Sheldon Cooper. Loveable, but frustrating.
  6. Pshew! Another get rid of Gus thread. I was worried that there was something bad going on with you, PTB!
  7. Dang it!!! I loved having him on the team. 😍 Creepy old lady appreciating his cute Aussie self. 😂
  8. Join me in praying for a hedge of protection around our team, especially those seniors who came back for this season and who cholse to play this last game with their brothers. God protect them and War Eagle!!!
  9. It is a SIGN!!!! We are going to have a great game and, hopefully, an awesome 2020 season. WAR EAGLE, friends!
  10. I resemble that remark...It's been nearly a week and still don't feel normal. Weak as a kitten. I know you were captioning, but that would be horrible for the team to get this!!! So don't speak that into existence, okay???
  11. These stories are great! Fantastic young men of good character and work ethic. They are awesome representatives for Auburn University.
  12. He really is an impressive young man. He has goals and doesn't take no for an answer. I believe he will achieve great things. Very glad he came to Auburn.
  13. I am one who totally gets what you are talking about.
  14. Can anyone copy and paste the OAnews article? It won't let me view it. Please and thank you.