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  1. This is how I feel about Joey, too. I kept hoping that Gus would give him a role, a real role.
  2. Minnesota is a team with lots of heart. I have enjoyed reading about them and seeing stories about them this year. I did not know the story of "Row the Boat", but the story of Casey O'Brien, their player who has battled cancer 3 or 4 times, is very inspirational. They have played for Casey, who is their 3rd string place kick holder, I believe. I think it will be a good game and we will need to play with focus and with good attitude to win, because they will play their best. PJ Fleck is a strong motivator.
  3. This is kind of what I was trying to say, but you said it much better!
  4. I am wondering if Gus knows that defenses have caught up to him and may be looking for ways to change his offense just enough to catch defenses off guard. In doing that, he wants someone he trusts to give him input and help him design new plays. An added perk is someone who can identify excellent talent and recruit them to Auburn. Also, Gus is going to need someone that can deal with his quirky personality. I don't think he's looking for a "yes man" who will agree with everything, but just someone of a similar mind, who is not intimidated by him and will give him honest opinions.
  5. Odd that the bowl game has not been officially announced by Auburn or by the bowl itself. Maybe still negotiating?
  6. I have a feeling that the no calls of holding on the OLine is an attempt to protect QBs from injury. The Derrick Browns of the league could do significant damage. That’s the only real reason why I can think it is being blatantly overlooked.
  7. I noticed that in the SEC championship that they didn't call much. I am afraid that someone is going to have to really get hurt before they start calling this stuff again.
  8. I hope I didn't jinx Derrick by posting too soon!!! Mods, if you need to delete this, do!
  9. Crappy astroturf. I remember us having all kinds of foooting issues in that stadium. I was thinking the same thing, although, LSU is dealing with it okay.
  10. Oh! Well, dang!!! Let's hope he wins both of those and more!!!
  11. Just saw it scroll across the bottom of my screen that Derrick won the Bednarik award and placed second for the Outland. Congrats to Derrick!!! He's a beast! Also won the Nagurski Award!!!
  12. I hate that we are losing Joey, but I wish him the very, very best.
  13. Who wrote that article??? It is incredibly well-written and downright histerical!! Punt, Bama, Punt--Psyche!!!
  14. Arrrrgh!!! @Momma Worm that dude attacked me one time over something stupid and I consider myself pretty nice most of the time. He is quite the grumpy man sometimes. I would definitely ignore him. We love Shaun. He is a special and talented kid with a huge heart. Playing time is going be an issue for all our players as we continue to recruit better and better talent. They are going to have to be patient, work hard, stay healthy and have a bit of luck as well. That goes for every player, not just Shaun. It has to be excrutiatingly difficult to watch your son and want more for him, but if he is happy here and he's doing well, his time will come. I feel like I have seen him in a lot of plays, used as a decoy, but maybe not as many carries. If he continues to make plays like the one on Saturday, you can bet he'll play more! I don't know what your faith is like, so please bear with me on this. God knows what is in store for your boy. Take time to prayerfully consider his options and his direction. That advice comes from a 60 year old momma who has wanted things for her child, that in the end, did not end up being what God had planned for her. His plans are always sooooo much better than our own!!!! Love you guys! War Eagle! edit: I was contacted by PowerofDixieland who told me that the screenshot was not of him, but from another guy on AUC who has the same screen name. We spoke when we had our dust-up a few years back and I had put it away. I feel like I should not have commented about him and have apologized to him since. I believe in treating people how I'd like to be treated...