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  1. I want to know if Freeze is running stairs with the guys. In the man bra thing. We need pics. pics! 😂
  2. He needs to show up in Nebraska right now and compare the weather to Auburn’s, then decide where he wants to go.
  3. I’ve been in and out of this all day and missed a big chunk of the day. I know these guys are tired and they’ve done a wonderful job keeping up with it all. I just went to auburntigers.com and found the complete signed list, rather than trying to read all the threads.
  4. Di we sign Quintrel Jamison-Travis? He’s not listed in the OP.
  5. Thanks so much @Zeek! This is very helpful. I appreciate DAGs input, too.
  6. @Zeek, are we feeling optimistic enough to pin a commit list to the top of the page? 😁
  7. Great kid! My husband knows his uncle very well. This is a great get.
  8. I’m late to the recruiting side this year. Is there any place where I can see all of our committed players thus far along with the current prospects/targets at each position? I mean, any particular thread that contains this info all in one place? I’d be like this by the time I read all the threads:
  9. Thank you for the encouragement. We are awaiting the results of the CT scan. It was suppos s to happen some time today. I wish we were closer and could be there. It’s in Gods hands, but I really appreciate all of the intercessary prayers. ❤️
  10. You guys are great! I appreciate it so much and I believe that God hears our prayers.
  11. My husband and I have a dear friend that suffered a serious stroke yesterday, at 63 years old. I covet your prayers for his complete recovery, if that is Gods will for him. He is a tremendous Auburn fan, so much so that he would get so mad at the coaches/refs/players that he’d turn the game off and watch it later when he found out the score. If it were football season now, it would have thought that caused the stroke! Just please pray, if you’re the praying kind. His name is Bobby, class of 83.
  12. She’s ready to kick butt and take names!
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