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  1. From what I gathered on social media, chatter seems to be that he’s around 285
  2. Gus also said he thinks he’s bigger than that and his strength and quickness stood out. If garner believes this guy can be a starter at DT, I trust him
  3. Never realized that! Only one I’ve ever really questioned was Tega. I always wonder what Garner could’ve done with his original frame as a pass rusher
  4. Gus stated in the article of the tweet I posted that he was bigger than that. Wasn’t sure on weight but he was bigger than 268 and his strength and quickness is what stood out
  5. I’m hoping by specific role they mean more like H-Back, Flex TE, etc, with some RB mixed in. He’s a talented kid that I def would like to see get touches. I just hope it’s not as predictable as it has been under gus with these “niche”players
  6. I was going to reply to your post about Joiner and then saw this. I like the specific role part to an extent, just hope it isn’t as “predictable” as years past.
  7. Do not know how I missed this thread... E, thank you for everything you’ve done over the years and being a great person to have on this board. I call you family and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Much love brother! ❤️
  8. So you’re going to take that out of what seemed to be out of context clips, several of which he looked to be starting a critique before or after the cut?
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