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  1. If Harsin isn't Fired before the end of Sunday, I will be pissed
  2. I've defended Harsin since the start, and this is just sad
  3. I'm just done bro, regardless of w or l, a change needs to made today
  4. And that's why we don't run tank 20 times, bro u can only do as good as your line blocking
  5. Drinkwitz was a candidate that was mentioned several times this is why he wasn't
  6. I will say this, hard to run the ball when your line gets blown off the ball. So I'm a bit iffy when it comes to tank's carries, and our OL
  7. James more worried about finger wagging than anything else
  8. Crazy that as a kid, he was told he probably wouldn't survive long bc of his ailments as a kid. Dude is a dawg
  9. Hall! That was nice! Probably the hardest worker on the defense. Love it for him
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