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  1. Washington was able to force UNC into 15 turnovers, but didn’t seem to be able to make them count on the other end. They also had 12 of their own. If we can make turnovers count, and limit our own, we’ve got a shot
  2. I’m worried the most about Maye, honestly.
  3. Charles on Kenny and the UNC game: “ We’re either gonna win, or I’m gonna beat the hell out of him on national tv”. Lol, I love charles
  4. I can understand their reason, but if it’s me, I’m taking the layup or I’m pulling up and running clock. 2 possession game, less than 2 mins. The clock is your friend.
  5. This is what worries me about UNC, we need a Kansas type shooting night, plus more
  6. Harper still shooting from way out, even at that age. Lol
  7. Out of reactions but totally agree, which is why the standard that journalism students are held to is ridiculous. Taking tests does not make you a quality journalist. Old school journalism professors cringe at the clickbait, misleading, and overall lack of decency in journalism these days.
  8. Out of reacts but credit to @McLoofus me to Marcelo and crepea
  9. Yep make a crazy test regimen but make sure the good test takers and not the talented journalists, broadcasters, reporters get the benefits. I did sports journalism for sports broadcasting. Marcelo and creeeeepea seem like good test takers
  10. @tgrogan21 have to make an 83 or above on every test. My first attempt I made a 90-88-85-80 and that’s considered a fail, but yet we employ journalists like this. Just a f’d Up system imo
  11. As someone that was a journalism student at auburn, as student, we were held at higher standard than journalists are held to now. I remember showing my professor a 247 article that was very misleading and she was appalled.
  12. Everybody already penciling UNC in. I’m pulling for Washington like hell