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  1. My first game experience was the blowout to USC. My first rememberance to AU fandom, not a bad first game to go to for her. She’s awesome!
  2. Maverick.AU

    Tammy The Finebaum Caller

    The grandbaby is what hits especially deep.
  3. Maverick.AU

    Tammy The Finebaum Caller

    You know Tammy is up there, as we speak, speaking her case to God about why AU should win the IB.
  4. She’s got such a great sense of humor as well. If anyone here gets a chance to see her, make sure she knows how proud we are to have her as a part of the AUFamily.
  5. Maverick.AU

    Tammy The Finebaum Caller

    Met Tammy several times, knew her daughter back in high school, this is so tragic, prayers sent to the family.
  6. Maverick.AU

    Pabst Blue Ribbon could go extinct

    Same here lol when @bigbird reads the title Vs after
  7. Maverick.AU

    If you could have one Non-Auburn player...

    I like, pretty much, all the names people have put here. Another name for the mix: Houston DT, Ed Oliver, He and DB paired together would’ve been amazing to watch.
  8. Maverick.AU

    Malzahn Presser 11-13-2018

    I still love how the QB put the mustache on sideways, post game, and he just gives him a look, and keeps on with the interview lol. Leach is a national treasure that is forsure. I almost posted a tweet I saw yesterday for you, he was telling the fans he needed them for the game Saturday.
  9. Maverick.AU

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    Over this season I have learned that there are handful willing to “die on that hill” defending Gus. You’re not Leonidas and the 300, you’re message board posters. Lol p.s. Before someone gets all out of whack about this, it’s a joke
  10. Maverick.AU

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    One can hope
  11. Maverick.AU

    Official New Hires Thread

    If we are in this position In a few weeks, especially due to proximity, it’s hard to deny what he has done at UAB, I think he at least gets a call, but you’re right. No reason to derail the thread
  12. Maverick.AU

    Official New Hires Thread

    If you’re going after a current coach, that we could pull in our current state, go after bill clark. Tell Clark to hire the best coordinators on the market and go from there. There are some coordinators I like, but on the topic of a “current HC” I wouldn’t mind going after him.
  13. Doc is actually Gus looking for the fall guy. im kidding of course, Doc. Lol
  14. Maverick.AU

    Another loss to a rival

    If you want my honest opinion, with our talent, I think most coaches in America could get a special season every so often. AU just needs a change plain and simple, the mediocrity is weighing on fans, and on the players. Players come here expecting to compete for titles and they are flat out not. AU needs to make a commitment to making that next step.