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  1. Teams spend so much time in nickel/dime these days it’s hard to gauge “scheme fit”, as far as “tradition” goes
  2. Small town Alabama. Don’t even see Sriracha Mayo. But I do have Mayo and sriracha 😂
  3. Yep, really sounds like it wasn’t his choice. I do wish him the best.
  4. The thing about seth is he is 100% an alpha, but he lets things get to him and get him down easily. The times where his buttons were pushed, and he let it fuel him, he proceeded to embarrass dudes. I think with the right people he’ll be a stud. For him, I’m hoping that happens.
  5. Yea, kinda surprising since he did so multiple times on social media.
  6. Auburn pass-rusher Jaren Handy enters transfer portal by Nathan King 4 minutes ago Two weeks after missing Auburn's spring game for undisclosed reasons, Auburn edge rusher Jaren Handy has entered the transfer portal, a source told 247Sports on Friday. Handy, a top-100 prospect and the No. 7 strongside defensive end in the 2018 class, contributed three tackles for loss and one sack in two seasons as a reserve along Auburn's defensive line. Handy was one of six players not present at Auburn's A-Day spring game earlier this month. Bryan Harsin did n
  7. And people that post AU basketball that know things (non beat writers) are saying the same thing.
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