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  1. Coaches with these offers... Sorry had to do it E! Especially with that title. Lol
  2. I feel the hate flowing through you golf. I will hate ga tech from now on haha
  3. I'm not old enough to realize the hate for GA tech lol. Other than nightmare of Reggie ball scrambling lol
  4. Bird youre a good guy, no matter what golf says about you lol
  5. Won't lie, having fields and Willis is pretty exciting
  6. I agree golf! 100%. I come to this thread to see news or stuff on fields not SW bashing. I mean we all know stidham is going to start, etc. so why continue to try to bash SW
  7. I don't disagree with 23 very often but it's obvious with how guys played when he was in that they played better for him than the other qbs. SW put his guts on the line and that would endear him to his teammates. I mean I might have a crappy attitude too if I gave my all only to be treated like crap by others. So Id take it with a grain of salt (that's not playing related, just the amount of hate he gets) This will turn into a take a dump on SW thread I already feel it, like every other qb thread
  8. Spot on post loof
  9. Always like seeing you back around 23, hope all is well!
  10. Name a day that you don't pass out
  11. Committed to OSU for those wondering.
  12. I'll have a drink to that as well
  13. Arrived in AU for a visit around 2 hours ago per Keith