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  1. Glad to hear that you’re doing better Doc!
  2. Great to hear that you guys are home Bird! ♥️
  3. Yes, shut up loof!!! 😉. Much love sent your way, my friend, hope you’re doing well with everything going on
  4. @passthebiscuits touched on things in the “Tank” thread
  5. Prayers for James and your family Bird! Much love
  6. I literally looked back a couple of pages and didn’t see it so I just figured I’d post it here in case there was one already
  7. JD DAVISON 6" 3' | 180 LBS | PG LATEST: 07/07/2020 Auburn COMMIT: Undecided Memphis 11/19/2019 Alabama 09/04/2019 Memphis 07/14/2019 Corey Evans “Futurecast”
  8. “ you can take basketball out of auburn, but not auburn out of basketball... or something like that”
  9. Been celebrating my dads bday, so I’m late to this! Everything I’ve seen is that it’s bryce and nobody else really on O