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  1. Herb Hand to Texas

  2. Herb Hand to Texas

    For those that want to see the tweet
  3. Member of the ‘19 class
  4. Bird day

    Other than its past his bedtime
  5. Bird day

    Was surprised he hadn’t already locked this thread lol
  6. Bird day

    Today is national bird day! Hope you had a great day @bigbird
  7. who replaces kj and petway?

    Hearing from many that Whitlow is one to watch. Seems to be making big strides
  8. Woodson New Coach

    The plus that he has here, is the strengths he’ll have in the front 7, but that’s just my personal opinion
  9. Woodson New Coach

    I remember when Steele was hired everybody brought up the “giving up 70” and how he wouldn’t succeed here. Yes this may look “meh” on the surface, but let it play out.
  10. Woodson New Coach

    His secondary has 32 interceptions in the last 2 seasons. The real question is, can he coach Special Teams? Lol
  11. Fun 2018 Regular Season Projection

    To be fair, Lion, it was pretty “sandlot” with UCF and they won. This will be against much better overall athletes and a coach that has a reputation for giving any team a hard time when he has a long time to prepare. That said, I think we win, but I totally get people thinking we may lose that one.
  12. Marquis McClain

    Especially when he’s gotten chances and looked pretty solid in the chances that he got.
  13. Official Postgame thread

    We will also have had 3 straight games in ATL when you count UW to open next season. When you’re so close to the playoffs 2 years In a row and fall short it is frustrating. Frustration is probably more accurate, not just flat out not caring
  14. Why is Gus so bad in bowl games?

    The pooch kicking was a good adjustment against UGA, against UCF, not so much.
  15. Official Postgame thread

    We’ve only won 1 bowl game under Gus, and that’s Memphis in 2015. 1-4