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  1. 2017 Fall Camp - Tues, Aug 15

    I think Leonard is going to be a really good player down the road
  2. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Really don't know why people can't just be civil with one another without attempting to throw shade. Heck we're all AU fans here. Good posters attempting to throw shade on other good posters, it's just ridiculous. Just post and have legit debates without throwing shade. Jesus
  3. AU Gear

    I havent looked at the lunars, but when I customized my trainer 5.0's it really wasn't that bad price wise
  4. AU Gear

    I've seen those but I'm iffy about putting my card places especially these unknown companies and places like eBay. Lol
  5. AU Gear

  6. Byron Cowart

    23 can correct me but supposedly was not coming off the ball, etc, got benched by garner then isolated himself from the team and pouted, Tre had to get him back over with the team. 23 can probably give more solid info tho. Just what I've heard.
  7. Byron Cowart

    I noticed people on the 247 boards that seem to have respectability say the scrimmage was not very good for either of them.
  8. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    Gotta give credit to my parents, had it been my obligation at that age no telling what would've happened to it lol
  9. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    That was the first game I ever attended and is still the most hot and miserable I have been at game, ever!
  10. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    My parents made sure we kept everything through the years. I even have all the ticket stubs for 03,04, and 10 that I know of. I still even have the complete 92 Dream Team figures lol
  11. AU Gear

    RIR, it may not be "fanatics" related, but do you know anywhere someone could get the shoes like the "Bo bikes bama" ones? I made some custom AU 5.0 trainers through Nike a few years ago, but the ones like Bo had were sharp.
  12. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    Im doing something similar for my man cave with mags, programs, etc, I have gotten over the years. Really wish I had this one.
  13. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    Great to see you back Britt!
  14. scrimmage updates?

    Stoic with tha 😂
  15. Great News - OT

    Damn right brother! Never doubted it! I have my scan coming up Sept 6th to make sure mine is still in remission. So happy for you and your family!!