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  1. So people can see without having to click the link
  2. No senior leadership and that hurts us, amongst our other struggles.
  3. AU will lose 69-47. Shooting 25% from the field, just an abysmal last 2 games
  4. Welp the way things are looking, that’s back to back losses losing by 19 and 20+. Sighhh. I’m just disappointed man. This has been sad to watch
  5. We should’ve never got put into the top 5 lol
  6. I sure hope this is a wake up call for these guys. They’ve been flat out embarrassed two straight weeks now.
  7. UF and 1 with 4 1/2 left, already up 13. That’s pretty much ball game
  8. It’s like I’ve said all year, unless it’s not really contested his inside game is like shot put. He just throws it
  9. You can’t tell me there wasn’t a foul underneath lol