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  1. Loved watching Mason
  2. Yep, players backing Sean is not surprising in the slightest. Regardless of who is the better QB is, a lot of these guys remember a guy in SW that played with grit, toughness, heart, and laid it all out on the line for his team. That wins over a lot of teammates, especially when you have a guy like Stidham that is a fairly new face to all these guys.
  3. Felt this about Willis before he was even in pads watching him and how he carried himself. Even when he wasn't participating in drills u could still feel that "it" factor just watching him before he came up again
  4. Appreciate info like this, thank you sir
  5. I thought the same on monk, should've been an opportunity at a 4 point play
  6. Yep when a guy is terrible FT shooter, worse than anybody on our team I think, and hits clutch free throws.... it just makes you throw your hands up
  7. I just look at players/how they act sometimes and it causes my dislike for their teams for years. He is one of those guys forsure. I literally will not watch if it's gonzaga vs NC for the title. Rooting hard for SC and Oregon now
  8. I can not stand NC. Dangit, was really hoping UK could pull it out
  9. He very well may be, I do think Malik is more of a stud than many of us thought when he signed though.
  10. I believe people have said that mental/off the field has held woody back.
  11. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family @ellitor. If you need anything don't hesistate to ask!
  12. Funny how u only use part of my comment to back up your "throwing crap" comment... If trying to say that my gut feeling tells me that he hasn't done anything that "people have alluded to" isn't trying to support a kid then idk what is.
  13. I agree, gut feeling just tells me it's not something related to issues that others have alluded to, could be wrong. I just personally don't feel the same feeling I felt when we had guys like Jovon, etc, were missing practices
  14. She's in a wheelchair for those that can't see the pic