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  1. Here’s a note: on the replay, 9:00 left in the 4th on the play when JG is getting the signal, look at joey’s grin.
  2. I’m not questioning bo as #1, I’m questioning the repeated use of the back up in run duty under gus, it happens every single year. While all these other schools are letting their back up qbs run the full offense when they come in the game.
  3. I think the point is that when he comes in, let him run the entire offense. I’m a big Bo fan, but the fact that we restrict our Backup QB to “run duty”, it’s bothersome, considering we do it literally every year, while other back up qbs are getting pass reps at other major cfb programs
  4. I watched uga do this in back to back weeks vs inferior opponents. Their back up QB has thrown at least 10 passes in the last 2 games. Just gonna do the lesser opponent stat here 2 games, UGA Backup QB: 18-23 233 yds 2 TD 1 int. Didn’t throw the ball less than 10 times in either matchup. 2 Games, LSU Backup QB: 15-21 187 yards 0 TD 0 int. Didn’t throw the ball less than 9 times in either matchup. 2 Games, Alabama Backup QB: 9-14 89 yards 1 TD 0 int. Didn’t throw the ball less than five times in either matchup. 2 Games, Auburn Backup QB: 1-1 5 yards 0 TD 0 int
  5. Cord probably could’ve housed that one lol
  6. this color guy May be the most logical of the announcers I’ve heard in awhile
  7. There ya go JG, want to see more of this
  8. Just hope we see more of him as we enter sec play
  9. Did they really have to show that rod tribute, damn man 😭
  10. I like this color analyst’s view on targeting.
  11. Sorry you’re making an ass of yourself
  12. Haha keyboard warrior. Had no response so that’s what u say. Awesome retort. Dumbass