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  1. That call on the 3, in Mirotic’s favor, was pretty atrocious.
  2. I hate tanking in any sport, intentionally losing to acquire “the years best prospect” is not fair to the currently players and the fans. Not to mention if the prospect that you tanked for doesn’t pan out, then you dig your entire organization in a much deeper hole.
  3. Good start for Curry in game 1. 19 pts, 4-7 from 3 in the 1st half
  4. On undisputed it’s ultimate fanboy vs ultimate hater with he and Shannon lol, however he doesn’t take it the level that he does with kawhi
  5. arguably the the biggest goob in sports reporting and he’s making millions. Let that sink in
  6. “ No. 2 will crumble under game 7 pressure” eat that one Skip Bayless!
  7. The fact that they couldn’t beat them without KD and with out Steph and Draymond for chunks of the game its almost unbelievable.
  8. Curry playing his best after hurting his finger again. Then Game 6 Klay hits a big 3.
  9. Please tell me how that was on draymond? Lol
  10. It bothers me Bc AU could be close to that level, whether people want to believe it or not if we had handled things the right way. I posted this after reading the first sentence. So I see you basically posted the same thing.