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  1. So you ignore the fact that the average over 4 years was 2.75 and that our rivals doubled that? The fact that anybody ever said anything to you regarding to the OL is Bc of that. We got absolutely obliterated by our rivals in OL recruiting, year after year.
  2. 1-2, yet 3!!! You choose to die on that hill, a one point difference, not the fact that our rivals recruiting 5-7 a year during that span. There's a reason we were doubled in OL recruiting by our rivals, and those numbers are out there. You pick the weirdest hills to die on and to be completely fair, and not trying to be disrespectful, just honest, but your self awareness of baffling
  3. Not mention a Vikings coach was let go for not wanting to get the vaccine and they promoted one guy, and hired away an analyst that harsin hired as an assistant. edit: not trying to get involved in either side, just mentioning something that nobody was talking about today
  4. You almost put me in the floor with this 😂
  5. Were you there for this too?
  6. Kansas already talking to the big 10.
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