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  1. Oh I know u weren’t, I saw it as you understanding the premise of what I later posted. Which I learned the hard way lol
  2. Glad you were one of the ones that caught it. Ugh, I can’t take much for of this loo
  3. Flash tweeted something then it was deleted. KN emoji’d it, some people seem to think things are moving, it may be just players leaving, Who knows.
  4. Exactly which is why I wish we had someone on our team like that. A guy like that can help lead a young team. We don’t have that this year
  5. Know he wasn’t a point but man, I wish we had a dog like KT out there
  6. I agree on the older transfer, like a Doughty that can come in and run the point and not completely lose the floor. Doughty did it early in his career when he ran the point but he got better
  7. Cimmeon bowers have any eligibility left?
  8. Gotta love BP’s honesty
  9. I learned the hard way from being so hard on Bryce early in his career, shooters are gonna have bad stretches/games, Powell will come out of it, like Bryce before him. I think Powell will definitely be an asset to us in years to come. But also #FreeSharife
  10. Only way to save this season is for me to go back to starting game threads again. Jk 😂
  11. Good lord, I just made the most sure fire FT shooter we have miss two from the line. Give and take I guess 😔
  12. So my first post not being able to watch and we hit a 3?!?!
  13. Not able to watch due to espn + but based on looking at the stats, I’d be pulling me hair out lol
  14. People act like people have just started complaining about Gus. We’ve been complain about gus since Nick Marshall left lol. Tubs always had the reputation that he was going to have the team ready to play the big boys but that he was gonna lose one or two he shouldn’t lose along the way. Gus also loses the one or two he shouldn’t lose and only beats the big 3 if it’s at home. Biggest difference, back then, we fought it out and gave it everything we’ve got, we might lose but we were damn sure competitive and playing our hearts out. Now, we look soft, guys look like they aren’t interested
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