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  1. Only 2 athletes in my lifetime have I ever tweeted @. KT and CAP. Love that dude! Glad he’s coming home.
  2. And in case anyone was wondering, Yes, I have bagmen
  3. TBH he seems a little on Memphis’ you know what. The fact the he also mentions GB as Texas lean (but don’t count Memphis out just yet), with no mention of AU. Could end up being true but the two biggest recruits of the article he seems very pro Memphis, with both takes being the minority take.
  4. "Auburn isn't without their own fair share of scrutiny after getting caught up in the FBI's trial on college corruption, but so far they seem to be surviving and their recruiting hasn't been negatively impacted in any way. "I've still got time to change my mind -- again -- on this one, but as of today I'm seeing Auburn as Green's most likely destination." -- Eric Bossi,, National Basketball Analyst
  5. Note from E: Decided to make this a thread since AU has put out feelers to a number of transfers.
  6. And we beat freakin Wisconsin. LFG!!!! @GwillMac6
  7. 4* Prospect out of high school. AU has offered per multiple reports
  8. This at least brings me a little bit of joy