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  1. Just glad he is getting better. He’s the type that will use this fuel in the off-season. Let’s start fresh next year big fella
  2. I really don’t know how I just noticed this thread, but holy crap... I don’t think I have seen a worst take on this forum. There’s a reason Okoro is playing more minutes than anyone else on the entire cavs roster. Chuma is currently averaged over 40% 3pt shooting for the season, in his first year playing since the injury. Idk... personally, I don’t think this guy should be able to post in the Basketball forum anymore. These are literally troll takes.
  3. It’s... it’s... it’s.... beautiful 😭
  4. Also saw earlier where we have never lost an AUTLIVE game!
  5. Why I will always bring this post up. Man wasn’t lying 😭
  6. So much this. I can only imagine a packed auburn arena with his energy. Truly, welcome to the jungle
  7. Young team. When things got bad, we tended to let things snowball. LSU is a good example. Started out great, then a few mistakes, and we didn’t recover
  8. Guys could’ve folded, but they didn’t. They rose to the challenge and played smarter basketball. BP adjusted his lineup to get flan off the ball more. This was a whole team effort
  9. Enjoy https://www.volnation.com/forum/threads/the-official-25-tennessee-auburn-game-thread-12-00-pm-et-espn.326999/
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