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  1. Outstanding news brother!!!
  2. You were on my mind this morning lion, hope everything is going well
  3. Amen, said this for awhile now! Renfrow was a fierce blocker though, I hope Hastings can match that
  4. I thought this when we tried him some at tackle when he first got here. Absolute tank inside and a top tier OG. Not T material imo. Surprised this move is even being attempted.
  5. From this was from June 2016 "The amendment, one of five legislative proposals the SEC Executive Committee approved on Friday, adds the conference's expectation of "due diligence" into reviewing a prospective transfer's background, adds the circumstances of being convicted or pleading guilty or no contest to a felony involving "serious misconduct," the definition of which was broadened to encompass "dating violence or stalking or conduct of a nature that creates serious concerns about the safety of others." "SEC commissioner Greg Sankey acknowledged the league has been considering how best to expand the policy, commonly known as the "Jonathan Taylor rule" due to Alabama's acceptance of the defensive lineman despite his dismissal from Georgia for an arrest for domestic violence." Only thing I could find on the other point you made about non violent transgressions. However this was CBS in May 2015 "The SEC rule doesn’t specifically address what happens if an athlete is dismissed from a team due to an arrest and he or she is later found innocent or charges are dropped. The trigger point to prevent a transfer -- including junior college players -- from coming into the league is a player who has been subject to official university or athletics department disciplinary action." However on topic of Bell, I do not think he would be at practice and being considered if any of this were the case. My guess is that he just got old school, in house, football discipline and it was left at that. He was never suspended or faced suspension from what I could find and none of the charges were felonies. Which for non felony charges the discipline is up to the coach/athletic department. Just my opinion though
  6. He would've competed for a starting spot at FSU. I believe that rule only comes into play if you are actually kicked off the team, and then a waiver has to be obtained by the school to make them eligible. This was a quote from Tomahawk nation: "His decision to transfer is a bit brow-raising, as he’d started double-digit games for the ‘Noles in his career and figured to contribute again in the coming season, though he was unlikely to be a starter. If his goal is to get to the NFL, going somewhere he’ll likely start is the best option."
  7. Florida State guard Wilson Bell, who has started 19 games in the past two seasons, plans to play his final season as a graduate transfer. He already has been removed from the roster on FSU’s website. Bell started all 14 games for Florida State as a redshirt sophomore in 2015, playing right guard. Last season, he played in 10 games and started five, including the season-opening victory against Ole Miss and the regular-season finale against rival Florida. Bell, from Mobile (Ala.) Blount, came to the Seminoles as a three-star prospect in the 2013 signing class. His freshman year was derailed by a knee injury, but he returned at full strength. Cole Minshew and Landon Dickerson are the top two FSU guards, but Bell would’ve vied with both for a starting spot. In December, the Tallahassee Democrat reported that Bell was arrested for failure to appear in court in connection with an earlier hit-and-run crash. But he did play in the Orange Bowl against Michigan. Bell will likely be a coveted addition for teams looking for help on the offensive line. Currently, ranks him as the No. 7 guard for the 2018 NFL Draft class. When he signed with FSU he said it was agonizing to pick FSU over his "dream school" which was AU.
  8. Thankful to hear that this isn't something like his cancer coming back. Really rooting for this kid
  9. Prayers your way buddy
  10. If you need anything at all, and I mean ANYTHING don't hesitate to pm me. As you told me with mine "Cancer doesn't stand a chance against a tiger". Stay strong brother
  11. Waiting to strike....
  12. Can't lie, this is one the best gif responses to a post ever. Well done, laughed for a good 5 minutes. Lol
  13. Welp.... you had one job Loof! One job.... and you summon em back just like that. Lol
  14. Loved watching Mason