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  1. Still the original bae! “ if that walk-on WR plays another down over a scholarship guy, I’m done”. One of my favorite takes prior to that season.
  2. The only thing that put me off of Hulu was the talk about the delays vs cable as some said it was 1 and sometimes 2 minutes behind where as the people talking about YouTube tv only talked about it being 20-30 seconds behind cable. Still a delay nonetheless.
  3. I felt the same way, I put off cutting the cord and kept putting it off, finally made the switch and wondered why I waited so long.
  4. That’s basically what mine is now, 65 for internet, and 50 your YouTube tv, instead of almost $170 a month for both cable and internet
  5. Another explanation for people about the “2 way contracts”. Basically the same as others have listed, but I wanted to post it anyway just in case Lol
  6. Man, I remember that miss st play like it was yesterday! Omac was one of my favorite players, not only with how he played, but how he carried himself. Here’s to hoping we use Shivers to his full potential this year 🤞
  7. Back then cable seemed actually affordable haha, now it’s
  8. When you do, the biggest thing is having the luck of getting the right person. I got somebody that was very understanding and while she did try to offer me other things like house phone, streaming package etc, she wasn’t pushy about it. When I looked at the spectrum streaming package they were offering it was very lacking in sports, especially compared to YouTube tv. I just got tired of my bill going up every few months and decided I had had enough lol. I’m not missing it, I’m telling you that.
  9. That was just my experience, I’m sure others have had different experiences than me forsure. For me though, as someone that only uses tv for sports, it works perfectly for me. I tried it during the nba playoffs and was very happy with it. Considering I was already having to stream on the spectrum app on another tv Bc I didn’t have another cable connect in that area of the house, it was a no brainer. Especially since the spectrum app was terrible, imo.
  10. I live closer to Birmingham, so I get the Birmingham market. Here’s what I got when I looked for auburn