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  1. Little over an hour before tip! Let's get this dub!
  2. AU loses 46-43, UT gets away with an egregious foul on the 3 pt attempt by Wendell that would've tied it but no call, guess that only works if you're UVA or if you're playing AU. At the end of the day we didn't play well enough to win this game
  3. UT turnover! Great job Broome! AU ball 44-41 UT 23.3 remaining
  4. I mean there's not many games that ud expect to lose that the opponent shot 27% from the field and 9.5% from 3, but damn
  5. Bout that time! A little less than 30 before tip! Let's get this dub!!!
  6. Feels like the last year or two we have said this ad nauseam.
  7. Bout That Time!!! About 20 minutes until tip! Let's get this dub!
  8. Kicking ourselves bc we don't have a guy like desi sills, that was a Grayson McCall type situation, and the dude is killing it. Smh, dude wouldve made a world of difference on this team.
  9. We crushed it with Broome in the portal but damn do we need some better guards
  10. I think it was said that in all of our losses we've allowed a guard to score 25+ on us.
  11. No quit, but damn we are a frustrating team
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