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  1. I'm being unapologeticly lazy. Remind us what your prediction was last year.
  2. I'm guessing a wide receiver screen to the right side. If we get more than four yards we roll, if less than three we punt first series. Defense holds them to 3 points on their first two drives.
  3. What will they dial up? I have my guess in hand but want to hear from you before I post it.
  4. Saturday is our chance at redemption.
  5. Wouldn't have taken a whole lot more to win that game. KP would have been more than enough.
  6. He truly is the whole package. How he wasn't the starting RB game 1 last year is beyond me.
  7. I certainly concede that Clemson is better than Missouri. Losing to them could be an ugly smear on an otherwise perfect campaign, but beating both teams from last year's national championship game plus the other quality wins, a loss to Missouri does not hurt us that bad. It would actually help our strength of schedule by keeping that win in the SEC. We don't know that Missouri is going to be a horrible team and if they win the East, we could play them twice and beat them in Atlanta. I foresee more scenarios where losing to Clemson would hurt us in a four team playoff bid especially if we are competing with a couple other one loss teams, including Clemson potentially. All hypothetical situations at this point of course. I'm so glad the season is here so we can finally have some discussion with some stats involved!!
  8. Out of conference losses hurt a team more in voting. In the scenario where we beat Clemson, we would earn a playoff spot over an ACC team, hypothetically. So you think that a the PAC 12, Big 10 or Big 12 would get 2 teams in ahead of an SEC Champ with one road SEC loss? Not going to happen.
  9. I disagree. I think if we only have one loss it needs to be to an SEC East team on the road. (Missouri) If we lose to an out of Conference team, a lot of arguments can be made to keep us out of the playoffs. If we beat Clemson on the road and win The SEC, we are in. No questions.
  10. Like running the same inside run 5 plays in a row until you're 4th and Goal?
  11. I'm all for the booth replay but am absolutely sick of a game being paused for up to 5 minutes to determine the accuracy of the call on the field.
  12. If we lose this game because we are clearly outmatched, I can live with that. If we lose because we fail to execute on a couple plays but otherwise play a solid game, I can live with that. It's still early in the season on the road against the defending champs. If we lose to Clemson again because of poor play calling, my blood is going to boil.
  13. Thanks for the insight. Looking forward to a good game. Anything you recommend seeing/doing Saturday for traveling fans?
  14. I think KP will start slow but end up with about 115 with about another 100 spread around the rest of the backs/receivers. I'm hoping the passing game balances that with 200 yards. Wishful thinking all around but we do that, we win!